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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 23, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> massive manhunt. >> translator: the third suspect wearing a light-colored jacket and a hat is on the run. he put down a large bag then left before the explosion. >> belgian police conduct a series of raids, looking for a key suspect in the brussels attack as be officials identify the suicide bombers. syrian suffering. >> the u.n. hcr has a mandate to
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staff the camps. >> step towards peace. >> i am pleased to announce today that parties to the conflict have agreed to a nationwide cessation of hostilities. >> the parties in yemen set a date for peace talks. and strengthening ties. >> and today in a show of be strength, millions in investment in argentina. >> president obama visits argentina hoping to improve relations. good evening i'm antonio mora, this is al jazeera america's international news hour. tonight we begin in belgium
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where the hunt for the missing brussels bomb suspect is still underway. the plan on the right they believe is the only man of the four who survived. they have be identified three of the suspects. be brahim el bakraoui, be authorities were warned of his ties to be terrorist groups. the u.s. state department issued an unusually broad warning urging americans to use caution when visiting any part of europe. justice minister will meet to discuss the i.s.i.l. threat. jacky rowland is in brussels with the latest. >> belgian police are you urgently tracking the boarm who got away, here they are removing evidence from a part of the
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capital. be just one of a series of raids that have uncovered nails and explosives. ibrahim el bakraoui, the plan ton left, also dead, has been identified as najim laachraoui. but the man on the right survived. >> the third suspect wearing a light colored jacket and a halt is on the run. he put down a large bag and left before the explosion. his bag contained the largest explosive. fortunately, no one was injured. >> reporter: najim laachraoui
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was felt to be a be skilled bomb make are. his dna was found on the brussels as well as the paris attacks. salah abdeslam perhaps was meant to be part of the be brussels attacks. there is a noticeable increase in security in brussels, at some metro stations, police have been checking bags before letting passengers enter. this is above all an exercise in building confidence, and feelings of security. but as long as suspects are still on the run, the threat continues. jacky rowland, al jazeera,
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brussels. >> turkish presidential recep tayyip erdogan said, ibrahim el bakraoui was arrested near the syrian border last summer. be erdogan said his country deported him. >> translator: despite our warnings that this person was a terrorist fighter, authorities could not locate him. >> belgian security services and other western intelligence agencies had advance and precise intelligence warnings that the airport and subway were being targeted for attacks. a mixup by be a taxi
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dispatcher, left an explosive device behind, security services later defused it. we're learning more about the victims of tuesday's attacks. belgium's foreign minister said people from 40 countries were affected. as paul brennan reports from brussels, many families are waiting to hear from relates still unaccounted for. >> reporter: the dead and wounded from the brussels bombings come from all over the world. they range in age from infant children to elderly pensioners. adelma was the first identified victim. she was with her husband and their twin daughters, they survived. >> translator: she had twins. they were in brussels airport too. they were connecting through new york to meet my sister. in the end that attack stopped that destiny. we didn't know much about what was happening her, her body,
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where did the brussels state take it. >> reporter: 19-year-old mason wells was in paris, during the attacks. this time he didn't escape. >> it was a miracle he made it through as easily as he did with lower leg and shrapnel minor burns. >> 16 of the victims are being treated at the local hospital, two are ages 5 and 3. those in the icu, even if they pull through, their lives have been irreversibly changed. >> we hope we have all the victims surviving their injuries but today will suffer from disabilities. >> reporter: but several victims remain unaccounted for, sasha and alexander, david
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hasn't been seen or heard from since the attacks. his friends and relatives have been using social media to plead for any information. while their fate remains uncertain, the relatives have the faintest glimmer of hope that they might yet be found but they are being braced to accept the worst. special teams of medics and social workers have been brought in for help. >> we have a team from our morgue, forensics, and the federal police. and they are collecting information both from the fatalities themselves and if possible, family members here, to see if they can match sert data either fromatch certaininfe families or fatalities. >> paul brennan, al jazeera,
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brussels. >> terror attacks in europe, the ap says the attacks would be just like the ones yesterday in brussels with interlocking cells coordinating attacks. the report cites unidentified european and iraqi intelligence officials saying 400 officials received training in iraq and possibly other places. during his second leg of his latin american trip president obama said the fight against i.s.i.l. his top priority. al jazeera's john terret reports. >> reporter: president obama went to argentina to help out newly elected mauricio macri, a centrist, in latin america's third largest economy. but a day after the i.s.i.l. attacks his policy quickly cropped up in reporter questions. >> my top priority is to defeat
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i.s.i.l. and to eliminate the scourge of this barbaric terrorism that has been taking place around the world. we see high profile attacks in europe but they're also killing muslims throughout the middle east. people who are innocent, people who are guilty only of worshiping islam in a different way than this organization. >> reporter: obama says fighting i.s.i.l. was his number 1 priority and that of his military intelligence services around the world. >> they are poisoning minds around the world not just in europe or the united states and undoubtedly argentina. >> donald trump and ted cruz, trump has called for a ban on muslims entering the united states and ted cruz calling for
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a ban where muslims are present. >> part of the reason we don't have as many attacks in the united states, we have an extraordinarily patriotic muslim community. any approach that would single them out or target them for discrimination is not only wrong and unamerican, but it also would be counterproductive. because it would reduce the strength, the anti-bodies that we have to resist terrorism. >> even though we're systematic and ruthless to go after them, it is also important that we respond to them without fear. secretary of state john kerry will travel to brussels tomorrow to express the condol condolence
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united states. >> max, good to see you. first there's growing anger about whether these mass acers should havmassacresshould have . reporting intelligence agencies were warned of an imminent attack in brussels. how big an intelligence and policing failure was this? >> you know i'm usually very sympathetic to law enforcement. it's very common after a terrorist attack to blame the authorities for not breaking it up. but the reality is, is that it's very easy to perpetrate terrorist attacks. especially for a group like islamic state, where the members are perfectly prepared to die and they are willing to strike any target. but in this case i do think there is blame to go around. i marine the belgian authorities should have understood that they have a very serious jihadist problem. they support a higher proportion
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of foreign jihadist to islamic state than any other country. there has been complaints about porous borders not only in any other state but in belgium in particular. one of these guys was flagged in advance as a foreign fighter. and yet you know this went on. i've even heard reports that there were specific intelligence indications that the airport and the metro station were particularly at risk. >> right. that's the haretz report was that there was specific threats to those two. >> that's right. so i mean furthermore, another good indicator is that foreign governments which are usually all in this countertro countertm game together, are calling belgium out and saying, you are really doing a substandard job. i've heard french officials,
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turved officials, all this suggest to me that belgian authorities have done an inadequate job. >> in european travel, the weakest ling could affect the whole continent. the associated press is reporting that i.s.i.l. is training fighters to carry out attacks. do you think they're increasing the possibility of attacks on the u.s? >> i do think, because the organization itself is getting degraded in its stronghold in iraq and syria. in all sorts of ways. the group is losing battles, territory, revenue, the ability to pay fighters. it's propaganda output is down. so there are all sorts of signs that organization is diminishing. the group seems to be changing, becoming more decentralized. more and more basically the
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nightmare scenario is happening. where first the foreign fighters went to syria, now they're coming back and striking soft targets so that 400 number is possible. >> that's what the u.s. state department to issue an unusually general warning that it could face near term attacks. you feel they face a very serious attack. >> i do but that said, if i was in charge of the state department i wouldn't release that sort of a statement because it basically implies that the risk is uniform throughout europe. and that's clearly not the case. there's wide variation in terms of which countries are supplying the foreign fighters event within these countries certain kinds of areas are much more dangerous than odors. so i actually think you could travel to europe very safely, and that it's important to understand the relative risks and not overreact here. >> authorities found a lot of
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explosives at an apartment and the bomb maker in the bruferls attacks who was also linked to the paris attacks apparently was one of the two bomb cxtbreak blew themselves up at the airport. bomb makers are too valuable usually to blow them up. even if they needed to carry out the attacks because they might be caught in the light of the earlier arrest last week of abdeslam? >> again there's variation in the quality of bomb makers. the guy who was making these bombs wasn't particularly gifted. my understanding is that these tatp you know bombs that you could basically be taught how to use them in a few hours, maybe a day at most. it's pretty basic. this isn't the same kind of a bomb maker as the famed bomb maker you know in qua aqap to ue
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weapon-grade explosives and put them in are ink cartridges. who is making these bombs is not that gifted. what's most surprising is the amount of explosive that is found rather than sophistication of the device. >> right especially since you don't need much of that explosive to make a very big bomb. max abrams, thank you. poland is because of the attacks in brussels the prime minister says that carelessly accepting migrants is what led to the are extent in brussels. not learning lessons from what's happening. president obama tries to
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mend fences with argentina. why some are be suggesting closer ties between the two countries. also, word of a ceasefire and talks of ending yemen's civil war.
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it didn't take long for president s
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strip to strengthen ties between the u.s. and argentina. during the first day of his visit, u.s. firms announced they would invest $2 billion in argentina. teresa vo reports. >> reporter: it's been a historic visit, barack obama came all the way to argentina to mend ties with librarian e-latin america's third largest economy. >> president macri is a man with a mission, i'm impresshe has moved rapidly on so many of the reforms he has promised, to create sustainable and are be substantial reforms. >> reporter: for many years,
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things have changed with macri who is promising market friendly policies that will bring argentina closer in line to the united states. >> translator: we take this visit as a sign of friendship at a time when argentina is looking to a new horizon, new change. our countries have similar values. >> ma have i and obama agreed to cooperate on drug trade and terrorism. obama's trip coincides with the military coup that begins what many say was the brutal dictatorship that would last seven years. that's why groups gathered to protest obama's visit. >> translator: it's disrespectful but the president of a country that trained and prepared the dictators is coming here at this time.
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>> reporter: people see that president obama supported the dictatorship years ago. that's why these people say that barack obama is not welcome here. rb says that the united states ill won't bring any benefits to argentina. >> translator: the only thing we see from this is that the rich are going to be richer and the poor, poorer, it's what multinational companies do in countries like ours. >> more benefit than pain. teresa vo, al jazeera, being buenos aires. >> good to see you eric. this was the first state visit to argentina since 1997. back then, argentina was seen as one of the select few allies called major nonnato allies but
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that certainly has not been the case for a while. so how important is this visit? >> yeah, you're exactly right in 1997, then president carlos menem, said our relationship was nearly carnal, it was so close. but since then the relationship went into the deep freeze for a number of reasons and only coming out with the election of mauricio macri. he has only been in office for a short time but the visit of president obama so early in macri's term it indicates the desire for both sides to build out the relationship. >> argentina is one of latin america's biggest and most populace countries. not only had the relationship frayed with the united states, it had become very
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anti-american. >> that's absolutely right. i mean the kirchner government, nestor and cristina, was very antiamerican, contrary to u.s. interests in the reasoning. president macri on the campaign trail clearly said he was going to take a different tack. the argentine people were looking for a pragmatic approach, an approach that would bring jobs, end political polarization, they don't see the united states as an enemy and they're looking for ways to restore that relationship and i think president macri has really heard that call. >> economically is it a win win for both countries? u.s. bond holders get some back
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due to the default over a decade ago? >> it dogs seem to be win-win. you know it's too large trading partners e-partners brazil and china are currently having economic difficulties. it needs to build out these relationships for its own domestic purposes, but the united states the size and importance of argentina is important. argentina has a important voice in terms of globaling governance, on the g-20, has a very strong voice, the bond holders not directly be related to the president's visit but that's going to give argentina the ability to go back into global financial markets which will lower the cost of their debt, borrowing, and increase
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business confidence and domestic investment as well. it is a win-win, both countries are committed to this. the shame of this the timing if you will, with the brussels bombings the news cycle is taking over, and many people will miss the significance of president obama answer visit to argentina. >> causing pain in argentina and macri faces sum strong opposition. do you feel he will succeed in retraition argentina and its economy? >> they will probably be in recession but macri is in his honeymoon period. now he has got to move quickly but there will be pain for adjustment. over the long term the benefits of the adjustment will become apparent. can he move quickly enough and maintain enough political support to push the changes through congress and implementation and really get
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the argentine economy back on track? he's working against time. >> eric farnsworth thank you very much. thank you. >> president obama gave a bit of a importance at his state dinner in buenos aires tonight. after a tan ggo performance, one of the dancers coaxed president obama out on the dance floor. after declining, he did join her for a few spins. why aid agencies including the united nations are pulling out of greek refugee camps, despite the desperate need for help.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america, i'm antonio mora. corming up in this half hour of international news. a deadline day for colombia and farc rebels to sign a peace deal. but first a look at the stories making headlines across the u.s. in our american minute. the chicago police oversight agency said it will audit its closed investigations of police shootings. in 9 years and 400 plus cases, the agency has only twice found officers violated use of force rules. public confidence hit a record low following the release of a video showing an officer
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shooting teenager la kwan mcdonald. finding the state funnelly accountable for the flint water crisis. failures and delays extend from the governor's administration to the federal epa. in 2014, flint switched its drinking water sources allowing lead to leech into the water supply. poor visibility forced the closure of denver international airport until an hour ago. spring storm is moving through wyoming and nebraska towards the midwest. two young british men have been convicted of planning to stage attacks in the streets of london, trying to kim police or soldiers all in the name of i.s.i.l. barnaby fliches reports.
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>> tarek hasan, who admitted to expirconspiracy ever murder. nigel mohammed, quikded o convif using a gun. they all grew up in the same part of west london. hasan and majib were friends at school. how hasan pledged allegiance to i.s.i.l. in 2013. using google earth, he conducted reconnaissance of these buildings. they were planning an attack and a quick get away. the police released this video. of hasan and his on
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reconnaissance. so a smaller plot than the paris or brussels attacks but there are some similarities. >> we have seen inspired by daesh or i.s.i.l, so there are parallels there. we have seen a use of a firearm. we have seen the use of a mope dfertion, yes, therped,there ara completely different scale. >> the gang communicated with encrypttechnology. britain as an island has advantages over continental europe. it is harder to smug guns and ammunition into this country. but are they more highly skilled or just luckier? >> page in london and the metropolitan areas, of course this could have been different,
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could have been aimed at another city across the u.c, that would have made things much more difficult. >> the british police are pleased they foiled this plot but also worried by yet more signs at how quickly disaffected young men could embrace an extreme ideology and plan to kill or spread fear on the streets of their own city. barnaby phillips, al jazeera, central court london. informs have moved around palmyra to recapture the city from i.s.i.l,. talks slow, syrian officials refuse to discuss the fate of president bashar al-assad. james bays reports from geneva. >> one of the most senior officials in the european union after a meeting with the head of the syrian government delegation in geneva. there was no pictures of the actual meeting between frederica
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mogherini and bashar al jaffray. at the same time, mrs. mogherini headed to the united nations for a special meeting with staffan de mistura. she made it clear she met with both sides and there was no change. >> why did you decide this meeting such a high profile meeting? >> our support for the united nations is not just there but for the future, something we discussed, as i said what i've done today is consistent, fully consistent with what we decided together as the european union, to actively support the work of the united nations, and in particular, of staffan de mistura, in bringing the negotiations forward. >> reporter: despite high
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representative mogherini's firm position that this is not a change in eu policy i can tell you i've spoken to diplomats from a number of different countries, who say they're surprised that she held this meeting. in particular, there is only supposed to be one negotiator in this process. after almost two weeks in geneva, the opposition say he has not even started to discuss the key issue of political transition. they're angry that a man who they say has been stalling and delaying has now been granted a high level meeting. james bays, al jazeera, the united nations in geneva. >> meanwhile refugees continue to make their way into europe and now the u.n. refugee agency and doctors without borders say they will not participate in mandatory detention centers for migrants in greece citing
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inhumane treatment there. rob matheson reports. >> reporter: for weary refugees who arrive in greece, the blue tabbards have been a welcome sight. guiding people to the camps which have become known as hot spots. not any more. >> under the new provisions these so-called hot spots have now become detention facilities. so accordingly, and in line with unhcr's policy on opposing mandatory detention, we have suspended activities. >> the deal between the eu and turkey which is meant to stop the flow of refugees in europe is being prematurely implemented and without proper safe gardens. new refugees are meant to apply for asylum but also refugees are
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retained to camps, held against their will, so no longer will it transport people to those camps. >> u.n.hcr has a manned to protect refugees, does not have a mandate to detain them. so it's noting good to be involved in processing or facilitating mass deportations, it is there to make sure they get proper accommodations and they will continue to do those things. >> refugees going back to turkey more still come. however, when they land the blue tabbards of the u.n. will not be there to greet them. rob matheson, al jazeera. >> libya currently has two rival governments one in the eastern city of tobruk and the other in trib li.
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the trib li government did not allow the u.n. en invoice marvin kobler to land there. eastern government is saying the unity government must seek a vote o of approval the it first. a u.s. strike on an al qaeda camp in yemen have left dozens dead. be they set recruits were standing in line for dinner when the war planes struck aqap is the group that claimed responsibility for last year's charlie hebdo attack in paris. houthi rebels who have support from iran will sit down for a new round of talks with the yemen government which is backed by saudi arabia, pushing one of the middle east's poorest countries to the brink of fami
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famine. should be habe shihab rattanzi . >> cessation of hostilities beginning at midnight on the 10th of april. in advance of the upcoming ground of the peace talks which will take place on the 18th of april in kuwait. >> reporter: u.n. envoy said another two weeks were needed for a deescalation as well as local units to monitor the ceasefire. some 6,000 have thought to be killed in the last year, half civilians, majority in saudi air strikes, quaip quai queap queapn peninsula has been able to
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consolidate during be this period. >> it's one of the most shocking example of double standard sometimes by countries such as the u.s., u.k. and france, who rightfully have deannounced hooux righthuman rights violatir places but when the major arms importer are involved have a very different tone. >> u.n. special envoy says there was a commitment to the upcoming talks. shihab rattanzi, al jazeera. >> two sides hope to sign an agreement today but still hung up on part of a five point plan agreed to during negotiations in
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cuba. in exchange the colombian government must guarantee the safe reintegration of farc fighters. the two sides have fought a civil war for more than 50 years. a new twist in the preliminary crisis in brazil. a supreme court justice says a lower court judge erred, when he released taped conversation of lula de silva. that post would make it harder to investigate him for upon corruption. the united nations human rights council will set up a commission to investigate human rights abuses nf south sudan. the three person commission with a one year renewable mandate.
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cooperate into the mission to look into gang rapes, destruction of villages and attacks on civilians that may constitute war crimes. anger over a presidential election, the incumbent may have won by changing the constitution. opposition is refusing to accept his reelection. haru mutasa reports. >> earlier opposition supporters were dispersed by riot police using tear gas. >> we don't believe it because we were lou allowed t allowed t. we are sure that our leader is the first and the top of the election. >> reporter: provisional
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results from 72 out of 111 voting districts announced on tuesday show that the incumbent won 57% of the national vote. the last time the opposition, shot and killed by security officers. now, want to go back on the streets but this time the police and army have deployed all over the city. the government denies the allegation saying sunday's election was free and fair. the president's supporters are celebrating. in areas that the government enjoys support the streets are busy and there are hardly any police present. keeping in office is good for congo. >> president sasu is good. he's the best man for this country. he brought peace and stability. we want and need him to stay. >> opposition says they will not
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accept another win for the government, shut down mobile phones and the internet to prevent unrest. security forces have made it clear they will not tolerate public disorder. haru mutasa, al jazeera, bra bezeville. >> myanmar's newly minted finance minister has admitted to claiming a fake ph.d. one of six new appointees from the ruling party the nld, social media discovered the be fake degree. brooke li park university a fake online school that was one of 370 such sites uncovered by the new york times last year. nasa's latest launch could help the people in the philippines, the cargo that could warn people of impending
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storms. >> art ba basil, what impact cod it have? ((úz@úxóxkxñ($9
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al jazeera america. >> taiwan is trying to boost its claim to one of the disputed islands in the south china sea. gave the international media a tour, to try oreinforce its claim. taiwan, brunai, and other
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countries claim rights to the island. art basil is having its towrt year in honfourth year in. amidst their country's slowing economy, al jazeera's sarah clark reports. >> it's the art fair with everything. paintings, sculptures, huge installations, interactive paces and an array of unique digital works. from 35 countries, half of them asian. the art scene is generally younger in asia in comparison to the west. but i think, you know, they do make una sense of diligence, commitment and passion and the way that they grow. >> there are the big names and the blue chip galleries but the
10:51 pm
focus is also on the emerging artists. some have solo exhibitions, and they want to create edgy pieces that stand out in the crowd. >> my point is to create pieces that affect sound. >> jo wendo was born in beijing but returned to spain. he has returned to grow the modern art scene. >> translator: after i came back i wanted the collector's market to grow so that these works could be introduced to more people. >> this is art bas baz art bas h
10:52 pm
year in hong kong, the contemporary market is still young in china, this art fair is about sales, as much as educating audiences. >> traditional chinese art, the thing like asia is that people learn very quickly. >> china answer economic downturn has appeared to put a dampener on the local market. down on previous years. even so, art base ill' basil's . >> i think it's going to be a great show. >> and one they hope will bring a fresh perspective on asian contemporary art. sarah clark.
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al jazeera, hong kong. now to our global view segment with a look at how news outlets across the world are reacting to various events. but first a look at the is the people's daily says president obama is trying to build up his diplomatic legacy and his trib to cuba has major historic significance, fame your of past u.s. policy towards cuba and a dramatic turn from the path laid from his pretd saysors, the i.s.i.l. hoped to sow fear. the paper says i.s.i.l. is rapidly losing ground in the middle east as international security and intelligence forces are tightening down on terror cells abroad. it says the fear and mystique that propelled i.s.i.l. to the world stage has faded and the group is desperate to get it
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back. and ireland's the independent says you can't understand i.s.i.l. without understanding wahabism. all five i.s.i.l. regional commanders are saudis, and despite oil and the political government, i.s.i.l. traces directly back to saudi arabia. a microsatellite designed to monitor weather patterns over the philippines has entered orbit. >> ignition and liftoff. >> the latest liftoff from cape kahn aftebe canaveral in florid.
10:55 pm
the $17 million craft is designed to take realtime images of weather patterns and climatic change in the eye of the storm. president ben benito aquino. , says the space technology will benefit the philippines. >> we can apply this to be disaster prevention and mitigation efforts. in the long term it's going to be very cost effective. >> reporter: news of the launch made the headlines. the wata 1 is only the third satellite the philippines has launched into space. besides measuring weather patterns, it will determine what
10:56 pm
land and water resources are available or in decline. these filipinos welcome the space project. >> i think that's pretty awesome. there is a lot to be done in terms of disaster prevention. >> that would be a very well thing for philippines. i. >> i think it's a very good move by the philippines to launch a satellite to be able to benefit all of us. >> reporter: it is hoped this technology will be able to warn everyone on the storms in the past that have had aen devastating effect. the wata 1 takes images with its high definition cameras. storms and typhoons affect the lives of people, the de wata 1
10:57 pm
satellite, typhoon season is just a few months away. sahil rahman, al jazeera. >> emerald ash borer beetle has already killed more than 10 million ash trees in north america. according to the report published in the journal of ecology, the beetle has devastated ash trees in denmark and is doing so in sweden. that's it for this international news hour on al jazeera america, in our next hour, four of the remaining five presidential candidates are claiming victory after yesterd yesterday's primary contest. i'll be back with news in two minutes.
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>> people out here are struggling and just trying to get by with whatever they can. >> al jazeera america - proud of telling your stories. >> somebody to care about us man... >> we're live in ferguson, missouri. >> brick by brick, i will open it. it will take more than a few rocks to stop me from doin' what i have to do. >> suddenly heroin seems to be everywhere. >> there's no way i am willing to give up my family for a drug ever again. >> i know you all have strong opinions about the border. >> i don't believe in borders. >> our government is allowing an invasion. >> i don't really know as much as i thought i did. >> people don't just need protection, they need assistance. >> what's your message then? >> we need help now. >> oh my god... the town's out of water. >> we came up here to talk to some people who are selling fresh water... fresh water for fracking. >> we are a town that greed destroyed. >> what do we want? >> justice! >> these people have decided that today they will be arrested.
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>> i wanted to dance, and eventually i started leaving the gangs in the street alone. >> we're pushing the envelope with out science every day, we can save species. >> i'm walking you guys! >> all i wanted to see was her walk. it was amazing. >> these were emotions that i had been dreaming about for so long. >> getting to the heart of the matter. proud to tell your stories. al jazeera america.
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