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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 15, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm AST

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on the table and to discuss and solve this issue in chicago and we thank all the efforts that germany has done and also i thank the chancellor for the chairman role initial genom role and that's the sort of the problems around the negotiation table and we thank you for this. and we thank you for your support of the kuwaiti initiative benefit if of his highness. which qatar supported since the beginning and will continue supporting it until we get to a conclusion solution that satisfies all the parties we talked also about many other issues like the. i believe you have a problem and that qatar supports the governments which is being recognized internationally and about the syrian crisis as well we had we had talks.
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be a solution for it political solution that's why it's all parties in syria. also we talked about the distinguished relationship between qatar and germany. the economic cultural relations and how we can develop such as for. the chancellor like i said we talked about fighting terrorism of course to fight terrorism. but we should also concentrate about the reasons for terrorism and what we can do about it but also about. being a personalizing why we have this terrorism we thank. the chancellor for how good the stepparent for the book could well come. and i hope that these
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discussions will continue between us and our friends in germany thank you. question. the chancellor my question is for. the chancellor so. please put the card time how do you assess that the request from the gulf states to qatar. and that's an issue we cannot solve this conflict in public by having everyone assess. a list what we need to have is that we have talks which will not be printed in the papers which where everything is not immediately published. and.
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then the question in terms of acceptance or how can. this be a chief they are not a chief to. the marketplace but this is achieved by calmly and trying to find fair compromise there i don't want to make a comment on this start regularly but talks that are not immediately published in the paper might be successful or anything else will not be successful . i have a question for the. your country. shares an important story. and they are facing difficulties do you are you still happy or have an interest in these investments or are you unhappy with your job and investments and do you insist on consequences in these companies and chancellor you said you know solutions can find behind the scene but now we have this press
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conference at the end doesn't this show that germany in this conflict is rather on the side of qatar though rather only with saudi arabia and just does mean that you . support unconditionally the fee for two thousand and twenty two world cup and that germany would take part in it. as for the qatari investments in germany of course we have a great confidence in the german economy and we have a thirty chick partnership with germany and companies of course this is natural thing. big companies go through some other form state but this will not change our position in investing in german companies and this investment should continue. well we. take
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a one sided position. but we try to do what we care to deescalate the situation we are in constant dialogue we've saudi arabia and the united arab emirates and if we have. received gas from there so this is not linked to the fact that the image here that he's the only part that we talked to also in preparation of these talks we checked with all sides and i still believe. still believe if there is or if there was just to visit then it was great that we quit at this direct talks because it's better to have to start talking about than talking about each other it's possible to have an exchange in terms of the world cup that was not a topic on our agenda and my position on it is that we would like that the mike and workers are treated in a better way and the reform process has been started in qatar about this and i hope
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that this reform process will continue thank you. so we have been listening there to the qatari emir shaikh. and german chancellor angela merkel following their meeting in berlin focused on the gulf crisis and the blockade imposed on cutter by four our countries that began in june both leaders spoke of there was all to find a solution chancellor merkel spoke of just how important it is to solve this dispute so that the gulf cooperation council can work together on the many problems in the region including yemen they also both spoke of the fight against terrorism with a shake the main saying it's important to address the causes and he also spoke of finding a political solution to the war in syria so there we have it german chancellor
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angela merkel and the custody and made shake some in bin hamad fanny have just held a news conference in berlin and let's bring in al-jazeera as senior political analyst . who's been listening in in london and as shake to me said there has been want a hundred days more than one hundred days since this crisis began he thanked germany for their initial efforts when it began to find despair to find a solution to this dispute and yet here we are with no solution and some point it seems. what's true before a decision country remain argument on their position but the urgency that we've seen before is no longer the. attempt by the four decision countries to
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perhaps as we've heard from the emir of kuwait resort to military solution is again not exactly on the table i think we i sense from the visit of the. emir to europe and to new york that the urgency as we've known it before over the last hundred days is behind us and now there's almost a crisis management going on in an attempt to resolve this thing diplomatically but i think qatar now certainly feels more comfortable the relations with germany as they were yesterday we heard with turkey and today later on with france they are very very good. certain optimism about bilateral relations even a flourishing forward to think germany did play a positive role and from the very few days the german foreign minister made clear that this needs to be resolved and the siege in the boycott needs to be lifted of
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course it's good also to highlight the importance of germany's economic investments in qatar and the whole project of two thousand and thirty as you know it's a two hundred billion dollars structure if you will within qatar and there is an eighteen billion dollar investment in germany invokes wagon and siemens and so on and some banks and so on so forth so all in all you could say that this is a very optimistic and upbeat meeting and certainly germany continues to invest in its relations with got that and that of course is of a big relief for cutty's and for those who are interested in a diplomatic solution in the region yes i optimistically and we i think if we even had a journalistic. miracle and whether germany is actually taking the side. all of the of the other blockading countries in this dispute. i have you there i have to ask
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you about this the latest leaked email from the u.a.e. as ambassador to washington just the latest one you know saying that. the should be kong could this was this was a few months ago but that qatar should be conquered and that the late saudi king was planning something in two thousand and fifteen what do you make of this. well yes you know all in all again as we've heard and that was probably the forum was as important as the statement when the emir of kuwait used his press conference with the american president donald trump in order to speak about why there was apparently a military scenario cooked up by the iraqis and the saudis and the egyptians and why kuwait and the mediation efforts and so on so forth where able to block them undermined them and they're no longer basically on the table so the fact that these
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have been cooking behind the scenes not only hacks or hacking of the qatari news agency not only undermining qatar through various companies and this information campaigns here in london in washington in france and other places but that they were trying to resort to military means in order to intervene and cut out and basically need to regime change that of course is a very very dangerous notion not only simply because it is illegal under international law you know intervening militarily to change as you know elsewhere but also within the gulf cooperation council i mean let's all remember this is the last remaining you know a council of sort in the arab world where supposedly it's functioning. coordinative
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a body of six countries to have the united arab emirates and its ambassador washington reveal that kind of explicit hostility leading to military intervention within the gulf region is of course a dangerous precedent and now leading to the resolution of this conflict everyone needs to make sure not only that this is a result diplomatic. but that there is no one there ring though to sort the military solution is moving forward yeah and we know we did hear from chancellor merkel in that press conference really highlighting just how important it is to solve this dispute so that the gulf cooperation council can stay together and work on the problems in the region you know when you spoke about how there isn't the same urgency and solving this dispute every email that we get from use of seems very damaging to the blockading countries and their cause what they're doing
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here just how much how much has their case been undermined you know by yet another leaked e-mail that shows what would be a very dangerous plan here. by the way just to be clear what i meant by there's no there isn't the same sort of urgency that we've seen one hundred days ago or sixty days ago so i don't mean that this sort of solution doesn't need to be a dissolve immediately yesterday last month and that it is probably the dumbest and most reckless. crisis i've seen in this region for a very very long time what i'm saying is that the cut that these themselves feel today more at ease if you will because of the very things that they were suspecting coming from those four besieging countries and the bad intentions intentions and bad vibes and and basically conspiracies against their you know gulf
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cooperation partner qatar so what i'm saying here is that the urgency of that we're felt in the region by certain countries including kuwait and oh man that the saudis and they want is what cooking for something quite dangerous quite destabilizing indonesian i think that's behind us mainly because the american president finally came out and took a more serious more responsible position in his press conference with the emir of kuwait when he said that we need to mediate this i am ready to get involved this needs to be resolved diplomatically so basically the american president climb down the ladder that he rode about two or three months ago when he started you know throwing accusations right left and center without any real evidence of any sort so i think you know that is sponsible parties in the room at the at the chancellor in
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germany the prime minister may president macro as well as trump and his second of say third arson are all taking charge in some form one not hoping for a mediation of course we will see whether. on the sidelines of the united nations general assembly meetings and next week where the president will be able to get all those warring parties including the four besieging countries and got out as well as kuwait's in new jersey perhaps i would say i would add for a meeting of sorts to dissolve this diplomatic dispute my van thank you very much for that for now that senior political analyst madam bashar joining us live from london thank you. let's move on to other news now on bush plays a trade in a blast on a london underground train as a terrorist incident the explosion happened on the district line in the city city
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southwest during the busy morning rush hour the british prime minister will chair meeting of the countries in the agency committee later on friday we will be live in london shortly but first many on the honda looks at what happened. his offices moved to surround the train parked on the tracks it passed and screen chub station in southwest london emergency units responded at eight twenty in the morning that seven twenty g.m.t. to reports of an explosion on a train during rush hour this image posted to twitter which cannot be independently verified it stood to show a package still burning on the train we are treating the matter as a terrorist related incident and the metropolitan police counts terrorism c'mon will take responsibility for that investigation witnesses reportedly said there was panic as passengers realized what had happened with people trembled as they fled the incident happened in the early morning when london's underground system is busy
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and commuter trains are often packed with people it comes at a time of heightened tension there have been for tex and britain this year which have killed thirty six people and in two thousand and five suicide bomb attacks on three london underground trains and a bus killed fifty two people the station has been cordoned off and train service is suspended as the investigation continues. al-jazeera. let's go to our correspondent sauna guy again now she's joining us live from london what is the latest that you're hearing sagna. but as with basically the prime minister will be chairing an emergency committee meeting responding to this incident this is something which is pretty much standard a standard response in the event of such an incident or an attack especially now
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that he has been called by the police as a terrorist incident this is of course not the only time that the prime minister's had to do this this year she's had to deal with this several times first off from the attack at westminster bridge earlier in the year than following the devastating bomb attack at a concert in manchester which targeted young girls and families then there was the london bridge incident as well where there was a vehicle and a knife attack and also the vehicle attack at finsbury park over the summer as well these are just this is just the latest in a string of those incidents which has. been occurring in the country this year of course the targeting the london underground system as it's known here is a particularly a source of concern for the police especially the british transport police because
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it has been shown to be a bomb ripple the point in the u.k. as well we've seen this before back in two thousand and five as mary in a pointed out in her report the attack on. which affected three which took place in three parts of the london underground system plus a bass as well but with this said even though the british transport police do have a visible. basically are visible in train stations in the underground stations it is still incredibly difficult to be able to police the actual carriages themselves they are also quite vulnerable as they go into tunnels there are mostly underground and they come up on overground as well but an attack as we have seen before in such on one of these trains on carriages can be absolutely devastating the passengers who are on that on that carriage said that
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they saw a fireball go across the carriage so must have been incredibly. frightening is perhaps maybe too too weak a word to use for that but the sheer sense of panic that i would have caused also spirals into a sense of chaos from that which is another rationale behind carrying out an attack there as well of the stampedes which come from trying to escape those areas are also quite dangerous in themselves a lot of the london underground stations they haven't been modernized to the way that some of the major ones have been in and the stations such as this is still quite a and old station the corridors are quite narrow the hallways are quite narrow there are small stations it would have been quite a rush for people to get out of there and being sort of practically jam packed into those hallways as well in fact as we've heard that there are several people who have been injured just from the stampede that followed that so of course police
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have done what they would do in this situation that is to create a cordon around the edges of people from getting in that prevents also that area from being disturbed as they carry out investigations elizabeth sagna different. reports on social media at least of how big the fire was but what we are hearing is you know witnesses saying that passengers had facial injuries and they were certainly very distressed we've heard from foreign secretary barres johnson in he's calling on londoners to remain calm at the moment. yes and indeed that is also the advice that police would give as well as to remain calm and all of course to keep away from the area that part of the underground system the line on which passons green is situated the western part of that has been completely suspended because this would have taken place in in the city's rush
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hour so it would have had definitely heavier load of people than would be normal during the day but it is very important as far as the authorities are concerned that people do not get panicked by this of course but it's not that there is a sense of of perhaps they are almost used to this kind of response now given the given the attacks that have taken place this year there is a system put in place and with that with the meeting that the prime minister to reason may will chair later on perhaps but what will come into discussion is exactly what to do with the threat level this is another question of course we know that the threat level is positioned at severe which means an attack is likely that's a five grade system here severe being the penultimate one the last the last rung of that grading system is that it would be
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a critical one in which there would be absolute certainty of another attack but of course this is what the prime minister will be looking to discuss across the board . with other security officials to determine is is this going to be another phase of attacks that london will see obviously the hope is that it won't be but of course it does bring to mind that this has been quite a violent year for the country in terms of such attacks which have come out of the blue sagna thank you very much for that for now that's on your guy about joining us live from london with all the very latest on that next. in that attack on the london underground thank you song. now russia iran and turkey have agreed on the borders of the so-called deescalation zone and northern provinces and syria the details will hashed out of the sixth round of syria talks in the capital a stoner turkish media reporting that russian turkish and iranian delegates are
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still discussing what courses to deploy in ad lib live is under the control of opposition groups led by about the fact that. north korea has launched another ballistic missile across japan as the second and less than a month that's prompted calls for an emergency un security council meeting on thursday young threatened to sink japan with nuclear weapons quickly some reports from tokyo. the missile launch followed a familiar pattern it came early morning two minutes before seven local time with japan in its path launched from the capital pyongyang the missile flew three thousand seven hundred kilometers over the northern japanese island of hokkaido reaching a height of seven hundred seventy kilometers before crashing to the pacific ocean. just minutes after sirens sounded in her cairo as a public alert was issued residents had mixed feelings. against the just doesn't
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feel real i really don't know what it'll do it gives me the shivers i feel like telling them to stop it now the response from neighbors was swift south korea's national security council held an emergency meeting the country's new president ordered to counter fire with a missile test of its own the drill was pre-planned in preparation for another north korean test but just not calling again fired a ballistic missile obviously disregarding the international community's criticisms and warnings and the u.n. security council resolutions such continuous provoking actions by not go to a serious threats the peace and stability the korean peninsula and the international community that our government sternly denounce and express anger talks arriving in tokyo from an economic summit in india japan's prime minister immediately called for an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council. north korea has trampled on the international society's strong desire for a peaceful solution it's reckless act is absolutely unacceptable we will request
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the security council to hold an emergency meeting. he's urging the international community to act as one against north korea and wants the u.n. security council to implement the latest sanctions against the country the u.s. secretary of state is calling on all nations to take new measures against north korea specifically he said china and russia must indicate their intolerance for these reckless launches by taking direct actions of their own this is the second ballistic missile to cross japan in less than a month it came within twenty four hours after north korea threatened to sink japan with nuclear weapons a threat japan takes seriously now that it believes north korea has the ability to miniaturize its nuclear weapons and place them on top of ballistic missiles similar to the one fired across the country today. let's go live to craig now in tokyo and craig prime minister of a as we mentioned calling the launch absolutely unacceptable and calling for an
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emergency section of the u.n. security council. well that's right we saw a very strong response from the the japanese government the first very early this morning was the cabinet chief cabinet secretary secretary sugo who said that he would call on china to go through diplomatic channels to register their anger with north korea and he was first kept off the rank and then we saw they come back from his tour in india and he met media straight away to ridge's to his displeasure and say that he wanted an emergency session with the u.n. resolution council and of course we saw japan back the united states push for tougher sanctions on choose day through the u.n. security council and that of course happened and it is one of the reasons why north korea is angry with japan this is the second missile as i mentioned in that package
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within a month to be fired across japan it didn't cause any major problems to civilians it wasn't targeting civilians it was merely sending a message that north korea now has a ballistic missile that can go further than any it's fired before and that reach includes guam which is of course the closest american soil for north korea so it was a two pronged movement and message being sent by north korea one to japan and also one to the united states so that's ok so north korea has shown its capabilities it does have the capability to fire these missiles what does japan have crain can it shoot them down could we see japan acquire a system like the fad that's in south korea. well yes what we've got is the allied forces here have
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a system that they work together with we've got a third anti-missile system in the south in south korea one in guam and what we've got here in japan is a patriot battery there are thirty odd batteries around the country and they're mobile but the problem with the patriot system is they have to be pretty accurate they've got to actually anticipate when north korea might be sending these missiles b. because they have to be well within the vicinity of where these missiles are going to land for them to be accurate so japan tends to put them in areas where that a sensitive all need securing and of course they have been moving some of them to the north because of the desire by north korea to fire these missiles across the north of japan now this all works with the ages ships that missile ships that are in the sea of japan at the moment the united states have six of those ships four of them this fall from japan and japan is actually supplying
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fuel to both the united states vessels and its own vessels and what these ships carry out interceptors which are capable of taking down missiles as they reach space and they reach their zenith before they begin to fall to all of their targets now the united states has said as far as guam is concerned it has the capability of stopping. most missiles in fact is less of the one percent chance that a missile could reach there pretty confident they can do that here in japan of course south korea has other problems because of the artillery capabilities of north korea and being able to reach sole within just minutes so very different scenarios for each of these countries certainly for japan now it is looking to increase its defense spending and its defense capabilities and is talking to the united states about this trade thank you very much for that for now that's crazy. leeson joining us live from tokyo let's go to our correspondent andrew thomas now
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he's running us live from seoul and the national security council you know convening an hour i think after the launch and what is this i do apologize we are not in the south korean capital we are in beijing with adrian brown adrian we've heard from the chinese government now what are they saying well a short time ago the chinese foreign ministry held their daily media briefing for foreign journalists and as always china was very quick to condemn north korea's actions remember north korea was not just thumbing its nose at the international community once more it was also thumbing its nose at china its old its only ally its oldest friend now the foreign ministry spokeswoman was also quite defensive her language was quite techy on friday she said that what was happening on the korean peninsula was not the fault of china and she said once more that the crux of the
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problem was the conflict between the united states and north korea let's listen more to what she had to say just a short time ago on candour we've seen that peacefully solving the nuclear issue on the peninsula through formal diplomatic means is slowly becoming the consensus of the international community at the same time there are more and more people who have realized that sanctions are not the way to solve the problem the most pressing task is that all sides in question immediately stop threatening and provoking comments that create more tensions on the peninsula. so once more china is making the point that sanctions in themselves will not work the question of course is whether china will be prepared to go along with tougher sanctions against north korea given what north korea has now done because of course the united states didn't really get its way on monday at the u.n. security council when it wanted much tougher action to be taken against north korea
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it wanted the oil basically to be cut off but that was a step that china was not prepared to make you are sensing by talking to two ordinary people in some of the border regions of earth that attitudes are starting to harden towards north korea people who once felt pity for north korea now fear anger and they worry particularly with north korea carries out underground nuclear tests those testing grounds are very close to china's border the last detonation was felt in china when building shook and people worry about you know radiation leaks and that radiation spreading across the border into china official say that what this this crisis needs is in many ways a new approach to try to diffuse things because it's quite clear that for now sanctions and diplomacy are not working what china wants is for the united states and north korea to sit down face to face and talk remember there have been no talks
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since the aborted six party talks which ended in two thousand and nine and now we have president trump announcing that he'll be in japan south korea and china in november now in the past of course mr trump has said that he be prepared to meet with the north korean leader subject to certain conditions but certainly what's required at the moment is a sort of break out of the box solution and the moment we simply don't have that adrian thank you very much for that for now that's adrian brown joining us live from beijing let's go to the south korean capital seoul now correspondent andrew thomas is joining us from denver being here. and from adrian about what china wants in response to the latest launch andrew what just south korea want you know they've had this national security council meeting convened just an hour after the launch what the government saying. well as a result of that meeting which as you say was convened straightaway went on for
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about two hours president moon came out and said that he was very very disappointed with what well north korea was doing they were expecting a missile launch but he called north korea's continuing provocations. something that is only going to aggravate that country's isolation diplomatically and economically so fairly expected language there they also made the point though that they had been watching this launch site in north korea before the launch and the president moon had been briefed about the potential launch from it before it took place as soon as it did within six minutes south korea had launched its own missile in an exercise that it said in a real world scenario where they thought that the north korean missile would be a danger was a danger they would be able to fire at the launch sites now this particular missile the south korea fired they fired off into the sea but the distance and the time was all important because it was exactly the same distance that it would need to reach that launch site in pyongyang so they're trying to make the point that they already
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to attack a site even before a missile is launched from it in a real world aggressive scenario that is in a sense one of their pillars of security here a preemptive strike on north korea if there expect one is to come imminently the second thing is to try and shoot down a missile if it's on its way and that's of course is what the fat missile defense system is all about which president moon has come around to he campaigned against it during his election campaign think he would make south korea more of a target for the north but now he is supportive of it and third they want to show that they are ready to punish in their words north korea if it were to launch a missile nuclear missiles of course less the worry here in seoul because its conventional weapons north koreans could destroy this city in a in a matter of minutes but of course if north korea were to get nuclear weapons it might discourage the united states from offering the protection that it has for decades here because they fear a nuclear attack on the u.s. mainland so all these pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are being played with and really
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we just go now got to wait and see whether the joint exercises will continue at the pace they have been with in the south koreans and the americans whether we will see strong language president moaners already said that dialogue. where the north is impossible in these circumstances he was saying that somebody who was willing to talk to the north right now is certainly not going to doing that andrew for that for now thank you very much andrew thomas joining us live from seoul we're going to return now to one of our top stories. and then it's part of his first foreign trip since the gulf crisis began coming bin hammam short while ago at a news conference with german chancellor angela merkel. and. we talked about the regina's of qatar to sit down at the table and to discuss and solve the issue we think germany for its effort and also i think the chancellor of germany to solve the problems around the negotiating table we think you for your
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support of the kuwait initiative which qatar has supported since the beginning and will continue supporting until we get the solution to such fights all the parties. well let's get more on this now with our correspondent and then dominic cain is live for us in both chancellor merkel and. shake the main dominic speaking of their resolve to solve this dispute and also you know what's at stake here in solving it . well the point to make here elizabeth is that the german government has been trying to play a key role in in getting the different sides in this crisis together certainly that was the case when the foreign ministers of mcgovern here earlier this summer was making visits to the region was speaking to the to basically all the parties concerned to try to get some degree of willingness to come together and you you saw that echoes in the news conference as you say that was given some short time ago and the speed with which the news conference went through is shown by the fact that
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already the i want to give you an update on this small incident i want to talk briefly about the incident we're taking you back and live to london now so i tend to run to the porter and berlin but we're hearing from the metropolitan police following this explosion on the london underground let's listen now station there was an explosion on a. place of attended. we now assess that this was a detonation of an imprimatur improvised explosive device. i should have seen the reports of eighteen injuries and i understand most of those to be flash burns. the scene current remains cordoned off and the investigation continues. in terms of the police response. actually expect well practiced command structures have come into shape and an operation led in coordinates by the metropolitan police working with our colleagues from british transport police and others. the investigation is being
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led by the red fox and please counter-terrorism command and part of the national counterterrorism policing network. and there are many urgent inquiries ongoing now with hundreds of detectives involved looking at c.c.t.v. forensic work and speaking to witnesses. this investigation is supported by our colleagues from m i five and bringing their intelligence expertise to bear on the case. finally in terms of the police response i would emphasize that londoners particularly can expect to see an enhanced police presence basically across transport system across the day. finally in respect of what i would ask from the public. firstly any member of the public with any information about this incident should please call us as a matter of urgency. any urgent information of course then call nine nine nine. forty with any background information they can cause on the on terrorism hotline on zero eight hundred. eight hundred seventy. seven eight nine three two one.
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also anybody with images often people take photos and film at the scene of such incidents any without incident and with images from the incident can contact us we have a we have a website where they can download the images to and i'll ask broadcasters to run that website address across their ticket tape over the next down. and finally. i've asked the public to remain vigilant across london and to be alert and assisting us but not to be alarmed thank you very much i'll take a couple of questions. so it's very much alive is to get a shilling we're following down the lines of inquiry i said. it's a live investigation falling down the corridor i mentioned. you have to get the details of the injured from the n.h.s. to say the n.h.s. have said at the moment we have got eighteen people being treated in hospital thank you very much. so we've been listening there to
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a representative from the metropolitan police following this and student on the london underground and student that police are treating as a terrorist incident the explosion happened on the district line and the city southwest doing rush hour at eight twenty in the morning again the metropolitan police representative saying that eighteen people have been engine the national health service is saying that eighteen people are being treated for injuries most of them in a flash burns the scene has been cordoned off the investigation continues it's being led by the metropolitan police counterterrorism command let's go to our correspondent at barca now he's joining us live from london and navy what's happening where you. are as you probably see by the tape or behind me the area immediately around parson's green station is still
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cordoned off that's an area of roughly around a kilometer to a kilometer and a half square and you can still hear. the sound of police helicopters circling the scene there is still very much a very clear and present police and ambulance presence here although we haven't seen for the last hour or so any of the casualties being brought out a few hours ago we did see one lady who had a bandage head and a bandaged being brought. by an ambulance personnel to a nearby ambulance the london ambulance brigade have now confirmed that eighteen people have been taken to nearby hospitals nobody has been described as being suffering any life threatening or critical injuries many of those injuries are burns in the hands and face there are also people who were clearly injured in the stampede that ensued as people try to escape the train shortly after the blast a little bit earlier on i spoke to an eyewitness here who was actually on board the train at the time she described seeing a flash of light feeling
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a wave of heat actually go through the train before the train doors opened allowing people to escape she decided joining the stampede to hold back to hide behind a sort of electricity box underneath. within the station itself allowing people to pass up before deciding to leave the station but she described a scene of great panic that may well have contributed to the injuries that we're seeing here but as i said in terms of the scene itself it remains very much. a site of an active in the investigation that's now of course and very much in the hands of the met police is counter terror. team and the british prime minister naval be chairing a meeting of the whole crisis of course she is giving this real prominence this is more of a catalogue of incidents that's taken place within the u.k. over the last last year it does of course bring back grim reminders back in two thousand and five the last major incident that took place on the london underground
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where dozens of people lost their life then what we have crucially learned in the press conference from the met police is spokes person is this was indeed an i.e.d. an improvised explosive device that was deliberately detonated we don't know though as yet whether past is going station was indeed the intended target it does seem somewhat unusual. it's almost square of the district line in southwest london or an affluent and somewhat quiet part of london but it is of course also potentially an easy target the blast happened eight twenty in the morning at the height of rush hour the underground of course you know a very easy target for anybody wanted to cause as much damage as possible all of that of course now very much in the hands of the or thirty's as we've learned from previous incidents including the attack in manchester the police will want to be as much of control or in control of their information as possible ok on the one hand
1:46 pm
they're pleading to the public for information but when it comes to names for instance when it comes to the possibility of others being involved in this is crucial for intelligence officers and we know that m i five were involved in this for them to remain on top of and in control whatever details are uncovered in these crucial coming hours may have thank you very much for that finale that certainly barkha joining us live from london let's get more on this now with the head of our senior research fellow at voyage united services institute he's joining us via skype from london mr abbas very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so from what we know about this incident so far what do you make of it and what our correspondent was saying that public transport is often a soft target just how much of a soft target as at how easy or difficult would it have been for someone to carry a device like the one that we've seen pictures off on social media onto a train to carry out an attack like this. well unfortunately such.
1:47 pm
infrastructure is very vulnerable transport and particularly because it's so difficult to regulate at least although there are security and control checkpoints throughout these systems and as we've seen lately also an i.e.d. that didn't fully explore those what happened it did and clearly it was an attempt to try and make a make an impression make a splash early hour incidents like this would have created all the all the alarm all the confusion all the fear that the terrorists invariably would have wanted. and we know that as a response the prime minister is going to be chairing a meeting of the american see cobra committee london of course has seen a series now of attacks the c.s. and what will that what will that meeting be looking at. it's a particularly worrying period we've noted quite
1:48 pm
a few terrorist incidents and many that were thwarted behind the scenes and we only yesterday the figures were released suggesting that many hundreds have been arrested many of whom are from the far right backgrounds actually must be said so there has been this concern particularly around return of the fighters and whether there are particular security risk to britain or western europe these these are unfolding questions of issues that are still a suitable worry and it's been a very difficult year for sure for all of those people across the u.k. and of course if we think of well colleagues across the continent to most of us thank you very much for that for now that's. us live from london thank you. now amnesty international has your satellite imagery to highlight what it calls an orchestrated campaign to burn the henge of images and myanmar the rights group has detected an eighteen large fries and rock kind states and because the twenty fifth
1:49 pm
when a military crackdown began almost four hundred thousand ahead to have fled to bangor they shot the past three weeks arming says it's targeting armed groups in the area . through a number of different sources it's really clear campaign. by the mia more security forces. fire. burning so. it's very very difficult to do this anything else the effort by the me of a military to drive a. country. by any means necessary a sunday child. i mean shop. on my backside on the other myanmar side of the border in between is the enough about now you can see behind me smoke rising as i realize has been done by the myanmar security forces within the last several days thousands of people are trying to cross into bangladesh through this river crossing many of them are unable to cross
1:50 pm
because the boat men are charging them exuberant prices ranging from eighty dollars two hundred dollars this people are poor that cannot afford to cross because the prices are so high now a lot of these people need to be transferred into the official camp or in the long area where the presence of international donor agencies right now they're in the marcy of the local donors people from local community are providing them fresh water and food most of these people are a woman and children some elderly people that desperately need aid and then need to be mobilized and move from this area into the official area along otherwise they won't get the kind of how the need now the amnesty international report corroborates what we are saying and our contacts and myanmar are saying the same thing that messes up people have gathered and they're trying to cross into bangladesh where the ploy is going within some time that number could very well rich into one million. now every day more than eight hundred expectant
1:51 pm
mothers dying because of preventable related complications mind nine percent of the deaths happen and developing. countries poor young woman and rural areas are a particular risk but they can be helped skilled care during and after childbirth can save lives between one thousand nine hundred two thousand and fifty maternal much talent to drop by forty four percent globally well in nigeria about fifty thousand women die every year because of birth related complications that often happens while giving birth at home culture cost and distance keeps many going to hospitals in the first of a three part series catherine sawyer reports from so-called. bucky's sumanda is four months pregnant and wants to give birth in this government run special maternity clinic in sakata state it's new and the only one offering women different
1:52 pm
options of getting bath including how they would at home but who has six other children half of them delivered at home chose the match right away. i want to give birth on the mat because it's comfortable and it's what i'm used to at home i think the nurses will take better care of me here in the united nations says one hundred forty five nigerian women die every day from birth related complications it's one of the highest rates in the walls this is one of the biggest hospitals and the women from coming here to have their babies many of. them because. far away we need. to finance. this woman's baby died a year ago because it to cut too long to get to hospital after she developed complications at home she says ignorance of the artist use of men are the biggest
1:53 pm
problems in conservative communities like cause. some husbands don't allow their wives to go to hospital i'm lucky that my husband allows me some women even think that at the hospital the doctors will injure them here garb and his wife is almost you listen kinley as a traditional path attendant and courage is them to go to hospital ali she also shows them how government supplied tools if for any reason she'll help deliver the baby at home. because i'm educated i understand her issues are important i will give one hundred percent support to any initiative that will help my wife and children doctors say the plan is to eventually have maternal health clinics in every village and involve the communities more. and young girls. is that you have to. be trained. and then back to.
1:54 pm
back at the guard the special clinic but he soon receives her first pre-birth consultation the midwife hopes she comes back to have her baby is born some women never do catherine saw al-jazeera nigeria. well let's get more on this now with sandra bird watch a burger she is the chief of health of the united nations children's fund unicef very good to have you with us on al-jazeera sort of shocking numbers of nigerian woman dying from childbirth and how the different and you know complex factors of the cultural the cultural beliefs but also a lack of access contribution to these numbers. yes thank you i think you know it is a concern we are concerned with the numbers but we are also working with the government and the people on the ground it's a concern for the women themselves and communities the high rates of deaths that we see and we are we are working to try and understand where where we can make
1:55 pm
a difference now we see that there are issues on the ground in terms of access in terms of the woman reaching the center in time in terms of receiving the antenatal care that they need we do know that every woman who is pregnant needs to get to the center at least four times during her pregnancy and receive the care that she needs now we have challenges on the ground that that are linked with transport links with the distance but also linked with the understanding that woman and communities and husbands and people have on on read on accessing this care and the knowledge that is needed and that's what's being done in terms of you know much needed access to services but what about the cultural beliefs themselves that are so ingrained and complex and that stop women from seeking out the care that they need in hospitals.
1:56 pm
yes absolutely i think nigeria is a big country one has to keep that in mind and we've got a very diverse population different states different communities different beliefs and what is very very critical is to actually reach the people on the ground themselves so we're working on the ground with community volunteers with mobilize as we working with other partners with the government there's a lot of attention now to ensure that we reach every woman in every good every community member to be able to dialogue with them to be able to talk to them and help people understand the importance of health care prevention and you know making sure that they're able to reach the center in time for the care and the services that they need most very very important to connect with people on the ground absolutely must thank you very much for your time on the sunshine or about the watch of unicef joining us live from. just finally an update on our top story
1:57 pm
british police investigating and student at a london underground station after an explosion this is what we know so far it happened apostles going on the ground train station and for them police say they're treating it as terrorism the london ambulance services hazardous area response team as on the scene as our offices what misses say a number of passengers suffered facial injuries after an explosion in a train carriage others are thought to have been hurt in the stand paid following the explosion and we've heard from the metropolitan police that eighteen people have been taken to hospital were flash burns they urged the papal to remain alert and vigilant but to not be alarmed we will bring you all the very latest on this and just a few minutes with another news bulletin thank you very much for watching.
1:58 pm
let's talk about now. right now. right now it's happening so fast. you can barely keep up with it. right now we've got clowns protecting rhino. on mobile technology finding clean water not tomorrow not five years in the future. now. in a disaster the internet can be restored by a truck. in a mine this truck can drive itself and right now this child is being treated by
1:59 pm
a doctor from six thousand miles away this is science not fiction and cisco networks are making it happen now. because when everything is securely connected anything is possible and there's never been a better time to change the way. cancer a diagnosis that used to be let's read the hype the terrorist cells and they manifest them are baffling what we're trying to do is really energize them insist that it's like a rocket that can recognize the cell says like a leaf thinking mathile finding the kaffir path that's exactly it you've had some pretty amazing results unless you know there you can get luckier than i am techno
2:00 pm
at this time all in all does either. an explosion at a london underground station injures several people british police are treating it as a terrorism related and suggests. i'm richelle carey this.


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