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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  March 13, 2016 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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calls for the president maduro to call down. injury and loss when the u.s. accidentally attacks the hospital. it says the compensation doesn't go far enough.
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machine beats pan at an ancient chinese game. we tell you what this could mean for artificial intelligence. the u.s. secretary of state is meeting his european counterpart a day after the syrian government set its condition for talks in geneva. opposition members arrived in switzerland ahead of the meeting on monday. the government is due to arrive in the next few hours. it insists president bashar al-assad's role is not up for discussion. the goal of the indirect talks is to try to end the five-year conflict. lawrence lee is live from gaziantep. today he is meeting with the europeans. what are the expectations >> reporter: it is very important for the americans to
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brief their partners and their allies before gen kerry heads off to gen eve. he het the saudis yesterday. the europeans are going to know from john kerry what the state is because it impacts on what has been sp of their own care campaign overs syria as well. i think if they're honest with themselves what they will want to know is to what extent the americans are trying to move very slightly more towards the russian position because it does appear to some extent that the americans have outflanked by the russians. the countries only have limited say in all of this because the crucial events in geneva is between washington and moscow and staffan de mistura is going to be moving between them. it is going to a question of whether the cessation of
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hostilities can actually hold the foreign minister has insisted on keeping the country's territorial sovereignty. is there anything to allow that to happen? >> reporter: there is a suggestion, and i wouldn't put it any more necessarily stronger than that at the moment, but it was flagged by the foreign ministry in the last few days that one idea might be a future syria based on what they describe as the bosnian model and the dayton agreement which could include a kurdish enclave, a federal city, a sunni enclave with raqqa as the main city and desert around it to the east, but bashar al-assad retaining control of the western syria to the turkish border.
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not hard to pick a lot of holidays holes-- holes in this. it's not difficult to find the problems, but it would play very strongly to the insistence that the integrity of the country should be retain and that bashar al-assad should remain president the syrian opposition's main negotiator says bashar al-assad must leave before the conflict can be resolved. >> translation: we considered that the transitional period begins with the departure of bashar al-assad or his death. it can not be a stage where the head of regime continues to be in power he also addressed the infighting amongst syrian opposition and rebel groups calling on all parties to unite. >> reporter: fighting in syria two weeks into a partial
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ceasefire agreed by many sides in the war but not all. rebels say they're taking valeages from allied forces. earlier in the week people said they have been hit by government air strikes. >> translation: military planes launched air strikes after prayers. >> reporter: there is less violence in other parts of the country. in idlib people felt safe enough to come out into the streets again. these demonstrators are complaining about different opposition groups. the free syrian army and alnulls front, the al-qaeda linked group who haven't signed up for the ceasefire. >> translation: we are here to serve you, the syrian people are king and the jewel on the crown. you are the true masters, you are our leaders. i am the son of syria just like
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you. this is only a phase in the syrian revolution and it will go away. those who don't go away will eventually leave our land >> reporter: there are many different opposition groups in syria. they agree that bashar al-assad has to go but disagreed on how to get there. >> there is not one unified position. there are literally thousands of different groups that comprise this opposition and there are deep divisions among the main ones over whether they should participate in a peace process or not. >> reporter: rebels are blaming each other for the recent fallout in idlib, even though they're being asked to put aside their differences. a fight in the deeply complex war at least 17 suspected al-qaeda fighters have been killed in air strikes in yemen. security officials say the strikes were a second stage to
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freeing the southern ports. there have been attacks on local officials in the area the polls have just opened for the regional elections across three states in germany. the vote is expected to be a litmus test for angela merkel's refugee policy. you can see the people streaming in slowly there. she has defended her open door policy which has seen the influx of a million refugees into germany. the issue has divide the electorate and provided a platform for the afd which opposes the current policy. on saturday about 2,000 right wing protesters marched demonstrating their opposition to her refugee policy. the country has seen a sharp rise of attacks on properties housing refugees. a funeral has been held in
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afghanistan for a family killed trying to cross the aegean sea between turkey and greece. tear bodies were brought back to kabul after they drowned. the youngest was nine months aold. more than 130,000 people have travelled from greece to turkey. so far 320 of them have died. refugees stuck on the greek side of the macedonian border staged another protest on the international train line there. at least 12,000 refugees are now stranded at the makeshift camp here. their onward journey into europe has been blocked by macedonia which is allowing them to cross the border. more than 30,000 other refugees are stuck in transit in greece. >> translation: please, i beg you, have mercy on women and children. we don't want to eat or drink. we don't want anything. we want to feel humanitarian, we
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want to feel like human beings. we don't want anything. we need to feel like we are humans in venezuela hundreds of opposition supporters have held a mass rally in relation to the president. despite the crisis, the efforts to remove him from office did not have as much support as expected. >> reporter: these are the streets of down town city today. they came to condemn a decree that rules that venezuela is a threat to their national security. these were the same streets when the late c ahavas was still in power. it was a time of plenty funded by record high oil prices. it was also the time when the larger than life leader was making the calls.
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today venezuela ranks as one of the most poor economies in the world. >> translation: people are not going to these marches because they're standing in line outside of shops hoping to find food. >> reporter: in this oil rich nation protesting has become a luxury. a couple of years ago this avenue right hipped me would have become what was known here as the red tied with hundreds of thousands of supporters attending their leader's call to defend the revolution. in the area here where the opposition was holding its rallies it was no different, just like it is no different today at the twin march that the opposition has called to demand the president resign. >> translation: i came thinking this was going to be huge but there was a very poor turn out. maybe it's because the media is
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controlled by the government and people didn't know about it. >> reporter: street demonstrations and political rallies have been a part of the venezuela's landscape for decades. today a lack of unified leadership, the memory of recent police repression and a desperate economic situation have left people feeling powerless and unable to seek out change peacefully lots more to come on al jazeera, including nearly a year after a german winged jet was brought down by the co-pilot. french investigators are said to release the final report. we're in senegal where the government is cutting the price of petrol, but is this a premature decision? ure decision?
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narrated by willem dafoe.
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hello again. the top stories on al jazeera. syria as opposition has arrived for talks in geneva to end the war. it insists that president bashar al-assad must go before any transition can take place, but the government says any discussion about bashar al-assad's role is a red line. voting has started in three german states to elect regional parliament. it is seen as a litmus test on angela merkel's refugee policy. in venezuela hundreds of opposition supporters have held a mass rally as part of a
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campaign to oust president maduro. his pap latter has fallen because of the prolonged economic crisis. in the u.s. marco rubio has won the latest round of voting to become the republican presidential candidate. party officials say he won ten delegates in the caucus. donald trump has changed the location for his ohio rally on sunday due to ongoing security concerns. >> reporter: back on the campaign trail but towards the end of his event in ohio. a moment of concern for the republican front runner. it appears someone tried to get on stage. donald trump quickly surrounded by secret service. >> thank you for the warning. i was ready for them, but it's
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much easier if the cops do it. >> reporter: it was just hours after an event after an convenient was cancelled. after hundreds of protesters got into the hall. several fights broke out. when the hall was cleared there was violence outside with five people arrested and two police officers injured. donald trump says he doesn't need to change his tone >> mr trump should get up and this morning tell his people to be nice. my people are nice >> reporter: the republican rivals condemning the violence and said donald trump was not blameless >> it is a sad day when this happens. it should happen without an fwer and range and-- an been anger and range is directed towards each other. >> donald trump's has shown toxic environment, allowed it
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could tom together in violence >> reporter: a protester was punched in the face. his 78 year old attacker who has been charged with assault said he was unprepentant. >> i deserved it. the next time we see him we might have to kill him >> reporter: many believe donald trump has encouraged this behaviour >> who is protesting? get out of here. i would like to punch him in the face. i love the old days, do you know what they do this them? they would be carried out in a stretcher. >> i promise you i will pay for the legal fees i promise. >> reporter: the campaign manager is also facing criminal allegations of roughing up a reporter, accusations which the campaign say are false. for ordinary candidates in previous elections all of this would be a problem >> we're going to win >> reporter: but donald trump ask no ordinary candidate and
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this is no ordinary election donald trump has criticized him for inciting violence violence at his rallies. hillary clinton said it was important to stand up to someone like donald trump >> if you play with matches, you can start a fire you can't control. that is not leadership. that is political arson. if you see bigoty, oppose it, if you see violence condemn it, if you see a bully stand up to him the u.s. military has been criticized for providing inadequate compensation to families killed in a hospital attack. the bombardment on the charity hospital in kunduz e we met. >> reporter: he sits with a
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battered body after a humanitarian hospital was attacked. he lost a hand and one eye. 42 others were killed, nearly 100 injured. now the u.s. military is offering condolence payments of between three and $6,000. >> translation: i received $3,000 and this is a small amount. this looks like a joke and insult. it is not acceptable to anyone >> reporter: this lady lost her husband. he was the breadwinner for her and her four children. she says it is not enough. >> translation: if a woman doesn't have a husband or someone to take care of them, how can they live. the money they are giving ask not enough to even one of my children to the age of 12. gentleman he was working as-- he was working as a security guard at the hospital doctors without
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borders. >> an accident is difficult to believe, but we are trying to understand how much the mistake was or how many mistakes were done and which types of mistakes were done. today it is only questions that we have. we can have all the assumptions, but the answers are with the american army today. >> reporter: the hospital was destroyed. the u.s. plane fired 211 shells in the 30-minute onslaught. peter were shot from the air when trying to escape. obama apologised and said it was a mistake, but there are not calls for an investigation preferring their own probe >> the findings are to be released. several military personnel are going to be tried but that won't be in any public court.
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>> reporter: this little girl was a patient in the attack. he watched helpless as she died engulfed in flames >> translation: they have given $6,000. it is nothing to us. we need to be helped more. i am still in psychological shock. the money will help a bit but it will never replace a daughter or loved one a government is proposing a temporary solution to the long problem of garbage disposal. protesters have blamed the government for the piles of rubbish piled up in the streets. the government says it will set up three new land first of alls to deal with the problem it is almost three years since german wings crashed.
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the co-pilot locked himself into the cockpit and crashed the plane. investigators are expected to release their final record on sunday. more on that. >> reporter: no-one could have survived this flight. it disintegrated on imcompact. the debris spread across kilometers. the village is nearest to the site. there is a stone memorial to the victims here and vivid memories. >> translation: not a day goes by when i don't think about it and in the night mostly. i don't complain. i'm always thinking of the victims and their families. we can't complain about things after we see something like that. >> reporter: the haunting question is whether the tragedy could have been avoided in the first place. this is the man, the german wings co-pilot who locked the
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captain out of the cockpit and sent the jet crashing into the mountain side. his doctors knew of his depression and suicidal thoughts but german law preventing them from alerting the airline. victims' relatives want the law changed >> >> translation: it wasn't onwas proven that the pilot was ill and shouldn't have sat in the cockpit. >> reporter: as well as a definitive account of the mechanics of the crash, it is hoped that the report contains improved checks on the physical and mental health and co pilots and guidance on access in the cockpit in mid flight. >> reporter: a group of the
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bereaved relatives were invited to view the report. their lawyers were excluded >> >> translation: they are refusing to negotiate with the american lawyers. more than 80 families got together and must litigate because the company is not cooperating. >> reporter: it won't bring back those who died, but it might help prevent a tragic repeat floods and mud slides have caused devastating damage in brazil after days of heavy rainfall. a state of emergency has been declared. a down pour has flooded parts of the city. the president flew over flood hit awes in the stay to assess the damage. it is the first day of a week long campaign in senegal.
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915-reform aim is aimed at strengthening parties and inclusion of candidates. it clues a shortening of the presidential term from seven years to five years. to an exciting prospect for senegalese. recent gas and oil discoverys, more than 140 offshore wells have been drilled off the coast with little to show for it. there are still a few yearlies to go before the oil is extracted but the government is cutting the price of petrol. >> reporter: this man is a peanut farmer who prides himents on being thrifty. every week he drives to the outskirts searching for the cheapest petrol. he never fills enough completely but only enough for what he needs. with global prices falling and the recent offshore oil and gas
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discoveries, the government can drop the price to 1.15 a litre. it is still expensive where a company lives on less than $2 a day. -- country where its people live on $2 a day. >> translation: we might be better paying this amount at the pump rather than have people fight over our resources. >> reporter: five trillion cubic metres of it. they have found vast quantities of oil near the border. the exploration hasn't been completed, but what to do with these untapped natural resources is a source of heated debate in parliament. the government has yet to negotiate overenship with the neighboring countries. they say they need to improve the economy first >> translation: the natural
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exploitation of natural resources, but it will have rising tensions. we're not to be over depend entity on niece. >> reporter: their biggest source of income is export of fish and peanuts. the government promises to invest with new jobs in the sector. how much of this is down to the discovery of oil and gas is uncertain. despite the prospects of more oil and gas, he wonders if it is worth it. he says 40 years of peanut funding says that sometimes having just enough is plenty a sudanese reality show gives 12 people the chance to
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pitch their ideas and get funding. >> reporter: this man's business is not even a year old. he can already see it dominating the african continent. he poured his savings into this app. it allows customers to call for a taxi and pay in cash. >> we have made this business model. >> reporter: in order to expand, he says he needs to launch an advertising campaign beyond social media. that's why he is competing on this reality show promoting entrepreneurship. it is called my project and it is sponsored by the british government. the first prize is 35,000 dollars. he is one of six finalists whittled down from about 1500
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applicants. they can't get along without capital and there's no investors. the hope is eventually banks will offer financing and investors will follow. this man created the reality show to nurture talent. sudan is one of the poorest countries in africa. the official employment rate is 15%. a reality colliding with the optimism of mogules in the making. >> the consequences can be very dire if you don't have a job. we do not have a social system system. you have to temper the enthusiasm sometimes a bit and not go over board. >> reporter: he says he has already won because of the training he has received and the name recognition. >> i'm feeling happy now. a lot of people know who my
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company is and the services it provides. >> reporter: even so, he said he will continue working two other jobs because he has a family to support i remind you about our website, >> for more than a decade, the world has witnessed seemingly endless violence in afghanistan. many tell me the daily reports of the attacks, and the daily killings have ceased to hold much meaning. but for those living in this land, torn apart by war, there's no more important of a time than now. after years of trying to drive back the taliban, most of


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