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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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> good evening, i'm antonio mora. this is al jazeera america. stopping another massacre. paris police arrest a man said it be in advanced stages of plotting an attack in france. the department of justice is sending a powerful message. several iranian hackers charged for an iranian attack. >> i can't use the men's room, i will not go back to the men's room. >> a new law banning cities from passing antidiscrimination rules. and lead - beyond drinking water. the problems the community faces
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in its gardens we begin tonight with word of anti-terror operations taking place in paris and brussels. police say they have stopped an advanced plot. a man police called a high-level terror operation custody in a parisian suburb. six people, part of a probe, say they are searching for not one, but two surviving suspects. >> al jazeera reports on the widening investigation. >> how many attackers were involved in the brussels bombing. c c.t.v. showed three at the airport. two dead, one on the run. >> but belgium state media says
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there may have been two people involved - a suicide bomber and another man that may be at large. as the man hunt widens, serious questions are asked of the intelligence services. the background of airport bomber should have rung bells, brahim was involved in robbery in brussels, shooting police with a kalashnikov. in september 2010 he was sentenced to prison. in october 2014, he was released on parole and absconded. the first indication of isil affiliation came in june 2015 when el-bakraoui was arrested. turkey warned the dutch and belgium authorities that brahim shows danger. >> what seems to appear from the
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investigation, from what has happened, is that we have underestimated the role for the intentions of a number of individuals. that's one thing. and the other thing is we have probably underestimated the scope of the sell that was involved in the paris attacks in the first place, and then subsequently in the brussels attacks. more survivors are starting to speak. many suffered burns. fanny was at the airport when her world was turned upside down. >> there was an enormous noise like it was the end rt world. i found myself on the floor. there was ash, it was grey. i was covered in brown stuff. it stank of burning flesh. i got up and left as quick as i
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could. thousands of others were caught up in the explosions. in another strand, salah abdeslam's lawyer ran a gauntlet of cameras. the alleged 10th bomber from the paris attacks notified the court that he will not oppose extradition to paris. >> i think the most important fart of the file is the explanation, he has to give them there. >> reporter: there have been more memorial ceremonies, at a ceremony outside parliament, the kings and queens paid their respects, and the silence was observed at the public memorial outside the public stock exchange. one minute of silence here at developed into more than 5 minutes of silent reflection now, and the public opinion is changing from the initial grief
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and shock at the failings of the police and the intelligence services. >> belgium's interior and justice minister offered to resign their positions. the resignation was refused by the prime minister. and the chorus of criticism is not going away united nations tribunal sentenced former bosnian serve radovan cara ditch in prison. he was convicted of 10 of 11 charges, including one count of genocide, stemming from a role in the 1995 srebrenica massacre. the conviction comes 21 years after karadzic was indicted the u.s. government is accusing the iranian government for an attack that led to
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millions. seven men have been charged with knocking websites offside. be longing to banks, institutions and a new york state dam. >> for years nation states and affiliates enjoyed what they appeared to be a cloak of anonymity, a cloak they hid behind to break our laws. they had a cloak of anonymity because they fought we couldn't figure out who did it, and if we could, we wouldn't say it. >> the hackings took place between 2011 and 2013. major businesses and gay rights groups are joining forces against laws they call antigay. the backlash is in response to moves by lawmakers in north carolina and georgia. >> paul beban reports. >> let's start in georgia, where there's a billion the governor's death called the free exercise protection act. it would allow faith based
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entities to refuse to provide services they say violate their beliefs and allow them to fire l.g.b.t. employees. reporters say it's about choice, but it's veiled discrimination. if it passless, a lot more is at stake. cakes or photos for same-sex weddings, film or tv production is there a $6 billion business. amc films the walking death. marvel movies, and disney, the biggest entertainment country in the world says it would boycott georgia if it passes. disney and marble had great experiences filming. but they will take their
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business elsewhere. time warner, comcast and a.n.c. is telling the governor to vito the bill. the n.f.l. says it could cost a shot at the superbomb. coca-cola, delta, speaking in georgia. apple, intel, paypal, the list here: the last thing they wanted to do is start a corporate stampede. independent tried to pass laws. the n.c.a.a. pulled the final four out of indiana. this is a terrible idea. in georgia it has until may 3rd to make the call. north carolina, the governor passed, signed a law.
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the state law requires people to use the bathrooms based on their gender. this is a divisive debate. let's listen to that. >> it's commonsense that boys should go to the boys room and girls to the girls room. god god it right when he said he created the male and female. >> i can't use the men's room, i will not go back to the men's room. it is unsafe for me there. people like me die there every day. not the least to say it freaks people out at the men's room, would you want to go to the men's room with me. >> just like georgia, businesses are speaking out against the film. we are talking about american airlines, do you, chemicals. it suggests that north carolina could have had trouble attracting future businesses, there are questions about federal dollars for education
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funding. because it may violate antidiscrimination federal laws about bathrooms at public schools. it's a big law, big problem with potentially big ramifications now to the presidential campaign and the battle between the frontrunners. donald trump is launching new attacks on clinton, and a new poll suggests clinton is facing a tough fight with bernie sanders. even though both party nominations will not be settled for months, donald trump is treating hillary clinton as if the generate election has begun, and he's his opponent. the new moniker for clinton is incompetent hillary. >> incompetent hillary doesn't know what she's talking about, she doesn't have a clue. she made bad decisions clinton is using loaded language to describe trump. >> miscanons miz fire, america
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myself strong, smart, steady leadership. >> trump has a message of making monnicers stick. as the scrum intensifies, the attacks come at both of them from party rivals. >> secretary clinton has supported virtually every one of these trade agreements. on top of blasting free trade deals, they are hammering ties to wall street. the poll from bloomberg indicates a statistical tie. sanders 49, clinton 48. in a hypothetical match-up bernie sanders was happy to report out the results of the latest c number of n poll. -- cnn poll. >> hillary clinton did well winning by 12 votes against trump. bernie sanders won by 20 points the republican nomination race has gotten personal.
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donald trump and victor cruz are insulting each other's wives. a group ran an ad meet your next first lady. and trump tweeted: wednesday, ted cruz hit back. >> donald is a bully, he immediately threatened my wife and i would say to donald trump, if you want a character fight stick with me. heidi is way out of your league. >> reporter: trump re-tweeted a side by side - no need to spill the beans the images are worth 1,000 words. ted tweeted: thursday morning former republican president lindsay graham went on the today show
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and delivered a message - talk about things people scare about, she is are serious times, and you are not behaving like you want to be president of the united states. >> on a day when monica seemed to take hold, the campaign earned the word wild. >> donald, you are a snivelling coward. leave heidi the hell alone republican leaders in congress cite the biden rule in refusing to hold a hearing for president obama's nominee to the supreme court. it's a reference about a hypothetical vacancy on the court. today the vice president said the biden rule doesn't exist. >> i made it clear that i would go forward with the confirmation process as chairman. even a few months before presidential elections. if the nominee were chosen with the advice and not merely the
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consent of the senate. just as the constitution requires. >> president obama nominated garl et for the seat left vacant. senator mitch mcconnell says the senate will not act on the nomination the number of rigs drilling for oil collapsed to a record low. causes and effects left. trouble for the n.f.l. for a league study on concussions missed nearly 100 of the injuries.
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>> from rural midwest to war-torn mideast. she went for the money and found a greater calling... if in the u.s. roads seems crowded. you are not imagining everything. the department of transportation says vehicle travel was up 2%. the rise is attributed to the mild weather. the falling price of oil has been blamed for a low number of oil rigs in the u.s., according to a company that attracts drilling, there's 464 rigs looking for oil and natural gas
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in the country, that number is down by 12 in the past week alone. there were more than 1,000 active oil rigs. joining us here is steven copitz, the managing director of princeton energy divided. last year there were more than 1,000 oil rigs, the record low since 1940. in 1981 there were 45-00, 10 times more than there are today. how significant is this? >> in the oil business, yes, it's pretty bad. like the service companies, like the drillers, fracking companies, they are struggling. they are in a bad situation. similarly for the u.s. shale operators, they are losing money hand over fist. it's a difficult stretch for the u.s. oil business. >> some states are suffering as a result. >> you'd thing an announcement that there's fewer oil rigs, a new record low would mean less
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future supply, making prices go up. it didn't happen. is the feeling that this oversupply of oil pushed prices down. >> not all the states were doing poorly. the leader in the country, the best unemployment rate in the country is north dakota. texas is up. not a lot. interestingly, the country's... >> the countries have been doing gangbusters. >> we had been a few times around. the glut has been rolling off. we may be moving 120 to 130,000 barrels a day. that's a big roll off. we'd be using 107,000. >> the prices allowed an extravagant message to be worth doing, and it's too expensive to
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do. what do you see as the long-term consequences for the united states. >> shale will come back, we'll struggle for a few months, we are not sure how much excess is out there. we don't know if we have a little or a lot extra. >> 2 million barrels a day are produced. we are talking about huge numbers, and o.p.e.c. is meeting next month. they have not been able to agree on cutting oil production, do you think they will? >> i don't think they will. at $40 i think the case is margin am. there is a lot of disagreement about how big the surplus is. if it's not to big we clear, if it's as big as the eiaed, it could be well into 2007. >> the head of the largest oil drilling company in the world said that the industry faces the
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deepest financial crisis on record, making it impossible for oil and gas operators to stay possible. how will that affect consumers. >> the believious story was vehicle miles travelled not only here, but in europe. we are recovering essentially that mobility that we lost back after 2005. so the average driver in the u.s., in the beginning of 2014 - it was a months left. we are about halfway back. by end of 2018 we'll be all the way back to where we were before 2000. >> low prices affected the stock market. do you think we'll see more stability. >> i hope so. >> good to have your insights on
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the oil business. a small north western minnesota town was evacuated after a freight train crashed into a truck. it sparked a fire near the north dakota boarder. canadian pacific railway said seven cars derailed. two were hurt. the. >> the "new york times" reports more than 200 concussions were left out of annar. -- an article. according to the times, the study left out injuries to star quarterbacks, including troy aikman and steve young. and the league said not all teams submitted data and the omissions were not part of an effort to skew the results the threat of led in michigan does not stop at the taps. next - how residents are trying to make sure the food they grow is safe to eat.
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>> and the first call to have air force one return to the skies.
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actor and comedian gary shandling died at a hospital. reportedly suffering a heart attack. he got his start writing for sitcoms, including "welcome back
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kotter", and was famous for "the gary shandling" show baby food is recalling defects, organic food packages are faulting that could cause is to be contaminated. gerbe products are involved concern about the water crisis in flint michigan focused on what people drink. residents use the tainted water in their gardens. bisi onile-ere reports on how they are trying to avoid a danger from led. >> if it's a situation where you want to lower it, it's that compost addition. it's key. >> in a city plagued about water crisis dozens backed a meeting
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to learn how to keep the garden safe. >> what is the factor is we don't believe we had wide-spread soil-led contamination. >> a nonprofit is leading the conversation. it was two years ago when the water supply was tainted with leg. a city wide emergency was not declared until two months ago. >> folks are concerned what the water crisis does. >> the demolition of vacant properties after the past seven years led to an urban gardening boom. the organization supports more than 300 gardens throughout the city. but risks losing some over fears about led contamination. >> the reality hit when people
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realized "i've been eating this all summer. >>two days after the start of spring, soil testing began. >> this is the probe. we'll go down 6-7 inches, and select dirt. >> edible print conducts tests each year. it is expected to double. >> it anything has 300 ppm. we'd notify that they'd do something, putting the compost into the soil. >> in a study where access to fruits and vegetables is limited, this group is getting a head start. >> they have been encouraged to fight this matter.
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>> we give the vegies and the fruits away, we have to be careful what we give away is safe to eat. >> reporter: two years after complaints poured in. the tab water is off limits. they hope it doesn't stop a flourishing movement more. >> the first plane known as air force one is getting a makeover. the lockheed second sellation suffered the president and his wife across the country from 1953 to 1954. and used in air shows. it was abandoned in a regional airport in 2005. it's about to change. landing in bridgewater on
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wednesday, the plane will need tlc. that's it for me antonio mora. mike viqueira is next with "inside story". have a good night. night. ♪ ♪ >> we're rapidly approaching five years of civil war in syria. hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost many of them innocent women and children. while i.s.i.l. and other rebel groups undoubtedly committed war crimes, syria has blood on its hands as well. vladimir putin pulling some russian jets out of the region, are we turning a tide on the war torn country?