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tv   The Colour Of The Chameleon  Al Jazeera  September 15, 2017 4:00am-5:01am AST

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but he looked at. me to see down. the belly. but he got. the feeling that some people just get out. north korea strikes again. towards the east from its capital. and this is all just a live from doha with special coverage of north korea's latest. reaction around the
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world has been swift and shocked japan has condemned the u.s. secretary of state is calling for new measures against pyongyang. north korea has fired a ballistic missile over japan that was launched from soon on district in the capital city pyongyang south korea's military estimates that its maximum altitude was around seven hundred seventy kilometers its flight distance was around three thousand seven hundred kilometers that is launched is the second time north korea's fired a missile over japan in less than a month and a few minutes ago u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson issued a statement calling on all nations to take new measures against north korea specifically he said china and russia must indicate their intolerance for these reckless launches by taking direct actions of their own and we've got our
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correspondents craig leeson in tokyo mike hanna in washington and adrian brown in beijing first let's cross live to seoul and thomas andrew what do we know about this launch. well that missile was launched at six fifty seven local time on the korean peninsula that is just over three hours ago in fact exactly three hours ago that missile was in the air it flew for nineteen minutes we're told by the south korean military and it flew for three thousand seven hundred kilometers in a north west easterly direction now had that missile being flown in a south westerly direction it would have flown towards a quorum where the united states of course has a big military presence so that in itself is significant the distance it flew very very significant north korea had made it clear after the united nations part its
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resolution at beginning of the week that it was not going to be deterred from testing missiles and from nuclear tests this seems to be evidence of that a test so swiftly after that u.n. resolution was passed is clear provocation by the north and clear suggestion that they are not going to be put off from their ambitions to have nuclear missiles andrew south korea has been responding to this what's its reaction been from both militarily and politically. yeah well as you say they've been both those elements of it right now the national security. security council is meeting chaired by the president here in south korea they're considering their diplomatic and political response but a military response as well this is very significant the south korean military said that immediately on the texting this missile launch they fired their own missile it was again a test it all took place within south korean territory they calculated that from where their missile was based in south korea it was
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a distance of two hundred fifty kilometers to the north korean launch site and as a test they launched their own missile it flew for exactly two hundred fifty kilometers not towards north korea i should add but in another direction but as evidence that they could almost instance instantaneously fire their own missile at the launch site in other words target the spot at which that missile had been launched from they want to make the point that they are ready for these tests they're ready for these launches and they would be ready to respond straight away to a real missile launch i should say as well the south korean military has said that this missile was launched on a what they call a conventional trajectory in other words the sort of angle that it would be fired at were it fired in anger at a real target this is read recently unusual most of north korea's tests have been fired much more steeply up so they've gone further up and they've gone along further up into space and they're going along this one wasn't it was fired at a shallower trajectory that's why it flew so far that's why it could reach so far
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for now thanks very much indeed. japanese chief cabinet secretary. made these comments in a news briefing shortly after the missile test. today at six fifty seven a.m. one ballistic missile was launched from the west coast of north korea in a northeastern direction at seven o four this ballistic missile passes over the skies of hokkaido and at seven sixteen it landed in the pacific ocean about two thousand east of cape at this point there is no evidence of fragments of the missile landing in our territory also we do not have any information of any damage to shipping or airlines in the area. we cannot accept the success of provocation repeated by north korea and resolutely denounce it in the strongest possible words and also convey our people strong resentment the japanese government will respond to the situation with the u.s. south korea and other related countries including the u.n.
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security council and will monitor the situation in order to protect and ensure people's safety ok let's go now to craig neeson who's in tokyo and craig i understand that the prime minister of japan shinzo abbey has been speaking he said that japan can never tolerate north korea's provocative saying anything else. yes well he arrived this morning from a diplomatic trip to india way he launched the start of a new bullet train a which to pan is funding and he came back to be greeted by this missile launch of the sworn in he held a media conference and as you said he denounced it said it was intolerable and he's called for an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council and he wants the u.n. security council to implement straight away the toughest sanctions that we saw imposed on choose day against north korea and he's also called on the international
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community in total to denounce these action by north korea and to act against north korea so you clearly japan feeling very threatened by this second strike within a second missile launch within a month we saw them launch a missile across the north of the country just a month ago very similar miss olland a bit steep but very similar in the kind of distance that it went what happened when this missile was launched was we're told by the government here it was that they alerted the public within three minutes of the launch that is called a jail it and that sends a warning message and an alert to people's mobile phones and to public instruments including radio and television so they said they did have time to warn the public their main concern though with this missile was that something might fall from an
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clearly it wasn't going to land in japan or in a civilized air civilian area so there was no threat as far as japan was concerned to the public but as always it's the me action from north korea that's rattling japan and causing all sorts of consternation here and particularly given that. north korea had that successful hydrogen bomb test just two weeks ago and that of course sends a signal to japan they released a white paper just last week saying they believe that north korea now has the capability of miniaturizing nuclear weapons which means they could put them on top of one of these missiles and that of course makes it an incredible threat to japan and south korea and the allies in this region regulation until thank you very much indeed let's cross to mike hanna who's joining us from washington d.c.
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i understand that president donald trump has been briefed by. on this matter mike so now we're waiting to see what kind of reaction he's going to have to all of this. well indeed yes he's been briefed by his chief of staff for john kelly we are told we have heard that reaction from the secretary of state ricks tillotson who issued a statement saying that the recent sanctions moves in the united nations represented the floor rather than the sealing off what should be carried out against north korea he also made pointed reference to china and to russia saying that china gave north korea most of its oil that russia implied most of its labor force from north korea and saying that these countries should show their repulsion of the latest event by taking direct action themselves we've also heard from norad saying that there was no direct threat against the united states in the launch or indeed any
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threat whatsoever against go on the nearest u.s. territory to north korea but president trump as we said has been briefed on the matter waiting to see if there's any reaction from the white house mike the u.n. security council resolution on sanctions that was made earlier on this week was nowhere near what the u.s. had wanted but it was weakened in order to get china and russia to sign up to it we know that there are going to be meetings of the security council happening in a couple of days presumably that pressure the rex tillerson is talking about on china and russia is going to increase in the run up to those meetings. indeed yes well there is a security council emergency meeting shuttled for the next twenty four hours now what has been happening in the security council is that the u.s. has been wanting to get a united front to have all members of the security council on the same page hence as you mentioned they watered down their latest draft sanctions proposal but
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there's also been argument from some members of the security council in particular from russia and china that imposing new sanctions has no effect unless existing sanctions are properly implemented the argument there is that there have been sufficient sanctions imposed against north korea but they are simply not being implemented this goes round again now to what's rex tillerson was saying that china does have the power does have the ability to be able to ensure that the sanctions already in place are fully implemented but we also heard from president trump earlier in the day before this latest missile launch speaking on air force one he said that relations with china are very good he repeated his assertion that china was willing to bring pressure to bear on north korea though the missile launch now would appear to show that that is not the case mark thanks very much indeed. well twenty seventeen has been
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a year of rapid progress for north korea's missile program pyongyang says it tested a hydrogen bomb two weeks ago it was north korea's sixth nuclear test and its most powerful yet in response the un security council as mike was saying unanimously approved a u.s. drafted resolution imposing sanctions on the country they bombed kim jong un's government for sporting textiles and restricts the shipment of oil products on august twenty ninth north korea fired an intermediate range ballistic missile over northern japan the country's fired twenty one missiles during fourteen tests since february including its first test of an intercontinental ballistic missile in july less than six years into his reign kim jong un has tested more missiles than his father and his grandfather combined allowed china correspondent adrian brown is live for us in beijing adrian it sounds as though all the focus is beginning to turn towards china and ates role in getting north korea to some sort of negotiation
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. that's right we've had no official statement yet from the chinese government that will come later today but i can tell you what it will say it will say that china condemns this latest missile test by north korea china will call for restraint and a return to negotiation what china wants is for the united states and south korea to end their annual military exercises in return north korea would cease its ballistic and nuclear test but so far the united states has really backed away from that as being a serious option yes china is going to feel the pressure because of course the burden of sanctions falls on china i've just been in dandong the chinese city on the chinese north korean border it's through the city of course that the bulk of what north korea needs to survive passes it's also from here that the oil is pumped into north korea now china has agreed of course to limit oil exports to north korea
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it's also agreed to stop the export of refined petroleum products to north korea and also to stop all imports of north korean textiles that's going to hurt the regime because this is an important source of hard currency for north korea also china and russia are no longer going to import according to this u.n. resolution north korean workers again another important source of foreign currency but you know as mike was saying it all comes down to implementation and in force meant chinese inspectors looking at the trucks before they cross the border into north korea to see what those cargos are but you know china only has a limited number of customs officers there are no independent u.n. inspectors there supervising what happened so all we have really the end of the day is china's word that it is going to enforce the sanctions against north korea and it will do vigorously it says but you know we only have china's word to go on that
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the other problem rob is you know china in the past did have some sort of diplomatic sway over north korea but there. i think ended three years ago when kim jong un had his uncle executed now this uncle had very good relations with chinese leaders he used to come to beijing a lot now i think chinese leaders don't know who to talk to if there is you know a hotline between beijing and pyongyang china's leaders don't know if all who will pick up the phone at the other end adrian thanks very much indeed lawrence korb is a senior fellow at the center for american progress and the former u.s. assistant secretary of defense he thinks this latest missile launch could force china to increase sanctions on north korea the last thing the chinese want is to see the japanese call mom more active buy more equipment from the united states maybe even think of getting nuclear weapons when you talk to the chinese now you
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see the biggest threat to them is japan given the history of world war two now when you return for that they watch the united states to begin to talk to the north koreans and maybe slow down some of these exercises that we view or make them less . well baka to have with the with this with the south koreans because eventually that's how you're going to have to settle this are going to have to recognize what korea is a nuclear power we want to stop where they are but we will wait to end the korean war which theoretically has an end and guarantee their sovereignty they think that they need these weapons to protect an invasion from the south were the united states which is not true what is now behind it is but a short time ago i spoke with general in boma showing he's a retired lieutenant general with the south korean army and he's currently a visiting fellow with the brookings institution in washington he says the real
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threat from north korea hasn't come yet. the real problem is probably going to be when they stop launching these missiles which would mean that they've perfected to a degree that they're missiles that are working and they'll go into full production which means it'll be operational that's when the real threat will become materialized no weapons system is going to be one hundred percent that's why you would be prudent to at least fire two missiles for incoming target the challenge of course is that the north koreans would have more missiles than you would have defensive missiles that is why the south korean government is looking towards other means which is improving its patriot missile quantity as well as developing its own medium and lower level and he defends missile systems still ahead on al-jazeera several iranians among the dead as suicide bombers launched attacks in southern
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iraq killing at least sixty people. and the u.s. and u.k. apply more international pressure on me and mocked to stop the violence against iraq engine muslims. welcome back on to some fairly chilly air across parts of australia as the winds continue to come in from the southwest much of the country those looking fine under this area of high pressure so look at the forecast fine conditions in our springs but again melbourne it's quite windy some showers coming through sydney ten which is way way lower than they have been at twenty one when they have been up into the low thirty's as we head on through into saturday melbourne stuck at twelve meanwhile across western australia it's looking rather too fine for perth air with a mix some of twenty two across into new zealand the rain keeps on coming some
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really heavy rain across the south on uncertain through much of friday that frontal system then will help topple across the north island during the course of friday night and into saturday but by saturday we should find that rain begins a clear way and the winds begin to ease somewhat though still plenty of showers around the south island up into northeastern parts of asia and here waiting for the arrival of typhoon time towards the southern islands of japan just sit on the edge of your screen there as we head into the weekend starts to push further up across the region into southern japan so a socket will see it later on saturday more central northern areas dry and the fine in sapporo with highs of twenty. along europe's baltic borders tensions are increasing as nato strengthens us defenses and russia gears up for well being of its own of course we're worried about unpredictability we have to. and we have to. but will the conflict
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rehearsals ever translate into the real thing. if you don't want. people in power reports. going on a bear hunt at this time. you're watching a reminder of our top stories the u.n. security council is set to hold an emergency meeting on friday after north korea fired another ballistic missile over japan it was launched from sun on district in the capital city. south korea's military estimates that its maximum altitude was
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around seven hundred and seventy kilometers distance was about three thousand seven hundred kilometers that's putting it well within range of the u.s. military base on guam. it's the second time north korea has fired a missile over japan in less than a month japan's condemned the launch and u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has issued a statement calling on all nations to take new measures against north korea. or robert kelly from south korea's proves and national university believes this launch will trigger south korea and japan to further boost their civil defense systems. regular south koreans are like my friends my family you my students really have no idea what to do at all and i think you're probably going to start to get that you may recall that the government of guam handed out flyers about what to do if there was a nuclear blast near guam i think that's coming here japan has already started with civil defense and putting people in shelters i also think missile defense is the future if the north koreans are going to build missiles then i think japan and south korea going to build missile defense and you'll see something of
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a measure for countermeasure kind of arms race but you know missile defense is expensive it doesn't really work very well so the north koreans don't stop building missiles missile defense ultimately won't be enough and then there will be pressure for error. ok let's turn now to some of the day's other news says it was behind coordinated attacks in southern iraq at least sixty people died and dozens more were injured when the attackers targeted a restaurant on a police checkpoint near the city of nasiriyah some of the victims were shia muslims visiting from iran. has more. southern iraq has been spared much of the violence that the rest of the country has seemed to in the west and in the north and now this attack took place just after lunchtime gunmen attacked the checkpoint which leads into southern iraq and then two suicide car bombs exploded outside of. iraq as i say has been spared much of the violence and i saw have claimed responsibility for this particular attack now they do claim
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responsibility for a number of attacks not just here but abroad as well but it is likely to be an isolated attack this is a message really from the group saying that you may have beaten us. in mosul you may have surrounded us in the last remaining stronghold but we all still able to attack you in places that you wouldn't expect so now that's a real challenge for the iraqis do they move troops to the south or do they continue their battle up in. the future of a united iraq is looking even more uncertain as tensions continue over a referendum on kurdish independence the iraqi parliament has voted to remove the governor of coke from office after the province decided to take part in the september the twenty fifth vote the parliament rejected the poll on tuesday it also gave prime minister a high that allow body authority to take all measures to preserve national unity. a senior russian negotiator says his country together with turkey and iran is close
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to finalizing an agreement on deescalation zones in syria they're discussing the details at a meeting in kazakhstan as capital as stana it's the sixth round of talks aimed at ending more than six years of civil war has more from a stunner. certainly a positive tone at the end of the first day of talks here in a star from the head of the russian delegation president putin special representative for syria alexander reactive saying he wanted to draw a line by the end of the top saying under this plan the full of the four deescalation zones inside syria a plan that was signed by russia turkey and iran in may he said a lot of the focus of the talks today has been with respect to who could potentially monitor these areas he said that he presumed there would be a role for the iranians the turks and the russians in monitoring these areas and this flies in the face of what the opposition of thus far said demanding zero role
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for any arraigning forces on the ground in those areas is also so lever and ships said this been a lot of focus on the province of labor which is included in this deescalation zone plan problems there because a lot of the groups the opposition groups there are deemed to be terrorist organizations affiliated with al qaida. that's what the international community says in its also what the syrian government says meaning that these rebel groups could well be viable targets and there are concerns of course for the hundreds of thousands of civilians that have fled to this area looking for security we also spoke to a member of the opposition delegation a source there who said that he was quietly confident that the opposition delegation could well sign at this agreement on the full deescalation zones by the end of tomorrow and that's when these talks are scheduled to end. two more injured
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muslims have drowned making the crossing for me and marta bangladesh eighty eight people have died attempting the journey since the start of the crisis three weeks ago this baby was one of those killed when the wooden boat he was on turned over almost four hundred thousand for hundreds of fled me and mark since the military launched a crackdown the mayhem our army says it's targeting armed groups in the region aid agencies say they're overwhelmed by the crisis u.s. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he's spoken to me and my as leader aung san suu kyi and she's reassured him she is working to get aid to the areas she said human rights violations in the country would also need to be addressed meanwhile in london u.k. foreign secretary ballers johnson is urging all sides who change to do more to help through the hinge and nobody wants to see a return to military rule in burma nobody wants to see a return of the generals but it's also vital the civilian government
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and that that is. as i say i have a great deal of admiration but it is vital. to make clear this is a long moment and the. people will be allowed back pro independence leaders in spain as catalonia region have launched a campaign for a yes vote in a referendum on october the first they say if they win the votes they'll declare a separate state within days spain central government says the poll is illegal and must not go ahead the parties opposed to independence aren't campaigning and they've called for a boycott. three female former google employees have filed a lawsuit accusing the tech giant of discriminating against women in pay and promotions they say the company pays women less than men who perform similar work the class action comes as google faces a gender bias investigation by the u.s.
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department of labor after spending twenty years exploring saturn and its moons the cassini space mission is coming to an end nasa is preparing to destroy the spacecraft by sending it plunging into saturn's atmosphere balance of looks at what its achieved over the years three to one. very closely the spacecraft it took me seven years flying through space to reach saturn as it settled into orbit around the ringed planet cassini launched the whole lander onto the surface of titan suddens biggest moon. over thirteen years the mission has sent back spectacular images from the other side of the solar system it will feel in some sense like a death in the family you know something you've devoted your life to for twenty seven years and then it will be gone. but certainly i will feel triumphant because it has been assumed and profoundly successful exploration
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and i'm so proud to have been a part of it covered in snow and ice this is another sutton and salad us it has powerful ice blasting gazes and here scientists believe there's water and so a chance to look for traces of life and on titan cassini revealed a climate similar to primordial earth it's why cassini can land on saturn it may still carry microbes some earth that could affect an alien ecosystem because the importance of in solid us that cassini has shown us and of titan another potential world that could be habitable for life for apps not like we know it but perhaps completely different than ours. we had to make decisions on how to dispose of the spacecraft. and that led us inevitably to the
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plan of taking cassini and plunging it into saturn. so after the last of twenty two dives between saturn's rings and surface because seaney will fly into the planet's burning atmosphere. burnet smith al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories the un security council is set to hold an emergency meeting on friday after north korea fired another ballistic missile japan over. than it was launched from sun on the street in the capital city pyongyang south korea's military estimates that its maximum altitude was around seven hundred seventy kilometers and its flight distance was around three thousand seven hundred kilometers it's the second time north korea has fired up my soul over japan in less than a month japan's chief cabinet secretary also he confirmed the missile pasta over
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the northern island of hokkaido u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson statement calling on all nations to take new measures against north korea he said china and russia must indicate their intolerance for these reckless launches by taking direct actions of their own crate gleason's in tokyo with more. clearly japan feeling very threatened by this second strike within a second missile launch within a month we saw them launch a missile all across the north of the country just a month ago very similar miss olland a bit steep but very similar in the kind of distance that it went what happened when this missile was launched was we're told by the government here it was that they alerted the public within three minutes all the launch that is called a jail it and that sends a warning message and an alert to people's mobile phones and to public instruments
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including radio and television so they said they did have time to warn the public their main concern though with this missile was that something might fall from an clearly it wasn't going to land in japan or in a civilized civilian area so there was no threat as far as japan was concerned to the public but as always it's the me action from north korea that's rattling japan and causing all sorts of consternation here and particularly given that north korea had that successful hydrogen bomb test just two weeks ago and that of course since the signal to japan they released a white paper just last week saying they believe that north korea now has the capability of miniaturizing nuclear weapons which means they could put them on top of one of these missiles and that of course makes it an incredible threat to japan
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and south korea and the allies in this region and those are the headlines next on al-jazeera it's one of one east parts of the. along europe's baltic borders tensions are increasing as nato strengthens us defenses and russia gears up for war games of its own of course we want worried about unpredictability of russia we have to be prepared and we have to react if needed but will the conflict rehearsals ever translate into the real thing as they say if you don't want a war prepare for war people in power reports the stonier going on a bear hunt at this time on it does he owe. this. priest in the philippines are trusted and love. for what happens when that power is exploited.
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despite growing reports of sexual misconduct inside asia's biggest catholic church . it's all been kept hitting behind closed doors. i'm steve chapman on this edition a one on one east we investigate sexual misconduct in the most powerful institution in the philippines the catholic church. on the remote filipino island of gamers by b.j. crystal is being well into the coverage. the father will make healing is among the many philip raising her baptism. but this is no ordinary ceremony because the healing is a catholic priest who took a vow or celibacy. father he league has
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a long term partner joy and three other children. the most important figure in his law. there's a lot of ways the messenger us. god through jesus christ so that's why i call them you know j c so that jesus christ jake this christian degreased didn't and still. just to remind them that. they are the sons and daughters of jesus grace. follicle felix decision to have children puts him at odds with the vatican sacred lou for ordering priests to be celibate it's considered sexual misconduct and the scene. wants room to reconsider we've made a lot of noise already so we called it nice in order for us to be heard by our bishops and also by a role. we're all that. we send emails in order for them to accept us
4:36 am
that according to catholic officials the point of celibacy is to devote your entire life to make that sacrifice to god you're correct that's correct i'm showing disrespect to god in the church when we talk about celibacy this was only a man made rules that did not say this so i think i cannot say that i have committed sins i am just continuing his one day to go. and multiple. other key healing in two other priests so far the truth kicked out of the diocese so they set up their own soap star catholic ministry with privately owned churches to support the congregation. wanted to be
4:37 am
a priest since he was a child first of all it was a like a there in the altar advising people telling them what to do. and of course they have. good lives. they're living they have been everything. for them. here in one of the world's biggest catholic nations there's a chronic shortage of priests so most worshippers just accept who they can get. new church figures condemn the three men as disgraceful renegades. they're like social class when they're making use of the catholic church they're making use of the fact that they have a semblance of being priests to further their own needs and that's very dishonest you know essentially father healing is presenting himself as a catholic priest what can you do about nothing because the church will have right
4:38 am
now that priest has been exactly excommunicated but he's outside of the church. the church can do anything about him. as secretary of the country's canon law society father hi my arch of course job is to advise the faithful and keep the clergy in line in some diocese he says one in five priests who father children. that's horrendous they're doing so much harm but the bishop is caught between the devil in the deep blue sea so to speak that if he has this priest and he's only once he has to same to attend to the needs of the faithful and if they're misbehaving he's caught the way fire them then who is a mass and sartre. in the capital manila retired archbishop oscar cruz heads up an internal tribunals
4:39 am
investigate allegations of sexual misconduct against filipino clergy. he had lived some senior church bigots are reluctant to punish a priest whose father to a child is a parasite some of your colleagues condoning this practice. i think that this possible i or she does. but doing a she our core children has been impacted by a lot of a moral practices. little by little they really don't. and soledad there are more and more cases of these clinical abuses but archbishop cruz says these abuses by catholic clergy can be bommel sinister than fathering children the cases he investigates include the sexual abuse of vulnerable children even right. he handles up to sixty cases at
4:40 am
a time and says it's the tip of the iceberg because bishops could investigate cases in their own diocese without bringing them to his tribunals there are eighty two jurisdictions in the philippines eighty two in say eighty to ninety six dioceses spell it chills it to play jetta and supporting del sandy cases all here. i might drown. archbishop cruz is speaking out to condemn that abuse i may be now if ending a lot of my fellow bass ups but it's a personal stand gun on the days when you can just close your eyes and plug your ears the bass up a ship nothing is happening from your experience in investigating cases are we saying a wrong size in rights of sexual misconduct within the church yes because the people in the old one area have become rather alert and could be just
4:41 am
and denying seeing. the end and see a priest what about pedophilia are there more rip yes yes yes more reports. and homosexuality. more. you know. and that by lifting a by and. i must be something. clerical abuse of children is not a new issue in the philippines some victims have borne the scars for years yeah. it was the shirts that a read from my books in my catholic high school it was not the same church i've heard from the priests. it was basically a mafia. doing a concerted effort to drive me out. at the age of seventy.
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is an altar boy in the silica. he loved the responsibility and freedom of going to church without his parents. it was at the basilica where hate and the other altar boys the charismatic father appel an aria. he was very warm in fact he's one of the more sought after priests they're not like your priest if you meet them. they're hand out for you to bless but he would actually interact with most people he was ask us out go out to dinner elsewhere watch movies it was really a magnet. one evening after a busy sunday mass father met her. and another to the movie. inside the dark. says the priest reached over and began fondling.
4:43 am
was the day i could never forget i think it's done me it's done me a point that. i couldn't even describe how it felt but i vividly recall what happened. a good even remember. that he with out the hand with some weird smell in it than he did the my face. he said you smell of take a shower. head was so heavy. i was i think out of surrender i just pretended to fall asleep thinking that. he might. stop doing what he was doing at that time. but instead of stopping marcos' father met her i began molesting the of the altar boy acted like.
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he was not doing anything bad at that. around the same time halfway across the world allegations of clerical sexual abuse surfaced in the u.s. and the church was swamped by a tsunami of complaints. in two thousand and two filipino bishops drafted these guidelines to investigate sexual misconduct within their own ranks but the vatican wouldn't approve them because they included a controversial clause one which pardon priests could fathered a child it took a decade flat clause to be removed and to pass the guidelines during that time father koso admits a lot of damage was done during this period from two thousand and one to two thousand and thirteen which is fairly recent with god lines you have to concede
4:45 am
investigations are probably not handled well or yes they were. unfortunately and they neither good investigations in the past have festered so things have not been solved priest continued to be there. what do you mean by priests continued to be there to say those priests who did who are deal of such will misconduct they continue in the ministry into one a when they started investigating father koso wasn't aware that the vatican had in fact approved the new god lines on sexual misconduct in twenty twelve as a result of many churches he didn't know they existed i was going to keep that from you because it's very embarrassing you know what aspect. because if it was misplaced. when a document is a one page saying approved well there was misplaced ok now that it has come to four . they were this disseminated immediately.
4:46 am
these internal guidelines matter because no one outside the church has the conduct of catholic leaders including the government in fact the church wields incredible political influence in the philippines toppling two presidents and lobbying against government policies are the easy percent of filipinos fflick othella says and it underpins every pillar of society here. so if clerical abuse victims take on the most powerful institution in the philippines it's a david and goliath battle. in twenty four tane a fifteen year old quad. by a priest village church we'll call her. first he told me to sit on his lap that's when i started to feel nervous. i felt my
4:47 am
heart beating so fast like it was going to burst. and he said he would kiss me but only on the forehead. then he started hugging me and. after that he told me to give him my message. she says the priest then tried to grope. i was crying and shaking so much i really couldn't believe it. why did he do that to me. i'm older reported the matter to police but her god fearing family forced to drop the complaint. they actually beat me to the point that i was afraid to go home. they were angry at me they were telling me that what i did was wrong they treated me like a stray dog because of what i did because i filed the case. a motor claims to church members been paid one hundred fifty dollars to keep silent
4:48 am
for a village go from a farming family such money is a fortune. and. at first i really didn't want to accept the money because i knew it was from the priest. but there was so insistent that i take that. one understands the priest is still working in another community. the reality. of. is one person who helps church abuse victims she says she often hears of cases like a meld of the most recent was last week. i received a text. that the mother told me i mean confess she could not sleep she could not eat so then she confronted the doctor and told her about. mary and says in another recent case the victims have
4:49 am
barely started school how young are the children the youngest. six. she concedes because of fear and intimidation it's impossible to know the scale of clergy abuse in the philippines they don't talk about it because they are afraid. that they will be courteous. brokers there if they go against their speed church authorities claim not a single priest has ever been found guilty of sexual misconduct in the philippines one i want to know is of one priest who was convicted but he was exonerated on appeal the church is not i really just institution the church is also a political ends at those and that's the reality the power of the church is so big that you cannot really pursue this states we will never
4:50 am
mean. mog is one of the few victims of clergy abuse who tried to tycoon the feeling of which . two years after being molested. and three other ulta boys also said they were abused by a man lodged a complaint with the church. could still recall the phrase he read the letter. that said. he had a priest. who was a former spiritual director he said he would just pay them. they're going to get paid anyway. and he really insulted at that time it was like their dog was a smith and somebody and they were at the. victim though don't worry we'll be you anyway. like an elder of the boys were given money on thousand dollars to not press
4:51 am
charges they were told father my herad it would be rehabilitation and reassigned to a parish africa. but only the license model saw him wandering the grounds of supposed to silicon. so i shouted at them by there and he looked at me and we need to recognize it was me just waved at me as if saying it when. i was afraid a lot of young kids will be exposed with him again and that was the time i decided . they'd be collection. maku says the prosecutors initially supported his child abuse criminal complaint against iran but mehrotra tried to discredit the boy's citing there was smoking and gambling and the judge and prosecutor both reversed their decision they're reviewing prosecutors said my behavior or the way i act that was not that of a child that was just
4:52 am
a few cation so he decided to. drop the charges he recommended that the charges against father mirada be dismissed feel doc forces were apply. behind that decision oh yes there's no doubt about that at that time and even until now what you have are the faces of the priests but they're not the ones whose hands are playing the justice system they have powerful friends they have benefactors you know people who want to be associated as being close to the church so that's the scary part. just just to begin with the church assigned the need to investigate father met her father he then defended the priest in course father says the outcome was fair despite the priests admission of guilt first. in fairness.
4:53 am
he admitted on the case and he said i am willing to go to jail for this so why don't we go to joe. big. throw in the garbage the case was thrown in the garbage yes because it was clear that they were just after money they had a deal already we had here. we offered counseling if he was a normal human being he would probably be. well about this the finding of the court. what the. father d'souza has handled five other clerical sexual abuse cases in suburban every case was either dismissed well settled out of course in those cases did you know the accused priest before you began the investigation oh yes so you knew all of them. oh yes yes would you say your relationship with them with close yes.
4:54 am
they are friends we are all friends and. but when a friend is scrutinizing the conduct of another friend kim. oh yes i think so. i knew. we. would be in the best for it's in. in my own experience. and learn. where the priests are allowed to continue working yes. yes. thank you and this was the case with michael's abuse father my herad one i want to waste understands the church moved him from suburban to manila then out to a number of rural communities this catholic directory lists all the priests in the philippines and it says that father now harare is working right here in the
4:55 am
province of. it's a farming region home to vulnerable and impoverished communities. considered one of the most about corners of the country it's the perfect place to put a problem priest. and this is father met herat his church inside we find he is still preaching and enjoys unfettered access to some of the youngest members of his congregation. we try to talk with father geraldo but he refuses to meet with us instead his church the period responds by phone on his behalf. listed a number of altar boys. that he has a history of molesting young men there's a period tells me he knows about his history and that doesn't concern him but he insists the trouble priest has been rehabilitated and describes him as
4:56 am
a transformed man who doesn't pose a risk. to young members of his congregation. the church may not be concerned but the local mayor wants to investigate he. she was shocked to hear that they'd moved a priest with such a troubled past to an area with a high number of school and a gang population. in this place he would like children to be seen to be but then and still as of now i would like to see direct boys the legal papers surrounding that. and i have to investigate because. he is assigned to our place i will do what should be done. now a parent himself mark. my price on all of the young children there's still
4:57 am
a churchman in me. who. would deeply wish that he should be given a second chance but there is also the pessimist in me that the church as of this time could not have that. faculty to rehabilitate priests like him in a frank admission archbishop cruz agrees the church rehabilitation for priests really works in the philippines if you happen. to have personality disorder there because when you're. taking the income so to speak and then yes god doesn't go out and again lessen the chip of egypt but it doesn't kill him really are rehabilitated priests allowed back in the community that should be there just. transpired that it's the same battle so you're transferring. will commit the same mistakes whatever he's. despite admitting that there are
4:58 am
a clear weaknesses in the system father believes only the catholic church can police its priests the church hundred these cases with a lot of discretion both to protect the dignity of. the good name of the priest and also for for the victim so your saying the public have to accept that the best i can see to investigate the church is the church itself i think so definitely. the vatican didn't respond to our inquiries about clergy abuse in the philippines but the fact that asians largest catholic church is avoiding scrutiny is not lost on the main best to get of clergy abuse we still have a long way to go because we have so many got to look. the judges have a contradiction all the lawyers are caught.
4:59 am
yes on disadvantage. the church remains a strong darting presence across the philippines. but there are a serious filings in how it deals with clergy abuse and conduct. its secrecy and unchallenged power is leaving the most vulnerable at risk in this devout nation.
5:00 am
of the united states that the first amendment is really key to being. a. point of. your story is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story was you know the government not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want apologize for that's what al-jazeera does we ask the questions you get closer to the truth. this is al jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes north korea strikes again firing up a list.


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