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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 10, 2016 9:30am-10:01am EST

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picture coming from the white house in washington, d.c. where as you see, president obama is speaking in welcome to justin trudeau, the newly elected prime minister of canada, for the first time in 19 years. >> gave us in florida, hillary clinton and better than sand spar over immigration in their final debasement before the next major primary, the president and canada prime minister talk over trade and easier travel across the border. lead in the water not just in flint, in new jersey's largest school district.
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this is aljazeera america live from new york city, i'm stephanie sy. the presidential campaign is focused on florida this morning, that is where voters from bolt parties are trying to court the hispanic vote ahead of next week's primaries. hillary clinton and bernie sanders health their eighth debate in miami last night. immigration was one point of contention. they also clashed on jobs and where they stand on the issue of cuba. what has been the reaction to what we saw in the debate last night? >> good morning to you, stephanie. certainly a lot of attention on this debate. there were back-to-back debates in florida this week, one for the democrats last night, another for the republicans tonight and bernie sanders certainly had a very good night last night, coming to face hillary clinton after a very strong win in michigan. >> secretary hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders faced off
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in miami, hoping to win the latino vote, immigration reform took center stage. >> can you promise tonight that you won't deport children? >> i will not deport children. i do not want to deport family members, either, jorge. i want to, as i said prioritize who would be deported, violent criminals, people planning terrorist attacks, anybody who threatens us. >> i happen to agree with president obama on many, many issues, i think he's done a great job at president of the united states. is wrong on this issue of deportation. i disagree with him on that, so to answer your question, no, i will not deport children from the united states. >> secretary clinton was pressed on the issue of trust several times. >> i am not a natural politician, in case you haven't noticed, like my husband or president obama, so i have a view that i just have to do the best i can, get the results i can, make a difference in
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people's lives. >> and clinton again had explained her email controversy and why she decided to use a private server. >> there was no permission to be asked. it had been done by my predecessors. it was permitted. >> if you get indicted, will you repent. >> that is ridiculous. i'm not even going to answer that question. >> senator clinton, is donald trump a racist? >> karen, i'm going to follow my friend senator sanders model here. if i am so fortunate enough to be the democratic nominee, there will be a lot of time to talk about him. i was the first one to call him out. i called him out when he was calling mexicans rapists. >> i think that the american people are never going to elect a president who insults
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mexicans, who insults muslims who insults women. >> an issue that struck a cord for florida residents was cuba. president obama is headed there in two weeks. >> the cuban people deserve to have their human rights respected and upheld. they deserve to be able to move forwards democracy, where they pick their own leaders. >> look, i understand that not everybody in florida or the united states will agree, but i think we have got to end the embargo. >> sanders was held to task for supporting fidel castro back in the 1980's. >> in retrospect have you regretted the characterizations of fidel castro that you made in 1985? >> the key issue here was whether the united states should go around overthrowing small latin american countries. >> you didn't answer the question. >> it was a mistake. >> both candidates look ahead to next tuesday's contest in five states, where 793 delegates are
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at stake. >> that very well could be the last democratic debate, another one is not yet scheduled, so here in florida, attention turns to republicans who have their own debate, also in miami later tonight. >> we'll get more on that in a second. what do the polls say now about where the democrats stand in florida? >> hillary clinton has consistently enjoyed a very wide lead in florida. there was a poll released yesterday before last night's debate showing that she has a 30 percentage point lead over her opponent, senator bernie sanders. it's a huge lead, a huge challenge for sanders. >> jonathan, thank you. the republican candidates are also focused on the winner take all primary in florida. they'll debate tonight at the university of miami. the latest poll in florida when it comes to the gop has trump
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holding strong with a double budget lead, threatening to humiliate marco rubio in the senator's home state. >> it's been a rough week for donald trump's rivals and for republican leaders trying to change the trajectory of this race. trump goes into tonight's debate compelled by decisive victories this week. >> we're going to win so much, we're going to win win win, we're going to win with our military, we're going to win with everything. we're going to win so much that you're going to say mr. president, we're winning too much. it's too much. >> texas senator ted cruz is trying to broaden his appeal to evangelicals. on wednesday, he got a hug and an endorsement from former presidential candidate carly fiorina. >> we need a real conservative who will provide real conservative solutions in people's lives. that is the only way we beat donald trump and that is the only way we are going to beat hillary clinton and ted is the man to do it. >> the campaign focus now shifts
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to a group of delegate rich states voting on march 15, one of those is florida, marco rubio's home state. he's had a string of poor showings in recent weeks and is trailing trump in virtually all florida polls. the senator remains bullish on his chances. >> i will be on that ballot on tuesday, i will campaign as long and as hard as it takes. we are going, going to the white house. we are going to win this nomination. >> at a town hole wednesday, rubio said he regrets his personal attacks on trump. >> in terms of things that have to do with personal stuff, yeah, at the end of the day, it's not something i'm entirely proud of. my kids were embarrassed by it and if i had to do it again, i wouldn't. >> despite backtracking, donors are expressing concern and major funders of hits campaign are meeting in miami today. >> florida is next tuesday's biggest prize. contests will be held in
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illinois, north carolina and ohio. ohio is john kasich's home state and the latest polls have the governor in a tight battle with trump there. president obama is said to have narrow'd hills list of possible supreme court nominees, saying the president is interviewing five candidates, all federal judges. three serve in washington, d.c. with that is not republicans have vowed to not even consider a nomination to replace justice scalia something democratic paul schumer called part of a pattern. >> it's not just with the supreme court that the republican majority is not doing their job. it's about appointments up and down the line. it's no surprise then that the number of judicial emergencies have tripled since republicans gained the majority in 2015. >> attorney general loretta
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lynch removed herself from consideration, saying the nomination process would interfere with her current job. >> the leader of canada, the prime minister justin trudeau is meeting with president obama in washington. al jazeera's mike viqueira has more on the goals of the trip. >> it's been 19 years, but today, president obama rolls out the red carpet for a canadian prime minister, welcoming justin trudeau to the white house for the pomp and ceremony of an official state visit. the two leaders met once before at a summit in the philippines last fall, shortly after trudeau took office. obama aids see a developing special relationship as trudeau tries to raise canada's profile on the international stage. >> whether it's the united nations, whether it's refugees, climate change, there's a
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zeitgeist of engagement he brings, and so in a certain sense, they are selling canada to the world. >> a major proposal could ease backuppion in the u.s. canada border, clearing customs at ports, highway checkpoints, bus and train stations, much like the preclearance system now in place at many airports. the goal is to ease choke points and speed travel. with $2 billion in goods and services crossing the border day, canada and the u.s. are each other's largest trading partner. one area there's been disagreement, the fight against isil, fulfilling a campaign pledge. last month, trough dough withdrew fighter plans from the u.s. led coalition. >> while air strike operations can be useful to achieve short
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term military and territorial gains, they do not on their own achieve long term stability for local communities. >> at the same time, trudeau stepped up canada's role in training anti isil forces. then there is trudeau, the celebrity. he swept into office in november as the 44-year-old son of a famous prime minister. politico said of his impending visit, justin fever hits washington, and quoted a u.s. official who called the prime minister "dreamy." despite his youth and unoff the cox style, he is more than a political heir. >> no one confuses him with his father, different personality and approach to politics and he's always been a very high profile person in canada since he was born, but he's really i think worked hard to be his own political force. >> many see the meeting between the two leaders as the opening of a new chapter in relations for long time alis. >> at a moment like this, where
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the two leaders, one in his last year in office, the other in his first year in office, see the world through such similar lenses, it creates a really broad visit mistake for collaboration on a lot of tough problems. >> mike viqueira, al jazeera, washington. this morning, a huge storm system is making its way north after unleashing severe deadly weather across the south. at least three people have been killed. in louisiana, texas and oklahoma, some parts of louisiana received upwards of a foot of rain. thousands had to be evacuated because of the flooding. let's bring in search corriveau now. >> we're still looking at texas, particularly louisiana and it's making its way north. arkansas, missouri as well as up to illinois, too, right now, take a look at the warn ins, because these are impressive on how many flash flood warnings are now in effect. the water and the rain is still continuing to fall across this area. actually down towards the south, we've extended the flash flood
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warnings more towards the south here. the reason we are seeing this and we're on the third day of this event, we expect to see three more days with this, is because we have a very stationery pattern going on right now. we have this area of low pressure that's stationed over parts of mexico and what that's doing is pumping up the moisture. the reason it's not moving is because over here towards the east, we have this area of high pressure and that is blocking any movement. we call this a blocking high pattern. until that area moves, nothing else is going to be moving across this area. i wanting to closer into louisiana. as now, we were looking at storm totals in the last hour. we can up that to almost 20 inches of rain in this particular area. we have do expect that will go up over the next couple days. we are seeing considerable rain across much of the south. not much is changing toward saturday, only towards sunday you do we final get a breakdown
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towards the south but will be focusing our attention towards parts of the north, so we will keep you up to date on that. across it is united states to the northeast, yesterday's temperatures broke records here, boston 77, philadelphia you a say one degrees, washington so you 71 degrees. temperatures coming up nicely in new york at 67, but this afternoon, these are the temperatures we are expecting. another 77-degree day in new york and down towards washington, 84 degrees. this is going to be the last. it is slowly going to start going back down tomorrow. >> that really is something. thank you. >> a new warning over lead in new jersey's largest school district, the danger in the drinking water supply.
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in a few hours, the public viewing resumes for nancy reagan, the first lady is lying in repose at her husband's presidential library. people from both sides of the i'll are paying respects. from a funeral home in santa monica, the casket made the journey to simi valley, the final resting place, the presidential library named for her husband, ronald reagan. many paid tribute, including this group of firefighters saluted the hearse as it drove by. los angeles police and others
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waited for a glimpse, some holding flags as the motorcade entered the library grounds. the former first laid will lie in repose wednesday and thursday. >> it's pretty special. i've never been to one before. it's quiet and beautiful, lots of pretty flowers. it's emotional. some people had tears. >> i wanted to pay respect to nancy reagan, because i thought she was so graceful and i can remember when they were in the white house. ronald reagan was actually the first president i ever voted for. >> friday she will be laid to rest alongside her husband. their love story lasted more than five decades. >> when her casket is lowered into the ground, she will be as close to him as though they could hold hands. >> the family attended a small private ceremony, the pallbearers all members of the secret service who served the
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reagan family. members of the military carried her casket into the main lobby. her funeral will be attended by a long list of dignitaries, including former president george w. bush, his wife, laura bush hillary clinton, and first lady michelle obama. flint, michigan is going to stop billing its residents for water at least for now, the city trying to decide how to hand out $30 million in credit from the state. the city needs to figure out how to apply those credits first, michigan approving that money last week, it is designed to reduce the burden on residents who have been paying for lead tainted water now for two years. another city is dealing with contaminated water. dozens of schools in newark new jersey have turned off their taps because of lead. city officials insist this is not another flint. >> officials in newark say it was a report of gray water at one school last thursday that made them move up the annual
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test to check for lead. those tests found a problem with drinking water in 30 city schools. one school had readings 30 times the e.p.a. standard. >> i'm scared. lead causes problems. >> while the city says they don't believe it causes serious health risks, water fountains have been shut off in all 30 schools. they've provided bottled water while they investigate the source of the lead. >> we have a difficult needle to thread here, because in an abundance of caution, we are going the extra mile. >> parents say the schools didn't act fast enough. city and county officials admit they got the lead test results back monday, yet did not let parents know or shut down the water until wednesday. the superintendent blamed logistical issues, saying one day wouldn't make a difference, given the lack of serious health risks the contamination posed, but parents disagree. >> i feel we should have gotten a letter on that day.
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>> they should have told us from the beginning and we could react off of it. >> you look at the news and see flint and think it's someplace else and hear it's in your neighborhood and obviously you're concerned. >> officials say there is problems with the pipes and no problem with the water supply. still, the mayor said he understands the concern. >> we have don't want to by any way diminish the seriousness and importance of what is happening here. the director of the c.d.c. says puerto rico is his top zika virus priority. the doctor said thousands of pregnant women on the island could soon be infected with zeke. in brazil, mothers with the virus have given for it babies with severe brain defects. the p.h.o. said a possible vaccine may not be available for months. >> vaccine development is still
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at an early stage and the most advanced candidates are still a month away from entering human clinical trials. it is therefore possible that vaccines may come late for the current outbreak but developments remains an imperative and in particular, it is important for women of child bearing age. >> the w.h.o. said a--spraying mosquitoes to fight dengue fever that not been effective. regulations will be increased on clinics to ban funding for operation that is operate them. supporters say the goal is to protect women's holt.
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>> rating people, the app that is making some very nervous. google deep mind claims victory over the human champion of the game go.
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al jazeera america. volkswagen's chief here in the u.s. is leaving the company. the president and ceo has stepped down. his departure comes six months after volkswagen admitting installing software to cheat on
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diesel emission little test. 6,000 cars in the u.s. are affected. pop warner football is settling its 50 concussion related lawsuit. the mother of a wisconsin man sued, saying her son committed suicide because of brain injuries he suffered playing tackle football beginning at the age of 11. he was later diagnosed with c.t.e. terms of the settlement weren't disclosed. the mother was seeking $5 million. >> couldn't understand why a happy kid turned into someone so depressed. >> the suit was among the first to be filed after boston university researchers linked memory loss to playing football before the age of 12. they had cognitive dysfunction if starting in their teens. >> a platform for on line
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bullying, we explain a new app. >> it is pretty straight forward. users of the people app can rate other users in three categories, personal, professional and romantic. the makers of the app which went live march seven writes that its purpose is to provide a reference check for the people around us. >> if there was an app like the yelp for people, what do you think about that? >> the internet has the power to literally ruin lives. when this concept was announced, there was an explosion of negative feedback, write review people, he's a jerk but she's really cool didn't seem to fit. since then, the company has changed the app features so it theoretically avoids beking an arena of anonymous criticism. here is the creator explaining
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those changes on the dr. phil show. >> you are not anonymous on our app. you cannot have your profile started by anybody else. you have 100% opt in ability. we want to make sure you have full control over what goes live on our app. >> what's wrong with that? reviews are one of the great inventions of the internet age, where to go to dinner the information age has made it possible to read up on anything or anything before having a personal encounter. as long as people don't hide behind a pseudonym, what's the big deal? it's one thing to write a review about a product, place or qualitfications, it's another about their quality as a human being. there's a whole world of dating apps out there and their makers don't include reviews at all. the reason is simple. here's how one app builder describes it. >> the chemistry is something you cannot review. it's subjective, very personal. somebody who is great for you may not be not so great for somebody else. i think just the concept of reviewing people is just not appropriate.
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>> here's where people has really crossed the line. although the company says you can't publish a negative review on the app and the app is about and the app is about positivity, the company is considering a so-called truth license in which paying users could access unpublished negative reviews of even non-users of the app. the terms and conditions give ownership of anything written on anything written on the platform. it sums up who you are, and it does so in permanent ink. >> jake ward reporting. a google computer scored a second victory against the best player of the game go. the machine's owners is one victory away from winning a $1 million prize, marking a milestone in the development of artificial intelligence. the news continues next live
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from doha. have a great day. >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ hello and welcome to this al jazeera news hour, i'm martine dennis in doha. coming up, more lives lost in europe's refugee crisis, a baby is among five people who have drowned trying to reach greece. >> let us go from here. open the borders. while those living in a greek camp are told to accept that they can go no further.