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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 18, 2017 3:00am-3:33am AST

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cautious optimism as palestinian president mahmoud abbas balkans a reconciliation offer by the rival group hamas. this is. also coming out the cost of conflict dennys women allege widespread
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rape by government troops and opposition forces. the un chief forms a kurdish referendum could divert the focus of the war. and after a twenty year wait local elections are finally coming to a village in southern nepal. person in authority president mahmoud abbas has welcomed an offer by hamas has set up a unity government in gaza hamas which has ruled gaza for the past ten years has agreed to dismantle the administrative committee that runs the strip and hold elections as seen as a major breakthrough towards resolving a long and bitter dispute but as harry force of reports the real challenge lies in the implementation. the pressure has been mounting on hamas the results of ten
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years of israeli and egyptian blockade have been intensified this year by rival palestinian factions the fact our leader palestinian president mahmoud abbas has cut salary payments and electricity supplies attempting to pressurise hamas into giving up its sole control of gaza hamas to egypt which pushed the palestinian reconciliation. we responded to these efforts and made a brave decision to dissolve the administrative committee and now there are no excuses for a bass and a bass has one choice only to respond positively to. the palestinian national unity. that dream was riven by gunfire in two thousand and seven when hamas prevailed in street battles and the political division between gaza and the occupied west bank began repeated attempts to reconcile have collapsed this time fatah says it's ready to send its officials to gaza that plans are in place for the
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unity government to get to work its no matter of details. we now look positively on this but we need clarifications and the clarifications should come from the guarantor and the mediator which is egypt some of those who potentially have the most to gain from any deal between hamas and fatah and the hundreds of thousands of gazans who live in refugee camps like this one but over ten years of separation and economic blockade they become used to being let down. they certainly borne the brunt of the palestinian authority's recent pressure tactics four hours electricity a day has become the norm this on top of a crippled economy which is left mahmoud and his four sons among so many others in gaza without jobs. reconciliation could solve the power problem it could solve the water problem the markets are empty because people have no money no regular salaries people live without being able to plan. their remains
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much to resolve such as who has ultimate control over the armed wing of hamas what happens to the tens of thousands of hamas employees who till now have been working in a parallel administration to the palestinian authority is in the details and once. tried to figure out the issue of future palestinian resistance in gaza the issue of how last forty five forty thousand employees and. minor issues that might be a big problem other issues loom not least tell mahmoud abbas handles relations with the u.s. and israel both of which describe as a terrorist group gazans though they're more interested in decision could make any time now to lift the recent restrictions and make their lives a little better. al-jazeera gaza. so how did we get here until two thousand and six but i would have also thought a party was in charge of the palestinian territories in gaza and the west bank which is occupied by israel then hamas beats fatah and elections in gaza weakening
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the palestinian authority the two parties couldn't agree on how to share power the following year how moss took over gaza after a war with fatah and after repeated attempts of reconciliation the two sides finally reached an understanding to create an interim government in twenty eleven but that agreement was never and forced now since march last year hamas has run gaza under the ministry of committee which is seen as a rival government to the fatah dominated palestinian authority in the west bank but pressure has been mounting on hamas earlier this year the un said the humanitarian conditions of the territory are deteriorating further and faster than previously for cost and they concluded that the enclave is effectively unlivable for its two million people now earlier we spoke to some of the middle east analyst and contributor to the plus nine seven two magazine he says that hamas and fatah have been under increasing pressure to engage in reconciliation talks. if anything
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can be said about the announcement today it's it comes in the wake of several political developments support both hamas and fatah how under increasing pressure in the case of hamas of course what you have is the complete closure or near complete closure of the rafah border crossing the less than five percent movement between gaza and the west bank through the arrows crossing as compared to fifteen years ago and the israeli withdrawal and then as far as mahmoud abbas is concerned it is of course the situation in syria and the increasing indications that any revolution that might have existed five years ago is now about to come to an end and hafez assad will once again resume power of the entire country so this changes the calculus in terms of both mahmoud abbas and fatah and hamas the other thing that must be said here is. about three months ago mahmoud abbas essentially
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turned off the electricity in gaza and the four hours a day is unprecedented in the ten years of the closure of the gaza strip and that is a direct result of mahmoud abbas and the fatah how authorities refusing to pay the bill for the electricity that the israel israeli power company was supplying to gaza so all of those pressures combined have made this announcement inevitable the question however is as your correspondent said the details which are of course the devil in all cases. and human rights groups say thousands of women have been raped and sexually assaulted during the four you will in south sudan they blame the abuses on government troops of president salva kiir and opposition forces loyal to the former vice president react like shot and many civilians have fled to seek safety in neighboring uganda where malcolm lab reports. florence walked through the bush for two days in south sudan these sandals to get
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to the safety of this refugee camp in uganda she told us that was after five government soldiers gang raped her along with four other women who change her name and hidden her face. my husband was following a short distance behind us when he came and found these men and me he told them to stop they grabbed him immediately and killed him with the night. we had many similar stories from the people in the camps men tortured or killed and women gang raped by government soldiers he told them all ethnic groups other than there should leave south sudan people in this tent and all arrived within the last couple of days there waiting to be registered the u.n. says more than a million of arrived here in uganda since the conflict began health workers here said i think there are very many among them who survived sexual violence but i think just a fraction of them are coming forward. in recent weeks opposition troops
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of government forces near the border with uganda but ever since the conflict began in twenty thirteen rights groups say sexual violence has been a widely used weapon by both sides and this international says thousands of women girls and some men are victims a u.n. report last year said seventy percent of women in the camps around the capital juba have been raped the spokesman for the government forces told us soldiers who rape a punished and he question what we've been told in the camps. those claims to know for sure. without someone coming forward or politics these are being made in that every day you come out. being told to say we have things about this family opposition forces have been accused of sexual violence too but the majority of allegations have been of sexual violence by government soldiers. ken scott the war crimes prosecutor who's worked on tribunals for many conflicts he investigated
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south sudan's conflict for the u.n. he says the sexual violence is the worst he's ever known it's such a high level of incidents widespread. being going on for a substantial period of time not as isolated incidents. you know one can only. crimes involving sexual violence are taking place. in the camps mary not her real name says she wants justice but doesn't expect it she says she was raped by three soldiers they found her fleeing with her husband killed him and threw her baby in a bush. they tied up blindfold on my face they took all my positions and stripped me three of them were all on me after i grabbed my baby and lived i was naked now i have not. malcolm where. west nile uganda and the u.n.
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secretary general are trying to get terrorise has warned that the planned kurdish independence referendum would detract from the need to defeat eisel iraq iran and turkey oppose the poll and demonstrators march through the streets of istanbul on sunday in protest iran's government has threatened to end all border security arrangements with the kurdish regional authority in northern iraq if the vote goes ahead hoda abdel-hamid is currently in irbil in the kurdish region of northern iraq and she says iran is worried how kurds living in this territory would react to a referendum in neighboring iraq. this might be deferred explicit statement coming out of iran but certainly there have been several warnings by the iranian government over the past few months relations actually between tehran and the kurdish authorities have been strained for quite a while now and the bottom line iran sees this as
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a threat to its own national security in the sense that iran has a sizable kurdish population several iranian kurdish opposition parties are based here in northern iraq and iran fears that this referendum even though nonbinding if it goes ahead might bull aspirations of the iranian kurds just those are exactly the same fears that turkey has for example now the mood here remains the find over the past few days. he has held rallies and he has said very bluntly that the referendum will go ahead because the alternative put forward by the international community may need the u.s. to u.k. and the u.n. is actually not clear enough is not binding enough in the sense that. it. is to postpone this referendum until after the iraqi general elections are to be
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held in two thousand and eighteen but i think it would be would like to get a assurance guarantees from baghdad that after that it will go ahead with this referendum. and turkey has called the plan for the kurdish referendum on independence in northern iraq an issue of national security and iraq says that going through the september twenty fifth poll would be i quote playing with fire imran khan has more. iraqi prime minister hydrilla body reacted with strong words with decision to hold an independence referendum on september twenty fifth. if you challenge the constitution and if you challenge the borders off you know on the border of the region then there will not be this is a public and vacation to that country and region to violate your right people as well which is but again justification. of bodies were met with
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a mixture of defiance and anger in the kurdish region of northern iraq the president of the kurdistan regional government masoud barzani spoke at a rally north of erbil in the city of the whole. rejected our partnership not us if you have a look at the iraqi constitution it says the commitment to this constitution keeps the free unity of iraq we decided to live with baghdad but they didn't accept our partnership now they have to accept we will be good neighbors if they want to accept our partnership we won't be their servants turkey's president also voiced his concerns referring to his country's national security so you know. we will have a meeting with the iraqi prime minister mr a body in the united states and from what we can see our goal is the same our goal is not dividing iraq but now the northern iraqi authority is taking a step towards the separation of iraq. one source of tension is the disputed territory of coke cook which the kurds say belongs to them but is also claimed by
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iraq the kurds have been clear that the referendum will take place in part cook and have sent troops to the city but the local iraqi shia led militia says any ballot box will be seen as an act of aggression the international community also reacted the u.s. special representative to the anti eisel coalition said that the u.s. would not support any referendum and in fact said that the iraqis should get together and concentrate on the fight against and that's also a view echoed by the british foreign office across the kurdish region flags have been waving and nationalism amongst this distinct ethnic group is. the fevered pitch ordinary kurds and their leaders see this referendum as they might want a charge for self-determination and their own nation state something they've been striving for the navy a century however some party saying time is not now but they may back the popular movement that seems to be on track to hold the referendum despite the objections of
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iraq the united states and opposition across the region imran khan how does it appear. now at least ten iraqi soldiers have been killed in the attack by eisel finances in the west of the country and it happened in the province of anbar near the border with jordan two car bombs exploded at a military barracks near the city of birth before gunmen attacked. but on confirms number of vital fighters are believed to have been killed by iraqi military as support following this attack now a convoy of eighteen turkish armored vehicles have arrived at a border crossing with syria they're moving into opposition controlled areas inside syria to create so-called deescalation zones zones or brokered a talks in the cause of capital this week and the area near the border crossing around it and has been held by rebels since twenty thirteen. and coming up on al-jazeera we're in bangladesh where heavy monsoon rains have added to the misery
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of refugees who fled violence in myanmar. and a major. force says it signs a new deal with the u.k. to buy typhoon fighter jets. by the springtime flower of a mountain lake. to the first smoke on the wind. how low the weather's quieting down nicely now for southern parts of china but still some lively downpours in the area we can see a cloud making its way away from the eastern seaboard towards japan that is probable storm talim will say seeing cloud easing away from vietnam but a large mass of cloud across the other side of into china through laos easing across into northern parts of thailand and continue to drive its way further west which is because on through the next few days a few showers there in hong kong as we go through monday into tuesday it should
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brighten up some very heavy rain that you can see across central parts of china. as continue across southeast asia some lively downpours coming in here malaysia cool seeing some other wet weather that weather just stretching across towards the good parts of well southern areas of thailand joys out with the wet weather that we have over the other side of the thing golez big down polls will continue as we go on through the next couple of days quite a massive cloud actually across the goal of the moment be a mosque seeing some heavy downpours again the remnants of docs year here weather into the far north east of india very wet weather into central and southern parts of in the western areas the western gas look very disturbed over the next couple of days to the north of that is dry. sponsored. a deadly attack destroyed her family and left her.
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around. this time. the mind of our top stories this hour. president obama has welcomed an offer by hamas to set up a unity government in gaza hamas which has ruled for ten years has agreed to dismantle the administrative committee. and hold elections. human rights groups
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say thousands of women have been raped and sexually assaulted during. a war they blame the alleged abuses on president salva kiir is troops and opposition forces loyal to the former vice president salva kiir. and un secretary general terrace has warned that the planned independence referendum in iraq would detract the need to defeat a representative of the kurdistan regional government says there's no chance of the vote being delayed. the heavy monsoon rains in bangladesh have added to the misery of hundreds of thousands of our henge are stuck in makeshift camps the refugees are living in swamps like conditions almost eight centimeters of rain fell in twenty four hours and more rain is expected over the next two days there are also severe food shortages and lack of fresh drinking water to bring charges he has more now
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from cox is bizarre. every day what you see over here really trying to get relief to the growing i reference every day. the red cross work and the local agencies everybody is working very hard. to run across with this private trucks trying to deliver. three people died in the stampede one woman children at the same time bangladesh government in a controversial move have told the police to arrest the movement of the rowing us across the country. and all the junction. to the other parts of the country. started the biometric registration process that started several days ago they want to register each and every rowing guys who have fled from bangladesh so they can
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keep an account where they are who they are and they want to confine them would in the. areas they don't want them to move around the country they wonder eventually able to send them back to me and this is a proof to show that these are me on my record during our refuges who have crossed over to bangladesh and the mayor in marseilles i don't want them. all across the border in this drawing the refugees will be stateless people stuck between the two countries. now the tire threat level in the u.k. has been lowered from critical to severe it was raised to its highest level off to find a tack on a london underground train that injured thirty people police searched three properties in sorry and west on that on sunday two suspects in custody a twenty one year old man was detained in west london area on a night and earlier and eighteen year old man was arrested at the port of the main ferry link to france. following the attack in parsons green last friday the police
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have made good progress with what is an ongoing operation the joint terrorist analysis center which reviews the threat level that the u.k. is under have decided to lower that have from critical to severe now severe still means that it is highly likely so i would urge everybody to continue to be vigilant but not alarmed now cuts us signed a deal with the u.k. to buy twenty four fighter jets and sell of the typhoon aircraft was a created a bilateral meeting in doha qatar has been ramping up its spending on military equipment since the start of the g.c.c. crisis in early june and in the past three months it has signed a deal with the u.s. to purchase f.f.t. jets and also another one with italy for seven navy vessels now a cutlass foreign minister says the international community is not doing enough to combat what he calls terrorism mama the number one all tony colgan well davis to do
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more he was speaking at an event in new york organized by the u.s. think tank the brookings institution. terrorism is. a phenomenon and here i'd like to say that the violence hatred. areas has halved a lot in the eruption and creation of these terrorist organizations and there is a national world and the world in general hasn't you know nuff. facing this terrorism and i feel sorry to say that the more conflicts this periods sufferings there the more this national community is not able to sort these problems out the international community has to i thought all necessary to say just to fight this phenomena because it's a threat against the end of the society is the country and it's
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a threat to the human rights. this is the. world. war two can. use. to redouble their efforts to take away the core reason people might be. in order.
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to once again. peace between the israelis and the palestinians he said it's more important to. us in that area because. people are attracted to extremist groups. people here during his keynote address. issues. and international peace and security. of the country. if you was a paedophile. about the killing of the violent crackdown on drugs the human rights commission. or the president. and. the commission's budget.
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so. young people especially. boys are you. and the wife of pakistan's ousted prime minister nawaz sharif has won his parliamentary seat the country's supreme court disqualified him in july over corruption allegations because some no one is sharif won the by election securing the seats of the eastern city of lahore she defeated the rival party's candidate in there in absentia now several caribbean islands that were devastated by hurricane and now preparing to face a possible second major storm the u.s. national hurricane center upgraded tropical storm maria to a category one hurricane it's currently heading towards the leeward islands where it could make landfall on monday night now a rare local election is being held in southern nepal after
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a twenty year wait security is tight in the area where at least fifty five people have been killed during political protests in the past two years so reports now from some tare districts where villages are trying to recover from last month's floods. preparations are almost complete a local election is finally happening here after a twenty year wait. elections are like festivals in the park and there is much excitement but not among villagers in my now kerry one hundred seventy two families who lost their homes in the floods last month are taking refuge on this strip of road most are from what the pollies called the low cost community daytime temperatures soar to thirty eight degrees celsius here and these tarpaulin sheets are no relief government officials tell us to move back to our houses but we don't have a house said one man was over the other in our houses are destroyed but the powerful get all the relief we are left with very little government. schools are closed and
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children have fallen ill many are mollari villages complained that the local leaders failed to visit them during the floods everyone here says they are going to exercise their democratic rights and vote but they also say they do not trust the local politicians because they were abandoned by them during their hour of need so as not to be seen as influencing voters the government stopped all relief for the past few leaves the only visitors to these villagers are polluters sions asking for their votes beneath the pond it showed us her home destroyed by floods got out i've taken a loan of five thousand dollars to build a house but nothing is left politicians say they would do this once we vote for them but what is the guarantee they will deliver. her farmland has been swept away and crops destroyed besides just the immediate need for food villagers here say they need flood protection systems to save them in the future they hope the local
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election will address their needs but also fear they will be forgotten again once they have voted so al-jazeera stopped their district in the southern plains of nepal. aircraft teams from around the world performed at the annual athens flying week in greece. fans gathered to watch the aerobatic stones at the canungra for space the u.k. will air force used red to blue and white spoke for part of their display while egypt's silver star drew a heart with whites. headlines here on al-jazeera hamas which has ruled gaza for ten years says that it's willing to end its feud with fatah both sides have agreed to talk about holding
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a general election fatah controlled the occupied west bank and it's a major breakthrough in what's been a long running and bitter dispute. human rights groups say thousands of women have been raped and sexually assaulted during the four year war in sudan they blame the abuses on government troops of president salva kiir and the opposition forces loyal to follow vice president three a question are. widespread. going on for a substantial period of time not as isolated incidents. you know one can only. are taking place and the u.n. secretary general and tanika terra's has warned that the planned kurdish independence referendum in iraq would detract from the need to defeat eisel iraq iran and turkey all oppose the poll scheduled for september twenty fifth but the kurdistan regional government says there's no chance the votes will be delayed. a
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convoy of eighteen turkish ahmed vehicles have arrived at a border crossing in syria and they're moving into controlled areas inside syria to create so-called escalation. talks in the catholic capital this week the area near the border crossing around has been held by rebels. heavy monsoon rains in bangladesh have added to the misery of hundreds of thousands of are stuck in makeshift camps the refugees are living in conditions and almost eight metres of rain fell in just twenty four hours with more rain expected over the next two days. and the u.k. is terror threat level has been lowered from critical to severe it was raised to the highest level off to friday's bomb attack on a london underground train that injured thirty people detectives are questioning a twenty one year old and also an eighteen year old who remain in custody police searched another three properties in sorry and west london on sunday. up next is
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inside story of. the nobel peace prize the winner of one of the world's most prestigious awards. she is being criticized for ignoring the plight of the hindu majority. as this year's nominees announced the question. this is inside story.


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