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tv   Fault Lines  Al Jazeera  March 19, 2016 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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>> u.s. embassy in turkey warned its citizens against such attacks. as you know, the german consulate in istanbul, which is close to thaksin, the building in these days, because of this intel. the in tell was mostly expected from p.k.k. affiliated groups which attacked - which were carrying the responsibility of the attack. the last attack in ankara. >> we'll leave it there for the moment. speak to you as the day goes on. that's january in istanbul, our reporter there. let's spoke to our correspondent, joining us live in the studio.
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if, indeed, kurdish separatists are responsible, this is the realisation, the threat made to take the fight across the country. >> we have seen them step up the attacks over the past few months, half-a-dozen attacks since july. they were targetting security personnel, so the ones in ankara, the last one, the one before, the convoy. it appears that they want to hit what security officials call soft targets. tourist destinations, it is one of the most popular of those tourist destinations. attacking it earlier in the day minimises the casualties as opposed to if they were attacked in the middle of the day or later on. it is a stark warning side to the turkish authorities, that they have a significant security threat that they need to deal with before it gets out of hand. the economy - a lot of it depend
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on tourism. 35 million every year. most of them go to istanbul. if we look at 36 injured people, half tourists, it will be a huge wake up call to the turkish government. >> more details as the day goes on. for the timebeing, thank you very much. >> the authorities in france will start the process of extraditing the main suspect in the november's attacks in paris which killed 130 people. salah abdeslam was wounded and arrested. the mayor of brussels says he has no longer in hospital. there's no word where he has been taken. france's interior minister says those responsible will face justice. along with four other individuals salah abdeslam must face french justice. this is what the families of the victims want, and the french
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citizens want. the government wants to shine a light on what happened. it's important to continue to fight the terrorist organization of isil in europe let's speak to jacky rowland, who is in brussels where the arrest took place. this is a hugely important arrest for the victim's families and the government as well. yes, very much the suspect in the attack. the attackers that either were shot dead by the french special forces that went in to end the siege, or, in many cases, they blew themselves up using explosive vests. to capture someone the police believed were involved in the attacks. it's believed that they were driving one of the cars, three
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hired for a rental agency in brussels, and taken to paris as a get away car. the opportunity to capture him alive and question him is something that the police will find valuable. the big question is whether salah abdeslam will talk, and certainly security experts have been commenting. it's by no means clear that he will talk and give the police information at all. >> do we know more about how the police tracked him down. >> it was a combination of intelligence, and some unduly slow work. the breakthrough was on tuesday. a raid in a different part of
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brussels. police went in to car eye out what was a -- carry out a routine church. they were met with a barrage, gunfire, and they had to bring in reinforcements. during the raid a number had to escape. police picked up the single from a mobile telephone. a phone that was linked to salah abdeslam by which had been laying silent for a long time. suddenly, shortly after the raid there was a brief call made from the phone suggesting to police that he was on the move. forensic experts found a fingerprint. they knew they were getting close, and it would happen with him running out of options and hiding places, and he threw himself at the mercy of a family that were good friends of his
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family. the family has been named in the belgium media in the upper kahn family. if you are in a position where you arals tooujive and you have to hide, it's that much easier to track down. >> we'll leave it there for the moment. jacky rowland reporting from mozambique. >> investigators are trying to work out what caused a jet to crash in russia. the 747 occupied in dubai missed the runway on rostov. the plane hit the ground with such force, there was nothing recognisable left. the information suggested that it abandoned its attempt. circled and crashed on the second attempt. the ceo expressed devastation at the news of the crash. >> we do not yet know all of the
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details but we are working with the authorities to establish what happened. we are making to care for they say and will provide assistance for families and friends for those on board. >> let's hear from hoda abdel-hamid. bring us up to date with what else we know. they say it will take a month, if not more, to figure out what exactly happened. they are looking into two directions. one whether there was a technical failure of the aircraft. or, two, whether the pilots committed a mistake during that manoeuvre. now, what we do know for sure is
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that the fly attempted a first landing. that did not work out. so the pilot took altitude again. and then we thought that he stayed two hours in a holding pattern, basically circling over the airport for two course. investigators say that was for 2.5 hours. the control power had told the pilot that the airport was open, but they did not - it was better for him to go somewhere else, at least from what we understand at this stage, and i have to say that none of this, i'm telling you now, is official from the control tower, but what we have heard in the russian media. during that time. we were in a holding pattern,
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another airliner had attempted three times to land in that airport. and then decided to go to another airport, half hour flight from there. 300km, what investigators need to find out is why did the pilot decide to stay in the holding pattern for so long, and probably at some point he found himself with little fuel to definite the course of the plane. or is it that they have to land in the airport of the destination, or did they get pressure from the headquarters, or at the end of the day as investigators say, the pilot is the commander on the plane, he is the one that makes the ultimate decision, one question that the relatives would like to have answered, sooner rather
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than later. >> there's many questions to resolve. hoda abdel-hamid in moscow. >> still to come, brazil's political crisis deepens, as thousands protest against the government. government.
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welcome back. our top stories. at least five people have been killed in an explosion at a popular shopping district in istanbul. 36 have been injured, the blast coming less than a week after suicide bombers killed 37 in turkey's capital ankara
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france starts the protest of extraditing the main suspect from the attacks in paris. salah abdeslam was wounded and arrested in a raid in brussels on friday, after four months on the run all 62 passengers on a plane to dubai are dead. investigate juniors are trying determine what caused the crash. >> more on the explosion in ankara. we are joined on skype. give us a sense of what you - your reaction to what happened? >> well, this is a colossal failure, for sure. this is the attack since last year. the second in less than a week. if you look to the places that are subject to a tremendous attack. crawling with the heavy police presence in the heart of the
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city. in both places, and the only way you can prevent this is to have a credible and comprehensive intelligence. we have not seen that. no one is dying because of the failure. it's the main challenge of intelligence is they are pretty. much politicized. they are going after a political opposition, rather than the real terrorists. resources say by working away, from tracking the master minds, the huge net circle. it will take 50 people involved in the measures, the suicide attack, and you need to be able to start. ankara, in advance, to prevent it. it didn't happen, because, as i said. not had before the opposition parties, calling on the
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government, the cabinet minister to resign. and know that it is part of the accountability. the problem that we had. >> what we sauce with a quick response, but the main issue is the ability to pre-empt the attacks which are happening on a regular basis. >> the incident happened or the crisis management. they are failures. and the government spokesperson was talking about still keeping and building measures produced, and the roadworks, when the attack happened, despite the terror attacks. and we saw an immediate blackout media. we see a government coming hard to stop the broadcast. and the latest rush decision from a judge to ban all the coverage on the internet. on the print media, on the tv.
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and criticism or interviews on the coverage of the attacks. so the blackout is not in the public arena. the technology we have, circulating, some of it falls, only to be able to have cred ible solid information on the -- credible information on the main stream media. and last week we saw the governor's office, the german intelligence warning, the german consulate and schools were shut down because of general intelligence, and the turkish governor said this is a sensational movement on the part of germany, and turned out it was right. i think in turkey people are losing the confidence of their own government. the trust issue, that's the main challenge facing us.
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>> abdullah for the newspaper taken over by the turkish government a few weeks ago a brazilian judge blocks the appointment of silva to the cabinet minister. it's the latest definite in a crisis that is bringing huge numbers to the streets. daniel schweimler has the report. >> sao paulo is the heartland of the government workers party. if they weren't heard here, they risked being drowned by the side of the opposition rallies. they criticized large sections of the media and the judiciary, which they accused of conducting a coup against the president. >> here we have people that do not completely agree with what the president is doing, we do not want to see a coup at the end of democracy. >> many were drawn by rumours that the president would address the crowd.
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>> the movement is more organized. we have more than we expected. that should be enough to legitimize dilma's government. >> we are ready to die if necessary. they will not take away from us the best presidents that brazil had. this is the biggest pro-government gathering. there were similar scenes across brazil. this is a huge opposition rally. it is it's a show of strength to counterhackt a huge rally on sunday in which 3 million people demonstrated across brazil. a low turn out would have been a catastrophe for the government. a large showing polarized the party. >> reporter: the opposition said it would respond, repeating the protests scene last sunday. the biggest in recent history, angry at what's been dubbed the car wash scandal. implicating business leaders and other politicians. including the former president
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lula. lula is the man that this crowd, government supporters came to hear. >> i'm not going into the government to fight. i'm going to help my government -- colleague dilma do what she needs to do for the country. >> reporter: as he spoke of the the supreme court was blocking his appointment to the cabinet. a major problem, as now he will continue to be investigated the u.s. secretary of state will visit russia for two days of talks. john kerry will arrive in moscow on wednesday, and the main focus trip will be how to solve the syrian conflice russia hopes the visit will add to the normalization of the relationship with the united states a 27-year-old palestinian male has been shot dead by israeli forces. the victim was killed near the ibrahim mosque in hebron. the man tried to stab an israeli soldiers. there has been violence.
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in the region since october. 204 palestinians, and 29 israelis have been killed. the united states and the philippines agreed on five locations for american are american forces under a new defend pact. one faces the disputed islands in in the south china sea. it was approved by the supreme court in january. local troops opposed the presence of the u.s. military in the country. >> reporter: the u.s. and china answered a facility on the outskirts of beijing. the project has been in the works since 2018. it aims to secure nuclear matters and protecting reactors from attacks. >> every year greenland losses about 500 people who leave to seek a better life elsewhere. it may not sound a lot. it is when you consider the
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total population is 56,000 people. a few years ago a tiny country had been hoping to stand on its own two feet by cutting ties with denmark, this report on why the future, instead, is looking bleak. >> reporter: growing up in greenland has changed. children here would once have been destined to be hunters, fishermen or reindeer herders. that way of life is dying out. and the struggling economy left many with little hope. greenland has social problems like alcoholism and unemployment. every year rks hundreds leave to seek a better life in denmark, the colonial ruler. others give up altogether. this single mother attempted suicide and escaped and now runs a haven. and escaped from home, moving to copenhagen. she is trying to build a better life. >> who wants to live in a place where everything is difficult? where it's hard to get a home.
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i've been living and renting an apartment on the black market for the past 16 months, deciding to come back in 2012 was a big make. >> with 10% unemployment many believe there's little reason to stay. life in greenland can be harsh, not just because of the climate. the hundreds of young people that are leaving take their skills away. away from the economy, which has to support an ageing population. and in the short term handouts from denmark could be the only solution. greenland relies on a $126 million stipend from the danish capital, and it can look like a beacon of hope for the young people seeking a better way of life. >> we have to do a better job. seeing that denmark doesn't mean great life, that it l
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solve your problems. you have to solve your problems here, and then it will work for you. >> reporter: small time giants are one of the biggest matters. despite the frosty reception that green landers can receive there. there's a bit of prejudice in denmark. towards greenland. you have to go to denmark to achieve something you can achieve in greenland. there's a low ceiling. only simple pleasures remain. the path is not a smooth one. india to play pakistan in a t20 cricket world cup in calcutta, the two nuclear armed nations will grind to a halt as tens of millions are glued to tv screens for that clash. tensions would prevent the sides from playing with each other.
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world cup winning former world cup captain imran khan is in cal cata to advise the pakistani team ahead of this exciting match taking place later don't forget all the news we have been covering on the website. is the address, that suicide bombing is the headline there. >> this week on talk to al jazeera best selling author mitch albom. >> i use death to ricochet your attention back on to life. >> albom's latest novel is "the magic strings of frankie presto", a tale about the greatest guitarist to ever live and the lives he changes. the writer's first dream was to be a musician. >> i didn't write anything until i was already well into my twenties, cause everything i