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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 10, 2016 11:00am-11:31am EST

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more lives lost in europe's refugee crisis. a baby is among five people who drowned trying to reach greece. ♪ hello there, i'm barbara sarah, you are watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up on the program, could a close ally become myanmar's new leader. five years after the tsunami and earthquake, we visit the japanese town trying to rebuild lives and homes. and nurturing talent, the project that encourages the einsteins of the future. ♪
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hello, thank you for joining us, the u.n.'s most senior human rights official has issued a scathi scathing response to the european union's response to the refugee crisis. five people including a baby have drowned as their boat capsized while trying to make the dangerous crossing from turkey to greece. topping the agenda, the proposed plan to return refugees and migrants from europe to turkey, and the decision by some european countries to close their borders to refugees, a decision that has lead to thousands being stranded on the
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border. hoda abdel hamid has this update from greece. >> reporter: the conditions are getting worse by the day. yesterday we were calling it appalling, today there is no word to describe it. it might look like there are less tents. actually the tents were sinking in the ground, and they moved the tents and relocated on the gravel. many people are still trying to figure out what are their options, but after waiting for so long under these very hard conditions, they find themselves in a very vulnerable situation. many told us they have run completely out of money, and they have no other option at the moment than to wait to speak to the u.n. agency for refugees here who then would relocate them somewhere else in the country. those who have money, a tiny
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minority did take buses back to athens, but once they arrive, they are on their own. this morning i was walking around saying hello to people i new already. they couldn't hold their tears. they say they have reached a level of humiliation that they never expected. specifically because they thought once they were in europe things would get easier for them. one of the people waiting is a young refugee from afghanistan. he spoke to hoda about what his family plans to do now. >> it's very difficult for us. we don't have clothes. we don't have food. they get -- they don't get for us anything. they get everything to syrians, and iraqis. we are not humans. >> reporter: now the border is closed for everyone. what will you and your family do at this stage? >> we are here to -- we have to be here, because afghanistan is
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war. we can't go back to afghanistan. we want to border open because there is cold. we can't live here. >> reporter: did your family discuss what they will do? will you stay here in the tent or go somewhere else? >> no, we will stay in this tent because we don't have anything in afghanistan there is war. we don't have anything now. >> >> reporter: and you told me you are traveling with your aunt, your parents are back in afghanistan because they couldn't pay for the trip for everyone? >> yeah, theying can't pay for everyone. i came here, but my family can't come here, because they don't have money. our diplomatic editor, james bayes has more now on the u.n.'s criticism of the e.u.'s handling of the crisis. >> reporter: this is a very
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strong rebuke coming from the u.n. high commissioner for human rights. his annual report on the state of human rights in the world, and the first thing he mentioned was the refugees in the e.u. >> the e.u.'s draft arrangement with turkey earlier this week, raises a number of very serious concerns. we do not yet have full details of this draft, and i plan to discuss my concerns in full during my visit to brussels early next week, before the two-day e.u. summit, which begins on the 17th of march. among my concerns the potential for collected and arbitrary expulsions which are illegal. border restrictions, which do not permit determination of the circumstances of each individual, violates international and european law. >> reporter: the high
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commissioner said the situation in greece was dramatic, and he singled out macedonia, serbia, croatia, slovenia, and ah -- austria. he says he plans to go to brussels to speak to officials about the proposals, and he is hoping when e.u. leaders meet next week on the 17th that they will revise them and come up with something that is compliant with international human rights law. ♪ footage has emerged allegedly showing an israeli security official shooting dead a palestinian man while he lay still on the ground. in the video, a person tells an officer to shoot the man in the head. another person yells, he's on the ground, don't shoot before a gunshot sound. the palestinian man was
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suspected of killing an american tourist and stabbing several others in tel-aviv on tuesday. chief inspector with the israeli police and also spokesman, and joins us live now from west jerusalem. thank you for joining us here on al jazeera. first of all you are seen the video, your official reaction to it? >> well, that incident is being looked into, but what we know what took place prior to that incident, we're talking about a palestinian man, a terrorist who had already stabs nine people, including an american man. but what we can confirm was there was an immediate danger. the man was spotted with a knife, and the officers chased the suspect and shot and killed the suspect at the scene. what is being looked at is the footage of that video, in order
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to understand what happened immediately after the terrorist was shot, and we'll wait to see what the final thoughts are. >> one of the voices we hear in the video says he's on the ground, don't shoot. but you mentioned that you are going to look into it. what does that actually mean? because i read from the website, that the piid, the police internal investigations department, has said there will not be a full investigation. so what do you mean by looking into the incident? >> at the moment, the footage that we have seen, and the footage your viewers are seeing is being transferred for the officials to look into. that's a standard operation. our police officers are under life-threatening situation. we have had a number of people who were stabbed, including the american tourist who was killed already at the scene.
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and our police officers have to respond, and when we can make arrests, we make arrests, when we can't make arrestst, our officers have no choice but to open fire, and shoot the suspects and then make arrests, but in that specific case the terrorist was shot and killed, and we have seen a wave of attacks over the last 48 hours. we have had more than five attacks across jerusalem, tel-aviv, and the jaffa area. when there are attacks we will respond as quickly as possible, according to the exact response that should be by all of our police officers. >> whenever there is a shooting, there is what you call a routine check. so seeing as this video has come out, are you doing anything that is more than a routine check because of this video. surely because of the existence of the video, this isn't just a
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routine video. >> as far as we're concerned each attack is different. officers have to respond, our officers have to make sure there is no further danger. we know there's social media, and footage that is put out, we put out as many videos, and as much information as we have in order to make sure that the public understands, and know what dangers there are, and we see the full footage of the video, and what took place. at the same time, the ministry of justice is looking at that specific -- at that specific video in order to examine what took place at that specific attack. >> just a final point, let me put something to you, that was put on our air about an hour ago by a senior fatah official. he says this incident is just an example of israel's doctrine of excessive use of force, yet another example of israel disproportion nate response when
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palestinians are involved. again, your response to that? >> absolutely incorrect. absolutely inaccurate. i can tell you that the israeli national police are responsible for saving lives and saving innocent people walking through the streets who are being stabbed by palestinian terrorists who are focusing, getting up in the morning, loan individuals, and lone terrorists who are looking to stab citizens and our police. and that is unacceptable. there has to be a fast and rapid response by our police officers. of course it is proportional, if there were attacks anywhere across europe, or the united states, you would expect every police officer to react in the same way. our police officers are responsible, but at the same time all incidents are looked into, and examined as well. >> we will certainly look forward to hearing what the results are from your initial
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investigation. for the moment, sir, thank you. heavy fighting has been reported in syria between government forces and opposition fighters. [ explosion ] >> at least two people are reported to have died in shelling in duma. government forces are also reported to have attacked another town, taking control of a tv station building. the fighting comes despite a truce which started almost two weeks ago. russia has been accused of carrying out air strikes in idlib, while targeting isil fighters in palmyra. a child is among those reported to have been killed. there have been heavy clashes in palmyra, as government forces try to push out isil who were excluded from the truce. this woman may have lead her party to victory in myanmar's
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election, but she cannot become president, because her children have foreign passports. wayne haye reports. >> reporter: this was another important step in myanmar's transition to democracy. members of parliament gathered to hear nominations for the next president. >> translator: i'm happy because the hope for our country starts here, hope for myanmar citizens starts from today too. that's why i'm excited. >> reporter: but there was no sign of the woman who has campaigned for this moment for decades. she lead the her party to a big win in november's election. but under the constitution, she is barred from becoming president. negotiations to change the rules failed amid signs that the political transition is not going smoothly. but the next president will come
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from the nld. the favorite is this nominee, a low-profile, 69 year old, who is a trusted -- he campaigned on a message of hope and change. his positive and optimistic vision is inspiring young people. at home he is governing with inclusivity and equality. on the world stage his country is leading on climate change and cares deeply about development, so from my perspective what is not to like? of course no two nations agree on everything. but in terms of our interests, our values, how we approach the world, few countries match up, the way the united states and canada do. and given our work together today, i can say, and i believe the prime minister would agree, that when it comes to the central challenges we face, our two nations are more closely aligned than ever.
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we want to make it easier to trade and invest with one another. america is already a top destination for canadian expo exports. when so many of our products, like autos are built on both sides of the border this makes us more competitive in the global economy as a whole, and we want to keep it that way. we have instructed our teams to make it even easier for goods and people to move back and forth across the borders. we discussed how to move forward with the trans-pacific partnership, and today we also reaffirmed our determination to move ahead with an agreement to preclear travelers through immigration and customs, making it even easier for canadians and americans to travel and visit and do business together. as nato allies, we're united against the threat of terrorism.
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canada is extremely valuable in fighting isil, stepping up its intelligence efforts in the region, and providing critical humanitarian support. we're working closely together to prevent the flow of foreign fighters and today we agreed to share more information including with respect to our no-fly lists, even as we uphold the privacy and civil liberties of our respective citizens. in syria, the cessation of hostilities has lead to a measurable drop in violence in the civil war, and the united states and canada continue to be leaders in getting humanitarian aid to syrians who are in desperate need. meanwhile our two countries continue to safely welcome refugees from that conflict. and i want to come mend, justin, and the canadian people once
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again for their compassionate leadership on this front. the united states and canada are fully united in combatting climate change. as the first u.s. president to visit the arctic, i saw how both of our nations are threatened by rising seas, disappearing glaciers and sea ice, so we are focusing on making sure the paris agreement is fully implemented, and we're working to double our investments in clean energy research and development. today we're also announcing new steps. canada is joining us in our agreementive goal to bring down methane emissions in the oil and gas sectors in both of our countries, and together we're going to move swiftly to establish comprehensive standards to meet that goal. we're also going to work together to phase down hfc's and eliminate carbon emissions from international aviation. we're announcing a new climate
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and science project, and i'll welcome our partners including canada, to our white house summit to deepen our cooperation in this vital region. mr. prime minister, i want to thank you for canada's continuing support for our new chapter of engagement with the cuban people. we're going to work to help colombia achieve peace, and remove the deadly legacy of land mines there, and our scientists and public health professionals will work with partners across the hemisphere to prevent the spread of the zika virus and work together for diagnostic and vaccines that can make a real difference. and finally, our shared values, our commitment to human development, and dignity to all
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people. through the global health security agenda, we're stepping up our efforts to prevent out break of diseases from becoming epidemics. today our spouses, michelle, and sophie are reaffirming our commitment to the health and education of young women and girls around the world, and canada will be joining our power africa initiative to bring electricity to homes and businesses across the continent and help lift people out of poverty. so, again, justin, i want to thank you for your partnership. i believe we have laid the foundation for greater cooperation for our countries for years to come, and i would like to think that it is only the beginning. i look forward to welcoming you back for the nuclear security summit in a few weeks.
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the prime minister as invited me to address the canadian parliament, and that's a great honor. i look forward to the opportunity to speak directly to the canadian people about the extraordinary future that we can build together. prime minister trudeau. >> thank you, mr. president. good morning, everyone. it's an honor to be here. as i have reflected on the storied relationship between our two great countries, i constantly return to president kennedy's wise words on our friendship that what unites us is far greater than what divide us, and as president obama mentioned earlier, if geography made us neighbors, shared values made us cindered spirits, and it's our joyces individually and collectively, that make us friends. that friendship, matched by much hard work, has allowed us to do great things throughout our
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history, from the beaches of normandy to the free trade agreement and now today on climate change. the president and i share a common goal. we want the clean growth economy that continues to provide good jobs and great opportunities for all f -- of our citizens, and i'm confident by working together we'll get there sooner than we think. let's take the paris agreement, for example. that agreement is both a symbolic declaration of global cooperation on climate change, as well as a practical guide for growing our economies in a responsible and sustainable way. canada and the u.s. have committed to signing the agreement as soon as possible. we know our international partners expect, and indeed need leadership from us on this issue. the president and i have announced today we will take
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ambitious actions to reduce methane emissions nearly by half, reuse use and emissions of carbons, and implement assigned greenhouse gas emission standards from heavy duty vehicles and other vessels to fight change. >> translator: we also announced a new [ inaudible ] sustainable economy [ inaudible ] from fishing in the [ inaudible ] set new standards to ensure maritime transport [ inaudible ] the partnership will also promote sustainable development [ inaudible ] in addition to putting the bar higher in terms of preserving the [ inaudible ] in the arctic. we have also decided to make our
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borders both more open and more safe by agreed of free clearing [ inaudible ] airport in toronto and [ inaudible ] quebec as well as the railway stations in montreal and vancouver. moreover we're creating a u.s.-canada working group in the next 60 days to work on how we will resolved errors of identity on the no-fly list. >> finally, the president and i acknowledge the fundamental and wholly unique relationships between canada and the united states. we have historically been each other's largest trading partner. each and every day, over $2.4 billion worth of goods and services cross the border. today we reaffirmed our commitment to streamlining trade between our countries. overall, the president and i
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agree on many things, including of paramount importance the direction we want to take our countries in to ensure a clean and prosperous future. we have made tremendous progress on many issues. unfortunately i will leave town with my beloved expos still here in washington. you can't have everything. i would like to conclude by extending my deepest thanks to barack for his leadership on the climate change debate. i want to ensure the american people that they have a real partner in canada. canada and the u.s. will stand side by side to confront the pressing needs that face not only our two countries, but the entire planet. i'm very much looking forward to the remainder of my time here in washington. thank you again for your
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leadership, and your friendship, i know our two countries can work together as allies and friends as we have done so many times before. >> all right. we're going to take a few questions. >> reporter: thank you many president. i want to ask you about the supreme court. you have already said you are looking for a highly qualified nominee. can you give us a sense of what other factors you are considering in making your final choice? and does it effect your decision to know that your nominee is very likely to hang out in the public eye without having a vote maybe ever. and shouldn't that be impacting your decision? for prime minister trudeau, i wanted to ask you, you made a joke about welcoming americans who might be frightened of a
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donald trump presidency to your country. what do you think the stakes are for you, and the relationship between canada and the united states if donald trump or ted cruz were to win the presidency and succeed president obama? how would it effect the relationship if one of them were to succeed president obama. thank you. >> even though it wasn't directed at me -- [ laughter ] >> let me just. i do want to point out, i am absolutely certain that in 2012 when there was the possibility that i might be reelected there were folks that were threatening to go to canada as well. [ laughter ] >> and one of the great things about a relationship like canada's and the united states is it transcends party, and it's bipartisan in terms of the interests that we share. with respect to the supreme court, i have told you, julie,
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what i'm looking for. i want somebody who is an outstanding jurist, who has impeccable legal credentials, who by historical standards would not even be questioned as qualified for the court. obviously it's somebody who i want to make sure follows the constitution, cares about things like starry desisis, and pre precedent. understands the humility of a judge, and k looking at statute and what the elected branches are doing, is not viewing themselves as making law or in some ways standing above elected
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representatives, but also recognizes the critical role that branch plays in, in protecting minorities, and making sure it doesn't skew in ways that systemically leave people out that are mindful of the traditions that are embedded in our cherished documents like the bill of rights. so in terms of who i select, i'm going to do my job, and then my expectation is going to be will the senate do its job, as outlined in the constitution. i find it ironic, that people who are constantly siting the constitution would suddenly read into the constitution requirements, norms, procedures that are nowhere to be found
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there. that's precisely the kinds of interpretive approach that they have vehemently rejected, and that they accuse liberals of engaging in all the time. well, you can't -- you can't abandoned your principles if in fact these are your principles, simply for the sake of political expeedance, so we'll see how they operate once a nomination has been made. i'm confident that whoever i select among fair-minded people will be viewed as an eminently qualified person, and it will be up to senate republicans to decide whether they want to follow the constitution and abide by the rules of fair play that ultimately guard our democracy and ensure that the
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supreme court does not just become one more extension of our polarized politics. if and when that happens, our system is not going to work. it's not that the supreme court or any of our courts can be hermetically saled from the rest of our society. these are human beings. they need the newspapers. they have opinions and values, but our goal is to have them be objective, and be able to execute their duties in a way that gives everybody, both the winning party and the losing party in any given case a sense that they were treated fairly. in that depends on a process of selecting and confirming judges that is perceived as fair, and -- and my hope is, is that cooler heads