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tv   Farah  Al Jazeera  September 12, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am AST

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because the news. and any of the news and you can watch on like. how desperate for power affectively dollar deal with the devil. blunt. up front about iran very cleverly deflect away from the house at this time. do you see the double standard. in london here top stories on al-jazeera and al jazeera team has reached the hurricane hit caribbean island of bob you did to witness the destruction left behind before moving on to the u.s. left a trail of devastation across the caribbean john holland brings us more now from.
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you may be able to see in the oven you go home it's just like any of the other news here on bob you've completely sort of abandoned this really is that there's an island right now there's no water there's little food and there's no inhabitants apart from a couple of ponies or horses and dogs and cats around here the only other things here us and a few people from the government officials that don't just come out just to check out at this stage what exactly the scale of the disaster is and if we pan a little bit to our left you can get some sort of idea going past a call that just someone left you see is an area of concrete that was. shot a shoe shop a clothing shop before you see it not just damaged it's actually just completely gone all you've got there is the concrete floor and we've seen other things and it's just the same in the other not everything is not dummies we've also seen houses just got the fronts ripped off of them like the old house and other structures are relatively ok but the government says that about ninety percent of
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the island has suffered severe structural damage here and of course it's not just about buildings that's people's homes and their lives as well things in homes like more to log watches that have just bought clothes toys that have had to be abandoned the whole population about one thousand six hundred people have been evacuated to the island next door. and they're just waiting really to see how many months it's going to be before things go back to something approaching normality hits they can resume their lives we talking to some people from the government here and they just said listen this is too big for us to get hold of by itself we're going to need international aid there are some countries that apparently pitching in already been as well you know which has close ties to the caribbean islands which are form the sort of bastion of support for them as apparently all been already been pitching in for help and they're looking for help from other sources the governments put a price tag on everything that has to be done through coup. the island of bob you
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know at about two hundred million dollars it's not just the things we already talked about there's also the electricity the telephone systems are down well the saying is that we want to try and remake this island but also remake it so that the next hurricane that comes along we're more prepared to deal with it well where its fate a quarter of all homes in the florida keys have been destroyed after hurricane emma tour through the island chain some residents have been allowed back but thousands are still cast off from their homes as authorities struggle to assess the full damage for the north the weakening storm is continuing to push through alabama and mississippi after causing flooding in coastal towns across the state of georgia and south carolina about half of florida is still without power in our other top stories this hour north korea has denounced the latest united nations sanctions against it by warning the u.s. will face the greatest pain it's ever experienced in response on monday the security council unanimously approved new sanctions on pyongyang restricting oil
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imports in banning textile exports the measures followed pyongyang six the most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile launch in early september. bangladesh's prime minister has visited range of muslim refugees who have come from myanmar she's promised that her country will look after them so far three hundred seventy thousand ranger have crossed the border looking for refuge for more in ited nations has said amounts to ethnic cleansing but the prime minister sheikh hasina also said myanmar might have to take them back one day and human rights watch has accused the saudi led coalition of carrying out war crimes in yemen killing thirty nine civilians twenty six of them children in five apparently unlawful air strikes one air strike on july eighteenth in a contested area of ties killed fourteen members of the same family including nine children a coalition has repeatedly denied allegations of war crimes and says its attacks
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directed it to see rebels and not civilians. next hour is there a world. with her. it's ten a.m. in the morning in san diego california and i my job ron is starting on a journey halfway across the globe palestine.
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the reason for his trip is a seven year old girl named to fight a. fight i was only three years old when i first met her in the most challenging circumstances. final was injured in a bomb attack on our home. and her paths crossed with amal leading to a relationship that can be given no name. yet among finds herself on a plane bound for gaza a difficult journey to a dangerous destination something perhaps only a mother could do for her child. my name is farheen omar and like ahmad i also live in san diego when i met some years ago and decided to follow a story i had no idea it would lead to this extraordinary journey. finally live
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with the family in a small town called bit on the outskirts of. qatar is on the border with israel. and in two thousand and nine during a military attack on a cause are called operation cast lead a phosphorus shell hit find us home. they were out of there by the white house but their mother was this seriously wanted. we were. measuring the volume on the phenomenon and i want to know when it was where is it we have it enjoy it was yeah. there's space just minutes to go if this is going to be somebody we hear. on the other one. succeeded but there we are.
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always there separating you from the first one. so that it was asking if you look at the still secure a medical treatment outside. an american on in a zation called palestine children really find was successful in bringing fire out to san diego for free treatment. we went there at the cia anything and they were discussing gav to the united states i called the m. the next day and that told her that i would like to host. the i was very. a child who was injured on january fourth of this year two thousand and nine during the israeli assault on the gaza strip three of her uncles were killed her mother eventually died having gone to egypt with a child for medical treatment and dying there and most of the family was injured as
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well including sar who suffered significant degree. burns all over her body. so the family was destroyed basically the grandmother has suffered. a terrible loss her husband was killed three of her sons were killed and one of her daughters is killed so psychologically she's in enormous emotional pain as one can imagine. just came out and. would have to get off on. trial. and she felt uncomfortable and confused first of all from her drunk trip from. go actually on tuesday we have a first appointment with her doctor and he's going to see her for the first time after that we will decide he will decide how many cities she wants but absolutely
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she needs more than one surgery because it's a severe burn. we could attack a doctor but he's a skin specialist who volunteered his services to treat kids and luckily he agreed to tweet for free. just. yet and it's just at this hour yes. i don't understand how the ok yeah. you know belongs in understand it on my head. hurts worse than almost you know it kind of sort of started to want people to share it was just literally overcoming their really professional. you know the only living there are so fluid out there that's going to be a tough thing for i expect every time she comes out until there's a lot of. those you know the you can call some of the issues. you know thank you so
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. the next time i mean she's no longer staying with their first horse family and has moved in with the merger braun a retired nurse. amal is getting fire ready for her first surgery and i can see that fire has quickly become very comfortable under her care. amal is settled with her family in the us since one thousand nine hundred eighty two but she is originally from haifa a city in northern israel she is christian by feet and arab by ethnicity born in haifa. the oldest of four children. my actually is from lebanon protestants cause i'm from them and went to the high school the greek orthodox high school lie decide to be a nurse when i was sixteen see somebody walk into the hospital and he was my sweetheart time and i was busy sixteen hours
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a day taking care of these patients and he said i'm coming here to get married five weeks later we get married and the great united states i was here in one thousand nine hundred eighty two christmas time i had three kids since my kids grew up i can't rely on them to feed themselves i volunteer with a mission of good and bad back i have with them. before thanksgiving. i was at the church when abraham my friend get to me he said did you get to north about there is. a child with a grandma here at. lee's open door i don't care. i proud the child under grandma to my house at the beginning she was stop or if she said she wanted everything there and if you told her to pick what she dropped she
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refused and she stand there she wanted all the lights on don't close the door don't turn the lights of don't sleep by herself lucky i can't i can't feel that different and some friends come in back visit us from time to time they can tell me she's getting better. and the company can. husband and daughter also quickly became involved in taking care of. she was about the third or fourth one we had. but for was very unique child this letter was she went through all these tragedies she went through pretty much for a love of the for first day we saw her. again. playing the role of father for all four for one hundred whatever she needs and whatever my wife wants for i was very timid when she came here. and i guess the treasure was still fresh in her in her mind. you probably can hear now they're playing on by her probably
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a reminder with the tragedy. and that faded with time as a time progress you get yours or the house you get yours or the family and everybody here and she would feel very comfortable and she became a member of our family went for a first came to us her state of mind at that time she was very maybe isolative and little bit although she was very personable you could tell that she had her guard up she wasn't sure what was to come where she was going to move to move to or what will happen to her the next day very very quickly she became very. open with us she started to smile and to laugh and to be very attached to us as well only a few days after for our move to our mother's home and grandmother became very ill and had to leave for egypt as a treatment could not be done here leaving find out alone in the care of amman. with her only family member gone i was concerned about how far i would go but when
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i met her at the time of our first surgery she seemed very content. tried a little some ham assistance to your left and she. came to know she is very easy to me. and she of the family. situation she understands just very small joy to. don't you explain. why a question you give her that i have. ninety percent. by the doctors the surgeon ninety percent of her bad skin been removed to have six and cision and on her body and they implant the balloon on her back so they can extend the skin letter on the first night was into play as a night for her she wake up at the pediatric barrack you screaming crying so they
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give her some their caustic to calm her down and we've been doing this since then and on my we try to change her position because every thing is in pain when we try to change your position her position so she can't face me we moved over the bed and we can keep holding her hand all night the first couple weeks was pretty hard. virtually twenty four hour care. medication every six hours to be every night basically taking care of her. and her medicine and she knew she was in pain and to be the somebody there's going to child. in the in the for the first surgery she woke up she was calling i guess for her father or somebody in the she was fully time. so those were the most difficult days i would say and the whole journey is the fact that she had to prepare her for surgery and
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watch her go through it and then the recovery time is always a challenge because of course father has very flexible and running around and energetic so to be confined to a stroller while she recuperates and takes medication is very difficult to see. she would love the playground to the water she loves. the sand but she could it she couldn't do any of it she just sat there so that was probably the most heartbreaking time is when i just i'm in a car she just sat there and so i took out the stroller put on my lap and just say when you get better you know we're going to come back and we did it was probably about two weeks later to go back and she finally recognize the difference between you know more better she was telling me and she was showing me how she was walking on both the i tried to teach her to be independent and to trust that the main issue is here trust the trust and don't try to china children can't remember
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so i never lied to her i made her to trust me and trust my shoulder and i'm my husband and we're all faithful to her if we tell her we take you to the mall or to the bar with take her to the most of the park. with the balloon implanted in her back if i went to the doctor three times to get liquid injected to expand her skin color. and just a very little of that under the sun it's very well. written and if you. average it out it was. a. great west with the nine right here just remove the interesting part left her bars
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although. i don't spoil her. i don't make her like she's a special or give her full attention you know because it's wrong mama she would. we don't have this and. we plan for her health that's picture this she can keep remembering him when he. yet yeah. we talk about the airplane she said in a plane used to be something it's mom you know we made her just think that airplane is for glorification and her free time and i wanted to make her think about that too and that is a good place to go back and hopefully will be
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a good place for her to go and grow up and have her education there. although our model is christian she was mindful often as islamic creed and regularly took her to the mosque for friday prayers. that's. me. do weeks before she was scheduled for a second surgery fine i got an infection and had to be rushed to the hospital and the balloon in her back had to be removed prematurely. turned the heater on. and she stopped walking so over the weekend she was with
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a friend so i picked up on sunday evening and she was with a high fever she refused to take the summer have her suffer there. i took it home with pain why i get home like check her back and i can see three darts and it's really warm i call dr mudd on her we get. he looked at her he said it's infection yesterday and we're going to harvey a surgeon here here. to see how. this moment so the surgery was after. the mark and i was an. hour and
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a half. they spoke to me and to my husband and they said seventy five seventy five percent skim extern they succeed to do. she doesn't want of this to go home with us. ok three days you feel. more national. woman hope. you. have the. i need to save you.
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and i'm only shared with them afraid because he said to me. to put another extend then back again in her back it's like oh my god they're going to open it and open and close and twice. i'm afraid on that point if they will do their. best mean we have to go. connect two months back with the truth man the war in the way she started was hard for her to walk and do all her activity since thursday i've been telling her that we have to have to fix her legs doctor holes will take care of care and she'll be ready to go back to go to her hometown she is excited for most of the work we're able to do is here the last. and why their release is in and around the race but we weren't able to get
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a lot more out of here so it was just generate some really something we could do within the next immediate few months here and there we are we're going to grow and then see here straight what you see we don't. know maybe the one who has money these hacking. while working world peace bust out a book is. made just how you know what. to. get. the right.
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guy what you want but what i don't like i don't want to. eat my. it's been very touching to watch her grow to watch her recover and watch her develop i mean she's become our own little person and she's become a part of us so to see a part of you leave is very disheartening especially to know the challenges that she'll face in the future that's very sad as well. as going to be a bit difficult you know we got attached or we got got a mixed feeling you know want to go back to her family we've been through her journey from the day she got here and watching the progress she went through so i'm
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happy that she's going back on the other hand. just like. super formal charge is going to be a little bit of a pain to. join after she finished her last surgery and we said we have one surgery to go and then we go to barbara which is her dad. by the time he's coming closer and we want to talk to be there before i'm with him every time we talk about she is pushing back i don't think she's happy do. i think my mother is very emotionally involved obviously very attached and in
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a motherly position so i was her primary caregiver as far as i've seen she's going to feel a bit of a lot of you know although she's had three children you know i'm being the eldest and she's watching all of us grow and you know the of the nest at one point time to says a little bit of a different element you know this is a child that she actually watched go through trauma go through surgeries go to recovery. until a little you know young. yeah yeah. yeah . it's hard to see a child go in l.a. and you know he is not in his safe place you know that is that i can attack and in time even if i was media doesn't cover what we see in gaza but it's attacking.
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and their house it's on the border from the windows from the door from the balcony you can see a store you can see the areas checkpoint it's easy some sniper is there any sniper can direct shoot to this house and she can be on the steps out on down there should be can be on the window or maybe another bomb can come from the roof and. just you know she is not in a safe place and i'm afraid i'm afraid it was far. from the icy mountain steps of not go to the flooded lowlands of south america. but the high stakes series returns. following the daring journey
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of ordinary people from around the globe who take extraordinary risks to earn a living. risking it all coming soon on al-jazeera. a victim. being his past as an instrument of pinochet's brutal dictatorship a father tries to forget. but his son's quest for answers reveals there are often two sides to even the darkest of stories witness the color of the chameleon at this time on out is there. is no one way of telling a story keeping it right and to be respectful. to know the person for the toughest . question filmmaker under
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a necklace of continues his journey across his homeland to discover what life was like under putin during his travels he meets christians and muslims patriots and separatists i told the locals in the southeast world our side when i arrived i don't do something completely different someone to leave putin's russia but for others the russian passport means hope and the challenge of happened in search of putin's russia at this time onal jazeera. in london with a quick update of your top stories now al-jazeera has reached the caribbean island of bob you day to witness the destruction left behind by hurricane the u.s. state of florida is also reeling from the impact of the storm as it's fair to a quarter of all i'm saying the keys have been destroyed some residents have been allowed back but thousands are still from their homes as authorities struggle for
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assess the full damage. north korea has denounced the latest united nations sanctions against it and warned the u.s. it will face the greatest pain it has ever experienced in response on monday the security council unanimously approved new sanctions on young and restricting oil imports and banning textile exports the measures followed pyongyang sixth and most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile launch in early september. to the ocean of sin general solution organized my country is an extreme manifestation of your sin yes intention to eliminate at any cost to ideology so social system of d.p. r. k. and his people such act constitute or plan to hunt infringement of the so when of my country and grave challenge to
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international peace and justice in our other top stories bangladesh is prime minister has visited revenge of muslim refugees have come from myanmar and promised her country will look after them so far three hundred seventy thousand ranger across the border looking for refuge from what the united nations says amounts to ethnic cleansing but the prime minister shaker also said myanmar will have to take them back one day human rights watch has accused the saudi led coalition of carrying out war crimes in yemen killing thirty nine civilians in five apparently unlawful as strikes the coalition has repeatedly denied allegations of war crimes and says its attacks are directed at the rebels not civilians and tens of thousands of people have demonstrated in france against president emanuel marchand's labor of forms critics say they will destroy hard won protections for workers have more on that story in about twenty five minutes time i'll see you then for the news hour
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al-jazeera world now continues. when finally left and i thought i one would forget about her after some time but this was not the case i saw my constantly worrying about her well being. a model and a family had taken care of injured kids before but she always said there was something different something different about fire. almost three years after saying goodbye to find a model here's the possibility of seeing fire again. it took weeks for permissions to come through but when things were confirmed i called on my immediately to share the news that the mission now we are going to buy the tickets. so we are going with a mix of excitement and dread we started the journey from california i don't. want
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to go to she doesn't. mean it's her whole family it's just if you make it. after a layover in los angeles and in london we finally arrived in cairo late friday evening. in cairo we met up with the organizer or five trip. i had taught him best to keep our trip a secret from father and her family. you do you do in the family your coming no no no no no no no there's a rule with me like please excuse me if everything goes smoothly in the papers knowing that this is. the site. on our way to we crossed this and i peninsula and so s. going hard as we approach the border area between egypt and gaza i saw security
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vehicles in front and behind our bus to security. after six hours drive and several rigorous checkpoints our bus and the security vans made it to their off our border. security. inside the office area cameras are strictly prohibited and we used a discreet cellphone to capture this footage. as an international convoy with prior permissions we waited for three hours to get clearance for gazans to get through it could take much longer or they may be turned away altogether. thanks to us we got our visa and i could hardly believe we had actually made it to higher so we arrived late at a hotel and could not go to meet for right away she lives near the border with
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israel and we are cautioned not to ensure that way at night. you know it's almost night. to leave thinking a lot. to live to go see her so i text her oh i did see a photo. i don't see you shawn. early the next morning a mile drive towards photos home. for you this one. this is the house you know this is your house when feel like when feel like when you know as we approach the house with fire and a family had experienced the huge tragedy my post started racing. i remembered the front entrance from footage of the bombing.
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you. see. the hour. i met. him and his fellow man you know it was already the summer the overseer and the
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top of the world. here a little bit and. dean. dean you. can listen. to. the sound. and he just needs his to yes. minister the sound system and. it isn't the just the over. the line about. this is the stuff. doesn't exist it's. not like. she's not. really a surprise visit had everyone and especially for a in a bit of a shock since it was summer vacation everyone was at home quite as step mother her
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sister and her stepsister and. you know. the answer to this is the. stepmother suggested they look at the album that had pictures of the mile and her family were going to. say that you know. she just needed. it seemed like for i was not remembering and that was tough for him on the phone.
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with. only to talk to my mom. i realized at that moment that farai had moved on in her life. she was no longer the little girl our mind had cared for and the most important person in father's life now was her stepmother. because it was thought of and we are not. giving did anybody ever tell. you don't make it your letters to one hundred see the in them. intimate young girl honeymoon wachter and if she had a good idea i had read it for us father a few months after mother's death in the bombing so i was surprised to see her so i touched. the camera and how much been taken in which was quite unusual. going to our now was job was to me going to have. some of that is going to happen
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again i kind of know how they managed are you. her last name which was nice you know most. people have asked him that mayor manny. down is a. kind of. if you measured. routinely manage him said jimmy carter and he had a sentiment contained. yeah right you know not to get sad because you don't know how horribly you know and i mean. is there one time when you will you know we have a. little. let me. give me. knowing. i had gone up so much in the last two and a half years. she was fully aware of the reality of her life and the cause.
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but it was hard to judge how much fun i remember off her time in san diego. was visibly depressed after his sitting for a hunk i wish i did not but i did and. honestly. in a house full of people she was no longer the only child being cared for by many adults in our most home she was one of four children being cared for by an only mother and lived in an extended family of uncles and cousins and often had chores and taking care of the younger ones i don't know i don't love when you hug them they don't harm back when you kiss them they don't kiss. right i feel like i don't know. i wasn't happy i tell you. i was excited to come but when
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i saw the situation. now. she says she was. on my tried ways to bring back the cheerful little girl who had sung bonny songs and filled her shared with candy on her birthday in san diego. richard. ok. ok. ok. ok. oh my whole hater so we knew. michael so we'll know. it broke my heart to see almost spain. body language. this is.
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just the interest of the students first. but was it really fair to compare father's life in america to fight as life in the cause. and that is exactly what i was doing . but she had a paternity. to the life. better to kish. don't you know it's not my right to talk of. the way they are now so i don't father was still a young man but he had gone through a tragedy few can even imagine. what it was. in the attack on his house he lost his father three brothers a sister and his wife. and saw his child get hurt in the most brutal ways after the bombing he had sent far away for treatment and rebirth his house and his life.
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i saw him resilient determined to strive for a living and to provide for his family as best he could he owned a small piece of fly and that he farmed with his brothers providing barely enough for they combined families. he was attentive and affectionate towards everyone and especially towards fido. but i don't want to have this is the feeling was just overwhelming. i might have. a shot if it were the most it was the best for the shock of what i would say i. i want to hear more of the fact there was no trace of depression or bitterness just an amazing strength to be zero zero zero. zero zero plus for a lot of a lot of. hands on the lot of. the for the good or bad the buffet.
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at the lower than what. you can see here to ensure their life. but. yet a man was not satisfied with the gaffe i was getting especially her physical injuries that. hockey in a coffin you somehow only understood. if you visualize whom i love. oh i can feel it. here and come. nothing but contrition she need more plastic surgery which we can avoid the plastic surgery if it's more attention from the parents. turn happy which is massaging the area with no shame and make. me more
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soft. i mean it's very fucked up a stab at me with the mind. of . the victim said you. can do to almost a half the men who have the dark when. she's been. in top my posts for a long time she needs some social to call at least twice a month to talk. to her one to one and to talk to the family all around who want to. buy into. a model give out the gifts she had so lovingly bought for the children. she took special care to explain to the children how to use their imagination with a pin box this is just. another. one
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head there. and it brighten everyone's heart to see the little one so excited. thank goodness. it is true that there was no trauma terror post coming to hear a father and her family yet i saw contentment in that home and wondered how people who had lost so much found a way to live on and smile. had said farah is a victim was she a victim of our family's economic condition or a victim of the war with israel as we drove back to our hotel i learnt that father lived in a small town called. a poor farm look ality on the outskirts of oz are there are no clear frauds and no playgrounds. although photos home is on the border the
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entire cause a strip is in a war zone since two thousand and six when hamas won the legislative election and became the governing body in hasa israel and the international community has imposed collective punishment on the people of gaza in the form of blockade restricting the movement of goods and people through land sea and air this has created an economic crisis with eighty percent on cars and being dependent for food on un aid with an average birth rate of six children per woman gaza population has reached alarming levels and the infrastructure of ha's. cannot support its people more than twenty percent of the population lives in extreme poverty and this is expected to get much worse over the years. unless peace prevails and the blockade is lifted there is no likelihood of life
11:50 pm
getting better for the people of or for far. to the us you know. yes i'm i wanted to bring fire to the hotel to have time alone with her when i started to cry didn't have the heart to leave her behind. the room oh maybe a year or so by hand but i had the luxury of the hotel room was something new for fun i and her sister. i believe this is the first time they go on your face or. to go to the mike they do jumping on the bed sleeping in the bed just like they never slept on the bed. and they were hungry they took what ever there is to eat just we're hungry and they can.
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tell them using us. at the hotel i'm i connected with the husband michel and spanking her on skype. just accepted the guy and. yes yes yes yes. it's not. really. her old bike and sang goofy songs from their time together in san diego and suddenly started to remember.
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well. how big as. ever get that the good. man would. fight as happy smiles show that the child in her was still alive. and a mile had once again succeeded in bringing happiness into her life was the worst for her it was the worst it didn't work that didn't work on someone. and for the first time in many days i saw my laughing.
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listen to out the yes. yes yes i can say now that it was a. long. time but. right. now they are going to close down now it's my camp out to the hour week and i suppose. that sound you. sound. like you know who live yeah well yeah ok. is that issue hey if you. want to do the dishes for the rest of the. new car. was if you can get you
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out. and. i think there. was. a shot. in shot and she. was shot and many of the. doctors just saw her. it was like the ocean and shallow as she said i walked out of the country. i guess. saying goodbye to find out was very hard for a minute and trying to level with her step mom was frustrating.
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the ai. that day when i walked out of photos house i felt she may be walking out to find us life. just then an amazing thing happened. find out and on to our car to see a final goodbye to our my. almost joy cannot be described in words. it fresh like in that moment when find us spontaneously express turnoff for a mile she forgot on her frustrations and vowed in her heart to keep trying to make fun of us life better. she came to that. was. all the fight i may have forgotten moments off
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a nine month stay in san diego with a mile in michelle she knew these people had a special place in her life. a mud did not go that far as living in a wars. known for how the palestine israel war erodes the rights of everyone especially the rights of children all she wants is to see her for a happy. amar's heart is as big as the oslo see that holds countless sorrows in the last six years has seen three was and deaths of three thousand civilians including over one thousand children. yet it finds a way to keep on living and to keep on loving. just like the people of gaza the courage strength and dignity will always be for me examples to live by.
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the sky. should be no borders up here. only horizons. as an airline we don't believe in boundaries we believe in bringing people together the world's better that way. it is a rowing football of us to go where we need to go to feel the things we want to fail. to see the people we want to see. that's why we'll continue to fly the skies providing you with everything we can and treating everyone how they deserve to be treated we do this because we know the trouble goes beyond borders and prejudice. the travel teaches compassion the travel is a necessity. to travel is a right to. remember that this world is full of ours to explore. and it's
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a strange thing for us to be a part. cats are always going places together. hello there is a big change coming forth in the weather in sydney for the time being they just had a fair amount of cloud down in the southeast corner of things here haven't got too hot force in sydney though the winds are all feeding in from the west and that's bringing in some very hot air thirty one degrees there wednesday very very warm indeed but it don't changes as we head through into thursday this time just seventeen. there's also going to be some strong winds on thursday as well and you
11:59 pm
can see that's also affecting us in melbourne where there's likely to be. that all of the west volcom. force in perth are temperatures getting to twenty three degrees over towards new zealand and here really quite unsettled currently you can see lots of cloud on the satellite picture and plenty more heading towards us as well so some of that is going to be giving us some very heavy rains particularly to the west for wednesday and on thursday as well so very very wet to could be a little bit of flooding at times towards the east and generally a bit dry a force here for oakland there on thursday we should have some sunshine as we make it up to seventeen degrees up towards japan it's been incredibly wet here recently thanks to vis system here that's all moving away though so things are calming down on wednesday we'll get to twenty nine degrees in tokyo this should be some sunshine to.
12:00 am
catch a diagnosis that used to be a little bit behind the tourist cells and the immune system are battling what we're trying to do with energize the new system it's like a rocket that can recognize the cell like a heat seeking missile finding the cancels out that's exactly what you've had some pretty amazing results. if you can get look you. know this time on. this is zero. hello i'm maryanne demasi this is the news hour live from london coming up al-jazeera reaches the hurricane hit caribbean island of bob you to witness the.


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