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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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al jazeera america. highjacking of an egyptair plane end with hostages escaping and the highjacker giving himself up. ♪ i am lauren table, this is al jazeera live from london. also coming you feel. after the suicide attack targeting families at a park in lahore, pakistan questions more than 5,000 people. hundreds protest for a third day in islambad, demanding strict islamic law of pakistan. dilma rousseff faces another blow with brazil's biggest party looking set to quick her
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coalition. plus. >> the united nations is know a friend of democracy. >> foreign policy donald trump style. how we plans to change u.s. relations with the rest of the world. ♪ ♪ hello. cyrus practices a lefted a map who highjack ahead i plane with 81 people aboard. the man gave himself up to police after all the hostages were released or escaped. the flight was on route from alexandria to the egyptian capital cairo on tuesday morning. the flight usually takes about 30 minutes, shortly after take off the air bus 320 veered north. a passenger had threatened crew with what he said was a bomb. forcing the plane to land at larnaca airport in southern cyprus, he's been named. the president says the highjacking wasn't a terrorist act and suggested it could be linked to his cypriot ex-wife but raises more questions about security at egyptian airports
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months after a russian plane was blown up soon after it took off killing all 224 people on board. gerald tan reports. >> reporter: hours after the crisis began, the final few hostages are seen exiting the highjacked plane. one had to escape through the cockpit window. everyone else used the mobile stairs. they were escorted off the tarmac by police. the highjacker is believed to be among them. egypt's minister of civil aviation announced the peaceful resolution. >> translator: all the passengers, along with the crew were leased. they are now safe and sound. this is what we worked on at any cost from the very beginning. the highjacking cannot be branted abranded as an act of t. the highjacker is now in police custody. >> reporter: egyptair flight 181 was flying from alexandria to cairo where where it was divert today larnaca in cyprus, the highjacker has been identified
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as an egyptian living in cyprus. cypriot media reported that he had given a letter in arabic demanding the release of female prisoners in egypt and also called for a meeting with his former wife, who lived in cyprus. but his motivation is still in dispute. >> translator: at some point the highjacker demanded to meet with the e.u. representative. at other points he demanded to depart from the airport and head to another destination. he raised no specific demands. >> reporter: also in dispute is whether the highjacker was armed. he had claimed he was wearing an explosive belt, the plane's crew had to treat it as a credible threat. >> safe in the security system has been destroyed. the regime we are in now is that anybody, if there is no faith in security, anybody can make such a claim in the future and the captain will do what he is told.
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>> reporter: at one point, egyptian officials mistakenly identified another passenger as the highjacker. raising more questions about egypt's aviation security. the government says details of the investigation will be released in due course. for now, it's marking a small victory, the release of everyone aboard egyptair flight 181. gerald tan, al jazeera. harry fawcett joins us now from lashing ca airport in southern cyprus. so it seems that it ended safely. what's happening there now? >> reporter: well, that's right. about three hours ago or so the airport announced the that the entire incident was over and getting back to normal. and indeed, we have watched a few flights coming in and out of this airport in the last hour or so. we understand that some of the hostages that the passengers may already have left. others are waiting at a gate for their flight to cairo to finally complete this very long and
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terrifying journey that they have been on since early this morning. in the last few minutes we have also had a news conference from the cypriot police, the spokesman had this to say about the nature of this incident. >> translator: from the search of the aircraft no explosives were found. not on the 59-year-old suspect nor on the aircraft itself. the motives do not appear to be related to terrorism. we must note that the specific person has been arrested for criminal acts. he's being questioned and we expect tomorrow he will be led to the court for indict think. >> and harry, i suppose one thing we can say at the end of this that handling of this seems to have gone quite well. >> reporter: indeed. i mean, the handling of it as far as the crew on board are concerned, it's understood perhaps that certainly the egyptian official in charge of air safety was saying that the
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suicide belt may well not have appeared to have been all that genuine, but the crew had to act as if it were. the pilot certainly did that. he had, of course, the safety of those 89 people on board his aircraft uppermost in his mind and so they have landed here safely and then, of course, the negotiations began here between this individual and security authorities here in cyprus. they say that a good deal -- that part of this investigation will be based on uncovering exactly what are in the contents of this letter written in arabic that witnesses reported being seen thrown from the plane onto the tarmac by the highjacker, a suggestion being it was a throert his ex-wife here in cyprus. and that that may explain some of his motivations, there have been various sightings of a possible motivations whether it be to do with this relationship with his estranged wife. apparently he was asking for the release of some female prisoners
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in egypt. he wanted to speak to an e.u. representative here in sigh put. nonetheless it is all over now. he's being questioned and as the police were saying, he's likely to be charged, appearing in court here in cyprus on wednesday. >> harry fawcett, thank you very much indeed. syrian officials say they have removed 150 bombs planted by the islamic state of iraq and the levant in palmyra's ancient archeological site. syria's head of antiquities and museums says a technical team has returned to damascus after spend two days in the historic town but said they couldn't reach some areas because hundreds of mines were left behind. government troops captured the town from isil on sunday. the u.s. has ordered the families of diplomats and military personnel to leave parts of southern turkey because of security concerns in the region. a number of foreign tourists heading to turkey fell by 10% in
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february. the biggest trop in orism in a decade comes after a suicide bomber killed 12 injury monitor assists in january. and the country has suffered another two bombing this is one month, one in istanbul and one in ankara. police and refugees have clashed at the greek border with macedonia. groups threw rocks at riot police as protests intensified as thousands ignored the government to move to shelters. they have blocked freight rail tracks for eight days while demanding the border reopens. the israeli soldier who was filmed apparently shooting a man in the head. he has appeared in court. it has caused condemnation around the world. stefanie dekker spoke to the man who recorded the attack.
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>> reporter: he takes us through the sequence of events that he captured on camera. it starts moments after two palestinians have been shot after stabbing an israeli soldier. one is killed instantly. but 21-year-old is injured and is laying on the ground. fast forward and a second soldier appears to be talking to a settler here in the back of the frame. he then makes his way to a colleague, they appear to have a conversation. the soldier then cocks his weapon. and about 52nd later he shoots the man in the headin' standly killing him. >> translator: i am still taken by surprise by the shooting. i have taken hundreds of videos documenting incidents and this was the most violent. >> reporter: he lives in hebron surrounded by settlers, his home has been fire forme bombed it'sw being fixed. he says every member of his family has been hurt or harassed in an attempt to get them to leave their home. now new threats after the
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publication of his video. but he says documenting live under israeli occupation in hebron is what his struggle is about. >> i hope this video will reduce the scope of violence, i hope the israeli peace will prevail and deal wisely with the punishing of this soldier. >> reporter: his daughter comes running in saying the army is here. she wants her younger brothers to get out of the living room. the soldier is asked about our car parked outside he does not want us to be here. >> this is a closed military zone. >> reporter: he tells us if we don't leave we will be arrested. >> now. >> reporter: it seems since the video was published the army doesn't want anyone here. the i israeli soldier is being investigate today murder in in itself is rare and led to an outcry among a large segment. israeli society who hold the arm any high regard. the u.n. special coordinator for the middle east peace process has condemned what he calls an apparent extra judicial
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execution, calling it i remember moraimmoral andunjust. stefanie dekker. police in pakistan have questioned more than 5,000 people and detained more than 200 suspects over sunday's park bombing in lahore which killed 73 people. the arrest comes as the army launched a military crack down with the prime minister promising to stamp out such attacks. a faction of the pakistan taliban says it carries o carrie attack. and targeted christians. around 5,00 5,000 security s are preparing to remove protesters who stages a sit-in on the streets of the capital. several thousand demonstrators have been camped at the main constitutional avenue close to key government buildings since sunday. supporters have executed a man who was hung on february 29th after killing a punjab governor over his call for blasphemy
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reform. let's get the latest. ca mile hyder joins us now. tell us more about the operation to remove the protesters. >> reporter: as you mentioned several thousands security forces personnel backed by paramilitary forces and the army in the background have given an ultimatum to the protesters about two hours ago to vacate that premises. now, we are told that just a few minutes ago two important clergy men, clerics have come to that crowd. they are telling the crowd, they are bringing a message from the government. so last minute attempts to try to diffuse the crisis. however the administration is hell bent ongoing for a crack down because these people are sitting in front of parliament. they have paralyzed the government machinery because most of the government officials cannot go to work.
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the government, the parliament, everything that is at a standstill. it appears that an operation is imminent and in case the talks last minute efforts, last-ditch efforts fail. >> and kamal, on the lahore attack, the investigation seems to have led to a big sweep up of people, around 5,000 people are questioned and then around 200 arrested. are these figures surprising? >> reporter: they are surprising. given the number of people arrested. but it was decided after the military high command met and decided that there was no other way, they said this was savagery what happened in lahore and that the culprits had to be punished. so the government and the military agreeing that they had to do more and therefore they have given the go ahead for a military operation. but the military operation in
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the punjab and in the tribal areas in the afghan border you will not have tanks and artillery moving but it will be an intelligence-based operation that will be handled by the paramilitary forces, the paramilitary forces will have swing powers to interrogate, arrest anybody, and they will be backed by the intelligence agencies. much like what the paramilitary rangers are doing in the city of karachi. so we do expect that operation to intensify. >> kamal hider, thank you very much indeed for that live update there from islambad. still to come this half hour, u.s. investigators access the iphone of one of the san bernardino gunmen. we explore what it means for apple users' privacy.
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the soundbites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is.
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♪ ♪ hello, a reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera. cypriot authorities say a belt worn by an egyptian man did not contain he explosives all passengers and crew were freed unarmed while the highjacker was arrested before giving himself up. police in pakistan have arrested more than 200 people since sunday's park bombing in lahore. the prime minister promising to stamp out such attacks. and security forces are preparing to remove forcibly supporters who are staging a sit-in on the streets of pakistan's capital islambad. new laws allowing japanese soldier to his fight overseas for the first time since the end of world war ii have come in to force. but there has been widespread opposition to the changes.
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as rob mcbride reports from tokyo. >> reporter: they have been protesting outside the japanese parliament every month since the new laws were passed last september. and protesters were back again to witness the laws coming in to force. japan, they say, is turning its back on the pacifism it has followed for 70 years. since the end of world war ii. >> translator: japan took pride in not waging war. now we have lost our cause. and have become a nation that will fight wars. >> translator: i cannot forgive this. this has been forced through by unjust means and there is no way i can accept it. >> reporter: these new laws are seen as a victory for japan's ruling conservative coalition and its prime minister sin so abe. he wants to see japan soldiers have a more assertive role in overseas peacekeeping missions. and to be allowed to fight a long side their american allies.
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he may have won this political battle but these opponents are promising to fight him. new challenges are planned in the japanese parliament and in the courts. his critics say abe's reinterpretation of japan's constitution which renounces militarism is illegal. and they believe that he now intents to change the constitution itself. >> translator: he got the order wrong. he undermined the contusion and is now trying to change it to make new laws constitutional. that's not what a politician of a law-abiding nation would do. that's the behavior off an auto contract. >> reporter: with the new laws in placeless do the problem of when and how japanese troops should be used overseas. and what the reaction will be from japan's neighbors given the increased tension that already exist with north korea's weapons testing and china's own military expansion. for many in japan the real problem will come if the lives
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of japanese soldiers are lost on foreign soil as a result of this change. a national trauma only previous generations endured. rob mcbride, al jazeera, tokyo. a police officer has been stabbed in the head at a subway station in taiwan's capital leaving him seriously injured. it comes a day after a three-year-old girl was decapitate ed in an apparently random attack at another railway station in taipei. mourners have been gathering where she was murdered to pray and lay flowers and toys. an editor at a prominent chinese newspaper has resigned in protest against media censorship. he worked for the southern ma trop las daily. he posted his resignation letter online criticizing the government's tight control of the press. last month president ping toured media outlets demanding absolute loyalty from state media our china correspondent adrian brown has more details. >> reporter: his parting words which were published on his
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account, on china's a whiff lent of twitter basically said i can't stand it anymore. he said i can no longer follow the communist party and go down on my knees and that is very specific, very blunt language and it is a measure of the push back that you are seeing by a certain number of brave journalists who are not prepared to tolerate the current crack down on the media but, of course, this is china, there was only so much they can do. but we have to see this in the overall context of what has been happening in the country during the past few weeks. we have had 20 people who have disappeared as the police continue their hunt for the author of an he anonymous letter that appeared on the chinese media portal calling on the country's president to resign. the hunt for the author of that letter is intensifying. ping records the media as a tool of the government.
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it's very important that he controls the media. brazil's tourism minister has resign ed in what's being seen as another blow for president dilma rousseff. her coalition partners are holing a leadership meet on the ground tuesday to decide whether or not to stay in the political alliance. tourism minister is the first member of the coalition pmdb party to step down. rousseff has become embroiled in corruption allegations a claim she manipulated economic information all of which she denies. if dilma rousseff's coalition breaks down how much of a setback will that be to her? >> reporter: well, in one word, huge. dilma rousseff, this is really a decisive day as she'll find out what kind of chance she has to fight these impeach think charges in congress. there that you see behind me. the pmdb party, the democratic movement party of prasil is only one of about 25 different political parties that make up
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congress however it's the biggest in all of brazil and it's been a loyal ally for dilma rousseff for the years she's been president and they control this particular party. 69 seats in congress. meaning that if this party breaks away, which all indications are that they most likely will breakaway, that would mean it would be very difficult for her to keep the coalition in congress she needs to fight back against these impeachment charges. we peck the impeachment vote in congress to happen in about two weeks from now. but really what dilma rousseff is facing is not only this biggest party, strongest ally, potentially breaking away from her, but also as they wore a domino effect that even smaller allied parties as well breaking away as well. it's a very difficult situation for rousseff. her and he her advisers are tempting votes. they need 171 votes to block
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impeachment. they think they barely have velshi it right now. if they lose this party it will be that much more difficult for them. >> gabriel there have been many calls for her to resign, is there any sign of her doing that? >> reporter: no. for several reasons. rousseff and her advisers and former president have is they do not expect her to a step down se said she will not step down. why? because she's not been convict the of any crime. she is a democratically elected leader of this country. and the impeachment process has not gone throughout entire phases yesterday. so she feels strongly that she does not have any need to step down given that she and her people are saying this is nothing but all coup by the opposition something the opposition strongly denies. gabriel elizondo, thank you very much indeed. the campaign manager of donald trump has been arrested and charged over an incidents where he allegedly grabbed a
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female reporter. the incident took place as trump left an event in early march. cory lewandowski has been charged with simple battery for inning textsly grabbing and bruising the arm of journalist my she fields, seen wearing the jello jacket n a statement trump says he's completely innocent and will plead not guilty. meanwhile, trump has began to flesh out his foreign policy in an interview with new york times he says he would cut oil purchases from saudi arabia and may scrap a longstanding security pact with japan. alan fisher has more. from the first moments of his campaign. >> i will build a great, great, wall on our southern border and i will have mexico pay for that wall. mark my words. >> reporter: don't trump has talked about how he will change u.s. relations with the rest of the world. several months in, he start today give a little more detail how foreign policy would look under president trump. in an interview with the more times he's revealed he would
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renegotiate a longstanding security pact with japan saying the u.s. needs better terms. he would cut oil purchases from saudi arabia to force it in to doing more to combat isil evening though the u.s. still needs middle east energy and would be open to allowing japan and south korea to develop nuke or weapons and withdrew u.s. troops from both countries unless they pay more for the deployment. one expert says trump knows the first step he would take but hasn't thought about step two or three. >> he very much seems to have not even a cost benefit analysis towards foreign policy which i think many people would applaud. he seems to have a win-lose approach to foreign policy. that is to say that if america wins someone else has to lose and if somebody else wins america is by definition losing. i think that's concerning when we talk about international cooperation on any issue. >> reporter: trump says he won't give many details as to what he would do in offers he season predictability as his strength. and the stance definitely challenges recent republic party thinking. he's not in to spreading
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democracy or respecting current international al lineses. >> the united nations is not a he friends of democracy. it's not a friend to freedom. it's not a friend even to the united states of america whereas you know it has its home. >> reporter: he has trapped to the raw emotions of the american public. >> he has been skillful in to tapping in to certain emotions and sentiments when it comes to the american public and foreign policy. how many average american voters are really going to know the nigh'ses of the islamic state fight. not necessarily but they are very concerned about terrorism. they are very afraid. we have seen levels of anxiety knit united states spike to levels we have been seen since post 9/11. so when it comes to stabbing in to that emotion, he's very smart. >> reporter: trump will be forced to give more details on his foreign policy if he wins the nomination, it's a large part of the job of president. when asked who his top adviser is, he has now replied several times, well, it's me. alan fisher, al jazeera,
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washington. the fbi says it's managed to crack the security parole comes on the iphone of one the san bernardino gunmen it's known as a key chain and it means that it can be used to reveal all of the owner's log ins if the haquer knows the master password. >> reporter: the apple brand is bruised. its star product the iphone has long been promoted as impregnable until now. the fbism says it's succeed ed in unlocking a device and apple has responded with a statement saying we will continue to help law enforcement with their investigations as we have done all along. and we will continue to increase the security of our products as the threats and attacks on our data become more frequent and more so gist indicated. for months the u.s. justice department has demanded that' the unlock data encrypted in the phone by the gunman, he and his
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wife killed 14 people in a shooting in san bernardino last december. now the case is being dropped and the fbi assistant director issued a statement saying: >> reporter: the case has gripped the technology industry and civil liberties watch dogs concerned about what kind of precedent is being set. >> a lot of a countries that have similar desires were looking at the outcome of this case and saying if the united states has set a standard to which they intend to gain access to information maybe we'll dough the same thing, there is a large reverge raise possible from not only this case but similar cases gore forward. >> reporter: ninthe larger
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confrontation is not over. the over reaching question is how much right do they have to personal information. all the news for you any time on our website, the ahead of that is donald trump's campaign manager is facing battery charges for an incident involving a reporter. another split decision. the supreme court rules on a closely watched labor union case. president obama lays out awe new plan to combat drug addiction in the u.s. the hijacker of an egypt air jet is in custody, and now officials look to learn his motive.