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tv   Super Tuesday Coverage  Al Jazeera  March 1, 2016 7:00pm-11:31pm EST

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"inside story," join us tomorrow, and for a recap of today's super tuesday primaries, will it bring new clarity in both races for president? i'm ray suarez, good night. >> good evening, and welcome to aljazeera america's coverage of super tuesday, and i'm tony harris. today is the biggest day of the primary season. 12 states will be casting votes for president, as well as american samo a we're watching as the polls have just closed in georgia, virginia, and senator bernie sanders' home state of vermont. john terrett is covering the sander's campaign, lisa stark
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is covering hillary clinton, michael shure is covering marco rubio, randall pinkston is in palm beach, florida with donald trump, and ali velshi is in texas where the biggest haul of delegates is up tonight. starting with david schuster. >> the results are coming? in these three states, and we can report based on the exit polling that on the democratic side, hillary clinton has been declared the win for the state of georgia, bernie sanders has won vermont and hillary clinton has won virginia. georgia and virginia for hillary clinton, and vermont for bernie sanders. let's look closer at georgia, and this is something to look for now. 102 delegates. and the question is if hillary clinton wins by 20 points or more, and keep in mind she won by 15, and is bernie sanders able to keep it close. if he keeps it close, he
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doesn't fall so far behind in the delegate count. even if he wins 70/30 in vermont, it's not going to make in a of in terms of the 6 delegates, 12-4 or something like that. >> virginia is something of a bellwether. 94 delegates. we declared hillary clinton the winner in virginia, and the key here, bernie sanders was hoping that this race would stay open for a little while before we declared a winner. instead, hillary clinton is going to have a big victory in virginia, and is it 15 points or larger or less than that? the key for bernie sanders is to not fall too far behind in the delegate count. it's slightly higher math in the republican side. georgia, 72 delegates, 76 on the republican side. and this is one of the states that donald trump is expected to win. but the question is, who breaks
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the 20% threshold? in order to win any state on the republican side, you need at least 20%. so if donald trump wins with 30, and everybody else is below 30, donald trump would get all 76 delegates in georgia. in vermont, it's the same story. against a smaller pool of delegates, again, you need a 20% threshold in order to win a delegate. donald trump is hoping to show that right here in the 7:00 hour he would sweep all three states and make it clear that he's assembling a coalition of republicans in the deep south n. the northeast, and in the moderate midwest. tony, in texas, those polls close an hour from now, and the rest of the state, we'll be talking about texas the rest of the night. >> setting the map for us in the evening, and let's get to ali velshi, live in houston for
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us, ali. >> i'm at a place, tony, called the redneck country club, i'm not even kidding. you put it into your gps and that's what comes up. it's full of hundreds and hundreds of journalists and it's open to the public. they're going to start pouring if in a second. and at the moment, they're just journalists, and this is where we were expecting ted cruz. of the 195 delegates at stake tonight, for more democrats, but almost 600 republican delegates at stake tonight. 155 of them are here in texas. this is by far the biggest state on the biggest night hashtag primary season. now polls mostly show ted cruz with the lead here, and some don't. as you know, these things all depend on turnout, and the issue here is that ted cruz has
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to win this one. hopefully, he has to win others to prove that he's successful, but he has to win this to prove that he has to be viable as a candidate against donald trump. donald trump said that he shouldn't win texas, it's ted cruz's statement but he mentioned that ted cruz has been very bad for texas, and he followed that by saying that marco rubio was bad for florida and trump would be better for both of them. but predictions are that donald trump will do well in at least ten of the contests tonight. so if ted cruz were not to win his home state. and again, there are indications that he will win it, but if he doesn't have a good showing, it will hurt cruz going forward. and texas is one of the state, where if you don't get most of the vote, you get nothing. they get a portion to either the leading candidate or the other candidate.
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so again, this is one to watch very carefully. and marco rubio has to be careful that he gets above 20% in texas and a handful of other states. i'm going to be here at the redneck country club in southeast houston, tony. >> all right, i'll look it up. >> i still have a vest on. >> all right, ali, appreciate it. see you later in the hour. donald trump is watching the results from florida and will hold a news conference in a couple of hours. randall pinkston is joining us from palm beach. and is the campaign expecting a huge win tonight? >> oh, of course they are, tony. we should point out that we're in donald trump's dining room, and it's a mansion of 114
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rooms, you see all of gold and guiltgilt edged columns, and wee been told not to touch the columns by one of the employees. this is going to be a big night, they're anticipating such. and to give you the idea of the confidence of donald trump donalhedidn't spend the last mie campaigning in any of the super tuesday states, he was in ohio and also in kentucky, and it was vintage trump. accusingle press of being nasty and unethical and slamming ted cruz of being a liar, but also today, there was another version of trump that was on display. shall we say a kinder be gentler canceled date who was talking about unity. >> you got to get people somehow to work together. our country is unbelievably
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divide: it's divided politically, it's divided among white and black, in so many ways, we're going to bring our country together, folks, we have to bring it together. people don't know that about me, i bring people together. >> now, an interesting footnote to donald trump's bringing people together, he points to this place, maralago, a 1,400,000 square foot mansion, and he points to this as an example of how he is contributing to equality for everyone because he turned this into a club, and he said anyone can join the club. but you have to have $100,000 for membership, $14,000 a year, and you have to spend at least $2,000 for food, and the club
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can only take 500 people. when asked about its diversity, we were told that, according to abc news, [ audio difficulties ] >> our apologies, we lost randall, that's too rich for my bloodstream. randall pinkston there, and let's move to miami and to hillary clinton's campaign, and she has a couple of wins already under her belt. mike viqueira is there, and he joins us there already. >> tony, tonight is the chance for hillary clinton to effectively put bernie sanders away in the race, and for bernie sanders, it's a chance to keep hillary from being the hands down favorite and taking prizes of his own, places like minnesota and vermont, which has already been called. and in massachusetts, a left
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leaning state, to try to perpetuate the narrative that he has a chance as long as the race goes on, and bernie sanders, after being routed in south carolina last week, tony, that he's in this for the long haul. hillary clinton, hoping for what we saw in south carolina, the rout there, hillary clinton getting 84% of the african-american vote, carries over into the southern states that has the contests tonight. we have seen an early call on georgia as the polls close there. and alabama is also in play, and this arkansas, texas, and virginia, which got called earlier than the sanders campaign would have liked. so we will see hillary trying to turn this page. turn her attacks against donald trump. she has a very restive crowd
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here in miami. restive to the nuance, the message that she's going to be creating with the inevitability of the matchup with donald trump. >> so a question, it's very loud where you are, mike, and i'm wondering how trump's dominance that you mentioned just a moment ago on the republican side, and what we're anticipating in the results of the evening, impact the clint on campaign and the democrats moving forward. >> it's a fascinating question, and perhaps some of that will be answered this evening as we see the polls flow in, and we pick through the demographics and things of that nature. bernie sanders got a high could yotimeout and heerturnout, and w in south carolina, an aggregate of african voters.
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he needs that to be successful. out of left field, by the ability of bernie sanders, who really has been on the national scene for four years, speaking publicly on the same issues of social inequality and racial justice, has suddenly turned to the front. now we see donald trump shocking everyone by being the dominant factor on the republican side. and will that effect voters the fence, perceptive to bernie sanders' message, and put them back into the clinton campaign, as the tried and true candidate that's going to beat trump. which is what they're passionate of seeing her doing. >> i that i you had to listen closely, but i think that you got a lot of what mike was saying. michael shure is in miami, and tonight he's with the marco rubio campaign at a marco rubio
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event. michael. >> that's right, tony, i'm here at the ronald reagan equestrian center. the marco rubio supporters, and i was talking to people at the rubio campaign here earlier, tony. one of them close to tony sullivan, senior of his staff, who met with 40 bundlers, who start fundraising and get others involved. they're setting their expectations low today. they're saying that the rubio campaign could only win 100 delegates. and it has him going to the presidency without winning one state. which is unprecedented, and leaving one the bundlers saying that the presentation defied reality. so there are low expectations here, but a lot of energy, a lot of people from the cuban-american community here,
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and a lot of people who supported rubio since he has been in politics. so it's a very big night for them, but they're putting their best faces forward because they're not expecting a victory tonight. >> he has to win somewhere. we're talking about a number of races tonight. this is super tuesday, and the campaign is lowering expectations to the point where they are essentially saying that they aren't expecting to win anywhere tonight? >> they might not win anywhere today. they're outlining a plan that haley barbour is saying will take them to the convention without winning a state. and that's interesting. if you look around the map tonight, tony, there doesn't seem to be a place where he can win. that has been the problem with the rubio campaign all along. they're hoping that ted cruz loses texas and has no political viable going forward. >> a columnist for the de
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moines register, she's in johnston, iowa, and rick, good to see you again, and it's a pleasure. she's the host of political party with kelly dalt, and david schuster joins us. and let's start with you, do we know how it ends tonight, as we're just beginning here? do we know the end from the beginning. >> i think that we have a pretty good sense of it, yeah. i think on the republican side, donald trump is going to, by far outweigh every other candidate except possibly ted cruz in texas, and i think that hillary clinton is going to have an incredibly good night. and i think the conventional wisdom about regional parts of america on its head, especially on the republican side. because conventional wisdom would have dictated that a loud mouth from new york who
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appealed to race dating, whose not evangelical, and not a fiscal conservative, and not that strong on the fence would never have won, or never had a chance in a place like this, but it's such an unpredictable election year and anything goes. >> so we've been with you in iowa, and you've been following it closely since, and explain what's happening here when the unpredictability and the conventional wisdom is falling on its face. >> i think that just the anger of the republican mainstream establishment is manifesting itself in more and more consolidation around donald trump. and it continues to be the more inflammatory things that he says, the more outrageous claims he makes, whether it's about the other candidates and their physical appearance, or not fully repudiating himself
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from david duke and the kkk, his numbers seem to continue to rise. he had a terrible performance in the debate, but that didn't seem to stop him. i think that marco rubio's points went up about 5%age, and but that's really nothing, to take on trump. but the interesting things on both sides, the democrats and the republican side, there has been a huge wave of the establishment and the party establishment. but for trump, it's translating into significant votes. whereas for bernie sanders, it's a much tougher row to hoe, because his message is difficult to achieve even if it's resonating with people. >> kelly goff, i haven't heard you in this, just missing you. give me the benefit of your analysis, a night like tonight,
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super tuesday, both candidates here, and what you've been watching and analyzing in this race so far. >> well, the sad thing about what you said in the past races, conventional wisdom in terms of party politics, donald trump was not supposed to be the republican frontrunner. if you asked someone six months ago, three weeks ago, people said that was impossible, and now we're seeing it come to fruition. but parties, likely to be reinforced tonight. and here's what i mean. the republican party has done a lot of work over the last couple of years to try to in diverse tie. and that's why you see them staffing up in the national committee, and they have hired a number of people of color with the outreach efforts, and those will be history tonight when we see the south vote for a candidate overwhelmingly
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whose language is widely seen as a language of hate. who had trouble denouncing a klu klux klan leader and who seemed baffled as to why that caused outrage. we have the 2012 republican candidate having to denounce the clan. for a lot of people, this is a wake-up call that our country has not evolved as far as we hoped. there are a lot of people of color saying i told you so. the people who support this party are the party of hate. and the mean stream part of the party has tried to say, this is a thing of the past. and tonight we're seeing that that's not entirely in the past. and the party has a lot of work to do, because there are a lot of people supporting donald trump who don't seem to have a problem with his language, and that's a problem for the party. >> and david, get in here where you fit in. what's your analysis? >> i'm struck by what michael
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shure was reporting, about marco rubio and his supporters, but that's almost like making the triple shot bank in pool and calling it in advantageous. the republican party system goes to winner takes all, two weeks from tonight, where you have contests. but marco rubio, if he can shut out tonight, he has to hope that ted cruz leads the race, that john kasich leads, and it's a battle between donald trump and marco rubio, and then marco rubio is able to run the table with all of the contests that are left. and he still might fall short in terms of the math z. then he convinces the convention delegates, it was a mistake, and i'm the guy that's more electable than donald trump. it's a heck of a battle for marco rubio to make that argument when he hasn't gotten anywhere, but that's what they're falling back on. >> it's an argue for marco
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rubio to make, let's be hospital, he's not widely liked. at least john kasich people in the party say, nice guy, wish it were his year, and it's not looking like his year. marco rubio, people don't like, and even if he gets through, it's not going to be a momentum to lift him up, which makes it even more bizarre. >> so rick, let me come back to you -- >> i have a question for you. i was going to ask a question of kelli, because you make a very good point about the fact that the republican party is trying to diversify, and this is a backlash against that. but when you say this is a wake-up call for the party, my question is, where do they go from here? do they stop trying to diversify? do they not embrace the includeness that we have, and is that what we would recommend to them? >> i'm a black careful gal, but
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i think this could be one of the best things that could happen to them and let me tell you why. people like my mother who grew up in the seg gated south and saw the ugliness, and who remember, my kids go to school with black people. and so to her, there's a perception about who the republican is. so i think that seeing people like mitt romney, who are probably in denial about how racist some people in his party why were, being forced to say, huh-uh, this is not who we are, it's going to be a long-term benefit to them. >> [ talking at the same time ] >> how do they retail voters rs because they're racist? >> but the polls suggest that people are gravitating to donald trump, not because of the racism or anything else, but because of the economic populism. a lot of white voters are not as put off by the racism or the
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anti-muslim argument, as much as they're turned on by donald trump saying, we lost all of these jobs to mexico and china and we need to bring them back, and the economic populism is driving people more than the negatives are driving them away. >> that's what they say in polling. >> let me do this, this is exactly what i hoped for, and now we have to go to a break, so we'll stand by, and i hope that we don't lose you in the break, but we'll come back with more. this is aljazeera america. find fantasy shows.
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change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity. >> welcome back, everyone, to america votes 2016. david schuster has been
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following if it for us. >> they have declared that hillary clinton has won the good ga democratic primary, it involves the split. and here's what it is so far. 84% to 15%. and that's with just 1% reporting, but if it holds up, and if it drops to 70/30, or 60/35, she's going to roll 'um the democratic delegates. he can afford to lose? of the states, but not by this percentage like he did in south carolina. he has won vermont, his home state. and right now, the projection is that he's going to win 1610 of the 16 delegates, and finally, a quick call, this is bad news for bernie sanders, the associated press called hillary clinton very quickly. and he had 67-3 2. this is a race that bernie
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sanders was thinking with the composition being mostly white that it might be a 55-45 split. and if it's much wider than that, bernie sanders starts pay the price in terms of the overall delegates. and it is much harder for him to catch new the states that would favor him in the races and the nights to come. >> david you t. and let's get back to the panel. and i'm going to try to get in a couple of questions before i lose you here. but are we looking at what some are calling a pga partisan realignment? is there evidence to suggest that people are actually changing party affiliations because they want to vote for the other candidate in the other party? and in this case, we're talking when democrats who want to vote for donald trump.
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>> you mean switching over in this race today and voting for trump? i don't think so, i think he's just that popular. i think that he's just doing that extraordinarily well. and going back to the original point that we were at before the break, yes, his appeals are to economic populism, but they're very racial in nature. and again, it's the immigrant, it's the undocumented immigrant stealing your job, and it's the muslim, threatening your life, and it's in those ways in which he subtlety or unsubtlety makes appeals to white racism, and then refuses to renounce it, and that's what you have. for some reason, people think that a person who is that outspoken is telling the truth. and that's where they're very mistaken. >> reagan, let me bring in ali
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velshi. and this has been the question for months now. can you capsulize for me the anger -- asking the question, why are americans so angry? can you help us with that? >> two things, yes, the polling today is indicating that many of the republican voters in particular feel like the republican party haslett them down z. it is not representing them well. but i had somebody, a key adviser to presidents and presidential candidates, a republican tell me off the record today, that white men of a certain age in this country -- let's say you're in your mid 50s, you've watched for eight years -- ali, bernie sanders is in burlington, vermont, and he has taken stage and he's about to speak. let's listen, first of all, to
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this reaction to him. and then maybe we can walk up to his comments. but here's bernie sanders in burlington, vermont. [ cheers ] >> it's good to be home! >> thank you! [ cheers ] thank you!
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[ chanting ] thank you! it is great to be home! [ cheers ] you know, i've been all over this country, but the truth is, it is great and great to come home and see all of my friends. [ cheers ] you know, we want to win in every part of the country, that goes without saying, but it does say something and means so
7:32 pm
much to me that the people who know me best, the people who knew me before i was leaked, who knew me as mayor, and congressman, and now as senator, have voted so strongly to put us in the white house. thank you so much. [ cheers ] this campaign, as i think all of you know, this campaign is not just about electing a president, it's about transforming america. [ cheers ] it is about making our great
7:33 pm
country the nation that we know it has the potential to be. [ cheers ] it is about dealing with some unpleasant truths that exist in america today. and having the guts to confront those truths. [ cheers ] it is about recognizing that in our state, we have town meetings, and people come out and they argue about budgets, and then they vote. one person, one vote. [ cheers ] in vermont, billionaires do not buy town meetings, and in america, we're going to end a
7:34 pm
corrupt campaign finance system. [ cheers ] we can disagree in a democracy, and that's what a democracy is about. but i hope all of us agree that we're not going to allow billionaires and their super pacts to destroy american democracy. [ cheers ] in our state, in our state, you all know that we have many, many thousands of vermonters who are working, not just one job. they're working two jobs,
7:35 pm
they're working three jobs. and you all know that while our people are working so hard, almost all of the new wealth and income generated in america is going to the top 1%. [ booing ] well, together, what we are going to do is create an economy that works for all of us, not just the people on top. [ cheers ] and together, we are going to end and reform a broken criminal justice system. [ cheers ]
7:36 pm
this country, the wealthiest country in the history of the world, should not be having more people in jail than any other country on earth. that's wrong. [ cheers ] so we're going to invest for our young people in education, in jobs, not jails or incarceration. [ cheers ] now, i know many of my republican colleagues think that climate change is a hoax. [ booing ] well, i believe that you don't develop real public policy unless you listen to the
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science, and the science is clear. together, we are going to transform our energy system away from fossil fuel to energy efficiency and sustainable energy. [ cheers ] now, i know that secretary clinton and many of the establishment people think that i am looking and thinking too big. i don't think so. so let me go on the record and say, as you have heard me say for years, healthcare is a right for all people. [ cheers ]
7:38 pm
and let me also say that in the united states of america, where we talk about public education, it's not just first grade through 12th that has got to be expanded to make public colleges and universities tuition free. what i have said, from day one of this campaign, and i suspect many of you, who were out on the lake with me when we announced on that beautiful day. [ cheers ] what i have said is that this campaign is not just about electing a president.
7:39 pm
it is about making a political revolution! [ cheers ] and what that revolution is about is bringing millions of millions of people into the political process. working people who have been so disillusioned that they no longer vote. young people who have never been involved. but the political revolution is about, it's about bringing our people together, black and white, latino, asian american, [ cheers ] gay and straight, people born
7:40 pm
in america, people who have immigrated to america. when we bring our people together, when we do not allow the donald trumps of the world to divide us up. [ cheers ] when we bring our people together, and when we have the courage to stand up to the billionaire class and tell them they can't have it all. [ cheers ] that our government belongs to all of us. not just super pacts and wealthy campaign contributors. [ cheers ] now tonight, you're going to see a lot of election results come m. and let me remind you what the media often forgets
7:41 pm
about. these are not -- this is not a general election, it is not winner take all. if you get 52%, if you get 48%, you roughly end up with the same amount of delegates in a state. by the end of tonight, we are going to win many hundreds of delegates. [ cheers ] bernie bernie bernie! chaptebernie[ chanting ] >> ten months ago, as you know, better than any other group in america, when we were out on the lake, we were at 3% in the polls. we have come a very long way in
7:42 pm
ten months. [ cheers ] at the end of tonight, 15 states will have voted, 35 states remain, and let me assure that you we're going to take our fight for economic justice, for social justice, for environmental sanity, for a world of peace to every one of these states. [ cheers ] now, wall street may be against us, and the super pacts may be against us, but i feel worry going to win because our
7:43 pm
message is resonating, and the people, when we stand together, will be victorious. [ cheers ] so on a personal note, i want to thank all of you for the love and friendship you've given our family. you have sustained me. and i am so proud to bring my falls all across this country. >> senator bernie sanders, acknowledging and thanking his supporters in vermont for a victory there in his home state of vermont.
7:44 pm
and we want to go to david schuster at the results board for us, and david, you were telling me that you thought this was smart strategy. >> very smart. bernie sanders knows that you still have voters in texas and colorado that still have an hour and a half. and by prompting himself as a winner, it might convince people in those states to go with him when there are votes to be had. but declaring that donald trump is the projected winner of the georgia republican primary. here's something that is going to be so interesting again. there are 76 republican governors that are saying, keep in mind that we need to get about 20% to get any delegate. there's trump with 50, and ted cruz, 20, and marco rubio at 18. if this were to hold, marco rubio would not get a single delegate, trump, 45, and ted cruz the rest.
7:45 pm
that's bad for marco rubio who needs to break the 20% threshold. if he has a couple of states it -- if he gets below 20%, donald trump gets all of them. and it makes the math more difficult for ted cruz or marco rubio who thinks that they have a viable path to the nomination after donald trump wins ten of the states. >> i want to get back to the panel in just a moment here, and let's do that now. kelli goff is with us, she's the host of political party. and kelli is a columnist for the dale beast. and raker is with us too. let's get back to the conversation with bernie sanders we were having moments ago. >> he didn't sound like a man
7:46 pm
who is going down in defeat. but a man who sounds optimistic, and considering where he started, he sounds good about it. i interviewed him when he was just contemplating getting into the race, and he consistently said that he wasn't going to do it with an appetite for a revolution. that probably won't play out in southern states, but he sounds like someone who is going to stay in it. >> the democrat graphics of this country don't work for him in this cycle. >> right, they don't, and what's interesting about that, the thing that i was thinking, in some ways democratic voters, especially in the south, are more conservative than republican voters, because they want to vote for someone who
7:47 pm
they clearly think can win, like a mainstream candidate like hillary clinton, whereas trump supporters are willing to go out on a limb for someone completely not mainstream, because they care about what it is for them. >> southern voters are more conservative issues wise, but in voteable, something that i wrote for the bee, particularly voters of color very rarely have their interest piqued by a candidate who makes their heart sing, and is inspiring but has no chance of winning. if you look back at the elections, he knew barack obama was not pulling among black voters, and then you saw the numbers come around, okay, i like him and he might have a chance of winning this thing. and that's who i want to get behind. when you look at the date a.
7:48 pm
people supporting bernie sanders are not different than those who supported nader. they are white and educated. people like hearing this, the truth, it's frankly those who have very little at stake. the difference between me and my classmates at columbia, i was a scholarship and an a kid and i had one shot in life. the people who are support nader and sanders, if abortions are illegal, their parents will find them a way to get bun, and they can get a job. so people that vote -- i think that's starting to work against him. >> is ali still available to us? we were talking before bernie sanders took to the stage, talking about the anger in this lectorate. and i stopped you about but i t
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you to finish your thoughts. >> let's talk about where kelli left off, white men in this country. you were 40 before the two strings of elections went by, and you don't feel that anybody is talking grel to you in those 16 years. not you, but a presidential adviser, and finally donald trump is talking to you, and when we talk about minorities and the democratics working against bernie sanders for instance, very few candidates have built a campaign that puts at its heart middle-aged white men and the frusvations of those persons. and republicans in particular get left out, mainstream republicans who feel that their party has been behind tax hikes, and not tax cuts and the things that runoff of deficits
7:50 pm
the most, war. so you have a very big bulk of very upset republicans and middle-aged white people. and while we don't generally think of them as deputies, they do exist. they're a very large demographic, and they are what we used to call the silent majority, and donald trump has tapped a rich vein that now else on the platform has been able to tap. ted cruz is the surviving evangelical moral social conservative, and marco rubio is trying to sweep up the rest. there should be a lot of the rest, but there isn't. the guy who the establishment is not willing to coalesce around, marco rubio can't get 20% in some of the states that david schuster was just showing you, and there in lies the explanation of what a rich vein of dissatisfaction is in america. bernie sanders tapping into the youth that liked ralph nader and those same youth liked rand
7:51 pm
paul. and he wasn't able to tap into that as his father would. but ron paul used to collect around 10% of the vote, and bernie sanders is hovering around that territory. and that's the problem. >> ali, let me come back to the republicans and what you're saying. and i buy that, i've heard a fair amount of that. but because a per who can channel your frustration, do you believe that the same person who is channeling your frustration and giving voice to it can fix those problems? even as what that person is putting forward don't seem to make sense, and don't seem to be worth based on independent analysis? the two don't seem to go together. >> the wall getting ten feet
7:52 pm
higher, impractical. and highs solution about getting mexico, and is lowering taxes, impractically solution if you don't want to pay for the things that he wants to pay for. he talks about not letting anybody die on the street. and that's another term for insuring more people. something that you want, but it's going to cost a lot. bottom line, empathy is powerful, but a lot of obama supporters will tell you they love the fact that he every thieved and he didn't solve all of problems, and we're not quite sure, why donald trump, whose market doesn't add up as much as bernie sanders' math doesn't add up is able to galvanize this type of support. but one of the most interesting things about this, we're still the chattering class. not everybody, even texas, the most important state on the most important night of the season, this is not on everybody's minds here, so
7:53 pm
we're still far away from where most americans are engaged and lessoning for the answers that they need. >> ali, terrific, and keli, i know that you want in. >> i know that something that the trump supporters and the sanders supporters have in common, and i'm going to go to, the fact that they have white males. yes, their life will be affected by the presidential election. they're not going to be as affected as a gay couple, or a person of couple. >> i'm not sure that i agree. >> i think that they will be affect bud in different ways. >> jump n. ali. >> let me tell you why, i get where you're going, keli, but the fact is that those demographics that you just mentioned see it going the other way. if you're a gay couple, the horse is out of the better -- te
7:54 pm
barn. it's going faster than it has ever gone before. the minorities have struggled but who is fighting for the middle-aged white guy? he has more at stake than anybody else. it's a global campaign in support of him. >> i agree with you, ali, the difference between a person thinking that they have a lot at stake, and knowing what it is. i think if your kids are shot by cops when they're unarmed, you have a different goal of getting someone into the white house, or someone with a protest vote because they don't like that their bakery is owned by a gay couple. >> keli, what i heard time and time again, in the aftermath of the president's election in his first and second term, the greatest disappointment with the president, he didn't live up to the expectations, and in other words, he didn't do a good enough of tamping down the
7:55 pm
expectations, so when he couldn't believer on the idea that i'm going to bring the nation together, people were terribly disappointed. and i'm wondering, isn't donald trump setting up the same straw man. i'm going to build a wall that we know is impractical to use ali's words, he's going to disappoint republican voters who have been disappointed for a couple of decades now with voiters. >> let's get that out of the way, but i've already given a disclaimer that i'm a glass half full kind of gal. but he will be known as president johnson did. when he left office, people were glad to see him go.
7:56 pm
the demographics, and i get why a lot of those angry white men are still angry. but when we look back 10 years from now, 20 years from now, the country is going to be in a much better place, and that's why i'm a glass half full kind of gal. >> ali, as we get close to the top of the hour, a number of states coming in what texas means in the race tonight? >> let me just tell you, there were two republican candidates who are not going to disappoint on the expectation. john kasich and jeb bush, they were governors, and they understood the pace at which things worked. they didn't overpromise, and one is gone, and the other is not going to get 10%. so kelly pointing about
7:57 pm
expectations, country club, the southeast part of houston, this is ted cruz's headquarters tonight, and this is where he's going to show up. the polls don't close for another hour, but the crowd is gathered and there are still more journalists now than celebrants. but they're starting to come in. >> all right, ali, continuing to watch the coverage in the even, i'm tony harris, and john seigenthaler is up next with more coverage from super tuesday with calls from alabama, tennessee and massachusetts and some other states. have a great evening.
7:58 pm
7:59 pm
>> celebrity chef, marcus samuelsson. >> i've had the fortune to live out my passion. >> his journey from orphan to entrepreneur.
8:00 pm
>> sometimes in life, the worst that can ever happen to you can also be your savior. >> and serving change through his restaurants. >> we hired 200 people here in harlem... these jobs can't be outsourced. >> i lived that character. >> we will be able to see change. >> good evening, everyone, welcome to our special super tuesday coverage. i'm john seigenthaler in new york. it's an white house race unlike any other. hillary clinton's camp in florida tonight. for the candidates and the country it's a big moment. there is a lot at stake, and we'll guide you through all of it. with me is ali velshi, and a team of reporters spread out
8:01 pm
across the country. 12 states up for grabs. the polls have officially closed in eight of them. let's go right to david shuster in the result center. >> john, we're going to make another call. massachusetts is going with donald trump. donald trump winning massimo murdocca. and he'll be declared the winner of tennessee. he has picked up another victory in the south. donald trump in tennessee. he'll get most of them. he'll also collect the most of the delegates in alabama. donald trump has won alabama. a key in alabama in order to win any delegates you need to win 20%. it's possible that if ted cruz and marco rubio winless than 20%, donald trump would win. hillary clinton has been
8:02 pm
declared the winner of tennessee. the delegates have been awarded proportionately. we'll know more as the votes come in. we're also declaring hillary clinton won the state of alabama. 53 delegates there. bernie sanders. >> here is the results so far, the delegate totals are so far. hillary clinton as we see, hillary clinton has won georgia. she won virginia. they declared her the win center tennessee and alabama. one victory for bernie sanders up here in vermont. the republican race has been all
8:03 pm
donald trump. donald trump has been declared the winner of georgia, massachusetts, of tennessee, of alabama. the key state in both parties that we're looking at this hour, texas, the biggest poll of the night, and also minnesota. bernie sanders was hoping to steal a victory in minnesota on the democratic side. this is only place where marco rubio is confident to get any victory tonight. and he needs any victory to change the dynamic of donald trump reporting through thi through--reporting through super tuesday. >> the biggest state for tonight is texas. ali velshi is at a cruz gathering in houston tonight. ali? >> yes, the gathering feels very much like a victory party, and it hasn't even gotten under way.
8:04 pm
the group market junction has begun to play. this is where ted cruz will come very shortly. most of the polls close at 8:00 p.m. eastern. one poll remains open until 9:00 eastern. that's el paso county. you'll see result for most of texas. it won't be called until after the last poll is closed at 9:00. we expect it will be a victory for hillary clinton. she has done well here in the past. polls have indicated that. on the republican side ted cruz is in the lead in almost all polls. this is showing to be a closer race. donald trump doesn't expect to win texas. this is ted cruz's country. but he has said that ted cruz is all hat and no cattle. he has not done a good job for texas. he has not been in congress representing texas very well. he has expectations that he's not going to win. but ted cruz has to win this well in order to comfortbly move
8:05 pm
forward. it's looking like a much bigger victory across the country for donald trump. i want to go to palm beach country where randall pinkston is interest for what is expected to be the donald trump celebration tonight, randall? >> all right, let's take a look at this room. it oozes wealth, success. look at this. we're on the grounds of key largo, which is his palatiah estate. we're expecting donald trump to speak here in an hour or so. expect for tonight this is donald trump's.
8:06 pm
the states to the north and south indicating that donald trump has the ability to appeal to a broad cloth section of american voters. talking about unity. >> you got to get people some how to work together. our country is so unbelievably divided. it's divided politically. it's divided among white and black. it's divided in so many ways. we're going to bring our country together, folks. we're going to bring it together. we have to bring it together. [applause] people don't know that about me. >> of course, we don't hear donald trump talking a lot about unity. normally he's criticizing his opponents, as he did today,
8:07 pm
calling ted cruz a liar. but perhaps we'll hear a different message from donald trump. and one more thing. i want to point out that there are some other primaries that are being held this week. he could also be taking kansas, kentucky, louisiana and maine later in the week. we'll see as the night goes on. john? >> randall, let me ask you a question. this is a party. there is a band. people are having a good time. you look like you're at a press conference. are we expecting an announcement where you are? >> no, this is not a party. this is definitely a press conference. i can't even count the number of cameras and news organizations from all over the country and parts of the world waiting here to hear from donald trump. after all this is a huge night for him.
8:08 pm
we are expecting donald and his closest advisers to be joining him later tonight. not a party with supporters as we've seen in other contests. >> all right, randall, we'll be with you for a lot of the night. try not to party too hard. michael shure, i'm not sure if you drew the short straw. you're with marco rubio's group in miami. the interesting thing about this is that the rules that the republican party put into place so the candidate won't have trouble lifting over the finish line are hurting marco rubio tonight. >> that's right. i'm in miami, florida, and i don't think it's the short straw. i'm at a kick-off rally. they look at the next two weeks as do or die. the only applause you've been
8:09 pm
hearing rubio was close. they were not going to call virginia for donald trump. that's how low expectations are here. there are states in the south where marco rube know doesn't reach that 0% plateau of viability they'll have to surrender those delegates and they're awarded to the winner. and you're talking about states like arkansas, alabama, georgia, tennessee, oklahoma is a little bit different. you'll look at those states if you're the rubio campaign and if you're the cruz campaign, and you'll see where they're viable, where they get that threshold of 20%. in order to get a little bit of the pie. that's what the people here are watching. they're also looking at, ali,
8:10 pm
are you are in texas tonight. they want to see donald trump is in texas. they want to see ted cruz maybe even get out of the race in that case. that might be the only place where donald trump wouldn't mind losing is in texas. keeping ted cruz in that race according to people of trump is a good thing for their campaign. most polls in the state of texas are closed, and we will not get results for another five or ten minutes. we're not going to get a call on the state until after 9:00 eastern because el paso county, for some reason, votes until 9:00 eastern. >> i'm still puzzled about the kick-off campaign of the rubio in miami. it seems a little late for a kick off, but we'll get back to
8:11 pm
you, ali. former secretary of state hillary clinton trying to solidify her position as frontrunner over bernie sanders. mike viqueira is at the clinton gathering in miami, mike? >> you know, the nature of super tuesday primary voting with 12 states holding caucuses or primaries are all over the place gone are the days of politicking. they're all over the place. hillary clinton herself started the day in minnesota, which is voting today in a caucus, ending the day in florida which does not vote for another two weeks, and then tomorrow a big rally in new york city. hillary clinton did something unusual for the first time in 87 days. she took questions from the press corp that travels along with her all along those states.
8:12 pm
a measure that the clinton campaign trying to turn the page, trying to create this air of inevitability that she's going to be the one to take on the republican nominee. and you hear her talk about the presumptive nominee, and it's looking more and more like they're going to be carrying the republican standard in november, and that is donald trump. she's trying to, number one, fire up her base by talking about trump. we heard bernie sanders doing the same thing. she is trying to leave the impression that she's going to be the one that ultimately takes on trump in november. here's what she said to reporters earlier today in response to a question in minnesota. >> it seems like a lot of your attention is turning to trump, why is that? >> i'm speaking out against bigotry and bullying, wherever i hear it, and i hear a lot of it from the republican candidates. they're running their campaigns on insults. it's turned into an
8:13 pm
oneupsmanship on insulting. i'll speak out about it. i'll let them choose their nominee. and if i'm fortunate enough to be the democratic nominee, then i'll turn my attention. >> and john a little color here p the gathered hillary supporters are watching the results roll in, and she has won so far, mostly across the south, the cheer goes up. but when bernie sanders was speaking, largely ignored. the band was playing, and it went from there. it's all about hillary in miami, and voting in florida march 15th. >> thank you very much. you mentioned that bernie sanders got out and spoke to his fans up in vermont. tonight john is in vermont to tell us more, john? >> that's right. good evening to you, john. i think you can think of this really as bernie sanders coming home.
8:14 pm
's incredibly comfortable here in vermont. he was the mayor of burlington, a very popular one for many years, ten years, i believe. he was elected in '81. he likes coming here and he said at one point that he liked exporting vermont values right around the country. he was here 7:30 voting, and he was speaking, addressing his audience, his fans here of what he's an expo center in the city of burlington. a very large place that holds about 5,000 people they were cheering very loudly for bernie sanders. although he won vermont, which is not really news because it was expected, he might not have done as well as he would have hoped elsewhere, but the message was loud and clear, the revolution goes on. take a live to part of his speech now. >> i will say you all know that we have many, many thousands of vermonterel who were working not only one job, they're working
8:15 pm
two jobs, they're working three jobs, and you all know that while our people are working so hard, almost all the new wealth and income generated is going to the top 1%. well, together what we're going to do is work on an economy that works for all of us, not just for the people on top. >> and you might say how is it that the sanders' campaign can go on with such confidence given the fact that they're not winning as many states as they clearly would like to, and knowing that winning is key to success. one of the answers to that is yesterday, the sanders campaign raised a cool $6 million in just one day. more than 6 of million dollars. and the proposal fundraising they have $41.6 million in the
8:16 pm
bank to spend. they have a lot of spending power going forward, and sanders' wife said this morning that he wouldn't give up his fight until at least july. >> they raised $7 million yesterday alone, which is pretty remarkable. joining us on our panel is republican george watkins, lenny mcallister, political analyst and one time congressional candidate, and in washington, d.c. felinda lake, now president of lake research partners. since you're the expert on research, give me your ideas about any surprises tonight so far? >> i think one of the surprises tonight is just the magnitude and the degree to which he has completely consolidated and routing the rest of the republicans. and it doesn't matter if you're in a progressive state like
8:17 pm
massachusetts or a state with evangelicals like alabama, he's just running away with it everywhere. there would be some favorite votes in texas, but the dump trump movement clearly failed. >> we were wondering if donald trump could wrap it up. let's say he runs the table with the exception of texas, is it his? is the nomination suddenly his? >> just about. if ted cruz wins texas, he gets to stay in this race and lay claim to have a reason in the race and then trump comes back on march 15th, as he supposes, beat rubio in florida, and take all those state's delegates. he's right where he wants to be right now. this is turning out to be a great night for him. >> for conservatives, who is the conservative candidate in the republican party? is it ted cruz? is it marco rubio? is it donald trump? >> is it the republican candidate for the establishment or the conservative candidate. that's where the split is.
8:18 pm
the conservative candidate is ted cruz. however-- >> the evangelical support for donald trump in the south tonight. >> yes, it has been just like it was in south carolina. however, ted cruz did have iowa. he had slumped with those evangelicals. that's where he thought his fire wall was in the south, and it's totally not there any more. >> so if you play this out for the republican party, there is now apparently a very strong movement among the national republican party to get donald trump, to stop donald trump. too little, too late? >> too little, too late, and too ineffective really. there seems to be nothing that you can tell republican voters about donald trump or that he tells about himself that alienates them. if it's he uses curse words, or if he accepts the klu klux klan's endorsements or if he
8:19 pm
says something negative about the future latino leaders with latino voters. there seems to be nothing that he can do that alienates the republicans, and nothing he can say about them that sticks to him. >> and with regard to the kkk issue, he refused to denounce or disavow david duke--he reviewed to say something about the kkk, and then he did later. >> so far he has the same thing going for him that president reagan had for him, testif teflon. he could make a statement that for someone else would be a career killer, and then he moves
8:20 pm
on. >> the democrats turn out plaque votes in november? >> donald trump has the teflon of low expectations. no one expected anything from donald trump, and he could say whatever he wanted, and it doesn't stick for him. differently for reagan, people would give him the benefit of the doubt. nobody cares to give donald trump the benefit of the doubt. this is a perfect storm o, and it's coming together. >> we'll look at the significance of the latino vote when we continue.
8:21 pm
8:22 pm
8:23 pm
we're expecting ted cruz to be successful here in texas. his home state. he's a first-term senator from here. and donald trump has accused him of being all hat and no cattle, being a senator for texas who has not done anything for texas. it's going to be a big blow if there is anything but a big victory for ted cruz who won't get any delegate in some of the states around this country.
8:24 pm
i want to go to jake ward who has been taking a look at hispanic voters, jake? >> that's definitely right. the hispanic votes are critical to winning the white house. that is becoming more and more true every election. let's look for instance, at colorado. there are hispanic voters that come to 16% of eligible voters this year. that is an enormous voting block. but that voting block is twice as large in colorado than it was two decades ago. that's how fast th there is change in the united states. for years hispanic voters were all but ignored by the g.o.p. and the math is why. right now hispanic voters account for more than 5% of eligible voters in only three of the state national swing states. nevada, colorado, and florida.
8:25 pm
and so the logic of the jon has been some how activating alienated white voters they could offset the hispanic for those positions. but the numbers do not add up any longer. white voters, the backbone of the g.o.p. are in decline from 86% in in 1984 to 72% in 2012. what does the future of this problem look like for the g.o.p.? we already know. look at california. republicans won that state in every presidential election between 1952 and 1988. it used to be rock solid. but hispanic voters helped to put that state out of reach of the g.o.p. that's dynamic is going to be increasingly true across the country. now remember colorado, 16% of the electorate is hispanic this year. by 2030 that number will get to 23%. what it comes down to is this, donald trump has an 81%
8:26 pm
disapproval rating among hispanic voters. without their support, if the math is right, it is all but impossible for him to win the white house, john. >> all right, jake, thank you very much. i want to--i want to go to our panel, i--it strikes me, lenny, when i hear what jake had to say, that the republican party has got to pick another issue than immigration. >> yes, and we've seen with mitt romney in 2012, he won the white vote by 59% and was just zero in the general election against president obama. the strategy for years now has been energize the base and hopefully they'll come to the election. they have to shift that narrative. trying to run the energize the
8:27 pm
base, we saw that for the tea party. they lost at the senate level, it should not have transpired would have given them control of the senate in 2012. but then they had to wait by 2014. by then obamacare was cemented in place and much of what he wanted to do was already there. they'll have t to be effective moving forward. >> trump is moving in the wrong direction. >> yes, we've got to grow the base. the base has to be bigger than it currently is. it has to be brokenner, blacker and reach out to the lgbt community. we have to talk to hispanics, blacks, women, and we have to have that. >> what difference will it make in congressional districts. >> that's a really good point. 2018 is a huge year for
8:28 pm
gubernatorial races, 33-34 governorships up, a huge number of legislation seats up right before we go into redistricting. the 2018 elections are critical. if you have a republican party that is alienated latino voters , asian-american voters, african-american voters, millennials, unmarried women, you have those at the state level jeopardized as well. there are 13 states that are majority unmarried. america is majority unmarried right now. there are huge--half of the elementary schools in omaha, nebraska, half the children in those skill--in those schools are latino children. this is going to be the 2018
8:29 pm
race. >> it doesn't sound like very good news. the republican party is working non-stop. i'll bring up this issue several times throughout the night to try to stop donald trump. what is the risk of republicans suddenly going all in to stop donald trump? >> well, you got to do the math. after tonight we're going to see a candidate likely who is unstoppable. if he rolls with the table as we expect him to, it's going to be very--and then it comes back on march 15th and wins a bunch of these states, winner take all. he's going to be impossible to stop. so stop trump campaign makes no sense at that point. how do you stop trump if the masses are there? what do you do? >> clearly there seems to be an effort, and when you read "the new york times" story over the weekend, which i mentioned a couple of times on our broadcast, you know there is a
8:30 pm
real effort on the part of several players. is that just futile? >> it is getting more difficult to do. they don't know if they want people to stay in and hopefully trim away at the delegates so he doesn't get to the magic number and get to a broker convention. or do you put all your chips behind one candidate and hope that candidate can win a bunch of 52-47 or 48 type of win and then have more delegates than trump going in. if cruz wins texas tonight, he's not going to drop out. rubio is counseling on the 15th. and kasich is counting on the 15th. and ben carson is staying in the race just to stay in the race. if you continue with this dynamic, donald trump is going to take the anger vote, the new-voter vote. >> and of course, the records
8:31 pm
have been shattered because the republicans have been turning out at the polls. that's the flip side. >> that is actually one of the challenges. the surge in republican turn out which you have not seen on the democratic side. the only way you can stop trump at this time is you have to damage him on a broader issue. you have to say he's in it for himself. he's not in it for you. you have to go after the shady dealing that cost people things, the marginalized economic activity that he had. that is very unlikely to stop him in a republican primary and will destroy him in a general election. i think the republicans are running out of time. the way they will try to beat him saying he's not conservative enough. he does not have christian
8:32 pm
values, it has completely failed. now they have to do a hail mary. they have no good choices. >> we just passed 8:30. the polls are closing in arkansas. david shuster has another call. >> based on the exit polling we can project that hillary clinton has won arkansas. unfortunately that completes her southern sweet and the numbers, the margins are not very good news for bernie sanders. arkansas, hillary clinton the winner. here is the split as it stands in alabama where the polls closed an half hour ago. hillary clinton coming in 73% to 20. this is a state that has the majority african-american vote among the democrats. bernie sanders simply cannot afford to lose these southern states by 35, 40, 53 points if he's going to have any mathematical chance of getting the nomination. the same story in georgia. hillary clinton crushing bernie sanders in georgia. and only 10% reporting, bernier
8:33 pm
sanders behind by 52 percentage points. it caused hillary clinton to roll up the delegate counties. tennessee, another southern state, look at these margins, 64% to 29%. bernie sanders simply has not been able to connect with southern democrats. bernie sanders--let's go to virginia, another southern state. take a look at this, hillary clinton will win most of the delegates in that state. according to the "washington post" in virginia, bernie sappedders' only win so far has been in vermont. his home state bernie sanders capturing 10% of the delegates. but he's falling farther and farther behind. and once you get behind by 100
8:34 pm
to 125 after super tuesday it's very difficult to catch up. donald trump is romping through this night and he's in better shape than a lot of people thought. donald trump with 45%. in order to get any delegate they have to stay above 20%. if they fall below below 20%, donald trump will sweep the delegates. another state where there is a 20% threshold marco rubio is just above it. otherwise donald trump would get all 50 of the alabama delegates. donald trump has proven he can win in massachusetts. mitt romney's massachusetts. look at donald trump, he's showing he can win all across the country. and then another southern state, tennessee. donald trump romping in tennessee, and that's a state
8:35 pm
where you have to get above 20%. and ted cruz is teetering on the edge and marco rubio will likely not get any delegates. we're waiting on two very big states. texas is crucial in terms of hillary clinton widening her lead. bernie sanders is hoping for a victory to add to his count. republicans, as we've been talking about all night long, it becomes extremely difficult to stop donald trump if he rolls the big numbers in all these southern states including in the state of texas. >> and i'm just looking at the results in virginia virginia with 66% of the votes in on the republican side, and donald trump is leading 37% to 30%. still a lot of those could come in. back to hillary clinton and bernie sanders, ali velshi is at a gathering in ted cruz's headquarters in houston. i just want to--before you talk about the republicans, ali, it does seem to me that if this continues on this path, bernie
8:36 pm
sanders, if he stays in the convention. the only reason why he stays to the convention is to sell his message to the american people for the next few months. >> yes, and i was thinking that as i was hearing bernie sanders speak. whether he wins or not, if he can stay in the race for as long as possible he has had the effect of polling to the left, and that would look like victory. as for victory in texas, the polls closed at 8:00 eastern with the exception of one county, el paso county closes at 9:00 eastern. early reference indicate a small lead for donald trump after hillary clinton. now they just flashed on the tv the fact that donald trump and ted cruz are in a tight race somewhere. by the time i turned around it was too late to see. and the crowd went nuts.
8:37 pm
there was a room crowded full of people, and texas is a place where there are lots and lots of issues specific to this state. it's so big that it's a microcosm to the country. one thing that donald trump said, i don't expect to win in texas. but ted cruz has not been good for this state. i want to go to heidi zhou castro. they just invoked the alam ode to break for applause. tell us about those issues. >> ali, we have very early voting returns coming in from texas. these are less than 11% of the precincts with early voting totals. cruz with the early lead of 40 oints and trump 20 points and rubio with 10%. now this is a record g.o.p.
8:38 pm
primary turn out in this state with. lines stretching for hours around the state. some polling locations even running out of palates. according to the exit polls of the g.o.p. turn out, 5% were first-time voters and one in five first-time primary voters. many in this state are saying this is must-win for his campaign to continue. not only a win, but he needs a big win to make a dent in the treasure campaign--the--the trump campaign. candidates have to meet that 20% threshold in order to get their proportionate amount of delegates, and it appears, and many are hearing that rubio might not even meet that threshold. as far as trump's campaign. he's leading an insurgency here in texas. we saw in the virginia exit polls by the a.p. that voters
8:39 pm
who voted for trump tended to be more low income, less educated, and they like trump for speaking his mind. speaking as it is. those are the demographics here, especially those events attended for donald trump. there was a lot of enthusiasm and first-time voters turning out for him. as for the cruz campaign, he's really trying to make sure that these early returns, again, 40% in cruz's favor on top of trump. he needs the state in order to continue his campaign. he's tapping into his tea party base, casting a vote in houston, and already looking ahead. >> for any candidate who wakes up tomorrow morning who has not won any state or any candidate who wakes up tomorrow morning with the negligible number of delegates, i think its time to start thinking about coming together and unifying and presenting a clear choice.
8:40 pm
>> in fact, cruz is enjoying the endorsement of other heavy waits such as greg abbott and former governor rick perry. ali? >> all right, heidi, we might be seeing rick perry here tonight. we're not sure. we know that he was supporting greg abbott the other night for the last republican debate, and rick perry was here showing support for ted cruz. let's go to alabama. >> this is a very democratic city. the majority black city. this is really hillary clinton territory. she did take the state tonight quite handedly as she was expected to. we went to a polling place earlier today here in birmingham. it was at a football stadium. football is big in alabama.
8:41 pm
and we talked to democratic voters there. they said they had no trouble making up their minds who to support. here's what they had to say earlier today. >> what about the presiden president--presidential election. do you care to share who your kind was? >> well, not particularly. my grandfather said when you vote, let it an secret. i'm going with the one who has experience. and i almost called her name. i think she'll do a great job. i really do. i think she'll do well. it's hard to put a person in the office that didn't have a history of backing a certain culture. so i feel comfortable supporting hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton. >> why hillary clinton? >> a lot of things that go on i
8:42 pm
feel like women power will get it done. >> what about bernie sanders for either of you two? >> who? who? >> why do you say who? >> i'm just not familiar with him. as i am with the history of the clinton. >> i'm from arkansas. what do you want? >> the problem that bernie sanders has had particularly with african-american voters i want to bring in the mayor of birmingham. he was part of the leadership group here for hillary clinton, a big night for hillary here in alabama as well as throughout the south. what does this mean about her campaign. >> i think it widens the gap and brings her closer for the
8:43 pm
nomination of the democratic party. she has demonstrated a poise and strength that shows the american people that she's ready. she's ready to be the president of these united states. >> do you think sanders can make up the gap at this point? >> oh, no, no, not at all. when you look at the exit polls, and the exit polls are looking, she has the gap that is not going to close. >> if she faces donald trump, how would she handle that campaign and how would she win that race? >> she'll continue to do what she's doing now. she'll speak directly to the issues. on the other side of the spectrum, the republican party has not spoken to the issues. there has been a lot of name calling, mud-slinging. but secretary clinton has been a main stay in speaking to the issues. that's what she should continue to do. >> mr. mayor, thank you so much for being with us. congratulations on hillary clinton's win here tonight. so, ali, obviously, alabama is
8:44 pm
very friendly to hillary clinton. donald trump won here tonight. he was expected to. i spoke to one of his supporters who said, look, she thinks that he's the guy who can make the change that she wants to see. >> big showing and a big night for donald trump as well. we're waiting to see what the results are going to look like in texas. it will be an interesting next 45 minutes or so. back to you. >> speaking of donald trump again in virginia, 75% of the vote has been counted, and donald trump leads 36 to marco rubio's 30%. ash har quaraishi, it could be a swing state. >> that's right, virginia will be one of the states, the third most american state seen demographically and gets a good sense of where the country will stand when compared to virginia.
8:45 pm
it's a predictable state when it comes to the general election. the polls leading up to super tuesday, hillary had a sizable lead over bernie sappedders. what is interesting, is the race between marco rubio and donald trump. trump looked like he had a sizable lead over him in the polls during super tuesday, but that has narrowed. marco rubio has spent the most money here. john kasich was here campaigning, but donald trump, marco rubio, hillary clinton making last-minute visits. marco rubio here on supplied. and donald trump here on monday. marco rubio focusing on certain areas of the virginia. more moderate highly educated suburbs, and it will be interesting to see how well he
8:46 pm
has done here. some of the early polling results showing that one factor that may have played into his favor was these late deciding voters who are coming around to rubio as an alternate to trump. we spoke to a number of republican voters who say that they were waiting until the last minute. some still supporting trump but not deciding they want to go with touch at this point. touch is still someone who has been waiting for this point, but it's scary for them to think that he can win the nomination. they're switching to candidates like kasich, marco rubio. whoever wins it could be symbolic for rubio having a strong showing here. >> our coverage continues just after this. don't go away.
8:47 pm
8:48 pm
8:49 pm
>> pushing the boundaries of science. >> we are on the tipping point. >> we can save species. >> it's the biggest question out there. >> it's a revolutionary approach. >> we are pushing the boundaries. >> techknow is going to blow your mind. >> our experts go inside the innovations, impacting you. >> this is the first time anybody's done this. >> i really feel my life changing. >> techknow, where technology meets humanity. only on al jazeera america. >> welcome back to our coverage on super tuesday. and in florida hillary clinton supporters are waiting for the candidates to speak there. we expect to see them shortly,
8:50 pm
and we'll carry that live. several states are reporting vote totals, david shuster with those. >> hillary clinton, it's been a terrific night for her campaign. she's sweeping through the south and the state we're watching right now. the state of texas. we're keeping an eye on the margins. hillary clinton has been winning the southern states by 30-35 points. if she does that in texas she'll have a huge number of delegates, and it will make it difficult for bernie sanders to have th a chance at the nomination. hillary clinton, we think we're going to fill in texas with hillary clinton, but so far he declared winner in arkansas, tennessee, virginia, and bernie sanders in vermont. here is the key number, 175 for hillary clinton. 71 for bernie sanders. it's difficult to come back when you're more than 100 delegates behind. and that number does not cover the superdelegates. 15% of all the democratsic
8:51 pm
delegates at the convention, member of congress, state officials, hillary clinton is winning that race by 302. this number does not even include that. so it becomes very difficult for her mathematically to say, hey, i'm not going to win this nomination. it's difficult for bernie sand tours say i've even got a chance. let's take a look at the republicans. as much as hillary clinton has been winning, donald trump has been declared the win center tennessee, alabama and georgia and he has won in massachusetts where the republicans are moderate. they expect virginia to call for donald trump. texas is state they're waiting for. another state, the state of minnesota. minnesota is one of these places where marco rube know thinks there is a chance he can break in with a victory there and perhaps claim something to be happy about tonight. but right now and the way the slips are coming in on some of these states where you need 20%
8:52 pm
more threshold, donald trump is teetering on the edge of not just winning in some of these states, but making sure that marco rubio and ted cruz come out of the states with absolutely nothing. and for another two weeks all of the delegates are supposed to be awarded on proportional vote. if two weeks from tonight the winner takes all, but that may not matter. donald trump is rolling up big numbers even with proportional representation. john? >> david, thank you very much. i just want to point out, there is hillary clinton in miami. we've been waiting for her. there she is. let's listen in. [applause] >> thank you so much. thank you. thank you all so much.
8:53 pm
what a super tuesday. [ cheers and applause ] >> all across the country, democrats voted to break down barriers so we can all rise together. and i'm so delighted to be here with you in florida! [ cheers and applause ] i congratulate senator sanders on his strong showing and campaigning, and i'm grateful to all of you who voted for me. the volunteers, the organizers. [ cheers and applause ] i know you worked your hearts out. and to all my friends, many of a lifetime who traveled to all the states to tell people about the candidates they knew, and to the hundreds of thousands of people who went to hillary to give what they could. most less than $100. [ cheers and applause ]
8:54 pm
now, this campaign moves forward to the crescent city, the motor city, and beyond. [ cheering ] we're going to work for every vote, and we will need all of you to keep volunteering, contributing, doing everything you can, talking to your friends and neighbors, because this country belongs to all of us, not just those at the top. not just the people who look one way, worship one way or even think one way. [ cheers and applause ] america prospers, then we all prosper. america is strong when we're all strong. [ cheers and applause ] and we know we've got work to do. but that work--that work is not to make america great again.
8:55 pm
america never stopped being great. [ cheers and applause ] we have to make america whole. we have to fill in, we have to fill in what has been hollowed out. [ audience chanting "usa" ] >> we have to make strong the broken places. restitch the bonds of trust and respect across our country. it might be unusual as i said before for a presidential candidate to say this, and i'm going to keep saying it, i believe what beneath in america today is more love and kindness. [ cheers and applause ]
8:56 pm
you know what, it works. instead of building walls we're going to break down barriers and build-- [ cheers and applause ] --build ladders of opportunity and empowerment. so every american can live up to his or her potential, because then and only then can america live up to its full potential. [cheers and applause] now it's clear tonight that the states in this election have never been higher. and the rhetoric we're hearing on the other side has never been lower. trying to divide america between us and them is wrong, and we're not going to let it work. [ cheers and applause ]
8:57 pm
whether we like it or not we're all in this together, my friends. and we all have to do our part. but unfortunately, too many of those with the most wealth and most power in the country today seems to have forgotten that basic truth about america. i was at the old house meeting house in boston where nearly two and a half centuries ago american patriots organized the original tea party. and i had to wonder what they would make of corporations that seem to have absolutely no loyalty to the country that gave them so much. what would they say about student loan companies that overcharge young people struggling to get out of debt. [ cheering ] even young men and women serving
8:58 pm
our country in the military, or corporations that shift their headquarters overseas to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. [ cheering ] like johnson controls, an autos parts company, like all of us, we tax payers helped to bail out in 2008, now they're turning their backs on america. [ booing ] now i'm not interested in condemning whole categories of people or businesses, i'm interested in making things right. let there be no right if you cheat your employees, exploit consumers, pollute our environment or ripoff the tax payers, we're going to hold you accountable. [applause] but--but if you do the right
8:59 pm
thing, if you invest in your workers and in america's future, then we'll stand with you. we all need to work together. to break down the barriers holding back our families and our country, because the middle class needs a raise. [applause] and add more good jobs. jobs that pay enough for families to live on. even put a little away for retirement. jobs that can provide dignity and a bright future. that's why we have to invest in manufacturing, infrastructure, business and clean energy, enough clean energy to power every home in america. [applause] don't let anybody tell you we can't make things in america any more because we can. we are.
9:00 pm
and we will. and together we can break down the barriers that face working class families across america, especially in struggling communities and small appalachian towns hollowed out by lost jobs and lost hope. families, who for generations kept our lights on and our factories running. together we can break down barriers for our kids so they get the education they need and deserve. [ cheers and applause ] every child in america should have a great school and a great teacher no matter what zip code they live in. and for women finally guarantee
9:01 pm
equal pay for equal work. [ cheers ] we can breakdown barriers for families who have seen too many black children harassed, humiliated and even killed. we can breakdown barriers for voters in north carolina who have been disenfranchised and disempowered. we can breakdown barriers for hardworking immigrants everywhere who are too often exploited and intimidated. [ cheers ] >> we have to defend all our rights there you look at it, at the
9:02 pm
lower part of the screen there, hillary clinton the winner tonight. it may not be official, but this is very much an acceptance speech for the nomination because it seems very clear that she will be the nominee of the democratic party. it is just past 9 o'clock and more calls to make, to david shuster. >> reporter: donald trump is not going to run the table tonight. we can declare the texas senator ted cruz has managed to win his home state of texas. 155 republican delegates at stake. this will be enough to keep him in this race. it may not help him matdz mattically because-- math mattically, because it becomes impossible for him to catch donald trump in the math, but we don't know what the proportion
9:03 pm
will be. donald trump has won virginia, for the most part outside of the washington suburbs. donald trump will pick up more delegates there in virginia. the numbers are split. donald trump has been running up impressive numbers. it is supposed to be a state that marco rubio thought he might be able to win. a fairly moderate relationship state, but donald trump 35 persist, marco rubio 31%. you can see the problem that ted cruz has in the state where there is not a lot of evangelical voters. marco rubio will pick up some delegates in virginia. again, for marco rubio picking up some delegates there, for ted cruz winning texas and we're still looking to see what happens in the minnesota caucus. l there's every incentive for marco rubio and ted cruz to say they're the anti donald trump. donald trump is picking up
9:04 pm
tennessee, alabama, georgia, virginia. it's hard to understand how marco rubio stays in this without a victory, but he is picking up some delegates. the republican has a major decision to make. do they have to force out marco rubio or do they try to force out ted cruz saying this is your only victory so far other than when you won the iowa caucuses we are looking at this candidate who hasn't won any this stage, marco rubio. let's listen. >> like our country, this is a place built by people who always work hard for a better life. here in this community we have all been shaped and raised by people that know how special america is because they know
9:05 pm
what life is like outside of america. millions of people who have lost their homeland, by millions of people who lost their future, but thank god they found this great country or anything is possible, where everyone can go as far as their talent and their work will take them. but we know that the things that make america special were not an accident. they did not happen on their own. they happened because for over 200 years each generation of americans did what they needed to do so leave their children better off than themselves. i know no place in america that knows that better than we do here. we're just a generation removed from someone who made our future the purpose of their lives. only in america would that have been possible.
9:06 pm
that american dream, that changed our lives and changed the world, is in trouble now. for the first time in a long time young americans believe the american dream is dead. it is not dead, but it is in a lot of trouble, because of eight years of obama, the american dream is slipping away for millions, but here is the good news. we do not have to remain on the road we are on right now and when i am president of the united states we will not just save the american dream; we will expand it to reach more people than ever. in just the last week since the thursday debate i have been inundated with emails and calls from people all across this country are joining our effort. if you are watching tonight, go
9:07 pm
to marco sign up to be a part of our team because what is at stake, my friends, is not just the future of america but also the future of the conservative movement. 36 years ago ronald regan defined conservatism for a generation. it is not a convinced that so many young americans my age and a few years older are all people who believe in the american dream and in the conservative message. because we are the children of the regan revolution. we believe in free enterprise, we believe in a strong national defense, we believe in limited government, we believe in the constitution of the united
9:08 pm
stat states. we believe the world is a better place when america is the strongest country on earth. and we know that america is strongest when it stands with its allies, like israel. we will always be on side. we stand for freedom in cuba and venezuela and nicaragua. [ cheers ] >> these things are not negotiable. [ cheers ] >> these things are not
9:09 pm
negotiable, but some in this race are not strong on these issues. donald trump was asked will you take sides with israel in face of its enemy. he said he is not taking sides. he wants to be impartial. i want you to know something. when i'm president of the united states we are taking sides. we are on israel's side. the world will know we're on israel's side because on my first day in office-- we break into the speech to let you know that the associated press is calling oklahoma for ted cruz. this has been a close race throughout the evening. in the early time donald trump was leading, but ted cruz is now head. >> it will begin on my first day
9:10 pm
in office because on my first day in office i'm going to cancel every single one of obama's unconstitutional executive orders. [ cheers ] >> when i'm president of the u.s. um have a president that believes in free enterprise and offers ideas to save it. i believe in free enterprise. not just because my parents were wealthy. i didn't inherit a hundred million dollars. i didn't start out with a small two million dollar loan from my dad. my father was a bar tender on miami beach. the reason why he had a job is because free enterprise works. if any community in america understands that socialism doesn't work, it's right here in miami and it's right here in florida marco rubio is calling this
9:11 pm
event tonight a kick-off, although he has been in the race for months. he has not won a state and it does not appear that he will win a state so far anyway tonight on super tuesday. ted cruz has been declared the winner in texas and in oklahoma. ali velshi is in houston at the red neck country club. >> that's right. it's really hot here a few minutes ago where every time they show on tv that ted cruz is competitive somewhere and then the cheer went out when it was announce that happened he has been projected to the binner in the state of texas. this is what most of the polls were showing. we don't know what the spread is. you can see he is at about 40% of the vote. that is not as much of a lead as some of the polls have predicted. the best polls were given him a 15 or 16% lead over donald trump
9:12 pm
who was not expecting to win, and he said that but you shouldn't vote for ted cruz. marco rubio, we just heard him speak. let's go to the party at which he was speaking in miami. our michael shaw is there. you can't tell from the - something going on behind me. i will get a sense of it. they're making some announcements. michael, i can't get a sense from watching marco rubio on the stage what the vibe is in the room. i don't know whether he will do well in minnesota, but what is the feeling? >> yes. right now marco rubio is speaking over my shoulder here. it is a good point. it was a very quiet crowd tonight. marco rubio has not won a state. they're counting on virginia coming in for him. what he has done is he has come up on stage and said he has been
9:13 pm
inundated with calls andy mails all week, but when you think about that, he wasn't inundated with votes tonight. what he is doing with this crowd is he is talking about a florida campaign. he has two weeks from tonight. he is talking about israel, obamacare, about issues that strike this crowd very well. it is hard to see where his campaign goes. like you mentioned, he could do very well in minnesota, but it looks like a night where he doesn't come out with a win. it is a very different narrative for him to counter. he is going at donald trump to say he has had success in the polls, but the only polls that matter were the ones taken today. marco rubio is not having a goodnight. he is trying to keep them excited. that is what he has to do for the next 14 days in florida
9:14 pm
tell me this, one of the things that is true about ted cruz is while he has got the momentum of texas and oklahoma, it is hard to make up for the number of delegates that donald trump has actually won. marco rubio has to yet make a win because he is not hitting that 20% threshold and in some states if you don't get that amount, you get no delegates. >> that's exactly right. marco rubio has made a habit in this campaign out of turning second and third place finishes, even fifth place in iowa into something positive. he is trying to do it now. he will be concentrating here on winning this, changing that narrative, but it's a big loss for him that ted cruz has done well in texas because had trump done well and ted cruz got out of the race, some would think that marco rubio is the obvious candidate to take over the establishment conservative vote. i don't know where he goes.
9:15 pm
it is really a question for the marco rubio campaign right now. today again i repeat what i said at the top of the show, 40 bundlers got together today and said we have a plan to win the presidency, to win the nomination, at the convention without winning one single state. it has never been done before. people are dubious including people that were at that meeting. >> reporter: okay. clearly we have some audio problems with ali. we will get back to him in a little while. we will give you another note here. associated press has called the race for bernie sanders in the state of oklahoma, gives him that state. in the meantime, going to
9:16 pm
randall pinkston in palm beach florida. >> john, in donald trump's words this is a huge night for him. this is the biggest contest of the primary session, super tuesday. donald trump is not going to sweep the tables as it were. he hasn't taken texas nor oklohoma, but he has won important states north and south showing a broad base support for him. it doesn't really matter what he says, who he insults or what campaign promises he makes that may or may not be probable. his supporters keep going to polls to vote for him. we talked about the kinder, gentler donald trump, but he was also ventish donald trump, venting no lack of confidence
9:17 pm
about his ability to win. >> look at those numbers. it's trump 49%. light weight marco rubio 16%. lion ted cruz 15%. nice guy, good guy ben carson 10%, and john kasich 6%. so we're doing really well those numbers that donald trump was citing, he was talking about that before the actual votes were cast. of course, his predictions born true tonighting winning many. we're still waiting on results to come in. we have? of trump's family
9:18 pm
members and associates taking their seats in the front row. we're expecting the candidate to appear at any moment. it is also a private club here in palm beach here. we are also wondering whether he might change his message away from those candidates in his party that he has successfully assaulted and attack to focusing on hillary clinton as he appears to be on track to win the republican nomination for president thank you very much. he is holding a press conference, not having a party. it will be interesting to hear what he has to say. following secretary hillary clinton's campaign is senior washington correspondent mike vicara. he is in miami. >> the hope here is that she
9:19 pm
could finally put away bernie sanders and put this race to rest. while effectively she may have done so, when you do that unfor giving math that david shuster has been running over, the fact that bernie sanders has won a few, it is expected that minnestota is still out, he had hoped to wins there and massachusetts, this might not be a complete wash for the bernie sanders campaign and as you've heard him, they're in vermont this evening, he vowed once again to stay in the race. they have no shortage of donations there. the small donations have been the hall mark of the sanders campaign. you hear it many times, $27 the average donation. they can keep going. that was not something that the clinton campaign and hillary clinton chose to dwell on tonight. a joyous crowd as you might imagine, but it is clear now, it
9:20 pm
is largely the same speech that she gave in colombia, south carolina, after crushing bernie sanders there. talking about some of the issues that have been dear to the sanders' campaign that have gotten traction for him, social causes, women ka causes, social rights, something that hillary clinton has been talking about for a while. the clinton campaign is trying to put forward taking on what evidently will be the republican nominee donald trump in november. here is what she had to say a few minutes ago. >> our country today, democrats voted to breakdown barriers, so we can all rise together. [ cheers ] >> and i am so delighted to be here with you in florida. i congratulate senator sanders
9:21 pm
on his strong showing and campaigning. i'm grateful to all of you who voted for me. to the volunteers and organisers. >> reporter: john, one. things you hear her inserting into her speeches is call for love and kindness, quoting 1 corinthians on saturday night, trying to call for unity within the democratic party, trying to counter the message to the extent that a message can be discerned from donald trump, calling for unity, calling for breaking down of barriers, not of building up of walls. this is the rhetoric that she has been employing in the last couple of weeks. clearly now trying to turn to the fall contest and create that air of inevitablity which has some basis in fact after her performance on super tuesday
9:22 pm
thank you very much. speaking of bernie sanders, associated press projected he will win oklahoma. he has won vermont and that is where john terrett is following this. >> good evening from one amounts to the state fair ground here in vermont. how interesting to hear mike with the clinton supporters talking about an air of inevitablity because one place where there is not that air about this campaign for the democrats so far is right here among the sanders supporters. there were five thousand of them here in this very large center, which reminds me of an eqestrian center. they were very loud, as you can now see. they were very happy. they were delighted that he won his home state. not that that's news, of course, because we expected him to. there is a very strong democratic support base here in
9:23 pm
vermont, even though the state also has quite a strong republican side as well. there are more than enough democrats to keep people like bernie sanders in work here. he was received very well. they didn't know at this point, the point you're looking at now, of course, that he had gone on to win oklahoma has well. it is not looking very good for him because he needs to win at least five states in order to keep going. nonetheless, when he stood up and spoke, he said the revolution goes on. take a listen. >> what i have said is that this campaign is not just about electing a president; it is making a political revolution. [ cheers ] >> what that revolution is about
9:24 pm
is bringing millions of millions of people into the political process, working people who have been so disillusioned who no longer vote, young people who have never been involved >> it is true that the state of massachusetts is still in play, but clinton didn't think they would be doing well there. but it's pretty neck and neck there. even if bernie sanders wents it, it is not looking like a particularly goodnight for him. so how can he carry on? the answer is he has a lot of money in the bank. his wife said today he wouldn't give up until at least july, meaning the time of the democratic convention. they raised six to seven millions dollars in just one day. one day yesterday bringing their total fund-raising for the month of funding along for 47.16
9:25 pm
million dollars. a lot of money to keep them going. they need to win states and that's the only way forward, they know that. perhaps i can talk to you about who the voters are because it will be interesting for our viewers to understand. as i looked out at the five thousand people here, it is predominantly young people. there are some older people like you and me, but not many. i dove into the crowd and said why do you like bernie? they said what they like about him is his integrity. he is human they say. he is a real man. he wants real change. of course there they're talking about health care, justice reform and automatic that stuff, free education. i said couldn't you apply those to donald trump? yes, they said, that's probably true, but donald trump speaks for himself. when bernie speaks, he speaks
9:26 pm
for everyone in america. i saw him speak a couple of times ago, and it is like watching uncle bernie, someone you can relate to. that is very different from many politicians, as you know it sounds like they're packing up. there's a lot still to come >> that's right. >> reporter: we're waiting for donald trump in palm beach and ted cruz in houston to speak and in the meantime our political analyst panel back. it strikes me that even though donald trump didn't sweep tonight, jo, that this probably is the worst possible outcome for the republican party tonight. >> well, it certainly shows that donald trump is very strong. he did very well. he has done very well so far, and if you look at the numbers, i mean, in terms of how well he is winning in some of these
9:27 pm
states, it shows he has strong support. so it appears to me, it's just my humble opinion that my math doesn't exist to stop him. ted cruz hay have won oklahoma tonight and texas, but i don't know that he won by large enough margins to thwart donald trump's march to the victory that he is heading to john kasich and ben carson are still in the race as far as we know and if you put their percentages together, it could help one of the other candidates. what do republicans do? talk those guys to getting out? >> i think the first person to get out with be ben carson. john kasich will point to ohio but marco rubio can do the same thing with florida. there is a two-week window to make their case to the republican establishment. ted cruz has made his case.
9:28 pm
the problem is he doesn't have a good relationship with the republican establishment. they're probably counting on those two guys to snow something two weeks from now-- to sme something in two weeks from now putting a new spin on this case. otherwise it will be donald trump going all the way through this is hillary clinton's night. does it mean that the nomination is hers, essentially? >> i think the nomination is hers, and she has got a lot of good states coming up in the next couple of days as well, in the next couple of weeks. the other thing is it is not just that she is winning these states, but the margin she is winning these states. ever since south carolina these have been decisive victories. i think it makes it very hard for bernie sanders to put together the delegates all right. stand by. there's a lot more to come tonight and, of course, we're waiting to hear from donald trump and ted cruz and we will be back with the latest numbers for super tuesday right after
9:29 pm
9:30 pm
>> that harmony, that politeness and that equilibrium that japanese people call "wa." at the other side of history, fukushima's heroes were not enough. people have lost their trust, especially in the authorities. the myth of nuclear energy, of it being economic, safe and clean has been swept away.
9:31 pm
special coverage of super tuesday. i'm john seigenthaler. donald trump is expected to hold a press conference shortly. on the left you see ted cruz headquarters in houston. he is expected to speak as well. it has been a busy night. david shuster is here with all the results >> the most interesting race has been oklahoma. bernie sanders has been declared the winner there. how is it possible that he can win a state like that when hillary clinton has won all of the southern states. the answer has to do with
9:32 pm
african americans and states like georgia and alabama where they comprise 50% of the vote. hillary clinton is winning them over four to one, bernie sanders is winning over voters younger than 30 three to one. here is the map for the democrats. bernie sanders has won oklahoma, ted cruz has swept the south. then bernie sanders has won up there in his home state of vermont. it is still possible that bernie sanders will get to his magic number of winning five states tonight given that we're still expecting ruts. perhaps to-- results. we're looking for results in colorado and massachusetts which should favor bernie sanders. he could get to the five states he is hoping to walk away with wins tonight. looking at the republican map and it has been a donald trump night with a little bit of ted cruz mixed in, ted cruz has won texas and oklahoma. he gets to make the case that he
9:33 pm
should stay in because he continues to win a couple of states. marco rubio has been shut out. he hasn't won a state tonight nor in this primary. donald trump has won these. it's interesting to see that he is winning in the south-east and is also winning against in the north east. you will recall that he romped in new hampshire. one of the keys tonight will be the delegate count. the state that will drive the delegate board the greatest tonight is going to be in texas. in a couple of these you have to finish at 20% or higher to get delegates. there it is. donald trump of course going to get delegates even though trailing to cruz. marco rubio stands in great danger of being shut out of any of the 155 delegates at stake. that's why there's so much pressure on marco rubio moving forward. it is important to point out that in two weeks from tonight when you're talking about i will annoy and ohio and florida, the
9:34 pm
winner takes all. you could see an anti trump candidate, if they beat donald trump they win all the delegates. that's what you will hear from ted cruz and from marco rubio as to why they should stay in the race and be the anti trump. the problem is that their votes are largely counting out each other and essentially helping donald trump david, thank you. i want to point out that arkansaw which has not been called on the republican side only has 2% of the vote in. donald trump 33%, marco rubio 27%. let's go to ali velshi who is in ted cruz headquarters in houston. >> i'm going to change hats for a minute. i will go back to being a money guy. i will bring in david levanthal who is tracking the money. bernie sanders railed against the big money. the super pack says he doesn't want that money. let's look at the republican
9:35 pm
side, dave. you are seeing marco rubio not make that 20% thresh hold in some states, not get those delegates. he be mowned the fact that major republicans are not backing him up, rallying around him after the performance tonight tell me how the scene looks between marco rubio and ted cruz for the battle for second place >> the two of them first of all have some issues. they have to convince big donors to keep fuelling the campaign. the longer that the two of them going on, particularly with marco rubio without significant victories stacked up one against the other, the harder it will be to make that case. we have seen numbers that show that a lot of the outside super packets and other tibs of organizations that can raise and spend unlimited money, they're throwing their power through tv ads and tv ads against donald trump. that will be the story in the next couple of days with a lot of groups saying we have to go
9:36 pm
after donald trump. >> a lot of people tell me, like, it's a first amendment. we live in a one becoming president is one of the most important jobs in the world. we should get all the information we need. don't be against the super pack spending as much as they can. it seems those packs, the more power they put in to attacking donald trump the more popular donald trump seems to become. does traditional politics and campaigning work when you've got a candidate like donald trump? >> he is a phenomenon. in a way he says bring it, establishment, i'm bullet proof. he has been up to this point in a way, but that's not going to stop any of these organizations who have millions of dollars to bring to bear from bringing it to bear. if you think it is nasty and ugly, it will get uglier, don't worry about that
9:37 pm
what does ugliness, what effect does it have on the debate? i've seen annual his where people drn-- i've seen analysis saying people are turned off of it. stay you are. we want to take a look at what is happening, chris christie in palm beast. >> tonight donald trump has won georgia and massachusetts. alabama and virginia and he has also won the great state of tennessee. tonight is the beginning of donald trump bringing the republican party together for a big victory this november. tonight is the beginning of donald trump bringing the people of our nation together to help america win again. [ cheers ] >> and tonight in all those
9:38 pm
states who supported mr trump today all the ones who voted across this country our message is begin to get ready for the fight that is coming this fall. the fight this fall is to make sure that a united republican party and united american people make sure that hillary clinton never gets back in the white house. [ cheers ] >> >> since june 16 when mr trumpt declared his candidacy he has shown himself to be tough and strong and bold, he has shown himself to be a fighter, a leader who speaks plainly to the american people. he has listened to the american people. the american people are listening to him and he is bringing the country together. that, ladies and gentlemen, is not a campaign; it's a movement. [ applause ] [ cheers ]
9:39 pm
>> america wants to come together, america wants to be strong and successful again, but they know that to do that they need to have a strong, bold, tough, decisive leader back in the oval office and they have that man after tonight. ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you the next president of the united states. donald trump. [ cheers ] [ applause ] >> >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. it has been an amazing evening. all right we've won five major states and it looks like we could win six or seven or eight or nine. [ cheers ] >> it has really been great. i want to congratulate ted on
9:40 pm
the winning of texas. i know how hard he worked. that was an excellent win. we are going to make america great again. we're going to make it great again. i watched hillary clinton's speech and she is talking about wages and everything is poor and doing badly. but she has been there for so long. i mean, if she hasn't straightened it out by now, she is not going to straighten it out in the next four years. it will become worse and worse. she wants to make america whole again and i'm trying to figure that out. making america great again is better than making america whole again. it is so great to be here with friends and the press and the media and everyone. [ cheers ] >> i know it was a very tough night for marco rubio. he had a tough night. he worked hard.
9:41 pm
he spent a lot of money. he is a light weight, as i've said many times before, but we're going to go to florida and spend lots of time there. we have a 20-point lead. i know that a lot of groups, a lot of the special interests and a lot of the lobbyists and the people who want to have their little senator do exactly as they want, they're going to put 20 or 25 million dollars into it from what should came over the wires and, frankly, i think that's fine. as far as i'm concerned, it is fine. he will have total control, but he is not going anywhere anyway. we will spend a lot of time in florida. the virginia win was a great win. it is a place that is just spectacular and a place that we have put investments in, as we have in florida. we have thousands of employees in florida, automatic along miami dural and so many other places. it is an amazing place to invest and have so many wumply employees, some of whom are
9:42 pm
here-- wonderful employees, some of whom are here tonight. we have thousands all over the world, but for tonight we will just say all over the country. it has been just so beautiful to watch this company grow and to watch it grow so strongly. recent articles came out talking about how great a company we built. now we want to put that same ability into doing something for our nation. i mean, our nation is in serious trouble. we're being killed, absolutely destroyed in trade. china has taken advantage of us. i have nothing against them, but their leaders are too smart for their leaders. the trade deficit at 400 billion dollars are too much. no country can sustain that kind of trade deficit. it won't be that way for long. we have the greatest business leaders in the world on my team already and, believe me, we're going to redo those trade deals
9:43 pm
and it will be a thing of beauty. if you look at countries like mexico where they're killing us on the border, absolutely destroying us on the border. they're destroying us in terms of economic development companies like carrier air conditioning just moving into mexico, ford moving into mexico nabisco moving into mexico. we have to stop it. i know how to stop it. we're going to create jobs like you've never seen. wither going to lower taxes. i have a plan that larry cudlow and many others have said it's the best they have seen. we will lower taxes for the middle-class and lower class. it was the predominant factor in making our country into a country that we all love so much and we're all so proud of, but we have forgotten the middle-class and we will lower taxes, also on business. if you look at the companies
9:44 pm
that are moving out when you see pfizer moving to ireland and so many other countries, now they're leaving. they used to move from new york to florida or from new jersey to some place else. not that many people are leaving new jersey. chris understands the problem. fully understand. now they're leaving from places that they used to move to into other parts of the world. we can't let that happen. we have lost our manufacturing jobs, we have lost manufacturing. millions and millions of jobs, thousands and thousands of plants, manufacturing plants, warehous warehouses. we are losing so much. we p can't let it happen. a friend of mine was in the excavation business and he always orders caterpillar and recently he ordered tomatsu from japan. it was virtually impossible for
9:45 pm
caterpillar to compete. i don't want that to happen. they shouldn't be allowed to do it. we have power every everybody because we are the source. we have great power. the problem is we have politicians that truly, truly, truly don't know what they're doing. we're going to work very hard. i'm so honoured by this evening. if you would have told me on june 16 when i was with my wife and we came down the escalator in trump tower and it looked like this. you have a lot of cameras here tonight. it looked literally like the academy awards. i never saw so many cameras in my life. it takes a lot of courage to run for president. i've never done this before. i've been a job producer, done a lot of other things, but this is new. i felt we had to do it. when you look at the competency of the iran deal where we give 150 billion dollars andway get nothing. when you-- and we get nothing.
9:46 pm
if you look at our military which is being depleted, rapidly depleted, we have to make our military bigger and better and stronger than ever before and nobody is going to mess with us, folks, nobody. [ cheers ] [ applause ] >> it is just an amazing honor to have you with me tonight and if you want, press, i think we told you before, it would be okay if you want to is a few questions. go ahead. >> [indistinct] >> we need to find a thirty party option. >> they can always do that and then they will lose everything.
9:47 pm
that would be the work of a loser. if you've seen what has happened, whether you go to south carolina where i had a huge victory, where we had a tremendous situation in new hampshire and nevada. you look at what has happened and tonight is the best of all. they have projected six, but we could be seven, eight nine major states. it's george, alabama, massachusetts. [ cheers ] >> tennessee. virginia. these are amazing states. we're going to probably get a lot more. we're projected to have some pretty good additional numbers. i will say this. we have expanded the republican party. when you look at what has happened in south carolina and you see the kind of numbers that we have got in terms of extra people coming in, they came from the democratic party or the democrat party and they're long time democrats and they were
9:48 pm
never going to switch and they all did, and there were independence. we have expanded the pared. look at the number of votes that we had in that area as an example. four years ago they had 390,000 or so votes. we double it. we are almost 800,000. the democrats went down. there's much less enthusiasm for the democrats. i'm a unifier. people will find that hard to believe, but i am. once all this is finished i'm going to go after hillary clinton on the assumption she is allowed to run which is a big assumption. i don't know that she is going to be allowed to run. i think that's frankly going to be an easy race. you see the polls. i beat her in many polls. i don't think marco rubio is going to be able to beat her and ted will have a hard time, but he has a shot because he has won a bit. we are going to be a much finer party, a much - we're going to
9:49 pm
be a unified party. to be honest with you, and we are going to be a much bigger party. you can see that happening. we're going to be a much bigger party. our party is expanding. all you have to do is take a look at the states where i've won, we have gone from x number to a much larger number. that hasn't happened to the republican party in many, many decades. so i think we're going to be more exclusive, i think we're going to be more unified and a much bigger party and i think we're going to win in november. [ cheers ] [ applause ] >> [indistinct] >> i'm just doing what's right. planned parenthood have done good work for many women.
9:50 pm
they say it's really - i'm a conservative but common sense one. millions of women have been helped by planned parenthood but we're not going to fund it as long as you have the abortion going on at planned parenthood. we understand it. i've said it loud and clear. we will see what happens. planned parenthood, millions of people, and i've had thousands of letters from women, and this was people writing letters. i'm going to be really good for women. i'm going to be good for women's health issues. it's very important to me. [ cheers ] [ applause ] >> maybe that's not a perfect conservative view, but i'm more conservative than anyone on the military, taking care on our vets, on the border, on the wall, on getting rid of obamacare and coming up with something better and getting rid
9:51 pm
of common core and bringing education to a local level so you will have good education for our children who are being absolutely starved for proper education. you can call it what you want, but i am a truth teller and i will tell the truth; okay? [ cheers ] >> go ahead. finish it. >> [indistinct] >> i feel good. i'm watching your people and i'm going to be very nice. i'm watching your female on cnn and i'm watching the fox people and the ms n.b.c. people too. i'm becoming diplomatic. they are certainly being very nice to me tonight. they're being very strong. they are. they're declaring marco rubio the big loser of the night, which is true. he didn't win anything. he hasn't won anything period. by the way, and i have to tell you, he was very nasty. i've never heard a person get up
9:52 pm
and speak so nasty. he has a right because he is not going to win much. i do congratulate ted because i know how hard he worked. i also did very well in texas. i came in second. one of the things my son eric told me, which i didn't even realise, is that not only did i win most of the states, but i came in second. i came in no worse than second. so it wasn't like i won and then i disappeared. the worst i had was a second. so i'm very, very honored by the turn out. yes, go ahead. >> [indistinct] >> disavowed.
9:53 pm
i disavowed. chris called me and he said, "you've got a movement". there had to be 20,000 people inside this massive convention center today and it was incredible. every place we're speaking, if we have 10,000 people it's like a small group. we had 35,000 people the other day in alabama. when chris called, he said this is a movement and nothing that i've ever seen. the press say it too. they've never seen anything like it. i'm honoured by it. when chris joined we had a news conference and he asked me the same question. i disavow. right after the program that we're talking about, and i thought it was clear, but we're talking about groups, groups, groups. i do have to know the name of the group. you have to give me the name of the group. right after i put out a tweet and on facebook that i totally
9:54 pm
disavow. everybody knew i did that. i disavowed then and today. how many times are you supposed to disavow. but i disavow and hopefully it is the final time i have to do it, but if you look at facebook and twitter right after the show, i put out a statement because i wanted everybody to be sure. go ahead. >> you call yourself a negotiator and dealer. is this [indistinct] >> no. it's not. there is going to be some negotiation always. it will be a good negotiation, not a bad negotiation. it will start at certain levels and i will make a great deal and lots of great deals for the american people. you can't go around just signing our little notices that the president signs all the time, executive orders. he signed executive order, executive order. does he ever deal with congress
9:55 pm
any more? does he ever speak to the senate or congressmen and get them into a room and get things done? a good example in this, something important to me, corporate inversion. a friend endorsed me, a businessman. it bothers him so much he calls me about it all the time. we're losing companies. the taxes are too high. we are the highest tax nation in the world and very importantly they have trillions for companies, trillions of dollars outside of this country. the democrats grew it should be brought back-- agree it should be brought back in. the republicans agrees it should be brought back in. everyone agrees that. i could sit in a room or the oval office for a period of literally a half hour and i believe i could get - it is one thing that they don't agree on health care or common core or on
9:56 pm
other things and they fight. almost everybody agrees, these tril i don't knows of dollars should be-- trillions of dollars should be brought into the country. he doesn't know how to make a deal, probably doesn't work at it or care, but you're talking about tremendous amounts of money. when you have something that everybody wants and you can't make a deal, there's something going on that's really wrong. what it means is you have the wrong leader. >> [indistinct] is immigration negoti barks le? >> i get along great with many, in nevada i won in the poll, the hispanic vote. i have thousands of people that work for me right now who are hispanic. i've had thousands over my life time. these are great people.
9:57 pm
the mexican leaders are too asmart for our leaders. v ice nte fox, if i used the word he used, you wouldn't let me get away with it. he was angry at the concept of somebody saying that they were going to pay for the wall. mexico is going to pay for the wall. we had a trade deficit with mexico of 58 billion dollars a year. it is going to cost 10 billion dollars. it's so easy. i've had these guys - you don't really mean mexico is go to pay for the wall. as sure as you're standing there, 100% mexico is going to pay. 100%. the reason is i'm a businessmanment i know how to do this. politicians are all talk, no action. it's not - except for chris christie of course. it's not going to happen t it's not going to happen with these people. when you think of it, and then
9:58 pm
they say you will never be able to build a wall. it is 2,000 miles but we really need 1,000. the great wall of china built 2,000 years ago is 13 thousand miles and they didn't have caterpillar. they didn't have tractors. they didn't have cranes, they didn't have excavation equipment. the wall is 13 thousand miles long. we need a thousand miles. we have all of the materials. we can do that so beautifully. this is going to be a serious wall. a high wall. a very serious wall. we're going to stop drugs from coming into new hampshire. when i won new hampshire, those people were so incredible to me. when you go, you wouldn't believe it because it's so beautiful. you look at the fields and you look at everything, it's so beautiful. yet you go to a meeting in new hampshire. their number one problem is
9:59 pm
heroin. the heroin is pouring in. they have so many young people and other people addicted. i told them i'm going to stop it. we're going to have a strong border. by the way, speaking of people, people are going could come in and into this country but they're going to come in legally. >> [indistinct] >> i have a lot of respect for rick scott. i don't know about his endorsement. >> [indistinct] >> you better find out what's going on. we've got a big problem. >> [indistinct] >> we have a big, big problem. i will tell it like it is. we have a big problem. we've got to figure it out. radical islamic terrorism, big, big problem. not only for us. you take a look at germany, sweden, brussels, look at some of these places, it's like a
10:00 pm
disaster. we're not going to-- the big winner on super tuesday for the republican party donald trump at his resort there in palm beach florida. we're waiting for ted cruz to speak in just a moment. my colleague will be back to continue our coverage right after this. >> i feel strong. i have a bigger heart than anybody. we're going to build a safe season. it will be in syria and i'm going to get the gulf states, who have more money than anybody, we've got to loosen up their wallets a little bit. they're not accepting people. we're going to - wait - we're going to get the gulf statements to pay for it because they should. >> [indistinct] >> you heard what i said. i gave you a good answer. go ahead. >> [indistinct]
10:01 pm
>> we're going to bring them back. do you know how? first of all, we're going to do great with the african-americans. you see that in the polls where i'm 25% and one of the commentators said, if donald trump gets 25% of the african-american vote, this election is over, you watch. the reason i'm getting that and i'm going to do great with the hispanics and every group, is because i'm going to bring jobs back. i'm going to get apple to start making their computers and eye phones on our land, not in china. how does it help us when they make it in china. i'm going to create jobs. [ applause ] >> go ahead. >> if marco rubio cannot win florida, is it time for him to get out and do you plan to spend
10:02 pm
the 25 million? >> i always liked him until a week ago when he decided to become hostile. somebody told him, you're losing very badly. the only way you can win is hurt him. one of the new casts tonight said he went down 15 or 20%. it has hurt him. i'm not going to tell him or anybody what to do. he had a bad night. according to cnn, fox. i watch their broadcast. they say the loser of the night was marco rubio. he hasn't won. at least you can say that ted has won something. march co has not-- marco has not won. politicians, all talk no action. he hasn't won anything. he hasn't come even very close.
10:03 pm
go ahead. >> [indistinct] >> how many times do i say - listen, who are you by the way? >> i'm [indistinct] >> very good. good job. i don't want to waste a lot of time. i disavowed. i'm going to get on great with congress. paul ryan, i don't know him very well. i will get on with him and if he doesn't, he will have to pay a big price. go ahead. >> you say a lot about what you're going to do for the u.s., but what kind of president will you be? >> i'm going to be a good president. but we have a country in big trouble. our infrastructure is going to hell, our roads, highways,
10:04 pm
schools, hospitals and airports, i go throughout the world. you go to qatar, you go to who some people say qatar, you go to any of the - so many places. go to different places in china and asia, in the middle east. you look at some of the airports they have. you look at the roadways and transportation systems they have. we're like a third world country. i'm going to be very good for the world. i'm going to get along with the world. you're going to be very proud of me. even you will be very proud of me as a president. we have to rebuild our country. our country is going to hell and people don't understand that. hillary clinton doesn't have a clue. she can't do that. she is talking about - one of the things that has bothered me is that people in the middle income groups are making less money today than they did 12 years ago. in her speech she said they're making less money.
10:05 pm
she has been there with obama for a long period of time. why hasn't she done anything about it? everything that she was complaining about, she has picked up what i say. the difference is she has been there for a long period of time. why haven't they done anything about it? then you look at her record as secretary of state. its abysmal. looking at what's going on with syria and everything, it is a disaster. we're going to have an interesting period of time. i don't know that she is going to be allowed to run. what she did is a criminal act. if she is allowed to run, i would be surprised. if she is allowed to run, honestly, it will be a sad day for this country because what she did was wrong and what she did - let me just tell you-- [ applause ] >> what she did was wrong and other people have done far less than her and they paid a very, very big price. one or two more questions. go ahead, jeremy. >> you talk about how you plan
10:06 pm
to deport all the undocumented immigrants in this country. yesterday you said everything is negotiable. >> where did i say that? tell me where? >> yesterday-- >> i didn't say that. i will negotiate. if the wall is going to be 50 feet, i will take two feet off the wall. you didn't listen, jeremy. >> [indistinct] would you allow them to stay in the country without having to leave the country? >> at this moment, no. we either have a country or we don't. we have borders or we don't have borders. at this moment the answer is absolutely not. okay. how about one or two more questions. david, go ahead. make it a nice question, david, please. >> [indistinct] some people inside the republican national committee are [indistinct] trying to [indistinct] at the
10:07 pm
end of the night you may have 10 of the 15 states [indistinct] >> i don't expect. i have a lot of respect for the group and i like them and i don't know that i've been treated fairly or not. i really don't know. i can't tell you that. i can tell you that i do respect them. what i really have is a great number of people. i have millions and millions of people, and when i was watching those broadcasts just a little while ago, because i wanted to see exactly where we were before i started speaking, i was amazed at the kind of numbers. the republicans have tremendous energy. the democrats don't. they don't have any energy. their numbers are down and our numbers are through the roof. people are making statements they've never seen in modern times, a pattern that was so enner jizd. -- energized.
10:08 pm
if i'm going to win five, i've already won five, because maybe it could be up to nine. i could win nine states tonight. if i'm going to win all of these states with tremendous numbers and if i'm going to come in the worst as second in the two or three that i might not win, i think we're a democracy. i think it's awfully hard to say that's not the person we want to lead the party. i think that's hard. i think it is a great question, david, because i think one of the biggest things that everybody is seeing happening, and everybody, is the republican party has become more dynamic, it has become more diverse. we're taking from the democrats, from the independents. we have a lot more people. take a look at south carolina. look at the numbers. look at the numbers from four years ago when nobody wanted to waste their time and vote. then you look at - i was there. you had lines that went a mile long. it was virtually more than
10:09 pm
doubled. we have a very, very dynamic party and i hope to be able to get along with everybody. i don't know paul ryan well, but i hope to be able to get along with him. i do know mich mcconnel a little bit, but i hope to get on with him. remember this, i have millions of people. this isn't like it's a close match. it's only too bad that winner didn't take all, because if winner took all, then it's over. we're only having a celebration. anyway, i would like to - i just want to ends by thanking everybody. this has been an amazing period in my life. my wife just called and evanka is going to have a baby soon and it is going to be a great time. they all wanted to be here but they're with her now. that could be within the next week. this has been an amazing period of time. it has been amazing for me,
10:10 pm
evening from an education aal standpoint. i think we've done something that almost everybody thought it couldn't be done. i am a unifier. i would love to see the republican party and everybody get together and unify and when that happens, there's nobody that's going to beat us. thank you very much everybody. thank you. [ cheers ] [ applause ] you are watching al jazeera america special extended super tuesday coverage. i'm in new york city. it has been a big night for double-stranded and for hillary clinton. we just saw donald trump speaking from palm beach. it is the march vin of victory could decide who stays in the race and who drops out. to get those numbers over to david shuster. >> we're still looking at
10:11 pm
results coming in. marco rubio is thought to run the strongest in minnesota. let's look overall at the republican map. double-stranded has won here, around we're also waiting to see what happens in some of the splits. that's where it is particularly interesting because if you look at the split in the state of georgia, georgia is one of these states where in order to win any delegates you need to get 20% or more and look at the numbers as they stand. donald trump will win. ted cruz is going to get some delegates, 23%. marco rubio will get some delegates if this holds at 22%. they will all pick up some delegates but donald trump will win the most. looking at alabama, another on the republican side, donald trump is 45%. this is where ted cruz is
10:12 pm
teetering on the edge. marco rubio looks like he is going to get shut out in the state of alabama. going to the democratic races. there are some fascinating numbers behind the democrats. here you see bernie sanders has won vermont and here and hillary clinton has won. when asked what is more important the right political experience or being a political outsider, the right political experience was the response by 80%. 80% of democrats says the right political experience. outsiders came out with 16%ing that. the total he, 335 to 145 so far. there is something like 865 delegates at stake tonight. bernie sanders was hoping to stay within a hundred or 150. rate now he is 190 behind hillary clinton. that goes to show that the margins that hillary clinton has
10:13 pm
been able to run off, particularly in the southern states where there are a lot of african-americans, she has been able to get wider margins than even she anticipated. it has been a similar story to what we saw in south carolina over the weekend when hillary clinton won by a50. bernie sanders still could get to five victories tonight because we're still expecting results. take a look at the board right now from massachusetts. again, this is a state that bernie sanders has been continue opportunitying on winning. this is how close it is. 51 to 47 with 58% bernie sanders backed by 27,000 votes or so. if hillary clinton is able to pull off this victory, massachusetts, that will be big for and a pretty major setback for bernie sanders. he thought that massachusetts would be a state he would do well in. again, as the delegates are concerned, hillary clinton and bernie sanders will split the 91
10:14 pm
almost evenly, but a big psychological blow to bernie sanders if he loses massachusetts to hillary clinton the narrative could change. we will have to stay on top of it. we are hearing now that ted cruz is about to begin speaking, so let's head to ted cruz headquarters in houston. ali velshi is there. is he about to speak? >> i want to see if you can take the camera that's on the stage now. ted cruz has been introduced by the law tenant governor-- lieutenant governor of texas. let's listen in to ted cruz who won texas and oklahoma tonight.
10:15 pm
[ cheers ] >> thank you texas. god bless the lone star state. [ cheers ] >> and god bless the great state of oklahoma. in 324 days marine 1 will depart washington dc with a very important dignatory on board, former president obama. this much is certain. january 20 2017 will be president obama's last day in office. on that day we will have a new
10:16 pm
president of the united states. tonight this campaign enters a new phase. we began with 17 republican candidates. through the first four states the race narrowed considerably. tonight was another decision point and the voters have spo n spoken. tomorrow morning we have a choice. so long as the field remains divided, donald trump's path to the nomination remains more likely, and that would be a
10:17 pm
disaster for republicans, for conservatives and for the nation, and after tonight we have seen that our campaign is the only campaign that has beaten, that can beat and that will beat donald trump. i congratulate donald trump on his victories tonight, but we are the only campaign that has beaten donald trump once, twice, three times.
10:18 pm
15 states have now voted. every one of those states so far as been won by either donald trump or myself. republicans, together we have a choice. we are blessed with a deep talented honorable field. for the candidates who have not won a state, who have not racked up delegates, i ask you to prayerfully to consider us coming together, uniting. for those who have supported other candidates, we welcome you on our teams standing united as o one. that is the only way to beat
10:19 pm
donald trump. head to head our campaign beats donald trump resounding ly, but for that to happen we must come together, and the republican primary voters and upcoming states, you too have a choice. in our nation's darkest hours, fdr told us that we have nothing to fear but fear itself. jfk foals ask to ask not what our country could do for us, but to ask what we could do for our country. america shouldn't have a president whose words would make you embarrassed if your children
10:20 pm
repeated them. our president should make us all proud, should inspire hope in all of us. we can nominate a washington deal breaker, proceed feign and vulgar-- prfane and vulgar to using government power for personal gain, or we can nominate a proven conservative who has fought consistently for working men and women and to defend the constitution. [ cheers ] [ applause ] >> it's our choice.
10:21 pm
donald trump has pledged to expand obamacare into socialised medicine with the federal government controlling and rationing your health care. as president i will repeal every word of obamacare. [ cheers ] >> donald trump promises to cut deals with democrats and to continue the washington cronianism just as he supported the wall street bail out. i will stand with the people of this country and end corporate welfa welfare, adevelop a flat tax and
10:22 pm
abolish the irs. donald trump funded the gang of eight. with your help, i led the successful opposition to the amnesty plan. donald trump supports planned parenthood. i will direct the justice department to investigate planned parenthood. [ cheers ] [ applause ] >> donald trump promises to compromise with harry read and chuck shumer on supreme court nominees. i will never compromise away our
10:23 pm
relativous - shall religious liberty. unlike donald trump, i won't compromise our second amendment right to keep and bear arms. donald trump pledges to be neutral between israel and the palestinians. as president i will not be neutral. america will stand unapologetically with the nation of israel. donald trump says he will keep in place the iranian nuclear deal to try to renegotiate it. i will rip to shreds this catastrophic deal on the very first day in office.
10:24 pm
if you're angry with washington, i understand, but donald trump has been part of the washington corruption for 40 years. he is harry read's favorite republican candidate, and jimmy carter's. just yesterday it was reported that the new york times has a secret tape-recording of dan old saying that he doesn't mean what he is saying on immigration, that it is all flexible, that he won't build a wall, that he won't deport illegal aliens, but done old refuses to allow them to release the tape. donald, release the tape.
10:25 pm
if you're telling the new york times editorial board that you're lying to the voters, the voters have a right to know. enough with the washington corruption, with the deception, with using government to benefit the rich and powerful at the expense of the american people. five years ago i promised the people of texas that i would fight with every breath in my body to stop obamacare, to stop amnesty and to secure the border, to stop the death that is bankrupting our kids and grandkids, to defend religious liberty, the second amendment
10:26 pm
and the bill of rights. [ cheers ] [ applause ] >> and i have kept my promise: that's why we were supported in this election by texas governor greg abbott. buy lieutenant governor our campaign chairman. by former governor rick parry, a true pay tree on the-- patriot. by nearly halfful republican state legislators in texas. and by thousands upon of thousands republican women and grass-roots activists.
10:27 pm
they know my record. they know my personally. they know my heart and they know that i have kept my word to fight for them each and every d day. [ cheers ] [ applause ] >> america, i will do the same as president. [ cheers ] [ applause ] >> together we will repeal obamacare. [ cheers ] [ applause ] >> abolish the irs. [ cheers ] >> pull back the e.p.a. regulators that are killing smor businesses. -- small businesses. stop amnesty and secure the borders. and the results will be small businesses exploding millions of
10:28 pm
high-paying jobs, wages going up and young people coming out of school with two to five jobs offers. from this day forward let us together show that regan's love, optimism and faith in the american people were not misplaced. let us show that we will not let the american light go out, that we will fight for our constitution, for life and for freed freedom. you have seen that bee remain a strong-- shown that we remain a strong and justful people that
10:29 pm
rise to the issues of the future. together we can do it. if we stand together and return to the free market principles and the constitutional liberties that built america. once again, we can have morning in america. thank you and god bless each and every one of you. [ cheers ] [ applause ] we are here at the red neck country come south east of houston. that is ted cruz embracing those around him, talking like a guy who won even though he has only won two states tonight e texas and oklahoma, invoking several president new zealand his speech tonight, talking about fdr, john
10:30 pm
fkennedy, ronald regan. i want to go back to the studio in new york. david shuster has calls to make the results came in and the associated press and all the organizations have now declared that, yes, donald trump has won arkansaw. this was a state that ted cruz for a little like winning but it will go in the donald trump column. here is the overall republican map in terms of what it looks like tonight. ted cruz won texas and oklahoma, and some of these states, of course, we know who the winners are, but it's interesting in five of the states in terms of how the delicatessen dates are awarded. in five states on the republican side you need to get 20% or higher in order to win
10:31 pm
delegates. looking at alabama, for example, donald trump will win. ted cruz is teetering on the edge of perhaps not getting any delegates if dropping below 20%. marco rubio will be shut out in the state of alabama. looking at georgia, the second biggest price, 76 delegates on the republican side, donald trump wins. ted cruz and marco rubio will pick up some delegates in the state of georgia. texas, the biggest prize tonight, donald trump is going to pick up delegates 27%, ted cruz has won the state at 41. marco rubio despite 233,000 votes so far, looks like he is on track to get shut out in the state of texas and not get any delegates. tennessee, another state where there is a 20% threshold, donald trump, of course, has wonon the state. it look like ted cruz will pick up some at 23%, marco rubio unless he breaks the 20%
10:32 pm
threshold, so he may pick up a couple of delegates here and there but largely could be shut out f they get shut out, these delegates would be awarded to ted cruz and donald trump, the people who broke the 20% threshold. vermont, not many delegates in the republican side, but donald trump is leading 32% to 30 over john kasich. this may be the only delegate or two that he gets tonight. he may get 7 or 8 the way things are going and that would be it for john kasich. again, marco rubio could get shut out in the state of the vermont. it is a rich history again in terms of why the republicans what they did. it look like it is coming back to purn them because it is essentially giving donald trump even more momentum that he would have had under the rules from four years ago yes. stay with me.
10:33 pm
we will bring michael shaw in electric from the marco rubio headquarters which looks like an empty room. this was designed in some of the states after met romney had to limp over the line. the republican sat around in its post-mortem after the last election saying if we have someone a front runner early on, we want to protect them and make sure they're not open to attacks. that has come back to bite the republican party. >> that's exactly right. what they were trying to do was talk about an incumbent president romney which they were expected to have. if you look at these states, how it's frond loaded, the-- front loaded, the thresh holds to be met. that's perfectly designed for a
10:34 pm
candidate who would be the choice of the party, as would be an incumbent president which they were hoping we on would have the president going through all the states tonight. it didn't do that. it back fired. you talk about him limping towards the nomination. it sucked a lot of air out of the party. it was a lot of back and forth. they said they didn't want to do that. four years later you're here having the same conversation about candidates shrugging it out and-- slugging it out and coming into the primary in states that are so important, even massachusetts. vermont as well. you will see how that back fired. they can't change these rules until july, but you will be sure that the republican party, whoever the nominee is, they will sit down and find out what went wrong and how they can do
10:35 pm
it better next time you heard donald trump taking the swipes against marco rubio, calling him a light weight, saying he used to like him until marco rubio turned against him largely at the debate that we were at. then you heard ted cruz say if donald trump faces a divided field, he will win, that's bad for republicans and conservatives. the republican establishment agrees with ted cruz, but that was an indication to marco rubio to step out of the race. is that even a likelihood before march 15 when florida holds its primaries? >> tonight they called this the florida kick-off. unlikely that he will do that. they might sit down tomorrow and think about how to get through it. ted cruz is saying, i'm already won a state and you haven't won
10:36 pm
anything. marco rubio still has not won a state. the request becomes why shouldn't ted cruz saying step aside. i've beaten donald trump. give me a shot at it. so many people since new hampshire and south carolina have come out, so many of what they call mainstream. again, you have the mainstream of the party trying to get behind marco rubio and that getting slapped down again. look at massachusetts. i want to talk about that for a second because i find it fascinating. david shuster was saying that bernie sanders may lose massachusetts. what a thing, to have the state of massachusetts going to hillary clinton when it seems so right for bernie sanders. same thing for the republicans because look, the figures, charlie baker, donald trump to
10:37 pm
the republican party. just amazing thanks so much. don't be the last guy out. have somebody else switch the lights out for you. back to the studio we're going to miami. hillary clinton spoke there earlier tonight. mike vercara joinss there. >> while the republican political class appeared to have feet of clay, donald trump is defying them every step of the way. when bernie sanders came close to upsetting hillary clinton in ohio at the caucuses there, people were saying look at this, this is an unprecedented year. it still is by virtue of the fact that donald trump is doing what he is doing, but hillary clinton now emerging as the favorite that she always was and
10:38 pm
essentially bernie sanders back to where he started in june when his campaign was launch ed. that is a long shot. the math is very grim for him. the unfor giving math. hillary clinton here march 15 in two weeks time, but tomorrow she is flying to a post super tuesday rally. trying to create that air of inevitablit inevitablity. >> we have come too far to stop now. we've got to keep going, keep working, keep breaking down those barriers and imagine what we can build together when each and every american has a chance to live up to his or her own got given potential. thank you all so very much.
10:39 pm
thank you. what we've seen from hillary clinton over the course of the last few days, again tonight on the massive delegate allegation on super tuesday, calling for unity with the democratic party and going out after donald trump it doesn't look like we're going to see unity any time soon, despite the jubilation in the clinton campaign headquarters. we're going to the bernie sanders campaign. john terrett is there in vermont. it was not a jubilant night there? >> it kind of was, though. good evening from burlington, vermont. the problem is they don't want to give up here. his wife said yesterday and this morning that he wroent be giving up until july. he has a tonne of money in the bank. they raised 6 million dollars before the february deadline.
10:40 pm
they have 41.6 million in the bank. they can go on and on. it hasn't been the kind of night that they were hoping for, winning only oklahoma and vermont, which was a given anyway. massachusetts is still in play right now. not that you would have known any of this had you been here when i was when he came out. he came out super early in order to guarantee tv time. the crowd went wild. they really love him here and he loves them. the revolution, as he would say, goes on, pointing out in this clip that they've come an awful long way since they started. take a look. >> we have come a very long way in ten months. at the end of tonight 15 states
10:41 pm
will have voted 35 states remain, and let me aassure you, that we are going to take our fight for economic justice, for social justice, for environmental sanity, for a world of peace to every one of those states. [ cheers ] >> certainly no indication there of the inevitable ultimately of a clinton-- inevitablity of a hillary clinton win. the revolution will go on it may still be going on tonight in minnesota because in the early returns, bernie sanders is ahead. he might get a boost out of that. thank you. we're joined by a political consultant and you a former
10:42 pm
press secretary for the campaign committee. he joins us from washington. good to see you. while the rebels seem to be winning on the republican side, the rebel on the democratic side not having such a goodnight. >> i think secretary clinton, if you were to tell - you know, if she pulls out massachusetts tonight, you have to say that she is being close to being the nominee. she has close contests heading to march 15. that's ohio, florida and north corolina. bernie sanders has not been able to connect with significant portions of the democratic party, hispanic, african-americans and that ended up hurting him in the south states tonight. he has to figure out a way to connect with a huge part of the democratic party or he is not going to be hanging around here
10:43 pm
much longer we've talked so much about the divisions inside the republican party and what is going on there, but you have to think about the divisions inside the democratic party because you have a real generation trap and bernie sanders hasn't connected with lapt ian owes and afterry-- latinos and african-americans. there are divisions amongst the democrats >> we're a very diverse party. during the primary season there is always divisions. there were in 2008 when obama ran against clinton. the important thing for the clinton campaign, i think, moving forward is that that they have to make sure that they don't alienateate any of sanders supporters. i doubt she will go hard on him. i think she will turn her attention towards donald trump and the republicans. she is going to try to start extending an olive branch to
10:44 pm
younger voters, voters who are supportive of bernie sanders. he is getting a lot of independents. she has to figure out how she can attract independents to her campaign. i think you will hear a lot of her embracing a lot of what bernie sanders is saying as well as pivoting to november and the general election the democrats must be thrilled as they go to the general election because of the infighting in the republican party, but at the same time republicans have seen a lot of thumb. they've been seeing record turn out at the policies over and over again, something the democrats are not seeing. is there at least some hesitation going toward the general that the republicans might have turnout that will help them in november? >> to your first point, i think this republican primary season has been a disaster for them. the last week or so you've had conversations about the kkk, paul ryan and mich mcconnell
10:45 pm
having to disainvoice the kkk. you have marco rubio talking about the size of someone's hands. it's crazy-- disavow the kkk. >> they're going to need to do better in 2012. to the point about the excitement gap, that's something that democrats have to be - they have to be concerned about that in terms of making sure that they're motivating all parts of democratic party to turn out. i will say that traditionally democrats, the numbers during a primary season are not always what the republicans are - we tend to take more resources to turn out and we will tune in later, especially during a general election. there is a lot of talk about inexcitement or enthusiasm gap in 2012 between romner and obama. we know how that turned out. i'm worried about it, but i also
10:46 pm
think that we have time to address it. that's going to be a huge priority for whoever the nominee is, whether that's clinton or sanders in 2008 there were big numbers that showed up in the primary. >> absolutely it will be interesting to see how things have changed. thank you >> thanks for having me checking in with david shuster who is keeping an eye on the democratic side. >> hillary clinton ahead 50% to 47. bernie sanders in massachusetts is doing very well. hillary clinton is doing well in boston and the boston suburbs. this race is close but it is a race that bernie sanders had thought would be part of his five states that he had a chance of winning tonight.
10:47 pm
this would be a major setback if hillary clinton wins it. a couple of states are that are still out. the minnesota caucus was thought to be a place where bernie sanders was doing well. he is hoping to have a victory there to make up for some decisive victories that hillary clinton had in the south. in the other state for bernie sanders, is c, lorado. he is up by 14 points. a sizeable count there. the whole argument from the bernie sanders campaign is we're going to win states outside of the south, we will show that when it comes to whiting class voters the progressers are moving towards us. they still have a lot of work to do with african-americans. it shows that some broke from
10:48 pm
hillary clinton four to one. voters under the age of 30 broke by the ratio of three to one. here is the map. bernie sanders is winning in oklahoma and vermont, hillary clinton taking us texas, arkansaw and others. virginia by 20 points or more. that is fair bigger margin than sanders was counting on. the big problem for him is that hillary clinton is exceeding these margins and running up the delegate camp. 335 to 145 with about 850 or so delegates at stake. bernie sanders was hoping to cope that number within 100, but it looks like it will be wider. it is more difficult for the bernie sanders campaign as they move. it is very difficult to overcome a deficit like you're seeing tonight even if he wins minnesota he
10:49 pm
will split those with hillary clinton. going to our panel. i want to start with jo watkins here. marco rubio may win minnesota so he may save something for the night. he has had a bad night >> it has been a very hard night for him. at least he gets to say that he has won one race. if you heard ted cruz saying he is the only one who has beaten
10:50 pm
donald trump. marco rubio will say he beat him now he does seem to be well ahead. >> he will use that as a narrative to say that's why i need to stick in the race. it is very difficult math path to victory for him on the democratic side, the opposite of the republican side. it was a goodnight for the democratic establishment. >> it was a great night for the democratic establishment, but really what it was, was a great night for democrats in the full range of our party. i think there are just a lot of good representation for hillary clinton among people of color, among women and some of the groups that she is weaker with like millennials are in the election. something being missed in the comments so far is that as the party has shrunk in the south, the white base in the south has
10:51 pm
gotten more liberal. i think one of the things hurting bernie sanders in the south is if you don't have a rapport are african-american voters, white voters are not going to be sympathetic with you in the primary. her strength is appealing to whites and african-americans ted cruz, a better night than expected because he won texas and oklahoma. he called for the republicans to unite behind him as the anti trump alternative. the question for the republicans now, or for the republican establishment, is whether they want an anti trump candidate coalesced around one or preferable to have the vote divided among many and having a brokered convention and beat donald trump that way
10:52 pm
>> i think that's the way they would want. do you want to push out the candidates that beat the presumptive democrat nominee, even if ted cruz wins and beat donald trump if he loses in november it is a wash anyway. do you want to push out the two peek ted cruz and john kasich that could win them. they're in third and fourth and very tough republican primary where they're not far enough to the right, but when it is time to really win the actual independent vote in the middle vote, they have shown the ability to at least get the ear of the american voter. that's where the rub is with the republican party now donald trump has been underestimated repeatedly by pretty much everyone, do you think that those polls showing him losing in head to head elections with hillary clinton and bernie sanders are just something we're seeing in
10:53 pm
february and much could change by november? >> i think he will be if he gets the nomination a weak contender. he has a lot of critics and enemies. a lot of americans say they would be imprafsed to have the president as the u.n. he will be very hard to elect it. it won't be impossible, but it very very hard. it is hard for a party to elect the president three times in a row. it hasn't happened since 1998. clinton represents continuity and they won't stop saying a vote for her is a vote for obama no party has won three elections in a row, but the polls are showing that the two leading candidates are the ones that have the highest negatives of all, donald trump and hillary
10:54 pm
clinto clinton. >> in the general leks but not in their own primaries. i think there is a sense that both of them had to have a hard fought race to emerge in their prarms and that's part-- primaries and that's controversial. they mobilize their base, but they're polarizing for the opposite party space. i'm not the only polster on here but bill is one too he deserves the shout out. the polarizing aspect of this, if it ends up being donald trump and hillary clinton, we've seen a pretty ugly primary campaign. the general election could get even worse >> yes, but you have something that come into play that didn't in 1988 which is the opportunity to create history because, yes, although republicans will say
10:55 pm
this is the third term of obama, the independents and democrats will say within their generation within a short period of time they were able to elect the first african-american president and the first woman president. she talked about that when she announced. she hasn't said that much lately. i guarantee it comes back into the narrative tarting july. if you have donald trump that will be an easy narrative to take. do you want to make history twice in a row or vote for donald trump with all the baggage he has brought to the table in this race he was a bit more presidential tonight. do you see he maybe able to win this will change him? >> he certainly understands the news cycles, how quickly news moves, he knows how transitory all these events are.
10:56 pm
he is able to seize the moment in each case. you're hearing as he begins to rack up these delegates, a more presidential donald trump, somebody who talks well of his opponents. you will see a change in him as he gets closer to winning the nomination ali velshi, what was the react there to mr cruz's speech? >> first of all, i wanted to tell you you're right. the noticeable difference in ted cruz was his demeanour. it was much lower energy than it is, much less forceful. he didn't have that crowd. he normally has a huge crowd. then you come here. those guys were waiting up on stage for 30 or 40 minutes until donald trump stopped talking. it almost looked like he was running up the clock. ted cruz's speech was about donald trump. what he talked about was how he
10:57 pm
is the only viable candidate to defeat donald trump and if this primary season moves forward with a divided field, it becomes donald trump's and that will be an affront to republicans and conservatives. that was his theme. he has decided that he is trying to get marco rubio out of the race. donald trump kept calling himself the unifier. cruz kept talking about the fact that he is the guy to bring this party together to defeat donald trump seems unlikely that either senator will drop out. thank you alley ali-- thank you, ali. our coverage continues in a few minutes.
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
welcome back to our extensive coverage of super tuesday. we will start with david shuster for the latest on the results and what they mean. a big night for double-stranded and clinton, cruz but not so good for marco rubio and bernie sanders. but that might change with minnesota. >> you see ted cruz with wins in
11:01 pm
texas and oklahoma. all the reds states go to donald trump. look at the results right now in the minnesota race on the republican side. here you will see marco rubio at 37%. so this could be the state that gets him into the win column and again he desperately needs a win to say why he should continue until florida, which is in two weeks which is winner take all. going through all the results so far. on the republican side the state of texas, again ted cruz has won texas 42 to 27. he will get of the majority. oklahoma another victory for ted cruz. 34 to 28. he will get a majority, 43 delegates in oklahoma. georgia, this is a big win for donald trump. marco rubio, though, and ted cruz will walk away with some delegates because they broke the
11:02 pm
20% threshold. alabama, another donald trump in the south. 44%. ted cruz is teetering on the edge there at 20%. tennessee, another win for donald trump. 40% to texas senator ted cruz. marco rubio will pick up a few there if he can maintain above 20%. donald trump won in massachusetts. a huge spread there. he is trying to prove he can win the republicans in the north-east and those coming up. virginia, donald trump won 34 to 31. this was a state marco rubio thought he might be able to steal. you can see margin 3 percentage points. donald trump will win the state of virginia. arkansaw, another victory for donald trump there, 33 to 29. again close with second.
11:03 pm
marco rubio there at 24%. they will each get some delegates but the majority to donald trump. we are still waiting from minnesota and others tonight. here is the map on the democratic side. bernie sanders has won this blue in the south. hillary clinton run up the numbers, but starting with vermont. bernie sanders won there 86% to 14. oklahoma, another decisive win for bernie sanders. 51 to 41. the majority of the 38 will go to bernie sanders. keep in mind, watch the margins that hillary clinton was able to pull down in the south. the biggest prize of the night, 67 to 30; in other words, 222 delegates and hillary clinton will get most of them but two out of every three.
11:04 pm
a much bigger spread than bernie sanders was hoping for. georgia, another win for hillary clinton there, 71 to 28. exit polls found that hillary clinton took four out of every five african-american voters. that explains the huge spread in georgia. alabama a, 78 to 18. it underscores that bernie sanders is not able to break through. that is why the delegate count in alabama will be a large spread. tennessee hillary clinton walking away with 66 to 32. keep in mind these 30 point margins mean a significant amount of delegates. virginia, this was a race that bernie sanders thought he might be able to stay close, but hillary clinton is walking away with the majority of delegates in the state of virginia. that is 20 to 25 points not the
11:05 pm
margin bernie sanders was counting. arkansaw, 68 to 27. again, for all these southern states, bernie sanders was hoping to keep within 10 to 15 points, maybe 20 at the most. when you have this spread hillary clinton is able to roll up her delegate lead. massachusetts is still out, it is tight, it is a difference of about 24,000 votes, but only 20% left. this may be too much for bernie sanders to tighten. there are still some votes there, so it could get closer. either way they're going to split the 91 delegates, but this will be a psychological defeat for bernie sanders to lose. an easy victory here for bernie sanders, 59 to 40. a pretty large trove of
11:06 pm
delegates. in colorado, 58 to 40. the problem for bernie sanders is despite, perhaps, victories in colorado and elsewhere, he is not able to keep track with the wide margins that hillary clinton was able to run up across the south thank you. jim hooley is in colorado. there is a preference poll there which might be one of the few places where bernie sanders might get good news tonight >> yes. it looks like it is a bright spot out here for bernie sanders. this room was filled, a high school in denver. hundreds of people here. it was mobbed here just a short time ago. it went very quickly. people came in and they did that
11:07 pm
presidential preference vote. they pretty much have up and left. bernie sanders is leading hillary clinton by some 56 to 42% of the votes. i want to bring in a professor from metro state university. the numbers with bernie sanders now in the lead, solidly in the lead over hillary clinton. does that surprise you? >> it doesn't. i think everyone expected this to be one of the states in which sanders had a good shot. he has done well in caucus states, number one, because of the climate that he generates. people turn out. i think that is one of the factors. he is also early returns from minnesota. he is running well there. he has won and might come away
11:08 pm
with two others and massachusetts hasn't been called. >> this is a preferential vote. what does that mean? >> it is one of the states that is a caucus state. during the 90s it held presidential primary elections, but it went back to the caucus system. people gather, hash out the things. for the democrats they hold a preference vote. they go through the things, how many people for bernie sanders and hillary clinton. all of those kind of items. that is the first stage. then it goes from the precincts to the counties, 64 counties, then the congressional districts and then there's a statewide. we get an idea of what the count is. >> republicans a no show in terms of caucus
11:09 pm
>> they decided not to hold a presidential preference poll during the caucus. they do business, the business of the party, but no presidential vote so no-one is going around saying donald trump, marco rubio, ted cruz, john kasich. no-one is doing that at all. i would be surprised in terms of number that democratic ones shall roebl drawn more. it will be interesting to see how many numbers. in 2008, 120,000 people turned out for caucuses on the democratic side. it seems to have been crowds in a bunch of places, but we will have to get a final number. >> reporter: thank you for joining us. those numbers show that bernie sanders now leading hillary clinton with 20% of the voting here so far in the precincts here.
11:10 pm
it looks like there is a bright spot here as we move out to the west and some voting coming in. this is what bernie sanders was looking for. apparently this is what he is getting here in colorado tonight an interesting and complicated situation there. not so complicated in texas. ali velshi is in texas. a big win for senator cruz >> yes. my heard is hurting listening to that explanation. here it is simple. you come in, you vote for who you want to vote for and most people voted for ted cruz. he got this, oklahoma. he came in second in a bunch of places. he did okay tonight, obviously not as well as donald trump did. >> with donald trump we heard a
11:11 pm
rare moment of humility for donald trump. texas was a much win straight for krus, with a sigh of relief that the favorite son is dominating in this state. tension as a testing ground, be it ted cruz or donald trump. donald trump exit polls showing voters favoring him on tend to be low income, less educated and liked him for speaking his mind versus ted cruz who are your established tea party members here in texas who have traditionally all turned out for the senator. ted cruz addressing the decision in the republican party in a speech earlier today.
11:12 pm
>> so long as the field remains divided, his path to the election remains more likely. that would be a disaster for everyone, for the nation. >> it was historic. the turn out here was historic among g.o.p. primary voters with many first-time voters and one in five votings in the first primary of their lives again, ted cruz pulling out all the stops here in texas. he was introduced on the stage here by the lieutenant governor of texas. he was supported by the current governor and the former governor. ted cruz was a solicitor general in this state. he ran against the popular
11:13 pm
senate. he won and was the u.s. senator in texas. i'm going to virginia, another success for donald trump and hillary clinton. >> a near record turn out here today. over a million people came out to vote and cast their ballots. no big surprises when it koim to who came out on top. hilary was able to handle bernie sanders here. an interesting thing was the poling leading up to super tuesday with regard to that gap between donald trump and marco rubio was narrow. it was a lot more narrow than was anticipated. a lot of voters that we talked to today were saying that they were getting - they were deciding who they were going to go with. that was one of the things that early polling suggested that people were deciding late who
11:14 pm
they were going to go with. we spoke to a couple of republican voters here earlier tonight who said this race is not what they had anticipated. a lot of people saying that donald trump was entertaining in the beginning and these are republicans who say at this point now it's not funny any more. one voter said he woke up in a cold sweat and tossed out donald trump ties. he wanted a more reasonable republican candidate, but the potential or the possibility, the growing potential for donald trump to win the nomination is something that another voter said while he says anybody but trump, if he gets that nomination, he is going to have to support him. a lot of conflict that we're seeing here amongst republicans when it comes to what they're going to do moving forward as they look to the november electio election. >> that is the several hundred
11:15 pm
million dollar question. who do we do next? that voter waking up in a cold sweat thinking it's really happening. the battle for taking on donald trump is now in full swing. ted cruz making that appeal to republicans saying if the path has two opponents, it is much clearer for donald trump to the nomination. basically imploring rubio to get out of the case. rubio gets to say he has won one. what happens now, where do the gars go? >> do not expect marco rubio to get out before floor-- florida or john kasich. you have this buy fur indicated situation where-- bifurcated
11:16 pm
situation. it will go against trump, like a super pack. they will turn their fire power on trump and are already doing so in tv adds and other kinds of communications. >> reporter: as we've talked through the campaign, a number of super packs and billionaires in it country, they have kept their powder dry n this case a super pack who piles on to get rid of trump, if you're an establishment conservative, you weren't interested in ted cruz to start with. he has always been on the outside. are you still keeping your powder dry or have you decided that trump is the greater of two evils? >> they may have no choice at this point when it comes to keeping their powder dry. we have a lot of groups who
11:17 pm
wanted to do that during the primary season and save it for the general election when they were coming up against hillary clinton. that south korean a luxury at this point for some of them. we've seen some organizations, super packs and nonprofit organizations, going against trump, ones that in at least a couple of paces are backed by the coke brothers, even though they have not backed yet. they're beginning to tip into the anti trump primary are going to be major players in the next weeks ahead. bernie sanders is a money making machine. >> he had a very big february. he raised about 40 million dollars from initial accounts. this is going to be something where the momentum may not be what it was in february, but we're getting beyond that
11:18 pm
momentum situation where the delegate council is what matters. bernie will have to make the case, to keep making those $27 donations and support him going forward, but it will be a harder case for him to make today than it was early in the evening before votes were in the box. >> reporter: he has managed to keep the super packs out of his campaign. you have to admire him for that. good to talk to you. thank you. there sure is a lot of money in this campaign there certainly is. let's check in with david shuster for some more results. >> we can call colorado, it is 58 to 40 for bernie sanders.
11:19 pm
he will win that. that will be win number 3 if we're keeping track in serps of the states. hillary clinton has six state wins. a battle continues to play out in massachusetts. this was supposed to be one of the five that bernie sanders thought he might win. he is behind by 25 thousand votes in massachusetts with 83% reporting. that looks like a margin that will be too steep for him to climb. you will look at hillary clinton and bernie sanders splitting the 91 delegates, maybe 46, 45 but this would be a pretty big setback for bernie sanders if he does not come out with the win by in massachusetts because, again, he was hoping for that magic number o fe state wins tonight on the democratic side. there is a battle and it was talked about at the top of the republican side. it looks like marco rubio is ge getting a win column.
11:20 pm
he has been declared the winner of the minnesota republican caucus. he will walk away with one state victory tonight. ted cruz has won two and the rest going to donald trump, but rubio is on the board. he will pick up delegates here and also with a couple of second and third place finishes where he reached about 20%. marco rubio can make the argument that he won tonight and he should be entitled to stay in all the way to florida, which is winner takes all two weeks from tonight ted cruz will not be able to say any longer that he is the only one to defeat donald trump. the race for the democrats where you are was pretty much the same. >> absolutely. the clinton campaign has always said they were going to do well in the southment alabama was a perfect example of that. a nine out of ten of the
11:21 pm
african-american voters here went for hillary clinton. that's according to exit polls associated by the associated press. she also actually picked up six out of ten of the white voters here as well. we spoke with a number of african-american voters here. i asked them why they supported her because there was familiarity with them. i asked about bernie sanders and one pretended she didn't know who that was. so hillary clinton was expected to win and she did. as she did throughout the south with these voters. they have been with her all along. they will be with her all the way through november and beyond thank you lisa.
11:22 pm
a political science professor at the university of houston. i want to get your perspective on this question that we have discussed tonight. what does this mean for the republicans going forward? is there going to be a push is as there has been a hope that they coalence around one candidate or would the establishment prefer them to stay in? >> anybody who has driven on roadways in the u.s. knows that your lane is not safe. there will be some swerving. we're at the point where a lot of people are trying to swerve out of their lane into a different lane. people are looking for doings coalitions of voters. rubio is hoping to get support from the establishment. it doesn't look like it is happening any time fast. that may happen in a couple of
11:23 pm
weeks but not soon. winning one isn't enough. ted cruz's best argument is to say i'm the best option given the options you've got if you want to stop donald trump from democratic point of view, would they prefer this to continue? >> i think the democrats like the idea of having hillary clinton as the front runner, but i think they also like the idea of very many other things. the more that bernie sanders is in the race it helps her because it is her talking about issues in a safe space as opposeed to talking about the scandals that might hurt her candidacy a lot of conventional wisdom says if the candidates drop out on the republican side and there's only one opponent to trump, that the votes would coal esaround that candidate--
11:24 pm
coalesce around him. he has been getting more than that in a number of places. some of the votes from the candidates that have dropped out have gone to donald trump >> that's right. it's a weird mix of support that he is getting. he is getting support amongst the middle clash and low income voters, amongst moderate voters, getting evangelical support from ted cruz. i think he is bringing out people who are not otherwise participating in the process or haven't in eight long time. it is an unusual mix of things that makes it difficult to predict and makes polling very hard thank you. david shuster is here now. we've got another call on minnesota. >> we call that for bernie sanders. this is victory for four
11:25 pm
tonight. hillary clinton has a six state win he did not do well in texas. ali velshi is there at the ted cruz headquarters which is empty by now most probably. >> i've got the best party going so far. it is still going on. i want to go to miami and palm beach. we have caravanned-- correspondents there now. shuster just tells us he gets minnesota. we assume he will get florida on 15 march on or do we? >> i wouldn't assume that at all. it's a good thing for him to have.
11:26 pm
it is good for him to be able to come in to florida and say he got a victory. it also changes the way that ted cruz goes about saying that he is the only one who has beaten donald trump. now he has to say he beat him in states. you have to say it's not a goodnight, though, for marco rubio. whenever your candidate is talking about and surrogates are talking about doing well and you've lost, it was not what they wanted to share. tonight people have been saying this is florida, he is not going anywhere. he will be here in two weeks. he wants to win this state and donald trump ahead in the polls, i think, is going to make that very difficult for marco rubio what we have to see is between now or march 15 the establishment starts to coal
11:27 pm
es-- coalesce around him we have a correspondent at hillary clinton's event which has emptied out tonight. >> there's still a few people, including a tough clinton campaign. they want us to know that if tonight goes as they think it goes with the delegate count, then hillary clinton will have the same lead and pledge delegates, just over 100 that obama had at the end of the 2008, the same number of pledge delegates. that is she what she will have at the end of this night over bernie sanders. one other thing to note as the clinton campaign tries to get people to believe, the notion
11:28 pm
that this is inevitable now, hillary clinton only mentioned bernie sanders' name once in her speech tonight. that was at the top congratulating him for a great race thanks. bernie sanders spoke early tonight in burlindton vermont. they got better as the night went on. >> i think they got better on the face of it, but you have to remember massachusetts is in play and it doesn't look hopeful there. the enthusiasm here was palpable. the candidate is intending to go on. his wife says he will not quit until july when the convention is. he has the money, 41.6 million in the bank. they raised almost 7 million dollars yesterday. tomorrow they will be in maine
11:29 pm
and michigan a quick final thoughts here, joe >> a big night for donald trump. he is well on his way. marco rubio and ted cruz, tough night for both of them linda, your final thoughts. >> my final thought is it's a decisive night for hillary clinton and it will be a turning point both in the general election and the primary election. i think the other candidates aside, this is the night that donald trump got the nomination. >> it is going to be a very interesting debate on thursday because cruz and rubio can now claim wins and really go after trump it will be a very interesting couple of weeks. i thank you all. that raps up our super tuesday coverage. diplomatic void is up next. thanks for watching.
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