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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 8, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> that's america tonight. please come back. we'll have more of america tonight tomorrow. game changers? >> thank you very much, everybody. this was an amazing evening voters in four states make their picks. a tight race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. an american killed. >> i heard someone yelling there are terrorists an american student is stabbed to death in one of three attacks in israel not long
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before vice president joe biden arrived in the country for talks. problematic plan >> the expulsion of news is prohibited a proposal to send refugees back to turkey in exchange for more e.u. aid money could be illegal. escalating tensions. >> translation: government will continue to make efforts to sanction and put on north korea south korea imposes new sanctions on north korea as the president there prepares an arsenal good evening. we begin al jazeera america's international hour in the u.s. with politics and another round of presidential primaries. we've got winners in two of the four races.
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hillary clinton has won the mississippi. bernie sanders is holding a lead in a race that is too close. on the republican donald trump was the big winner in both. david shut terror joins us with the-- shuster joins us. >> reporter: all of those attacks on donald trump, where they have come from, they have done nothing to his march. he has 14 state contests. contest number 13 was in the state of michigan. the big prize donald trump will walk away with 21 delegates. he has a margin of victory wider over john kasich than a lot of people had anticipated. again, a decisive win for him in the industrial mid-west. he also got a big victim free in
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mississippi. there are more votes to be counted but it would suggest that he reached about 50% for the first time in this nomination contest, over 50% there and this would suggest that trump's feeling continues to get higher not loe as the republican establishment has been trying to argue. let's turn to the democrats. hillary clinton, well, she has another victory for her in the south 83 to 15 for her. she will get 30 of the 36 delegates in michigan. that is important because she is getting a buffer. that is important because look at what is happening to her in michigan. this has a lot of democrats nervous about the fall. bernie sanders 49 to 48 with the 47% reporting. a difference of about 8,000. hillary clinton if she is the nominee needs to win michigan if she is going to win the general
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election. what this is showing, a lot of democrats are pointing out the bernie sanders message on the economy, the anti free trade rhetoric is resonating with many, with people thinking about all the jobs that went. she would beat donald trump on that issue. donald trump and bernie sanders are the same, their opposition to free trade and others, this makes them nervous to see that hillary clinton is in a state of her life, in michigan, a state that she should be doing well in. look at this delegate spread. this is why the results of michigan may not matter so much, 699 to 477. hillary clinton anticipated of tonight will widen her lead even
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in michigan goes to bernie sanders. this is the kind of margin for bernie sanders to overcome at this particular juncture in the race. he is able to make the argument that hillary clinton is a regional candidate, she wins in the south and perhaps in iowa, but pitch began is a big state and this is the kind of result that will have democrats nervous, as they think about her being a nominee for the party is the fall thank you. for month analysis let's go to detroit and al jazeera's senior political caravanned michael shaw-- correspondent michael shaw. the race tightening up a little bit there between the remaining candidates behind truch at least. what's the news out of mich? -- donald trump. >> reporter: the margin that donald trump won by, but you have to look at the fact that john kasich who has been surging both the national polls and
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those here in michigan did find a way to finish in second place. he called it that he will finish in second, particularly counting on money here favoring john kasich in that race. i think that we cannot talk about the republicans tonight without mentioning the fact that it could be amarco rubio does not get one single delegate tonight. if he doesn't get a delegate it means that he will leave here headed into florida next week without winning a delegate tonight. that's big news. >> i will get michigan because we're going to bring the car industry back. we're going to take it back to michigan. it is never even a question. when that's candidates are talking a question, it's not a question. michigan is not something they
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even talk about >> reporter: that, of course, donald trump speaking about michigan where i'm standing now and he is talking about the auto industry, about bringing it back, but it's the democrats that are taking credit when they are talking about that issue here in michigan. i have to tell you this. it's not just anening doelgts, stands-- anecdotal, instruction everywhere, progress everywhere in terms of bringing this city back. you see a change. donald trump is talking about that, but he knows the people here have seen that performance increase already in the last year since the auto bail out. people in michigan are looking at that and wondering what republicans can do differently here in michigan the democrats haven't done already in the white house >> reporter: on the democratic side there is this close race that seems to be tightening bernie sanders ahead of hillary clinton of about half the precincts reporting. the question there as you were
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talking about the auto bail out is hillary clinton was way ahead in the polls but she took a hit at sanders about the auto bail out and a lot was made about whether it might have been low blow. did that hurt her. >> reporter: i don't know what hurt her. it seemed as if it helped her. she said that it was a little bit taking - the wind out of sanders at that debate. i think david shuster touched on something when he said about the trade sector. union members here loathe these trade deals. i think that will matter more than anything that was said in the debate. hillary clinton spoke earlier in cleveland tonight, addressed how she feels about the rach and michigan and where it is going - race >> i've seen the people in flint, michigan, working to help and heal their community.
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i've read entrepreneurs that cross this country and city after city who are starting small businesses and i've met mothers who have lost their children to gun violence. they're turning their mourning into a movement. >> reporter: bernie sanders for his part, though, he has to look at the numbers coming out of wane county which is a big part of this state and the voting. right now 33% of the report was in and he was only down by six points. hillary clinton cannot win michigan with numbers like that. look at the flint numbers later on, but bernie himself in a better position than he thought he would be. it won't necessarily change the delegate count that much, but it will change the narrative about the ability of hillary clinton should she win tonight. it will also make her have to run a little bit longer against bernie sanders, not with the clinton people or what the secretary wants to do no.
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she has been talking about how she wants to start aiming at the republicans. she wants bernie sanders out of the race as soon as possible. we will get back to you later. we're joined by long time political analyst bill schneider. bill, i think i'm hearing the fat lady singing on the republican side. >> yes. trump is doing very well, but he may be losing momentum. late deciders did not go for trump, they wept for john kasich or ted cruz, so it may be slowing down. but as long as it is divided between ted cruz and john kasich he will do well in the polls, head to head competition against ted cruz, marco rubio or john kasich, trump loses badly. >> he does but there is no head to head. john kasich is moving up. marco rubio is failing, and cruz
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is moving up. they're showing momentum. as long as there's this division trump is okay john kasich momentum tonight in michigan. he is expected to do better than the mid before west and the rust belt. that is somewhat positive for john kasich and marco rubio is having a terrible night so far tonight. those two national polls i mentioned were divergent. one showed a very tight race with only about 10 points separating trump from the lowest vote getter in that poll which was marco rubio. the other poll showed a bigger gap. do you think, as you were saying, do you really think that we're seeing an enthusiasm gap, that enthusiasm weakening for trump? >> i do. he did not do well among women. men he did very many with, but women voters, who are the majority there, are losing some
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confidence in him. they find him risky, reckless. donald trump with nuclear weapons, that's a horrifying thought one woman said the numbers wive seen that, again-- wive seen that, again a large turn out on the republican side. could those issues be open vee eighted-- obviated by trump bringing out more? >> that has happened. there's turn out for bernie sanders. both trump and sanders are getting from the anti free trade vote you heard david shuster talk about how it is manging michigan - drn michigan is making democrats nervous because if bernie sanders holds on for a win there, that will be a very
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big price, one that clinton folks did not want >> it will be a shot that she couldn't win michigan. in the exit poll only half of the michigan democratic voters says they want a candidate that will continue obama's policies. those wanting change were voting for sanders. there are a lot of democrats who are hurting financially, who don't like the administrative tryings trade - administration trade policy. hillary clinton has embraced the obama and a candidate of the status quo which is hurting her all over you have been involved in campaigns and looking at campaigns since the 1970s. tonight i saw something interesting. donald trump comes out to speak shortly after 9 o'clock. is talking for a little while and hillary clinton comes out while he is speaking, not one
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network showed a second of hillary clinton speaking. is that a mistake on the clinton folk's side to wait until he finishes to get time in the spotlight >> it probably was. he is inirresistable. if he is on the air he will get coverage, even if he is talk about what he had for dinner always good to talk to you. stick around. we will stick some more as the night goes on. >> thank you donald trump knitted he has yet to-- admitted he is yet to put a foreign policy team together. there has been issues about that. donald trump has dismissed criticisms saying diplomats are upset over his tough stance on trade. north korea raches up the rhetoric. al-shabab accuses the u.s. lying
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upon the impact of the american strike on one of the group's training camps in somalia. it's a ticking time bomb. >>do you know what chemicals have been in that tank? >> my big brother didn't wake up the next day. al jazeera america's... >> today they will be arrested. >>they're firing canisters of gas at us. >> we have to get out of here.
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vice president biden is calling the killing of a student in israel an act of terror. she was stabbed by a palestinian short before he arrived for talks with israeli and palestinian leaders. the suspect was later killed by
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israeli police. the 29 year old student was on a school trip when he was killed. the attacks come at a time when relations between president obama and israeli netanyahu have hit another obstacle >> after years of tension and acrimony they said they had patched things up. there is now an open breach between the leaders of the u.s. and israel. >> reporter: the white house thought it had a deal. prime minister netanyahu would meet with pat obama on march 18. >> we thought he would do that, that the prime minister would do that. we learned that he was not going to do that based on media reports >> reporter: in other words, the white house was caught flat footed in public. it is a breach of protocol says the president spokesman on a matter that should have been handled privately >> i think it is good manners gentleman while the white house
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says it's not a snub. few were being that. republicans invited netanyahu to address a joint meeting of congress where he asked to reject a deal. >> leaving iran with a vast nuclear program >> reporter: that angered the white house which turned down an oval office meeting on the grounds that netanyahu was in in the middle of a testify political campaign and a meeting might be seen as an endorsement. in what many interpret as a tit for tat. a meeting with him might interfere with the ongoing u.s. presidential campaign. the lastest issue comes at the end of a tested relationship. at the meeting netanyahu lectured obama on the history >> it cannot go back to the 1967 lines. >> reporter: tuesday the vice
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president landed in israel, another visit to patch things up. on the table an agreement on u.s. aid for israeli security known as the memorandum of understanding. it would mean billions of military aid over 10 years. me had a message from mr obama. >> i am delighted to be here. the president sends his greetings and we have absolute total unvarnished commitment to israel tomorrow night we will take a closer look at the relations after vice president meets with benjamin netanyahu and the president. north korean leader said today that his scientists have developed miniature nuclear warheads that can be deployed on ballistic missiles. the news agency said he outlined the capabilities and hopes for the future while inspecting a
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nuclear facility. experts have disputed similar claims. north korea has intensified its rhetoric since the u.n. security council improved tougher sanctions against it. south korea is implementing new restrictions against the north in addition to the new u.n. sanctions. rob mcbride has more from seoul >> reporter: the new measures are designed to put further pressure on north korea on top of the wide ranging sanctions already agreed by the united nations last week. key individuals and organizations from north korea and some foreigners giving government support will place sanctions. there will be further restrictions on trade. >> translation: there will be foreign vessels stopped in the north korean port from entering domestic ports gentleman the restrictions include north korean restaurants operating overseas, seen as a major source
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of foreign currency. south koreans are being urged to eat elsewhere. in the dealings with north korea this is a further indication from the president park geun-hye that north korea only responds to the stick. from china's foreign minister a sign of alarm from the deteriorating situation. >> translation: if tensions are escalated or even grow out control, it will be disastrous to all parties as the largest neighboring country, china will not watch the peninsula become unstable >> reporter: government leaders in seoul are showing they're prepared to take tougher unilateral action whatever the reaction might be from the north. south korea spy agency has chosen this moment to raise a report alleging wide scale cyber hacking into smart phones even the control system of the
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network rail. north korea has denied accusations in the past. south korea has thees, a fur evidence of a threat that requires a tougher stance iran says it has test fired several ballistic missiles earlier this year. >> our longstanding concerns with the program have been cell written. even earlier this year the u.s. put in place sanctions against iran because of their ballistic missile activity >> reporter: the whut house says the tests are not a violation with the nuclear agreement with the u.s. but it is a worrying development nonetheless. sanctions will not stop tehran from developing missiles. the air strike in syria targeted
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the i.s.i.l.'s minister of war which was believed to have been seen last friday. that town was recaptured from i.s.i.l. last month. he is said to be one of the leader's closest military advisers. the pentagon has yet to confirm whether he was killed in the attack. the somali rebel group al-shabab said the death toll from saturday's u.s. air strike is exaggerated: u.s. said it killed 150 fighters. the u.n.'s top tur tour investigator is renewing his call to visit all prisons in the u.s. it is a demand being made for five years. the uc l.a. says the u.s. is stone walling him. men dez is calling for the issues over detaining prisoners
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gitmo in relation to the zika virus after the meeting of the emergency committee w.h.o. is advising pregnant women to stay away from areas that have zika outbreaks. officials say the link that is not been proven back-up studies point to sexual trance his mission, birth defects and another system which causes paralysis in children and adults >> substantial new clinical and research has strengthed zika infection and occurrence of foetal malformations and neurological disorders. in addition the geographical spread of the disease is wider. the risk group is broader and the modes of tran mission now
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include sexual intercourse as welcome back. a quick reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. as mosquito bites w.h.o. drekor dr margaret chan also said it's important to recommend strong public health measures immediately and not wait for definitive proof of those links. coming up the latest primary results with voters in four states weighing in to what the results mean for the presidential nominations. venezuelan opposition vows to pursue everything necessary to oust the president. smips ssissippi
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welcome back to al jazeera america. coming up in this half hour of international news why the european union deal for asylum seekers could be illegal. donald trump and hillary clinton were the night's big winners in mississippi. donald trump has taken the michigan primary but the democratics are still open. david shuster joins us again with more on tonight's results so far including the key state of michigan where hillary clinton and bernie sanders have been locked in a tight race. donald trump has won kwis convincingly on the republican side >> yes. two more decisive victories for
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him. when you look at the margins given the attacks that donald trump has been facing oh the last few days, take a look at first of all michigan 36 to 25 over john kasich. a lot of people said this race might be closer, 2 or 3 points based on the latest polling going into this election night, but look at this, 36% donald trump's ceiling is getting heighter and that-- higher and that is making republicans nervous. in mississippi, donald trump has set a new high in terms of the ceiling. he is edging close to 50%. 47 here for ted cruz a southern state where he thought he might do well because of the evangelical. these numbers are important because john kasich and marco rubio are bow low the threshold
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of getting any delegates in mississippi. john kasich will pick up delegates in michigan. you mentioned the idaho primary which we speck to come in. it has 32 delegates at stake. everybody will be chasing donald trump. there are caucuses in hawaii. the same terms there, polls suggesting another goodnight for donald trump. they're six hours behind all of us here. hillary clinton got a huge victory in mississippi, if only because of margin, 82 to 16 over bernie sanders it means that of the asserted 36 elected delegates, hillary clinton will probably get 29 or 30. bernie sanders pay be five or six. that spread of 25 is important because look at what is happening to hillary clinton in michigan. bernie sanders has a 3 point edge that would suggest he will probably win maybe around 70 of
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the delegates if this holds up. this will be a humiliation of hillary clinton given the importance that she had placed on michigan over the last couple of days. bernie sanders' message about inincome equality, unfair trade, that is resonating with the people there. if you look at the overall candidates, in overall delegates, she is head of bernie sanders by about 200 in the overall delegate count, 699 to 478. this margin is larger than it was for obama and hillary clinton in the 2008 race. clinton people say there's no way bernie sanders can overcome this, with results like tonight, but the bernie sanders campaign saying she is a regional candidate, she can only win in the south and bernie sanders is
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proving that he is winning in a state that democrats have to have in november if they're going to defeat the republicans in the general election thank you. democrats and republicans are headed to the polls to the in mississippi. hillary clinton easily defeated bernie sanders. despite g.o.p. efforts to stop his momentum, it was a big night for donald trump. our correspondent is in jackson, mississippi. the mississippi secretary of state reported low voter turn out today which is certainly unusual because almost everywhere else we have been seeing a huge turn out, especially on the republican side. how significant was that low voter turn out in today's contests? >> reporter: a lot of the precincts today reported a slow turn out today, but it looks like for hillary clinton and for donald trump their strongest base of supporters showed up. some of the early exit pollings
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show a large number of african-american, more than 2008. so it was low on the democratic side. it is a strong base for hillary clinton. then on democratic showed numbers down but a lot of evangelical photoers turned up and voted for donald trump. men showed up and that's an area where donald trump did well here in mississippi and also some of the data showing that the economy is one of the number one concerns. perhaps another reason why it was not so good was because they didn't campaign down here but focus episode on michigan and florida. so hillary clinton didn't spend time here, neither did bernie sanders, although hillary clinton did and her husband bill did. we know that donald trump spend time here with ted cruz but not a lot of focus here. perhaps that had something to do with the turn out it could be an important
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victory because mississippi has a high number of white evangelicals which is where ted cruz was supposed to be strong. >> reporter: yes. ted cruz's campaign said that mississippi was one of the big question marks. donald trump expected to win here, but the question tonight was going to be how big could he win because we will remember on saturday he won louisiana. but by four points. so ted cruz was hoping he could make the argument that donald trump was losing some of his momentum in these deep southern states. according to some of the numbers we saw it looks like donald trump has a decisive lead here in mississippi easily winning with about 50% of the votes. donald trump taking away most of the delegates. ted cruz will hopefully get some delegates because he has reached that 15% threshold. he got the endorsement of ted
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cr cruz-- the mayor john kasich and marco rubio came nowhere close to 915%. so they will get nothing. thanks. david shuster with us later. the question has to be donald trump is ahead. is there any way to stop him? gentleman there is a mathematical way to deny him a majority of the delegates. he will certainly have a pleurality based on the proceed jebbing tree. -- projectory. if it were to continue and donald trump and ted cruz and john kasich were alternating victory, donald trump will go to 40% and might be shy with 51%. the question is can the other 60% band together and dizzy who the donald trump should be.
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that is assuming john kasich, marco rubio and ted cruz are able to alnature victories, but it is hard to believe that will happen tonight is actually muddling the picture for the possible anti donald trump candidate. it was looking like ted cruz had some momentum. cruz should have done well in mississippi. if he can't beat trump there, where is he going to beat him? >> reporter: that's right. it is a great night in terms of donald trump, because he pushing up to 50% he could get all the delegates if he manages to break that 50%. >> reporter: if you look at john kasich who said he was the anti trump candidate, donald trump will probably walk away with the double digit victory and marco rubio may end the night with a big facility 0 in terms of delegates because he is finishing in fourth an not above
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915% threshold. marco rubio who is getting stopped in florida it doesn't get better for him the question will be does john kasich get a lift out of the fact that he may be that taking second place. it is tight between him and ted cruz >> reporter: yes. he will walk away with some delegates and john kasich will go to his home state and be beating donald trump there. john kasich has to mathematical chance of catching up to trump. the only chance of that in terms of the delegate count before the convention is ted cruz. you can imagine a scenario a weak from now, what if ted cruz gets shut out, what if he doesn't win because of john kasich and marco rubio? mathematically bernie sanders is a very did you have road to hoe here because of hillary clinton's super
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delegates. >> reporter: the elected delegates - the sanders theory is that if bernie sanders wins the majority of the elected delegates and because he is railing against the establishment, he would be able to convince most of the super delegates at the convention to switch and go with minimum. in terms of the effort for bernie sanders to win the elected delegates is behind by about 200 now. to close that margin he would have to start winning all the contests by 55/45 split. new york, california, all these states, it is possible that bernie sanders is able to close these margins that suggest he is behind 20 points in some of these polling and states, but can he get to a ten point lead. in michigan he may walk away with a victory but that doesn't help him in terms of the math you watched donald trump speaking tonight. >> reporter: he is trying to be more presidential, but the one thing that has got democrats nervous, you heard him talking
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about, in addition the donald trump stakes, he talked about trade. trade resonates. free trade is something that voters hate in michigan, other areas that democrats have to win in the fall. they're are a lot who are saying hillary clinton's message about donald trump may be not cutting through something something that she had supported. >> reporter: right. democrats should be very near obvious tonight when they look forward to a general election match up between hillary clinton and donald trump. hillary clinton is the right of trade ebs. hillary clinton will have a problem with that. donald trump will argue he is not the person who is not beholding any wall street interests because he is funding his own campaign. we heard anecdotal evidence from officials that thousands of democrats signed up to vote in
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the republican primary tonight in michigan, thousands more have already done that in ohio which votes a week from tonight. donald trump is expanding not one just republicans, attracting independence and democrats and that will make democrats nervous thank you. another day of bloodshed near the tunisia/libya border. soldiers investigating yesterday's assault were attacked in a nearby village. at least five people died. >> reporter: in the village family and friends are in mourning. this man's daughter was killed in monday's attack. she was 15 years old. >> translation: she told me i will send you and mother to mecca. i will become a doctor so i can afford it. now she died and she is a martyr and god willing we will be in
10:42 pm
heaven thanks to her >> reporter: as we prepare to leave there's gunfire in the distance. it gets closer. we take cover inside. will villagers were here to pay their respects. now they fear more people will be killed if the gunmen return. >> reporter: we have been told to take cover and stay inside. the army says it is searching for two armed fighters roaming this neighborhood at the moment. clearly this operation isn't over yet. people here blame i.s.i.l. for the insecurity. they're also angry at the tunisian government closing the border with libya. >> translation: they have told us we can no longer smuggle and they won't develop the area. so what. do you want us to die. >> reporter: the priority for tunisia's army is to find the attackers search every home on the ground with help from the
10:43 pm
air. army commanders suspect some local people may be helping hiding them. dozens of young men from benefit garden travel to libya for training and to join groups such as i.s.i.l. the challenge for the government and police now is to track men returning returning to tunisia. >> translation: 36 fighters have been killed and seven more have been arrested. we have some information of some tunisian elements involved, but there are also foreigners responsible for this attack. we have gathered important information from the terrorist. >> reporter: villagers here are living in fear. until now fighting in libya was something they watched on tv news. they never expected the fighting to surround their homes. they feel helpless as they wait for the next attack
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one of the main refugee routes into western europe is now closed. at midnight slovenia required migrants to present a valid e.u. visa before crossing its border. it leaves thousands of asylum seekers struck on the greece and macedonia border with nowhere to go. e.u. thought of sending them back to turkey but the u.n. says their plan would not be legal. >> reporter: the european union has had plans to deal with the refugee crisis before they have all failed. this year alone more than 143,000 people have arrived by see. so e.u. leaders have now come up with a new proposal that goes much further than anything tried before for the first time they say those who arrived from turkey will be sent back. it is controversial. already the u.n. refugee agency, the u.n.h.c.r., has expressed
10:45 pm
concern and questioned its legality. >> do you fear that currently the proposal in its current form could be illegal under international humanitarian law? >> yes. collective expression of foreign policy is prohibited under the european convention of human rights who on agreement would be tantamount to blanket return of any foreigners to reentry is not consistent with european law, is not consistent with international law. >> reporter: even tougher criticism of the deal which was negotiated until the on early hours of the morning in brussels that is come from human rights organizations. >> it is an extraordinary idea. an idea that might sound good at 1 o'clock 1 o'clock in the morning but in the cold light of draw is fraught with problems. if the e.u.'s idea of taking part in a global responsible, global sharing of refugees is to make the number of syrian refugees it takes in conditional on the number of syrians prepared to risk their lives in
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a boat, then that is decision-making from the heart of a moral abyss. >> reporter: e.u. leaders meet again in just over a week's time and the u.n. wants clarification by then about the new plan. there are not just potentially legal problems, the e.u. knows the world is watching and pictures of desperate people being forceably moved will be deeply controversial. james bays > malaysian authorities released a report on mh370. they said they were not yet to give a final report >> a report ln completed in the u.n. wreckage of the aircraft was located memorandum -- a vigil was
10:47 pm
organized by the widow of the plane's inflight supervisor. other gathering was held in beijing. in venezuela they are calling for the largest movement in the largest history to get rid of a sitting president. they're blaming him for crippling economy. >> translation: we ask for all the people to come together to achieve the resignation of president maduro demanding it by drinking together a majority which will be peaceful and decidedly democratic the opposition alliance is calling for street protests. what we call referendum or a constitutional amendment to end the term. the ruling party says to expect
10:48 pm
a tough fight. >> translation: we are willing to fight the most important battle, the one which we have been fighting, the economic battle and they will not throw us out the opposition says rallies in favor of the his removal will begin on saturday. four days after the adelaide massacre of 28 miners in venezuela he is vowing to bring to justice anyone responsible for their disappearance. he says his vettors are talking to the families of the men and all security forces involved until the truth emerges about what committed the crime. they were killed for a battle over a mine. >> reporter: authorities have begun investigating allegations that 28 miners might have been massacred. family members of these 28 men took to the streets, a small town in southern venezuela, to protest the disappear appearance
10:49 pm
of their loved ones. they're claiming that these men never came back from work after friday. eyewitness accounts sdrind r described a scene of carnage where several of these men were shot and dismembered. the government said these allegations could not be proven but has now moved to send investigators and also the ombudsman to look into the testimonies of the families of these men. this area is very rich in gold and diamonds and has seen not only legal but also rampant illegal mining. it has said to have become worse after five criminal gangs took control of the area. the opposition has said that these possibility of this massacre only highlights just how lawless this area is and has said that these criminal gangs could only work in this area with the cooperation of a
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corrupt military force celebrating international women's day coming up seeking gender equality and the empowerment of women. the arctic games are getting underway where half the battle is fighting mother nature.
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al jazeera america.
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today is international women's day to empower young girls and women to encourage the fight for equality across the globe. women are using the day to celebrate and reflect on the progress made and still focus on the hurdles ahead. ban ki-moon marked the occasion >> every woman and every girl deserves fell human rights. when equality is a reality our words words will have great peace, sustainable prosperity and human rights for all the u.n. is calling to step up the fight for gender equality and accelerate the agenda on women's human rights. now our global events. on this day the jordan times says sweden should be annulled plauded for fighting to include women's voices in the syrian peace talks. women's organizations and female leaders have valuable knowledge, experience and expertise that
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must be brought to the table when creating piece in conflict areas. it conclude by saying gender equality isn't just a goem to strive for, it is also a means to reach other goals including sustainable peace. the south china morning post say war hawks are calling for military spending and the growth is lower than it has been for many yearsment the paper thinks the slower growth should calm the international community's fears over the rise of china's military arguing that it is growing at a sensible pace to protect china's economic and political interests in the region. telegraph has published this cartoon at the ten's star. the tennis suffer is suffering a backlash after admitting she
10:55 pm
used that banned substance. nike and parsche have suspended their relationship with her. tag heur has severed ties with her completely. she is currently the highest paid female athlete in the world. snow storms and limited transportation options have threatened to keep athletes away from green land. the grapes play a pivotal role in building prijs between the communities. >> reporter: transport options are limited in a country that's 81% ice. there is no national road system so helicopters planes and boats are the only way to get between towns. just 56,000 people live in this vast country, a third of them in nuuk, the world's smallest capital but hosting the biggest event. up here you see how isolated and
10:56 pm
inhas h-- inhospital this country is. it is so rare for people from across the area to come together and meet in one place. that's where the arctic winter games come in. medals competed for in both summer and winter olympics as well as traditional sports rarely seen outside the arctic circle. in places like here many come together to play. it has been a heart fought victory with the airport being closed until just before the first day of competition. >> we were posed to come here for three days. >> we need to be somewhere it is
10:57 pm
easy to get to. >> reporter: the medallist has a job to get athletes to the games. >> it is not like anywhere else. we spend money just to see family. when you get to see the other people, at the time nice to see that we're isolated and we think it's only us here in the north, but we're not >> reporter: the games finish on friday when fisker will begin the job of getting them home but only if the weather decide toz play ball that's it for this international news hour on al jazeera america. our special political coverage continues next. we're expecting the results from the idaho republican primary shortly after the top of the hour. i will back with more news in two minutes.
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good evening. this is al jazeera america. any minute now we're expecting the first results from idaho's presidential primary. we will bring those to you as soon as we get to them. the it would two day's primaries. it seems to be a big upset in michigan. >> reporter: that's right. bernie sanders is going to win the michigan democratic primary. here is why. if you look at the latest race board you will see that bernie sanders is up by about 34,000 votes, 74% reportin