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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 14, 2017 1:00am-1:34am AST

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time for sport with andy in doha. thank you so much lauren while the olympic double dale is finally done paris and los angeles have been confirmed as the house of the twenty twenty four and twenty twenty eight summit games respectively i.o.c. president thomas back making the announcement at an olympic meeting in peronne sound like reports. the decision everybody knew about has finally been confirmed the capital of france paris to host the twenty twenty four olympics while los angeles in the united states with staged event four years later it's a deal that suits all parties particularly the i.o.c. who have struggled to track the bidding cities in the end just paris and l.a.
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were left with budapest grown man hamburg all pulling out this is a win win win situation for paris was in jail as the entire olympic movement it's the third time paris will be hosting the games and twenty twenty four marks one hundred years since the last stage them and one of the candidates quit the race due to cost concerns apparently they will use the olympics to regenerate one of the poorest parts of the city with paris twenty twenty four we've built our project on sharing. sharing the passion of an open celebration magical city. it would be lympics number three for a way with the last game in the us being one thousand nine hundred six in atlanta the organizers now have eleven years to convince the locals that pouring money into the game is money well spent we don't perceive the twenty twenty games as eleven years in the future we know that the games with your help begin today with the
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host city for the thumber lympics locked down for more than a decade vo thi now have to make a fix there thought of next year's winter games in found korea through hell malik al-jazeera but it's not just the location of next year's winter games that may be concerning olympic bosses brazilian police are now investigating claims votes were bought so when the right to host the twenty sixteen rio games our sports correspondent lee wellings says the i.o.c. has some serious issues to address. as always yes i mean we thought we'd moved on from years ago the clean up of the salt lake city but again there are allegations of vote by yet again we see a big governor thomas bach while the likes of blacks used to do of the free hates comparisons with favre but talking about bad apples things always pinned and blamed on individuals there are bad apples at our organization or how many bad apples do you need until an organization itself is bad there has been plenty of problems with . the i.o.c.
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and thomas box way of dealing with this is often just to brush over the as if no these aren't a problem at all we saw it so much with rio in the real difficulties they had with those games these bombs are not going to go away or to what isn't going to go away as well the situation in south korea he says there's no plan b. with the tensions with north korea well there better be a plan b. because the situation is not looking that going to the moment and you can't just sweep these things under the carpet real difficulties for them but one of the business hosting of that decision that was confirmed in power around madrid's bid for a third straight champions league title is started in fairly predictable fashion easy win is against apple and they can see and christiane arnaldo central to a three nil when he scored twice one of them a penalty is now scored twelve times from the spot in the competition and that is a record level drew two two at home with survey on their return to the competition flip that senior came off the bench to make his first appearance of the season for
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liverpool in that one man city were big winners in the netherlands beating fi in order for nail schecter beating at napoli to one pole so they lost three want to time again to be shipped out of turkey and a couple of goals from harry kane helping top them to a three one win over pressure dortmund. era were reds are through to the semifinals of the asian champions league after a big turnaround in their last eight they were trailing three one from the first like against fellow japanese team car second fronts how this game was poised at one one when this happened and how they play it sent off. not surprisingly that turned the tie in the reds favor and they went on to win four want. that gave them a five four aggregate victory. hashim amla was the standout performer for the world eleven as they beat pakistan with just a ball to spare in the second t twenty of a three match series the match marks
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a return of big time credits pakistan with armor hitting an unbeaten seventy two to help his side overhaul pakistan's one hundred and seventy four no major test team is toward pakistan since a gun attack on the sri lanka team in two thousand and nine pakistan hope this series will be a first step towards hosting a global cricket events in the not soo distant future. get through this and to live hopefully visiting the stars. and i'm sure in a couple of years time we can start talking about those immunosuppressive most of. the man in charge of formula one says he plans to introduce reforms that will ensure more teams have a shot at title success chase carey was talking in singapore ahead of sunday's race there carrick so covers the course of f one at the start of this season he believes the half a billion dollar a year budget of leading teams like miss avies in ferrari is too high. it's just a nuclear arms race it's not creating a better product is reality creating a worse product because you're creating two classes of competitors ones that spend
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a fraction of that and therefore you know can't really compete in the same way so so we've got to help our sponsor help our teams it's part of having again a shared vision of our teams you know both make the sport you know it's more of the track more competitive and make team ownership healthier and kennedy go often has taken a jab at the recent mayweather mcgregor fight he says his world middle white balance against sol canal alvarez will be the biggest fights in boxing the past have arrived in vegas ahead of saturday's contest and while the fight is unlikely to generate the six hundred million dollars mayweather stated it's a contest many purists of the whites and for cannot of his only suffered one loss in forty nine that defeats against my with undefeated in thirty seven. this is very important to me boxing boxing more right now where her biggest fight boxing. and then we can be was and are not but you know we're not but the most important
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thing for me is victory i always prepare myself to give my best i want this for my people and my team and for me and for my country ok let's get back to lauren in london. thanks sunday increasing advances and they design a robot to revolutionize many industries now it appears they've set the robotics sights on the performing arts. this is the robot you meet conducting the. orchestra in italy it's all part of the first international festival in held in the city of pisa. the famous tenor. joined him on stage in the verde theater regular conductor and. how the programmers . taking his job. basically had to find time to understand his movements then when we found the way everything was pretty easy and
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the flexibility of the arms of you me is absolutely unthinkable not even incredible unthinkable for a machine it is absolutely fantastic and the technicians are fantastic just to to make everything perfect especially in the length and in the speed of the gesture which is very important and that's it for me. back in a moment of the day if you can thanks for watching.
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and you know little of a cage militia get they to loot them sheltie to be shirley shirley so that they don't name me at the very. early ninety's. but he feels this is not the only valid should it be only one who meets you down he's going to choose. a clean bill of yeah but he gondola stuff if you don't seem to feel it's something you just get out to mr day at a shit. with its economy stagnant mexico's president says implemented drastic and controversial energy reforms mexico's oil opened by the mexican people for seventy five years is being sold to private international companies. and as with the country's agricultural sector it's exposed to exploitation by profit driven multinational corporations crude harvest at this time on al-jazeera.
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and. discover a wealth of award winning programming from around the world the military and the government of blocking people because they have something really horrible to hockey challenge your perceptions and at that point their relationship and their political project came to an end powerful documentary those debates and discussions that feeling of freedom and exploring that freedom was very exciting al-jazeera. the deserted villages of me and the government says one hundred seventy six and now empty after the ranger residents fled humanitarian situation and just get this thing off. un chief antonio terror's urges the myanmar government to end its
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military action as a security council expresses deep concern about reports of excessive violence. and are in taylor's al-jazeera life in london also coming up. to gallacher in the florida keys where residents are just starting to return what they coming home to is a scene of utter catastrophe. and morale is high in the iraqi army as it pushes forward with a final phase of its war against i so. we begin with the humanitarian plight of men miles range of people which the u.n. secretary general has described as catastrophic the fifteen member u.n. security council has also issued a statement calling for steps to be taken to end the violence myanmar's government
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has admitted one hundred seventy six range of images are now completely empty after all residents fled a recent crackdown in the northern rakhine state and it says revenge of muslims have begun to leave at least thirty four other villages as well as to make it four hundred thousand ranger a rule of escape to neighboring bangladesh since violence broke out in late august i didn't want to get to james bays as the latest from the un. these were the toughest words yet from the secretary general on the ongoing violence in myanmar i call on the myanmar or thought it is to suspend the military action and the violence appalled the rule of law and recognize the right of return of all those where to leave the country the un knows the situation is deteriorating fast with mr good terrorists last spoke to reporters a week ago there were one hundred twenty five thousand rohingya refugees that number has now triple given the situation has got so much worse in the last week do
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you believe this is ethnic cleansing well i would answer your question with another question when one third of the growing or population to flee the country can you find a better word to describe it. as the secretary general has already taken the extremely rare step of writing to the security council urging them to take action as he spoke the council was meeting first with an open session on somalia it was only after that ended and they went into closed session and when they discussed any other business that the crisis in myanmar was finally raised afterwards the president of the security council read a carefully worded statement it was nowhere near as strong as the words of the secretary general the members of sixty council expressed deep concern about the situation in that state acknowledging the new. men marched
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security forces onto n.t. fifth august should be on mass stop all its military operations in the state now that's what the secretary general says does the security council share that view now that. the statement that a readout is what we have agreed there are some who see that as a very weak statement. that so. macey so why is the security council not being tougher there's always a log jam when there's a lack of unity and when one of the permanent five members is opposed to action in this case diplomats point to china a long standing ally of myanmar's military james pros are jazeera of the united nations. in mass media unsound suci has canceled plans to attend the un general assembly next week the nobel peace prize laureate is facing a turn to criticism over her handling of the crisis five fellow female nobel peace
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prize recipients are written to sushi accusing her of indifference and asking her to take a strong stand on behalf of the ranger. aid agencies are struggling to cope with huge numbers of ranger poured into neighboring bangladesh in just two and a half weeks but it smith reports. everyone is exhausted some of these muslim or hindu have been walking for days to escape a crackdown by me and miles military a government spokesman says one hundred seventy six ethnic rangar villages are empty that's nearly a third of all reading of villages in me and mom the people who lived in those villages nearly four hundred thousand of them and now here in bangladesh. they began arriving nearly three weeks ago aid agencies say they can't cope there is a response which is under way but it is a pretty poor forty two beasts tiptop seriously so as to meet basic needs and to avoid that we're going to have an emergency within an emergency their anger being
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caught in a military counter offensive it began after about thirty reading a gunman attacked police and military posts last month but the scale of the military's response has been described by the u.n. as a textbook example of ethnic cleansing. i came to bangladesh with my family three days ago we had to escape because the burmese security forces burned our home and started attacking us i lost my son. with no shelter and no food these people are totally reliant on and we have appealed for a modest seventy seven million dollars but that is not enough that is appealable done by the whole u.n. community that is going to be revised we need to get much more funding for partners me and doesn't use the name or hanger to refer to these people instead they usually call bengalis accused of illegally migrating from bangladesh the presidential spokesman says those who fled won't be automatically allowed to return saying they
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would first have to be very fine. bernard smith al jazeera. eric schwartz is the president of refugees international he's critical of the un security council response to the main mark crisis and says sanctions should be imposed. we are dealing with ethnic cleansing and crimes against you know that humanity of historic proportions and and the there needs to be an enormous outrage in the international community the numbers are staggering the actions of the military and the government of myanmar are it's difficult to come up with adjectives to describe what's happening and so statements that you know talk about be wary of be wary of statements that talk about complexities and the need to temper your outrage how well did that do in rwanda in one nine hundred ninety four
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. american emma has claimed eight more lives in florida as officials confirm that patients in a nursing home died after it lost power during the storm and investigation is underway after three elderly patients were found dead inside the facility and five all those later died in hospital it's believed that deaths were heat related to the visiting facility lost its condition ng or the authorities are also investigating the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning from generators. some florida keys residents are beginning to return home for and hearken emma it's estimated that one in four homes on the string of low lying on and said been destroyed help is now on the way but many are returning to find they've lost everything and gallagher has more from florida keys. for the residents of the sea breeze trailer park on island marauder this was a slice of tropical paradise now it lays in ruins obliterated by one of the most
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powerful hurricanes to ever bear down on this chain of islands banner mokhtari monitor man man kevin has lived here for more than a decade little is left of his home and seeing it for the first time is a motion overwhelming a lot you. but news to us for sharon nola things are even worse many people use these trailers as holiday homes but she lives here year round like many others she's now facing months of uncertainty i don't have a job because i have no place to live and it was hard enough getting a place to live in now right before but now it's going to be worse and you release mice to salvage some personal possessions and get a few sentimental things and yeah everything else is just too dangerous to go in there the cleanup operation here seems like an almost insurmountable task in
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situations like this the words catastrophe and disaster are all too often overused but if you were living in a mobile park like this that's exactly what you're facing many people here didn't have insurance their only option now is to rebuild and for most simply an affordable what they need now more than anything else is government help the picture here is replicated across the florida keys and as the roads begin to open teams are standing by to help our mental health specialists are waiting for the green light to be able to get on to the keys and just kind of go with our first response teams and talk to people and make sure that we're able to just help them get it out of their systems do whatever we can in the way of providing a shoulder in addition to financial or other types of support the u.s. military has also arrived to bring in much needed supplies an aide it could be weeks before power and water are restored but much longer into life in what was powered ice returns to normal and a gallica al-jazeera in the florida keys. islands across the caribbean
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a still taking stock of the devastation left behind. the government estimates ninety five percent of the buildings damaged or destroyed almost all the residents have been moved to the neighboring on and get home reports from babita. roger has arrived back home this move caribbean island of devastated by hurricane needed he's heading to his house to find out if it survived but i think. there's nothing you know that i know. god. is like. with a population of one thousand six hundred everyone seems to know each other here it makes the scars of destruction we see as we pass.


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