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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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good evening. this is al jazeera america. any minute now we're expecting the first results from idaho's presidential primary. we will bring those to you as soon as we get to them. the it would two day's primaries. it seems to be a big upset in michigan. >> reporter: that's right. bernie sanders is going to win the michigan democratic primary. here is why. if you look at the latest race board you will see that bernie sanders is up by about 34,000 votes, 74% reporting. the biggest counties where the
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most votes is the county, the university of michigan. bernie sanders is winning that counting by about 57 to 42. the on other county that is still largely is wane county, detrait. hillary clinton is winning that 47 to 52. a majority of the delegates 130 will go to bernie sanders but the split will be even. the closeness of this race is going to mean that mississippi, the results there matter even more because look at this. hillary clinton won 83 to 16. it means that she will work away from mississippi with about 39 or 30 of the elected delegates. bernie sanders will get five or six. she will add to her 200 delegate margin by about 20 by the time all of the votes are counted tonight. hillary clinton will gain in
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terms of her path to the nomination even though michigan is a huge setback because the sanders campaign is arguing for democrats to win in november they have to get those votes in the states of michigan. until she can do that there's not the same sense of inevitability about her nomination. this has been a big night on the republic side for donald trump. he has won 14 states in the nomination contest and number 13 tonight is michigan. donald trump won 36 to 24. this was a double digit margin. much wider than people had participated. it underscores the donald trump that agrees with bernie sanders in terms of being ingredients free trade and naft and transpacific partnership. that economic message is playing well in placements like michigan and you're seeing democratic cross-over voters who like what he is saying and they registered in the primary tonight. donald trump picked up a big win
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in mississippi. a double digit win over ted cruz. ted cruz will get some delegates. john kasich and marco rubio will walk away from mississippi with no delegates because they did not reach 915% threshold. we are waiting for results on the republican side from idaho. no results in yet. we will bring the results to you. leading into this election night in idaho it looked like it would be a goodnight for donald trump and has the case in hawaii. the field is chasing donald trump and he may sleep the floor tonight on the republican side we will talk more about it in a minute. going to detroit where al jazeera's michael shaw has the latest on the michigan primaries. the democratic race neck and neck looking better and better for bernie sanders and that is certainly something the polls
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didn't come anywhere close to predicking. >> reporter: no. as a market of fact, this is probably if bernie sanders wins here in michigan, which he is likely to be the winner mere, a lot of the vote that isn't counted yet is in wane county and most of that in detroit city. those votes have gone 16% to hillary clinton, by 16% to hillary clinton and in detrait even more. there are not enough votes probably left to count in order to make up the deficit that she has in this. this could be a big surprise with the exception of donald trump's success all year long. the biggest surprise of all the nominating contest. we look at this and we see that the united auto workers who really liked bernie from the beginning came around the other night after that debate, perhaps, but also after these private sector unions never warmed to hillary clinton on those trade issues. that is making a difference here in michigan
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donald trump, the big winner but there's a fight now for second place between john kasich and ted cruz. they're only a tends of a percentage point a-- tenth of a percentage point apart. >> reporter: i think he has it. whether or not ee wins or just behind him, the narrative is the same john kasich has seen his numbers going up. their campaign is since every candidate has dropped out john kasich has gotten better. i don't know if there's a correlation there, but john kasich is happy by the way things went in michigan >> we're pleased with what has happened. when you think about where we have come from basically single digitss where people said how is he going to do where we are in all likelihood going to finish is second place, over 20%.
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[ applause ] >> reporter: john kasich has been talking for weeks now about once the election moves north, ohio and michigan, he will do well. dearborne michigan, the highest concentration of arab-americans in the country went to 33% to donald trump. even winning in the city of highest concentration of arab-americans in the u.s. that is a fascinating election year. we will talk to you more in a minute. both democrats and republicans went to the polls today in mississippi. hillary clinton defeated bernie sanders and despite party efforts to stop his momentum it was a big night for donald trump. sdwroo no big surprises-- >> reporter: no big surprises here. some voter turn out but it and a
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strong base support helped hillary clinton walk away with victory. as more turned out on tuesday to vote as they did in the 2008 primary. evangelical voters backed donald trump and that's why you saw him out front with a lead. ted cruz is supposed to do better here after receiving the endorsement of the governor. he will walk away with 15%, at least 15% of the vote, meaning that he will have delegates here. he was hoping to make the case that donald trump's support here was fading after donald trump's narrow victory in loisiana. but he looks like walking away after a win here joining us now is bill schneid rshgs esh schneidre vment what do you think the headline of the night
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is in some >> that bernie sanders may beat clinton. that's a big blow to her campaign michael you agree? >> reporter: yes. i don't see how it wouldn't be. especially it doesn't change the delegate count nor the fact of a strong lead. now they go further where she was strong leads and it changes what happens in michigan if she does have a loss why do you think it happened? poles showed her way ahead in the polls in michigan. >> reporter: i think there are a couple of things. in the last 48 hours the bernie sanders campaign flooded the airways with his economic message, the idea that hillary clinton supported the kind of trade deals that according to the sanders campaign caused a lot of jobs. there's indication that at least in the local media and michael will talk to this, hillary
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clinton got stung by her comment that bernie sanders opposed the auto bail out. every organization said it wasn't true. bernie sanders opposed the tarp bail out and obama added money to that and bernie sanders did support the auto bail out in the one vote that he had. it gives the idea that there's something dishonest or sneaky about clinton and that was over media for the last 24 hours. that hurt her a lot that raises the importance of the debates and the question becomes marco rubio's attempts to go after donald trump certainly seem to have back fired for him and don't seem to have really hurt donald trump even the attacks on donald trump about his vulgarity in the last debate don't seemed to have hurt him >> it's amazing. he can say the most outlandish
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things and survives. he is becoming more controversial. he is losing spour among women. slons he has two-- support-- as long as he has the situation as he is in, it goods looks good polls came out and showed tightening. it doesn't seem like donald trump is running away with it completely. >> reporter: there is some remorse. people who vote late in michigan, for example, a lot of them didn't go to donald trump. i think the message from mitt romney and the super packs, there is a cumulative effect which is causing people to think do we really want donald trump to be ou nominee. on the other hand donald trump's-- our. he is the only one against free trade and suggested that he would invite a trade war with china and mexico. that resonates. where there is donald trump on
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the rye and bernie sanders on the left, people are really rild up about the economic gains that we have seen in the decade past have gone to the wealthy and infrayings hasn't changed since the 1970s. people are mad about this and people are tapping into it do you think that had a lot to do with his big victory in michigan? >> i do. i think the late breaking, i think when you look at all of those factors, his victory here is about free trade. so too will be bernie sanders if that happens. an interesting part of the question you just asked david is this, david talked about a poll that showed a tightening in the race and that's a poll that came out today in world street journal and n.b.c. 10 point between double-stranded and marco rubio. marco rubio has 20%. where are they going? if he doesn't stay in the race he may get out earlier. he says he is in it, that he is
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not going anywhere. those voters are going to make the biggest difference in this race going forward whether it is decided in cleveland or before cleveland. that's a big chunk saying that they supported marco rubio there was also a poll today that showed a larger gap with trump with a bigger lead. both polls showed that if donald trump went head to head, if it was one-on-one with any of the other three, john kasich, ted cruz or marco rubio, those three would be trumped. do you think we are going to see it after next tuesday a very strong movement on the republican party side for two of those three, i don't know which ones, to drop out. >> you're going to see the movement among the republic establishment because they want a clean fight, donald trump versus somebody.
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probably they don't want druz. it's not happening. the problem is even if it ends up with ted cruz and john kasich without marco rubio, each of them has a base. they have people who like them and want them. john kasich and marco rubio don't like cruz people and the cruz people are not going to go for john kasich or marco rubio what do you think will happen? the two big states, florida for marco rubio ohio for john kasich. if they both lose and they bodies are behind in polls in their home states. won't the pressure about-- both are behind in the poll >> reporter: there will be pressure for them to drop out. i think it will be too late. donald trump is on the glide path - if it was donald trump against marco rubio or john kasich or ted cruz starting now, then the math works out that there is a chance for the donald trump alternative to win and when you get to the winner takes all, there's no way for the math to work out if you have three or
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four candidates that are in it through next week. next week we've got votes winner talks all. again, there is no way for the donald trump alternative after next week to accumulate enough delegates in the remaining states to get a majority. the question is can you somehow deny the donald trump majority, the plurality shlgs maybe 40%. it is tough to go into a convention after donald trump saying the establishment is against me and somehow have them deny him the nomination the question will be - all of that will depend on how many delegates from past. the few he has, the better the argument for the establishment. >> reporter: that's true. one thing that you're forgetting, and a lot of people forget, is that if donald trump even has the line share of delegates and bill can speak to
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this as well, when you get to that convention, it is not like he is going to be powerless. his campaign will get some say. it is a broker convention. the biggest broker right now is donald trump. even if he doesn't have enough but is there, he will have a lot of power at that convention and he will not be stow it on those who have run against him he will go to ted cruz and say, look, you get your delegates to pledge to me and i will put you on the ticket. i don't have got ten minutes. if you don't do that i'm going to rubio or john kasich. there's so many ways that he can keep this from a floor fight. again, as michael is pointing out he has all the cards bill, final thought on that, what could happen at the convention? >> if there is a brokered convention and donald trump comes in with a sizeable
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pleurality of delegates, even if he doesn't have the majority, keep them all in the race of keep him from getting the majority, can you marijuana an american kon convenienting to give the nomination to a candidate who did worse than trumps in the primaries, or some like paul ryan who didn't run? the last time a party tried that was democrats in relation to hubert hum free we will see what happens. we will have more coming up on today's primaries and caucuses, including early numbers from idea hoe idaho. the death of an occupier refuge is being investigated. that's coming up
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>> every monday night. >> i lived that character. >> go one on one with america's movers and shakers. >> we will be able to see change. >> gripping... inspiring... entertaining. no topic off limits. >> 'cause i'm like, "dad, there are hookers in this house". >> exclusive conversations you won't find anywhere else. >> these are very vivid, human stories. >> if you have an agenda with people, you sometimes don't see the truth. >> "talk to al jazeera". monday, 6:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america. a baltimore police officer charged in the death of freddie grey will have to testify against five colleagues. the ruling was made today. william porter's first dril
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ended in a hung jury. his lawyer wanted to keep him off the stand until his retrial. the state's highest court rejected that argument. new trial dates are being set for the five other indicted officers. today a district attorney in organ said that local police who killed one of the oregon occupiers were justified. the f.b.i. agent were also involved. evidence shows at least one f.b.i. agent fired at levon finnicum. he was killed after he drove through a pl blockade near the wildlife refuge. police say troopers fired the shots that killed him. vice president biden is calling the killing of an american gradual substitute in israel today an act of terror. 29 year old watts stabbed by a palestinian before biden arrived
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for talks with palestinian leaders. the suspect was killed by israeli police. the student was on a school trip when he was killed. also today prime minister netanyahu rejected an invitation to meet with president obama later this month. the surprise snub adds more tension between the two leaders. >> reporter: after years of tension they said they had patched things up. the white house thought it had a deal. prime minister netanyahu would meet with president obama on march 18 in the oval office. then came the surprise. >> our expectation was that he would do that, that the prime minister would do that and learn that he was not going to do it they saw media reports. >> reporter: in other words, the
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white house was caught flat footed in public. it's a breach of protocol on a matter that should have been handled privately. while the white house says it's not a snub, given the history between the two leaders few were buying it. republicans invited netanyahu to address a joint meeting of congress last march. >> leaving iran with a vast nuclear program. >> reporter: that angered the white house which turned down an oefl office meeting on the grounds that netanyahu was in the middle of a tough political campaign and a meeting might be seen as an endorsement. now in what many interpreter as a tit for tat slap of the white house this explanation was that a meeting with obama might interfere with the presidential campaign.
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at the oval office meeting netanyahu lectured obama on history. >> it cannot go back to the 1967 lines. >> reporter: tuesday vice pet biden landed in israel, a trip in the ongoing effort to patch things up. on the table an agreement for u.s. aid for the israeli security. it would mean billions of aid over 10 years. greeting elder statements man, he had a message-- statesman, a message. >> i am delighted to be here. president the sends his greetings. we have unvarnished commit to israel north korean leader said his scientist developed miniature nuclear warheads that can be deployed on ballistic missiles. he outlined the country's capabilities and his hopes for
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the future while inspecting a nuclear facility. western experts have long disputed similar claims. north korea has intensified its rhetoric since the u.n. security council urged tougher sanctions against it. the u.s. department of justice is expanding its investigation into volkswagen. the justice department has issued a subpoena under the financial institute's reform recovery an enforcement act to see if the company committed fraud. that could look back at conduct over the past 10 years that's twice as long as a criminal investigation. polls predicted an easy victory for hillary clinton in tonight's democratic primary, but more than three hours after the polls closed we are still waiting for a call and it is looking lining bernie sanders could pull off an upset.
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democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton and mitchell obama will-- michelle obama will attend former first lady's nancy reaga her funeral. a final look at today's election results. david shuster joins us now. there have been twists and turns tonight. it is still early. >> reporter: idaho, the board on the republican side. you see 36 to 28, only 7% in. there is a 20% threshold, so everyone would get delegates under this scenario. keep in mind this has been a great night for donald trump. not many delegates here.
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13 point victory over john kasich. this is a wider margin than anybody had anticipated. it suggests donald trump free trade screed is playing well. there is, of course, another battle tonight and that is mississippi. donald trump also the winner in mississippi. ted cruz has hoping to pull an upset. donald trump showing that he can win not only in michigan but also in the deep south in mississippi. we're also expecting the results tonight from the hawaii republican caucuses. they're getting together to select who they think the nomination will be. let's take a look at the democratic side and what an interesting night it has been. hillary clinton simply stopped bernie sanders 82 to 16. something like 60% african america vote in mississippi. that would be the largest ratio
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of any contest so far. hillary clinton will get the line share of mississippi delegates. that will be important. look at what is happening with the delegates in michigan. bernie sanders has 27,000 votes. hillary clinton is not going to make this up with the votes that are still outstanding in detroit. almost 60/40. go blue. bernie sanders, of course, counting on those younger voters to help him. this is going to be something of a setback for democratics and something that causes heart burn when they think about november because like donald trump, bernie sanders is against free trade. it has been a central theme of his campaign. hillary clinton message has been little less. hillary clinton would be to the right of donald trump on this issue. that's not a place that the democrats want them to be it has been an interesting
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night. thanks. thanks for joining us for the latest news. you can go to for all the news. >> mao zedung said that women hold up half the sky, but on the ground, it's hard to fully appreciate the lives and work of women and since they deserve full equality, economically, socially, politically. on this international women's day, we'll acknowledge we're not there yet but are we headed in the right direction? it's the "inside story".