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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 30, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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only on al jazeera america. ♪ a new dawn in myanmar the country's first elected civilian government in 50 years is sworn into office. ♪ hello this is al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha also ahead hundreds of protesters remain outside pakistan's parliament despite the passing of a deadline asking them to leave. brazil's political crisis deepens as dilma rousseff partner walks out of government plus. >> cuba is a very small country with a disproportionately large
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number of ballet stars and i'm in havana at the national ballet school and i will tell you the secret of its success. ♪ after more than 50 years of military rule in myanmar power has passed to a mainly civilian government, at a ceremony in the capitol tin-chow sworn as president and she will be sworn this as foreign affairs and energy and over sea the president's office as well and she is barred from holding the top job of president and it is drafted by the military and going to someone whose children hold foreign passports but will have considerable influence and the 69-year-old cho is a close
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friend and we have more from the capitol. >> reporter: first elected president in a century and emotional for people in myanmar who suffered military rule for such a long time and the president is at loyal aid to chi who was constitutionally barred for running for the highest office because her children have foreign nationalities and during the address to the nation he says he will try to change the military design into a more democratic one and chi is foreign minister, the education minister and in the president office and sort of a super minister and people at myanmar regard her as the real president but in the meantime the military a still present here in parliament but also in the government so many are wondering how much change this new government can really bring to
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myanmar but hopes are very high and the new president has urged everyone to be patient. now to pakistan where supports supporting blasphemy laws and asking them to end and they are live on the streets of islamabad and what is the deadline has past and have the protesters been cleared or not? >> reporter: they are still here but i can tell you in the last 15 minutes we've seen police move very slowly to protesters in quite large number and it spooked some protesters and seen people leaving the area already. in the last couple of moments there have been speeches given by the protesters just behind me and have been defiant saying they are not going to leave the area and want the changes to blasphemy laws and want them executed and they who demand the
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government are not going to accept and the government has no choice and they are doing this very slowly and hoping the threat that the police moving in will be enough to spook the protesters and allow them to walk down this road here and into safety. this is the only road that the protesters will be able to leave but the government has been very clear as well and say they will arrest the ring leaders of this and say this is an illegal occupation of pakistani territory and say of government territory sorry and also say this is a -- something that is going to be investigated very thoroughly and there are containers that are on fire below me. >> thank you and live for us in islamabad. brazil's embattled president
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dilma rousseff has another blow and the largest party is quitting the coalition government and dilma rousseff faces impeachment over corruption allegations and we have the latest on brazalia. >> reporter: brazil's largest political party and historically the strongest ally for many years of the ruling worker's party but on tuesday in a vote that lasted all of three minutes the mbd leaders decided to take a starkly different path that puts brazil in a deeper political crisis. >> translator: from today on ward in this historic meeting for the pmdb, the pmdb is breaking from president dilma rousseff's government. >> reporter: many saw the move as perhaps a fatal political blow to president dilma rousseff who now very likely won't survive mounting pressure in congress for impeachment when it comes up for a vote as early as
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two weeks from now but dilma rousseff and allies say she won't resign and reminding brazilians say 54 million people voted her in office less than two years ago and she has not been convicted of any crime but the political mud slinging continues on both sides. with politicians fighting for power many regular brazilians are watching it unfold wondering what has become of their country. >> translator: the politicians are destroying brazil. no one cares about anything. all prices are going up and no one does anything about it, i'm telling you it's difficult. >> translator: all this corruption, politicians have money and underwear and socks and the poor suffer. >> reporter: as for the opposition they have more marches planned to call for dilma rousseff to step down and no doubt are energized by the news of her coalition crumbling around her for a president they sense is running out of time to
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save herself. we will have a new president on wednesday and faces a challenge of reconciling a population that has been bitterly divided along religious lines and phil lavelle has more. >> reporter: is this the man who is going to reconcile the central african republic? the coming months will certainly show, as of wednesday they are officially the country's president, the former prime minister won a runoff last month and took 63% of the votes. and his main rival this is him and he said he would not challenge the result, that is despite claiming that there had been widespread fraud. it will bring about what is set to be the first elected government in three years, a central african republic, the country has had a transitional
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leadership since 2014 and the director campaign director will focus on peace and disarmament. central african republic is now emerging from a devastating civil war, in 2013 the former president was over thrown by muslim rebels known as the seleka and led to sectarian fighting with christian militia with counter attacks, thousands of people were killed and nearly a quarter of the country was displaced. central african republic is also one of africa's poorest countries with a devastated economy, 60% of residents live in poverty here. the new president fought this election as a man of the people and now bringing those very people together and without blood shed returning is a very real and very difficult task. phil lavelle, al jazeera. the man accused of hijacking a plane from egypt to cyprus using a fake suicide belt is in
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larnaca and seif el din mustafa is psychologically unstable and the motives behind the hijacking are unclear and passengers and crew have safely returned back to egypt. and this person was on board the hijacked plane. >> we took off normally from alexandria from cairo and everything was normal and not weird. maybe after a while everyone noticed we should have landed and didn't land and i look out of the window and saw the sea so it was a bit weird to see the see because usually when you go to cairo you don't pass the sea and we noticed there was something wrong but nobody imagined that it could be that kind of thing so then one of the cabin crew passed by all the passengers and collected all the passports without saying a reason, they just said they had a problem and cannot say anything more and just need the passports and i think about an hour, 45 minutes later one of the cabin crew members just told
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us that we have been hijacked and that was it. they didn't say anything else. they didn't say by whom or what the demands are or where we are heading. we are just flying above the mediterranean sea and that is it. it was horrifying and i thought it was like an april fool joke or whatever. it cannot be real and i think like most of the passengers everyone thought that it was like no end, there is no hope for this plane to land because we were above the sea and with these people we can never know when or how they can proceed with this act. the parents of italian students who was killed in egypt has spoken publically for the first time and dismissed the explanation of his death given by the egyptian authorities and his lawyer has now revealed that italian autopsy says he died after torture and gerald tan has
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more. >> reporter: he went missing on the fifth up rising in egypt and his body was found nine days later in a ditch, beaten, burned and electrocuted and investigators say he was killed by a criminal gang, his mother rejects this account. >> translator: i won't tell you what they did to his face, on that face i thought that all the evil had poured on to him. his face had become so small, his skin had turned into a color you cannot imagine, maybe the only thing that i could recognize of him, the only one was the tip of his nose. what we are talking about now is tortu torture. >> reporter: supporters have been holding vigils calling for proper investigation into his death, he was cambridge doctoral student doing research in egypt, a sensitive topic and the marks
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on his body were consistent with other cases of torture allegedly carried out by egyptian security forces. >> it's not just him, it's the thousands of people who are in jail, who have been jailed recently, at least 3200 and some without a warrant, without a cause, without trial and they stay to rot in jail and sometimes with the egyptian jail you go walk on your legs and you walk out with a shaking if you can walk out. >> reporter: egypt interior inindustry denied allegations of involvement saying the agencies are known for integrity and transparency. the egyptian police will hand over evidence to the prosecutors next week and they insists that egypt will settle for nothing
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less than the truth, gerald tan, al jazeera. plenty more on al jazeera including u.s. presidential hopeful donald trump's campaign manager is charged with assaulting a journalist and we will find out how regional tensions and rivalries are impacting lebanon's once booming property market. stay with us. ♪
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♪ welcome back you are watching al jazeera, our top stories and myanmar's president cho is sworn this for the first civilian leader in 50 years and the
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national league for democracy party will run four mayor ministries. protesters in pakistan are continuing the sit in near the parliament despite warnings by security forces to leave and another soft deadline has past and the police are about to try to move them on and brazil's president dilma rousseff is under increased pressure following the partner's decision to quit and major for dilma rousseff who faces impeachment over corruption allegations. ban ki-moon will take in more refugees fleeing syria's war and part of high-level discussions in geneva in resettling refugees and the u.n. refugee agency is hoping to resettle thousands of syrians in neighboring countries. >> i ask that countries act with solidarity, in the name of our shared humanity by giving you an
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additional pathway for the admission of syrian refugees. these pathways can include resettlement or humanitarian admission, family reunions as well as labor or study opportunities. but the u.n. faces an up hill battle with many states particularly in the balkins refusing to let people through and 4 million syrians are in the countries bordering syria and turkey has the brunt of crisis taking over 2.5 million people since the war began in 2011 and a million live in lebanon and iraq is home to 250,000 and more than 600,000 syrians are sheltering in jordan and other syrian refugees have traveled to europe and unhcr says over the last five years the u.n. states received almost 900,000 asylum applications from syrian refugees and zaina has this
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update on the greek-macedonia border where thousands of refugees are still stranded. >> reporter: what the u.n. wants is for richer contries to share the burden and help other countries who are unable to cope with the numbers of migrants and refugees now on their soil. greece used to be a transit country and it's now a host country with 50,000 people stranded here. the u.n. is hoping that the eu relocation program can really move forward because since it was agreed in september just a few hundred people have been relocated, the eu commissioner for migration wants 6,000 people to be relocated a week but that is going to be a very difficult task because grease does not have the infrastructure or logistics in place for all these people to start applying for asylum and start applying for relocation program and people are growing increasingly desperate, a lot have been separated, families have been separated, torn apart and some
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of their families made it to northern europe and others are stuck here and what the u.n. wants is for these nations to open their doors but at the same time an eu turkey deal to stop the flow of migrants and refugees doesn't seem to be working because on wednesday 400 people landed on greece's shores which means they are not discouraged by the fact they could be deported under that deal so this migrant crisis is not over, host countries like greece are appealing for assistance because they are unable to cope with such a burden especially a country in economic crisis. on thursday chinese president xi jinping will meet barack obama on the sidelines of a nuclear summit in washington and the program will dominate agenda they will discuss other thorny issues and lawrence lee reports from beijing. >> reporter: the largest nuclear safety center in asia
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pacific opened in beijing and funded by china and the u.s., a sign of the two countries increasingly close cooperation on nuclear issues, a relationship spurred in part by nuclear ambitions and the government conducted four nuclear tests in ten years and the latest in january and said it's planning more, the north korea and how to counter this is what president obama and xi jinping will have to address. they are so tough on north korea that the country or regime are unstable and millions of refugees flooding across the border to china and potentially means take over of the north by south korea which is a u.s. ally and expanding the u.s. influence. >> reporter: not only in the korean peninsula they feel an expanding u.s. presence, it's in
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the south china sea and they are more aggressive in years as what it sees as its territory and they lay claim to parts of the south china sea and the u.s. says it's neutral in the dispute but so some of its actions including sailing a war ship in the area angered them. >> xi jinping is risk tolerant and has a vision of china becoming this regional if not global power. >> reporter: and that division will ultimately affect the relationship for the united states. the u.s. is already a super power, china wants to become one, to do that it's ready to redefine its relationship with the u.s. and the rest of the world. florence with al jazeera, beijing. u.s. republican presidential hopeful donald trump's campaign manager has been charged with battery otherwise known as assault and accused of grabbing and bruising the arm of journalist michelle fields seen
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wearing the yellow jacket her and trump says he is innocent and will plead not guilty. allen fisher has more from washington. >> donald trump has been speaking in the last few hours and says he supports his campaign manager and not the sort of person that would commit that sort of offense and he has no intentions of getting rid of him from his campaign. this all goes back to events at a trump venue in florida at beginning of the month and says he was following trump out of the hall to ask questions as reporters do and she felt herself being pulled back. if you look at the video you can see her move back some distance and almost a half a meter and said she felt as if she is almost being pulled down and identified the person who was pulling her. within a few hours she posted pictures on twitter of bruises on her arm and also reported the incident to the police who investigated and invited him to the jupiter police station in
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florida at 8:00 on tuesday morning and he was charged with misdemeanor assault. in florida the bar for that is low indeed, if you lay your hands on someone and that contact is uninvited you can face this charge. and it carries with it up to one year in prison or a fine of up to $1,000. he has never been in trouble with the police before and he is a former new hampshire police officer and says he is innocent and he is looking forward to his day in court in may. immediately after the incident he actually said he never met the reporter in question and accused her of being delusional and says he has been so important in the campaign stays in place and the man who made his reputation on a reality show has no intentions of uttering the words you are fired as the man he sees very important for his bid for the white house. the world health organization announced west
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africa e bow outbreak is no longer a threat to international public health and the outbreak killed 11,000 people from emerging from the forest of new guinea in 2014 and the virus transmission have now ended new classes of infections do continue to occur. now to lebanon where property sales have slumped by around a third. this was last year. the shop slow down has been blamed on saudi arabia investors pulling out of the market and it's to do with a dispute between lebanon and gulf corporation counsel over hezbollah influence in the region and we report. >> reporter: downtown beirut feels like one big building site these days, over the past ten years quarters have been beautifully restored and modern towers are built where bombed outbuildings once stood and the price for the properties are high and few lebanese people can afford to buy here but they are not marketed at locals and most
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often sold to wealthy buyers from the gulf and saudi arabia accounts for 85% of foreigners investing in property in lebanon. their real estate holdings are valued at more than $6 billion and it would appear saudi interest in lebanon property market is declining sharply. in 2015 the number of sales to gulf citizens dropped to around a third. >> has to do with political tension that existed since the breakout of the war in syria and a lot of people they lost interest in the lebanese market but they made it quite a handsome profit in lebanon for a long time. announcer: whatever the case since war broke out in neighboring syria five years ago gulf investment in the higher end of lebanon property market helped keep the industry relatively stable but over the past month an escalating dispute between the lebanese government and gulf states has rattled the
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economy, the tensions are over the gulf cooperation's concern that hezbollah is becoming too influential in the region, the shia dominated movement is lebanon's most powerful political, and sorm armed group and aligned with iran and last month they cancelled billions in aid to forces and gcc issued travel warnings to citizens as well as declaring hezbollah a terrorist organizations raising concerns they could leave lebanon altogether but others say it's unlikely. >> i can assure you whenever the political situation you see them back directly in 48 hours because we have a lot to offer them. >> reporter: one of the more curious aspects of beirut's restore downtown area is they are empty and the people who own them really come here once a year during summer months but
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tensions between gcc and lebanese government don't ease, they will be empty when they are completed and may not have any one to buy them. al jazeera, beirut. cuba has seen great success in the world of ballet and the editor lucy explains way from the capitol havana. >> reporter: you can tell by the way they walk and carry themselves these are no ordinary students and that this is no ordinary school. ♪ down the hall some of the older pupils are putting on a special performance of gazelle of the british patron sarah david tang. >> i came here 20 years ago i saw how wonderful the school is and wanted to do everything i can to help. >> reporter: every year more than 50,000 cuban boys and girls
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from all over the country aspire to study here but only the 300 best are admitted. >> translator: we do not let a single person with talent slip through our fingers, that is the tru truth. >> reporter: she has been the director of the school since its inception in 1962, from the cuba ballet alishia-alonzo, as in the soviet union it combines academic studies and dance under one roof, an integrated teaching system financed by the state of which there are very few in the world. >> translator: our school has an unique style, you can always establish a cuban dancer by feminine and grace and male and the powerful leaps and spins and by the way they move around the
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stage. >> reporter: like a great many of the students 15-year-old aljandro is dreaming big. >> want to dance at the ballet or the theatre and don't want my career to be only here. ♪ i want to be a great ballarina and it's glorious. it is easier for people to leave and join a major foreign country and today a star of the royal ballet, he too started here at the age of nine. there are no luxuries here, not even air conditioning yet these students know if they have the talent by the time they leave here they will have the tools necessary to join the ranks of the very best in one of the world east most competitive professions. ♪ a profession that requires discipline and sacrifice but
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which as the ballet school's benefactor lifts the human spirits. >> reminder you can keep up to date on the news on al jazeera yesterd yesterday. i'm ali velshi. free to leave prison. thousands are getting out early, but if you aren't a u.s. citizen, you're out of luck and get deported. one family's birth -- bittersweet story. president obama made history last summer when he traveled to oklahoma and became the first sitting president to visit a federal prison. it provided a powerful symbol of the president's commitment to reforming the u.s. criminal justice system. thatlu