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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 30, 2016 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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a new dawn in myanmar as the country's first elected civilian government takes charge hello from doha. this is the world news from al jazeera. also ahead brazil's political crisis deepens. dilma rousseff's partner walks out of parliament. hundreds remain outside of parliament did despite two deadlines to leave. the mother of an italian student murder in egypt dismisses the government's explanation for his
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death a big day in myanmar this wednesday after more than 50 years of military rule the reins of power have been passed to the civilian government. htin kyaw was sworn in as president. aung san suu kyi has been sworn in as minister of foreign affairs. our correspondent is there. it is a landmark event. the moment itself in parliament was quite short, but a huge amount in the country's history. >> reporter: definitely an historical day in myanmar, the first civilian elected presidential in half a century and that president tin has just made his first formal speech. it was very promising. there were big nouments in that speech. he said he will try to--
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announcements in that speech. he said he will make an establishment of a democratic federal union which means there will be a federation here in myanmar in the future to work on peace and national reconciliation. he said that was very important. what he is trying to do in the beginning will be to bring peace to the states that are currently still in conflict with the military, with the ethnic minorities. changing the constitution will be the hardest part. that's why he asked to be patient. he asked the people to be patient because it will need the support of the military to change that constitution that was established no 2008 by the military did he sound like his own man because people are suggesting that aung san suu kyi is the president in everything but name, but does it sound like
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he was leading himself? >> reporter: no. it's very clear he said in his speech that the new government is based on the principles of aung san suu kyi which means that it's all her idea. aung san suu kyi was inaugust rated for four ministries. on she is now the foreign minister, the education minister, energy minister and also the special minister to the president, which gives her a very powerful position. she is some kind of super minister and her position as the foreign minister gives her a seat in the national council for defense and security. that is where she will have to deal very closely with the military. there is no doubt about it. the people here see her basically as the de facto president here in the country thank you for that. we're going to speak to an
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independent south-east asia specialist. what do you think about that, that people see aung san suu kyi as their president. does it not undermine htin kyaw? >> it's difficult to say. she has been calling the shots now for some time as party head. she made it clear that she would be in power even if not normalally in-- formally in office. the office of the president and the foreign ministry were fore gone conclusions, but when you look at education, energy and electricity, she is signalling the areas that are most important to her, deliverables for the n.l.d. when you look at education with the former military government did to gut the educational system in myanmar, and looking at the fact that power outages are still common and much of the country remains off the grid, these are areas she can deliver upon
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the foreign minister in any country is an important portfolio, but also with issues such as rohinga muslims, how will she deal with that some snichlt there is a lot to be desired. she will be able to represent the country and president abroad, but it is a question, which part of the international community will win out. tlels a western contingent led by the u.s., european union, australia, that has been pushing her to stand up for their rights. people forget that the russians and chinese are leading the other side of the community's camp and those countries and that side of the international community isn't interested in those issues. it will be a competition internationally in that it may turn on whether or not she is able to assert her ways in ways that she has refused to do so what about the expectations
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of the people, they will be feeling about the future-- excited about the future and they don't know how much influence they will have >> the military has the portfolio that the cabinet positions that it holds most near and dear that it has always held. to be in opposition as the n.l.d. was for many years is a privileged position because the opposition is not held to account for things that it has done and not done. in that sense the people are extremely hopeful, but as the months and years tick by, the n.l.d. will be held to account in a way that the military wasn't and it could help or hurt it when the next election comes up thank you for that. moving to pakistan where the protests by supporters of the executed man continues after two
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deadlines to clear out. forces have been employed on the streets. tell us about the two deadlines and i guess what happens after that. >> reporter: there was a deadline late on tuesday night that was delivered. it came around about 6pm. the government said you have two hours to leave the area behind me. the protesters didn't. very late, around 11 o'clock local time on wednesday night the interior minister held a press conference saying they had another hour in which to disburse from the area or he would send in the police in the morning to disburse them forcibly. thursday morning, they're still there. they're chanting religious slogans and they refuse to leave.
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low-level delegates not representing the government officially, but are influenced by the government, have met with leaders of the protest movement. nothing has happened. there is another deadline in the last ten minutes. police are on the streets trying to get into this area. all of the main roads are closed. we are looking at the plts coming in and forcibly moving these demonstrators from this area. there will be clashese. they say they are willing to die what i find extraordinary is how they manage to get so close to the red zone and it has carried on this long. >> reporter: most people in islamabad too. there was a wake held for the
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man. this was outside of islamabad. the punjab government gave them the ok to go ahead as long as after that wake was held, people mourning his death would simply disburse and go home. that didn't happen. they were able to would you being to constitutional avenue and towards the parliament-- to walk towards the parliament. we're now left with about 1500 to 2000 protesters. the government says there will be an inquiry as to how this happened braz imembattled president dilma rousseff has suffered
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another blow. there have been nationwide protests against her who faces impeachment over corruption allegations. >> reporter: party bosses, the largest political party and the strongist ally for many years of the ruling workers party, but on tuesday in a vote that lasted all of three minutes, the leaders decided to take a stark lip different path that threats brazil deeper in the political crisis. >> translation: from today onwards in this historic meeting for the prime minister db, it is breaking from the president's government. >> reporter: many saw the move as a fatal political blow to dilma rousseff who now very likely won't survive mounting pressu
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pressure. her allies say that she won't resign. she has not been convicted of any crime. the mud slinging on all sides continues. with the country's politicians fighting for power, many regular people are watching it all unfold wondering what has become of their country. >> translation: the politicians are destroying the country. no-one cares about anything. prices are going up and no-one does anything about it. it's difficult. >> translation: all this corruption, politicians hide money in under wear and socks and the poor suffer. >> reporter: as for the opposition, there are more mashes planned to call for dilma rousseff to step down and are enner jisd over her opposition
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in the news ahead, a filipino businessman with money missing. will donald trump drump the jump. his campaign manager is charged with assaulting a journalist. ing a journalist.
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top stories. myanmar's newly elected president htin kyaw has been sworn into parliament.
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aung san suu kyi has been sworn in as the foreign minister. in pakistan the protests by supporters of the executed man continuing. against the government despite two deadlines to clear out. thousands of forces have been deployed to the site. dilma rousseff has suffered another blow. the country's largest party, the centers prime minister db, is quitting the parliament. the passengers and crew aboard the hijacked egypt plane arrived at their designation. they were forced to land in cyprus by a hijacker wearing a fake suicide belt. he gave himself up and no-one was hurt. >> translation: thank god we are all fine and the passengers
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are fine. >> translation: i met the hijacker and talked to him and negotiated with him. thatfully we were in control of the-- thankfully we were in control of the situation here is our report from our correspondent. >> reporter: passengers and crew heading for safety after hours in captivity. this was the first signs that the hostage situation was coming to an end. something white around his his waist. >> translation: from a search of the aircraft, no explosives were found. the motives are not related to terrorism. >> reporter: the authorities released this video showing the suggestion expect going through the security.
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his belt reportedly made from mobile phone covers went through undetected. he threatened the crew and demanded that the plane been diverted to cyprus. a negotiation team secured the release of dozens of hostages and they focused on the personal rather than political. police are saying this is being treated not as an act of terrorism but as a criminal act. the man involved is likely to face court and be indicted on criminal charges on wednesday. part of their investigation will focus on the contents of the letter that he threw from the plane which was recovered from the tarmac. that letter to his estranged stranged wife when asked if it was over a woman he said there was always a woman.
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the hijacker had asked for certain female prisoners to be released. >> translation: at some point the hijacker demanded to meet with an e.u. representative. at other points he demanded to depart from the airport and head to another designation. he raised no specific demands. >> reporter: by mid-afternoon the airport had been reoond the plane arriving to take the freed passengers to cairo. their ordeal is over. the investigation into this incident now well underway. as are new questions about the security of the airport hearing from one woman on the flight. >> it was the moment that i knew it was highjacked and we were above the sea. i felt like he will either bomb the plane or he will just demand
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that we land in the sea or we just keep on flying until there's no fuel. i just several scenarios on my mind trying to figure out what can happen. i was trying to make peace with it. i was horrified. we took off normally from alexandria to cairo. nothing was weird. everything was normal. after a while people noticed that we should have landed. i saw the sea and that is abnormal. we noticed there was something wrong but we didn't imagine that. one one of the cabin crew passed by and collected all the passports. it was just that they had a problem and they cannot say anything more. they just need the passports. about 45 minutes later a cabin
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crew member told us that we've been highjacked and that was it. they didn't say anything else. they didn't say by whom or what the demands were or we're heading what did you think during that point when they said you had been highjacked. what went through your mind? >> it was a horrifying moment. i thought it was an april fool joke or whatever, it cannot be real. i think, like most of the passengers, that it was no end, there's no hope for this plane to land. we wrm above the sea and with these people, you never know when or how they can proceed with this act by that stage you knew that the plane had been hijacked. how long after that was it before you land and what more were you told during that time? >> the captain didn't tell us
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anything. it was always through the cabin crew, but i think we stayed like an hour and a half above the sea knowing that we've been highjacked. then we knew we were going to land, but it was still not safe because we didn't know what he wants to do there or what his intentions are. it took us a couple of hours to know that we might be safe the mother of an italian student who was killed in egypt, it is said only the tip of his nose was recognizable. the body of him was found in february nine days after he disappeared. his mother dismissed the government's explanation of his death. she says items found in the house of a gang blamed for killing him did not belong to him. >> translation: why does the
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egyptian state deny the truth? because it's an inconvenient truth. they managed to have an italian civilian disappear and deliver him back in those conditions. he was discovered in a place which seems very much controlled like was the place of disappearance on january 25. whatever the truth is for the regime it is very inconvenient a founding member of the human rights group democracy for egypt and she told us she is not surprised by the words of the woman given egypt's track record of human rights violations >> egypt was known as the center of torture. egypt was hired to do all the dirty work for u.s. and europe because it is against the law to torture anybody in the free world. so egypt have such experience in the you cannily work of-- ugly
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work of torturing. there is a long history of that many for about 60 years now. it is very much parallel with the military ruling of egypt. they are good at it, they do it and nobody has held them according to the world international rights standards before so maybe she will be able to do that. i hope she will. it's not just her, but the thousands of people who are in jail, who have been jailed recently, at least 3,200 and some without a warrant, without cause, without trying, and they are to rot in jail syrian officials say they've removed 150 bombs planted by i.s.i.l. in palmyra.
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they couldn't reach some areas because hundreds of mines were left. donald trump's campaign manager has been charged with battery. he is accused of grabbing and bruising the arm of a journalist in the yellow top. this was in march. donald trump has defended his manager and said he is completely innocent and he will plead not guilty. >> reporter: donald trump has been speaking in the last few hours saying he supports his campaign manager, that he is not the sort of person that would commit that sort of offence. he has no intentions of getting hid of him from-- rid of him from the complain. the reporter says she was following trump out of the hall trying to ask more questions when she felt her being pulled back. you can see her move back some distance, almost as much as half
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a metre. she said she was almost being pulled down. she identified him as the person who pulling her. within a few hours she posted pictures of bruises on her arm around reported the incident to police. he was charged with misdemeanour assault n florida, the bar for that is very low. essentially if you lay your hands on someone and that contact is uninvited, you can face this charge. it carries with it up to one year in prison or a fine of up to $1,000. he has never been in trouble with the police before. he is a former new hampshire police officer. he says he is innocent and is looking forward to his day in court. he had never met the reporter in question and accused her of being delusional. donald trump said the manager
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who has been so important to his campaign stays in place. at the moment the man who made his reputation on a reality show has no intention of uttering the famous words "you're fired", who he sees is important to his bid to the white house people have been ordered to leave parts of turkey. seven people have been killed after their plane crashed in canada's magdalene islands. it included a cabinet minister. the accident was caused by bad weather. in greece more clashes involving police and refugees at the comp. close to the border of macedonia. police were clearing people from the railway tracks. they were protesting against the closure of the border. conditions are poor there and
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all up there are about 50,000 migrants and refugees in greece, most wanting to travel to germany. in belgium the government has revised the number of those killed last week down to 32 from 35. they say some of the debt were counted twice. 94 people are still in hospital. -- some of the dead were counted twice government is trying to work out how millions of dollars stolen from the federal reserve ended up in the philippines. >> reporter: philippine senators believe this man has all the answers. >> i have been accused of many things and i'm here to tell the truth. >> reporter: he is a chinese national raised in the philippines. he has been bringing gamblers into the country since 2005. investigators believe he knows
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how millions of dollars was stolen from the government account in new york. he says he has no knowledge of who was behind the cyber theft but admits handling the money after it was transferred to the philippines. he has named two others who are the real culprits. chinese nationals are big players. they're the ones behind the scam. >> reporter: it all dpan last month when hackers tried to steel nearly one billion dollars. they in managed no many penetrate the security protocols of the bank in new york. they managed to still nearly 81 million of that and 21 million can be traced to him. it was we'reed to the rcbc in the philippines. it was transferred to various local casinos. the case has revealed how a weak financial system in the philippines may have left the banking industry open to money laureneding. this is the director of one
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biggest companies. they're not at liberty to disclose details without a court order >> one thing is to allow the central bank and anti money laundering money to look into the accounts. >> reporter: the state bank of bangladesh in dakar has launched inquiry into how its security failed. the governor has resigned. it has changed flernl procedures and fired two of its senior staff. they know it is a complicated scandal that cover three continue incidents. the philippines is not the biggest economy in asia-pacific, but it has seen instead gross and increased foreign invest in recent years. authorities would like that to continue. countries accused of money laundering can be black lifted on the international money market. this could damage the reputation
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of the philippines and given cause for future investors to change their plans plenty more news for you on line. you know where to go, for all the breaking news video and demand. eo and demand. i'm ali velshi. free to leave prison. thousands are getting out early, but if you aren't a u.s. citizen, you're out of luck and get deported. one family's birth -- bittersweet story. president obama made history last summer when he traveled to oklahoma and became the first sitting president to visit a federal prison. it provided a powerful symbol of the president's commitment to reforming the u.s. criminal justice system.