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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 13, 2017 5:00am-6:01am AST

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towards us and it will make things a little bit cooler for this day. the philippines is ages largest catholic priests are treated like the church has a dark secret. misconduct inside the most powerful institution in the philippines at this time and al jazeera. this is al jazeera. and this is the news our live from coming up in the next sixty minutes new round of u.n. sanctions north korea warns of great pain for the u.s.
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. the death toll from hurricane rises as officials across the caribbean and florida find out just how bad the damage has been. cleaning up in mexico after the strongest earthquake to hit the country. heated exchange between the blockading nation the gulf crisis boils over during an arab league meeting in cairo. north korea's foreign ministry has denounced the new sanctions approved by the u.n. security council on monday and the statement the ministry says the resolution was fabricated by the us employing all sorts of despicable and vicious means and methods pyongyang also promised to redouble efforts to increase its strength to
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safeguard the country's sovereignty its ambassador to the u.n. is threatening consequences for the u.s. the force coming. by. will make it to us cell phone to create pain is experienced in its history and the us president donald trump says the new sanctions on only a very small step toward dealing with pyongyang's nuclear program and sanctions approved by the security council on monday where we could then the u.s. originally wanted the draft resolution was watered down to avoid a veto by either china or russia the new measures include restrictions on fuel supplies and a ban on textile exports trump is suggesting that much stronger action could be taken we had a vote yesterday on sanctions we think it's just another very small step. not a big deal rex and i were just discussing. big i don't know if it has any impact
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but certainly it was nice to get a fifteen to nothing vote but those sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen or kathy novak joining us live now from seoul in south korea so north korea's initial response coffee has been directed predominantly at the u.s. but of course the this south is very very close to all of this how is it being interpreted there. well the south korean unification ministry has been commenting on this statement from north korea's foreign ministry trying to downplay it it seems effectively saying that this was just a statement coming from the foreign ministry a comparatively lower level of government i suppose than perhaps coming directly from the top quoting the leader kim jong un for example but the unification ministry says that in the past north korea has conducted provocations in response to sanctions and of course north korea was issuing threats before the u.n.
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even voted on these new sanctions warning of the permanent extinction of the united states and warning that it would respond to any sanctions that we know now have gone ahead so the south korean unification ministry is saying that it is watching closely what north korea will do next the government here has been warning that north korea is prepared to launch another missile at any time and indeed that its nuclear test facility is ready for another test at any time we know that sanctions in the past have made the north korean government extremely angry we've heard from the north korean ambassador and those new threats coming from that conference in geneva so now it's really a wait and see approach in terms of what north korea will do next especially given this language that we're hearing from the u.s. president donald trump exactly the same the sanctions are nothing compared to what will ultimately have to hop on how that is that is being interpreted in south korea . well it's hard to say what donald trump means by that in the past of course he
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had rhetoric including the comments that north korea would face far inferior like the world had never seen that seemed to escalate tensions with this exchange of rhetoric between the u.s. and north korea and both sides taking those threats very seriously but as far as south korea is concerned it does want to press ahead it seems with its existing policy of trying to send a message to north korea whenever there are these provocations such as a missile launch or a nuclear test that it will not be tolerated that there will be pressure from the international community south korea was pointing to the fact that the u.n. sanctions were unanimously adopted by the u.n. including yes votes from china and russia so even though the sanctions were not quite as stringent as the u.s. and its allies had hoped south korea hopes that does send a message that the international community is united when it says it will not put up with north korean provocations but in terms of other options it seems there is
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nothing that can be done so far to stop this cycle of sanctions and more provocations from north korea and today we're hearing from north korea that it is threatening to push ahead and redouble its efforts when it comes to its missile launches and its nuclear testing role because they for now thanks very much indeed . fifty five people are now confirmed dead in the united states and the caribbean from hurricane there are fears the death toll could rise further it killed thirty seven people in the caribbean when it barreled through as a category four storm destroyed much of the infrastructure in its path leaving nearly sixteen million people in the u.s. without power twelve people died in florida as well as four in the south carolina and two in georgia has now weakened to a tropical depression but it continues to wreak havoc with torrential rain and flooding in the u.s. french president emanuel is surveying the damage on martin eleven people died on
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the caribbean island which is split between the netherlands and france is promising to boost security as people rebuild. the priority and what we're focusing all our efforts on is returning the island to normal life or it's normal as possible in terms of public older we have massively deployed police military police and soldiers will come from this region and from france and from. the number of security and military personnel by two thousand and that number will rise to three thousand by the end of the week john heilemann has more from barbuda . you may be able to see in the oven you go home it's just like any of the other news here on bob you they're completely sort of abandon this really is a desert island right now there's no water there's little food and there's no inhabitants apart from a couple of ponies or horses and dogs and cats around here the only other things
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here us and a few people from the government officials that don't just come out just to check out at this stage what exactly the scale of the disaster is and if we pan a little bit to our left you can get some sort of idea going past a call that just someone left there you see is an area of concrete that was. shot a shoe shop a clothing shop before you see it not just damaged it's actually just completely gone well you've got there is the concrete floor we've seen other things and it's just the same in the other not everything is not damaged we've also seen houses just got the fronts ripped off of them like the old house and other structures are relatively ok but the government says that about ninety percent of the island has suffered severe structural damage here and of course it's not just about buildings that's people's homes and their lives as well things in homes like more to log watches that have just gotten clothes toys that have had to be abandoned the whole population about one thousand six hundred people have been evacuated to the island
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next door. and they're just waiting really to see how many months it's going to be before things go back to something approaching normality here so they can resume their lives we talking to some people from the government here and they just said listen this is too big for us to get hold of class cells we're going to need international aid there are some countries that apparently pitching in already venezuela which has close ties to the caribbean islands which of form the sort of fast enough support for them as a partner or been already been pitching in for help and they're looking for help from other sources the governments put a price tag on everything that has to be done through coup. the island of bob you are about two hundred million dollars it's not just the things that we already talked about there's also the electricity the telephone systems are down well they're saying is that we want to try to remake this island but also remake it better so that the next hurricane that comes along we're more prepared to deal with
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it well in florida millions remain without power as the cleanup operation begins following hurricane omar a quarter of all four homes in the florida keys have been destroyed and the galaxy reports from miami. for days the florida keys were cut off but as residents slowly begin to return they're being greeted by scenes of devastation basic amenities like water power and medical services limited and will remain so for weeks if not months millions of homes and businesses across the state remain without power restoration is now a priority for officials bring people back i too am a lot normal life as fast as possible so we've got a lot of work to do. but you're going to come together we're going to you know get this say rebuilt. on florida's southeast coast the cleanup has begun in earnest along miami's iconic ocean drive sands being removed his business is prepared to open the doors and ports and ports a steadily reopening to allow visitors to leave because i mean this morning i think
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we get on a cruise this morning but just as it was all of the ships had to go out you know i mean back until about five a.m. so we're going to have to wait around the next six hours until we can board basically it was a little hectic but we managed to get through it tourism remains the backbone of florida's economy hotel and business owners a keen to get the message out that they're open for business horton for our guests that we had here that missed unfortunately due to hurricane arma to get them back here on the beach so with the help of our team our family were able to get all of our hotels restaurants back going and will be open tonight in florida's panhandle flood waters have yet to recede and in some parts of the state tidal surge is still a danger florida is used to clean ups and power cuts this state is hit by more hurricanes than any other and it was a large and powerful storm but thanks in part to accurate predictions well practiced emergency plans and a storm that quickly weakened the devastation wasn't as bad as some predicted that
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may be a problem next time officials tell people to leave but for now the state's focused on repairing and rebuilding and gallacher al-jazeera miami beach florida. well last week's earthquake in mexico was the strongest to hit the country in one hundred years in the south tens of thousands of homes were destroyed millions of people were affected but the nation's capital not its twenty million people fared better while well prepared when disaster struck david marshall reports from mexico city. to my mum and earthquake the feeling of terror triggers is a sensation mexicans are all too familiar with this was the moment when an eight point one magnitude quake struck last week. more than ninety people were killed thousands of buildings collapsed but it could have been far worse here in mexico city seven hundred kilometers away building shook violently for up to a minute causing people to stream out onto the streets but despite the strength of the quake there wasn't a single person killed and damage to buildings was limited. you have to look back
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more than thirty years for one of the reasons why in one thousand nine hundred five an eight point zero magnitude quake rocked mexico city crushing buildings and killing more than ten thousand people following that disaster mexico got smarter about earthquake preparedness. mexico is now one of the few countries in the world with an earthquake warning system plugged directly into the country's broadcasting systems one hundred sensors along the seismically active pacific coast send signals to servers in mexico city and from there the information is sent out to the public is one of the most of the technology is very innovative and advanced and we have agreements that allow us to interrupt t.v. and radio broadcasts when earthquake is coming last thursday we were able to give people a one hundred twenty second alert where. they're also loudspeakers in parts of mexico city to warn residents of an approaching quake practice drills have become
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part of the culture the government has continued to force improvements in building codes and works closely with engineers to test new does. signs and materials. here we build scale structures and put them to the test to see if they'll resist earthquakes are testing has been used to improve building regulations. in mexico sits above five tectonic plates whose movements result in around fifteen thousand earthquakes a year more worrying mexico city was built atop an ancient lake bed which amplifies the vibrations below. the government is preparing for a big earthquake that could happen at any time but where it hits and when no one knows we always need to be prepared. for those in mexico living so close to the earth's fault lines preparation is the best hope of ensuring that when the ground shifts beneath their feet disaster is not the outcome david mercer al-jazeera mexico city. plenty more ahead on the news hour including.
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the bangladeshi prime minister promises to help muslims who fled to her country calls on me to take them back. and in after eighty years of cricketing exile pakistan has finally been allowed to host some of the world's best players. a meeting of the arab league in cairo has descended into a shouting match as ministers from qatar on the four states blockade in the gulf nation traded insults. and ministers said the blockade by his country saudi arabia bahrain and egypt would stay in place until qatar stopped interfering in other countries affairs minister
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for state affairs said no evidence had been presented for the claims it supports terrorist organizations and called the blockade an assault on its sovereignty on live television comes as the crisis and its one hundredth day on wednesday let's speak to muhammad he's a professor of conflict resolution and george mason university in washington d.c. thank you very much indeed for your time what does this very public outburst tell us about the state of the dispute. what i think there are too interested in outcomes of carol meeting of thirst it's provided another platform for they are a way of disputing each other and this is not new we have heard the only thing that came out of the meeting was heated exchange between various missions and the various diplomas this is a reminder of what the reality of the arab league has been for the last two decades we all remember the famous exchange between late saudi king abdullah and late leave
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the lead them are marketed levy and also we remember those heated exchanges with the syrian the geisha in in cairo so the arab public opinion is wondering once again what are we doing with our with our conflicts when they are. there should be addressed this kind of forms number two i think the cairo made also provided a platform for certain god of nations to slowly defy the counterterrorism narrative and intensify their accusations against got the support of some radical called terrorist organisations so on the one hand we have an issue with the muslim brothers visa vi the strategy of the egyptians and also all the nations are not happy with the i am a small them and in terms of where we should stand on that we saw in
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a nutshell it was a platform for an diplomatic diplomacy do you think that given the circumstances that there isn't any incentive for either side to actually move the situation forward or are we in a sit stay situation where we are in a stalemate and this is how it is going to exist for the forseeable future. well few days ago i was on al-jazeera and i predicted that we would be witness in some breakthroughs and some setbacks so today's meeting in cairo or tuesday's meetings and care was a typical scenario of this setback because there are certain pockets of resistance certain political circles that are in. the be in manner more even though how are not that happy with the new open in the short leave open in
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through the phone call between the emir of kuwait and the crown prince of saudi arabia so they are now some photos that are trying to bring back the three month old escalation since the beginning of the crisis and it serves that some of the big asians would there not to discuss issues or grievances or to six some consensus or some transformation of the argument but the main objective was to sharpen these differences and today new this momentum of escalation but i remain confident that this is one setback that's not going to stop the train and within weeks probably we may have another counter argument for some kind of an evolution so in other words we will be moving between one step forward one step backward we define till the arab leaders in the gulf will define exactly how to move forward without
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this kind of noise on the site as i mentioned before you're a professor of conflict resolution at george mason university is there a way that you can see through your experience that this process could move forward towards a solution. while conflicts hate cameras hate public forums what could have been done in the past three or four days after the famous phone call between doha and the other was to work behind the scenes to have this quiet diplomacy to listen to the rational thinking of war is that has been missing for the last three months so this is what happened today in cairo reminds me exactly of the scenario of the geneva talks in two thousand and twelve when the united nations decided to intervene to resolve or to help resolve the syrian crisis so what happens from an ego perspective from
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a psychology perspective diplomats and officials think that this is their golden moment to shine and to come across as a very rigid the robust kind of political muchall we don't need this and fortunately this meeting in cairo has done the door step forward that i was hopeful that somebody would catch and mover of a run with the ball forward but this is the nature of the beast said backs and arguments and that he knew all the differences are part of the business in conflict edition but somebody and they remind the kuwaitis to maintain their focus because there are many years has been the only eligible and promise in mediation intervention since it is original it is will new ones not only in the political and strategic dimension but also in terms of the ego and psychological as well as the
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culture of the gulf nation so i am hopeful and hopeful that we will come back again to some momentum within this kuwaiti mediation especially if the white house and president trump would renew his commitment to toward the solution of the gulf conflict always good to get your opinion how much are coming thank you very much indeed for your time. human rights watch and amnesty international have joined forces to pressure the international community to do more for him to refugees it comes out of a second closed door united nations security council meeting on the crisis on weapons day our diplomatic editor james bays has more from the u.n. the security council is only held one meeting on the crisis in myanmar it was held behind closed doors and under any other business and that'll be the same format for this meeting human rights groups are happy reporters are being briefed by human rights watch and amnesty international they say this isn't any other business it
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should be the main business large scale human rights abuses and humanitarian emergency countries like the u.k. which is the pen holder the united states france we need them to pull out all stops to say hey the security council needs to deal with this and if they have to duke it out openly in public as they've done on other issues we've seen multiple open public debates on issues like ukraine and syria why is this one different why or why do we have to have the closed doors why walk on eggshells the situation is getting worse by the day and the human rights campaigners say that's why the security council needs to be seen publicly condemning what's going on only that will change the behavior of the authorities in myanmar the prime minister of bangladesh has promised to help or hinder muslims who fled to her country from mayor maher visited one of the camps housing refugees and she said she would not
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tolerate any violence against them camps are struggling to cope with more than three hundred seventy thousand people who fled from russian state. all right against any kind of activities and you know our stunt is very clear. that we will not. do. so we have very strong stand against any kind of activities so i also request. that you should also publish the. act. for the. children. and. you know i want to know why.
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refusing. to go plans lie for us from cox's bazar in bangladesh and divya after the prime minister's meeting it looks as though more bangladesh diplomats and on diplomats from other parts of the world are expected to visit is that likely do you think to improve the situation at the camp there. well that's right rob it seems now there a focus is moving to the camps where it's very much needed as he says more than three hundred thousand people have arrived in the past three weeks and the conditions they are in are dire as humanitarian agencies are calling it now but as you said also the bangladeshi prime minister has said they will be providing more relief but what they will be for a widening is still unclear they're also calling on help from international organizations those team diplomats that are to arrive here today are said to come
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and assess conditions for themselves and then they are expected to report back to their individual countries as to what they can provide or how they can help out we also know that the u.n.h.c.r. operations chief will be arriving to assess the situation for himself they haven't had as many that had people on the ground here but as far as a team really taking and documenting what is happening that is that process is now only starting but we also know that two plane loads of food from the u.n.h.c.r. have arrived in dhaka about ninety one metric tons of food they say that's all being transported by land on its way to cox's bazar should arrive any time now it's food for one hundred twenty five thousand people but still far short of what's needed as you have to remember there were still about hundreds of thousands of people arriving just here even before the latest influx about so that takes a number to around eight hundred thousand that are relying on aid with all the
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senior people coming in of course the refugees are continue to come across the border as well does bangladesh still feel that it is able to cope with the situation. you know bangladesh has from the start even before the influx had been saying they couldn't cope with the refugees they had so now they say they're at crisis points aid agencies have told us that about one hundred thousand people are still waiting to cross the border and the border guards have also told us that they are coming in every single day so we are seeing a constant influx perhaps in some of the numbers we've seen in the past few weeks but they are coming in and they're coming in with absolutely no infrastructure and no support now as a bunda their prime minister had said earlier one of the major concern is women and children seventy percent of those arriving are women and children there are a large number of pregnant women there also a lot about sixty percent are just children all under the age of twelve so it is
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a huge worry because they're already arriving malnourished tired from long journeys and having been devastated and just you know psychologically distressed from the violence the scene also a huge worry here as a lot of children are getting separated from their parents and caregivers as these camps are just it's just utter confusion in this camp just the other day we saw a little boy running down looking for his mom sobbing he'd been walking around the camp for hours we couldn't help him we tried to help him eventually sent him to one of the local charity clinics and told him to wait there while they try to find this mother not apparently according to n.g.o.s this is happening constantly hundreds maybe even thousands of children are now left to fend for themselves didn't go to live for us cox's bazar in bangladesh thank you very much indeed. still ahead on al-jazeera. we're on the front line with an elite branch of the philippines
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military in its fight against groups in the south. and the clinton opens up on last year's dramatic u.s. presidential election in a new memoir. and in sports the asian champions league tie that almost produced one of the competitions most famous comeback. from dusky sunsets it's proving savannah. to sunrise atop an asian metropolis hello there we've got two storms they're singing parts of china at the moment on the satellite picture you can just about make out one area of taboo the fall southern parts of my map and another one in the far east now both of those all very intense storms the first one that's the most intense one this typhoon is expected just to graze the coast there and then gradually swing away again now it's going to reach us around thursday or friday that's when we expected
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to get closest the other one well that's making a track towards the northwest it's already given a flooding in parts of the philippines and is making its way towards high now so hey we're expecting it friday or saturday so over the next few days and we're just going to see these two areas of very wet weather gradually make their way towards the coast of china i don't thursday it's going to be taiwan where we see some of the outer bands of that rain and some very heavy downpours at that every further towards the south and there's that area of cloud that was a second storm now pulling away from the philippines so the philippines they're seeing some rather lively showers but definitely the worst from this storm is over you'll see more in the way of what weather there was we had through into thursday as well and plenty more showers stretching down through borneo as well towards the west just a handful of showers really for us in k.l. and singapore and singapore we should get to thirty one there with sponsored by qatar race. in the next episode of science in
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a golden age to be exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval islamic period in the field of chemistry they transformed the superstition of alchemy into the science of chemistry. many of his coming to see just all those which may still be used today. science in a golden age with professor jimmy leave this time on al-jazeera. a clandestine world of illegal trade what you have here is not just park a logical object you're talking about a political dimension where the spoils of war are smuggled and sold to auction houses and private collectors. are selling. is what is the beheadings in the middle east. that's one quick solution. trafficking at this time on al jazeera.
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you're watching al-jazeera and a reminder of our top stories this hour u.s. president donald trump is describing new u.n. sanctions on north korea as only a very small step he suggesting that much stronger action will be taken against pyongyang in the future north korea has also promised painful consequences for the u.s. . fifty five people are now confirmed dead in the united states in the caribbean from hurricane ike and there are fears the death toll could rise further arriving just much of the caribbean causing mass evacuations. i meeting of the arab league in cairo descended into a shouting match as ministers from qatar on the four states blockade in the gulf
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nation traded insults the u.a.e. saudi arabia bahrain and egypt cut diplomatic ties with qatar one hundred days ago . the philippine lower house of congress has approved an annual budget of just twenty dollars for the national human rights commission it's twenty seventeen budget was nearly fifteen million dollars the rights body has repeatedly clashed with presidents or do you go to to talk. over his violent war on drugs thousands of people have been killed by police in the territories drug crackdown over the past year the new budget to require as one more vote and approval by the senate before it becomes final all richard had done as a political science professor from manila's does that a solid university he's joining us now via skype from there thank you very much indeed for your time what kind of message do you think the philippines government is sending with this budget cuts well as far as the senate is going to need their
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pushing for a twelve million dollar around six hundred million spending budget so it is very likely that the final budget will not be the twenty dollars that we're looking at but clearly. there is there is an effort by the lower house which is dominated by that there to support this to you know to give a warning shot kind of cross across the bow to the commission of human rights the position of the third to support this and the president himself is a commission of human rights has reached its mandate of aiding the government and the state in upholding the political rights of people but essentially from their point of view taking the side of the criminals so what they are seeing right now is that i'm. so what the congress is saying right now is that the commission the human rights is siding with the criminals by exposing abuse this by the police forces during this war drug so they want to commission human rights to actually tone down its criticisms of the government that's what they want to do but in the senate
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whereby you have more opposition members most likely they will try to push for significant amount of budget for the commission human rights so that you can fulfill its duty of course for critics of the administration they believe that this is part of a broader effort to suppress to marginalize and silence any kind of opposition or criticism of the president and that's why the congress made this warning shot to the commission of human rights but this for sure will not be the first attempt by the government to push back against any kind of criticism and it's an interesting way of doing it because if as you say that it's likely that the ultimate budget is going to be in the millions then it seems as though the human rights body that's being affected isn't really going to have too much of an impact this gesture if you like that has been made by the lower house well they're going to have problems in terms of getting cooperation of the state for instance if there are cases of extrajudicial killing if there are cases of abuse by security forces you need the
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florida keys to cooperate with the commission on human rights to provide them the evidence and the support and logistical support that they need and what we have seen over the past year is that you see more and more tensions between the commission on human rights which is in charge of protecting civilians the citizens against state abuse and the police forces who are now in the middle of a bloody crackdown on drug suspects so i think that tension is not going to go away anytime soon and of course there's a concern that president the tenth day in support this are not only trying to silence the commission on human rights but any kind of criticism emanating from other members of the political establishment and from agencies within the state or from the civil society. richard darrien is a political science professor at manila's university we really appreciate your time thank you very much pleasure. security forces fighting on groups in the southern philippines are focusing their efforts on a strategic lake last month navy seals intercepted several boats carrying weapons
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ammunition and material to make bombs jamila island dog and was with the seals in action on lakeland now on mindanao island. we've been given a rare access to join what is the elite forces of the little military. the navy seals they specialize in counterterrorism operations in guerrilla combat they've been fighting armed groups in the southern philippines like the door yes i would say yes an armed group known for its criminal activities the philippines the military has been warning for some time that the security threat to the philippines will only get worse as you have ground which is a departure from the hit and takes of the past ten or fifteen years it is an application of a new teaching that the caliphate must have very thoroughly and they must be prepared to defend it the die for. months later that did happen members of
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the merged with another local armed group called them out they took control of several parts of mirali city in the southern philippines the group raised its black flag in several key government buildings for a month over the work of the philippine navy vessel warfare group is a game changer here since the crisis began they were able to secure. the most critical part of the week they had managed to intercept the reinforcements and this in a repartee they have also captured as key pieces of them out a group. from the target over i joined them on one of the reconnaissance but sure. we navigate through the dark waters of lake line now one of the most perilous areas in the middle now region. we are now in the enemy's line of fire just five hundred meters from the main battle area. and then suddenly the
5:39 am
mouth to set several houses on fire we are now visible from the port controlled by the multi-group the commander says we have to turn back. and i wonder. on the nother night the seals take us to a different location the mouth they are under heavy bombardment from the philippine military. but they are fighting back and even the seals position is targeting. the seals are rarely seen and heard and they prefer it that way a small specialized unit that also admits that the fight against them out is already one of the hardest battles it has ever faced but they remain determined despite no sign that the fighting will and anytime soon. are we see the
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southern philippines. tens of thousands of people in france have joined in nationwide protests against labor law reforms president emmanuel mccall says they're essential to energize the french economy critics say they'll wipe out hard won protections for workers one of the main changes mccomb wants is to make it easier for medium and small businesses to sack stuff paul brennan was at the demonstration in paris. france's unemployment is at almost ten percent and economic growth is stubbornly low but where these union members and the president disagree is on the solution to that the c g t union is one of france's largest representing huge numbers of public sector workers and low paid staff the president says his plans to make it easier for bosses to hire and fire will turn the page on three decades of inefficiency but these people are deeply concerned when we are working that was. any time we can all work for five years don't think.
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you have to leave the job which. is impossible because we do we know. that yes we are protesting mr might cause labor little it's a battle against workers. but what these union members see as important protections and global financial institutions such as the i.m.f. see as deep rooted structural rigidities france's complex employment laws and tax regime often act as a disincentive for companies to expand president micron's proposals would for example allow companies with fewer than twenty staff to negotiate pay and conditions direct with the workers instead of having to involve the unions. jex parties is a small but successful french surveying company which checks buildings for structural movement its boss agrees that more streamlined employment laws are over
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due. employers and employees want to talk to each other they want to decide their common future we no longer want one or two percent of the population telling them what we have to do and telling them that they know better what's best for them. the marches though are clear who they trust to do what's better for them the september showdown is looming here in france the president has described those who would oppose his plans. for cynical or extremists but the unions who have mustered their forces out here on the streets of paris and elsewhere are determined they will oppose what they see as it did when you ation of their extensive powers a fringe group of around three hundred troublemakers started throwing project downs of police who responded with tear gas and water cannon rather the vast majority of the demonstrators were peaceful tensions are rising. the president is putting his political reputation on the line with these plans regardless of the protests he will sign the measures into law at the end of this month but at what cost to his
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standing in the country paul brennan al jazeera paris. the theatre world is mourning the death of serpico hall hall is widely regarded as one of the most important figures in the english language theatre since world war two in the one nine hundred fifty s. and sixty's he led a movement to modernize the way shakespeare's plays were staged or what a career spanning more than fifty years he founded the royal shakespeare company ran britain's national theatre and was also a key figure in bringing the works of samuel beckett to public notice peter hall was eighty six is the co-founder of the shakespeare center at the university of california irvine and she's joining us now from there via skype thank you very much for your time peter hall clearly established some of the icons of the theatre was able to do that because of the kind of person he was or was it as much to do with the times during which he was doing it. well it was clearly i mean he was living in
5:44 am
a very exciting period for the theater he was the first english director to stage back and he did that as a very young man and captured the attention of tennessee williams and other theater directors and actors of that period and he went on to really revolutionize the production of shakespeare by bringing together a modern sensibility with the real love for the music and poetry of the text and he really just changed how people experience these plays is there a particular performance or a particular structure that he created within the world of theater that is if you like a definition of who peter hall was well i do or his his midsummer night's dream he had pretty stage that on the stage first and then he made a fantastic film in one nine hundred sixty eight with diana dench and helen mirren
5:45 am
all just beautiful a ball of energy and he really captured the spirit of the one nine hundred sixty s. through shakespeare's play didn't want anything about let it dreamy or pre-raphaelite about it he wanted it to be erotic and full of bad weather much of it takes place rain and english state there's just so much erotic energy and ambivalence and strife and then he really just brings out the energy of that play he's obviously clearly thought as an incredibly strong creative theater director but he was also a very effective administrator as well mostly. absolutely i mean one things he did when he transformed the stratford theater into the royal shakespeare company if he wanted to really have a different and different business model he insisted on a three year contract with the actors so that he would work with that period of
5:46 am
time really developing their cooperative and creative energy and he also wanted to have a theater in london as well as in stratford so that really helped to nationalize internationalize the work that was already happy at stratford and then he went on to direct the national theatre and to move the national theatre in the old back to its very contemporary brutalist architecture on the south bank and then he also was the artistic director of decline for an opera festival and encourage them to build a new theatre a larger space and really have their their capacity and their and so he was really a great institution builder as well as an artist and very briefly many of the theatrical lot of things that he created have become standard in the world of theatre today do we need another piece to hold do you think to shake things up again. well you know shakespeare is just so filled with
5:47 am
energy and potential and i think a lot of the great work being done now is not just in england but really all over the world where she experienced translated into all of the major languages and adapt it to local performance traditions and made to resonate with with world issues so we have shakespeare in india shakespeare in africa shakespeare in the middle east so it's really an international truly a global project now going up to the co-founder of the six percent of the university of california of a we appreciate your time thank you very much indeed thank you. hillary clinton has revealed who she thinks is to blame for last year's election loss to donald trump and a new memoir it's called what happened and it gives clinton's view of her defeat but some of the democratic colleagues say rather than looking back it's time to move on so i am estabrook because more from washington started in her five hundred
5:48 am
twelve page memoir hillary clinton is candid about losing the presidency to donald trump i felt like i had let everybody down clinton blames herself for using a private e-mail account when she was secretary of state that led to a government investigation but she also questions former f.b.i. director james comey motivations for reopening the investigation less than two weeks before the election just stopped my momentum now remember this too jane at the same time he does that about a closed investigation there's an open investigation into the trump campaign and their connections with russia clinton's loss to donald trump was one of the most stunning in u.s. political history the veteran washington insider versus the brash outsider although she won the popular vote she lost the electoral vote primarily because for large swing states and three traditional democratic states voted for clinton its critics say her failure to connect with working class voters is
5:49 am
a lesson for the democratic party one of the main questions that democrats are asking themselves is how do we actually connect with with a huge part of the country that used to vote democratic and doesn't reliably do so anymore still some political scientists say clinton was a victim of bad timing so there is a reality that out of the six individuals who will run for a third term of their party only one of them has won so she had really thought about. the odds the odds are more like that she had about a seventeen percent chance of actually succeeding president obama clinton's return to the spotlight is making some in her own party an easy they fear her book could further alienate progressive democrats who favored vermont senator bernie sanders for the party's nomination last year sanders seemed to agree in
5:50 am
a recent talk show. her help to go forward let's lock key baldwin in about two thousand and sixteen clinton says she is closing the book on being a candidate but isn't necessarily closing the book on politics still she won't say how she will write her next chapter dion estabrook al-jazeera washington still ahead in sport the world's most expensive strikeforce makes an i.b.m. right in the european champions league.
5:51 am
5:52 am
now it's time for the sport here's andy thank you very much well big time international cricket has returned to pakistan a world eleven same have been taking on the house in a pivotal events in the country sporting history a huge security operation was in place around a sold out gadhafi stadium in lahore no major test site has told the country since gunmen attacked sri lanka's team bus in the same city in two thousand and nine this series of t twenty games is seen as a crucial step in bringing the international game back to pakistan on a full time basis the visiting team is made up of players from seven sas nations really excited to see international get back in pakistan really will bring more a good contest and we are supporting both the beams especially the eleven because they have come all the way it was going to be and we welcome them with open arms as a pakistani it's a dream come true up to date use the team to buy stuff that you want to be in with
5:53 am
the support board of getting the game itself so pakistan winning by twenty runs cricket's world governing body the i.c.c. has contributed more than a million dollars towards the security operation for the series for the games we played on wednesday and friday with all the matches taking place in the whole well earlier i spoke to richard mahmood sports editor of pakistan's dawn newspaper he believes if this tour goes smoothly and the upcoming visits of sri lanka and the west indies also go well more international cricket will follow. it seemed pakistan would be isolated for ever but these are great efforts from the i.c.c. the pakistan cricket board and of course the players the national pairs of agreed to come to pakistan after eight and a half years ideally the conditions would be that if this. goes incident free and more beans come in like i said you would come in the next month and the best of these a city would also common. for three matches so if those two are. incident free
5:54 am
will be definitely international to get doors will be opening for pakistan and i'm sure that this kind of extraordinary security will also be to use or to be quite a normal situation barcelona have kicked off their champions league campaign with a win baiting that scene that knocked them out last season twice help our city with three events in the group d. even rockets also on the scoresheet at the nou camp the wind continues bosses impressive start to the season they've won three out of three and. here's jeez expensively assembled strike force help them beat celtic five nil neymar and killing them back getting the first champions league goals for the club with allison covenant also scoring twice it was celtic's worst ever home defeat in your manchester united with three no winners against basel on their return to the competition in a rush for the scores their five son champions byron munich beating and elect three goals between roma and athletico madrid while chelsea put six past karabakh of
5:55 am
azerbaijan. south africa have accepted the first decision that their world cup qualifier with senegal should be replayed if issued the order after match referee joseph lanty of garner was banned from manipulating the game south africa won the original fixture that place last year to warn the country's football association say they'll only appeal if the referee's ban is overturned. now shanghai s i p g are through to the semifinals of the asian champions league for the first time in their history they reached the last four in dramatic fashion s. i.p.g. had a fall advantage going into the second leg of their quota final with one zero ever ground when joe were at home for this game to the full advantage in this all chinese tie they won all in normal time to level the side and take it in extra time for the two teams both schooled in that extra time and that meant a penalty shoot outs the psychology finally regaining their composure to win five
5:56 am
for one spot kicks. and take their place in the semi's. only slightly less tension in the days of the quarterfinal between the surplus of iran and the u.a.e. our early this task that suits you after the first leg is the away team that prevailed in abu dhabi with persepolis winning three want to go through five three on aggregates they'll play hell out of saudi arabia in the last. olympic president thomas backers admitted his organization isn't immune to credibility issues last week brazilian police started an investigation into claims rio bought votes to secure the twenty sixteen games back is in peru for a meeting that will confirm paris is the twenty twenty four summer hosts and l.a. is the location for the twenty twenty eight games he says strong action will be taken if any allegations of provine. i cannot tell you that there is in so this morning. our lawyers. have already been in contact with the
5:57 am
brazilian. authorities thing nobody wants to have credibility issues in his or her. organization. but we have been we have to be realistic no organization in the world is immune to raid ability. and rafa nadal is back in spain after his u.s. open triumph and says his next big challenge is to get the better of roger federer on the court that i was won two grand slam titles this year and reclaim the number one ranking but federer beat him in all three of them actually in twenty seven c. is now targeting another win at the a.t.p. world tour finals to finish off a memorable year. are they having a happy to be back in my yard. just trying to. be with my friends family and joy a little bit. right away as soon as possible for the next couple of things.
5:58 am
apple is launching three brand new types of i phone marking ten years since the original release of the groundbreaking smartphone the new top of the range i phone ten is going to become the first i phone to cost more than one thousand dollars apple's hopes the new range will be helping to address declining sales down jordan's here in a couple of minutes. but growing up in the united states i learned that the first amendment is really key to
5:59 am
being a good citizen freedom of the child was born to be. men and women for the resources that are available what makes an al-jazeera story is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story was you know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for that's what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth. of victims. being his pasta as an instrument of pinochet's brutal dictatorship and a father tries to forget. but his son's quest for ron says reveals there are often two sides to even the dacosta stories witness the cala of the chameleon at this time on al-jazeera.
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where ever you are. facing a new round of un sanctions a defiant north korea threatens a strong response and warms a great pain for the u.s. . hello i'm daryn lawyer from doha also coming up the death toll from hurricane a rises.


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