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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  March 20, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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this is al jazeera america. i'm randall pinkston with a look at the top stories. president obama begins a 2-day trip to havana. on the agenda a state dinner, baseball game and discussion of a problem that kept the two nations apart for decades. the topic of tonight's "the week ahead". >> also, the two frontrunners in the race for president.
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prepares to address the largest gathering of the pro-israel movement. and pope francis uses his palm sunday message to shine a spotlight on the flight of european refugees. we begin tonight with the most dramatic sign yet of the changing relationship between the u.s. and cuba. president obama and the first family are in havana. it is the first u.s. presidential visit to the island in 88 years. the last time was 1928 when calvin koolidge went to havana. part of the mission during the 2-day trip this time constructing a frank dialogue about human rights issues, and other differences that sparked a 50-year-old cold war between the two nations. the visit is not without
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detractors, here and in cuba. republican leaders continue to bash the president for what they call supporting an oppressive regime. support correspondent joins us. how is the president addressing the objections that some have to the visit? >> one of the ordinarily goals is to cement and solidify the president's initiative. you recall it was on september 2014 where he made a surprise announcement that he was going to pursue the normalization after 53 years of estrangement between the united states and cuba, followed by the mutual openings of embassies, and the fanfare around that. removing some of the context around that and the american
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companies. part of a goal to expose cubans to american society, open communication with america itself. what the president is trying to do here first and foremost. and you see it with the stage craft and choreography. the president landing aboard aircraft one, touching down with his wife in to you. spring breakers. malia and sasha, and his mother-in-law. one of the first things he's done, a tour, public tour looking at the sites around me, we expect the president in the square, in a couple of minutes. perhaps unfortunately, a discord nant note. it poured rain the moment air force one touched down. part of the reason is the president is trying to cement this in case a republican is elected to succeed him in the white house in the midst of the election year. who knows what could happen. the first place bass an address
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to embassy staff, where he called this an historic opportunity. >> everything we have accomplished so far. americans coming to cuba, engagement with the cuban people. still societies, faith groups. entrepreneurs, young people, more opportunities to improve their lives, it's happening because of you. >> the president continues his tour of old havana. he has a full slate of activities. this is a state visit. a lot of pomp and ceremonies. >> nothing has changed using the old policies of the u.s. he wanted to do something. he has not been able to change something that would be fundamental to relationships to any nation, and that is the trade embargo. where do they stand between the u.s. and cuba. the president.
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in this is almost a commercial trip. he has ceos of major organizations, head of zero, paypal, b&b and others. they sense an opportunity, the administration is doing all that it can to loosen things up. incrementally there's mail between the united states and cuba. cubans can be paid through u.s. banks. that will benefit baseball players and a number of other cubans that go to the united states. the trade embargo has to be raised by congress. lifted by congress. it's been in place since the castio regime came into power. coddified in 1996. republicans show no inclination to do that.
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you pointed out at the top they have been critical of the president visiting the craft roe regime. still, the president. ignoring that, pushing it aside, as said many times, the past policies of the united states isolated cuba. it has not worked. he's turn the page in a high profile way today and the next two days. >> what is on the agenda for tomorrow, mike? >> tomorrow begins the official state visit portion. he visits a memorial to the 19th sendury cuban nationalist hero, before he visits the president, raul castro, fidel castro having ceded the presidency toies younger brother. the white house says under no circumstances will the president meet with fidel castro.
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there'll be joint statements between the president and mr castro, and a state dinner with all the comp and ceremony. before that, an entrepreneurial summit with the ceo and business interests. >> mike viqueira in havana, we look forward to your reports. >> raul castro was not at the airport to greet president obama, but the two counterparts will be meeting tomorrow. brett neumann has more from the leader who has been mending fences. >> in size and character, raul castro could not be more different from the brother that he replaced as president of communist cuba. >> jacky rowland fought to overthrow the dictatorship.
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punk tutored by fiery american speeches. -- punctuated by fiery american speeches. >> he had a vision, placing importance in the ideological reasoning of the revolution. >> reporter: for nearly 50 years raul castro was the u.n. challenged leader of the cuban revolution. gavt focus on the -- fidel castro focussed on the new man and blamed the united states for short comings. when poor health forced him to step down most assumed raust would fol black raul cast castro -- -- assumed raul castro would follow in his brothers footsteps. to everyone's surprise, he released restrictions on small business and travelling abroad.
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>> raul is more liberal. we have to open up. >> reporter: raul is a prague in theist. >> me -- mag mattist. >> he is more like we have to solve the matters for the people. he feels the revolution must be saved by helping the people. >> reporter: he is, in fact, pragmatic enough to put ideology and years of mistrust aside in order to reconcile with the arch enemy. raul castro is equally committed to maintaining cuba as a one-party communist state. >> the same way we have never suggested the united states change its political system, we demand respect for hours. >> reporter: raul castro is due to step down in two years. with the clock ticking on the castro era, he is determined to
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follow vietnam's example - make peace with the united states, open up the economy and maintain the grip on political power coming up at 8:30, president obama's visit to cuba in "the week ahead". we'll take a look at where u.s.-cuba relations stand and how the president will push his agenda in his final months in office. >> now to america votes. donald trump is downplaying the latest violence at one of his rallies. video from arizona yesterday appears to show trump's campaign manager reaching for the collar, trump and calling him spirited saying he wanted to remove offensive signs from the event. trump is holding a fundraiser at his beech club in florida, where he taunted ted cruz. >> i get a kick out of ted. and - i can't do it. this unity, unity, i am not
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saying lion ted. i refuse to say it as he holds up the bible, puts down the bible as for cruz, he is jabing trump for hiring foreign workers and criticized president barack obama for his trip to cuba given the counter leadership. >> i cannot wait to celebrate with the people of cuba 90 piles off america's sure, their liberation, their freedom from the communist dictatorship that destroyed their economy, that destroyed lives. >> cruz's father was born and raised in cuba. >> on the democratic side campaign finance reports showed hillary clinton raised 30 million. 30% of her money was from donations of $200 or his. less. she and her husband campaigned
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today ahead of next saturday's primaries, sanders held a rally, telling the audience his campaign attracted more voters under 30 than clinton and trump. sanders promised to go after outrageous levels of student debt. and to make public universities tuition free. and was scheduled to visit seattle and spokane. >> senator marco rubio dropped out of the g.o.p. race. along the way he picked up 164 delegates. who gets the delegates now. the answer is not as simple as winner take all. paul beban takes a look at the options. >> i want to congratulate donald trump on his victory, a big
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victory. >> it was the final blow for marco rubio. a disappointing finish in his home state. now that he has no longer in the running, what happens to the delegates. the answer, because the republican national committee allows each state to set rules, it's complicated. first there are three states where marco rubio's supporters can or will be reallocated without them haivng a say. next is the big group of states where marco rubio's delegates would be what is called unbound. able to vote for whomever they want, sooner or later. >> in a few states the delegates can choose a candidate. in others they are stuck with marco rubio until he releases them. finally there's the states when the delegates are bound, marco rubio's, until the convention. that is when things could get more complicated. some states require the delegates to vote for marco rubio on the first ballot. others to vote for him the entire time. >> thank you and god bless you. >> reporter: but that and other
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rules could change between now and when the republicans arrive in cleveland for the convention in july, as we have seen in this campaign, the cold rules do not -- the old rules don't apply pull out the calendars, here is what is next. three races on tuesday for the republicans. winner take all in arizona. 58 delegates. utah with 40 delegates, and in america, samoa, nine delegates sayable in a caucus, a total of 107 delegates. for democrats, two primaries and a caucus. 85 available in the primary, 37 in you tars. idaho holding a caucus. 37 delegates available in idaho. three states with a total of 149 delegates on tuesday for the democrats the influential group apac gathered in washington for a
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conference. lobbying efforts failed to block the nuclear deal with iran. the focus remains on protecting them from iran a record 18,000 maid the pilgrimage to washington. apac's mission strengthening and promoting relationships with israel. that means lobbying for aid with israel. in past years, fighting to prevent armed sales to the government. like the plains to saudi arabia, which is real once opposed. >> the perceived threat has been out dated by the greatest mens. >> in some the traditional enemy of the enemy is my friend. these countries have a common center. >> apec in front of the obama
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administration, rejecting the deal that froze the nuclear programme. the campaign failed and undermined the policy against taking sides. still the group promises to keep up the pressure on iran. the delegates warned that remaining sanctions are losing their four to curb sanctions. >> the assessment serves the activist. >> it's important from where we stand to get the right answers, and how afraid we really should be, and how deep the problem is. >> most americans gree with two in every three opposed to the american deal. >> apac may not be the full
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thoughts of all muslims, but others will be here to court their votes. we have new information about the suspect arrested yesterday for the attacks in paris. next, his alleged plans to carry out more attacks in brussels. and later - a chance to sleep inside a painting. sort of.
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iran's supreme leader says president barack obama is not holding un his end of the deem. during a speak marking the new year, ayatollah khamenei accused the u.s. of trying to undermine the benefits of the agreement that it was supposed to bring to iran. he says that european banks and other financial companies are reluctant to do business in iran fearing retall ration by washington. the agreement ended all nuclear-related sanctions, but economic sanctions remain in place. there's evidence the main suspect in the paris mass agger was plan -- massacre was planning attacks in brussels. his legal team is fighting extradition to grant. >> investigators say salah abdeslam had plans for more operations,including restarting something in brussels.
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>> he wants to go to paris and be a suicide bomber. we don't know why, but he stopped. the next information are that he was ready to restart something from brussels. and maybe it's the reality, because we have found a lot of weapons, heavy weapons in the first investigations, and we have seen a network of people around him speaking at a forum on sunday, the belgium foreign minister said investigators found 30 people involved in the attacks. but for certain there are others salah abdeslam has been held by belgium police since his arrest. his lawyers do not want him extradited to france. >> he is cooperating with the belgium legal authorities, in the context of the european arrest warrant. i can tell you that we refuse extradition. >> in paris senior ministers held a meeting with security officials over the weekend.
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>> salah abdeslam will have to answer for his actions in a french court. the need for justice is what all the relatives are demanding, as well as the french people. the belgium foreign minister says existing laws require the suspect to be sent to france within three months. in the coming hours there'll be more contact. to make sure the extradition is fully respected according to the law. >> as the questioning continues, another suspect remains at large. he was seen driving a car used in the paris attack, two days before the massacre. the prime minister of kosovo says the europe refugee crisis had an impact on his family. his brother and some of his nieces and nephews were among tens of thousands attempting to enter the european union fleeing
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poverty and irrelevant. more kosovoans left the country sin any other year. kosovo experienced poverty and high unemployment since then while the cities of brazil have been flooded with protesters lining up to voice displeasure with the government. it is the rural communities that have lost full faith in the nation's leadership. our correspondent reports. >> the noise of the protests replaced by the sounds of horses galloping on the streets. here it is another day on horse back, getting from one place to another. when the 8-year-old looks at the politicians, he sees little hope. >> the politicians are there for the people. those of us that are poor, we are trying to figure out how to
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pay for rice. here the people are poor and are watching from afar. they are losing faith. >> we have one politician, and they are corrupt. then another is corrupt. everywhere you look recollects they are corrupt in this country in rio de janeiro, hundreds of thousands of anti-government protesters took to the streets, calling for the impeachments of roouf dilma rousseff, who they hold responsible for the economic decline. pro-government supporters responded with huge protests of their own saying it's a coup and they will not stand for it. the deepening crisis threatens to bring down the government and has the potential to get worse soon here in the capital of
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brasilia, the political situation could become more volatile this week. lawmakers here are expected to open the first phase of impeachment hearings against the president. >> they are watching developments, but not today. no matter the differences on this day, the one thing that bring everyone together is the local neighbourhood football championship. those far away from the traditional seats of power realise that this crisis is one of worst the country faced for many years. a day cuban americans may remember for a long time. the first u.s. president landing in havana for the first time in 88 years. next - a look at problems that kept the two nations apart for more than five decades, a topic of tonight's "the week ahead".
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>> our american story is written everyday. it's not always pretty, but it's real... and we show you like no-one else can. this is our american story. this is america tonight. welcome back to al jazeera america, here is a look at top stories, turkish authorities identified as a member of the isil, that under took the bombings. president recep tayyip erdogan said his country will not be defeated by terrorist organizations a.p.a. c begins its conference in washington.
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the mission to protect security relations with israel. all but bernie sanders are scheduled to address the group, the presidential candidates a second bald eagle reported in washington d.c. the bald eagle cam stream gave the nation the option of watching two bald eagles being burned. the first friday night, named the president and the first lady. it has created an internet senation time for "the week ahead". president obama in cuba for a visit with his family. he's the first sitting president. the two day trip coming 15 months after the president announced plans to normalize relations between washington and the cuban communist government.
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the obama will see a baseball game, have a state dinner amongst other matters. some of the matters that created a difference between the u.s. and cuba - he is expected to talk about human rights abuses by the castro government and will meet with political dissidents. the decision to restore diplomacy was met with hostility. american businesses began to warm to the idea. marriott hotels and others are some hoping to expand. melissa chan has more on developments since relations were open and the changes expected to come. >> i have to say that the weather turned bad. wheels down, air force one in havana. it was sunny, cloudy, and the han started to come.
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there has been thunder and lightening. a few hours ago president obama's motorcade sped through. we are standing by the water. it's the evening time so you can't really tell. the motorcade fed through on its way to old havana, where the president took a tour of old havana, they had to hold the umbrellas, checking out the kath eid ral and met with staff. >> as the motorcades passed by. no one was in the streets, we heard shears cheers from apartments. according to a post. 90% spour normalize as. >> reporter: ask anyone on the streets of havana, the overwhelming majority support
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normalization between havana and america. both support the changes, from the opening of the embassy to john kerry strolling through down. now with president obama's trip, will it be style or substance. >> i think obama has an opportunity to address the cuban people. he has a huge popularity among people. they want to hear from the president that he is able to change the policy. >> development has taken place at a rapid clip. in january, the u.s. eased restrictions on financing. in february, the two agreed to restore commercial fights and by march major league baseball allowed players into the country without defecting. american efforts sent a signal to other countries, hesitant about engaging with cuba, to go
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ahead and do so. europe invested modestly and cautiously. in the past few months waves of delegations and businesses started to cox. now that they are seeing that the united states is having renewed relations with cuba, they are trying to rush in and take stake in what they think, than be turned over to american citizens. there's a bit of a rush to cuba right now. >> and that's the irony. as long as the embargo stays in place, the u.s. is at a disadvantage during the interim period. american businesses stand to lose out to others. at the trade fair last fall. most participants were not americans. >> as i was in the car, seeing chinese buses, why can't they be american bus, why can't the americans have the oil fields instead of canadians. i said we are missing the boat. championing american interests including the investors will be
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one of president obama's goals on this trip. he's broken the status quo, one that lasted 50 years, and the question is how much the president of change can achieve on this one trip in his final year in office you know, we talk about style over substance, and the symbolism of the trip. one thing is even though we don't have a clue whether president obama is going to make an announcement in terms of development, we saw that the hotels is going to come to havana, operating a total of three hotels. so perhaps there'll be announcement of economic deals. even if there isn't. the significance of the trip behind the symbolism, seeing the american president in the streets is the irreversibility of this. that is the goal of the trip. very soon, the united states might be having the republican president.
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and the intent of this was to make sure that all the developments will not be rolled back. what better way by sending the president down there joining me from houston is a policy analyst on latin america. staying with us, melissa, you hang in for a minute. let me go to the point that she was mentioning, juan, the president is trying to put in place the mechanism for making sure that if there is a republican president in 2017, they will not reverse his policies. how realistic is it. all the republicans are saying they'll reverse this opening. how realistic is it that that might happen? >> well, actually, donald trump said that he is not against in principle obama's policy. he thinks he can get a better deal from cuba, in principle he
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is not opposed to reproachment with the island, one of the sensible things he has said in this campaign. if we had a democrat as a president. hillary clinton, i don't think that the next administration will be as eager as president obama has been in the last year and a half to engage cuba. i think he sees it as part of his legacy. it's a major move, something that will go down in the history books. i don't think the next administration, a democratic or republican administration will be as eager as president obama has been to engage with cuba. >> do you think it's possible that a republican administration would reverse the diplomatic relations. >> all of these things have taken place. executive decisions.
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however, many businesses are taking place now between the u.s. and cuba, hundreds of thousands of americans are engaging with cubans in the island, and it will be difficult politically to service the policy set in place. some years ago i visited cuba twice, and i was struck by the reluctance of cubans on the street to speak candidly. i wonder, what have you observed in your interactions with cubans? >> well, it's interesting. my first trip to cuba was in 2001. at that time something that television journalists do a lot is go out on the streets, approach people and do interviews, arriving what their opinion is about an issue, what we call man on the street
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interviews, at that time it was difficult. cubans were friendly, but noncommittal about their opinions. the big change i sensed when i came last summer with the u.n. official opening. u.s. embassy was how open and relaxed cuban were. you could go up and ask them questions about what they thought about castro, the government. i felt the sense of speaking openly definitely changed over the past decade, for sure, and let's not talk about the change month on month. from my trip in august, to this trip. you are getting a lot more american tourists, interactions twine americans and cubans, and a sense of hope when cubans are talking about each other. >> is there any way to assess, aside from attitudinal
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observations that my colleague made, whether the opening with the u.s. had a concrete change in the lives of cubans? >> not yet. it's too early to say that. we have measurements showing setback. the number of several cubans dropped by 6,000 people. in the last few months. >> why was that? >> we have seen a sharp increase. we have seen a sharp increase in the number of arbitrary detentions. you know, many people believe that the cuban government wants to keep firm control over the event, that's why they are even - they are reversing some progress when it comes to economic reforms. the cuban government is not interested in becoming a full-fledged free market democracy, this is a stalinist dictatorship. they want to keep control of
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event. if that means reversing and setting back some progress made in the last few years, they'll do so. i hope - i hope as your reporter says in havana, that all the interactions between hundreds of thousands of americans in the long run will set the seed, the stage for greater political freedoms in the island. >> hold your point a second. let's take a look at political comments made about this visit. republicans have consistently criticized the cuban philosophy, calling it nothing short of on endorsement of an oppressive regime. president cruz saying much the same thing, while the obama administration meets with cuban leader, political prisoners languishing in doesn't gones across the island will hear this message - nobody has your back, you are alone with your
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tormentors, the world has forgotten you. so on senator cruz's point. one of the criticisms is it did not require the castro regime to change human rights policies. there's no official freedom of speech. detentions continue. we heard some dissidents supposedly meeting with obama were arrested while the president was en route. does the president have leverage on matters of human rights. >> indeed. we saw dozens of dissidents arrested and beaten in the streets, hours prior to the arrival of the president. look, i - i'm conflicted about the nature of the trip. president obama said in december
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that he wouldn't travel to cuba, unless he would have seen concrete steps towards greater political freedoms in the island, we have not seen that. i don't understand the trip of president obama from that point of view. regarding to what senator cruz and other politicians were critical of what was said, the one thing i will say is isolating cuba didn't work, it didn't make it democratic, it provided an excuse, the regime a scapegoat to blame this isolation, and the united states for being an aggressor and responsible for the economic troubles of the island. so i think that by engaging cuba, hopefully by lifting the embargo soon, we'll have a better chance of transforming the events in the island than
8:43 pm
trying to isolate cuba, which failed for more than 50 years. >> you saw some american business leaders trying to make inroads into cuba. i have heard a report indicating that cuban businesses are a little reluctant to engage because they are not sure whether a business deal made in the obama administration will remain after the president left office. have you heard anything like that from cuban businesses, and their interactions with americans looking to do deals with them? >> i think that's on excellent point. and one thing we are hearing, of course, the american embargo - has been the american embargo, other countries, such as canada,
8:44 pm
european countries long invested in cuba, it's a murky system. thing about the bureaucracy that you have though deal with, and there's things i'm hearing about how canadian businesses and hotels are excited to off-load all the properties that we have been managing to american businesses coming in. perhaps naively, being excited about the penalty and the hope of making money if cuba. change is going to take time. there has been reforms happening before the announcement of normalization. change has been going on, yes, we have to qualify expectations a bit. american businesses, such as mcdonald's and starbucks. people are saying "i want to go to cuba" before i see a mcdonald's on the street corner. it will not happen soon, it will take time. the rolling stones concert on friday. they had to bring in everything, down to the hammer, to make the
8:45 pm
concert happen in the - on friday evening. that is what you are dealing with in terms of infrastructure, and the ability to bring in supplies to run the business. >> we have to observe that the cuban people seem to have a knack for making things work. when you look at all of those 50, 60-year-old cars that they have been retrofitting, and they are rolling somehow. anyway, we'll look forward to reports in havana, and thank you for your insights juan, from houston texas, thank you for joining us. and before we go - here is a look at other stories we'll watch in the week ahead. at approximately 8:14am on monday, a comet is scheduled to come been 3.3 million miles of earth. making it the fifth closest comet to pass by the planet.
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>> it offers scientists a rare opportunity. on tuesday, the white house holds a summit to discuss scientific advances. and solving water problems, such as drought and pollution. after the historic visit to cuba, the president arrives in argentina, he is expected to discuss the declassification of u.s. records, regarding the dirty war of the 1970s, and 80s. next - an art lover's dream. literally. a chance to sleep inside one of van go's famous paintings. plus, the pope's palm sunday messages, using it to put a spotlight on the refugee crisis in europe.
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a new biopic on legendary painter vincent van gogh is grabbing head linls "loving vincent", the first fully painted feature film. each programme is an oil painting in van go's style. in order to make it work on the screen. there's 12 oil paintings shown every second. the artist is providing an interactive experience for fans for vincent van gogh. for just $10 a night.
8:50 pm
art lovers can sleep inside a full-size replica of van gogh's painting the bedroom. >> reporter: it's arguably the most famous room captured on canvas, van go's bed room at his home. >> they are old paintings pained a couple of weeks ago. it's amazing. >> the three versions are on display at the art institute. the surveyors time all three have been exhibited. >> in terms of his whole work, it's an iconic image that everyone remembers, because it is so graphic and colour until and startling because of its empty innocence. >> it's a summation of where he was at that time. and the culmination of dreams and hopes of having a room of his own and a place of his own where he could cliff and work
8:51 pm
and have friends. into to promote the exhibition, the museum has added a fourth dimension. the add im of getting lost in a painting gains new meaning. >> it's complete with blue walls, yellow chairs and the red trimmed towel. located in an apartment in the river north neighbourhood, it is available to rent for 10 bucks a night. >> it's amazing. yes. able to do a night in the yellow house, yes. it's brilliant. really good idea. >> it took a team of carpenters and painters about a month to repaint the bedroom. some questioned what van go would have thought. >> it's fascinating. it's like intruding. >> still, the art institute says
8:52 pm
the response has been huge, bookings sold out. for a unique opportunity to sleep inside a masterpiece. 10 bucks a night, what a deal. last night thousands of landmarks around the world turned off their lights to celebrate earth hour. the movement acknowledges change. >> going dark to shine a light on climate change. more than 7,000 cities switching off their lights for an hour. landmarks across the capital moss ke illuminated by the candles of those that gathered for the initiative. >> the goal is to remind us of the limits of national riches, resources, and how human life is. >> paris shows the love for the
8:53 pm
environment without the romantic clo of the eiffel tower. the world's tallest building sits in the blackness of night. from sydney to taipei, millions coming together to raise awareness about the environment. >> i'm mostly here to support environmental protection because change has been severe. the recent cold weather, a climactic abnormality helped me realise the important matters for the government. >> this is the 10th year of the movement. organizers say the 60 minutes of action keeps the momentum going to address an issue affecting us all and now with our weather, here is joy mccorvey. >> that's right -- here is kevin corveau. >> there's a lot of talk about the weather system affecting the sea board. there was a lot of discrepancy
8:54 pm
on where the system would 20. we'll have a lot of impact with this. boston tools are closed for tomorrow because of the snow in parts of massachusetts. this is what we are looking at right now. the raid has turned to snow across the region, and depends on where you are. >> here, across much of new york temperatures are above freezing, so what is coming down, or what is beginning to come down will not stick to the ground. what sticks is a slushy mess in this area. there's no watches, warnings or advisories for new york. long ilted you have winter storm warnings. we talk about cape cod as well as parts of connecticut, with the winter storm morning going through to tomorrow. the totes, where we talk about -- attempts, where we talk about one to two inches. it's really talking about
8:55 pm
boston, where we expect to see eight inches or more. that is why they closed the tools in that area. what is going to happen vos the united states? -- across the united states? as the system moves out. we'll watch what happens across the central plains. another storm is coming out of the pacific, as we go towards spring, we get transitioning times when the severe weather comes into play. as you see on tuesday, the rain comes in, and we have indications of severe weather and snow towards the mountains, and then as we go towards thursday, we become a mess here, especially across the southern pacific river valley, where flooding is a problem. up towards the north, as well as wisconsin, we are talking about another snow event. snow to the north. severe weather to the south. that will be a big problem. over to the east. temperatures for washington -
8:56 pm
randall. they are going up to 70-73 degrees by the time we get to midweek in the old city of jerusalem, hundreds of christians mark the start of the holy week with palm sunday celebrations. the faithful march waving palm branches to symbolize the day jesus enters the city to cheers. tourists, worshippers and pilgrims travelled there to retrace his footsteps. at the vatican pope francis led celebrations for the 1.2 billion roman catholics. pope francis blessed palms in front of thousands. the pope recounted how jesus was denied justice and was unfairly treated. saying it reminds him of the refugee crisis.
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>> translation: jesus experiences his own flesh indifference. since no one took responsibility for his, i'm thinking of other people, so many marginalized people, so many asylum seekers, so many refugees, there are many that do not want to take responsibility for their destiny. many were blocked. more than 1.1 million migrants entered the european union last year. thank you for joining us. i will be back 11:00pm. stay tuned for "faultlines" coming up next. of isis recruits. teaching the youth on the front lines. working towards a better future. >> this is one of the most important sites in the century. >> proudest moment of my life. v
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al jazeera america. >> in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, we did some things that were wrong. we did a whole lot of things at a were right, buthat were rightd some folks. >> it's been more than a year since america admitted to torturing people. we're trying to


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