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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 12, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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journey of love through adversity i was very timid when she came over time progress she became our family cat. that would touch the hearts of the people around her forever i was excited to come out when i saw the situation. on al-jazeera wild at this time. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm sue says and this is the news hour live from london coming up those actions are nothing compared to what ultimately world have to happen worrying words
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from president trump as he plays down the new sanctions against north korea. under the prime minister promises food and shelter to the right hinge or taking refuge in her country but just to take them back. the french president flies to the caribbean to express solidarity with with islanders hit by hurricane. leave clear voiding the first big protest against his controversial labor reforms. in sport international cricket has returned to pakistan after eight years of practicing exile pakistan has finally been allowed to host some of the world's best players. u.s. president donald trump passed played down the importance of the new u.n. sanctions against north korea the security council unanimously approved a resolution on monday which restricts oil imports and bans textile exports but
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hinted that much stronger action will be needed against pyongyang in the future. we had a vote yesterday on sanctions we think it's just another very small step. not a big deal rex and i were just discussing that not big i don't know if it has any impact but certainly it was nice to get a fifteen to nothing vote but those sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen. well the sanctions were significantly watered down to avoid a veto by russia and china but they still provoked a defiant reaction from north korea who warned the u.s. it could face the greatest pain its ever experienced kathy novak has more from so this was the result the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. wanted even though nikki haley had to weaken the resolution to get it a unanimous vote to punish north korea for its latest nuclear bomb test today the
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security council has acted in a different way today we're attempting to take the future of the north korean nuclear program out of the hands of its outlaw regime. at a u.n. sponsored conference on disarmament in geneva north korea's ambassador said his country also known as the d.p. r. k. condemned the sanctions in the strongest terms the t.p.o. ticky is ready to use any form of alchemy to me. the forthcoming measures by d.p. r. k. will make of the us so for the creates pain it's never experienced in its history. before the vote in new york celebrations in pyongyang for the scientists developing the north's nuclear bomb and missile technology you wanted to seal moon the recent hydrogen bomb test which we conducted was the beacon of our great light
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demonstrating death to the u.s. and confidence of victory to the north koreans. the u.s. and its allies hope the added pressure on north korea's economy will force the government to stop its nuclear and missile testing and return to the negotiating table. and. it is important to put in a percentage level of pressure on north korea to make a change its policies the economy gyptian way north korea should realize on its own that its reckless challenge against international peace would only result in more powerful sanctions from the international community. but the approved sanctions are not as stringent as those proposed in an earlier draft u.s. resolution obtained by al jazeera the original draft included a total ban of sale of oil petroleum and gas to north korea that was changed to some restrictions on sales it also had included a total ban on hiring and paying workers from north korea
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a measure that would have mainly affected china the original version also called for a travel ban and as its freeze on the north korean leader kim jong un and freezing the finances of north korea's national airline choreo air the watered down version was a resolution china and russia could support sending a unified message from the international community. the question now is what north korea will do next south korea's defense ministry says it's closely monitoring activity at the north's nuclear research center which is ready for another test at any time the government here also says the north could be preparing for another missile launch kathy novak al-jazeera seoul. and the burden of enforcing some of these sanctions falls on customs officials on the chinese border with north korea and china correspondent a jim brown has done. hours before the u.n. vote it was business as usual in dandong
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a steady flow of empty lorries to north korea cross the single lane friendship bridge a vital economic conduit for the north. nearby other trucks enter a customs yard before heading the other way there covered cargoes offering few clues of what might be inside. but some trucks appeared to be carrying building materials. experts say because north korea's government is now so hard up china is selling on credit. so the north needs hard cash from wherever it can get it the stirring patrick songs are a feature of one of dandong most popular north korean restaurants inferi new sanctions mean these performers can't be replaced by new musicians from the north the wages of the performers waitresses and cooks are collected directly by the
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regime a very lucrative source of hard currency what happens is when these restaurant is the people work there. basically all the money is going back or only a pittance is going to the people who are actually doing the business or i would i don't say france because they offer real services analysts say that kim jong il knows that china's leaders will not allow his regime to collapse because of what could follow hundreds of thousands of refugees pouring across the border into china swimming across this very river and the prospect of a united and democratic south korea with the possibility of u.s. military bases right on china's doorstep in spite of that risk some chinese people think their government needs to be tougher with their neighbor and should all united together and punish them otherwise they would just do more damage to us not of course north korea should be punished it has a great impact on china north korea is right next door if there is radiation cost
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by a nuclear test or even a war breaks out it will have tremendous impact on china cutting off the oil that china pumps underground to north korea from this refinery would have had a big impact but that was a step too far for china's leaders for now they'll continue their push for a diplomatic solution to reign in their old ally adrian brown al jazeera dandong bangladesh's prime minister has visited one hinge of refugees from and promised her country well look after them so far three hundred seventy thousand range of muslims have crossed the border escaping what the united nations says amounts to ethnic cleansing which a casino also says will have to take them back one day from the coach of palo refugee camp in bangladesh davey a couple of reports. some of the recently arrived the prime minister
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who's giving them refuge sheikh hasina condemned the me and my government for causing at least three hundred seventy thousand people to flee across the border in just three weeks but she says they don't belong here in our parliament there is a nation that man should. all this isn't back to do they should. go back and also we. know also. that this should work. so that they act accordingly that they should take them back . this is one of the camps she visited in long. four families live in the shelter they exist on handouts from charities they have no clean water and their tent is always wet from the monsoon rains. we want to live here safely in
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bangladesh this is why we escaped but we need food and somewhere to live. and says they need medicine for a baby who was burnt as they escaped she worries that her children will not survive the camp we ask her if she would return to me and mar if the government provides a safe zone as requested by the butler there she prime minister has little ones who are where we go back to kill us how can i forget i've seen babies like this being thrown into the fire by the military. the un has denounced me in march military campaign as ethnic cleansing sweden and britain have requested a security council meeting on the crisis in rakhine state the united nations calls the range of the world's most persecuted people and aid workers say it is evident when they see the refugees entering the country they are in distress and now they have to face these conditions in the makeshift camps have aid workers say they're trying to increase the relief effort but thousands of refugees are arriving every
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day the needs a massive you know we are scaling up as fast as we can but it's never going to be enough we need international assistance to help these people. that is calling on the international community to find a resolution to me in march crackdown there are injuries few g.'s here hope the world spares a thought on how they will survive until then they go paul and cut to prolong the. iran's supreme leader says the lack of action by man mastiffs october leader marks the death of the nobel peace prize and science and she was awarded the prize in one thousand nine hundred one taller company is calling for muslim nations to support their him by putting economic and political pressure on them of. myanmar's government is doing this is a political issue and on top of that government is a woman who was awarded
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a nobel prize this marks the death of the nobel peace prize. human rights watch has accused the saudi led coalition of carrying out war crimes in yemen the group says that since june the coalition has killed thirty nine civilians twenty six of them children and five apparently unlawful airstrikes it's branded them either deliberate or reckless for family homes and a grocery store were hit one strike on july eighteenth in a contest did area of time it's killed fourteen members of the same family including nine children the coalition has repeatedly denied allegations of war crimes and says its attacks are directed against the who's the rebels and not civilians allow un correspondent also in jordan has more now from new york. human rights watch says that the saudi led coalition carried out more than six hundred air strikes in yemen between june and august of this year of those strikes five of them were fatal we killed thirty nine civilians twenty six of them children human
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rights watch says that's all the more reason why two things need to happen one the un's human rights council should immediately convene an international independent investigation during its meeting this month to look into alleged war atrocities the other thing is something which human rights watch and other n.g.o.s have called for in the past a relisting of the saudi led coalition on the un secretary general's report on children and armed conflict the so-called name and shame list in two thousand and sixteen the saudi government threatened to withhold funding to the un if any of the members of the coalition landed on that so-called blacklist under intense pressure the secretary general at the time bonn ki-moon relented and pulled the saudi led coalition and its members from that list he did and came under much criticism and
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he in turn criticized the saudis and their allies for putting the pressure and not taking responsibility for their conduct in the battlefield now there's a new secretary general antonio good debt ish and he is facing the same pressure to put the saudi led coalition on this blacklist one thing that isn't being discussed is whether the united states is lobbying on behalf of the saudis and the other coalition members to not be involved in this blacklist. saudi arabia says it and i still plot to blow up its defense ministry headquarters would be the would be bombers have been identified as two yemeni nationals living in the country a security source said authorities seized grenades and firearms during the operation and the plotters were training to use explosive belts several people have also been arrested on suspicion of carrying out. in the kingdom it's not clear if the arrests are related to the bomb plot. coming up this news hour millions of
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child refugees are missing out completely on schooling we'll look at what it means for their future. germany's economically liberal free democrat party allies a return to government under a charismatic young leader. and in sports will tell you why these celebrations by south africa's football team ended up counting for nothing. is fair a quarter of all homes in the florida keys have been destroyed after hurricane the island chain some residents have been allowed back but thousands are still cut off from their homes as authorities struggle to assess the damage further north of the weakening storm is continuing to push through alabama and mississippi after causing flooding in coastal towns across the states of georgia and south carolina millions
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in florida are still without power. before hitting the u.s. left a trail of devastation across the caribbean john heilemann joins us live from the island of barbuda one of the worst hit john what's the level of destruction have you found. well you may have to see in the oven you go home it's just like any of the other news here on bob you that completely sort of abandon this really is that there's an island right now there's no water there's little food and there's no inhabitants apart from a couple of ponies or horses and dogs and cats around here the only other things here us and a few people from the government officials that don't just come out just to check out at this stage what exactly the scale of the disaster is and if we pan a little bit to our left you can get some sort of idea going past a car that just someone left you see is an area of concrete that was. shot
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a shoe shop at a clothing shop before you see it not just time it's actually just completely gone all you've got there is the concrete floor and we've seen other things and it's just the same in the other not everything is not dummies we've also seen houses just got the fronts ripped off of them like the old house and other structures are relatively ok but the government says that about ninety percent of the island has suffered severe structural damage here and of course it's not just about buildings that's people's homes and their lives as well things in homes like more to log watches that have just bought clothes toys that have had to be abandoned the whole population about one thousand six hundred people have been evacuated to the island next door. and they're just waiting really to see how many months it's going to be before things go back to something approaching normality hits they can resume their lives john was seeing pictures aerial pictures that have the absolute destruction
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as you described and you saying people need to rebuild their lives how what do they need what can people do really to help them and one of the asking for. we're talking to some people from the government here and they just said listen this is too big for us to get hold of by ourselves we're going to need international aid there are some countries that apparently have pitching in of already venezuela which has close ties to the caribbean islands which are form the sort of bastion of support for them as apparently all been already been pitching in for help and they're looking for help from other sources the governments put a price tag on everything that has to be done to recuperate the island of bob you know at about two hundred million dollars it's not just the things that we already talked about there's also the electricity the telephone systems are down well they're saying is that we want to try and remake this island but also really make it better so that the next hurricane that comes along we're more prepared to deal with it or we're talking yesterday to the governor general is largely ceremonial
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position but he's quite linked in the in touch with the government he was talking about things like putting wise on the ground rather than rather an overground the posts here of really just come down so things like that that they can do in the future to make it so that people here are better off than they were before many thanks john john heilemann there with the very latest from the island of. the french president has been visiting french islands battered by hurricane. emmanuel macron was briefed by disaster seychelles on the island of guadalupe well. coordinated some people died in the french part of the island and on the nearby island of. the city. for those who live on the island there is anger because people are tired i understand this anger and i'm also going to smarten because of this to reassure people to show them full determination to console and also to listen to their anger because it is their it
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is normal and it's my role also to accept this. about ken fronts tens of thousands of people have taken part in nationwide protests against the president and his labor law with the manual says they're essential to energize the french economy but critics say they'll wipe out hard won protections for workers hope brennan has was at the demonstration in paris. france's unemployment is at almost ten percent and economic growth is stuck in the low but where these union members and the president disagree is on the solution to that the c.g. t. unit is one of france's largest representing huge numbers of public sector workers and low paid staff the president says his plans to make it easier for bosses to hire and fire will turn the page on three decades of inefficiency but these people are deeply concerned when we are walking that was. any time we can work
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for five years. you have to leave the job which. is impossible because we do we need. we are protesting mr micawber's label it's a battle against because. of what these union members see as important protections and global financial institutions such as the i.m.f. see as deep rooted structural rigidity it's france's complex employment laws and tax regimes often act as a disincentive for companies to expand present micron's proposals would for example allow companies with fewer than twenty staff to negotiate pay and conditions direct that the workers instead of having to involve the unions. jex pity's is a small but successful french surveying company which checks buildings for structural movement its boss agrees that more streamlined employment laws are over
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due as oprah is already a one of the problems on employers and employees want to talk to each other they want to decide their common future they no longer want one or two percent of the population telling them what we have to do and telling them that they know better what's best for them. the marches though are clear who they trust to do what's better for them a september showdown is looming here in france the president has described those who would oppose his plans i think either lazy or cynical or extremists but the unions who have mustered their forces out here on the streets of paris and elsewhere are determined they will oppose what they see as it did when you ation of their extensive powers a fringe group of around three hundred troublemakers started throwing project as a police responded with tear gas and water cannon rather the vast majority of the demonstrators were peaceful tensions are rising. the president is putting his political reputation on the line with these plans regardless of the protests he
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will sign the measure into law at the end of this month but at what cost to his standing in the country paul brennan al jazeera paris. to talk more about this we are joined now by from paris by funky chroma who's a partner at the political risk. open city thanks very much for joining us here on al-jazeera and dance just pick up on that point paul was making about not all the unions have been demonstrating how how sort of together really how unified is the opposition and particularly the union side of it again. and how much do you think they speak for the every day. so the unions this time weren't really organized and terms of having a unified position against this labor market reform what happened is that president mark raul talked to all of the unions and while he was in the process of designing this reform and made sure a majority of them were on board and as
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a result of that only the city as a reason the report actually decided to take it to the streets and to formally protest these labor market reforms and so as a result of that the your position in france hasn't really been very much united in terms of trade unions on the streets he talks about wanting to bring down unemployment which i think is at about ten percent do you get the impression these policies would do that because in the end surely that his reputation which is quite clear and low in the polls at the moment anyway how news on what happens if you get through. these reforms are the started off what needs to be done in france in order to address the labor market which has been incredibly rigid and unable to respond to economic shocks for example and so what he's doing right now is probably just not enough to all of a sudden make unemployment drop but it is the start of what needs to happen here in
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france and also we shouldn't forget that the ultimate impact of such reforms always takes at least twelve to eighteen months to really materialize and they will probably be in front of my mind goes down in france of the next years it will probably be as a result of a combined out of a combination of measures that the previous president actually already implemented and what mark home will do over the next six months how does what is this what generationally i think in the younger generation they're often talked about having portfolio careers they don't expect the same job with the same company throughout the whole career this kind of protectionism attitude of the unions in some respects sounds a bit old fashioned it is to the extent where the problem that we often have an especially here in france where we have a rigid labor market is it really protects the insiders so those people who are in the permanent position have
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a job and tend to be older and the dreamy doesn't allow the outsiders those who are not yet on the labor market to access the labor market and that is a problem and so flexible izing the labor market should benefit the youth and theory and this is something that the unions maybe don't look at it quite that way . thank you very much for sharing your thoughts from paris thank you. well it's less than two weeks now until the german election polls are giving christian democrats a big lead over rivals but the party is still likely to need a coalition partner to help form a government ability is the for a democrat is currently addressing a rally in hanover where dominic cain is for us so what do the free democrats actually stand for dominant. well they tell the people here in this hearing precisely that from the leader of the free democrats right now. behind me on the
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stage and people here hearing him talk about digital economy he says is crucial. to developing trying to bring prosperity to. the middle class also others in society who will benefit from what they called the. digitalisation of the market the point to make here is the reason he's appealing to so many is because four years ago his brassey suffered a terrible loss in the election with twenty. of parliament voted out of government he's trying to get his party on its feet into parliament and the people here we were expecting there to be about four or five hundred people they say there are perhaps twelve hundred people here all here. and if. they'd just part it's a sort of push over the line in the elections. maybe some compromises.
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but the point to make here is that the government in germany is pretty much always coalition. one party doesn't get the chance affectively to rule on it means they have to find a point here is the free democratic tradition in any sense for the center. of. this party for the democrats. in ideological terms of the sorts of policies that she wants that was a quote to put across to the people so you have this rather ironic situation the people in this whole want mr nutter to succeed he wants them to succeed but also i'm going to medical would want the liver to succeed because she did i would much prefer not to have another grand coalition this party might be the one. with the top put her into power and as i say do it in such a way question doesn't need to worry about what the left in german society is saying or thinking thanks dominic mccain my only german campaign child.
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still ahead this hour. long loss for a former ballerina and convicted of sheltering a rebel leader. is its latest phone the i phone six which can be unlocked using fake siding and how much will it cost. and install the asian champions league tie that almost could use one of the competitions most. hello and welcome back well start off with a chart for the levant and western parts of asia and every time i show this chart i say the same thing namely the temperatures across parts of southern iraq into kuwait and probably southern iran away above what they should be it's been
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a very long hot summer in this area and certainly for kuwait temperatures are going to remain very high as we head through into thursday thereafter i think would be a drop of about five degrees for the following few days and maybe that's a sign that summer is over run the eastern side of the mediterranean we're looking at fine conditions with thirty one there in beirut here in the arabian peninsula it is much as we'd expect with quite conditions around the gulf and therefore humid temperatures of forty dryer heat across the other side potentially forty five as a high in mecca so head on through into thursday a slight drop in temperatures to forty one but still fine heading into southern portions of africa we've got variable amounts of cloud affecting cape town but otherwise it should be dry of a much the region is looking pretty fine lots of sunshine when took there in the coming in the temperatures of thirty three degrees celsius for the north that's where all the rain is missing some significant shower close across so sudan the center of the republic and towards cameroon that's expected into the forecast lagos in nigeria could see one or two showers further west also seen some heavy rain in
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parts of west africa. let's talk about now. right now. right now it's happening so fast. you can barely keep up with it. right now we've got clowns protecting rhino. on mobile technology finding clean water not tomorrow not five years in the future. now. in a disaster the internet can be restored by a truck. in a mine this truck can drive itself and right now this child is being treated by a doctor from six thousand miles away this is science not fiction and cisco networks are making it happen now. because when everything is securely connected
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anything is possible and there's never been a better time to change the way. welcome back remind of the top stories hey arnold is there a north korea house denounced the latest un sanctions against it and warn the us it will face the greatest pain ever in response. bangladesh's prime minister has visited the hinge of muslim refugees who come from manama and promised a country that will look after them. and human rights watch has accused the soundalike coalition of carrying out war crimes in yemen killing thirty nine
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civilians and deliberate all reckless asteroids. iraq's parliament has voted to reject this month's referendum on independence by its semi autonomous kurdish region parliament also authorized the prime minister to take all prep measures necessary to preserve iraq's unity neighboring turkey and iran also opposed the vote fearing it could destabilize an already volatile region campaigning is already underway for the non-binding poll on somebody september the twenty fifth millions of child refugees around the world are missing out on an education according to a un report off of the world's refugees our school age children but three point five million of them didn't get a single day of schooling in twenty sixteen just sixty one percent of child refugees got places in primary school compared to ninety one percent of children not living in war and famine zones and just twenty three percent of teenager fiji's
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were unrolled at a secondary school last year compared to eighty four percent elsewhere in the world . and well low levels for refugee children are increasing in lebanon but the numbers are still no one knew where they should be and many children all still forced to work to support their families as mohammed junction reports. for children who've seen too much war and struggled far too long singing about syria it seems can be an escape from all the poverty that's damaged their families from all the work they've endured. twelve year old syrian refugees is set off raps about issues most people twice her age couldn't begin to understand like the long days she used to ploy in a field collecting vegetables in order to support her family.
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happy to be learning again she demonstrates her newfound musical ability. i'm really happy that i'm singing here i met new friends and women gold and we started writing songs about child labor and children's rights and about peace until recently is sort of us fellow band member was also worked on a form in lebanon's bekaa valley now the fifteen year old isn't just back in the classroom she's decided she wants to become a journalist my. journalism i can deliver the message i want highlighting the suffering of all the refugees whose voice is on tat and i can also express myself through my writing how many of the children attending this informal school also have a job coming to class on days off from their exhaustion is evident but their thirst for knowledge is far more apparent. he works with the beyond association and helps run the center she tells us life for these children has been extremely
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difficult. or not you know what happened to tell you they were deprived of their rights and they worked for a long time long hours and hard labor they had no rights at all and what we're trying to do is lessen the amount of suffering aid workers say programs like these also help ease trauma and act as a form of therapy. and elaborate on there are at least half a million syrian refugee children and to give you some idea of why there is so much concern about their futures according to the u.n. h.c.r. in the past school year less than half of those kids had enrolled in schools here. for the moment at least these youngsters are transported on this makeshift stage where dreams easier to obtain in this unofficial classroom where they hope an education will all right we have available and we can do it because even in the
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bekaa valley where the. philippine lawmakers have voted to reduce the annual budget of the conscious human rights commission from one of the half million dollars to just twenty allies of president for the go to supported the move against the body which has been paid to the criticized his role in drugs since coming to office his shoot to kill policy against suspected drug dealers is believed to have led to the following thousand deaths the house speaker called the commission on human rights useless and said it deserved a low budget for defending the rights of criminals. security forces in the southern philippines fighting armed groups linked to iso are now focusing their efforts on a strategic lake last month navy seals intercepted several boats on lake carrying weapons ammunition and bomb making material general allen dogan has given was going to exclusive access to the seals. we've been given
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a rare access to join what is the elite forces of the philippine military. the navy seals they specialize in counterterrorism operations in guerrilla combat they've been fighting armed groups in the southern philippines like the door yes i would say yes an armed group known for its criminal activities the philippines the military has been warning for some time that the security threat to the philippines will only get worse as you have grown which is a departure from the hit and takes of the bus then of fifteen years. on up occasion of a new teaching. of variability and they must be prepared to defend at the die for. months later that did happen members of the merged with another local armed group called them out they took control of several parts of mirali city in the southern philippines the group raised its black flag in several key government buildings for
9:39 pm
a month over the work of the philippine navy vessel warfare group is seen to be a game changer here since the crisis began they were able to secure. the most critical part of this siege they had managed to intercept the reinforcements and this in a repartee they have also captured as k please call them out a group. distance from the target over i joined them on one of the reconnaissance but. we navigate through the dark waters of lake la know one of the most perilous areas in the mid the now region where. we are now in the enemy's line of fire just five hundred meters from the main battle area. and then suddenly the mouth has said several houses on fire we are now visible from the port controlled by the multi group. the commander says we have to turn back.
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on the other night this seals take us to a different location the mouth they are under heavy bombardment from the philippine military. but they are fighting back and even the seals position is targeting. the seals are rarely seen and heard and they prefer it that way a small specialized unit that also admits that the fight against them out is already one of the hardest battles it has ever faced but they remain determined despite no sign that the fighting will and anytime soon. but are we see the southern philippines a peruvian ballerina has been released from prison after twenty five years for hiding the country's most wanted man in. court.
9:41 pm
together with. the leader of the shining path movement this uprising is thought to have cost about sixty thousand lives a warning this report from a realist sanchez. it's been twenty five years a former ballerina inspired a bestselling novel and the hollywood film spent nearly half of her life in prison . read though he'd done leader of the maoist shining path movement on the second floor of her dance studio in lima before both were caught. in the rebellion in the one nine hundred eighty s. to overthrow the government almost seventy thousand peruvians were killed in the war completed her sentence on monday her brother drove her away from prison and peruvians believe she should have been punished. but. i don't think it's right she caused a lot of harm to this country. i mean may guzman and his partner lived for months
9:42 pm
the ballerina fed them brought the medicine and allowed other shining path members to visit on monday neighbors near her mother's home said they're nervous she will live nearby. i would have given her life in prison but it's not up to me the last. several thousand former maoist fighters have completed their sentences and are freed some politicians say the government has to remain vigilant and. free from jail they say they haven't shown any remorse for supporting or participating in attacks. former policeman and now legislator malcolm yes she too was one of those captors. up and. by not showing any remorse she is effectively defending guzman's doctrine. however human rights defenders say the justice system should be praised there was
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a good lawyer. the fact that some of my career served her full sentence it's a remarkable sign of a democratic traditional system. i remain guzman is serving a life sentence another members of the shining path will soon be freed some fear former rebels could join him over there if a group with similar ideals the nearly nonexistent shining path although some analysts say it's not a threat to the stability of. the and a scientist. apple is currently launching three brand new types of i phone ten years since the release of the original groundbreaking small for apple c.e.o. tim cook is unveiling the i phone eight i phone eight plus the new top of the range i phone x. or ten it's predicted to become the first i phone to cost more than one thousand dollars apple hopes the new range well help address declining sales. well for more
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on this we're joined by technology writer and broadcaster kate evans thanks very much for coming into al-jazeera and some of the things they're talking about are animated in modes is facial recognition clearly there there is a development here that hasn't been seen elsewhere now i mean ok we have had we've had animated emergence of actually i think there might been on samson but facial recognition been around for a long time i had on a windows phone a couple of years ago sampson's when facial recognition has been a bit has been has been a bit shaky recently because it's been crackable via a photograph so there's lots of issues around biometric samples also dropping the fingerprint recognition with the new i phone ten although it's on the i phone eight so you know there are things change but the trouble is of course all of this has been leaked we knew about this in advance and it feels flat well that's a good point because i was about to ask you how is this reestablished apple is it one of the industry leaders if not the industry leader are they really losing that race and i think it's very hard to do anything really new or innovative with mobile
9:45 pm
phones and actually watching the upper vent as i've been doing all evening it feels like they're playing catch up with an awful lot the only thing that i think is new is the fact that the i watch will now has its own sim card in it so it's a standalone device now effectively so that is new but things like a while is charging for the new i phone eight that's not new facial recognition is not new it's kind of hard to get excited people watching this might be thinking why do they have to keep bringing new upgrades are going to possibly land in a landfill site i mean it's not very green very eco is no it's not many people tending to hold on to their mobile phones for longer this is one of the problems the mobile industry is facing now people are doing two year contracts maybe even getting to the end of it going to i really need a new phone i'm out front contract and i can just go see it you know simonyi so there's a real need to drive excitement the trouble is most of them have got very little new to bring to the table they're all quite nice sort of you know rounded a corner oblongs they do. mostly the same things so it's hard to be innovative
9:46 pm
there is talk of other areas you talk about the phone there's also talk about the speaker that you can talk to well we've had a thing from amazon is this the way forward you think if people are going you know what i've got the phone i need i don't need any more gizmos on what i'd like to see innovating next in phones is better security and better battery life because it's battery life also is partly holding back phone development you know and we saw that samsung run into trouble with battery development with the galaxy note seven last year they were trying to cram too big and powerful a battery into too small a case and this is what i think really holding things back you know i'd like to see better security when i met tricks publishers is an intern way of authenticating but the trouble is if you're biometrics a compromise it's gone forever you can't change of the print or your iris and thank you very much for coming in. so i had this news out in the way clinton opens up on last year's jim writes the us presidential election in a new memoir. in sport we hear from a file no doubt as he returns home off to winning the u.s.
9:47 pm
open. and we get a close up look at a monster looking in london still is. hillary
9:48 pm
clinton's new memoir has just come out and in it she reveals who she thinks is to blame for last year's election loss to donald trump what happened clinton's view of her dramatic defeat but some of the democratic colleagues say that rather than looking back it's time to move on. from washington. in her five hundred twelve
9:49 pm
page memoir hillary clinton is candid about losing the presidency to donald trump i felt like i had let everybody down clinton blames herself for using a private e-mail account when she was secretary of state that led to a government investigation but she also questions former f.b.i. director james comey motivations for reopening the investigation less than two weeks before the election just stopped my momentum now remember this too jane at the same time he does that about a closed investigation there's an open investigation into the trump campaign and their connections with russia clinton's loss to donald trump was one of the most stunning in u.s. political history the veteran washington insider versus the brash outsider although she won the popular vote she lost the electoral vote primarily because for large swing states and three traditional democratic states voted for trump clinton's
9:50 pm
critics say her failure to connect with working class voters is a lesson for the democratic party one of the main questions that democrats are asking themselves is how do we actually connect with with a huge part of the country that used to vote democratic and doesn't reliably do so anymore still some political scientists say clinton was a victim of bad timing so there is a reality that out of the six individuals who have run for a third term of their party only one of them has won so she had really thought about the odds the odds are more like that she had about a seventeen percent chance of actually succeeding president obama clinton's return to the spotlight is making some in her own party uneasy they fear her book could further alienate progressive democrats who favored vermont senator bernie sanders
9:51 pm
for the. nomination last year sanders seemed to agree in a recent talk show we need her help to go forward let's keep going about two thousand and sixteen clinton says she is closing the book on being a candidate but it isn't necessarily closing the book on politics still she won't say how she'll write her next chapter dion estabrook al-jazeera washington. now let's get a sport with andy thanks so much so well and what could prove to be a pivotal events in the country sporting history a world eleven cricket seen as just played pakistan in lahore the much marks the return of big time international cricket to pakistan a huge security operation was in place around the seoul don't get off the stadium no major test site has told the country since gunmen attacked to try lanka's team in lahore in two thousand and nine the series of three t twenty games is seen as a crucial step in bringing the international game back to pakistan on
9:52 pm
a full time basis the visiting team is made up of players from seven test nations to be really excited to see international if i can box done really well being for a good i'm going to be supporting the beams especially the world eleven because they have come on the way it was going to be and we welcome them with open arms as a bystander it's a dream come true i don't use the team to buy stuff you want to be in with the support board of the team. well earlier i spoke to rashad mahmood sports editor of pakistan's dawn newspaper he believes if this tour goes smoothly and the scheduled visits of sri lanka and the west indies also go well the full return of international cricket to the country will follow. it seemed pakistan would be isolated for ever but these are great efforts from the i.c.c. the pakistan cricket board and of course the players the international pairs of agreed to come to pakistan after eight and a half years ideally the conditions would be that if this were goes
9:53 pm
incident free and more teens come in like i said you would come in the next month and the west indies the city would also common. for three matches so if those two are go incident free will be definitely international to get doors will be opening for pakistan and i'm sure that this kind of extraordinary security will also be reduced or to be quite a normal situation where south africa have accepted faces decision that their world cup qualifier with senegal should be a reply issued the order after a match referee of ghana was banned from manipulating the game in south africa won the original fixture that price last year in november to warn the country's football association to say now only a pale if the referees ban is overturned if this is evidence that the match is a result of match fixing match manipulation then we know we don't want the
9:54 pm
points and we would agree with fifa that the match must be replayed provided those evidence. is provided to us and is in substance. shanghai s i.p.g. through to the semifinals of the asian champions league for the first time in their history they reached the last four though in dramatic fashion as i.p.g. had a fall advantage going into the second leg of their quarterfinal with granger every grand were at home for this game and so full advantage in this chinese tie they won all mail in normal time. and that level the tie in to get into extra time. while the two teams both scored in extra time and that meant a penalty shoot outs. as i.p.g. finally regaining their composure to win one spot kicks. and that gave them
9:55 pm
a place in the semi's. well only slightly less tension in the days of of course the fun of that was between the surplus of iran and the euro used our powerfully this ties to the two two after the first leg it was the away team that prevailed in abu dhabi with the surplus winning this game three want that put them through five three when i gets. they'll play hell out of saudi arabia in the last full day with. no olympic president thomas black has admitted his organization isn't simu to credibility issues last week brazilian police raided the country's olympic offices as part of an investigation into claims that rio ports fights to secure the twenty sixteen games back is in peru for a meeting that will confirm paris is the twenty twenty four summer hosts and l.a. is the location for the twenty twenty eight games he says stronger action will be
9:56 pm
taken if any allegations are proven. i cannot tell you the scene so this morning. our lawyers. have already been in contact with the brazilian oh you did he's already thing nobody wants to have credibility issues in his or her. organization. but we have been we have to be realistic no organization in the world is immune to shoes the tampa bay rays found themselves on unfamiliar ground as a consequence of hurricane ike the race hosting the new york yankees at citi field which is normally home to the new york mets this was the fifth major league series to be relocated jeter bad weather conditions in the second in less than a month after houston played texas in tampa bay because of hurricane harvey for this game the yankees run up five one with us. and rafa nadal is back in spain
9:57 pm
after his u.s. open triumph he says his next big challenge is to get the better of roger federer on the court that al has won two grand slam title this year and reclined the number one ranking but federer beat him in all three of their matches in twenty seven c. the spaniard is now targeting another win at the a.t.p. world tour finals to finish a memorable year. after they have been i have it over back in majorca out by then it's on days of now and just learn to be a little bit with my friends family and joy a little bit in this couple of days and right away as soon as possible for the next couple of things ok that is how you sport is looking for now let's get back to see you in london. we can bring you some breaking news coming out of spain and barcelona where catalan police say they have evacuated barcelona's sagrada familia church and nearby businesses and shops in that area and what they're describing as an antiterrorism operation this is coming from from twitter saying they have
9:58 pm
cordoned off the site course just last month the attack happened in barcelona before we go here's a story that might make you think twice about what you fly down the drain this giant blob of waste known as fatberg was found clogging a london so. that's it from me but merriam levels they will be back with you in a moment with more of the day's news. i just want to make sure all of our audience is on the same page where they're online what to produce for us citizens here and what puts people of iraq by one in
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the same or if you join us on sat i was never put a file then looked at differently because i'm dr going all the people that i'm alive is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a.j. stream and one of their pitches might make an actual join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera for decades puerto rico schools of being crumbling beneath the weight of massive debt now one hundred seventy nine due to close for good the largest closure of schools in the history of this u.s. territory is a frightening development this elementary school will remain open but will take it one hundred fifty of the twenty seven thousand students due to be relocated that's . doubled its current student body over the last decade in roman to puerto rico schools has dropped by more than forty percent as families continue to leave those left behind often don't have the means to follow suit but ultimately it's now puerto rico's poor communities that are paying the price for this all and staggering debt. cancer at diagnosis that used to be a little bit of
10:00 pm
a home for terrorist cells and they manifest them are battling what we're trying to do is really energize them insist that it's like a rocket that can recognize the cell says like a heat seeking missile finding the cancer problem that's exactly it you've had some pretty amazing results on this they're making it look you. know at this time on all disease. al-jazeera reaches the hurricane a caribbean island of bobbitt to witness the destruction left behind. and i know i'm maryam namazie and london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up
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