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tv   Estonia Going On A Bear Hunt  Al Jazeera  September 14, 2017 12:32pm-1:00pm AST

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so the japanese archipelago should quote be sunken into the sea by the nuclear bomb japan condemned the threats saying the announcement was extremely provocative outrageous and unacceptable representatives of the syrian government and the syrian opposition groups are meeting in kazakstan today for a sixth round of talks to end the civil war the discussions in a stand being brokered by russia turkey and iran the united nations high commissioner for refugees says there'll be an increase in aid relief for more than three hundred eighty thousand or hinge or who fled violence in rakhine state aid agencies along the bangladeshi border have been overwhelmed with the number of ranger since the military crackdown began at the end of last month. the inquiry into one of the worst fire disasters in modern european history is now beginning in the u.k. at least eighty people were killed in london's grenfell tower in june the investigation is expected to look at several factors including building regulations and the response of local government those are your headlines adrian is here with the news
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hour in thirty minutes i'm back after that i will see you very soon people in power is next. it makes a building up its present some of europe's northeastern borders and russia this month carrying out massive war games of it saying could these rehearsals ever translate into a great thing and how would the nations on the front line respond if they date journalist eric campbell has been to the baltic state of hysteria to find out.
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it looks like something out of a fairy title and its characters a desperate to live happily ever after. the patient is not so far away that it's far away for all it's into pint sized a stone he has shaken off dictatorship and builds a high tech economy that's the envy of the world to. its old enemy in the east is rising again and the study is gearing up to fox. taking on the russian ban means more than boots on the ground
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a stony a is pushing sign a defense to the very limits. we have to be prepared and we have to react according to. as they say if you don't want to war prepare for war. every spring when the weather warms up a study is invalid. in the capital time and it's tourists jostling for space in europe's hot new destination a mix of medieval splendor and historical kits. to
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. drive away in the forest there's a more aggressive fight for territory. these are names those annual war games near the russian border this year it's nine thousand troops from fifty countries. these are the market out there trying alongside the a study in defense forces and the a stony and defense league reserve up your volunteers. there was a student at a stony is national film school one day she hopes to be
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a movie director today she's learning what to do with a hand grenade explodes in front of. me have one guy who must hand and giving her state does it feel more real when you're in the thick yeah. i've got transferred to. a study has been doing these exercises for fifteen years and in the past three years. of conflict with russia has become much more real people have seen me an exciting crime a outbreak of war in eastern ukraine the downing of m i'm seventeen and more recently the cyber attacks on me us and france. that many have blamed on russia and this is one very small country trying to work out of the friend itself from in china my. friend
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decided to learn that they were among hundreds of young women to join the league after russia invaded its neighbor crime here. just like the russians next to a stone or so they did. not. like i mean a country people worried about. but yeah like maybe it's going but no we don't know that you want to be ready yeah ok and you're prepared to actually fight you know we're working on it. that's why we're here you know frightened of the idea that you of course i am war is so awful i don't want to have a war in this town. as they say if you don't want to war prepare for war. and study it feels it has good cause to beacons. he moved to it was invaded by the soviet
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union the communist empire dominated by russia. caruso was a boy he went to stony and finally won independence in ninety nine he won. most of the point doesn't understand the cost of freedom. thirty eight years old member of the soviet times i remember soviet. and i don't want that back. he's not you know it's not granted. as we can see in the front today even though he knows the story on its own could never defeat russia with a population of just one point three million they're out numbered one hundred to
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one. we're leaving. but he believes they could inflict enough pain to make moscow think twice. if we don't actually face to invade other countries the more we're exercise the less likely somebody to attack us but i think that second guess this must be as expensive as possible. you just have to glance at the map to see why a stone is weary. it's not only dwarfed by russia which is nearly four hundred times its size it's seen how easily moscow can take back former soviet territory in twenty fourteen and captured ukraine's province of crimea with barely a shot fired.
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that moscow sent in soldiers guns at popstars supposedly to protect crimea as russian. russian media warned they were about to be attacked by ukraine's new pro western governments. that. just anybody. that. russian militia surrounded ukrainian army bases as separatists held a referendum to formalize the split to mean it reminds very much what happened in stoney a nine hundred forty sixteenth of june so the troops sent out referendum was staged a month later and a month later we voluntarily joined. soviet union so the scenario is very familiar to the people in estonia if you talk to them. count iran is a former ambassador to russia and has little trust in its president vladimir putin
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of course we're worried about recent steps where we're a worried about unpredictability of russia we are worried about violations of our air space we do follow the military exercises that do not have defensive or friendly character but as a rather. aggressive ones so of course we have to take that everything into account we have to be prepared and we have to react if needed and conventional war is not the only danger. the hard way that there are other ways to be attacked. ten years ago the a stonie in government decided to move the statue from this park that commemorated the liberation of talent well russia was outraged. and made five news reports that the statue was being destroyed some russian speakers in tallinn went on a rampage more than one hundred people were injured but the main attack was on the
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internet. overnight web sites from an service. it's cold denial of service attack and it was launched from the addresses across europe. a stunning year was briefly plunged back into the pre-digital i russia's government tonight. i was a student ambassador to russia and so of course the question of attribution who was behind those attacks was racist some of the russian officials even officials were stupid enough. to say themselves that they were behind those attacks or they were part of that attacks or that took place in those attacks. in the west and defense alliance is the first cyber war.
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it's set up a cyber defense century talented counter future attacks every year it stages complex cyber war games to probe for weakness. the researches help dystonia develop one of the world's most secure digital networks if russia's intention was to scare estonia it backfired because it was so. out of the blue i mean like so i mean. it didn't affect our everyday life. too much one bank was down for one of us. oh how wrong and so of the maximum damage place rather than retreating from cyberspace a stern you decided to double down and make digital development the core of its new economy. the government backed up all its stock to run foreign service to prevent disruption every citizen was given a unique digital identity to access any government services on line from paying
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taxes to voting. helped design the system and says the public it breaks that people could use the bit on this like benefits like eroding or like paying taxes with zero click on one click and everything happens like this. because sharing information. government institutions sharing information with each other without any paper or like personal interference so that they like the thing there are things so fish. once high speed internet was extended to every part of the country nobody needed to line up at government offices. i had the wrong road trip in my children and. first stop us intake of k. and you know that there is that immigration all those ropes forming the line and
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and might mention them asking me like father what is this. it's a queue what is it. because they have never seen a queue i mean they obviously have seen the likes seven a person standing in the grocery store like and waiting but i organized a visit ropes. and i've never seen it all happens online. a study here is now one of europe's most wired countries is former soviet industrial states new talent airport is becoming a new silicon valley. we caught up with kalpoe caruso the machine gun we filmed in the forest these are software consultant there are have like hundreds of services the countries offering us the government is offering us. companies like our company and we can use them for free and deliver our own thing which which is really
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really smart them secure and reliable so you basically leap frog from being a fairly backward soviet economy to being a very bad start tech economy. where we have not joyce we have to do something right little stonier has developed some of the world's biggest digital products like the video calling service skype. but even as it looks to the future there's always one eye on the soviet past which is why campo alternates his hips the uniform of jeans and t. shirts with military fatigues. but not everyone here feels russia. less than three hours drive from talon is the old fortress town of navarre on the russian border. it's just two hours drive from here to russia's second city's pages but.
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ninety percent of novice residents big russian most like bloody major dark off feel russian that their risky quarter daily has not got a commercial growth could work better. look at the fortunate few tourists to new york of the more than a quarter of the stern has population hails from russia as in crimea many of their families moved across in soviet times when they were the same country now the us and its neighbor evander it were effectively the same town. but in the one nine hundred ninety one i was suddenly cut off people now need visas to visit family and friends across the heavily patrolled border. yes so some cool so use it was done through school so this was also used to get out and.
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who was doing it. despite find himself on the a stony inside blood a major dark golf remains proud of his heritage. a well. twice a week he reverses with a russian folk group in novice casal assume. of a long history of conflict. danish occupiers build it in the thirteenth century as they advanced on russia in the fifteenth century the third built an even bigger fortress directly opposite it's now the only place in the world where two fortresses facing each other across a border. not of the. most of which you know you can see. what you do which
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used to look at it is still in use but i wanted it doesn't conflict you come to see on the. moon. and i see thank you to you and you. of course russia did support separatists in ukraine and georgia but the russian community here is different nobody is that keen to rejoin the motherland. katori. not rushed at. cream. at the bit. bustle it can you let us go over from year. to see. which is. why he doesn't see trouble coming from the russian side he
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does blame one group for stirring up the neighborhood nato. the sopranos not to the studio you not ask you must know. this he is nato operation was called springs store two weeks of war games leading up to a major battle. profession the commander of the defense forces general retired terrorists told us it was mine it compared to what russia was planning for september russians are exercising more than a hundred thousand people so it is i think the only question i can see is if we don't do anything i think ukraine provoked enough in crimea not doing anything so.
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from our side we already yes we're ready for it. but this year vladimir putin wasn't the only president causing. u.s. troops were taking part in the games but their new commander in chief donald trump that's called nato obsolete while pricey who took. a stone in the suburbs of st peters with his campaign team and even questioned if the u.s. would defend the night a member. i'm not sure i would worst nuclear war. over some place which is the suburbs of st petersburg. this is war games were appointed demonstration that nato would fight a conventional. a
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major battle of spring storm inside the battle against this well they know me. just blanks but otherwise everything is going to be as real as possible. battles as soon right around us. we find ourselves. being hunted down by the. d.v.d. . if you. think it's. right .
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but the real battle was just begun. as soldiers gathered for the closing ceremony. verging on brussels for their first music with trump general terrace was playing down the difference. here by. nations back to the next year's exercise in order to show the strengths of the lions which is today. in brussels. nato members must finally contribute the alliances twenty eight other members hopes trump the nato doctrine that in attack on one was an attack on all instead he attacked them for not paying their bills.
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this is not fair to the people and taxpayers of the united states. and many of these nations massive amounts of money from past years. some european leaders seem to dismay the dystonia as prime minister your iraq says his meeting with trump left him reassured the most that there levy's asked first of all i tell him that i told him that. strong supporter for me and also that. our promises for example our defense spending is this year more than two brits and actually going seventeen people talk about donald trump's attitude you actually met him what he said united states is behind tomato of course it's very important to find against terrorists but also he said that. russia is also.
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even with a nagging fear of the stone eons to getting on with life. between great powers from the east and west their land has been full time since the thirteenth century. longest day of the freedom in a stone in history. at the moment. and hoping it will last. for years. and. come for the race and his wife hope their children won't have to worry about finding. the profession is not so far away it's far away for children they don't they haven't seen it so i think they're smarter and they have more opportunities.
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because of this. and if you safe. but there mining's free. there might just be this is very very i think it's like a evolution and also like every every generation is smarter they have more experience and so on song so you're building. basic stuff. if you study and can avoid war this will be the first generation in eight hundred years to be free of foreign domination. and that's really.
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business update brought to you by can talk they always going places together.
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business update brought to you by can talk they always going places together. let's talk about now. right now. right now it's happening so fast. you can barely keep up with it. right now we've got clowns protecting rhino. on mobile technology finding clean water not tomorrow not five years in the future. now. in a disaster the internet can be restored by a truck. in a mine this truck can drive itself and right now this child is being treated by a doctor from six thousand miles away this is science not fiction and cisco
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networks are making it happen now. because when everything is securely connected anything is possible and there's never been a better time to change the way. this is al-jazeera. i'm adrian for again this is that he was a live from al-jazeera headquarters in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes while the twenty students are killed in a school for lazio. north korea provokes more to.


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