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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 13, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm AST

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mexico's president implemented drastic and controversial energy reforms mexico's oil opened by the mexican people for seventy five years is being sold to private international companies. and as with the country's agricultural sector it's exposed to exploitation by profit driven multinational corporations crude harvest at this time on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. again i'm adrian for again this is that is from al jazeera live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes myanmar's leader decides not to attend the u.n. general assembly but she comes out of fierce criticism over the handling of the hinge a crisis also. now is to come to be
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a more united stormed the more democratic you are for two thousand and twenty. the president of the e.u. commission lays out his vision for the bloc urging countries to take advantage of breaks it and the economic upswing plus. tension over the gulf crisis at a meeting of the arab league in cairo. driverless cars come up against a road block in the u.s. would explain why. but we begin this news hour with the deepening real hinge a crisis in myanmar which is causing global outrage thousands of muslim or hindu have fled to neighboring bangladesh over the last two weeks to escape violence under severe criticism criticism in miles leader aung san suu kyi has decided not to attend the un general assembly later this month bangladesh's prime minister
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sheikh hasina is promising to help for now but once myanmar to take them back she has said she will raise the crisis at the u.n. meeting the u.n. itself is calling for aid to help the over three hundred seventy thousand injured who fled rakhine state when the u.n. high commissioner for refugees is calling for more aid to help the injured let's go live now to al-jazeera is tanveer choudhry who's in cox's bazaar in bangladesh what is the humanitarian situation there now in bangladesh to india. well the situation is still very critical just to let you know that just today that there was a lot of throwing guys who were trying to cross over to bangladesh at least seventeen of them were drowned deltoid is found seven bodies three of them where woman and four of them were children and last night at least one person died in a mine explosion was a cattle farmer from bangladesh in the border area every night the struggles of growing up crossing over obviously the situation on the other side is not good i
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was talking to a mom of the current director off and he said that look the situation is very critical we know that more people are crossing every day this number of people could eventually reach into millions and he said that they are going to need international aid he had people for international aid in our interview i also spoke to the assistant high commissioner for human eight see our operation he came out with a lift off cargo materials for a plant that was going to accommodate some of the people at least for now twenty five thousand people activating the relief operation over over here the logistic to come here with those large cargo plane is difficult so it's in dock i'll take several days before it reaches here by truck that's for on the ground the biggest threat right now is the threat of disease out as at least two hundred thousand children living in the shelters you know and there's no id credit health facilities in this area at least two of your children were taken to the clinic most of them
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were infants with you know different kind of ailments this is a major threat considering there is no water sanitation or emergency aid so this is something that really coped real fast otherwise the disease could spread quickly at the same time bank of this government is stepping up its diplomatic activity is brought in thirty diplomats from the capital city followed by the foreign minister to show their condition on the ground the share volume of people it also stepping up its diplomatic activities overseas cussing i was going to bring this issue up in the united nations laughter and all. he is not attending there you know late this morning we do know that the al qaeda has sent in a mass said. joy and there is this one five in myanmar and through this is the crackdown of the myanmar army this could get very complex considering. that in any kind of insurgency if the insurgency grows in the border area other elements.
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that could infiltrate this area and strategically very important location barring that india china and myanmar so good really get complex down the road to have anything state have a child in cox and bangladesh earlier we spoke with the newly appointed un humanitarian envoy ahmed al malaki who says that beyond humanitarian aid dialogue is needed to end this crisis all of the humanitarian crisis in the wards especially that coming up from the conflict it's neither a political solution and we need also to to work on the political solution because if there is no political solution so the crisis will be continuous what we need here we try we need to have this kind of humanity feeling about the people who are suffering every day the wind is back in europe's sails that was the message from e.u. commission president in his annual state of the union address told the european
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parliament that there was now a window of opportunity to build a more united union after a bruising couple of years he urged the block to move beyond briggs it and forge new trade deals that he called for a stronger migrant policy paul brennan is with us now live from paris let's start with this this migrant policy what is it that the president is actually wanting. well as you mentioned adrian it was a wide ranging speech from the president of the e.u. commission and he touched on lots of different things including streamlining the processes the economy and he said how the economy of the e.u. is doing rather well at the moment but the issue of migration and refugees has obviously been a persistent issue confronting many challenge while presenting many challenges for the european union over the last couple of years and what he was a pains to do in this kind of status report which is his state of the union address is to outline the successes that have been seven hundred twenty thousand people he
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said have successfully been granted asylum within the european union he said that the processes for stopping irregular migration had been having some success if you think back to two thousand and fifteen in excess of a million people these are u.n. figures made the sea crossing over the mediterranean into the e.u. so far this year it's down to just over one hundred twenty five thousand so a ninety seven percent reduction that said what he didn't want to do was make europe a kind of fortress said those who have the justification for fleeing war will be welcome and will be granted asylum within europe but there was an issue that he raised and he said that the states were deeply concerned about the failure of europe to return those people who don't have the entitlement to claim asylum within the e.u. . only thirty six percent of migrants in the situation are sent
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back it is obvious that we have to consider it really strengthened hearted at least in this area this is the only way that europe. we'll be able to show proof of solidarity with regard to the refugees who really need protection. the president paul had some strong words for turkey saying that it will not become a member of the union for the foreseeable future yeah i mean this relations between the european union and turkey have been really very strained indeed over the past two years frankly president comments about the german chancellor angela merkel made it into his speech. saying that i call on those in power in turkey let our journalists go it's not just them either stop insulting our member states and heads of states by comparing leaders to fascists
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and nazis europe is a continent of mature democracies he said that frankly the prospect of e.u. membership for turkey given the political direction of turkey for the foreseeable future it's just not going to happen he did have warm words though for other countries particular the western balkans so while turkey appears to be the chances of turkey joining the e.u. appear to be fading the western balkans places like kosovo croatia for example creations already in serbia montenegro for example there or they are certainly moving closer particularly serbia. all right paul many thanks indeed paul brennan there live in paris here with the news from al jazeera still to come on the program preparing for the worst south korea's own missile test send a powerful message to pyongyang plus. there's nothing. gone the caribbean assesses the full extent of damage from hurricane. ike the group
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stages of the champions league get underway for another season as barcelona exact revenge over you venters the details in sports a little later. it has been one hundred days since four arab states cut ties with qatar sparking the worst diplomatic crisis to hit the region in decades on june fifth egypt bahrain the u.a.e. and saudi arabia imposed a land sea and air blockade accusing cata of sponsoring terrorism a charge that doha strongly denies. there were strong words at the summit of the arab league in cairo on tuesday when council raised the blockade it accused quote some regimes of waging a media campaign against it one of the precursors to the gulf crisis was an anti terror summit in the saudi capital riyadh back in may now that was u.s.
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president donald trump's first overseas visit and some analysts have suggested that it emboldened the arab states to cut ties with qatar kuwait has been mediating in the dispute with no success so far president trump has also offered his services to resolve the crisis despite earlier sending conflicting signals about where he stands well the crisis has had a big impact on young people who've been studying in universities across the gulf one cattery student we spoke to was just a day away from finishing his degree when the gulf crisis began caroline malone reports from doha. him used to fall solder is on a mission to save his education he studied for a bachelor's then a master's degree in law for more than six years at sharjah university in the u.a.e. he had an interview booked for his thesis on june sixth a day after the gulf crisis began and all castries were ordered out of bahrain egypt saudi arabia and the u.a.e. you know i don't have any interest about the u.a.e.
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or any country because you know. more than six years. being so should be. think of our dirty money i think should be studying with any country. i can't get us to because he needs from the u.a.e. to prove he's finished his studies he's unrolled it catarrh university in the hope that he'll still qualify however assessing these students without academic records is difficult the total number so far more than thirty three students in the four countries. saudi arabia and the dilemma is the equivalency to make the course that the student already finished and that one of these country equivalent to make it quick to their one of the university you must compare the topics the content. katter's human rights committee says they've heard from
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thousands of students who say their education has been disrupted by the crisis at least seven hundred bahrain is a mirage he's in saudis have had to leave cattle university and they were ordered to return home by their governments that's called that in baghdad it will be in the minds of the new it's certainly been bored of that regardless of which part you live in in which country you are and this is something that it is not easily been going to be you know. when the political decision you know of the country will change universities have reopened after the summer holidays and just like last year will include students from all over the region and other parts of the worlds. students are registering here for the new academic year at cateye university among them a students from the blockading countries who decide to stay on or register despite the restrictions and there are categories being kicked out of other regional institutions that have to come back home to die hard to continue their degrees.
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student such as grateful for the opportunity to secure an education despite the political arguments caroline malone al-jazeera. so with all of these developments of the arab league and the fact that we've now reached one hundred days since the crisis began the news group team has a special edition which begins in what a little over one hour forty five minutes from now his can't come our santamaria from. studio fourteen here at al-jazeera to tell us more about it. yes i do in another one of those little milestones one which we wondered whether we would actually reach or not and yet here we are hundred days in and things remain unresolved so this special edition of news good we are going to focus on impact kothari students who've had to leave the blockading countries as we've spoken about and now trying to pick up their studies again here or indeed students who've been effectively recalled from casa by any of the four nations also the impact on local
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businesses you know the start of the crisis was about supermarkets and supplies and the like now smaller businesses are really feeling the pinch because so much trade in business was done in the immediate gulf region and also the impact on the hearts and minds there is a big information war going on over this crisis and it's getting even bigger and into the realms of fake news as they like to say which it is but from the listening post we'll have a feature on that of course news group doesn't work without you so please head to facebook dot com slash a.j. news grid you can leave your comments and your questions there if you're here in qatar or you're in the region and you've got a story to tell about how you've been impacted you can what's happening. seven four five zero one triple one four nine is the number there and of course with the hash tag a.j. news read on twitter you can contact me directly i'm at a j e or our social media producer later harding who will be with me on air as well she is at. a j and then join us the news grid fifteen hundred hours g.m.t.
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live here on al-jazeera english and streaming online at al-jazeera dot com come all the c.l.a. to let's bring in our zero senior political analyst mel when bashar who's in london . what did you make of the extraordinary scenes we saw yesterday at the arab league that the shouting match that they descended into. well to be honest with you it does reflect. the degree of of. tension but also a degree of pent up frustration on the part of the four countries that are really finding themselves cornered they're back to the wall one hundred days after they launched this campaign against qatar they thought they would be able to shake it down they thought with the accuse a sions of terror and the likes that they would get trump on their side and they would basically create perhaps
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a regime change in qatar and so on and so forth but really they're finding themselves quite desperately now alone the europeans the americans certainly the turks and the iranians and even the russians and others have all left the scene and find that this entire spat between the four countries and qatar is for lack of better word stupid counterproductive reckless and really after one hundred days one hundred reasons why this needs to end sooner or later so what happens next we switch a few days ago we had one president trump attempting to to intervene in only the way that the president trump can but we had this phone call between the cattery i'm in the crown prince in saudi arabia and then moments later it was all off again someone went off in a huff. well basically i'm just going to you know double down on what i just told you in terms of it was just and basically said that he is more the wooden than
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willing to die for dialogue and that he will be basically keeping the same distance from all the parties basically equal. and his criticism has been basically now directed to any country that supports or finances terrorism i think all of those factors are frustrating the saudis and the a variety s. and in so many ways just as they accepted to you know to to have that conversation and so on so forth i think they're turned around soon after that to go back to their usual frustration because they just feel like they need to get something for that campaign of deception you know all four countries against the smaller country cutter and and qatar is not basically is not giving in on any of the demands that will touch its sovereignty and it is willing to dialogue which basically takes us back to square one why launch this thing in the first place why even have the
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threat of use of military force when it's not in self defense when it's against everything that the gulf cooperation council and the arab league stands for all of that discourse is back to haunt them and in a sense they're trying to find a way and present trump gave them a ladder to climb down the qataris have gained them. a ladder to climb down but i think they're still finding it hard to swallow that all their demands all thirteen of them all their six principles are basically not finding you know receptive ears if you will in the region or beyond you can read more of mullens thoughts about zero dot com senior political analyst many thanks indeed now on in rainy london there. saudi arabia is rejecting calls for an international investigation into allegations of human rights violations in yemen the country's ambassador to the u.n. says the time is not right for an inquiry and he's hoping for
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a compromise the netherlands and canada backing the resolution at the un human rights council the u.n.h.c.r. says that it had verified over five thousand civilian deaths in the war mainly due to airstrikes by the saudi led coalition rights groups like human rights watch have accused the coalition of war crimes. breaking news the reports of an explosion at a cricket stadium in the afghan capital kabul at least two people are reported to have died in the attack of a cricket tournament was under way when that blast occurred details still fairly sketchy at the moment we're working to find out what is actually happened we'll bring you more details as and when we have them. south korean scientists say they've detected a radioactive gas from the north's most recent nuclear test but can't be certain whether the test had been for a hydrogen bomb also solar has released new video showing its preparation for a possible pyongyang attack andrew thomas reports from seoul. this time it is south
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korea releasing video of a missile test film the south korean military says on choose day and if if team k. fighter jet drops a german made taurus missile which applies independently towards a practice target of south korea's west coast it drops on a rocky island so the south koreans exactly where intended to go we're going to get if the enemy carries out provocations those air force will immediately punish them with this outstanding pinpoint strike capability. the test and more significantly releasing video all of it is designed to send a message that seoul is prepared to strike first in the event of a crisis it is a visual demonstration of the ratcheting up of tension and rhetoric on the korean peninsula on wednesday north korea condemned to the latest u.n. sanctions a statement from its foreign ministry called un resolution two three seven five
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illegal and evil a he knows provocation that will strengthen pyongyang's efforts to follow this road to nuclear missiles at a faster pace without the slightest diversion in response to that south korea urged the north once again to break away from what it called a vicious cycle of provocation followed by sanctions followed by sanctions that a hint perhaps that more sanctions could follow the u.n. resolution with only a partial cap on chinese oil exports to north korea not a ban did not go as far as the south koreans wanted nor donald trump was nice to get a fifteen to nothing vote but those sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately well. have to happen in seoul meanwhile it's life as usual people in south korea have lived with the threat of north korea's conventional weapons for decades and people here at least don't fail but conflict is imminent but there is a bit of new concern less ironically about what kim jong un will to his rhetoric is
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to be expected than donald trump what exactly does he mean by what ultimately will have to happen tough the united nations sanctions will be difficult given china's potential but a military strike against north korea could provoke catastrophic war andrew thomas al jazeera so. japan's prime minister is in india for a two day visit where he'll launch the start of work on a seventeen billion dollars bullet train project ties between shinzo abe and india's prime minister narendra modi have grown as they both look to counter china's influence in the region japan is providing eighty one percent of the funding for the rail project the dominican republic has invited delegates from venezuela's government and opposition to the country to see if they can resume talks to end the political crisis at home at least one hundred thirty people have been killed in antigovernment protests in venezuela since april demonstrators blame
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president declares but dodo for high inflation at a shortage of basic goods. out of the aftermath of hurricane the caribbean islands took the brunt of the storm on the island of barbuda the government estimates that ninety five percent of buildings a damaged al-jazeera is john holden is that. roger has a right back home this move caribbean island of devastated by hurricane needham and he's heading to his house to find out if it's a boy there's nothing. there's nothing you know that i know. god. is like. with a population of one thousand six hundred everyone seems to know each other here it makes the scars of destruction we see as we pass even more painful for roger you know it's kind of hard to see this as my friends post to.
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really think about. this he did make me feel like. homes sheered open like those houses inside the remnants of lives interrupted a stopped water logged watch clothes and toys tossed around dishes still waiting to be put away there's no knowing when those lives will be resumed everyone's been evacuated to nearby antigua until further notice there's worries about these eases from the stagnant floodwater. raj is only allowed to visit a tool because he works on the ferry between the two islands right now the only permanent residents are the animals left behind it's not just people's homes that are gone it's also their livelihoods so many bob unions of fishermen and their badly damaged boat strewn across the coast even when people come back the government says it will take months of work and more than two hundred million
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dollars for repair buildings and restore electricity and phone lines it's counting on international aid. meanwhile view dence wait in shelters of relatives home. the mood is cheerful stoic but impatient to return as long as he's been with them i'm going to have one another and. i'm going to follow it up put my part in it. after seeing his devastated hometown we arrive at rogers house and find it's one of the few still intact it's a small piece of good news on this small struggling island. john homan how does it . all with the atlantic hurricane season at its peak right now that a couple of active storm systems tell you about on the other side of the world here with the details which you all just stuff go to. let's take a look at them here some of them are pretty powerful if we have a look at the it waters around china you can see two distinct blobs of cloud or
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they couldn't really be anything else could they they're definitely storms you can see them circulating away one to the south and the other one further north it's more to the north that's more powerful less typhoon talim the one for the south doesn't have such strong winds but it's already caused us quite a few problems across the philippines this is the tropical depression that crossed the philippines and brought us a lot of flooding now being a tropical depression the winds weren't particularly strong but it was some places over five hundred millimeters of rain and it caused quite a lot of disruption there now as we head through the next few days what we're going to see is this storm work its way towards viet nam already it's over the sea and away he is beginning to gain strength the waters here very warm and the air high up in the atmosphere is it going to strong so it's not disrupting the system at all so perfect conditions for this thing to grow and so it's going to intensify as it works its way towards the west at the moment the sustained winds are eighty five kilometers per hour but they are expected to strengthen before it makes landfall
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there in viet nam the other one's more powerful but at the moment it's staying away from land it's going to buckle background away from china. stephanie thanks still to come here on the news hour an eye on victory iraqi forces prefer what they hope is the last phase of their war against isis. and casualties of war we'll look at how fighting on the philippine island of mindanao is taking its toll on a place known for the arts and culture. of the host of the twenty twenty four twenty twenty eight olympics will be decided officially later so i will have the details for us in the. i just want to make sure all of our audience is on the same page where they're online and want to produce to us citizens here and what puts people of iraq going one in the same or if you join us on say i was never put a file been looked at differently because i'm doc and then all the people that i'm
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a one this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag into a stream and one of their pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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but i get adrian for the get here and the news from al jazeera our top stories this . council plans to attend the un general assembly later this month she's been criticized for failing to condemn violence against those that were injured in the kind state the president of the e.u. commission has used his annual state of the union address to the clear the wind is once again back in europe sails told the european parliament there was now a window of opportunity to build a more united union after a bruising couple of years. at a meeting of the arab league in cairo descended into a yelling match ministers from the four blockading countries and traded accusations the cattery diplomatic used some governments of waging a media campaign against. iraqi government forces are preparing for what they hope is the final phase of their war against eisel the armed group is surrounded and its
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last remaining urban stronghold the town of. but some iraqis feel that isis ideology will continue to influence long after the group is defeated in one column was. this is the image the popular mobilization of forces in iraq want you to see. in control and ready to fight the shell of militias are surrounding the last remaining eisel stronghold of who egypt command is a confident the next battle will be swift and decisive. just like we took mosul and we are now waiting for the orders to advance to who we are in the process of course. our positions and fortifying our defense lines and i feel rats will be squashed soon by how. well confidence is high the military operation to recapture who each are is expected to be a complicated one there are two main front lines for what we here at west of the town and here at southwest. both battle fronts are
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linked by a series of watch towers and trenches. soldiers are clearing the surrounding desert by burning bushes to make it easier for them to move in their armored vehicles the battle won't just be fought by militias providing support will be the iraqi army counterterrorism forces and the federal police the kurdish peshmerga will also be involved but given tensions in nearby kirkuk which the kurds claim the government leaders in baghdad say is federal iraqi territory corp it will be complicated. there are mountain tension and sinker cook caused by the sectarian dimension that is making it boil and might lead to the deterioration of security situation leading to a standoff among the different forces. despite the potential takeover the last remaining eisen stronghold in iraq the group's ideology will not be completely wiped out and it will remain a challenge. the problem is not with eisel alone it is by the oppression of the
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sunni communities even if i still is the fee to incur cooke's how we for example the oppression of the sunni community continues by the shia led government then we may see another wave of violence maybe worse than i saw the ideology of i still would still resonate among the people combating the groups ideology is a concern for many both here and abroad many iraqis say that the root causes for the rise of a group like i still haven't been addressed and there's also the issue of what to do with the fighters and their family members after all they are some of them iraqi citizens now there's no. preplanned from the kurdish or the iraqi authorities or rehabilitation or even imprisonment leaving many to wonder if there is a concrete plan for post eisel iraq iran card al jazeera out of jail russia's defense minister is in syria's capital to discuss military cooperation in the ongoing war he held
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a meeting with president bashar al assad focusing on efforts to take control of the city of data zor which had been held by eyesore for more than three years they also agreed to increase efforts against opposition fighters aleppo was syria's economic hub before it became one of the most brutal battle battlegrounds during the conflict east of aleppo was consistently under siege now nine months after the government recaptured the city cameras that allowed in to see the rebuilding effort shallot palace reforms. fixing a square that was once a frontline. aleppo was the battleground for one of the deadliest episodes of the syrian civil war tens of thousands died here when syria's largest city it's now rebuilding under president assad's watch and with the support of the regional governor we're looking at. the renovate social institutes and infrastructure health care education but first of all roads and bridges and the doing that not only in
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aleppo but also in the eastern part of aleppo province the syrian observatory for human rights says thousands of now returned to their homes from refugee camps just last week the governor says electricity was fully restored to the city. this school when a government how the neighborhood was protected from the worst of the war and yet this third floor classroom still has no glass in the windows after a missile strike in two thousand and sixteen two children died in this were four were killed in the playground unknown to me this is a. when the war started shells started to fall on this school most of the children were here in the classroom as you can say there is only a metal net on the windows shell is hit here and killed children assad wants the world to see aleppo rebuilding reporters were invited to visit by his allies in the
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russian defense ministry but an east in aleppo no amount of spin can hide the scars left by the coalition. children here learn the price of war every time they go outside the east of the city was under siege for three years until government forces regained control in december this is where syria's opposition made its last stand and nine months later neighborhoods here are the lowest priority shallop ballasts al jazeera. egypt's military says that its soldiers have been killed in a shootout at a checkpoint in northern sinai peninsula it happened just outside a checkpoint near the border town of rafa egypt's been battling fighters from the local affiliate of eisel so years in the sinai a french naval vessel has arrived in qatar to take part in military exercises with the amir a navy the anti air frigate shaun bosse said to have a porter earlier the ministry of defense in katherine says the exercises will take
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place at the doha maritime base and in cattery terror territorial waters qatar says it's working with france combat terrorism and extremism to katherine nationals have accused ten officials from the u.a.e. of torturing and illegally imprisoning them their lawyers given london's metropolitan police details of the allegations under u.k. law british police can investigate and arrest foreign nationals entering the u.k. if they're suspected of war crimes torture or hostage taking anywhere in the world we spoke to the u.k. based lawyer rodney dixon who says that the man confessed to the alleged crimes after being tortured. they make very clear that they're only made those confessions off they'd been tortured they'd been beaten they were hung upside down electrocuted and then they were promised that if they made these confessions that were scripted for them which they had to read out in front of a camera they would be released of course they weren't released today after those
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confessions were in fact used against them and two of them were convicted and it's as a result of the fact that those were then made public that they wanted to make it absolutely clear that they were not given of the own free will they were tortured out of them the confessions concerned them having to admit to being spies and being enemies of the u.a.e. and looking to take steps to undermine security there and they were used in documentaries in the u.a.e. to try and justify the actions that were then being taken in june of this year against qatar which continue no. attacks by the armed group boko haram left a trail of destruction throughout northeastern nigeria and out of our state's fighters were forced out by the army three years ago and now with government control restored families are beginning to return home only to find their villages and towns destroyed catherine sawyer reports now on how people are trying to
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rebuild their lives. the ruins town of me as a reminder of when boko haram controlled this area for several months around two years ago charges were destroyed so banks. entire neighborhoods were reduced to rubble. or government strikes. government offices that were in this compound are just beginning to be rebuilt by durians who had fled coming back and the town is starting to thrive again. after the town was taken back by the government we returned but found nothing we had lost so much but now some of us are getting back our. fire do you know and has seven children returned two months ago this is what remains of the home she shared with her husband who she says was killed by. her neighbors helped her resettle in a new home and. we had nowhere to stay so neighbors hosted us for
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a while then they contributed money to help my family and i many people who were displaced from towns and villages madama state eager to get on with their lives but several thousand who remain in camps in the state capital you aren't so sure. this is one of the few remaining camps in. the nigerian military has most of the areas controlled by. the government wants people to go back but those here. are still unsafe most of those areas are in neighboring borno state and as a rounded by boko haram in their fight for an islamic state the displaced. of help from nonprofit organizations such as the civil society qualification for poverty eradication one of the things we are also advocating to government at all levels both at state and on the national level is to say the citizens of this country regardless of what i did was all indigenous of this kind i mean or whatever states
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also find themselves first and foremost and i'm sure yes gives them the right and privilege to do well in any location wherever they choose to stay in this country the government says the bill to repair the war damage in the northeast is nine billion dollars he is confident that she will soon rebuild her home and her life but some scars such as the killing of her husband will never heal catherine sorry al-jazeera adamawa state in north nigeria a peruvian ballerina has been released from prison after twenty five years for sheltering the country's most wanted man. who was was caught in that ninety ninety two together with. been the leader of a rebel movement accused of causing the deaths of nearly seventy thousand people sanchez reports. it's been twenty five years a former ballerina inspired a bestselling novel and hollywood film spent nearly half of her life in prison.
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garrido he'd run leader of the maoist shining path movement on the second floor of her dance studio in lima before both were caught this man had a rebellion in the one nine hundred eighty s. to overthrow the government almost seventy thousand peruvians were killed in the war completed her sentence on monday her brother drove her away from prison and peruvians believe she should have been punished much longer. i don't think it's right she caused a lot of harm to this country. i mean megan spine and his partner lived with garrido for months the ballerina fed them brought the medicine and allowed other shining path members to visit on monday neighbors near her mother's home said they're nervous she will live nearby. i would have given her life in prison but it's not up to me the last. several thousand former maoist fighters have
4:43 pm
completed their sentences and are free. to remain. free from jail they say they haven't shown any remorse for. participating in that time. former policeman and now legislator malcolm yes she too was one of those captors and. by not showing any remorse she is effectively defending guzman's doctrine. however human rights defenders say the justice system should be praised. the fact that some of my career served her full sentence it's a remarkable sign of a democratic traditional system. but i remain guzmán is serving a life sentence another members of the shining path will soon be freed some fear former rebels could join more where they have a group with similar ideals to the nearly nonexistent shining path although some
4:44 pm
analysts say it's not a threat to the stability of. the innocent. house of the philippines congress has slashed the annual budget of the human rights commission to just twenty dollars its twenty seventeen budget was nearly fifteen million dollars all right spotty has repeatedly criticized president reagan to violent crackdown on drug crime thousands of people have been killed by police over the past year meanwhile the philippine army continues to fight an isolated group which besieged the city of malawi on the southern island of mindanao martial law was imposed there in may from general allen duggan takes a look at the economic impact of the conflict. doesn't allow we would says these are the worst times has been the wood carver all his life pieces like this one take at least six months to make in the past he was easily able to sell his carvings not anymore. and there are very few of us
4:45 pm
who can do it. and nobody buys the city of moore are we less than an hour by road from here remains under siege the philippine army continues to battle it out against the local armed group called the multi fighters inspired by eisold who are battling to set up an islamic state in the southern philippines more than three hundred filipinos have been killed and at least two hundred thousand have been forced from their homes or our we isn't the only place on the island of mindanao be affected by the conflict the guy is a town along soon on the most with modern art named after a tree that can only be found here to gaia is in the northern part of the law no those are province. you know school recognized as the home for culture and heritage in mindanao the people of are also suffering more than ninety percent of the
4:46 pm
villagers here are dependent on trading in their i way for their livelihood and since the same began they have lost their income and they're now entirely dependent on aid. the mayor of today asked says president rodrigo detective imposition of martial law is making life even more difficult. we do feel that in this in. the poorest of the simpler terms that would curb. so many workshops like this one are and team orders have stopped this mosque was designed and built by villagers in the nine hundred fifty s. it's a symbol of what's known here as. an art depicting the identity of men and now as they see their home a b. c. from the bombs to continue to fall on morale but they remain worried the fighting doesn't only obliterate buildings it can also raise the identity of the people
4:47 pm
similarly dogon al-jazeera. air berlin passengers are suffering a second day of frustration after more than one hundred pilots call in sick causing cancellations the unusual high number is believed to be a protest against possible redundancies germany's second biggest airline is said to be carved up after it was declared bankrupt last month. three more astronauts arrived at the international space station well they live and work for the next six months the two americans the russian docked just six hours after that blasted off a soyuz capsule from kazakhstan on tuesday they join the three others who've been on the station since july. just ahead here on the news out of sports cleveland equal a major league baseball winning record sound i will be here to tell you all about it.
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the most memorable moments with al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square talking. if something happens anywhere in the world al-jazeera is in place we were able to cover news like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. and that is our strength. but if you fly whatever it is from time to support his son i thank you for. the time visit continues always a liverpool will be looking for summer
4:50 pm
a venda as they take on sylvia at anfield the reds were beaten by the spanish side three one in the european league final last year if the pool could see the return of their playmaker. who missed out at the start of the season manager admits that his side will face a tough challenge from severe who have an excellent recent european record and are ranked sixth by us. i expect a very strong side. and that's real gems like that experience. technically skilled players good match plan and. experience but so hard to play team and they have all respect. your side host and what is perhaps the pick of the group stage games on wednesday elsewhere christiane or nadal will return from a four much ban for real madrid at the holders will take on cypriot team apple
4:51 pm
nicosia no no your group this time we are. very well he's very focused on what he has to do and he's very happy to play again because that's what he enjoys that's what he likes that's what he wants to do. barcelona is opening game on tuesday against eventis was a matter of a vent you know mrs scored twice as barcelona a team that knocked them out last season. also got on the scoresheet and newcomer to seal the three nil win for the catalans. between games between a break from the feelings of the results we have achieved in the spanish league for us this game was very important from many points of view including felt believe. that this competition is very short but it will be difficult especially in the group stage. papias is expensive lives sandaled strikeforce to help them scottish
4:52 pm
champions celtic five nil miramar and. got their first champions league goals of for the club with at the sink avani also scoring twice and chelsea made a perfect start to the group stages of the blues put six apos competition debutantes. of that i began the premier league champions at making their return to european competition having failed to qualify last season. a good start and. a perfect staff to follow for us to play the first game troopers league and then improve. to when we double. to score a many goals to people. to finish the game with appreciate and yeah i saw a lot of. positive things tonight. imagine a night or two or three no winners against basle on their return to the competition for jani and the rush for the scores five time champ is by munich
4:53 pm
a bit under left three nil and it was goals between roman athletico madrid. carson los angeles will officially confirm be confirmed as host of the twenty twenty four and twenty twenty eight in limping games later international limpet committee members are expected to ratify the decision at their meeting in paris capital lima the olympic flame was led to at the los angeles coliseum ahead of the confirmation it was home to the city's two previous summer games in nineteen thirty two and nineteen eighty-four the officials from both cities are prepared to celebrate the end of one long process but the start of the new one. very excited this is a fantastic moment and we are waiting for this moment for so long so we look forward to leading this incredible moment but i think about it through my daughter's eyes she's five and she'll be sixteen that's a blink of an eye i think for anybody who's a parent and for us as a city we can also look at a young city grow up over those ten years. pakistan's codices have won the toss and
4:54 pm
elected to bat in lahore for game two of their twenty twenty cricket series against a world eleven side a huge security operation was in place around game one on tuesday at a sold out gadhafi stadium and no major test side that has a saw the country since gunmen attach a steam bus and the same city in two thousand and nine the series of t twenty games is seen as a crucial step in bringing the international game back to pakistan on a full time basis the visiting team is made up of players from seven test nations. while the game itself so pakistan a winning by twenty runs cricket's world governing body the i.c.c. has contributed more than a million dollars towards the security operation for the three game series all being played at home. difficult. it is difficult to play in
4:55 pm
a foreign land home grounds are more fun partly because you know them well and also because of the huge support you've got which makes the game more enjoy able. it's been a long time which you sensibly special and not think the way that would be. received and well i'm team has been in the ground. by only. in major league baseball the cleveland indians have equal the longest winning streak in american league history even the detroit tigers to nothing on tuesday for the twentieth straight victory they can make it twenty one in a row late on wednesday that would see them a level the n.l. b.'s all time winning streak held by the mine team in the thirty five chicago cops . and that's i suppose if we hand you back to a tree and somebody thinks date. or something of a standoff developing in the us of a driverless vehicles congress and the trumpet
4:56 pm
ministration want to get more of the cars on the road quickly but a federal safety agency is warning that more regulation is needed before that can happen diane estabrook reports. u.s. transportation secretary elaine chao released voluntary guidelines on driverless vehicles that give auto companies more flexibility in developing them our goal at the department of transportation is to help usher in this new era of transportation innovation and safety ensuring that our country remains a global leader and autonomy as technology the new guidelines are scaled back from the ones the obama administration announced last year they're also at odds with recommendations the national highway traffic safety administration rolled out on the same day it wants a more active role in regulating driverless vehicles by making car companies install more safeguards the agency made the recommendation after finding that an
4:57 pm
inattentive drivers over reliance on an automated system contributed to a fatal crash last year so driving cars are an evolving technology and manufacturers are racing to mass produce them mr speaker i rise in support of this bill h.r. thirty three eighty eight the shaft drive act last week the house of representatives passed legislation that could get them on highways more quickly by blocking individual states regulations automakers including ford and general motors are applauding that legislation and the new transportation department guidelines but consumer groups are urging caution hoping regulators can provide a safe roadmap before they roll out of dealerships dian us to brooke al-jazeera. still don't know when i want to take a ride in one. yet that's it for me for the moment i'll be back though in just a couple of days with all the latest couple days in a minute with all the latest on the top story see that.
4:58 pm
let's talk about now. right now. right now is happening so fast. you can barely keep up with it. right now we've got clowns protecting rhinos. on mobile technology finding clean water not tomorrow not five years in the future. now. in a disaster the internet can be restored by a truck. in a mine this truck can drive itself and right now this child is being treated by a doctor from six thousand miles away this is science not fiction and cisco networks are making it happen now. because when everything is securely connected
4:59 pm
anything is possible and there's never been a better time to change the world. with . documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera how desperate for power are you even effectively done to deal with the devil frank does your language help bring but as well at the table yes or no yes it does blunt is what is so strong what can we do if it's too hard let's go find a you know equal rights before the law regardless of one's religion should never be presented as a unicorn and up front. about iran you know very cleverly deflect away from with
5:00 pm
matthew has at this time on al-jazeera do you see the double standard. myanmar's leader decides not to attend the u.n. general assembly as she comes out of fierce criticism over the handling of the hinge a crisis. i get i'm adrian finighan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the president now is to time to be more united.


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