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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 29, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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>> scuffles around tear gas on the greek-masmacedonian border s refugees try to break through the fence. i'm lauren taylor, this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up: despite sporadic fighting, the u.n. uses syria's shake y ceasefire to step up aid deliveries. and. >> i never should have allowed myself -- >> a tearful apology of an
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american student in north korea for stealing a poster. >> winner is be leonardo dicaprio. >> who finally wins an oscar. hello, europe's refugee crisis has flared up, tensions boiled over on the border between greece and macedonia. police in the town of idomini fired tear gas, as thousands of refugees tried to tear down fences. greece is warning it's unable to cope as thousands more arrived. 1800 refugees landed in the port of piraus on monday. france dismantling the rfq
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camp called the jungle in calais. hoda abdel hamid reports. >> impatient and exhausted they first marched over the railway gate near the border demanding once again to be let through. but soon things got out of control. some refugees managed to tear down part of the fence. er others hurled stones at macedonian forces on the other side of the fence. they responded with tear gas. but rumor had spread around the camp that the border had opened. hundreds of refugees ran towards the fence. she and her children were sitting around the tent when the rumor reached them. >> like everyone else we ran towards the gate. people shouting open the borders. i couldn't see further up bupt
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then they fired tear gas. i fell with my kid while running away. this is wrong. we demand our rights. there's no need for violence. we have to be patient and slowly, slowly, everyone will get in. >> reporter: but it was in vain. macedonian forces had moved everyone back and under control. people have been stranded some for as long as ten days. the camp is overjefd an overcon. emotion are running high. amine and her family arrived days ago. they walked hours to reach here, after authorities closed the border to control the evergrowing bottleneck. >> there is no feeling, there is no humanity in the camp. no humanity. finished. >> reporter: like many others
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she wonders what will happen next. some of the protesting refugees are still refusing to move back from the fence. >> all the people cannot, there is no step-backs. we won't step back. we want to be here. without food, without water, we don't need anything, we just need just to open the borders. >> reporter: but most refugees return to their tents. even more worried now that europe will tighten its frontiers even further. hoda abdel hamid, al jazeera along the greek macedonian border. greece is considering bringing in the army to deal with the ever growing number of refugees. from athens, mohammad adow reports. >> still they keep coming, 1800 refugees arrived on monday morning. there is no one to welcome them, no one to stop them either. >> translator: we faced a lot
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of difficulties on the way here. now that we are here we want to cross to last doan yah but we don't know how to do that. >> the port's passenger terminal is now a temporary shelter for refugees. refugees from iraq, afghanistan and syria. there are not many leaving, greek officials say they want to ease the pressure there. one step closer to a normal life, their only option is to travel north to other countries in northern europe. these refugees are from the sinjar area of northern iraq poop member of the yazidi minority, beheaded bodies and mass graves. >> translator: our homes in sinjar have been destroyed. our friends, sons and daughters were slaughtered.
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mass graves now sit in our villages. we have nowhere left to go to. >> athens used to be a transit point but many are stuck in the capital including victoria square. it's been turned into a temporary refugee camp. most are from afghanistan. they are no longer permitted to cross the border. >> they are not allowed to cross the borders. they're feeling sad and kind of hopeless. >> reporter: for now, these victims of war and failed governments wait. their struggle to find a new place to find a new home is paused they say but not over. every day they remain in greece they stay beyond a welcome they never had. mohammad adow, al jazeera, athens. authorities in france have begun to dismantle a camp in calais.
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dispersing the activists opposing the dit mantling of the camp known as the jungle. they're being moved to nearby shipping containers. 93 refugees have arrived in rome, foreign minister hopes the scheme can be a model for other nations to copy. ♪ the suicide bomber has blown himself up at a shia funeral hall in iraq. at least 38 people have died in the attack in the eastern province of diyalla, a further 62 were injured. i.s.i.l. has claimed responsibility saying it killed six senior militia commanders. what more can you tell us about the circumstances of the attack quj.
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>> as you said, the final death toll according to security and medical source, death toll of 38 people have been killed and 60 injured. this death toll could not be final as many injured people are seriously injured. this explosion as we know just come in less than 24 hours from another explosion happened in baghdad, in which it killed more than 70 people and more than 100 injured. if we talk about mugabea city which is located in diyalla in which the explosion happened today according to the security source now very tense climate is revealed on the city. the source is talking about militia is controlled and deployed in the city, this city is a population, mixed population sunni and shia in diyalla province, majority of
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diyalla province is sunni people, but the shia population is controlled on the diyalla province and the city of muktadea. s there is a deployment of shiite militia and there is a fear that what happened in the city month ago could be repeated again. as we know, more than a month ago there was a bigger explosion and at that time, militia controlled on the whole city and some sunni mosques were burned at that time and some people were killed. security forces in the city they are saying that measures have been stain to prevent the city, could be past the same circumstances that it passed month ago. >> tell us a bit more about what the government has been trying to do against i.s.i.l. and what kind of success it's having on that front. >> reporter: if we talk about the security situation in iraq,
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especially in some of the provinces one of them is baghdad and also diyalla provinces, the security situation is always the concern for authorities. yesterday there was a big explosion in baghdad and today another explosion in diyalla. there are security measures in all of these provinces but it seems that these security measures are not enough to prevent such explosion or all explosions to be happened. iraqi security forces are deployed everywhere. but it seems that these numbers or the measures have been stain is not enough. i.s.i.l. hold the responsibility of that explosion of today as they hold the explosion of what happened yesterday in baghdad. iraqi security forces saying that they are doing their best to prevent such explosion to be happened. but it seems that all the measures are being taken or have been taken by the security forces is not being enough. there are some sources talking about political issue behind
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this what happened in baghdad. and they are saying the security situation in iraq is connected directly with the political situation. unless political situation could resolve the whole crisis of iraq, the security issue will be always a problem and such explosion might happen from time to time not only from baghdad and diyalla province but also in some other provinces. >> walleen, thank you very much. security forces say those downstream of the mosul dam should be ready to evacuate. the iraqi prime minister has described the likelihood of such a scenario as extremely small. mosul was under the control of i.s.i.l, but the dam was recaptured in august of 2014. the fighting and budget crisis has interrupted the dam's maintenance program.
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a symbolic ceremony has been held in the palestinianen west bank. prosecutors are investigating whether this victim was pushed or fell. banner smith reports. >> it's for omar al naef who died at the time palestinian embassy in bulgaria last week. jailed in 1986 for his role in the murder of jewish orthodox seminary student. he escaped custody and eventually turned up in bulgaria. his widow has been convincethat the israeli security forces have finally caught up to her husband. >> translator: they told him that although he was inside the embassy they can't protect him. they were urging him to go and
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leave the embassy. be. >> reporter: al naef had been hiding in the embassy following an extra decision request from israel. his family says while he was there people dressed as security staff said a bomb was planted, checked the building including where el naef stayed. >> the palestinian embassy is responsible for not protecting him. the embassy didn't do anything to relieve the pressure on omar. >> you blg bulgarian authoritibe looking into the issue. his brother blames the palestinian authority for not protecting omar. president mahmoud abbas has ordered an investigation into
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the circumstances of the death. bernard smith, al jazeera. >> a u.n. aid convoy has reached one of several besieged areas in syria. be it is third aid convoy that's been allowed to enter in recent weeks. the u.n. is trying to reach 154,000 syrians in five days during the partial truce brokered by u.s. and russia. despite the pause in fighting, the government has reported to take territory east of homs, opposition blames the government and russia, who used heavy artillery and barrel bom bombs. opposition said continued breaches would make further talks unattainable. stopping the conflict northbound syria meeting in geneva to discuss talks, since the cessation of attacks on
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friday, the french foreign minister. >> zones controlled by moderate opposition. all this needs to be verified. france has therefore demanded that the task force charged with overseeing the cessation of hostilities meet without delay. >> al jazeera's omar al saleh joins us live. you could see the cessation is sort of holding but there are reports of various violations. how bad does it have to be before people stop calling it a cessation? >> reporter: well, lauren if you compare it, the level of violence if you compare it to the ones prior to the truce i think the amount of violence or the level of violence decreased dramatically. my own count since day 1 of the truce is that somewhere between 65 up to 70 violations and this is based owl from information from the syrian opposition, from the russians and also from the
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syrian regime but the overall situation i think is much better than what was the level of violence prior to the cessation of hostilities deal, lauren. >> and tell me a little bit about the aid improvements, is it significant? >> reporter: well, it is somewhat significant because when activists are telling us that about 52 trucks entered moabamia, there are about 52,000 people living there. however on the 25th of february, before the cessation of hostilities began. the u.n. says there are about 40 requests pending approval of the government and in eastern guta and homs and other areas, they are indicated besieged areas so there is still some work to be done lauren.
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thank you. you're watching al jazeera. why the abortion issue has hit deeply catholic brazil. and seven day straight filibuster in south korea.
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>> hello again a reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera. mast doamacedonian police have d tear gas against refugees at the
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border with greece. syria's opposition telling u.n. further breaches in the ceasefire would make further talks unattainable. syrian capital trying to reach 154 syrians in five days with humanitarian aid. the outbreak of the zika virus has reopened the abortion debate in brazil. hundreds of mothers are said to be traumatized worrying about birth defects. the option to terminate terminae pregnancy. marga ortigas reports. >> lourdes has just been told her baby has microcephaly. she was born with an unusually spall head and her brain might not develop. it's a condition that's afflicting many newborns in northeastern brazil where the zika virus is widespread.
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>> translator: it is very hard to take care of a child like this. my other children were both perfect. they weren't born with any problems. >> reporter: even if it had been known earlier women such as lourdes, the majority of whom live in poverty, don't have the option to terminate their pregnancy. under brazilian law the option of abortion is only entitled in rape, or if the fetus is determined to be missing much.of its brain. one of two women die in back alley borings in brazil. the petition to make abortion available to all women but to grant women more information with regard to reproductive health. supporting children and those who care for them, it's the abortion for all part of the petition that has upsaid many in this deeply catholic country.
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brazil is the most populace catholic country in the world and christian teachings are very much a part of everyday life. even congress is dominated by conservative evangelicals. religious leaders say abortion is unacceptable. >> translator: it really is selection. part of humidity life is having people with difficulties, be it with their movements, their thought or social behavior. society seems to have great difficulty accepting people with limitations. >> for women rights groups this debate isn't about zika or abortion but a reflection of a difficult social reality that brazil doesn't want to deal with. >> the situation is not new has been aggravated it has to do with inequality. it has to do with women's rights, it has to do with production for is disabled children and their caretakers and we have to be able to talk
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about them all together. >> many feel there isn't much talking being done. there is a lack of information and now, the budget has been cut. lourdes said she wouldn't choose to have an abortion even if it was legal. what she would like is support and dealing with social issues that can't lie dormant. marga ortigas, al jazeera, brazil. >> patients, especially pregnant women and new mothers in south sudan are dying because of ignorance of blood donations and social taboos. >> joyce emanuel lost her baby more than a week ago and suffered a serious hemorrhage. >> we treated her and found that she needed blood. if she doesn't get blood she'll eventually suffer heart failure and die.
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>> joyce's mother was willing to donate but wasn't a match. her father was a match but refused to give her his blood. the hospital couldn't help either. there are only nine units of blood in this fridge and it's all been donatefor specific patients. so while there is a blood transfusion in town for general donations at this hospital they say they haven't received any blood from them for over a month now. a lack of understanding, joyce is far from an isolated case. in the maternity wards this new mother was in desperate need of blood but her family didn't donate either. >> they don't want to donate. some of them are fearing screening. they don't like to be screened. they don't know their status, hiv status, hepatitis and all this. they fear that to be known all right? it is a points. some of them feel that if the blood is taken from them, they
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may develop diseases and all this. >> until cultural attitudes around donating blood change, giving birth in south sudan will continue to be a great risk. anna cavell, al jazeera, juba south sudan. a student has given a tiff or televised apology for stealing a banner in north korea. >> it is the first public appearance of 21-year-old otto, confessing to severe crimes against the state. south of the border, opposition politician he are still talking in the south korean capital seoul in a record break parliamentary session. speaking for seven days in a filibuster a deliberate delaying tactic. harry fawcett has more. >> this is incredibly rare in south korean politics.
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nothing like this has happened since 1969. the reason it's happening now is twofold, this is an incredibly contentious legislation, something the opposition has been protesting against. but it's been languishing in committee and it's time to bring it to a vote. one, there is the threat of north korea after the recent rocket launch and before that the nuclear test. also, there's the issue of middlmiddle eastern groups, sucs el nusra and i.s.i.l. anyone suspected of terrorism activity to have their phones tapped and their bank records accessed by the government and so the opposition says it's simply going to talk this out until the end of the current
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session on march 10th, if the government, ruling party then wans to enforcwantsto enforce iw plenary session. >> it was over before it even began. >> three two one zero. okay we have launch abort. >> u.s. spacex has had to cancel just before liveoff, it was about to blast off when on board computers aborted the mission for third time in a week. a film based on real life drama of journalists who uncovered a ring of pedophile priests, won, best picture and leonardo dicaprio won for best
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actor. >> the oscar goes to leonardo dicaprio. >> reporter: good things come to those who wait, leonardo dicaprio had waited five times. this was to be his night at last. >> making the revenant, is man's relationship to the world, 2015 is the hottest year on history. >> in fact the revenant toot another large award too. >> alejandro inarritu. >> but no oscar for his film here is why. >> spotlight. >> it was a contender, of
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course, but not the favorite. just shows you there's no way of knowing, best actress brie larson was the hot favorite after all. >> thank you for everyone who participated in room. thank you to all of you who saw it. >> mad max fury road was also a big winner. six oscars for this movie. >> all eyes were on the host, chris rock. the accusations of racism at the academy not far from his mind. a subject he was expected to touch on and not in a subtle way. for weeks there was pressure on the academy about announcements of nomination. >> i counted at least 15 black people on that montage. >> so hollywood's annual night of back-slapping is over for another year. these oscars the most controversial in recent memory. that lack of diversity reality
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overshadowing everything. the oscars acknowledge will hashtag oscars so white be back next year? or will it be necessary? phil lavelle, al jazeera, hollywood. >> plenty more on the website, >> i'm mei-ling mcnamara in canada here to discover how the great bear rainforest is being protected. >> i'm amanda burrell. i'm in london to find out how to make old houses green.