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tv   Tech Know  Al Jazeera  March 18, 2016 3:30pm-4:01pm EDT

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mohammad adow, al jazeera, idome informationi, greece. antigovernment demonstrations are continuing in brazil, one day after dilma rousseff brought lula da silva back into the government. protest against lula da silva's return to government. his supporters are holding a rally and the former president is expected to attend. our correspondent daniel schweimler is joining us. there have been scuffles between lula's supporters and those against him. tell us what supporters are saying now. >> i'm in the center of sao paulo.
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opposition came out in huge numbers. they talked about brazilians around the country asking for the impeachment of dilma rousseff. today we have supporters of the former president lula it had 3 million people last week, and the brazilian people will be comparing what happened last week with what is happening now. people are turning out in large numbers, but there are helicopters above us. we'll compare what we saw last week, and what we have seen in the last few days here at a very tense time in brazil. >> all right, daniel, thank you very much. fol lowing developments for us
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in sao paulo. meanwhile our top story this hour, the most importanted fugitive from the paris attacks salah abdeslam has been arrested. abdeslam has been on the run since november's attacks in paris. this was the scene a bit earlier, as heavily armed police raided the apartment in molenbe molenbeek. reporters say white smoke was scene rising from the roof top. let's go live to molenbeek in brussels now, because our correspondent jacky rowland is there. and jacky what can you tell us about developments there at the moment? it seems a little bit quieter. >> reporter: it is quieter, yes. if you recall that about an hour and a half ago there were two loud detonations here, but as you can see the street where the raid took place is still
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cordoned office. there are still police officers patrolling the area, and also we have seen sniffer dogs in the area as well. obviously they will want to glean as much intelligence as they can. but they also want to ensure that it is safe. when we talk about people that could have access to explosives. they need to secure that apartment and people who have been in the neighborhood as well. people have been frustrated that they have not been able to get in and out. people have not been allowed to go home to their residences. at one point children were in lockdown -- >> all right. jacky thanks very much. but actually we're just taking you live now to a press conference where we're expecting to get more information about the events that have taken place
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today. these are pictures live from brussels. and let's listen in. >> translator: the security forces, three suspects have been arrested including salah abdeslam, and very warmly, i wish to thank the security forces, the intelligence services, the police, the magistrates, the investigators who are represented at this table. it is an intense piece of work that has been carried out professional work, very careful work and has lead to these very important results in the fight against terrorism, very important in the fight for democracy and the values which we wish to incarnate against
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this dreadful extremism. i want to take this opportunity that over several months -- the last few months more than a hundred searches have been carried out in very delicate situation, as we saw in the beginning of the week, these 57 people. finally, i would like to highlight the extreme importance of the cooperation between belgium and france. we had a desire to strengthen our ability to act together to warn but also to suppress and to give information on the inquiry. this -- at the beginning of this evening, it is a success
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undoubtedly a success against terrorism and the -- and these terrible events. i wish to tell you a few moments ago, we had the opportunity president hollande and myself to talk about telephone with president obama who expressed his support, and our desire with his country in defense of freedom and against all forms -- against all forms of violence and terrorism, and president obama congratulated me and the security forces of our country during an important time.
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>> we have just been hearing from the belgian prime minister there, praising the cooperation between his country and france. you can see the french president seated there next to him. in -- essentially commanding all of those involved in the raid which took place confirming that three suspects were indeed arrested today including one of the main suspects involved in this the paris attacks salah abdeslam. he also mentioned that he and president hollande had a conversation with the u.s. president barack obama, one in which obama expressed his solidarity and support in efforts to track down -- in efforts to prevent these sort of attacks from takes place again, and i suppose also in efforts to investigate and find out how the attacks in paris were able to
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happen. we can listen to him a little more now. >> translator: that's some of the information that i wanted to tell you. i need to express the pleasure i have next to president francois hollande together our [ inaudible ] it was an extraordinary coincidence we were together at an e.u. summit to try and force commitments connected with the european project and the challenges with which we are confronted, and it is important that we could follow this operation -- to follow closely together the operation through the end of this afternoon. finally, and above all, i wish to thing my colleagues of the
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belgian government who have worked intensely and directly with their respected services. the minister of the interior, minister for foreign affairs, and not everyone is present, but those who the security forces all of their departments were able to work in unity, and i also want to express my thanks. that's just some of the information that i wanted to give to you, and now we will tin to the president of the french republican, francois hollande. ladies and gentlemen, prime minister, belgian prime minister has just confirmed salah abdeslam was arrested with two accomplices and formally identified. my thoughts go to the victims of the attacks on the 13th of
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november in paris because salah abdeslam is directed connected with the preparation and the organization and perpetration of these attacks. my thoughts also go to the families who were waiting for this arrest, and all those who are far away or nearby who participated in this terrible event. i also want to congratulate the prime minister, the belgian government for the action that they have been undertaking over the last few weeks and particularly i wish to welcome the intervention of the special units, the roll of the intelligence services, and finally, i would like to say that it is under the authority of the law that this action was able to be carried out. the cooperation between france
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and belgium since these attacks and even before the attacks has always been intense. and once again, it showed its effectiveness and even if it took a long time, and also because it has not ended and we need to continue to act. this cooperation between the intelligence services exists also between the police departments. i remind you there were french police present at the interventi interventi intervention foray, and we will pursue and extend this cooperation. this cooperation is also a legal salah abdeslam had european arrest warrant, and i have no doubt that the judicial
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authorities will no doubt request an extradition, and i know, because it's not the first time that we need to do this, that the belgian authorities will reply as favorably and quickly as possible, and i want to take this opportunity to thank the belgian authorities. if this arrest is an important stage, it is not the final result because there have already been some arrests, and they will be further arrests, because we know that the network was very extensive in belgium and france, and other european countries. and as long as we will not have arrested or put out of action
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all of those who could finance -- finance, contribute to the terrorist network that committed the abbombable acts and acts of war on the 13 of november, our fight will never end. and tomorrow morning, in view of the information that has been given to me, i will have a meeting with the defense council, with the ministers in charge of the security of our country as well as the directors of the various departments, because we need to carry on and to ensure that this network, but also other networks, because we know that there are links, links which always lead us to syria, where it is the daesh terrorist group that wanted these attacks to be organized, planned, and
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financed, and it is from syria where a lot of these protagonists started from, and we -- we -- we'll also take this fight to the european level, and it's through coincidence as often happens in history, at the very time when we were having a meeting at the european council that we learned of the possible arrest. it hadding been yet confirmed of salah abdeslam. and so this fight must be conducted at the european level and all of the facilities that have been adopted by europe must be quickly applied, i think of the program for the fight against -- against the trafficking of arms and for information, because we see that these terrorists are still armed and have an impressive arsenal. and i end by saying it is
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extremely important this evening that we are able to have the confirmation that there will be arrests that will allow us to know the whole truth and that there is a legal system that could be applied of the french republic, because it is -- it is the republic that is responsible, but i mean that of men and women who wish to live in freedom. thank you very much. any questions? mr. president, will france request the extradition of sala abdeslam? yes, not me myself. it's no doubt the prosecutor -- the paris prosecutor in charge of this inquiry who will request the extradition. it is the french judicial authority that will do so, and as i said it is not the first time. there have been other cases, and
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we had the reply that was expected from the belgian authorities. i have full confidence in -- in [ technical difficulties ] >> the identification be clearly confirmed through digital fingerprints, and we wish to wait until precipitationals have sufferly progressed. and the work of the investigation on-site will carry
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on of course. other questions? what are the elements that enabled you to find salah abdeslam? i can only tell you that the federal prosecution will provide information. it's not up to the government. we want to welcome the extraordinary work of all of the belgian intelligence and security services in very difficult circumstances over the last few months as everyone was able to see, and from the work of the magistrates, the intelligence services and the police and special units, the cooperation was optimal, and we can see that it was the belgian services that were able to locate salah abdeslam and his accomplices. not everyone at once, please. thank you.
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we'll continue to analyze the site and the circumstances under which the intervention occurred was with speaking with three people on the hands of the belgian legal system, but there are no other people expected. there were three people taken alive? did they give -- did they -- did they surrender? once again on this subject it is the federal prosecution that will express itself. there was armed resistance. police were confronted with armed resistance, and there was the ability of our services to neutralize the three people. not everyone at once, please. mr. president do you have a word to say for the belgian police, the security services?
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[ laughter ] please rely, francois in dutch. i'm joking. you deserve that i reply in dutch, but i'm not sufficiently competent. but it's true i wanted for the prime minister to wait for the end of the operation because any communication active or early can be harmful first of all for the success of these arrests and could endanger the security forces during these times one must favor silence rather words which could be damaging, which the reason why john michelle and myself we express ourselves even though when the operation has ended.
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i wish to express the extremely perilous and dangerous operation with regard to several interventions taking place in france. and the police and the special units are doing truly remarkable work, because exceptional courage and professionalism are required to penetrate a premises and neutralize terrorists without -- en dangering the local population, and doing so in full discretion before the intervention is decided. so i highlighted to the prime minister and i do so before the belgian press how proud you could be about what has taken place today, but also everything that took place before. it's not possible with regards
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to events to the arrest of three people if there had not been beforehand a whole -- a lot of information and intelligence in the flat that was occupied by salah abdeslam. thank you very much. after the paris events there was tension between the two country, belgian and france. is now everything back in order in everything is forgotten? no there is no tension. the tension was the tension of tragedy and of the drama and to know that there were terrorists who had been able to prepare their act in belgium but also in france, and above all from the outside because all of that is the same network, syrian, which can then have an accomplice
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organization in belgium and have authors in france and other countries, and we are all intercontacted and the drama that took place in france could have happened elsewhere, and there have been other dramas even in belgium a fewing -- few months ago. so we are forced to carry out the same action and we have the same pride when we have the same results. mr. president you announce the defense council tomorrow in paris. the -- have you had additional information from the belgium authorities with regards to the terrorist threats in france in no, because i have often reminded -- and not only after the 13th of november and not only after the attacks in january 2015 that the level of
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threat is very high and what we need to deal with is we need to exchange information to follow -- take up information in france and other countries. there have been arrests that have taken place in other countri countries, so that france and belgium can find the accomplices of the attacks on the 13th of november. so everywhere in france and belgium the level of threat is very high. yes? [ inaudible ] >>. so we have been just been listening to the french president alongside his colleague there, the prime minister of belgium speaking about the raid which took place
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earlier today in brussels, in which three suspects were arrested including a key suspect behind the paris attacks salah abdeslam. >> translator: -- that independently of an adaptation outside [ inaudible ] we are -- no illusions we have confronted a new level of threat that we saw very tragically in france and also at the jewish museum in brussels, but we know we will have to long-term remain alert, vigilant to have our intelligence services cooperate to implement at the european level with regards to the exchange of information on passenger traffic in order to warn dangers and as we have done in belgium that we -- that we have strong measures at the
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human level and the material level, but also on the legal level for our security forces. i told you that on thursday there were additional information by the ministry of justice. additional measures were taken to strengthen, give further provisions for our magistrates. i remind you that a few weeks ago, the government allocated 300 million euros, extra money for -- and we will continue with a lot of determination and vigilance. the fight against terrorism. the fight against freedom, and democratic values, but it's a victory this evening thajs to the extraordinary work of the security services. we will end this conference. just one last question. thank you very much. can you give us some information on the two other suspects who
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have been arrested? the federal prosecution will -- will express itself. i would like to add that salah abdeslam was in paris during the terrible evening of the 13th of november and then he escaped, but beyond the arrest -- that he was in paris and that he took part in one way or another in the attacks, and what we need to do is arrest all of those who have allowed, organized and facilitated these attacks, and we realized without going into enormous detail that there are far more numerous than we thought and identified, and it is that work that needs to be
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continued and it is this awareness that we're dealing with very extensive networks and in several countries, and it is this awareness that we need to share today with the arrest of salah abdeslam and two other accomplices. thank you very much. >> all right. so we have just been listening to french president francois hollande and the belgian prime minister speaking about sal la abdeslam being arrested. the important thing is that police and security services will want to question him about what he knows and about his involvement in these attacks. we have also been hearing about what might happen next. we know that hollande has just been speaking about an extensive
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network being involved, so essentially arrests and the invest gags is an ongoing thing. jacky rowland has been monitoring all of this for us. she is in molenbeek in brussels. and more work still to be done in the investigation, jacky, and i suppose there is still security presence where you are as police continue to comb through the area searching for more evidence? >> reporter: i can confirm about half an hour ago that operation in this area finished. you may be able to see behind me that traffic is flowing normally once again. this particular operation, the investigation surrounding that particular apartment where salah abdeslam and two others were holed up. but as the french president was
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just saying he predicts more arrests in the coming days. he didn't specify if those would be in brussels or paris, but we have seen raids and arrests taken place in both cities in recent days. the other very important thing that came out of that news conference was the french president saying that he is sure that the french judicial authorities will be putting in extradition requests to transfer salah abdeslam from the belgian to french jurisdiction where he can be questioned in france and put on trial in france. he is a french citizen, and the crimes were obviously carried out in france, although what has been very clear is there was a very important access with belgian that some of the suspects were of belgian origin
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that were killed on the night of november 13th. so obviously there were crimes committed both in terms of planning and logistics, both in brussels and paris, obviously paris is the main crime scene so the french clearly have a very cogent ann romney gument there for wanting to bring salah abdeslam to france to be questioned and put on trial, we're not sure if there will be any controversy about that, but that's something that the president clearly thinks is very important and will be an important legal development in the coming hours. >> that's correct. he said he expects the extradition to happen as quickly as possible. and the neighborhood where you are has been the center of so much activity. i know you have just arrived but what is your sense of the mood


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