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tv   Phillippines Sins Of The Father  Al Jazeera  September 16, 2017 6:32am-7:01am AST

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twenty nine people were injured in the incident which happened during the busy morning rush hour u.k. prime minister tourism a is one and a further attack may be imminent. three children have been killed eleven people wounded during shelling in the yemeni city of size local rights groups say the who the militia was responsible for the shelling in a busy area of the city hospitals treating the wounded have called for blood donations. human rights watch says saudi arabian authorities have arrested dozens of people including prominent clerics their arrests were made ahead of a call by exiled opposition leaders to hold demonstrations after friday prayers the u.s. space group condemned the arrests calling them a crackdown on dissent any criticism of the royal family carries a prison sentence in saudi arabia. now thousands of people have gathered and donated to protest the persecution of. muslim minority indonesia is home to the world's largest muslim population and they're urging myanmar to allow u.n. monitors to investigate allegations of ethnic cleansing those are the headlines on
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al-jazeera but do stay with us one on one is coming up next. on counting the cost how apple's i phone economics make it the most profitable company in the world. how the j. trade is influencing the prices in myanmar. plus one hundred days of the gulf crisis we'll look at how qatar the economy is very. counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. priests in the philippines are trusted and know. what happens when that power is exploited. despite growing reports of sexual misconduct inside asia's biggest
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catholic church. it's all been kept hidden behind closed doors. i'm steve chan on this edition a one on one east we investigate sexual misconduct in the most powerful institution in the philippines the catholic church. on the remote filipino island of gamers christie is being welcomed into the cavern . the father. is among the many cilla praising her baptism. but this is no ordinary ceremony because the healing is a catholic priest who took of our celibacy. father he league has a long term partner joy and three other children all nine of the most important figure in his law. most of what i am a prius the messenger us of god through jesus christ and that's why i called them
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you know jay z. so that jesus christ jake please take this john. degreased didn't and still. just to remind them that. they are the sons and daughters of jesus grace. follicle felix decision to have children puts him at odds with the vatican sacred lul for ordering priests to be celibate it's considered sexual misconduct and the scene. wants room to reconsider we've made a lot of noise already so we called it nice in order for us to be heard by our bishops and also by a role. we're all that. we send emails in order for them to accept us that according to catholic officials the point of celibacy is to devote your entire
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life to make that sacrifice to god you're correct that's correct i'm showing disrespect to god in the church when we talk about celibacy this was only a man made rule that did not say this so i think i cannot say that i have committed sins i am just continuing his one day to go. and multiplying. the key healing in two other priests who are so far the true kicked out of the diocese so they set up their own soap star catholic ministry with privately owned churches to a supposedly congregation. wanted to be a priest since he was a child first of all it was a like a there in the altar advising people telling them what to do.
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and of course they have. good lives. they're living their lives everything. is fine for them. here in one of the world's biggest catholic nations there's a chronic shortage of priests so most worshippers just accept who they can get. new church figures condemn the three men as disgraceful renegades. they're like social class when they're making use of the catholic church they're making use of the fact that they have a semblance of being priests the for their own needs and that's very dishonest you know essentially father healing is presenting himself as a catholic priest what can you do about nothing because the church will have right now that priest has been exactly excommunicated but he's outside of the church. the church can do anything about him. as secretary of the country's canon law
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society father hi my arch of course is job is to advise the faithful and keep the clergy in line in some diocese he says one in five priest who fathered children. that's horrendous doing so much harm but the bishop is caught between the devil in the deep blue sea so to speak that if he has this priest and he's only once he asked to same to attend to the needs of the faithful and if they're misbehaving he's caught the way fire them then who is a mass and cetera. in the capital manila retired archbishop oscar cruz heads up in internal tribunals investigate allegations of sexual misconduct against filipino clergy. he had
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some saying your church bigots are reluctant to punish a priest who has fathered a child is a parasite some of your colleagues condoning this practice. i didn't get this possible. course she does. but doing a she our children has been impacted by a lot of a moral practices. little by little later my league. and soledad there are more and more cases of these clinical abuses. but archbishop cruz says these abuses by catholic clergy can be bommel sinister than fathering children the cases he investigates include the sexual abuse of vulnerable children even right. he handles up to sixty cases at a time and says it's the tip of the iceberg because bishops could investigate cases in their own diocese without bringing them to his tribunals there are eighty two
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jurisdictions in the philippines eighty two in say eighty two archdioceses diocese spillage choose it to play chapter and supporting their sandy cases all here. i might drown. archbishop cruz is speaking out to condemn that abuse i may be in our friend allowed to lie fallow base ups but it's a personal stand guard base when you can just close your eyes and plug your ears a bishop a supporting is happening from your experience in investigating cases are we saying a wrong size in rights of sexual misconduct within the church yes because the people in the old one area have become rather alert and could be just and denying seeing. the end and see a priest what about pedophilia are there more rip yes yes yes more reports. and
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homosexuality. more. you know. and that by lifting a bind. and must be something. clerical abuse of children is not a new issue in the philippines some victims have borne the scars for years yeah. it was the shirts that a read from my books in my catholic high school it was not the same church i've heard from the priests. it was basically a mafia. doing a concerted effort to drive me out. at the age of seventy. is an altar boy in the silica. he loved the responsibility and freedom of going to
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church without his parents. it was at the basilica where hate and the other altar boys the charismatic father appel an aria. he was very warm in fact he's one of the more sought after priests they're not like. if you meet them just give their hand out for you to bless but he would actually interact with most people he was ask us out go out to dinner or elsewhere watch movies it was really a magnet. one evening after a busy sunday mass father met her. and another to the movie. inside the dark. says the priest reached over and began fondling. was the day i could never forget and i think it's done me it's done me
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a point that. i couldn't even describe how it felt but i vividly recall what happened. could even remember. that he with out the hanky with some weird smell in it than he did the my face. he said you smell of take a shower. head was so heavy. i was i think out of surrender i just pretended to fall asleep thinking that. he might. stop doing what he was doing at that time. but instead of stopping says father met her father began molesting the of the altar boy. acted like. he was not doing anything bad at that.
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around the same time halfway across the world allegations of clerical sexual abuse surfaced in the u.s. and the church was swamped by a tsunami of complaints. in two thousand and two filipino bishops drafted these guidelines to investigate sexual misconduct within their own ranks but the vatican wouldn't approve them because they included a controversial clause one which pardon priests who had fathered a child it took a decade flat clause to be removed and to pass the guidelines during that time father koso admits a lot of damage was done during this period from two thousand and one to two thousand and thirteen which is fairly recent with that these dog lines you have to concede investigations but probably not handled well or yes they were. unfortunately and they neither good investigations in the past have festered so
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things have not been solved priest continued to be there. what do you mean by priests continue to be there to save those priests who did who are deal of such will misconduct they continue in the ministry into one to one they started investigating father koso wasn't aware that the vatican had in fact approved the new god lines on sexual misconduct in twenty twelve as a result many churches he didn't know existed i was going to keep that from you because it's very embarrassing you know what aspect. because if it was misplaced. when a document is on page saying approved there was misplaced ok now that it has come to four. they were this disseminated immediately. theys internal guidelines matter because no one outside the church has the conduct
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of catholic leaders including the government in fact the church wields incredible political influence in the philippines toppling two presidents and lobbying against government policies or the i.c. percent of filipinos fully catholicism and it underpins every pillar of society here. so if clerical abuse victims take on the most powerful institution in the philippines it's a david and goliath battle. in twenty four take a fifteen year old. by a priest village church we'll call her. he told me to sit on his lap that's when i started to feel nervous. i felt my heart beating so fast it was going to burst. and he said he would kiss me but only on the forehead. then he started hugging me. after that he told me to give
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him my message. she says the priest then tried to grope. i was crying and shaking so much i really couldn't believe it. why did he do that to me. i'm older reported the matter to police but her god fearing family forced to drop the complaint you know. they actually beat me to the point that i was afraid to go home. they were angry at me they were telling me that what i did was wrong they treated me like a stray dog because of what i did because i filed the case. a motor claims to church members then paid her one hundred fifty dollars to keep silent for a village go from a farming family such money is a fortune. and. at first i really didn't want to accept the
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money because i knew it was from the priest. but there was so insistent that i take that. one understands the priest is still working in another community. the reality. of. is one person who helps. the reality. is one person who helps church abuse victims she says she often hears of cases like i'm elder the most recent was last week. i received a text. that the mother told me. she could not sleep she could not eat so. she confronted the doctor and told her about. mary and says in another recent case the victims have barely started school
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how young are the children the youngest. six. she concedes because of fear and intimidation it's impossible to know the scale of clergy abuse in the philippines they don't talk about it because they are afraid. that they will be hurt. god will curse them if they go against their speech. church authorities claim not a single priest has ever been found guilty of sexual misconduct in the philippines one i want to know is of one priest who was convicted but he was exonerated on appeal the church is not i really just inside the show the church is also a political institution and that's the reality the power of the church is so big that you cannot really pursue this states we will never mean. mark
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is one of the few victims of clergy abuse they try to take on the feeling. two years after being molested. and three other ulta boys also said they were abused by a man iran lodged a complaint with the church. could still recall the phrase he read the letter. that said. we had a priest. who was our former spiritual director he said we would just pay them. you're going to get paid anyway. and he was really insulted at that time it was like their dog was a smith and somebody and they were at the. victim though don't worry it would be you in a way. like an elder of the boys were given money. to not press charges they
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were told father to herat it would be rehabilitation and reassigned to a parish and africa. but only the light of modern saw him wandering the grounds of suppose the ceiling and. so i shouted at them by there and he looked at me and we need to recognise it as me just waved at me as if saying hello when. i was afraid a lot of young kids will be exposed with him again and that was the time i decided . they'd be collection. maku says the prosecutors initially supported his child abuse criminal complaint against the matter. but mehrotra tried to discredit the boy's citing there was smoking and gambling and the judge and prosecutor both reversed the decision they're reviewing prosecutors said my behavior or the way i act that was not that of a trial that wasn't just efficient so he decided to. drop the charges he
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recommended that the charges against father mirada be dismissed do you feel da forces were apply. behind that decision oh yes there's no doubt about that at that time and even until now what you have are the faces of the priests but they're not the ones whose hands are playing the justice system they have powerful friends they have benefactors you have people who want to be associated as being close to the church so that's the scary part. just just to begin with the church assigned the need to investigate father met her father he then defended the priest in course father says the outcome was fair despite the priests admission of guilt first. in fairness. he admitted on the case and he said i am willing to go to jail for days so why don't you go to joe.
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big. throw in the garbage the case was thrown in the garbage yes because it was clear that they were just after money they had a deal already we had here. we offered counseling if he was a normal human being he would probably be. well and that is the finding of the court. what the. father d.c. has handled five other clerical sexual abuse cases in suburbia every case was either dismissed well settled out of course in those cases did you know the accused priest before you began the investigation oh yes so you knew all of them. oh yes yes. would you say your relationship with them with close yes. they're friends we are all friends and. but when
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a friend is scrutinizing the conduct of another friend kim. oh yes i think so. i knew. we. would be in the best. it's in the. in my own experience. and learn. where the priests are allowed to continue working yes. yes. thanks and this was the case with michael's abusive father my herad one i want to waste understands the church moved him from suburban to manila then out to a number of rural communities this catholic directory lists all the priests in the philippines and it says that father now harare is working right here in the
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province of. it's a farming region home to vulnerable and impoverished communities. considered one of the most about corners of the country it's the perfect place to put a problem priest. and this is father man herat his church inside we find he is still preaching and enjoys unfettered access to some of the youngest members of his congregation. we try to talk with father herad but he refuses to meet with us instead he's church the period responds by phone on his behalf. to the number of altar boys. that he has a history of molesting young men this is a period tells me he knows about his history and that doesn't concern him but he insists the trouble priest has been rehabilitated and describes him as
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a transformed man who doesn't pose a risk. to young members of his congregation. the church may not be concerned but the local mayor wants to investigate he. she was shocked to hear that they'd moved a priest with such a troubled past to an area with a high number of school and a gang population. in this place he would like our children to be safe to be but then as. now i would like to see the red boys the legal papers surrounding that. and i have to investigate because. he is assigned to our place i will do what should be done. now a parent himself markel. my price on all of the young children there's still a churchman in me. who. would deeply wish that he should be given
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a second chance but there's also the pessimist in me that the church as of this time could not have that. faculty to rehabilitate them priests like him in a frank admission archbishop cruz agrees the church rehabilitation for priests really works in the philippines it will happen. if you have a personality disorder because when you're. taking the income so to speak and then god doesn't go out and again lessen the egyptian egypt but it doesn't kill him really a rehabilitated price allowed back in the community that should. just. transfer that it's the same better so you're transferring. will commit the same mistakes whatever he's. despite admitting that there are
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a clear weaknesses in the system father believes only the catholic church can police its priests the church hundred these cases with a lot of discretion both to protect the dignity of. the good name of the priest and also for for the victim so your saying the public have to accept that the best i can see to investigate the church is the church itself i think so definitely. the vatican didn't respond to our inquiries about clergy abuse in the philippines but the fact that asia's largest catholic church is avoiding scrutiny is not lost on the ninth best again of clergy abuse we still have a long way to go because we have many got to look. the judges have a contradiction are the lawyers helicopter licks. the up yourself.
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yes three precious only shook by. the church remains a strong darting presence across the philippines. but there are a serious pilings in how it deals with clergy abuse and conduct. its secrecy and unchallenged power is leaving the most vulnerable at risk in this to bow out nation. from the tropics of southeast asia to the very low islands in the far north atlantic. meets the women who cross the world for love and state to change a community. at this time on al-jazeera. a diagnosis that used to lead to bring home the terrorist cells and then insist them are battling what we're
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trying to do with energize their new system it's like a rocket that can recognize the cell. finding the cancer cells that's exactly you've had some pretty amazing results unless. you can get lucky. techno at this time on no disease. is different whether someone is telling. the truth i think it's how you approach an individual and if it is a certain way of doing it you can just. fly out. north korea vows to achieve in a brutal force with the united states as the u.n. all of its latest missile launch highly provocative.
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welcome to al jazeera live from my headquarters.


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