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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  March 19, 2016 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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>> hello, i'm nick clark. you're watching al jazeera live from doha. also coming up on the program. a jet crashes killing all on board. france looks for extradition
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of saleh abdel-salam. >> a suicide-bomber killing five people, turkey's latest attack. >> another bomb goes off in turkey, this time in istanbul in the middle of the city's biggest shopping district. this area would have been packed with hundreds of shoppers and visitors. istanbul's governor was at the scene shortly after the attack.
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>> a sued bomber blew himself up in front of the governorship building and killed three people and wounded 21 others. three of them were in critical condition. one just died in hospital. information is being tracked down by our colleagues. >> although no one has claimed responsibility two government officials have implicated kurdish separatists linked to the armed pkk, which has been at war with the tourish state for decades. >> months ago, they have announced the parting is spread all over turkey.
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>> between the government and the pkk broke down in july of last year, there have several bomb attacks across the country. days later they announced that it was closed to istanbul that another act of violence was imminent. the german consulate is just a few minutes' walk away from the bomb blast. tourism is one of turkey's major sources of income. 35million foreigners visit every year. for now the government insists that turkey is safe, but they'll have to do a lot more to insure the safety of their citizens and
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their visitors. >> let's get the latest live for us at istanbul. what more do you have for us? >> the health minister previously announced that of the 36 people injured in today's attack were not giving details about the nationalities of the foreign nationals that were hurt today. but they're saying six are israeli citizens. two from ireland. one from germany, one from iran, and one from the united arab emirates. today i would like to remind that the turkish prime minister is having a meeting with the minister after that meeting
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they're expecting a brief--a brief explanation about the explosion and the iranian foreign minister since they have one citizen, one iranian hurt in the explosions, too. >> if this is, indeed, kurdish separatists responsible, this is a theft that they have already made. >> a period that there are a lot of threats. we had explosions in turkey, which--which isis take responsibility of it, and pkk, of course, is declaring war against the turkish government
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and security forces and there were very serious intelligence warnings and expectations for such an attack was very high, especially for this weekend especially for the festival which the kurdish opposition is at work. pkk, actually, is trying to get advantage of the festival and the gathering to use it politically as well. >> all right, thank you very much. >> let's get more on the national fall out. >> certainly authorities in turkey and ankara had been concerned that the mkk.
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mk--the pkk would use the festival. they had announced before the suicide-bomb that there would be no new celebrations and it was effectively banned. even though the authorities in istanbul failed to accurately predict this suicide attack, the idea that it might be a reason for the pkk is obviously there. here in the south the authorities had said that they would allow owners to go ahead. and because of the security concerns they were telling people they would have to go out of field out of town to hold their celebrations. yesterday, friday, the police discovered a car ladened with 150-kilograms of explosions the
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turkish have been going street by street and killing pkk fighters. many have been displaced because their homes have been ruined. very much the sense of both sides of kurdish feeling very much the threat and increasingly civilians are feeling under threat by the pkk. >> now the investigators are trying to work out what caused a passenger jet to crash and kill everyone on board. it missed the ira runway in southern russia early friday morning. we have more now from moscow. >> the russian investigator said that they found both black boxes, the voice recorder and the data recorder were, and
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were actually already working. they've ruled out error by the air traffic controllers. they're not saying at that point that they're pointing the finger at the pilot, but there are a lot of questions about what happened, and why did the pilot under such bad weather conditions decide to hold a holding power midair for two and a half hours before attempting the second time to lapped. that's when the fatal crash happened. he didn't manage to hit the runway. the plane crashed 150 meters to the left of the runway. now there wasn't strong wind at the time. very bad weather continues, sometimes peaking at 19 meters per second. certainly difficult for a plane to land under those conditions, and actually all other airliners who were supposed to land
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decided to go to a nearby airplane. just a half hour flight from there. certainly a lot of questions on why did the pilot decide to stay, and it appears that he was the only plane at that time trying to do that lapping under those conditions. something that relatives will know about very quickly. they'll sit with the two black boxes to determine the last moments. was there any communication that would land it on course, or was he advised to stay the course and he decided to stay there. there are a lot of questions for the relatives of 55 passenger who is were on that flight and the seven crew members. >> france is starting a process of extraditing a wanted man over the attacks in paris salah
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abdeslam was arrested. >> salah abdeslam left in a police convoy, driven away to be questioned and eventually to be extradited to france. europe's most wanted man was arrested in a subdivision in brussels. after four months on the run, the 26-year-old accused of involvement in the paris attacks was finally cornered. >> i can tell you that he's cooperating with belgium police. we need to get more feedback from the arrest warrant. france is requiring his extradition. there will be a second interrogation about the arrest warrant and the extradition.
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>> his fingerprint was found in an apartment raided on tuesday. a phone call led police to him. >> we might have won an important battle for democracy, freedom, respect, tolerance, values, and probably for justice. but we realize that we have not won the war. we know very well there is still a lot more work to do. >> belgium has warned those that it could take several weeks to extradite abdelslam, a french national. 130 people were killed in paris in november when attackers stormed cafes, a rock concert and a stadium. abdelslam's brother blew himself up, and salah abdeslam was driven to brussels house later. >> currently under arrest with four other individuals, aslah
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abdeslam will have to answer for his actions. the government is determined to shed light on the attack. it's important blow against daesh in europe. there were many individuals who would show their extreme dangerness. >> abdeslam's arrest brings a four-month arrest. the network that was involved is still very much ongoing. >> another twist in the political crisis gripping brazil. and we report from the republic of cond con--congo where the president said he would cheat to make sure he stays in power after sunday's election. ((úz@ú9
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>> welcome back. the top stories on al jazeera. five people have been killed in an explosion in istanbul. dozens more injured. all 62 people on board a plane that crashed in russia are confirmed dead. investigators are trying to determine what caused it to crash. police arrest suspects in last november's paris attacks.
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>> the police strikes. brazilian judge has blocked the of luiz inacio lula da silva. it is the latest twist in the crisis that brings protesters to the streets. >> sao paolo is the heartland of the workers party. if they weren't heard here, they criticize the brazilian judiciary who they claim
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conducted a coup against the president. >> even if we don't agree with what president rousseff is doing, but we don't want to see a coup that ends democracy. >> it is here that former president lula would address the crowd. >> we have far more people here than we expected. >> we're ready to die if necessary. they will not take away from us the best president that brazil has ever had. >> this is the biggest pro-government gathering. >> many turned out for the government, this large showing has only polarized civilian society. the opposition said that it
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would respond an implicating business leaders and major applications including the former president lula. lula is the man that this crowd, the government supporters, came to hear. >> i'm not going into the government. i'm going to help my colleague dilma do what she needs to do for this country. >> at this point the supreme court is blocking his appointment to the cabinet. as the investigation against lula continues and while the president's hold on the presidency is weakened. >> a dark day for humanity. that's how amnesty international has described the reduced number of refugees coming to europe. as of sunday who arrives to the greek island and does not qualify for asylum will be sent
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back to turkey. neave barker explains from brussels. >> it's a deal that will affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of stranded refugees from crisis. turkey has now agreed to play a crucial part in stemming the flow of refugees into europe. >> turkey will be getting all those who are crossing illega illegally, they will receive the same number of legal migrants from turkey. this is fair and encouraging steps for refugees as well. for those who are looking for a future. >> some may think that that this is a silver bullet. but this is complex. it is just one strategy and it will work only if others are
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implemented. >> in turn turkey has asked the e.u. to double the amount of aid for refugees to $6.7 billion. turkey also want a visa free travel for its citizens in the e.u. this could happen as early as june. the agreement will come into force at midnight on sunday. all migrants or refugees arriving in the e.u. after that will be processed and returned to turkey. under the agreement as many as 72,000 refugees could be eligible for resettlement here in the e.u. but there are concerns that there could be a sudden surge of people who try to reach the e.u. before the sunday deadline. there are concern among e.u. states who are worried about returning refugees back to a country that has questionable attitude about civil liberties and civil rights. >> this would violate european
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human rights and international if human rights. i think from the moral and political perspective, you cannot exchange money with people. to control the refugee without providing government assistance, proper training and access for the labor market, it will be actually nothing. >> when it comes to reducing the number of people arriving in europe, the e.u. needs turkey on side and turkey knows that it has a powerful role to play. al jazeera, brussels. >> the secretary of state will visit russia next week for two days of talks. john kerry will arrive on wednesday. the main focus of the trip will be to discuss how to resolve the syrian conflict. they hope that the visit will contribute to the normalization of relations with the united states. a 17-year-old palestinian has been shot dead by israel forces in the west bank. the palestinian ministry of health said that the victim was
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killed in hebron. the man tried to stab an israeli soldier. 204 palestinians and 29 israelis have been killed. nigeria's oil rich river state is holding elections on saturday. the election highlights the two most significant issues in africa's largest oil producing nation: security and the economy. when it comes to the economy it is a big talking point. nigeria relies heavily on it. >> at the moment it is quite painful but the outlook is very bright. to turn the opportunity of this
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for the economy. we're spending money on the infrastructure. we're investing in roads, railroads and pow. we're going to commission the first railroad coming down from abuja, and then meanwhile we'll block loopholes. we'll reduce costs and bring in revenue. the moment that the there is more spend. this is a budget that will turn the economy and strengthen the economy. >> voters in the republic of congo will head to the polls on sunday. the president wants to extend his long-time in office, and the opposition said that he's willing to compet cheat to achieve that.
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>> the president of the republic of congo has been president for a long time. he has ruled from 1979 to 1992. after a brief civil war he regained power in 1997. he would go on to win disputed elections in 2002 and 2009. last year he secured the right to secure a third consecutive term. he seems confident that he'll win sunday's presidential polls. we will win this election. we have a lot of supporters across the country. >> eight opponents are running in the first round, but army chief is the president's main challenger. he used to be the president's security adviser before retiring last year. but opposition leaders say that security makes this an unfair election.
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>> it is not possible. it would reject the result. >> last year supporters were shot and killed. >> we're going to the village it was a bad movement. >> some feared that there could be violence after the election. the european union has said that sunday's election, and they have been relatively silent in extending the term in office. the republic of congo is the fourth largest producer of oil. in burundi when the president ran and run on what some have called an unconstitutional third
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term. it's like the other leaders would try to extend their role. this is another test for the west and the african union one that could create double standards. al jazeera. >> every year green land loses 500 people who leave to seek a better life elsewhere. that might not sound like a lot, but it is when you consider that the total population in green land is only 56,000 people. a few years ago the country had been hoping to stand on its own two feet by cutting ties with denmark. we have reports on why the future instead is looking bleak. >> growing up in green land has changed. children here would once have been destined to be hunters, fishermen or reindeer hearder heard--herders, but that has died out.
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green land has alcohol problems and unemployment. every year many leave to go to denmark, their colonial ruler. this woman has tried suicide twice and moved to cope copenhagen. >> who wants to live in a place where everything has been difficult. i've been living in a market on the black market for 16 months. coming back was one of my biggest mistakes. >> with 10% unemployment and the world's highest suicide rate many people believe there is little reason to today. >> life in green land can be harsh and not just because of the climate. the hundreds of people leaving take their skills away from the economy that has to support an
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aging population. >> green land relies on $526 million stipend from copenhagen, and it can look like a beingen of hope for those who are seeking a better or more interesting life. >> we have to do better job and inform people that in denmark doesn't mean great life. denmark does not mean that it's going to solve your problems. you have to solve your problems here. >> small time giants one of green land's biggest bands but feel that their future could be harmed by moving back from denmark. >> there is prejudice in denmark towards green land. you have to go to denmark to achieve something that you can't achieve here. there is a pretty low ceiling of what you can achieve here.
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>> there is only so far you can climb in green land and simple pleasures remain. al jazeera, green land. >> go to our website the address, all the news that we've been covering on this busy news day. you can find there are plenty of comment and analysis at the magestic rhino, the valuable horn. high demand continues to fuel illegal poaching. today taking the animal to the brink of extinction. in a race against time, scientists are working on a lab-based rhino alternative >> we want to preserve traditions and animals will it pass as real, will it satisfy the demand, will it


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