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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 29, 2016 11:00am-11:31am EST

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>> tear gas on the greek-macedonian border as recognizes break through the fence. >> hello there, i'm barbara serra. you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up from the program. despite sporadic fighting the u.n. said syria's shaky cease-fire is holding by and large. india's government tries to win back rural voters promising new roads and electricity for all villages in two years.
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>> i never should have allowed myself-- >> tearful apologies from an u.s. student arrested in north korea for stealing a poster. >> and leonardo dicaprio. >> it's six time lucky for leonardo dicaprio as he finely wins an oscar. hello, thank you for joining us. tension has escalated and an important border crossing for refugees and migrants as they try to pass through europe. >> a group of people were trying to push through the fence from the greek side of the border with macedonia. police on the macedonia side fired tear gas engulfing people in a cloud of smoke. the barrier allowed 300 people through. thousands of refugees and migrants, including women and children, are stuck on the greek
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side. well, the european union's struggle to handle the growing crisis has prompted country to take individual action to cut off the flow of refugees and migrants to the north. fences have already been put up in these places to try to stem the flow. however, austria's recent decision to limit the number it let's in every day has sparked a domino affect through the balkans. all these countries are now only allowing a certain number of migrants to enter their borders each day, and there are boat loads of people who keep arriving from turkey. well, that threaten toss turn greece into a huge refugee camp. 22,000 refugees and migrants have been strand there had over the past weeks and that could rise to as many as 70,000 next month. 70,000 people are amassed at the camp on the border of macedonia where we saw those successful a little earlier. we were there.
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we have this update. >> reporter: the situation has calmed down. there are 100 people mainly young men sitting there just in front of that gate where the rising happened earlier today. now there are now chanting open the borders, open the borders. some of them are holding white flags behind the fence there is a heavy presence of macedonian police and military who have been deployed there. as soon as those riots happened. and then earlier we also saw helicopter circle that area at quite a low altitude. by and large people have moved back to their tents. it is raining and it is pretty cold today. we have to say even the situation has come down emotions are running very high. the camp is overcongested, and if people were facing uncertainty earlier in the day before the events that happened, well, now they even more uncertain and more scared.
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many have come to us asking if we think will happen will effect us or actually help us. many were in disagreement with with the wa refugees. they say that we want to demand for the borders to be opened, but they were worried that the images might turn further the european public opinion against them. >> there on the border. so a lot of pressure on greece. the country said it is considering bringing in the army to be able to deal with the situation. let's get more now from in athens for us. you're in the sister of athens. tell us about what is happening there now. >> well, barbara, i'm at victoria square, which is in the middle of athens. a place that is very popular with the refugees, hundreds of them around here every day.
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some of them. they have chosen this square because it is very close to shops and restaurants where they've been buying other necessity. but there are a number of charities who are around this area and help the refugees. they give them places where they can shower, where they can change clothes and also places where their children can play. now they're about 22,000 refugees from them many of them are here. and despite these huge number of refugees, there is no let up in the number of new arrivals. >> still they kept coming. at the port in athens 1,800 refugees arrive on monday morning. there is no one to welcome them. no one to stop them either. >> we faced a lot of difficulties on the way here. now that we are here, we want to
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cross to macedonia, but we don't know how to do that. >> the ports are now a temporary shelter for the refugees. most of them are from syria, iraq, and afghanistan. everyone here has the same objective to get out of greece as fast as they possibly can. normally the process on the northern border, but there are not many living. greek officials say they want to ease the pressure there. they say their only option is to travel north to other countries i. members of the yazidi minority show us pictures of beheaded bodies and mass graves. >> our homes in sinjar have been destroyed. our friends, sons, and daughters were slaughtered. mass graves now sit in our villages.
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we have nowhere to go back to. >> the stream of refugees has become a serious problem for greece. athens was seen as a transit point but many are now in the capital including sick tore i can't square, it has been turned into a refugee camp. many are from afghanistan. they are no longer permitted to cross the border. >> they're not allowed to cross the border. they're feeling sad and kind of hopeless. >> for now these victims of war and failed governments wait. their struggle to find a new place to call home is paused but not over. every day they remain in greece they live beyond welcome. >> now greek government officials say they're trying their best to deal with their crisis. however, they say they're overwhelmed. so much so that they now are considering declaring a state of
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emergency. greece's minister say they have brought up contingency plans they have brought over from the european union. there is a feeling in greece that a declaration of the state of emergency the rest of the european union countries will be forced to deal with this problem. >> mohammed with the latest there from athens. thank you, mohammed. we'll take to you france where authorities have begun dismantling the campal calais used by thousands of refugees and migrants. it is known as the jungle. you can see live shots coming in there with what we're hearing from the jungle is that some anarchists have set tents on fire and police have responded with tear gas. those are some of the images that we're getting live from the
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jungle. the camp itself is close to the port and so many people converge there. up to 4,000 men, women and children are still living on the site. the french authorities want to move the people into makeshift accommodations and other areas where they can apply for asylum. >> and 93 refugees have arrived in rome part of a group given visas to stay in italy on humanitarian grounds. they hope the scheme may be a model for other nations to copy. >> a suicide-bomber has blown himself up at a shia funeral hall in iraq. more than 25 people have died in the attack in the eastern province. there has been no immediate claim of responsibility. countries backing talks
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aimed at stopping the conflict in syria are meeting in geneva to talk about a cessation of hostilities that began on saturday. the main opposition blames the government and russia for violating the graeme. moscow say that rebel fighters are the one who is have gone against the first major truce in the five-year conflict. they have called for an urgent meeting to discuss the attacks. >> we have received indications that attacks including by air have been continuing against those controlled by moderate opposition. all this needs to be verified. france has therefore demanded that the task force charged with overseeing the cessation of hostilities meet without delay. >> well, despite the pause in fighting there have been airstrikes in homs and idlib. opposition parties say continued breaches would make new talks unattainable. it says that government forces have attacked several rebel-held areas using heavy artillery and
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barrel bombs. we're in turkey near the border in syria and joins us live. the besides are blaming one another what clarity do we have if any about any violation of this cessation of violence? >> well, barbara, we have from the syrian opposition quite alarming. in fact, they're warning that the entire process, the truce, could be on the verge of collapse if violations continue. now, a number of activists have given us their own count as well as the opposition, main opposition in turkey. they say for the last three days at least 55 incidents or 55 violations occurred. and i think that number actually is more than 55. it could reach up to 60. now the reason is why ban ki-moon. they say they're largely holding because the prior to the truce,
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the level of violence was so high and the number of casualties was so big, and now compared to those days the figures are even the casualties are lower. so probably that's why you have u.n. officials saying that the truce is largely holding. when it comes to turkey, for example, turkish president erdogan said that yesterday they were relatively holding. today he's warning not entirely holding, so the truce is in danger. >> it is in danger, and the truce is heed to handing out aid to the thousands of people there who desperately need it. what do we know about that? >> well, absolutely yes, this is a process that actually started before the truce came into affect. it started in the days and weeks when the americans and the russians were about to reach the truce deal. the u.n. is saying since the 24th of february they've reached about 110,000 syrians in we
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seeked areas. today the u.n. managed to go to an area called, and that area a number of trucks were able to go inside delivering aid. we don't know how many trucks they did, but there is an important point, barbara. this is a place where it was received aid before the truce. two days before the truce. they are in desperate need. they've got some aid. the irony in all of this is that the area is called direa. that area is under siege for several years now and the situation is very dire. you can tell how the syrian government and the u.n. are trying to sort out these differences because we have people in desperate need: and here comes the accusation. leveled at the syrian government that they are using the siege tactic as a weapon to force people into surrendering. >> the latest, thank you.
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still ahead this half hour, why a symbolic funeral was held in gaza for a palestinian man who died in suspicious circumstances in bulgaria. and why opposition politicians have been giving non-stop speeches for seven days straight in south korea. need
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of blood, but her family would not donate either. >> some of them do not like to be screened. they don't want to know its status, for example, if it's hiv status, hepatitis and all this.
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they fear that to be known, all right. some of them feel that if the blood is taken from them, they may develop diseases. >> al jazeera, juba, south sudan. >> the indian government is ramping up its attempting to win back rural voters making farmers the poor and the vulnerable the focus of its new budget. among the measures the finance minister unavailable a pledge that they will all have electricity in just over two years time. $16billion will be spent on countryside areas including building rural roads and creating new jobs. they have been hit hard by a two-year drought and the government will dedicate $130 billion to providing them with loans. well, the finance minister has pledged to double the incomes of
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$120 million farmers over the next five years. >> we need to think beyond food security and give back to our farmers a sense of income security. government will therefore reorient its interventions in the farm and non-farm sector to double the income of farmers. >> we have reports from is
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complete and start handing out good supplies. they don't need to make a big deal about this, but hand out food where it is needed immediately. >> the government has asked the national government for help. and they've welcomed international organizations to assist if the situation worsens. they can only hope that any help will arrive very soon. al jazeera. >> a student from the united states has given a tearful televised apology in north korea almost two months after being arrested for stealing a political banner. it's the first public appearance by the 21-year-old since his arrest on the 2nd of january. north korean media said that he confessed to what they call
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>> hollywood's annual night is over for another year. that issue of lack of-- >> the film industry answers that period of soul searching, they'll be back next year. al jazeera, the red carpet in hollywood. >> now over before it even began. >> three, two, one.
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>> for more go to >> we're counting down the super tuesday with hillary clinton counting down success into more big wins. >> i don't know what group you're talking about. >> donald trump in damage control mode over support of a former leader of the kkk. >> this was a sad day for everybody in this room. it's a sad day for law enforcement. >> a soldier due in court accused of killing a rookie police officer on her first day on the job. >> if they