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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  March 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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al jazeera america.
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>> reporter: the streets here are a major tourist designation. this street would have been packed with shoppers and visitors. witnesses say hundreds of people ran the moment a loud explosion was heard. the governor was at the scene shortly after the blast. >> translation: a suicide bomber blew himself up in front of the district and killed three people and wounded 21 others. three of them were in a critical condition. one of them has died in
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hospital. a detailed investigation is being carried out by our colleagues. >> reporter: paramedics were quick to arrive and took people to the nearby hospitals. no-one has claimed responsibility but two government officials have indicated it could be the p.k.k. >> several months ago p.k.k. has announced that the fighting will be spread all over turkey. if the south-east clashes violence is not stopped. so turkish authorities should have been vigilant enough against the possible terrorist attacks in turkey all over the country. >> reporter: since talks between the government and the p.k.k. broke down in july last year, there have been several bomb attacks across the country. three loan in the capital ankara. in total they've killed almost
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300 people. the most recent was less than a week ago. the p.k.k. or t a.k. claim responsibility for that tack which also targeted a busy shopping street. days later germany announced it was closing its consulate in istanbul citing jetible information that another act of violence was imminent. the german consulate is a few minutes walk from the bomb blast. tourism is one of the main sources of income for turkey. the increaseed number of attacks could threaten its economy. for now the government insists turkey is safe, but they will have to do more to ensure the safety of its citizens and visitors lawrence lee has more from the kurdish city in southern turkey. >> reporter: certainly the turkish authorities have been
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extremely concerned that the p.k.k. might use the occasion of new year chshgs ask sunday to monday, as an excuse to launch attacks on turkish cities. indeed, in istanbul they had announced before no suicide bomb that there would be no celebrations and it was effectively banned. even though the authorities clearly fell to accurately predict this suicide attack, the idea that it might be a reason for the p.k.k. to attack was obviously there. here in the south the authorities said they would allow it to go head. they announced today because of the same security concerns they were telling people kurdish civilians, that they will have to go out into a field out on the edge of town in order to hold their celebrations. the same air of violence that seems to perpetrate turkish citizens is evident here. yesterday, friday, the police discovered a car laiden with 150
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kilograms of explosions outside the governor's office. if that had gone off, that would have caused carnage. since december the million free has been conducting operations. they already already killed 300 p.k.k. fighters and others have been killed. very much the sense on both sides of this kurdish civilians feeling under threat by the p.k.k. russian investigators are attempting to find out the cause of a plane crash that killed all 62 people on board. the bowing 737 parade by fly dubai missed the airway.
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>> reporter: it was making a second attempt to land in bad weather when flight the flight crashed and burst into flames. it took off from dubai on friday evening bound for southern russia. it mailed one failed attempt to land at the scheduled rival time. it sir kemd for more than two hours. russian investigators say there were strong gusting winds at the time, peaking at a speed of 90 kilometers per sound. while it was held over the airport, another airline attempted to land three times before diverting to the nearby airport. about 300 kilometers away. it is not clear with why the pilot did not also choose to change course, but instead went into fatal descent. the aircraft crashed off the runway. the cctv video shows a large
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explosion. it is not clear whether the wing or tail of the plane were clipped during that second failed landing attempt or whether it nose dooid at high speed into the ground. the force of the impact caused the plane to break into small pieces, skalt erred across a large area. it is among this debris that russian investigators discovered the two black boxes intact. relatives and friends gathered at the airport and learned that all passengers and staff were killed. it has a strong safety record. the airline says its staff are in shock. >> we do not yet know all of the details of the incident, but we are working closely with the authorities to establish precisely what happened. we are making every effort to
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care for those affected and will provide assistance to the families and friends of those who were on board. >> reporter: russia's investigative committee says it is looking into two possibilities. terrorists have been ruled out >> translation: the investigation is looking into two main versions for the plane crash, a mistake by the pilot or a malfunction in the plane >> reporter: now that both the voice and data recorders are found, investigators will try to find out what exactly happened during those last moments. they will try to work out why the pilot took the last decision and what was the advice of the air controllers. it is one that families and friends of the victims would want to know the result sooner rather than later the main suspect in lost november's paris attacks has been charged in belgium with
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terror offences. salah abdeslam was arrested in brussels on friday after four months on the run. the new european arrest warrant has been issued in an attempt to speed his extradition to france which could take up to three months. jacky rowland has more. a police convoy carrying salah abdeslam arrives at this prison after he was formally charged with participation in terrorist murders. the main suspect in the paris attacks was captured on friday and was likely injured during his arrest. >> translation: he is cooperating with the belgian legal authorities. in the context of the european arrest warrant, i can tell you that we refuse extradition. >> reporter: the french authorities have now issued a new european arrest warrant against him, but the french prosecutor warned it could take up to three months to extradite
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him to france. >> translation: in our investigation it has become true that he ask more than a mere player. he played a key role in the make up of the commando unit of 13 november attacks in paris, and by himself being present in paris. there is still tension in the neighborhood here. four other people were arrested at the same time as him. three of them are members of a family that is suspected of sheltering him during his time as a fugitive. >> he is from this neighborhood so it's not surprising he has friends and relatives, supporters who are willing to shelter him >> translation: we are relieved and happy that we finally stopped this, not only for brussels but also for europe and rest of the world. >> reporter: it was this raid earlier in the week on the
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flight in a different part of the brussels that gave police vital clues on the whereabouts of europe's most wanted man. police found his fingerprint in the flat. he had been on the run for more than four months. friends of his had driven through the night after the paris attacks to pick him up and bring him to brussels. since then it would appear that his movements were limited to an area of justice a few kilometers as he ran out of options and hiding places. 130 people were killed and more than 300 injured in coordinated attacks on cafés, a concert hall and a football stadium in paris on november 13. the main surviving suspect linked to those attacks is now under arrest. the officials in both france and belgium have made it clear that the investigation is far from over and more arrests can be
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expected. jacky rowland 18 egyptian policemen have been killed in an attack on the sinai peninsula. a check point was hit by mortar rounds. i.s.i.l. says its fighters were behind the ambush and that a suicide car bomber was involved. at least 43 people have been killed in a series of air strikes in the northern syrian province of raqqa. the dead include five children and seven women. the area is an i.s.i.l. stronghold and the target of syrian government and russian attacks. russian planes have attacked the ancient sit of palmyra. it was by up to 70 air strikes. syria's state news agency say government forces are heading west a political crisis in brazil
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has divided the country with thousands participating in pro and anti-government rallies. it comes as the supreme court blocks former president lula da silva to a cabinet post >> reporter: this small demonstration to counter the demonstration we saw in this very same spot just a few hours ago by government deporters in favor of the president dilma rousseff and they were addressed by the former president lula da silva. this is a follow on from what happened here last sunday when millions of people crowded the streets of the cities of brazil calling for the impeachment, the removal of the president. at the moment we seem to have demonstration, counter demonstration likely to continue for the foreseeable future while we await decisions by the court and dilma rousseff herself to see how she is going to manage to consolidate her position. >> translation: we would like
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to see lula da silva behind bars. that is what the people want. we want justice. >> translation: part of the population made a mistake. it is a mistake we have to fix. the sooner we fix it the better it will be for the country. the longer we wait the worse it will get. >> reporter: there is increasing uncertainty in markets and society with no end in site to what we see as a political crisis our correspondent is joining us live. what's the latest on the former president lula da silva? >> reporter: the political crisis here in brazil has gone from bad to worse, especially after this supreme court justice made a surprising and unexpected ruling saying that the ex-president lula da silva could not serve in the cabinet of the president. this became a big story and it is a big story that adds to this
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crisis because lieu was given this position late last week. it was partially an attempt to shield him or give him immune. he is under investigation for alleged corruption violations and this is big that he is not able to take this cabinet position because now he will not have this sort of immunity at all. in theory that means that he could face arrest if the prosecutors and the investigators deem there's enough evidence to arrest him. so that's why that's a significant development here. also not only that is swirling around here, but in the national congress building that you see behind me, a special impeachment commission will start their first hearings on impeachment of dilma rousseff. that is going to start early next week. they plan to fast track that. they said they could have an initial decision on it if they want to go forward even further
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by as early as mid-april. a lot going on here. political crisis engulfing the country thank you for that. still ahead on al jazeera, more than 80,000 people across the world are set to cast their vote for the tibetan government in exile. plus flying high, a new crew arrives at the space station. he space station.
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a reminder of the top
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stories. turkey's prime minister has denounced a suicide bombing which has killed four people, including foreigners. belgian prosecutors have charged one of the main paris attack suspects with what they've called participation in terrorist murder. russian investigators are trying to establish the cause of a plane crash which killed all 62 people on board. obama is about to become the first sitting u.s. president in almost the 0 years to visit cuba. during his three-day visit he will meet the president to start shaping a new relationship between the two countries. our correspondent is in halve havana. >> reporter: it still look like the havana of the pre-cold war era when cuba was the playground
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of the u.s. like most visitors, obama will likely feel thrust back into the 1950s when he sees the art deco architecture and the old american cars from before the 1959 revolution still working against all odds. he will be able to admire the colonial center, perhaps stop at this pub, or eat in one of the scores of new privately-owned restaurants, test meants to the city. >> part of this moment is precisely because we have accumulated so many layers of history and beautiful architecture and design. >> reporter: it also wears the scars of decades of deck a. what obama won't see is what is
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in the inside. so many of these houses are deteriorated because of lack of maintenance and repairs. this has simply collapsed. it has been condemned and there are still families living inside. 74 year old has been living here since he was 12 and says he is finally about to be moved by the government. >> translation: there is no pluming, so i bring water from next-door. >> reporter: cuban authorities will likely tell obama that the faded paint and crumbling buildings are the fault of half a century of u.s. sanctions. many say government neglect is mostly to blame. still, the city is a metaphor of a cold war bilateral relationship that is falling apart, a relationship that was
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kept frozen in time and which with obama's visit appears to be taking a giant step into the 21st century how big a coup is this visit for castro? >> reporter: it is a huge, huge deal for the president. just imagine if his brother was the president that resisted more than half a decade of pressure from the u.s. to abandon cuba's communist system, his brother will go down in history as the president who helped to end the cold war with this one's powerful northern neighbor. it is very important for cuba and cubans to be able to have a better relationship with the u.s. particularly for economic reasons and so he who will be
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stepping down in two years would like to go out as the president who left this country on a much better footing than the one he found it in eight years ago when he took office how much of a political shift do you expect? not very much. the cuban government and castro made it clear that changing their one party communist state is not an option, it is not on the table. he made it so clear that he invited him here yesterday to underscore that cuba will not be changing its love for socialism or revolutionism phone companies have been ordered to suspend services amid security concerns over the
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election. the president is confident he will extend his term but opposition say the vote is flawed. >> reporter: this man has been president of the republic of congo for a long time. he has ruled his oil producing nation from 197 the to 1992. after a brief war he gained power in 1997. heap went on to win disputed elections in 2002 and 2009. last year he secured the right to seek a third consecutive term in a constitutional referendum. he seems confident he will win the presidential polls. >> translation: victory is set in the first round. we will win this election. we have a lot of supporters across the country. >> reporter: eight opponents are running in the first round, but former army chief is the president's main challenger. he used to be the president security adviser before retiring
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last year, but opposition leaders say the president lost control of state resources an security and female people there could be electoral fraud. >> translation: it is not possible for the president to win this election. it would mean the vote has been stolen. we will reject the result. >> reporter: last year several opposition supporters who were against a third term were shot and killed. >> translation: now there are people running, who are going to the village because it is like there is a bad movement that is feared. feared.
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there has been a defendant
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diaspora and india. after so long, the question is whether the government they elected can truly represent tibetans inside and out of tibet. but china doesn't correction nights the government in exile, maybe making it difficult for politicians to address the griefances of people on the ground. it's about looking at their future outside of tibet. delhi-born lasomborgi wants the government to focus on those who even have never seen tibet. >> like unemployment. giving correction to the youth. that's what they can do. >> back on the campaign trail, he meets 81-year-old chin zan, a
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first generation tibetan refugee who longs for home. >> every day, i pray that in my lifetime, his holiness, the dahli lama can go back to tibet. wlaefr the results, it's peek like chinzon, who are a reminder of the main goal. fez jamil, al jazeera, new delhi. >> people in greenland are complaining of the lack of opportunities, forcing them to leave. about 500 people seeking a better life elsewhere. chronic social issues surrounding alcoholism and unemployment is pushing many to leave for life in denmark. >> a nasa astronautz have arrived on the space station replacing those who returned to earth. the group will spend the income 6 months working 400 kilometers
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above the earth. scientists wants to see how the human body copies copes with longer stays in space. any time on our website. the address for that is and watch us live by clicking on the "watch now" icon. >> the frustration of a synthetic voice for those who can only speak through computers? >> it sounds like a robot. >> researchers creating sounds that capture individual pers personali personalities. giving a face. >> what about your speech. >> my tongue. >> for those in need, new voice technologies that over the sweet


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