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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 18, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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dan da's arrest you by claims of fraud. >> live from london also ahead. >> with britain's future in the e.u. in the balance.
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and life through the lense of a child refugee. a berlin film festival ends the rules for a very special screening. >> . >> we begin in you dan da where it has been arrested on election day. >> parliament after allegations are groundbreaking. condemned the detention called into question the commitment to hearing a free poll his arrest was witnessed by our correspondent. to take us to the house in the residential area that we said an illegal vote
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regulation was being held inside. people inside the house jumped over the back fence. and the supporter. >> inside. but more on the offices -. >> meanwhile in other parts of the city and other parts of the country, and some places. the mission now -- 15 polling
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stations. >> found dead with 81 injuries. to identify those that carried out wednesday's attack. the kurdish arm group the y.p.g., though it defies any involvement in the explosion. they say the y.p.g. in syria is a offshoot of the p.k.k. a separatist group drawn mainly from kurdish kurts that have been fighting for decades.
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there will be other arrests in due course. >> security has become more and more of a concern in recent months. in october, 20 bomb attack kills close to 100 people outside the main train station. in the capitol. just a few weeks ago, isil claimed responsibility after a man blew himself up uh but as far as the u.s. and other western powers are concerned the y.p.g. and other allies in the war against isil. now they say the international community must rectify that policy. >> . >> except repeatedly there's a strong link between this attack obviously will help
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our allies understand. we have been saying this and sooner or later our allies will understand. and one day these terrorist organizations will be judged. >> early on thursday, war planes bomb targets that say belong to the p.k.k. in northern iraq. it wants to send in ground troops to create a buffer zone just across the border. but so long as syria controls the sky, that option appears to be off the table. unless they agree to support them. increased anger towards it's allies they clearly feel it is being let down by the u.s. and nato. but the position towards the groups continued to be add odds with that of it's allies that difference of been looks
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likely to remain a problem. joining me now is a senior fellow at turkey. thank you very much for coming to speak to us. the speed with which the government has blamed the ypg for this attack and their subsequent demiles is that going to raise questions about political motivations behind turkey's initial reaction? the u.s. state department and the u.s. has just said that everything is remaining to be seen. who has committed this act of terrorism. but money the less, turkey is insisting that they have a solid drowned that was perpetrated by the ypg, but the ypg, was rejected outside, so therefore it is
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the contends it is the contest over the truth who holds the -- who offs an accurate. what does the government do next? do they use that as a pretext in northern syria, or do they prefer their allies to do that? >> they have been quite on this to go with plate toe and europe, but nonetheless, the numbers are at odds. so the subpoenas is on it's own, or to continue basically to continue being critical of the ally at the same time. what is more likely to continue is the challenging offer of the y.p.g. on the
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other side of syria. but from turkey's soil. so does that mean turkey might also intervene turkey might intervene militarily. i don't think so. even though i don't rule out, and limbed incursion into the area. >> the preference be to step up military action, as opposed to those in northern syria? >> well, with the p.k.k. is already on going, and it is already quite -- >> not much more they can do then. >> they have just killed six soldiers on a military convoy, in the turkey. so the fight with the pkk is already on going. in northern iraq, but the question but in syria, will
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turkey intervene, of course i can't see and it will continue it with shelling of the syrian -- the p.y.d. inside of syria, -- it is very likely that will intensify the fight. an incushion is unlikely, but still, i don't rule out a limited focus very limited grant incursion, i don't rule out it but the challenges are not very great. >> well, thank you very much for taking the time. >> you are welcome, thank you. >> . >> announced lit make it's first air drops of food aid to the town. the u.n.'s world food program says it has a concrete plan for carrying out the operation. it hasn't been able to deliver aid by road because it is surrounded by isil.
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has now made it to five areas where 80,000 civilians are stranded. it was a difficult test for the united nations to show they could do it. for the government, and for the armed opposition. but so far, we are quite pleased about this. this was able to reach aircraft 2,000 people. so it did work. now, of course, we should go beyond that. we should go far beyond that, in order to be able to reach everyone in syria, who is either besieged or in need of being assisted that's why the idea has become a very concrete proposal that we want to work on. >> british prime minister has said that he is battling for britain as he arrived in brussells for a crucial summit. cameron wants to return with
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a reform package ahead of the referendum, on the membership of the e.u. that can be held as soon as june. but he faces resistence from other leaders to some of his key demands. al jazeera joins us live. how much work does he have left to do? >> it is still in meeting with he has been for the last five or six hours. they are supposed to start this working dinner around now, but they are still in the meeting, focus on the refugee crisis, the other topic of this summit, but they are still in the meetings discussing the proposals now earlier when the leaders arrived they are all quite clear that they wanted britain to stay in the e.u., david cameron said he was fighting for the best possible deal for the u.k. we have some important work to do today and tomorrow and it will be hard.
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>> good will with hard work we can get a better deal for britain. >> pretty significant challenges the main one being the refugee crisis. does the timing of this perhaps work in the his favor? >> of course both things are very difficult to try to find an answer to. the refugee crisis is e. u. so far has failed to come one a concrete answer to what has been happening across europe. on the issue of a possible britain leading the e.u., david cameron is pushing for britain to stay within the e.u. family, and that's why he is here. putting forth these proposals. now he said what he is putting forward and a good
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deal, not everybody at home thinks it is a good deal. the proposals he is putting forward, they say they are too watered down. now, of course, he has to convince the over 27 leaders of the e.u. that what he is putting forward won't damage him too much, otherwise he won't get their backing. and of course, whatever he leaves with here, he has to two home and then try to sell it to the public, and that might be difficult. because we know from the polls in the u.k., that there is still a lot of people that are undecided. there are some people that are very deaf anyone that they want to leave the e.u. they think there is too much red tape that the e.u. has damaged the manufacturing and business. so david cameron needs to do a good deal for his own reputation too. >> thank you very much, emma hayward following that for us in brussells. how barack obama plans to make history in cuba next month. and moscow authorities
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bulldoze dozens of shops, the owners aren't very happy. ♪
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remind you of the top stories many the uganda's parliamentary elections was detained by police. turkey says rebels are behind wednesday's bomb attack in the capitol that left at least 28 people dead.
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battle for britain as he hopes. >> the pope francis says women threatened by the zika virus can use artificial contraception. he made the comments on a flight back to rome after his tour of mexico. he is also asked about his view on presidential hopeful donald trump stance on imgrace. the pope said anyone who wants to build a border wall is not christian. trump has called that remark disgraceful. >> at least i am a human being. and well, maybe. i will leave that up to your judgement. a and a person that only thinks about making walls again and again is not a christian. >> donald trump has does missed the comments calling
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them disgraceful. >> the pope is being told that donald trump is not a nice person, donald rump is a very nice person. and i am a very -- i am a very nice person. and i am a very good christian. the pope said that maybe donald trump isn't christian. and he is questioning my faith, i was very surprised to see it. but i am a christian. and proud of it. for a religious lead tore question a person's faith is disgraceful. i am proud to be a president, and as president i will not allow christianity to be consistly attacks and weakened unlike what is happening now with our current president. >> the two countries al jazeera joins us live from washington now, patty, how important is a turning point
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is this between the two countries? >> really, the white house is saying that will be historic. 1920 ate for those plays at hope. the last president to set foot on the island, so the big question is why now. we have just heard a question that basically broke the deal with the help of the vatican and people in canada. he is saying that they are going now because they want to cement the progress that has been made. they want to push the changes forward. and here is why. congress still has an embargo, that is unlikely to change because of the political clout of some people in the cuban community in florida. so the embargo still stands. so all of these changes is the president issues executive orders. now, if a republican is elected president, it seems likely that many of them will simply throw it out. go back to the old way of handling cuba, what they are trying to do is cement this. move the regulations forward. they are being criticized
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because they say since the thawing of relations human rights abuses have gotten worse not better. the white house responded by saying that improving the economy, by having a dialog, by the president going to the island where he will meet with disdents they have a better chance of changing that what are the expectations from that leg of the trip? >> i have to say that was a surprise. this has been an open secret, we knew they wouldn't confirm. and we all thought he would go to columbia afterwards. around the same time that he said he was going to sign that peace deal. is that this is an important relationship, that is really been afraid. if you remember the president she had a very taught relationship with the u.s. government. and now that there's president is in charge -- excuse me, ma crew is been elected they want to try to
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re-establish that they are talking about the economic value, as it retts to the resought lan tin america. so they will talk about climate change, and human rights but they will also talk about the economy. obviously the u.s. has a pivotal role in the future of their economy. >> two palestinians have been shot death after stabbing two israelis near jerusalem, one of them a 21-year-old man who has dies of those injuries. they entered the store in the occupied west bank armed with fives. they have said to have attacked two before being shot by an unidentified bystander.
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where anti-india slogans were allegedly shouted. >> people from all walks of life have joined this process, we of course have the university students not just in university, but from universities across the state there are also professionals and the average citizen who says that they are worried about the events that have taken place, at the heart of this he is still in detention, many are shouting to free him, they are saying we are friends, but other people we spoke to said that this is more than just an issue about the student. it is an issue about free speech and a growing international remembers under this. and he can be grounded. and he can be slapped with charges which. >> whatever they feel like.
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>> this appeal for bail will be heard by the court. he was ared last week, for holds an event in which anti-slogans were used. he issues a statement saying that he denies the charges and he has faith in the constitution of india. >> taliban fighters have killed at least nine security forces personnel in two attacks. it happened almost simultaneously at a police check point and so a solar power well in the district. the night of the long diggers. the reference to a nazi personal is being used to describe the bulldozing of dozens of buildings by city thunderstorms. the office said the structures were illegal.
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but they insist they have the right to be there. >> a memorial wreath layed on thursday for small business in russia the mayor. >> according to this opposition politician. >> tomorrow they won't come to businessmen, they will come to ordinary citizens they tell you to get out. we have no business here. >> early one morning bulldozers moved around 100 buildings across the capitol. pulverized without a court order. according to city authorities these premises were ugly and didn't have the right documents. but owners say they proved time and time again, they have the legal right to be there the constitution is the
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main law, any official without a legal court decision, called our documents useless scraps of paper. based on that take property away from you, it is scary when this happens. >> the mayor's office has been trying to tidy up for several years. piece by piece, the legacy that the chaotic law less 1990's is being erased. opponents say this is as much about corruption, and kick backs as it is about urban regeneration. but the city insists it is doing everything by the book. >> the decision was made according to law, we are creating open spaces and we are opening the vances to the underground stations squares for people to walk out ab instruction to relax. we are fixing satiety issues and removing structures to allow free access in case of emergency.
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there's been little word from the authorities on the wisdom of destroying small business this is a time of economic crisis and the unowners are unlikely to see compensation. >> no one is arguing that that buildings that saw in sites like this were particularly attractive, and maybe the city will be better with them gone. but that's not the point, if it supports and encouraging small businesses and whether any owner can feel safe that a bulldozer won't come smashing through the window, as any moments. al jazeera, moscow. mohammad has been at a civilian hospital in israel. after he started refusing food against the detention. he was arrested in november
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that allowed detention without charge or trial. israel accuses him of being the operative. speaking it is not a documentary. but it is probably as close as you can get to experiencing this refugee camp without traveling to the turkish syria border. life on the border was filmed by eight children, after fleeing war and isil attacks. the group of film makers
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taught them to use cameras and help them script scenes. some of the stories that emerged were foo traumatic to show. some of the kids you wanted to make to give them the camera to talk about this. didn't want to tell them to shoot this story and what happened different. it is like two times happen to them. the movie does feature harrowing scenes where co director and his sister return to the bombed out town looking for their parents home. where they get to see a hollywood blockbuster.
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now the own fill system getting a special screening at the berlin festival. >> the scene is so song, and what is coming out of this film is so strong, and necessary. we do need to show that here in berlin. the experience was a tense one, and for one more of the team it led to death threats. >> i went to turkey and then on to greece, and now i am in germany, as a film maker it is hard for me doing that great work, and then being forced to leave my country. since the country took in more than 1 million refugees in 2015. with films like life on the border this year's film
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festival is providing a reminder of the kind of conditions many of those have left behind. there's more on everything recovers right here. the address in pakistan, it's cheaper to buy a hit of heroin than food. the country is infamous as a major transit point for heroin and cannabis from neighboring afghanistan to the rest of the world. but its also fighting it's own battle with addiction. i'm steve chao. on this edition of 101 east, we ask if pakistan can kick it's drug habit.