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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  March 5, 2016 1:30am-2:01am EST

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we'll learn something from them. >> absolutely, thanks for joining us, jamie mcintire at the pentagon. that's or show for today, i'm ali velshi, thank you for joining us. the news continues on al jazeera photos ♪ ♪ >> some of the best names in the republican party, candidates and elder statesmen alike, thou shalt not speak ill of another republican, donald trump about he's nominated, loud voices inside the party say they're ready to either deny the leading vote getter, delegate winner, or openly oppose the party
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standard-bearer. big party? no fun. it's the "inside story." welcome to "inside story." i'm ray suarez. the republican party started its nominating process with some 17th candidates. the parties held 15 primaries and caucus he and one candidate has won ten of them. the bill field gave wide choice of tendencies and thraifers and th flavors andthe guy who's won por weeks has never run for office and has what one might generously call an eclectic standpoint. republicans say they wouldn't be happy for donald trump to be the nominee but after waiting for
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weeks for donald trump to collapse of his own weight, the road from novelty act to favorite is paved with a lot of misescalation. here we are -- miscalculation, now the nontrump activists office holders and donors are saying, what do we do now? presidential candidate and new jersey governor chris christie got out of the race and threw his support behind the front runner. >> the single most important thing for republican party is to nominate the candidate that has the best to hundred against hillary clinton, i can guarantee you the one person hillary clinton and bill clinton don't want to see on the stage in november is donald trump. >> insisting in his speech in utah that trump will bring disaster to the republican
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party. >> dishonesty is trump's hallmark, he spoke boldly against going into iraq. wrong. he spoke in favor of invaitding iraq. he said he saw thousands.of 9/11, wrong, he saw no such thing. he imagined it. he's not the kind of temperament of the stable person we need as leader. his imagination must not be married to real power. >> his opponents against fading odds, say, i'm the guy who can unite the party and beat the democrats. >> head to head, donald trump loses to hillary clinton not by close, but by eight points. the same poll that shows me
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beating hillary clinton. >> and trump himself, if he thinks he has to change course to win republicans over, it didn't show last night. >> department of education, we're getting rid of common core, we're bringing education locally. department of environmental protection we're going to get rid of it in almost every form, we're going to have little tidbits out but we are taking very much out. irs, every single agency we can cut it down and i mean really cut it down and say the waste, fraud and abuse is massive. >> this morning, a new group, calling itself the committee to draft speaker ryan, a new superpac to rally mainstream republicans and head off a trump nomination. if it's a party doesn't look like anybody is having a good time. joining me for big party, no fun, the ruckus inside the
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gop, marjorie roe main sinabria, assistant editor, and ron meyer is the editor of red alert politics. john you and i have been talking about this the longest, i'll start with you, we are at a take day that not only you but many said wouldn't come. you see where we're heading the last week. >> sure. >> what's the best way forward? >> the best way forward for the republican establishment is to have john kasich or marco rubio emerge as the one single person that could beat trump. that seems rather unlikely because trump has the balls team, leading in all the polls, and that's comforting that we have resources ns in to stop him.
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but we'll see what happens in michigan and they don't look good for the anti-trump forces there. >> marjorie senabria, what do you think from here to the republican convention? >> the only thing here is to beat hillary clinton. cruz says he can bring the party together and defeat trump and hillary, i don't think those can happen within the republican party. we need to focus on beating hillary in november. >> meaning what? you let a trump candidate proceed if that is republican elect electorate averages wish? >> trump can't beat hillary, we need someone who can actually win the white house and when that happens, we'll be able to maybe rebuild the party from there. >> ron meyer, donald trump has been a candidate since june. and i'm wondering if it's fair
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that no one yet has yet figured out how to run against him. >> that's right. we're going to have to get creative. i think what marjorie's saying, we have to get creative, something to change this game. i think rubio is having a hard time in florida, his campaign's admitso. and kasich is having trouble in ohio. the two leading contenders, need to, think, crubio, cruz-rubio, i'm no fan of cruz and rubio but i'd rather have cruz and rubio than donald trump about instead of talking about his persona acknowledge let's get into the policies he wants. just like bernie sanders is a european style socialist, instead of bringing american
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conserve toix thconservatism toe table, antiimmigration, antitrade, that's what these trying to bring to america. if you look at la pen in france, that's what it mirrors. the reason donald trump is refusing to speak to cpac this weekend, he says young americans will redirect his ideology. we're getting to see what his ideology is, it's not what made our country great or not what will make the country great again. >> could donald trump have been neutralized and really dismissed as a force back when he was providing some of the money and the muscle hind berthaism for instance? >> you think. people got caught fla flatfooted with donald trump they only dismissed him for his attitude. peep like his
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attitude, american conservatism works acknowledge we want a new ronald reagan, someone who can communicate. donald trump is the furthest from him. i like the reasoning, someone who has been a philanderer, be to encourage bad behavior, wide openly admit it, is this the type of person you want? defawded peopldefrauded people r school. we have one candidate, donald trump who has actually put people in a position with student loans with nothing in value in return. is that the type of person we want representing our party? >> john i'm wondering if there's a middle-ground scenario where people look at trump's lack of specific ideology. and say well, here's a guy who's malleable, who's moldable, who changes whenever he sees it's intishes to
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expeditious to change. let's lawyer him up and try to work with this guy? >> i think that's the only action. i don't know if you can beat donald trump beforehand. a strategy of containment, contain his impulses, have a good vice president, a good group of advisors, something you work up at the convention. i get what you're saying, ray, he's somebody who has been on all sides of all issues and when he is mostly an opportunist. he had the opportunity to tap into white middle class anger which has overwhelmed everybody else in the polls the way nobody else has, with the possible exemption of ted cruz. cruz -- exception of ted cruz. >> madre, i'll talk to you when
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>> the only live national news show at 11:00 eastern. >> we start with breaking news. >> let's take a closer look.
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♪ ♪ >> you're watching "inside story." i'm ray suarez. we're talking about the amazing things you're hearing inside the republican world this week. party luminaries urging voters to choose favorite sons in coming primaries in order to deny the front runner the nomination. declaring their support for hillary clinton, republicans familiar with convention mechanics to deny the person who might roll into the convention with the most votes, the most delegates, promising to vote him, quote, like a hot rock if
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he's the nominee. big party no fun. john feary, and american legionary, i'm wondering how this is going to look to those you are trying to urge to vote republican in the fall, to say this is the guy who got the most votes and not the guy we're going to allow to get the nomination? >> actually it is a question of mobilization at this point. trump has tapped into lower middle class anger as john said. we need more people to show up. i think gop has had such a weak ground game and i think they haven't looked at trump's be weaknesses and exposed them. how do we include more people who feel disenfranchised? the people who support trump feel like they've been left out of the party for too long a time and they're back with a vengeance.
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the people who have previously felt they have never been included in the washington politics game can have a voice and support america and not just a popularity contest. >> if that is case, isn't that going to even intensify that feeling? if their wishes as voters are turned back in favor of another candidate? >> i don't think they'll be turned back so much as they'll be redirected. i think it's really a question of look, we're talking about an american fascist here and the end of american conservatism as we know it. if we don't mobilize people to save what we have, the things that are good about this country and good about each other then trump is going to take white house. i don't want to be there when it happed happens. i happens, i want to work against it. >> as a student of it i found it fascinating, because the very
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people who are in favor of trump are probably showing shoes at the television, trying to take down romney. >> i think mitt romney resonates with a lot of republicans. by the way i didn't support him in 2012 until he was the nominee but afterwards i rchted th respe way he ran his race. there are some people who took his message to heart but the problem is his criticisms were correct. they were the right ones that would resonate with the voters. we need the candidates, ted cruz, marco rubio, john kasich, to be saying these things two months ago. maybe romney is going to position himself for convention, many voters would be very upset about this. if we do the convention thing, the party's going to be ripped apart. we can hear from two of us at
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least i would be hard to support donald trump if he were the nominee and i've been on the conservative side my entire life. >> try convince us ron. >> the number one imperative for republican party right now is to stop hillary clinton. i think that you know with donald trump's many flaws, there can be an effort to contain those flaws. i don't want donald trump to be nominee. i think that would be a mistake but you have to respect the wish of the voters. i think that having a brokered convention that takes the achievement away from donald trump is going to diminish the excitement from the trump voters. and you know we have big stakes here. i mean from my perspective the most important thing going to happen by the next president is the appointing for the the replacement for antonin scalia. not someone that hillary clinton
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but someone that the vast majorities of republicans want. there are high stakes here and i think donald trump is a significantly flawed candidate and not my first choice. >> interestingly, no matter what you think moderators did last night, they waited until the end to ask a very telling question, we have been hearing for an hour and 50 minutes about how bad a guy donald trump was. they were asking if they would support him if about he was the republican nominee. they all said they would support him if he was the republican nominee. a telling moment? >> i do think so, there's a note of resignation in the republican party that john kasich has, he is a son of a gun but our son of a gun against hillary. but the polls are showing he does not beat hillary. and i agree with my gentleman friend -- >> ron.
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>> ron, i'm sorry, we got to come up with something creative. it may need to be fast, but we have to decide, what is our priority 1 ought to be, beating hillary. >> big party no fun. stay with us, it's "inside
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back to "inside story," i'm ray suarez. donald trump has said in recent days with greater frequency and more urgency, that instead of bringing a political apocalypse he's bringing new life to the party. >> let me start off -- >> 30 seconds sir. >> okay, that i'm really proud of. millions of people have come to the republican party, and by the people. this is a trend that's taken place it's the biggest thing happening in politics and i'm very proud to be a part of it. >> he's won a more successful campaign than be many would be amazed by. do you support him only at your peril, good party, no fun,
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marjorie, john and ron are still with me. ron, i think last night was fascinating because if you try to trump him, use the kind of moves that he uses, on him, it doesn't pull him down, but does risk pulling you yourself other candidate down. >> yes. >> but if you try to bring facts, like real verifiable by. there are moments last night that it was clear he didn't understand the question or didn't understand the policy he was discussing and didn't steam matter at all. >> that's right. his message is i'm going to win win win, i'm going to keep winning and we're going to cut waste, fraud and abuse, and it will somehow all add up. he says the polls have been right, a few months ago, donald trump was winning, we said it couldn't be right, it was right,
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the polls said he would win in an historic landslide. yes he's adding people he's bringing in democrats he's bringing in what you said, an angry white electorate that haven't voted republican before. but the millennials, next generation of voters fundamentally reject what he's running on. they are going to support someone else. the polls show that hillary clinton would secure more than 70% of millennial voters. she's not popular with millennials, she's losing to bernie sanders in thee stays. we'll lose the next generation of voters for a lifetime potentially. >> maybe it's not donald trump marjorie, it's the democrats, consume were an incoherent party
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in 1965 made up of unionists and made no sense as a party so eventually they busted up and they had a long wander in the wilderness until they figured out what they were maybe this is the historic moment for this to happen for republican party. >> in 1965 you had the civil rights movement, and there was a fundamental disagreement which way do we go and who do we include like i was talking about earlier. >> you mean there isn't a fundamental disagreement over something like free trade where people are cheering the idea of unilaterally abrogating international agreements and bringing back manufacturing from china and -- >> donald trump is a tv host, he knows how to get good ratings. >> don't put down tv hosts. >> but does he know how to translate those votes into an actual movement that could sustain i don't know about that, sorry --
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>> there has been a ideologic split on protectionism for quite a while. the protections wing has been small led by the pat buchanans of the world. largely anti-immigrant. that has spread lie a cancer, that's bad politics because immigrants are important to this country, important to the economy and important politically. and if we alienate them all it is bad for politics. the thing about donald trump he's not much about an ideologic guy. to your point marjorie he's a celebrity. he's a celebrity who knows how to play to type and his type right now is authoritarianism. and studies have shown that this authoritarian streak in him appeals to americans who feel we're going downhill and we need an authoritarian to bring us back. >> that's why he delights in that get him out of here stuff
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and punch him in the face. >> there's no evidence of how he will govern because he's never governed before. so that's the thing that's the great unknown. we don't know how he'll do against hillary clinton. once he gets the nomination in a the completely different way and the other thing about the trump voters, they are not going to be persuade, they like trump and no matter what, they'll stick with him. >> being you can't beat something with nothing, in cards, and it's true that more than half of the republicans have voted for someone other than donald trump they've split that vote 15 different ways. he's got about a half the vote, between a third and a half going in. who's going to beat him? who is in a position to beat him? >> no one can really drop out at this point but there has to be teamwork. you need kasich to win ohio, you need rubio to win florida. i think after today the only
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potential stran strategy is a cz rubio strategy. er he'll be my vice president, we'll make a conservative coalition like reagan-bush and we can win this election. >> didn't look that popular last night during the debate. >> of course, they would have to say i'm dropping out of the race. no one wants to say that. but it's time leave conventional wisdom and politics behind and do something that is fundamentally historic that will change the nature of this race. >> i'm not sure that ted cruz is that enjoy. and i'll tell you why. ted cruz and donald trump been largely saying a lot of the same things, you know very anti-immigrant, coming from ted cruz, ironic. i don't think that's a bad strategy but those are the two wrong guys. >> i think ted cruz is playing to trump's voters and trying to pick them up.
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i don't think you can win the whitwhite house without kasich. got to have kasich. probably the only one with credentials that can actually lead the country. i'm for a trump kasich ticket. >> three republicans around the table it didn't seem like a pity party, you guys are looking forward to the next several months and i'll be watching closely almost john feary, marjorie sinabria and ron meyer. the roots of trumpism, if you will, join us monday, i'm ray suarez thanks for watching. good night.
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protests in istanbul after police raid the offices of turkey's biggest newspaper. you're watching al jazeera. coming up in the next half hour, gunmen attack a retirement known run by nones in yemen killing 16 people. -- nuns in yemen a ship under new sanctions. a report from south sudan on the water crisis that has put 180,000 people at risk


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