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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 21, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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possibility to connect and communicate in realtime with an unprecedented number of people. al jazeera. >> just talk. talk. listen, and read our website [ "star spangled banner" ] >> president obama is in havana sitting down in talks with president raul castro. >> if you see violence, condemn it. if you see a bully, stand up to him. >> tough talk from candidates trying to woo israeli voters.
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>> terror attacks in new strikes in europe. >> this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm richelle carey. for the first time in generations right now the american president is meeting with his cuban counterpart in havana. a military band played the cuban and american national anthem side by side. mike viqueira is live in have a hanna for us. mike, are you there? we're trying to get mike viqueira. we're having a few technical difficulties. we'll come back to him shortly. in the meantime, a new cbs news
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poll shows that majority of americans six in ten approve of restoring relations. 52% of americans approve of president obama's handling of relations between the two countries. 55% favor ending the trade embargo against cuba. 51% said they have a favorable impression of cuba but only 43% of americans are interested in visiting cuba. director of a deputy director of human affairs for the department of state from 1989 to 1993, and do authored the book learning to salsa, new steps in cuba and american relations. first of all, put this in perspective today what is
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happening. >> wow, you know, it's just been an amazing day. but when you take the whole perspective, you look at castro who is coming in with his revolutionary army into havana at the end of 1959. then our embargo being placed against cuba in 1961 then we have the mist crisis that brought us to the brink of a nuclear holocaust. and then we have for years deterioration of relationships, hairening of the embargo. the only president that really did try to remove the embargo seriously was president jimmy carter, who took down parts of the embargo. but cuba has been a huge hero of
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africa. nelson mandela said cuba was the most important foreign country for its independence for the independence of africa. pretty amazing. so cuba has just been off limits for so many years to the united states. but little by little beginning with president clinton there has been more travel tha, then president bush closed it back down. and then last year decembe december 71st, president obama said they were going to restore normal relations, but that does not mean that it's normal. >> exactly. let's talk about that. has enough changed in cuba for the u.s. to have changed here's how i look at it. we don't have an unilateral embargo against anyone in the
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world. we don't have a base against any country in the world who doesn't want us to be there. we don't have special immigration policies for any country in the world other than cuba. we need to treat cuba as a normal country. return to it those things that relate to its sovereignty, such as the embargo, and then start from there with a normal relationship. sure cuba doesn't have the kind of human rights and freedom of speech that we would like to see. well, we're not imposing that kind of embargo or ecuador or bolivia, countries that we don't approve of either. we have to get to normal. that's what the cuban government keeps telling us. >> do you anticipate there will be any change in the human rights situation?
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is there really no incentive? no i am at the tess to do that? >> this is a difficult one. this is what obama's critics point to. what you about the human rights. but you know they don't have a wide network in cuba. the last activist who really did have a network was killed in a car accident, but yet despite that, the cuban government is very much afraid of the human rights activists and they want to stay in power. they're not going to do anything on the human rights or civil society side that they judge will in any way jeopardize their remaining in power. that's what obama has to equate. how does he begin to do this at
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the same time reagan to encourage them. he does that through the latin american region, and helping to help cuba join the organizations such as it's imf, the world bank and other organizations that demand that their members live up to international standards on human rights and the economy. >> thank you. we'll be calling on you again shortly. thank you very much. >> you mike viqueira is live in la vanna. we've gotten those technical situations worked out. what can we expect from this meeting? what does the president have planned for havana? >> let's go through the ticktock a little bit. the president arrived last night, first family in toe.
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the air force one landed when the skies opened up and rained over all over. this would cement in people's mind that this is a corner that was turned. here is the president of the united states walking through old havana with thinks wife and daughters. it was then that another historic handshake between the two presidents president raul castro and president obama took place. those two are meeting now and we do expect remarks, dueling remarks or joint remarks from president obama and president castro in a few minutes' time in a half hour or so. the president has other meetings today, a meeting they're calling an entrepreneurial summit. the president has in toe a group
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of all stars from the united states whether they be in the hospitality industry, the agriculture industry, that's part of the white house goal if you look at it. first of all, to provide those on ticks and to open the door for u.s. businesses to strengthen the ties in the economic era. in that way make this permanent. make this diplomatic opening that the president has made permanent. after all it's all done by executive order and it can be reversed by his successor if that successor is a republican. there have been flies in the appointment, just hours before the president landed we've been talking about it all morning. the so-called ladies in white, these dissidents here very anti-crass though regime were arrested, manhandled as they pro deaths each and every sunday going to church. this is something that dismayed white house officials very much.
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not all going on that's perfect here. the president under a great deal of pressure to speak to the dissident issues. i'll be speaking with groups privately at his hospita hotel. >> let's talk more about the cuban people. how do they seem to be reacting to this visit? >> well, the cuban government through the official media here through the newspapers have explicitly told the cuban people to be respectful, as far as the streets of havana are concerned there are very few people i'm told, that the streets are almost deserted. not because of a security precaution but they were told to
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stay home because there is going to be so much security and so much back and forth. that's certainly not uncommon. but we've been walking the streets. everybody we talked to whether it be people in the eateries, people in their apartments as we talked to, the local people that we're working with say that this is something that people are welcoming, they did not understand the ha years of estrangement and animosity that characterized this relationship. they're hoping for more economic opportunity to spring from this. over all i would say in our experience talking to several people over the last few days a major of hope but yet season simple that is born of 54 years of mistrust does not go away overnight. >> indeed. al jazeera's senior washington correspondent mike viqueira in havana. thank you. we'll have much more on
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president obama's historic trip to cuba. we'll hear from both leaders when they wrap up discussions. that will be in an hour or so, keep it here for that. aipac is considered some of the most powerful in washington, hillary clinton spoke to them. >> we need steady hands. what will than on monday may not happen on tuesday or wednesday because everything is negotiable. [applause] well, my friends, israel's security is non-negotiable. >> bernie sand certificates not at aipac. he's out campaigning in the west today. meanwhile, some polls show donald trump is israel's favorite candidate but some rabbis have threatened to walk
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out of aipac when he speaks. that plays into what trump supporters ultimately want. >> many supporters of donald trump have significant concerns about the role of israel and u.s. policy. so for many of them they will be perfectly find with trump being their speaking to this group and having a large group of rabbis walk out. they keep talking about self funding his campaign. but if you go to his website you'll see not one but two donate buttons for anyone who wants to give. so a self-funded campaign wouldn't do that. and secondly it is somewhat straight talk because no other candidate would say that, but straight talk does not necessarily mean intelligent talk tap trump is doing what he's always doing. >> there is a disgusting guy. he puts his klu klux klan hat
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on. he thinks he's cute. he's a disgusting guy. >> a woman wearing a klan hood was escorted out. a man started punching and kicking other protesters. that man has been charged with misdemeanor assault. trump said that he does not condone the violence and calls those involveddage staters. >> reaching for the collar of a protesters. a campaign spokesperson said that the campaign manager was having a conversation when a member of the security detail pulled the man from behind. trump called his campaign manager spirited. he said he was just trying to remove offensive signs. >> the biggest prize is winne winner take all primary in arizona. there is a primary in utah and american samoa.
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for the democrats, a total of 149 delegates are at stake in primaries in arizona, utah and idaho. up next, belgium owes firms are searching for a new suspect in connection with the november paris attacks. and new details of what the mastermind is telling police about the next operation they had planned. and the patent fight between the world's largest smart phone makers.
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>> our american story is written everyday. it's not always pretty, but it's real... and we show you like no-one else can. this is our american story. this is america tonight.
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>> the supreme court has agreed to hear the patent feud between samsung and apple. apple and samsung have been infringing on designed around the rounded edges and colorful grid of icons. the court will likely take up the case in october. senator majority level mitch mcconnell was doubling down on president obama's supreme court pick. he explained why he thinks garland will not get enough support to win a vote. >> i can't imagine that a republican majority in the united states senate would want to confirm in a lang duck session a nominee opposed by the national rival association. the national association of independent business that represent small businesses that have never taken a position on a supreme court point before. they're opposed to this guy.
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i can't imagine that a republican majority senate even if it were soon to be a minority, would want to confirm a judge that would move the judge dramatically to the left. that's not going to happen. >> the republicans saying they fear if a democratic president is elected in november, a nor liberal justice could be nominated. prosecutors are appealing help in an accomplice with in the november paris attacks. al jazeera's neave barker hear more. >> this individual traveled to syria in 2013 before making his way back through europe. according to investors he may have traveled from you hungary before salah abdelslam being
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stopped by border guards before being allowed to carry on. he has been identified because of dna evidence gathered at two properties in and around the belgium capital along with dna evidence found in explosives used in the paris attacks. they have asked the public to remain vigilant. >> the pentagon is deploying more marines in iraq after the death of the u.s. service member there. staff sergeant was the first marine killed last month. meanwhile, the anti-isil coalition is going after target in iraq. the latest strikes killed a dozen people in western anbar province. some of them may be civilian casualties. anbar has been under isil
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control for more than a year now. u.s. aircraft has hit aisles oveisil over the weekend. the opposition accusing the government of delaying talks of a political transition that would remove president assad from power. this while russia calls for an earth meetin--for an urgent meeting. >> let me explain to you how it's supposed to work. the sensation of hostilities in place for more than three weeks. what they have here in geneva is a coordinated certain where there are russian of officials and members of the u.n. including some military office who is are working here with the united nations. they're supposed to look at all the violations and try to get a clear patent of where they've
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had violations. now everyone is saying that there have been violations but there is a significant drop in the level of violence. 80 or 90% drop before the cessation came to place three weeks ago. it seems that the russians have a dispute with the u.s. taking action against those who are violating its cessation. but the majority have been done by the government side. so what is russia really up to here? i think what it's likely is that they're putting pressure on the u.s. ahead of an important meeting taking place later this week in moscow between the u.s. secretary of state john kerry and his russian counter part sergei lavrov. it's clear that i think they're doing a bit of arm twisting because they want something from secretary kerry. i can't tell you what that something is. clearly i think there is something behind the scenes, a concession they're trying to get from the u.s. side. i think also after that russian
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military pullout that they're announced and started in syria, maybe this is a signal to the assad regime we're not abandoning you all together. >> and our diplomatic editor james bays there in geneva. twitter turned ten years old today. a tech giant that struggles to lead an industry that it helped to pioneer.
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>> a group of millionaires has
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written to governor andrew cuomo asking him to raise taxes on the state's wealthiest residents to help with the poor and aging infrastructure. they had plans to increase taxes on millionaires, but the republican controlled senate opposes that idea. > today marks the major milestone for today's popular social media site. it was ten years ago that the first-ever tweet was sent. since then it has gone public and millions of people have signed up for it. we have more on how it is struggling to attract new viewers. >> it may not be a force of nature but over the last ten years the twitter board has become a force online. today, 320 million people use twitter every month, pushing out around 6,000 tweets every second. that's about 500 million tweets every day. the trouble is these figures appear to have stalled. twitter's share price has hit
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$69 after it went public now it's sitting at around $17. and twitter is struggling to attract new users as arch rivals facebook and google have become increasingly dominant. at its launch twitters a heralded as a new and revolutionary way to communicate. during the arab spring was widely used to help protesters organize but since then it has been used to launch vicious personal attacks. >> it has become a space where people have experienced challenging, personal invasion of what is for many a workspace. by people who have particular sort of one-sided interests. >> twitter was criticized for responding too slowly to the online harassment. it has set up a reporting system but for some the platform is too
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risk. >> i. >> we've heard stories of people who have been burned by tweets that were misconstrued or tweets said in the spur of the moment. it might get people back to the platform. >> twitter has struggled to earn the kind of money that facebook and google are earning online. over ten years it has lost $10 billion increasing moves of selling advertisement on the platform. >> they're profiling you an monday advertising that information, monday advertising you. that's a very lucrative business. so the commercialization is against the interests of the people that use the platform, who just wants a quick means of communicating. >> to win over more users twitter has been making changes, including last year's launch of its large site periscope.
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it's ability to communicate in realtime with an unprecedented number of people. al jazeera. >> twitter is also going to be revamping the popular tweet program that allows you to watch multiple twitter feeds at once. twitter said that they will end to make the twitter experience nor seamless. great ships are named after equally great things. but people in the u.k. are getting a bit sillier with the name of a new research ship. boaty mcboat face has 27,000 votes in a poll for the ship's name. those behind the poll thought the namer an explorer who just passed away would be chosen. the $300 million ship is set to launch in 2019. good to have a sense of humor. good to have you with us.
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i'm richelle carey. the news continues live from london. >> the u.s. and cuban president hold a historic meeting at the palace of the revolution. it is very good to have your company, i'm david foster and you're watching al jazeera live from london. also on this program, the former drc vice president is found guilty of murder, rape and pillage by the