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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 29, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ hello and welcome you are watching the news hour, i'm peter in doha with 60 minutes of news and comment today, the u.n. prepares to deliver aid to thousands of besieged in syria as they enter its third day. greece appeals for neighbors to lift border restrictions as border numbers continue to swell. a top practical official testified for the catholic church made enormous mistakes
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with thousands of children's allowed to be raped and molested by priests. >> i thank you all for this amazing award tonight. >> fifth time lucky leonardo dicaprio takes home the best actor oscar and alejandro inarritu for the best picture winner. ♪ top story thousands of people may have been starved to death in besieged parts of syria according to the u.n. human rights chief, the world body estimates there are almost half a million people living under siege and in need of food and fightel supplies and so now with the first major truce in five years of conflict generally tolding it is hoping to be able to distribute life-saving aid to 150,000 people trapped in the
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besieged areas and to get there monday and then on two other towns on wednesday and later in the week it's aiming to get west of damascus area and despite the pause in fighting there have been air strikes in homs and idlib and to the secretary-general ban ki-moon opposition parties are saying continued breaches would make talks unattainable and attacked rebel held areas with barrel bombs and heavy artillery and we are on the border between syria and turkey, the logistics of this aid operation so fragile, so difficult to carry through on their desires. >> indeed almost dire as the situation inside syria, that is how difficult it is to reach those people, peter, you are talking about people deep inside the country who have not had any food or clean water or medicine
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for weeks if not months on end and that is probably what was seen as the main aim of this truce or this cessation of hostilities as it was and if it was to hold that would bowed well for aid agencies to be able to reach all those besieged places and so far although this truce now has entered its third day aid has not been able to reach the places and the u.n. saying it will try to reach at least close to 200,000 people in the coming 24 hours but we are still waiting for that to actually happen. meanwhile in the past 24, 48 hours peter we crossed over the border into syria just on the other side although it's not that deep inside and we did speak to some people there and it was dire. it feels like the world has abandon him and he had his home destroyed twice. >> they bombed my home as we try
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to escape and destroyed my car with all my belongings in it. >> reporter: rush russia says they are bombing the terrorist and i ask why they were targeted. >> no terrorists in our town and targeting civilians and want to get rid of sunni and arab to pave the way for shiites and muslims to move in. >> reporter: tens of thousands of people who flooded towards the turkish border and now are in the camp but it's not equipped to accommodate all these people and there are only a handful of toilets for the tens of thousands and medicine in short supply and no heating to combat the severe cold. the turkish agency ihh which runs the camp with charities says it's doing its best 100 loaves of bread and 25,000 hot meals are delivered everyday. they provided 25,000 blankets and more than 3,000 tents but
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say much much more is needed. >> unfortunately the international communities, they are not doing enough which we expected from them hopefully after the ceasefire and which is very simply signed by both sides it will encourage the international communities to provide the services for them. >> reporter: turkish and country aid agencies have set up tents to shelter the thousands of internally displaced the conditions here are dire here to say the least and take a look at this, this is essentially the drainage system, a couple of inches dug into the ground so if there is any sort of significant rainfall all of that water will flood into the tent not only adding to the bitter cold but also increasing the risk of the spread of disease across the camp and we meet this woman who has come on foot walking hundreds of kilometers with four children and two of them desperately need medical care
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and she fears for their lives. >> translator: where shall i go? just tell me where and put us in a place so we will die peace fli and -- peacefully. >> reporter: slipping away as she watches helplessly and this is not unique and her children are disabled with mental illness and are coward in their tents to stay warm and the medical care they need will not likely reach them and lucky to find food and shelter and it's meant for aid to reach all those in need across syria and the destruction to people's lives and property makes that and almost impossible task and what is more daunting to think about is how or all that has been destroyed will ever be rebuilt. now peter that is just a snippet of the situation. as i say the deeper you go
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inside syria the more dire, the more difficult the situation is for hundreds of thousands of people who are besieged or who have been under constant bombardment for a long time. on the ground in the last couple hours we heard reports that russian air strikes hit the southern parts and we are told by activist there there is no presence of al-nusra front the al-qaeda group not part of the deal and no i.s.i.l. fighters and understand three people belonging to one of the rebel factions which tried under the umbrella of the free syrian army which signed up to the truce were killed and it's these continuous alleged violations that the opposition are saying is making things difficult and not only difficult for safety for aid to reach and making it difficult for the opposition, if the aid doesn't reach the people and if the violations do continue then they are going to find it difficult to justify to the people on the ground to
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continue in what they say the political process and the letter to the secretary-general on sunday peter. >> thanks very much. well the war in syria is playing a big role in contributing to the in flux of refugees heading for europe and greece today warning the number of refugees inside its territory could triple next month because neighbors have imposed border restrictions and new rules on who can cross from grease to macedonia created a growing bottleneck now let's get more on that and we have been talking to refugees who say they are now falling prey to people smugglers. >> reporter: the story started with so much hope in kabul and are defeated in a transit camp on macedonia northern border and deported from serbia when balkin borders shut it to afghans but for them the journey had to continue so they tried to cross into serbia once more and did
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not want to disclose their name. >> translator: we made a pakistani who invited us to his home, when we got there he said if we paid him $1800 he would take us to germany. we got the money transferred but four days later we were still there. when we said we wanted to go, well that is when the fight start started. >> reporter: they say they were punched, kicked and stabbed several times by a pakistani gang until villagers rescued them. people smuggling is flo flourisg and going from greece to macedonia meant crossing an empty field and going undetected by the police and now there is a fence and bashed wire along the borderline and night and day patrols on the other side and despite the measures people are trying to get through.
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anyone who approaches is quickly spotted. macedonia and check forces are here and along the 40 kilometer long fence but it's not deterring the smugglers or the desperate clients. >> translator: at night we hear the dogs barking a lot and see families crossing and see young people, i think the smugglers are going to take more money and find other ways to cross. >> reporter: the trail goes across the fields. now tracks that take them through the hills and woods, some left their mark behind. this group of north african migrants took this route last week and we met them in greece as they were setting up at sunset with much expectation. they only made it as far as bell grade before being turned back to macedonia. >> translator: i came through the fence, there was a hole, we
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were six but we separated along the road, i walked for five nights so no one would see me and slept a few hours during the day anywhere, by the side of the rail tracks in the forest. >> reporter: now they don't know what to do next. [chanting] thousands of refugees are stranded in greece. for now they have chosen to put pressure on the authorities and wait for the crossing to open. many of them already wondering whether they will have to once again turn to smugglers to reach their european dream. >> let's give you a snapshot of what is going on now between the border of greece and macedonia, this is the rail waycrossing and we will talk to our correspondents and macedonia and greece in a second but given angela merkel the german chancer last night local time was saying we don't want to allow greece to descend into chaos, that is the kind of chaos that the german leadership is worried about.
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you can see there how combustible and squaring off against refugees and migrants and the police have the bomber jackets with the silver crests on their shoulders making their way to the rail way line and filmed these pictures in 30 seconds and stay with these and we will show you a live shot when we get it although it has generally deflated and decompressed a little bit. of course we have extensive coverage on this story in the greek capitol athens and talk to him in a second and we will go back on the greece-macedonia border and if we need a reminder of how much these people want to get across the border but they can't cross the border we are looking at it in real time right now. >> reporter: and what you're looking at is actually happening about 100 meters further down the rail tracks here.
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certainly they have been waiting, some people have been here for now ten days, two weeks trying to get through and tensions have been rising on a daily basis. now what happened is that earlier the borders opened but just for 50 people. that pushed many people just the idea that the border was opening to run all the way towards that fence, that barbed wire fence set up by macedonia and found out only 50 people would go through and some went from both sides of the crossing and are trying to get through. there is a lot of barbed wire there and a significant tors that is behind that fence and probably what you are watching because i can see a lot of people runingly in the opposition direction especially women and children in quite a state of panic. >> reporter: as far as those migrants are concerned you were telling us this time last week in an ideal world for the
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macedonia authorities they would be able to filter out afghans and people from the horn of africa from syrians and iraqis but if you got so much humanity literally pressed up against that fence, any idea of administering who crosses and when they cross, that in itself must be exceptionally difficult. >> reporter: it is difficult also because of the sheer numbers of people that keep on arriving here. yesterday i was reporting 7,000 refugees, today that number is closer to 8,000 according to the aid workers here on the ground. one-third of them at least are young children so that shows you really the situation here. now the balkin route shut down last week and talking about the fact afghans were not allowed in, syrians and iraqis were hopeful when the border opened
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for a very short time allowing a trickle of people inside and now it's talking about maybe 500 per day and allowed through the balkin route to austria but what we have seen is not more than 300 refugees have been allowed in over the last 72 hours and 300 per day so if you look at the amount of people here 8,000 you can imagine how people are worried how long it will take to reach their turn and if indeed the borders are not going to just gradually shut more and more not allowing any one to go through. >> thank you very much, we flipped our buttons there so get a sense of what is going on live and you can see the razor wire and making the point clearly as well the balkin route has been closed down and prompting if the river of humanity is trying to get to europe and how are they trying to get to europe and live to the other side of the border, the other end of story live for us on the news hour in athens
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and we have mohamed and the authorities there are saying the number of people making it to athens, making it into greece might triple in the next month but how can that be and how can those worries be real if the border is so solidly sealed? >> yes, there is no let up in the number of refugees arriving in athens. a little while ago we went to the port in athens where 1810 refugees arrived just today with the face from the islands of matilini and they are coming on the passenger tunnel of the port has been one big accommodation for the hundreds of refugees who are still stranded on the port
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and we met some from syria and others from iraq and some from afghanistan and what the people share, what they have in common is the objective of wanting to leave greece as soon as possible. days before they could just hop on the buses and go to their border for the north but they cannot do that any more. there are few buses available to the refugees, the greek authorities say they want to lessen the pressure of the border and allowing fewer and fewer buses to take the refugees to the border. also along the highway to the left there are many buses that have been stopped on the roadsides in petrol stations where they are being stopped from getting as many people there. we are at the victoria square
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where -- which is also becoming a sort of makeshift camp for the migrants, majority of the people here are refugees and no longer allowed to cross the border and they are very bitter about that. >> so the greek prime minister for the greek government the simplism of this is huge and this is not in and island on the middle of the aegean and not been close to sailing distance and close to the coast and this is in the backyard, in the capitol city where all those ferry boats come in and the people of athens are arguably having to engage with this crisis in a way that perhaps they didn't engage before. >> reporter: well, yes, this is something that is affecting everybody and every people and
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everyone here and moments ago we saw people come here distributing food to their migrants who are at victoria square and also volunteers coming from places and also out of the country and we met peo e people. >> i think we lost mohamed, ap guy -- apologies and what is going on the border of greece and macedonia and this is since we came on air in the past 15-20 minutes or so and you can see people desperate to get across and hoda making the point as far as the afghan refugees are concerned they have beneficially barred from crossing the border from macedonia into greece, the balkin route has been closed down to them as well and if you followed the story for the past couple of years you know the trickle of humanity will pick up
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i suspect again in the coming weeks and months particularly at the weather begins to improve. that is how keen those people are to get across the border and they found that makeshift improvised battering and pulled down a sign on the rail way lines and fencing like if you were on a train from macedonia to greece and let's see if there is any sound on this to get a sense of what is going on. [yelling] we are going to stay with these pictures to see precisely what happens, a very fluid situation there on the ground between macedonia and greece. ten minutes ago those shields
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were not obvious and the police now managed to acquire from someplace, a certain element of surprise amongst the refugees, the migrants and despite the fact they have the gates open the gates were very swiftly closed, looks to us as if those people right at the front of that large group of humanity are calling back to people in the assembled crowd, maybe they are asking for another battering round to be brought forward. interesting as well as far as the greek authorities are concerned those shields turned up very quickly apparently out of no place. there is no obvious weapons, there is no tear gas being used. we are assuming here it will be syrian and iraqi migrants trying to get across the border. i suspect though there will be more than one or two afghans
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blended in to the crowds there because the afghans know they have been told they cannot get across. mohamed making the point in athens there is already a long established, in fact, refugee camp in the middle of athens and been there 18 months and two years now and seems like this is being repeated in the main port for the greek capitol. hoda was saying in her report over the past 12 hours people want to get across are getting duped out of an awful lot of maying and life-savings and 15-1800 and gave it to the people smugglers and have been there a long time and ping their game and hand over 15, 1800 u.s. dollars and a pick up point they are told to go to and then they try to make the journey and they never see or hear from the
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people smugglers ever again so not only are they living in uncomfortable circumstances on the macedonia side of the greek border they also have no money whatsoever so they are relying on the aid agencies to look after them and to keep them fed and watered. we will continue to monitor that situation there for you on the greece-macedonia border and if it picks up again we will bring it to you live oton news hour. still to come on al jazeera peru declaring state of emergency after a spill in the waterways of the amazon rain forest with indigenous communities, a filibuster in parliament entering the seventh daybreaking the world report. the short story that ended a long title wait for this scott. ♪
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okay let's get more on one of our headlining stories top advisor to pope francis admitted the catholic church made enormous mistakes allowing thousands of children to be raped and abused by priests and he testified video video link to australia inquiry into alleged sex abuse cases that happened decades ago and claudia has the story. >> taking the witness stand on the other side of the world, on sunday night cardinal george answered questions by a sex abuse commission in sidney in rome and now in charge of the vatican economy he was a senior priest in his native and archbishop from the 70s to 90s where tens of children were abused by priests. the commission wants to know whether he knew and why he didn't do anything about it.
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♪ he said he was too unwell to travel to australia to face the commission in person, a claim that sparked widespread outrage and a crowd funding campaign that raised more than 150,000 in a week to cover travel expenses to rome for 15 survivors. >> you have to look at their faces, the ones who have been damaged by the clergy. >> i would love to see george pal stand up and say we got this wrong and didn't handle this well but we can do better now. we can help the victims now. >> reporter: at 11 years old david was abused by his uncle a priest who since has been convicted of 80 counts of child abuse and the first survivor to speak out in 1993 and says cardinal pal knew both him and his abuser. >> the bishop had been a family
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friend and knew him since i was a child and the bishop of where i was living so i told him in the hope that he could help me in some way. he said to me what will it take to get you quiet. >> reporter: cardinal pel will give evidence once a day until wednesday and not facing criminal charges but should the abuse commission rule he either ignored or protected abusers then his position as vatican chief of economy could be unattainable, rome. steven woods works with an organization which is researching the cover up of sexual abuse for decades and says the money being spent by the church in legal fees should be redirected to the victims. >> in australia at the moment there is a large push for the government to set up and australia-wide redress game and that is in the process of happening. the government, federal government in australia says
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they don't want to do it over all but the tens of thousands of victims in australia declared that this needs to happen because there are so many people who are hurting and tragically even taking their own lives because of the shame and the hurt that we have all gone through. it's now that money, the church spends on lawyers, the ferocious amount of money the church spends on lawyers should be spend on helping survivors to live lives that are meaningful and what we are saying now is we need to see action to help the tens of thousands of victims in australia to crimes we are knowing about and see the pedophiles were known about and covered up around the world. >> time for the weather and here is everton. >> storms rumbling around the net. >> that is right peter, not too much sunshine to speak of over
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the next few days and it will bright end up over the next few days and look at the picture and see the massive cloud swirling away and rumbling away there, nice little circulation the area of low pressure brought some very, very lively weather across the western side of the mediterranean and centered at the moment and these are the large waves that have been battering the storms here, the shores here, we will see scenes from very stormy weather around the french rivera and westward where we see fair amount of snow recently just over the spanish plain and just to the north of madrid and cold winds coming in and that is some kind of a snowball and the worst of the snow is making its way over the alps and we have 51 centimeters of snow over the swiss alps at presents and that snow will continue to drive its way northward and eastward monday
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and into tuesday and south of that storms rumbling away and italy is central and southern parts of italy in the balkins seeing the worst of the snow and the weather will push its way through the northwest as we go on over the next few days and snow will continue across the alps and something of a thought for spain and 17 degrees peter. >> everton thanks very much and let's take you back to the live shot coming out on the greek-macedonia border and of course that picture there has been coming to us for about half an hour now and they pretty much rekindled the idea of trying to either knock their way through or at least pull down that barbed wire fence and it's huge and straddles an area of 40 kilometers from start to finish and at either end of the fence there are other measures in place to stop those migrants trying to get across. afghan migrants they have been told they will not be allowed to cross.
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syrians and iraqis will be allowed to cross but they have to be processed accordingly and you can see there the authorities on the greek side of the border put in the levers and improvised metal poles and they managed to get from someplace and the northern front with macedonia to the port all the way down to the south greece has been inundated with refugees and migrants after the borders were shut down, people trying to cascade their way through the balkins and there are at least we are told 20,000 people stranded in macedonia, presumably all very close to or heading for the border. it's a small community on the border of macedonia, hundreds of families walking towards the frontier and those reports still coming through, one estimate saying there are 3,000 people more at a makeshift camp a little further back down a so called balkin route and we have
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scenes on the ground and athens and we will hear on these as al jazeera continues to monitor the situation and have headlines and recap all the stories for you in a moment and stay with us on al jazeera coming to you live from doha. ♪
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♪ welcome back the top stories for you on al jazeera we have a developing story on the program and riots broken out and greece macedonia border and crossing
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western europe and security forces preventing them from making their way on their continuing journey into northern and western europe. the back story on this developing story just during the past 12 hours or so angela merkel whose popularity is dipping because of the way she is handling this crisis saying the eu and germany did not allow greece when it was in such trouble with the euro crisis and the economy was flat lining within the past 18 months to two or three years or so and basically saying we cannot allow greece to descend into a state of chaos, that was her words, those were her words, not mine and she specifically used the word chaos and we have seen the reality there of the migrant crisis on the border and also seeing pictures coming to us from athens as people make mary pretty much permanent homes in that refugee camp which is in effect a refugee camp in athens.
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you can see there one particular female migrant has been taken ill in that crush and we will stay with these pictures and talk to our correspondent hoda and just walk us through what is happening where you are and we know you are close to what we are seeing and we are seeing now the fence has been taken down and looks as if they are using some sort of tear gas. >> i actually just heard an explosion and yes, i can see heavy white smoke and that is tear gas and this all has been unfolding for the past half hour 100 meters away from here and just along the rail track there is a gate for the train to go through. now it's always sparked by a rumor that the border crossing was actually opening so people ran there, they were holding this behind me and ran to the
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crossing just to find out that exactly only 50 people would be allowed in and emotions flared up and they went through the gate. some people managed to cross but macedonia police was quick to close that crossing again but i have to tell you that was happening and rumors spread as wildfire all around here and saw hundreds of people leaving everything behind and running as fast as possible to that border only now to be pushed back and see them walking back to the position they had. there is a group who is sent up there and you are probably seeing what is happening and all i can tell you is i'm smelling the tear gas from here and from what i can see more is firing as we speak, there are several explosions and several things i can hear in the background. >> it was obvious up until what 35 minutes ago that the authorities have been told to
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treat this with kid gloves and the mindset on the part of the authorities had been gently, gently but somebody further up the chain of command it would appear has taken the decision and they are saying, look, the border has to stay closed, therefore we will up the anti and we will use tear gas, we will fortify this border crossi crossing. >> absolutely and i don't know if tear gas is being fired by the greek riot police and actually i'm told now or forces on the other side of the border. now you have to understand that on the other side of the borrower are macedonia and checks and other forces deployed to reenforce this 40 kilometer
5:37 am
long fence. they have been there and we have been seeing them throughout the days that we have been driving around this border and it's been quite difficult for anyone to get close to the border and you are immediately spotting the patrol day and night to make sure that hundreds don't get through or refugees don't tray to sneak in. so it is from what we understand here that is on the other side that is all of that is happening and has been fired from the macedonia side on to the refugees on the greek side of the border. over the past few days greek riot police were standing there even when they were holding and having to sit in here and they were standing on bordering the area saying no one would be allowed past the group of people you see and over that over the past few days no one was allowed on the other side but that situation here today has completely changed and from the amount of police here they are
5:38 am
probably overwhelmed by the situation. now, it has gone out of control even though many people are also maybe turning to the camera many people as you see are walking back especially the families with the children. 20 minutes ago they were running on the gravel and seen children trying to catch up with their parents, falling on the gravel and it was a state of panic and hope that finally make the gates towards western europe will be open and i think probably most of these people walking back now are in a state of huge disappointment, maybe even much -- their morale going much lower than it was an hour ago. this is certainly and emotional roller coaster for these refugees and migrants that are stranded here. we also have i'm looking this way on the track and we also see people who are working towards this area because you have other refugees and migrants who are further down and sleeping in the
5:39 am
woods a few clim -- kilometers and all the way to where the borders are open and saw some people we met yesterday who were in the woods and they were here today just because they heard that rumor and ran as quickly as they can with their sleeping bag and with their backpacks and probably now they will also be very much disappointed because they won't be able to go there. >> as far as the logistics of that border fence are concerned, is it just one fence with razor wires? when the people managed to get through you are saying a handful of people did manage to get through, are they then quote unfree or is it another fence and another wall and another razor10-15 meters literally down the line because we saw them walking down those rail way tracks? >> well, actually just down the
5:40 am
rail way track there is a gate for the cargo trains to go back and forth but to the right and the left of that gate there is double fencing with double wire and in the middle there is a sort of corridor where we have seen police and army vehicles patrolling that border. on the other side of the second fence on the macedonia side we were there a couple days ago and we were seeing that there were some military people that were digging a trench to make it much, a bit more difficult for people to try to cross there so even if they managed to cross through this gate it will be fairly easy even though i'm pretty sure from what we have seen over the past few months the macedonia police will be quite heavy handed and they probably will be sent back to this side of the border as quick as possible. macedonia forces and the macedonia government wanting to make that message very clear, you will not be able to cross until we will allow you to cross
5:41 am
because now under the new regulation there is a registration form that happens at that crossing that allows anyone who goes through to actually transit through all of the balkin countries all the way to austria. in the past just a few weeks ago this was happening here in greece and the greek paper is not valid any more and all the procedures has to start again in a tent that is just on the right of that train gate and it's through there that they have to go to the right and the left of that tent and you have the double fence and double barbed wire and the corridor in the middle and applied by the various forces who now have been deployed to this border, just a few days ago at the serbia government has said it was ready to deploy its forces to the specific border and this might be a situation that deployment
5:42 am
will happen sooner rather than later. >> you will keep on monitoring the situation for us i'm sure but in the meantime come back to us if there are any more developments and there is a spectrum of how people managed to or attempt to get into mainland europe and let's show you what is going on live now at the airport in rome and what you are looking at just now is pictures of syrian refugees who up until today or yesterday whenever their flights took off and whenever their actual journey started you can see the sign there saying welcome to italy and these are people arriving in syria and with one says refugees and arriving in rome and you can see the people who are waiting to greet them as well as they disembarked the aircraft at the airport in rome and to get a sense of 5-10 seconds of the atmosphere there.
5:43 am
that address given by the dignitaries in italian for of course reasons and the advantage for the refugees and trying to get to that part of europe as they try to make the very dangerous sea crossing and wouldn't try this time of year where winter weather is gripping large parts of the med tra-- mediterranean and have tried to get there in the past 2 1/2 hours or so and agreed on a plan for syrian refugees who want to work legally in jordan, the idea is to deter the refugees from trying to get to europe but as jane reports from amman there are still some serious obstacles. >> reporter: mohamed is from damascus, he worked in the ice cream business since he was 14. when fighting started and syria's chain of ice cream parlors moved to jordan he came
5:44 am
to jordan too. before the war jordan people would drive to damascus for the day just for syrian ice cream. it's so popular the chain is opening two new branches in amman and is advertising for new workers. but under jordan law there is a limit to how many syrians they can hire. >> translator: we had a lot of problems with labor inspector and come and take workers away without permits and we try to do everything legally. >> reporter: under the deal with foreign donors jordan will have 200 work permits to refugees in the next few years and donors will may most of the cost and 100 syrians are believes to be working in jordan and 40% in construction, without work permits they don't have any legal protection and most of them work for lower wages and longer hours than jordan people. addressing those people could
5:45 am
helper swayed thousands of syrians to stay and support themselves here in jordan instead of leaving for europe. the european funded scheme would provide permits mostly in construction and low-skilled sectors and meant to be accompanied to an important change in jordan regulations and right now syrians who enter the country through official border crossings are allowed to work in jordan and most refugees are not eligible. the proposed new rules would lift that requirement and that could mean that many of the syrians working illegally would be eligible for work permits. the professionals would still be out of luck. >> dentists and others, it's close sectors here in jordan and the syrians cannot work in those sectors because jordan people supposed to work on those so this is why you can see that those who immigrate to europe
5:46 am
are with the class. >> reporter: if it goes ahead it might provide a solution with syrians looking for less skilled work and better educated refugees will continue to look to europe for opportunities as the war in their home country drags on. dana with al jazeera, annan. >> turning attention to the sub continent and 5 billion to farmers and 6 billion is allocated for people in rural areas and then helping households get better connections to supplies of gas and joining us from the bureau in new deli and we are talking about improving people's living standards by 200%, that does seem on the face of it rather ambitious. >> it is very ambitious and, in fact, i think the prime minister
5:47 am
was nervous walking into this budget meeting today saying he felt like he was walking through an examination with good reason and this budget is being very closely watched not only in india but around the world and it has been touted as one of the brightest parts in the xhek landscape or gloomy economic landscape in the rest of the developing world and many analysts are saying the key is how they implement this but what is interesting is that he seems to have done and about turn from his previous or this government has done and about turn in their previous initiatives when they started saying they are going to invest in rail roads and infrastructure and will eventually provide an economic stimulus and trickle down to other sectors and particularly in the agricultural sector mostly because of unseasonable rains, drought and slipping commodity prices and a lot of the initiatives and a lot of the
5:48 am
money that has been in here, $88 billion budget is going to the agricultural sector and what you say is interesting is that the finance minister has called this a budget for everyone, one that will spread india's growth story across the population. >> whenever there is an election in india analysts generally say the same thing and it's this there is a bit of disconnect between people in the outlying rural, other people call it peasant areas and the politics, the politicians in the articlement in new deli, how much of this is about securing voters? >> oh, analysts are saying it's all about securing voters. in fact, you know state elections are coming up, in two months and so this whole budget has been designed to appeal to the mass elaborate particularly the agricultural sector and the government is saying four out of ten people in india rely
5:49 am
directly on agricultural for their livelihoods and analysts are also saying this budget is not different at all from previous governments which this government had previously dismissed saying that will make great changes and looks like they are going back to the old formulas in their budget and to financially enhance india. what is also interesting is that the government has also said, and this is what they are saying is the original part of this budget that they are going to try and make businesses or doing businesses in india easier and try and make setting up a company easier. what will be interesting is how they implement it so the ideas are all there, the question is how are they going to implement it and exactly how are all these benefits going to reach the average person. >> good to talk to you thanks very much. american student has given a tearful apology paraded by media in north korea and arrested in january after trying to steal a banner from his hotel and
5:50 am
confessed to quote severe crimes against the state. the 21-year-old says he wanted the propaganda slogan for a friend in georgia and they have a long history of detaining foreigners. opposition politicians have not stopped talking for the past seven days and broke the record for a filibuster and delaying a vote back law to allow them to collect data and privacy rights would be violated and could be used to crack down on political decent and our correspondent in seoul is harry faucet telling us a little earlier this is highly unusual for the south korean government. a film about determined newspaper reporting is the surprise best picture winner at the oscars. over shadowed however by controversy, spotlight beat the favorite the revant and the star
5:51 am
leonardo dicaprio took home the award and from los angeles. >> and the oscar goes to leonardo dicaprio. >> reporter: good things come to he who waits and leonardo dicaprio certainly has been waiting for this, five times before tonight he had come close but this was to be his night at last. >> making the revenant was man's relationship to the world, a world we collectively felt in 20 2015. >> reporter: , in fact, it took another big award too. >> alejandro inarritu. >> reporter: people missed last year and second time lucky for him. >> i can't believe this is happening. it's amazing to reserve this award tonight. >> reporter: no hat trick for his film and here is why. >> spotlight. [cheers and applause] the movie was the best picture
5:52 am
and contenter of course but not the favorite and just goes to show you never can tell what is going to happen in hollywood. >> and the oscar goes to. >> reporter: when it came to best actress brie larson took that and happy to win but didn't seem overly surprised and she was the hot favorite over all. >> thank you for everyone who participated and thank you to all of you to saw it. >> reporter: mad max fury road was a big winner, six oscars for this one and all eyes on the host chris rock, the accusations of racism of the academy not far from anyone's mind and a subject he was expected to touch on and not in a subtle way and for weeks pressure on the academy after nominations in the major categories were announced and they were all white and chris rock did not disappointed. >> i counted at least 15 black people there. >> reporter: and hollywood annual night of back slapping is over for another year and the
5:53 am
oscars are the most controversial in memory and black controversy over shadowing things and the oscar and film industry enters the period of soul searching and hash tag oscars so white be back next year and indeed will it be necessary and i'm phil from the red carpet in hollywood. >> time for the news with andy. manchester city won the first trophy of the english season and beat liver pool in london's stadium after a penalty shoot out and error and manchester city opened the scoring there just after half time. phillip then grabbed liverpool as the game headed in extra time in penalties and the tour was the man converting cities winning penalty strike but the real star was the second choice goal keeper, the argentina chosen ahead of joe heart and pulls three saves in the
5:54 am
shootout. >> a penalty and they told me we keep the coach and i try to have good positions and fortunate ly and it's a good night for me. >> disappointment and it's hard especially someone has to win and fortunately i feel we have our heads held high because as i said before in the interview it took a minute before the game is set up and we are on the field and we definitely did that and we gave everything we had. >> reporter: barcelona have now gone 34 games unbeaten in competitions equaling a spanish record and 2-1 winners in on laleague and coming from behind
5:55 am
of the team who last beat them and a kick from messi followed by 48 minute strike from the captain and his first laleague goal and eight point advantage on german league and it's about staying in touch with leaders and three goals in the final ten minutes and then getting the better and the fourth year and emcick scored 22 of the season and the top scorer by robert and the chinese super league begins on friday with a flurry of debuts and they have been showing off their new line up and includes argentina striker and he will be earning more than half a million a week making him one of the highest paid players in the world. and then ivory coast have also
5:56 am
joined the team. nba conference leading cleveland cavaliers suffered a loss at the hands of the washington wizards and left an opportunity for toronto raptures east of the top spot if they can win at detroit but pistons took control in third quarter and netted 37 points on the way to the season high team shooting percentage of 58% and went on to win 104-101 and now tied with chicago for the 8th and final playoff spot in the east. nhl top two teams met on sunday with chicago hosting the washington capitols and over the champions and fell behind after a goal by johanson and 31 seconds in hopes to respond and didn't look back and home scored two more goals for victory and top of the western conference table. scott won the title in close to
5:57 am
two years and australia proving he is a force with a short putter since the start of this year the long broom handle putter as the favorite has been out lawed and the honda classic in florida was scott's third tournament since the rule change and her he is winning a single shot in spain with sergio. >> good everyone who likes talking about it absolutely and therefore good for me, therefore good for me because maybe we don't have to go over it too much any more but again it just reassures me i'm on the right track with the things i'm doing. >> reporter: plenty more sport from me throughout the day but that is it for now peter. >> talk to you a little later and thanks very much and more news on the website al and do stay with us here on al jazeera, we have 30 minutes of world news at the top of the hour and talk on twitter and i'll tweet you back, i'm peter and i'll see you very soon.
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scenes of the chaos at the greece macedonia border. police used tear gas at refugees who tried to breakdown a fence welcome. i'm peter dobbie. you're watching al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha. also ahead the u.n. prepares to deliver aid to thousands of besieged syrians in syria as a fragile truce. a catholic church has mad