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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 21, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> these were emotions that i had been dreaming about for so long. >> getting to the heart of the matter. proud to tell your stories. al jazeera america. cuban >> connectionour growing engageh cuba is guided by one overarching goal. advancing the mutual interests of our two countries and improving the lives of our people, both cubans and americans. >> president obama and cube an president raul castro promise new gains. >> new suspect, with be salah
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abdeslam, captured last week in brussels. russian ultimate mawm. automatic maim. alt maim. ultimatum. >> and courting jewish voters. >> united states and israel must be closer than ever, stronger than ever and more determined than ever. >> the bond between the united states and israel is absolutely totally unbreakable. >> u.s. presidential candidates try to outdo each other suppor supporting a pro israel lobbying group. is good evening, i'm antonio mora, this is al jazeera am international news hour. we begin this evening in havana
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where president obama is spending the second night of his historic trip to cuba. he met with raul castro and their agenda included issues of trade immigration and international rights. castro wants the united states to leave guantanamo bay. president obama began his day with a visit to the grave jose marti. in havana, protestors denounced the president as a traitor for working with the island answer communist regime. al jazeera's political reporter mike viqueria joins us from havana. >> reporter: it's fascinating really. things aren't going quite as smoothly perhaps as the white
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house had hoped. some unexpected moments as raul castro wer was challenged by a member of the white house press corps. never on more stark display than today at that press conference. where he strongly defended himself and supported his country's record on civil rights. this was the moment president castro and president obama shaking hands for the first time in front of cameras. they talked about two hours behind bars but acrimony couldn't be forgotten even by the historic nature of visit. asked why cuba had political prisoners, castro bristled. >> translator: what political prisoners? give me a name or names? or when after this meeting is
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over you can give me a list of political prisoners and if we have those political prisoners they will be released before tonight ends. >> reporter: in fact, hooux hn rights groups say arrests and detentions have increased. sunday just hours before mr. obama arrived, a protest made by ladies in white was forcefully suppressed. castro also took the u.s. to task citing the lack of basic human rights of health care, free public education and equal pay for men and women in america. >> translator: i think human rights issues should not be politicized. that is not correct. >> reporter: castro says if change is to come to cuba, it's for cuba alone to decide. president obama agrees.
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>> i've met with people who have been subject to arbitrary detention and that's something that i generally have to speak out on because i hear from them directly and i know what it means for them. >> reporter: castro again called for an end on the decades old trade embargo on cuba. told american ceos and aspiring entrepreneurs at a its days are numbered. >> one of the best ways for cubans to succeed is for america to lift the embargo once and for all. >> reporter: inviting americans along for the trip is harder for opponents to resist or even reverse the opening to cuba should a republican win the white house next year. and the white house is providing images and photo ops along the way to emphasize the history being made. even at the end of the press conference, the two leaders were all smiles.
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antonio, the fascinating thing about the press conference. it wasn't even supposed to be a traditional press conference. just as president obama greeted raul castro they decided at the last minute after days of white house pressure, they wanted him to take questions, wanted it to be a press conference, but the white house press corps could ask two questions, the cuban press corps could ask one. that's why it was make so much news tonight, antonio. >> you could tell it was awkward. the u.s. and cuba clearly disagree about political prisoners. >> they absolutely do and president obama was asked after that press conference on an interview on american television, whether or not he provide raul castro with a list. president obama said he wouldn't do that, they've tried to do
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that in the past to no avail. the white house view was that dialogue and engagement would be to.oubetter. for days now white house aids said for days that it would be broadcast unfiltered and uncensored throughout cuba. they were assured it would be. antonio. >> thank you, chief of mission at u.s. intersection in havana, john it was good to have you with us. you were there in the early days that led to normalization. i've read that you think the cuban people think the arrival of the president is sort of an invasion of aliens but is it positive to their point? >> i used that to illustrate how unexpected this is, for the ordinary cuban often the street for the u.s. president to be
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visiting havana and to be able to speak directly to cuban people on cuban tv this is pretty unbelievable. it is almost at the scale of aliens landing on the plan it earth. >> that unusual short news conference, how powerful a signal does this send to the people to see a castro all smiles with an american president even trying the raise his arm in triumph? >> well, i think you have to imagine that every television set in cuba was focused on that event and will be tomorrow on president obama's speech. and i think this is the first time that cuban audience has ever seen their president, president cas castro be subjecta traditional press conference like all western politician hes experience. that in itself is a message. the fact that president obama
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was received courteously by the cubans, the renal we have restrictions other countries don't have is because of the pressure of the united states. to receive president obama in this way really undercuts that argument. and then for president castro to take questions, i have to recognize that this was courageous on his part but it does show that there's a different wind blowing in cuba now than there was before. >> he certainly did not seem thrilled with the news conference. he was pushing for it to end quickly. as mike just said, he got defensive about political prisoners, amnesty international, other groups have described this rise of harassment and dissidents, in the last few months, more than a thousand have been detained in the last few months. has it gotten better or worse? >> in a way yes in a way no.
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the police are arresting the same people that typically in the early days of the revolution you would be sent to jail for many years if you did something like this. today they arrest you they manhandle you and you're out on the street in two or three days. and the people who do this keep going back, they are undeterred. this is very different than cuba in the earlier years. and so people are losing fear of the repressive mechanisms of the state. and that they continue to go out and people are noticing this. >> and president obama did say today that the u.s. continues to have serious differences in cuba including on democracy and human rights but if cuba improves on those fronts it would be easier to persuade congress to lift the embargo. do you think he will go easier on the speeches on cuban tv? >> i think the speech win
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similar to the one at the press conference. president obama speaks firmly but nonetheless respectfully on these issues, we believe in free speech and assembly and president obama has raised these issues with a number of leaders around the world, some good friends and some not so friendly. >> i heard a dissident say today that the president's visit signals that the cuban government can do what it wants. today even one of his strong supporters, senator aim yea amy clobochar said, and others said our sic sicophantcy proves. >> the question is how do we get cuba to do it? we have been using the policy as president obama pointed out of
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other 50 years to try to put economic pressure on cuba to force them to make changes. that really hasn't resulted in changes so what we're attempting to do now is to undermine the justification that the cuban government has for continuing this repression, the threat from the united states, the threat of invasion, the threat of submanagers. whe submanagers. submersion. >> pleasure to have you with us tonight, thank you. >> thank you very much. >> gunmen have again attacked western interests in the west african nation of mali. targeted a european union training base at the hotel in the training base of bamaco. skirsecurity forces killed one f the attackers. the attack took place about a
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mile from the hold where 20 people were killed in november. a manhunt is underway in belgium for a man believed to be an accomplice to salah abdeslam. al jazeera's neave barker reports from brussels. >> new footage of the moment of the man believed to be salah abdeslam, was shot and injured by police. his capture on friday marked the four month manhunt for the last remaining attacker in the paris attacks. police are now looking for 2 24-year-old najim laachraoui closely linked to abdeslam. french and belgian prosecutors
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indicate. >> there are other individuals who still must be found so they can give an account of themselves. i would like the acknowledge the huge work done by all our teams on both sides of the border and to express my condolences to all the victims of this horrible drama. >> reporter: salah abdeslam is being held in isolation in a maximum security prison near bruges, where he has been apparently cooperating with investigators. according to the defense minister, he decided to blow himself up at the paris attacks but backed out. the belgian lawyer hired to defend abdeslam says the are matters must be checked. this promises to be a fiercely fought case. police have also revealed more details about how they found
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salah abdeslam. in a brussels cemetery is the unmarked grave of his brother brahim who blew himself up in the paris attacks. he was buried before salah abdeslam was arrested. a few mourns gathered at his funeral but police were listening into his service. it was a piece of information that gave away abdeslam's exact location. offering as an informant in return for more lenient treatment. abdeslam is expected to appear before the judge on wednesday when the court will order his continued detention. neafn barker, aneave barker, al, brussels. north korea fired five projectiles off its north coast
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today. pyongyang's nuclear tests have heightened tensions in the region. the u.s. issued new rounds of essential against country. a black box was recovered from the fly-dubai plane. authorities want to know why the boeing 737's plane tried to land although other aircraft diverted because of bad weather. u.s. presidential candidates battle it out over foreign policy. coming up the plans they reveal in speemp speeches to the most pro-israel lobbying group in the country. and the be be international
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criminal court convicts vice president of republic of congo of crimes against humanity.
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>> four of the five remaining presidential candidates delivered similar messages to the largest pro-israel lobbying group. they said that to america, protecting israel was priority number 1. john terret what did donald trump have to say? >> exactly, last year they were lobbying hard to stop the white house ratifying the iran nuclear deal. trump began his remarks by saying he was a lifelong supporter and true friend to israel. he says i'm newcomer to politics but not on backing the jewish state. just a word about aipac, it is the biggest jewish lobbying
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organization in the country. apart from bernie sanders appeared, the jewish members make up 3% of the american population. donald trump had been hovering over whether if he was president he would move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. and discussions that might take place if he were president regarding the palestinians and israelis. again he said he would like to remain neutral but he doesn't think that that would actually be possible. however in the hall today he turned his attention immediately to the iran deal and not surprisingly he absolutely slammed it. >> iran has see ceded terror gr,
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perpetuated terror attacks on 25 different countries on five continual incidents. including the western hemisphere very close to home. iran is the biggest sponsor of terrorism around the world, and we will work to dismantle that reach, believe me, believe me. >> despite the threat of rabbis walking out, i didn't see it, and he said he would be the first to call up prime minister netanyahu, in november if he won, and linking the secretary hillary clinton to the iran nuclear deal. >> she spoke as well and took her shot at trump. >> yes she did and very cleverly. she spoke early in the morning so she had all day in the news to make hay with what she said.
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you have to remember she is very popular among the aipac people. her husband negotiated the end of the accord in 1983, and yassir arafat shaking hands on the lawn of the white house. remaining neutral, were he to run the white house regarding the israelis and palestinians, she said you can't be neutral. take a listen. >> yes, we need steady hands, not a president that says he's neutral on monday, pro-israel on tuesday and who knows what on wednesday, because everything is negotiable. [cheering and applause] >> well, my friends, israel's security is nonnegotiable.
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>> i pick up. >> and john, bernie sanders was the only one not to show up. he sent a letter. >> he did. he's the only jewish candidate as well. he didn't come, out west as well, but he sent a letter and introduced his middle east policy, three bullet points. he says i have a deep connection to israel, regarding security for palestinians, all of israel's right to exist and he went after the gulf states and i would like to read you what he said. he said the major powers in the region especially the gulf states have to take greater responsibility for the future of the middle east. countries like qatar, owners of al jazeera television, which intends to spend up to $200 billion to host the 2022 world cup, can do more to contribute to the fight against i.s.i.l. they have $200 billion to host a soccer event yet have done very little to fight i.s.i.l. bernie sanders, on the qataris,
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antonio. >> thank you john. for our in context segment we're joined by doug waxman, author of a new book, trouble in the tribe, the american jewish conflict over israel. doug always good to see you. if you had listened to the politicians, i'll play off your book, would you have thought there was no conflict over israel. >> aipac, the audience most strongly supportive of israel, most uncritical in their support for israel and particularly for israel's current government, they extend to be more politically conservative, more religious than most american jews, and quite apparent in their embrace their enthusiastic embrace of donald trump, something that is certainly not shared by most american jews who would be appalled by many of the statements that donald trump has made on the campaign trail. and they're also much more
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critical of israel than the people in the audience. >> how important a role does aipac place in the election? >> aipac has a plain for american politician he ts to cod it's seen as validating their claim to be pro-israel. but i think we shouldn't exaggerate its political importance. the fact of the matter is that most american jews will vote based on their attitudes toward american domestic issues and take no heed from what aipac has to say. so israel is not all that important to american jews in the voting booth. it's only really important for the much smaller segment of american jews. aipac isn't all that important, but in terms of donation and
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fundraising, aipac can also signal to political action committees where to spend their money. so it is important in terms of the financing of american presidential campaigns, but less important in how american jews themselves vote. going down the candidates, cruz toed the proisrael line? >> he was proclaiming himself the most pro-israel, not likely the win over any american jewish support. >> and trump seemed to move to the right, despite comments, he hadn't fully rejected the iran deal. >> right. well it's very hard to know where donald trump stands. he changes his mind or positions from day to day. today he reversed his position on claiming to be neutral on the
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israeli-palestinian conflict, he abandonedden that. he also said he would support to moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem, previously said he wouldn't do that. and he comes out against the iran deal, although later in the speech he seemed to talk about enforcing the deal. clearly it was a speech trying to appeal to the pro-israel crowd. >> kasich got 11 standing ovation, but he did seem more moderate than some of the others. why was he so well received? >> well, all -- i mean the tradition at aipac conferences is to be fairly respectful to all of the candidates. hillary clinton said everything the aipac crowd wanted to hear, very resolute very pro-israel speech, that's exactly what the people at aipac want to hear but
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not however what most american jews want to hear. >> it was an interesting day, doug wax imran thank you for being with us. >> thank you. what moscow says it will do if washington doesn't agree to syria's truce. u.s. business in cuba since the revolution.
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>> welcome back to oal jazeera america, i'm antonio mora. coming up in this half hour of international news, russian warning about truce violations in syria. fest tonight president obama and the first lady attended a state dinner at the palace de la
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revolution. >> after decades of silence between cuba and the united states, this. ♪ >> a moment most americans and cubans never thought they would see. after half a century of animosity, the visit being celebrated. helped sponsor the bay of pigs invasion in 1961, a huge embarrassment for america. the president sent his own message in this guest book, paying tribute to a hero, lives on in the cuban people today. and as the leaders made statements, the differences came into sharp focus. asked about preliminary
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prisoners, president raul castro issued a challenge. >> translator: you talked about political prisoners give me a list of these political prisoners and i will release them immediately. what political prisoners? give me names. if we have them they will be released before the night ends. >> reporter: he went on to criticize the history of the u.s., calling it a two-faced approach to human rights. president obama went out of his way to show he didn't take offense. >> but as you heard president castro has also addressed what he views as shortcomings in the united states. around basic needs for people and poverty and inequality and race relations. and we welcome that constructive dialogue as well. >> reporter: the president is going to don't dialogue but with proponents of the castro regime
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on tuesday. this is a highlily unusual visit for them because quite frankly they're not exactly sure what the cuban government is going to do. the administration isn't sure. these were closely choreographed meant to show at a the country the were moving on. but also noanlt high lie that a half century of distrust can't be washed away with a few days ceremony. patty culhane, al jazeera, cuba. one u.s. business that is already up and running is aimed at helping farmers and boosting food production. al jazeera's melissa chan reports from havana. >> reporter: all revolutions start with just a few individuals. >> if you look at the tractor you can see it's very, very simple. >> they start with a mission, for horace clem ons and saul
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berenthal, they are the very first americans grafted permission 50 u.s. government to build a factory in cuba. >> when we looked at what's the best business to go into cuba, we thought well we need to help them increase food productivity. >> reporter: theirs is the first significant investment projects by a u.s. business on the island since the cuban revolution. the two hope to produce so many tractors they'll start exporting them to other countries in south america. >> we will employ 300 people or more. >> but at a cost of eight to $10,000 u.s. dollars it's not clear whether many cuban farmers can afford the tractor. seasonal stopped by to window shop. >> there are some who can afford it. i can't but others can.
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>> may be able to help local farms buy his tractors. this booth is the only one are the at the agricultural fair from the united states. few are from europe. >> there's money to be made. this is a country of 11 million people. it is not the biggest market in the world but 11 million people is about the size population wise of illinois write live and that's the sixth largest state in the union. so there are a lot of opportunities. >> reporter: soon it won't be just tractors. other american businesses plan to enter the market. support for the situation are eroding fast. and calls to end it. >> our entire focus has been on fidel castro, where it should be focused on the 11 million cubans. that's the shift we've seen over the last 12 months. >> the impact on the embargo on ordinary citizens is hard to
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assess. out in the country side, farmers best options are often dilapidated decades old russian imports. new tractors would improve lives. >> translator: all our machinery is old and we need to upgrade and improve our technology in order to advance, in order to move forward. we need to make progress. >> reporter: clemons believe a prosperous cuba will arrive very soon. >> if we look at what's happened in china and vietnam where they change their business model, i tell everybody that cuba will move faster than any of those for the simple reason of the cuban people. >> people may debate whether change occurs in a few years or a few decades, melissa wfa chanl
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jazeera. comes as the u.s. military is expanding its role helping iraqi forces take on i.s.i.l. al jazeera's jamie mcintire reports from the pentagon. >> reporter: antonio, the pentagon only belatedly flounced additional troops to iraq, once a marine was killed over the weekend by rocket fire the pentagon said as many as 200 additional marines have been dispatched to protect iraqi forces and the americans who advise them. at dover air force base in delaware, a reminder that even as u.s. troops in iraq are only advising and assisting iraqi forces they are still in an active combat zone and therefore in danger every day. >> one of our outstanding united states marine sergeants was
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killed in northern iraq as we assisted the iraqi government in dealing with i.s.i.l. >> reporter: the death, the second u.s. combat fatality in the anti-i.s.i.l. campaign, came just a day before the president arrived in cuba for a meeting with raul castro. >> a reminder that even as we embark on this historic visit there are u.s. armed services who are sacrificing every day for our freedom and safety so i'm grateful to them. >> as the u.s. does more to help the iraqi forces it increases the danger to u.s. troops. staff sergeant cardin was part of the 26th marine expeditionary unit that quietly slipped into iraq from their mission in the gulf, their goal was to set up a base about 50
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miles from mosul and ten mimes behind enemy lines, in preparation for a future offensive to liberate mosul and where u.s. advisors said to number fewer than 100 are helping to plan and coordinate the eventually attack. the u.s. military wanted to keep the deployment of the marine artillery unit under wraps this will it was fully operational. the military spokesman in baghdad said their practice fire may have given them away. >> practicing with their guns, checking distances doing operation he such as that. so -- operations such as that. you can't hide it forever. it is tense so people are going to find out and in this case the enemy found out. >> the enemy lobbed two katusha rockets, one landed harmlessly,
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but the other did not. two i.s.i.l. fighters were killed in that exchange. just another reminder that while u.s. troops are not on the front lines they are in the line of fire, antonio. >> jamie mcintire at the pentagon. the future of syrian president blawf bashar al-assad continues to be a stumbling block at the geneva peace talks. more from be diplomatic editor james bays at the talks in geneva. >> reporter: the syrian government knows that attack sometimes is the best form of defense and their chief negotiator accused the opposition of delaying tactics and not taking the talks seriously enough. the key issue the future of president assad it was not a subject that his delegation were prepared to discuss. >> this is the key issue, are you prepared to discuss the
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future of president assad? >> president assad has nothing to do with the syrian-syrian indirect talks. the references of our talks do not indicate anything, do not give any indication whatsoever with regard the issue of the president of the syrian arab republic. so this is something that is already excluded from the scene. >> reporter: later at the time same podium the u.n. special envoy staffan de mistura said he was in a hurry to start discussions about replying e-political transition and h mye said premature is imminent as far as they are concerned. it is important to start addressing their own understanding. it is clear the political
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transition is the mother of all issues, no one has questioned that. neither the security council nor in vienna nor in munich nor in the issg. so we'll have to be realistic on that. >> a spokes imran for main opposition block the high negotiations committee told me assad was the main issue and the reason for all the problems in syria. he said if they're not prepared to discuss that, why are they here? >> james bays reporting from geneva. austria's defense ministry is calling on the eu to send a system of soldiers and civilians into greece, to help repatriate refugees, frontex has not been fast enough they say with their response to the refugee crisis. turkish monitors have arrived on the island of lesbos. as zeina khodr reports, the plan
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is facing a series of difficulties. >> reporter: 21-year-old syrian may have arrived too late. he reached the shores of the greek island of lesbos on sunday, the day the new rules came into effect. you are union has been closing one border after another in recent days, but it will make it harder for migrants and refugees to stay. >> we are out 3:00 a.m. on march 20th. they took us to the camp and registered us they told us to wait. we can't go back to syria because of the war, and in turkey, we couldn't make ends meet. >> reporter: salim was taken to camp moria where all those who arrived after the turkey-eu
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agreement was arranged. >> there is an awful lot of confusion first of all, there are people that feel after registration they can have a permit to travel to places in greece and to try to cross the border with macedonia and so on. that is absolutely not the case anymore. now, the town has been emptied of all the ancient population, those arrived before. >> these people are being sent to mainland greece, authorities are clearly trying to separate the old from the new arrivals, once they reach the mainland, the asylum seekers will wait to see if they are eligible for the relocation program. now they are stuck in greece because routes and borders further north have been closed. under the agreement the migrants and refugees who arrive on
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greece's islands from march 20 onward will not be able to travel to mainland greece. they will stay in centers like this one until their asylum applications are processed. the deal has not discouraged migrants from make their way to europe. there is no significant difference in the number of arrivals. their countries of origin if properly processed would consider to be refugees. be zeina khodr, al jazeera, lesbos. >> group that helps jewish immigrants now help 200 he or the jews that were brought to israel secretly over the past 50 years.
10:47 pm
about 50 jews chose to remain in yemen, in a close compound where they are protected by yemeni authorities. the former vice president of where democratic republic of congo, jean pe pierre bemba, has been convictof are rape. >> dispatched across the border into congo from the central african republic to attempt to suppress a coup. what they did when they actually got there was engage in rape murder and pillaging, war crimes essentially. at the heart of all of this is just how much control jean pierre bemba had over his
10:48 pm
troops. 70 gave evidence at the ick. soldiers. went from house to house, stealing whatever they could carry, sexually humiliating women and even men. the question was whether jean pierre bemba knew what his troops were doing, and the court here decided that he did. they found that he had direct contact and direct lines of communicates with his generals that he on occasion meted out disciplinary acts on his soldiers. the ic found him guilty on all five charges they was charged with. he now faces a significant period of time in prison, it could be as much as life in prison if the judges decide the
10:49 pm
gravity of the charges warrant it. >> paul brennan at the hague. alleged ring leaders, a doctor and her daughter were arrested last year but the case is just coming to light this year. officials say the ring sold cheap vaccines at inflated prices. often the medicines were out of date or not handled properly putting people's lives at risk. officials are still looking for others who maybe involved. as president obama gets ready to address the cuban people, a look at how the cuban revolution changed people's lives including my own. how the internet sang a pole to name a new polar research ship.
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>> now our global view segment, a look at how news outlets are reacting to various events. britain's the globe, said sarcastically it will shed a tear over president obama's visit. the paper adds that mao's china and stalin's russia, opening the country to capitalism will bring the false utopia to an end. (t) chinese communist party's global times says the historical
10:53 pm
significance of president obama's visit to cuba cannot be understated, but the vip far frorelationship is farther from friendly. washington has the more powerful position in the relationship. but the country can embrace the world. and the japan times says, hopes for change in cuba are high and that capitalism is around the corner, with some hope that democracy will follow. the paper points out that capitalism and new technologies can show, dissenting ideas as easily as it can promote it, does not generate a free market of ideas. president obama's historic visit to cuba, the first by a u.s. president in nearly 90 years highlights a long separation. hundreds of thousands of families on the island on the u.s. mainland were touched and
10:54 pm
divided by the tension is including my own. so what happens to u.s. cuba relations is deeply personal for relations, as returning to the island we were born. as it was for me when i visited for ceremonies reopening the embassy. >> we're heading to the house write lived as a baby with 74 generatiofour -- 74 generationsy family. >> a lot has changed, just months after the u.s. broke off relations, covering the embassy opening gave me a rare chance to return home. and i still know one person who lives in the house. she worked with my system and never left. she's telling me she's been here all these years, she's been taking care of this house for
10:55 pm
us, she said. the house was turned into a small school and then the government decided to subdivide it into apartments. and there are 11 apartments here now. she's telling me that these days, they really maintain the house, the government is involved, they want to keep it up because it's a historic house and they want to make sure because it's in the tourist area, that it really shows off havana in a positive light. her daughter offered to give me a tour. for decades, the house decayed, the salt from the sea air taking its toll. it's breaking down, falling apart and this was -- this was a stained glass window and i guess some of the molding is still left around the window but as you can see most of the rest is fallen apart, ironically even though it's tabled it i staineds
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beautiful marble. maybe it can be cleaned at some point. we visited a tenant. he lives in my room when i was a child. he's going to show us. a room i hadn't seen since i was 2. so i guess this is write sleft as a child. child -- where i slept as a child. only then did he learn whoa was. what followed was a revealing moment of how cubans feel for those who left. i pray a lot for your family, he says, whispering, come back and buy this. we share family photos, she was most are pleased to see pictures
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of my mom living in miami. a few miles away. tomorrow, we continue with the president's address to the cuban people. putting the u.s. on the edge of polar research. brits crashed the flaming website, 18,000 fest votes for bodie mcbode-face. that's it for the international news on al jazeera america. the fbi is trying to unlock an apple iphone but now the agencietheagency says that mighe necessary. i'll be back in two minutes.
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get by with whatever they can. >> al jazeera america - proud of telling your stories. >> somebody to care about us man... >> we're live in ferguson, missouri. >> brick by brick, i will open it. it will take more than a few rocks to stop me from doin' what i have to do. >> suddenly heroin seems to be everywhere. >> there's no way i am willing to give up my family for a drug ever again. >> i know you all have strong opinions about the border. >> i don't believe in borders. >> our government is allowing an invasion. >> i don't really know as much as i thought i did. >> people don't just need protection, they need assistance. >> what's your message then? >> we need help now. >> oh my god... the town's out of water. >> we came up here to talk to some people who are selling fresh water... fresh water for fracking. >> we are a town that greed destroyed. >> what do we want? >> justice! >> these people have decided that today they will be arrested.
10:59 pm
>> i wanted to dance, and eventually i started leaving the gangs in the street alone. >> we're pushing the envelope with out science every day, we can save species. >> i'm walking you guys! >> all i wanted to see was her walk. it was amazing. >> these were emotions that i had been dreaming about for so long. >> getting to the heart of the matter. proud to tell your stories. al jazeera america. >> pushing the boundaries of science. >> we are on the tipping point. >> we can save species. >> it's the biggest question out there. >> it's a revolutionary approach. >> we are pushing the boundaries. >> techknow is going to blow your mind. >> our experts go inside the innovations, impacting you. >> this is the first time anybody's done this. >> i really feel my life changing. >> techknow, where technology meets humanity. only on al jazeera america.
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>> good evening, i'm antonio mora, this is al jazeera america. >> the relationship between our governments will not be transformed overnight at a meeting between president obama and castro - historic, candid and at times awkward, promises and what's ahead for both countries now. >> israel's security is non-negotiable. >> this deal is catastrophic for america, for israel... >> presidential candidates from both parties pledge to protect and partner israel previewing the primaries in the west. the focus on utah and arizona.