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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 14, 2017 7:00am-7:34am AST

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understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world and. so many times when you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current of families that matter to. al-jazeera the philippines is asia's largest catholic nation priests are treated like gods but the church has a dark secret when used investigate sexual misconduct inside the most powerful institution in the philippines at this time on al-jazeera. the humanitarian situation is just catastrophic the head of the united nations just may in march immediately end the violence against the rangers. hello i'm don jordan this is out of there live from doha also coming up tragedy at
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a u.s. nursing home eight people died when the building loses power because of hurricane and. syrian troops advance and arizona more talks to end the war about to begin with be a breakthrough in a stop. and we take a closer look at the motivations of the key players in the four nation blockade of qatar. the head of the u.n. is calling for an immediate end to the violence against a range of muslims in me and over the last few weeks almost four hundred thousand people have fled to neighboring bangladesh to escape a government crackdown on groups in rakhine state we begin our coverage with james bays at the united nations. these were the toughest words yet from the secretary general on the ongoing violence in myanmar i call on the myanmar or thought it is to suspend the military action and the violence appalled the rule of law and
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recognize the right of return of all those where to leave the country the un knows the situation is deteriorating fast when mr good terrorist last spoke to reporters a week ago there were one hundred twenty five thousand rohingya refugees that number has now tripled given the situation has got so much worse in the last week do you believe this is ethnic cleansing well i would answer your question with another question when one third of the rowing or population to flee the country can you find a better word to describe it. as the secretary general has already taken the extremely rare step of writing to the security council urging them to take action as he spoke the council was meeting first with an open session on somalia it was only after that ended and they went into closed session and when they discussed any other business that the crisis in myanmar was finally raised afterwards the
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president of the security council read a carefully worded statement it was nowhere near as strong as the words of the secretary general the members of sixty council expressed deep concern about the situation in state acknowledging the nischelle attack on men mark security forces or into n.t. fifth august should be on mass stop all its military operations in the state now that's what the secretary general says does the security council share that view now that. the statement that he made out is what we have agreed there are some who see that as a very weak statement. some may say so why is the security council not being tough there's always a log jam when there's a lack of unity and when one of the permanent five members is opposed to action in
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this case diplomats point to china a long standing ally. military. al-jazeera of the united nations well condemnation from the international community has been swift many in myanmar running behind the government and the military from its new reports from young gone the sign reads collecting donations for the displaced in rakhine state this charity drive is being run by a ministry in yangon six hundred kilometers from the fighting in northern rakhine state but it's mainly for the rakhine the ethnic majority in the state who are mostly buddhists some thirty thousand of whom have been displaced you know. if there was fighting here among who runs into a mosque would be killed but a monastery will save all who shelter there our religion forbids us from killing but i'm not afraid to walk past a monastery a church or a hindu or sikh temple but i'm scared of walking past a mosque there are a few in myanmar who will speak out publicly in support of the ranger the muslim
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minority with main status and are largely regarded as illegal migrants from bangladesh the military crackdown which has been condemned for its brutality around the world hasn't drawn the same sort of criticism from people here. yes they should carry out a security operation to eradicate terrorism if not they'll be no peace so that's why we support the military but the operation should only target terrorists not the whole muslim community. i support the military operation because terrorism is not good it's good to fight terrorism everyone should if within the law. the military and the government say the operation is a legitimate exercise targeting what it considers a terrorist organization the crisis in rakhine and the exodus of ranger refugees into bangladesh have been widely covered by the international media and yet here they don't get much attention in the local press and when they do there's usually
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a government this article for example promotes a press release that people in northern with high have started to go back home to people instability have started to return to the area. but there's no mention of the hundreds of thousands who fled to bangladesh in under three weeks who now face an uncertain future and a daily struggle for survival florence li al jazeera yangon well as a member him as a senior fellow at the center for global policy he says a stronger response is needed from the international community the world's response has been extremely weak it is hugely unfortunate that we can know me on my own to the list of countries like rwanda and bosnia general ses in which the world is fully aware the united nations was fully aware were going on in real time when they chose to do nothing now over the last few weeks we have seen over four hundred thousand or enjoy being ethnically cleansed from myanmar pouring over the border into bangladesh that is approximately thirty percent of the entire population this
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is ethnic cleansing on an industrial scale and it's completely unprecedented i'm very sympathetic to the people who say look i'm saying suki doesn't have much control of the military the military still who would considerable power in that country but despite that we have to remember that and sang suu kyi as though the leader of the largest political party in the country she is the more conscience of that country she is the most famous citizen of that country and for hard to say nothing at all what's going on and in fact say that ethnic cleansing is there's no ethnic cleansing going on it's far too strong a word i believe a lot of our supporters people have believed in are people like myself who will be hugely disappointed. a fire at a religious school in malaysia's capital has killed at least twenty five people including students the school in kuala lumpur caught fire on thursday morning the fatah public says the bodies have not been moved to a nearby hospital but it's not clear how the fire started eight patients at a florida nursing home that lost power among the latest to lose their lives in the wake of hurricane police have opened
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a criminal investigation as they try to find out where the high temperatures and a lack of econd extinguish the blame is rob reynolds. answering an early morning call for help police found patients inside the rehabilitation center at hollywood hills dead and dying in sweltering heat one hundred fifteen patients were evacuated immediately to a hospital located a block away. most of the patients have been treated for respiratory distress dehydration and heat related issues the thirty five year old building at lost power in hurricane erma it had a backup generator but police would not say whether it was working they say there was no air conditioning inside temperatures in miami have been about thirty two degrees celsius for the past several days still it appears staff made no attempt to move patients to a safer place where exactly how hot was it there you have any idea. i'm not going
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to release those figures but i can tell you it was very hot on the second floor that patients relatives were desperate for information you know that tell us anything nice you know like you know you have a place where we don't know not flora mitchell sr was a patient at the center i used to be a nurse and i'll tell you straight out there's a nice you know me it's not. police say a criminal investigation is now underway into what happened here and they've ordered checks on more than forty rehabilitation and nursing homes around the area late wednesday afternoon eighty five patients at another miami area nursing home were evacuated as a precaution the florida health care association says one hundred fifty such facilities in the state do not have full electrical power in past us natural disasters nursing home residents have become helpless victims during hurricane katrina in two thousand and five thirty five patients at st rita's nursing home in
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louisiana drowned after staff abandoned them to the rising flood. state legislator gary farmer said florida's regulation of nursing homes is lax if we find out that this facility left these residents here unintended under these conditions to me that manslaughter. a natural disaster combined with apparent human blunders and a lack of government oversight spawning a tragedy long after the storm had passed robert oulds al jazeera hollywood florida britain is promising long term support for its overseas territories at the hurricane four people were killed on the island of angola and five died in the british virgin islands when the hurricane tore through the caribbean last week and u.k. has been criticized for its slow response but foreign secretary bars johnson defended his government's actions one of you in britain's aid operation in barbados. we have
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every sympathy with the suffering of the people who are being hit by six truly horrific if you nine hundred fifty years i think based on the people looking at the point of this thing the u.k. has made this the biggest mean if you want to sound that we've seen since libya it's all about the rebuilding that sense of the youth have a future it will take time to rebuild that the u.k. is going to be in the lead in that recovery plan. to his parliament has passed a controversial reconciliation law granting amnesty to public officials accused of corruption before the arab spring in two thousand and eleven dozens of protesters gathered outside parliament activists say the law is a setback to democracy the opposition shouted slogans before the session was temporarily suspended and they walked out in protest. the armed groups eisel and hezbollah have swapped prisoners near the province of dara zor in syria they agreed to release them as part of a ceasefire deal two weeks ago meanwhile syrian government troops are advancing
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further into eisel held territory around arizona's city all rich areas seen as strategic for both russian backed syrian troops and u.s. backed opposition fighters. representatives of the syrian government and opposition groups are due to meet again in the capital of kazakhstan on thursday the sixth round of talks and i stan a brokered by russia turkey and iran is aimed at implementing lasting cease fire so-called deescalation zones in syria from astana and reports five rounds of training so far in a stana have had little success brokered by russia turkey and iran the focus of discussions is ending the fighting in syria and complementing un brokered talks in geneva on the political future of the country. exactly. which help to which hope to reach. technical agreements details on the ground which basically lay the ground to
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negotiations. a basic framework agreement on a stabber xing so-called deescalation zones in syria was signed by russia turkey and iran in may there's less fighting in some of the areas but syrians who have moved there expecting them to be safer say they continue to face an strikes and heavy gunfire. the opposition says the deescalation zone's initiative gives the syrian government forces an opportunity to make further military gains and they have refused any suggestion that russia or iranian soldiers could be part of any fulls monitoring the zones the northern syrian province of italy is potentially included in the plan but there are opposition groups in it that the international community and the syrian government say all terrorists and viable targets. as well as the talks here in cannes like stan seven rounds of un brokered talks in geneva
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have also failed not once of opposition groups and syrian government representatives held face to face discussions the main syrian opposition insists president bashar al assad has no role in a future transitional government the u.n. envoy in syria says the syrian government has not budged in its unwillingness to discuss the political transition the implementation of the plan for so-called deescalation zones will be at the heart of talks here again but the complexity of the situation on the ground in syria and the lack of agreement over which countries could potentially offer troops to monitor the zones shows just how difficult reaching consensus could be stopped at al-jazeera stana a lot more sense of calm here an al-jazeera including catalan mayor stand firm in their bid for independence. and staying put victims of last month's zanni and mudslides refuse to move despite fears of another disaster more announced.
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by the springtime flowers of a mountain lake. to the finest snowfall on a winter's day. hello and welcome back as we look at weather across the levant and western parts of asia we're seeing wanted to showers around but jericho's much of afghanistan iran through iraq it's all looking fine and again kuwait forty seven degrees celsius crazy temperatures still at this time heading through to friday there is a slight decrease in temperatures across thankfully but by that still it forty four eastern side of the med all looking fine there with beirut's a maximum of thirty heading into the arabian peninsula largely fine here too with our forty one is a nice all in doha latif on the other side of clinch as well lower humidity here with temperature in the low forty's for both mecca medina into africa and southern
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portions it's all a confined result conditions in cape time heading on through into friday not a great deal of change may see this low pressure system just giving the threat of showers at cape town braswell sunshine across much of mozambique zombie's about wife thirty one the high in lusaka central africa we are plenty of showers to size for down in the central african republic through towards cameroon further towards the west looking fine for bamako in mali but across parts of west africa we will see a circulation of low pressure developing so for lots of sierra leone also liberia there could be some heavy showers developing here the weather sponsored by cattle and race. i just want to make sure all of our audience is on the same where they're online what the u.s. citizens here and what puts people of iraq no one in the same or if you join us on sat i was never. looked at differently because i'm darker than all the people but i'm the one this is a dialogue so it has
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a stream and one of their pitches might make the next shot join the global conversation. this time on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera the u.n. security council is an immediate end to the violence against range of muslims in myanmar and joins second general antonio patel as the situation catastrophic nearly four hundred thousand people have fled to neighboring bangladesh in the past three weeks. in the u.s. a prominent investigation has been opened after eight people died in a sweltering nursing home during hurricane the facility in florida lost power when
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the storm hit and the air conditioning failed. and more talks to end the war in syria are set to begin in kazakhstan on thursday the sixth round of talks in a start up a brokered by russia turkey and iran they're aimed at implementing lasting cease fires and so-called deescalation zones. now this week marks one hundred days since four arab states began a blockade against cattle sparking a diplomatic crisis saudi arabia the united arab emirates back rein and egypt all accuse qatar of supporting terrorism which it denies saudi arabia usually takes the lead in gulf affairs but what's interesting this time is the prominence of the u.a.e. hashim have bahrain looks at the roles of the key players. busy times for qatar's foreign minister. al fani has traveled the world to rally support for qatar neighboring saudi arabia the u.a.e. as well as egypt imposed a sea and land blockade on june the fifth and got diplomatic ties to.
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the red continue the saudi led court it insists must meet a list of thirteen demands that include closing a turkish military base scaling down ties with iran and shutting down the. al-jazeera network while saudi arabia is a powerful player some think it's the u.a.e. that leads the push to further isolate qatar the u.a.e. do not believe in the same values that qatar believes and they don't believe that we should have a foreign and security policy that looks at the middle east. tries to reform the middle east in the way to create social political inclusion or pluralistic governance or freedom of speech the u.a.e. have taken a different approach they believe that the middle east can only be stable and resilient when it's run by or through tearing dictatorship the emyr of qatar spoke to saudi arabia's crown prince on friday after agreeing on resolving the crisis
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saudi arabia backtracked and suspended further talks the u.s. crown prince mohammed bin zayed is widely seen as the man with a huge influence over mohammed and the relatively inexperienced saudi crown prince. has turned towards the u.a.e. as a role model to say well how can we reform saudi arabia to make it more sustainable resilient in the future and has been somewhat become a mentor as the crisis drags on kuwait's emir who is mediating the dispute recently told us president donald trump that a solution is just a matter of time we have also seen some changes in the american position softened especially by president. compared to his positions in the early days of the crisis i think he started to be
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a little more balanced this was clear in his press conference with the emir of kuwait talking about the unity of the gulf countries all united. with. and countering extremism and terrorism in the region. but if diplomacy fails to heal the rift the fear is further regional instability has. now pyongyang six the nuclear test earlier this month prompted the un security council to step up sanctions against north korea south korea responded with a show of strength releasing footage of its preparations for a possible attack from the north under thomas reports from salt. this time it is south korea releasing video of a missile test film the south korean military says on choose day and if fifteen k. fighter jet drops a german major tourist missile which applies independently towards
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a practice target of south korea's west coast it drops on a rocky island so the south koreans exactly where intended to go we're going to get if the enemy carries out provocations those air force will immediately punish them with a south standing pinpoint strike capability. the test and more significantly releasing video of it is designed to send a message that seoul is prepared to strike first in the event of a crisis it is a visual demonstration of the ratcheting up of tension and rhetoric on the korean peninsula on wednesday north korea condemned to the latest u.n. sanctions a statement from its foreign ministry called u.n. resolution two three seven five illegal and evil a he knows provocation that will strengthen pyongyang's efforts to follow this road to nuclear missiles at a faster pace without the slightest diversion in response to that south korea urged the north once again to break away from what it called
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a vicious cycle of provocation followed by sanctions followed by sanctions that a hint perhaps that more sanctions could follow the u.n. resolution with only a partial cap on chinese oil exports to north korea not a ban did not go as far as the south koreans wanted nor donald trump was nice to get a fifteen to nothing vote but those sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen in seoul meanwhile it's life as usual people in south korea have lived with the threats of north korea's conventional weapons for decades and people here at least don't feel that conflict is imminent but there is a bit of new concern less ironically about what kim jong un will do his rhetoric is to. expected then donald trump what exactly does he mean by what ultimately will have to happen so if the united nations sanctions will be difficult given china's potential that a military strike against north korea could provoke catastrophic war so we asked
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people who though most worried about trump well kim jong un. is the one building a bomb so i'm more worried about him. i'm more worried about kim jong il behavior but kim jong il behavior is affected by trump so i'm worried by both andrew thomas al jazeera so singapore has named its first female president but the public didn't even get to vote. as a former speaker of parliament from the middle a minority singaporeans were supposed to go to the polls next week but he was the only candidate who qualify brazil's former president lula da silva is being questioned again by the country's top anti corruption judge. who's the front runner in next year's brazilian election he's facing multiple charges for allegedly accepting bribes the same judge sentenced him to more than nine years in jail in
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july for corruption. i don't accept anyone saying that i'm trying to block justice because if i would not believe in justice i would not be in politics now one month after a landslide that killed hundreds in sierra leone tens of thousands remain displaced in makeshift camps waiting to be rehabbed the government fears there could be more landslides and is called in residents to leave the area but many are refusing to do so as it was nicholas hock reports. i said to bangor and her husband were fast asleep when they heard the hill about them tumbled down her husband leapt out of bed and round for shelter leaving the rest of his family behind i said who stayed caring for her children. hundreds died in this landslide the army has now told residents to leave this area saying it's too dangerous fearing another disaster. but i said to her husband tells his wife they need to stay put their life
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is here he says if they leave they will lose everything. if we leave will the government actually take care of. working and supporting the family my husband depends on. he interrupts he says i have a problem with my eyes i count toward this is my home and i want to stay here until i die there are other families like them refusing to leave but seven thousand five hundred people have left some have lost their homes others fear the same thing would happen to theirs they live in government run makeshift camps supported by the un and aid agencies there so months ago before the end of the rainy season people here are receiving food shelter and medicine to prevent water borne diseases like cholera this is where most of the international aid money is going to camps like this one i said to her and her family don't want to come here they say this is
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a temporary solution to a long term problem people here are growing impatient they've been promised new homes. for now soldiers are busy setting up more tense. the world food program are no longer just distributing food but also cash to help people get back to work what they need now is not food but they need support. to rebuild their lives. construction is underway to build affordable homes some thirty miles outside of freetown too far says i said to she spent her life savings building this place from here she runs a small restaurant bringing enough money to keep her family and husband happy staying she says is a risk worth taking at least for now nicholas hawk al jazeera freetown. now manners in spain's catalonia region have responded to threats of a rest in their bid for independence spain's top prosecutor says mayors who support
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an independence referendum must give statements to prosecutors or face arrest more than seven hundred continue to back the referendum which has been deemed illegal out as they were shot at ballots reports. catalonia is mir's a standing firm against threats that they'll be arrested by spain's top prosecutor because of the a bid for independence. i got when i did that but i have nothing to hide when we have to go to declare we will say the same thing we have always said that we owe it to our people and therefore we will continue working so they can express themselves freely in the polls that as many as eighty percent of catalogs i've requested it. the spanish supreme court has ruled the october first independence referendum illegal spain's public prosecutor jose manuel man isn't forcing that decision on wednesday he ordered police tourist more than seven hundred mayors if they failed
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to turn up the questioning over the continued support for the referendum. prosecutors earlier ordered the seizure of ballot papers and other voting materials me as have also been threatened with charges of civil disobedience abuse of office and misuse of public funds a prison aboard faints if they allow public buildings to be used for the voters. past the drumbeat for independence is on the state people home or than a million people took to the streets of catalonia capital on monday the regional government his resolution its belief that these people deserve a referendum. when more than seven hundred mayors of persecuted by justice then it's not the mayors you have a problem but the spanish justice system itself it's the spanish justice system that has a problem. catalonia last experience self rule
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three hundred years ago it's the wealthiest region in spain with an economy bigger than portugal greece spain's king philippe has spoken out about the constitutional crisis for the first time saying the spanish constitution will prevail and a unified spine is the pillar of it's the ship. with spain's government clearly determined not to go it alone a question now with the region's. i mean three shallop ballasts al jazeera. recap our top stories here on al-jazeera the un security council as an immediate end to the violence against muslims in me and. join the second general antonio who called the situation catastrophic nearly four hundred thousand people have fled
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to neighboring bangladesh in the past three weeks i call on the myanmar also to suspend the military action and the violence appalled the rule of law and recognize the right of return of all those to leave the country in the u.s. criminal investigation has been opened after eight people died in a sweltering nursing home during hurricane. the facility in florida lost power when the storm hit and the air conditioning failed a fire at a religious school in malaysia's capital has killed at least twenty five people including students the school in kuala lumpur caught fire early on thursday morning the fire department says the bodies have been moved to a nearby hospital. parliament has passed a controversial reconciliation or granting amnesty to public officials accused of corruption and before the arab spring in twenty eleven dozens of protesters gathered outside the parliament activists say below is
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a setback to democracy the opposition shouted slogans before the session was temporarily suspended and walked out in protest. groups isilon hezbollah prisoners near the province of darrow's or in syria they agreed to release them as part of a ceasefire deal two weeks ago meanwhile syrian government troops are advancing further into isolate held territory around darrow's or city the oil rich area seen as to teaching about russian backed syrian troops and u.s. backed opposition fighters for more talks to end the war in syria are set to begin the sixth round of talks and i start brokered by russia turkey and iran and their aimed at implementing lasting cease fire and so-called deescalation of. brazil's former president lula da silva is being questioned again by the country's top anticorruption judge known as the frontrunner in next year's brazilian election he's facing multiple charges for allegedly accepting bribes the same judge sentenced him to more than nine years in july for corruption. those are the
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headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the stream that's watching. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the wound. matter where you call home al-jazeera bringing the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. how can you tell what's true no.


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