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tv   Crude Harvest Selling Mexicos Oil  Al Jazeera  September 18, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm AST

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al-jazeera international bringing the news and current of families that matter to you. down to zero. zero zero zero and for you. i'm sam is a dime in dar with a look at the headlines here on al-jazeera now iraq's supreme court has ruled to suspend next week's referendum on kurdish independence campaigning has been well on the way for the vote in the semi autonomous kurdish region on september the twenty fifth despite the verdict kurdish leaders say they won't vote the referendum has
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been fiercely opposed by iraq turkey and iran. yang says the pursuit by the united states for more sanctions against it is a hostile act it says the more sanctions the u.s. seeks the quicker it will move towards completing its nuclear missile programs meanwhile to u.s. b. one b. bombers and a number of fighter jets are flying over the korean peninsula it's part of joint military drills by the u.s. and south korea the commander in chief of me and forces is blaming the right angle for the violence that sparked the refugee crisis. yang says only groups are being targeted via child reports from bangladeshis cox bazaar region. i mean techno town between me and mine and bangladesh border you can see the myanmar border right behind me now on sunday the top me on my military man posted on facebook comments. on my population and media to unite what he called on their own issue he also
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blamed this current crisis on what he termed as bengali extremist groups actually what he's referring to is insurgents group they also say this. extremist group is trying to put a foothold in the right kind stayed in me on my own this comes across when thousands of me on my rowing refuse are crossing into bangladesh the condition in the refugee dire infectious diseases are spreading now people are starving the children are the most critical condition aid that is coming is inadequate although the best effort and intention is there but the mobilization and the flaw for aid is just not adequate into this camp. the wife of pakistan's ousted prime minister nawaz sharif is one is parliamentary seat in the by election come out high the reports from lahore. hauler all go home to their shiny family and. for trade however the rain.
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had not come with a large margin. for a neighbor to call when he ford on that came. and became the prime minister of the country there are problems for the charity family because he is very thing and. again came being investigated by the national accountability bureau. qualified by that supreme court for life. difficult to get on the political situation in order to i and. gordo week three ended by election. will become the prime minister in that general election. roman catholic priest has made his
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first public appearance after being held hostage for four months by finds them twice in the southern philippines father to see to the knob was rescued in malawi city on saturday when the army stormed the fighters control center inside a mosque the social media platforms snap chat his blog zero content in saudi arabia says it was asked by saudi authorities to remove the cost of funding a child because it violated local laws saudi arabia has about eight million stat chat uses one of the largest in the world has been embroiled in a diplomatic dispute with saudi arabia and three other arab states since early june when they cut ties with. general motors has announced the recall of more than two and a half million vehicles in china over concerns about airbags made by japanese giant catarrh the faulty airbags can improperly inflate and rupture potentially firing shrapnel pieces at the driver and passengers the defect has been linked to several deaths and scores of injuries around the world those are your headlines the news
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continues here on al-jazeera after crude harvest selling mexico's oil.
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he. says now what he's done. in. making. this point was. that. mexico is in crisis. lawlessness is rife. murderous on the rise.
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the economy has stalled. the gulf between rich and poor in mexico has never been wider. against a backdrop of fund controlled by law mexico's president has passed a series of economic reforms that is polarizing this already deeply divided nation . mexico's oil the research that has been owned by the mexican people for the last seventy five years is now for sale to private international companies. thousands have come out in protest certain they know what this decision will mean for the nation. gives the idea.
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for mexicans passions run high over oil because they run deep. in the same square where today people are protesting the privatization of oil they gathered in one thousand nine hundred thirty eight to celebrate its export creation from foreign companies who controlled mexico's oil in the opening decades of the twentieth century.
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yeah but if you have a few you know that's what you ask is what i want to do with. the foreign oil companies insisted on compensation. the mexican people gave up their possessions to pay off the bed. the oil was now thayer's. seventy five years later the people's only leasing jeopardy. foreign companies are once again poised to drill on mexican soil. and it's the farmers who have the most to lose. if. that's ok that. you know if it be that good uppercut got up to the father and. mother get you know what he got that d.n.a.
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look at the bit about it even not out about oh ok. mexico's farmers are suffering the worst crisis the countryside has seen in twenty years. they're in danger of losing their livelihoods. under the energy reforms they could also lose their land. rush for four. years on that and it was a little bit more because. it's almost like someone up there was this they're saying you know this there was one last year give you must use and all those are your most significant has a little you know. what i called the well known one my. like a lot. of a more like i knew. that when i live here yeah yeah they or you or they wouldn't know the mother in. law me. what changed twenty years ago for
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mexico's farmers were nafta a treaty that ohp. mexico to foreign trade led to the collapse of agriculture and helped pave the way for the privatization of oil we are creating the largest richest and most productive market in the entire world. nafta the north american free trade agreement was promised as mexico's ticket to the big time. in making. opening mexico's market to u.s. and canadian companies was going to bring prosperity do. instead there have been winners. and losers. multinationals have made handsome profit. while many farmers have lost everything.
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and don't use of it on head of the citrus growers in the mexican state of veracruz recalls how nafta's promises turned sour. i moved from boys you mean to eliminate all. your solos at the hands of your book as moments. really much as mine each one of the two members of the thirty minute c.s.u. movement of his you know but i'm a book of months. but i'm just a month. now after inflicted two blows to mexico's farmers. cheap subsidized u.s. produce flooding the market. and the rise of the supermarkets paying rock bottom prices to mexican farmers. the outcome a handful of growers controlling production and a loss of more than two million agricultural jobs. will give me get out
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a lot. more that may well us who lives want to get us real good tell us without this is what i mean for quarter of the most real money goes wrong or kept pork in what you are a million example. of the stance here. for those who remain and still work the land like orange grove dearest alive has become a struggle for survival. love and love another dollar or mercy or the heart of any fish they are all here on this part of the daughters that are an environment there that are there no problem. with darkness while most indian woman yes you are on that are you not me is not it was your this said. does your mother must. your cover more choice on vine your arse on locus of denial of and none of our guns about other things are. ok thought the ample and it
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. was a. dollar a day and one of those are porous. and innocent little by the north are. now after has widened the gap between rich and poor. for most mexicans free trade with foreign companies has come at a heavy price. the prospect of more of the same under the new energy reforms looks like history repeating itself. this country has been right many times every night saddam has in mind the role that the spaniards sprain have here and the americans and other foreign businesspeople who have come here are perceived as being potential rapist in mind of the average mexican citizen you need to keep that in my oil is the symbol of that potential right. mexico's president and
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be giving and yet there is waiting a publicity campaign claiming his reforms will usher in a new era of prosperity. is that reform represent the level of muslim this will put to me that this but i mean he could. use separate channel system on a board to be out. secure and simple zimmy listen we will simply else equal nikolay saleratus she gave almost like i was fed a form. of the loose evil guys who went behind it but it was for peace and this consequence here mr campbell proceed a mass ah but i must tell him into space yes. and there's something for the multinational companies to. share in the profit bonanza from sixty billion barrels of mexican oil. it's a black gold rush that has companies beating a path to the door of consulting firms like control risks it's the last frontier
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that has been opened for private investment basically every other country in the world including countries like cuba have allowed foreign investment in their oil reserves mexico had not and potentially mexico has enormous reserves particularly in deep water plays that will require investment by private companies are to be exploited. antonio guterres a former us ambassador to mexico now legal adviser to u.s. oil companies is selling a bright future in mexico to his clients obviously energy companies are excited by the prospect of investing in mexico they see the risk return is very attractive they've done business in foreign markets they recognize that this is one proximate to the u.s. there's a very real sense that mexico's a rocket about to live. as foreign oil companies prepared to celebrate the profits
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still make from the reforms mexican economics and justice expert in the guy that was goglia doubts that ordinary mexicans will get a share of the spoils and you need to make sure that all this investment and all the returns from those investments to some degree will provide. a remedy to those sectors within mexico that have never experienced any benefits from the after . cultural sector or the small farmer but i haven't seen any kind of government plan or strategy indicating that they will go that way so far considering the precedence of mexico's opening to the world i would say that the privatization of the oil sector in the hands of all your police will bring more corruption more unequal distribution of income and more social instability. but corruption isn't always considered a bad thing by big business. where there's corruption there's no accountability.
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the oil industry has a track record of thriving in places with poor regulatory regimes they pollute and get away with it. mexico state owned oil company pemex has been accused of this. reporter and got his committee has been following the trail of oil investigating cases of corporate impunity. said that they were. sick and dying and it was kind of. mixed with an. edgar is on his way to major oil spill which has polluted
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a vital water supply. point that is a bit upset about a little. more than a million liters of crude oil poured from a broken panix pipeline and. spread into the trunk corners creeper that supplies water to thousands of people. entire communities had to be evacuated because of the toxic fumes. and. the fear that. may be cemented. in two thousand and thirteen alone pemex was responsible for two hundred fifty environmental emergencies. every oil disaster he's
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witnessed anger has approached local residents for an interview. they often won't talk to people living next to dispell are no exception. but he can last yes i want to. see it. but if you're ok yeah. i came up from having a fear of making if i use it again about. the consequences because is the backbone of the country's economy. panics profits for nearly forty percent of the federal budget. in the oil rich state of tabasco on mexico's gulf coast it's the largest employer providing forty thousand jobs. in lay still paramedics and. pemex is such an integral part of life that
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from an early age children are taught the story of oil. and be assured. don't know. may. you know. but for the communities where pemex their relationship is a troubled one. has got to see as the head of the local bar land council. a small tabasco bill each of fifteen hundred indigenous people. of the lord. probably that among the you know.
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when there are things you can. do more. with. by law the profits made by pemex are supposed to be reinvested in social and economic development but how much of the profits filtered down to the people in two thousand and thirteen pemex made billions of dollars from oil into basket yet eighty six percent of the population live in poverty. is typical of that inequality. really not. easy and by what. is a good example i mean the another. series of oil disasters in the area has added to their problems. tabasco human rights lawyer. has taken up the bill it years costs.
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israel about. they may. say that. in two thousand thirteen pemex begin work on a well close to movie sale spillage. what happened at the drill site known as positive one two three was unlike anything that the basque had ever seen. on the. front.
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of him all the. different there are meant to one day you're here because of our. government job. on terror yeah you're the one. of. them. they don't serve. each day so more explosions. a toxic cloud of fire and smoke rose over the village and nearby farms. the army cordoned off the area. for town on it and the other thing i have one telephone now and i don't know many come and i thought i think
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there's almost a me and i get on my knee there's a lot of that i want to not react to get a lot amount of. the well burned uncontrollably for fifty five days been excluded quelled the police. people reported suffering from skin and respiratory diseases and the death of their livestock. where loving went diving going to be more going on that very day if i could be a long time that there how many they grew to be they got then put pats on the. bone a bandana dandenault mescal out of the bed put all your gear in my mind was out there at the end going to bed. but they don't matter you know i'm babe i feel like you're your mood you're out of work. yeah if i but if you're both.
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saw the more you learn more. than i thought i probably. tell you my god i'm going to i mean that's you know. that's when i lie they. better get out yeah they always . make their go here and in the end of your welfare you know. they came and they got some sense you know that. meant this i kind of i like them but i'm not you know my last name but they did i have them out on my home ok not by far and i've. been here since the explosion been richard. affected by the disaster have taken to the streets and blockaded pemex well so novices. senior clerics officials complained it was costing them three million dollars a day in lost production but refused to offer compensation. is the.
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people. in the know never. the company sin different string the farmers of only a kilometer away from the well explosion into activists. you know that. today is the one year anniversary of the explosion and the community of folks here gaga has received no compensation for their suffering. so others do it all easier to be in the moment when i was a member of a primary one on one of them with. yeah don't. go there. with. you know their grievances are many including claims of
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a skyrocketing breed of health problems they're not all margaret. margaret you know my friends here i'll get in a settlement of a. lawyer if friendly is has come to report on his efforts to get them justice. he's demanding that the government release a study conducted of the soil air and water contamination around the well but the government has so far refused to. really. think one of us here. on the air saying what i'm actually on either. but its owner . they do or they will be of more value than that of being where to begin to get by and of course i really don't want them with no go up where human as it is was as though you're easy a little yellow rallies or. oh here's god think you're golden i can get in but i'll
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be here. we all have stories. some that enrich our memories. others to define our futures. in a breathtaking new season al-jazeera staff members open their hearts and invite us into their extraordinary lives al-jazeera correspondent coming soon on counting the cost how apple's i phone economics make it the most profitable company in the world. how the jay trade is influencing the prices in myanmar. plus one hundred days of the gulf crisis we'll look at how qatar the economy is very. counting the cost at this time on i just did a. full
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a mind has decided to break with tradition and train to sail competitively maybe not that we want to present a positive image and to use this to your typical expectation of women for them it's about more than just racing yes you can still be a good a morning woman and also a very talented sailor going off around the world showing everybody how strong our money people are al jazeera world meets the first female sailing crew in the gulf sailing stars at this time on al-jazeera. i'm sammy's a diamond with a look at the headlines now kurdish leaders in iraq they'll go ahead with an independence referendum next week despite a ruling by iraq's supreme court suspending the vote campaigning has been well on the way for the vote in the semi autonomous kurdish region in september the twenty fifth referendum has been fiercely opposed by iraq turkey and iran john
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yang says the pursuit by the united states for more sanctions against it is a hostile act it says the more sanctions the u.s. seeks the quicker it will move towards completing its nuclear and missile programs meanwhile to us b. one b. bombers in a number of fighter jets have flown over the korean peninsula it's part of joint military drills by the u.s. and south korea commander in chief of me and mars armed forces is blaming the rangar for the violence that sparked the refugee crisis maybe i'm hearing says only groups are being targeted the wife of pakistan's ousted prime minister nawaz sharif is one is parliamentary seat in a byelection came out high the reports from lahore that were not glorified with them around haunch bardi the p.d.i. coming again and a new party the milly muslim league going off your. foregone
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conclusion. and therefore having any problems although the margin of the rain or significantly lowered the time. a social media platform snap chat has blocked al-jazeera content in saudi arabia snapchat says it was asked by saudi authorities to remove the carter funded channel because it violated local laws saudi arabia has about eight million snap chat uses one of the largest in the world culture has been embroiled in a diplomatic dispute with saudi arabia and three other arab states since early june when they cut ties with our general motors has announced the recall of more than two and a half million vehicles in china over concerns about airbags made by the japanese giant to catarrh the faulty airbags can improperly inflate and rupture potentially firing shrapnel pieces at the driver and passengers as the headlines the news
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continues and our desire after crude harvest stay with us. in two thousand and thirteen the mexican state of tabasco suffered the biggest oil disaster in its history. a well exploded in flames and blazed uncontrollably for fifty five days sending clouds of toxic smoke over surrounding villages. mexico's state owned oil company panics denied there was a problem bachman's one of the worst when it was my wife and i was in. but communities closest to the site have complained of widespread health problems and loss of livestock. to rounding lands have been contaminated and water supplies poisoned. the villagers have fought to have their grievances heard but to date pemex has paid no compensation nor accepted any wrongdoing in mexico impunity
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rules the fear is that if this is how barracks is allowed to treat the big names of disasters foreign companies are even less likely to be held accountable led to a lot of women are heading. inland their salaries there have been there by the morning or the last where we. were brimming. with a motorway now while i think. of we were at a moment when you know the impetus of. the indigenous communities in the neighboring state of better are about to find out. the or a church of the eastern state of better crews have made mexico the fourth largest orange producer in the world. but nafta trade agreements have hampered small
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growers efforts to export their crops. farmers are leaving the land fruit processors are. going out of business. the trade is dying. but riches are still to be found here better close has. in fact it's sitting on seventeen billion barrels the largest all insurers served in the country but parents claims it has in the capital to exploit what's there. so on the mexico's new energy reforms the prize has been offered up to private companies in the hope that foreign investment will get pipelines and profits flowing. this map shows the reserves the government has opened up for exploitation i could talk or fair with the nonprofit project gotta kritika mine when daniel is taking a close look on behalf of the communities who are sitting on oil. look at the burma
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where is the hero of call of communion when i said i think that the rim of the lawyers are where the most are where you know one of the mother went out and this girl almost of pointed the wrong horse so often as we have them as young as six to them or if thing for most young so you are alaskan when you buy them from their defense and they rally with you. while the government has been keen to identify oil reach areas to private companies mexico's farmers have been told nothing. else maps will at least let them know if their land is up for grabs your muscles and you a little lump of like a bit of your sympathy and i'm in the political when i'm in the ministry on or not i mean the fans are so i'm going to give us our. money well is packing to go to bed i cruised to beside one of the communities most in need of his research. lengthens your own is sort of well not only on the menu and heard in my head of the last on.
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more than other thoughts and i've been with me that i've been there when the worm and a lot of it doesn't. well bit of a job but i'm not going to put on ask them but i i live the he will but it's on us this time of year for i think it dorian or simon but it does make for fun the look i would have been one of a. where you know what up until now he isn't what we need in a castle with. then the door going on at the law he. was on but the money. the hostess performer is that and then thrown out here good luck with them they're on the way or more of them but it's not part of the full body to look at a board. about their love of foreman and hit the wall of crime is printed by the percentage of the american. family that are credible is
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my thing you have to stop with. the new law has teeth it gives companies a right to drill and occupy land wherever there is oil. even an archaeological sites like this one. that taught to not pyramids of el the heene date from six hundred fifty the surrounding jungle heights many more temples yet to be excavated. and these areas are to be auctioned for oil exploitation to foreign companies their ability is here to. do what they are going silas leaves in san antonio a tiny village of two hundred people. he's a top donor kerry to a community leader he grows oranges and corn on the slopes which we're allowed to meet the pyramids of that he doesn't. he just gotta go but they're still left
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because. there was land fall squarely inside the area i've been offered up to private oil companies. but there are a lot of us out of. it and some in the. us are gone from being over there i want to emphasize here on the stand they're going to come from no attempt at us in our. government are simply meant that not a subset of them was. going to condemn us in a mix. of measures and didn't mind giving them. more room as in demand. on the. when energy companies come to the modellers area they'll be able to drill where they want. orange groves and corn fields will give way to oil platforms and the
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people will have little power to resist. elsewhere in their accuse big oil has arrived. except butter a small village of two thousand people is rich in symbolism and oil. it's named after the father of the mexican revolution a meanders about the who fought for the people's right to land. a century later the land is once again in dispute and the people here are being forced to take a stand. or in the last. year this process stop us envoy and none of that will so you get out of. there with . compass you know just almost all of another problem of the earth. although small in size some but those of major importance to the oil industry. it's
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home to the compass and they are field one of the richest aren't sure reserves in mexico with a potential yield of one hundred million barrels. many of the pipelines that snaked through the surrounding countryside converge here. on the spot to shop at the america or the long. list of. living cheek by jowl with the industry has exacted a heavy toll on her brother. over fifty major oil and gas leaks have occurred in the village in the last three years alone. existing. allows premix to contract foreign oil companies and service providers. in two thousand and thirteen premix hired a venezuelan company to extract oil and gas into. billet your say things haven't improved. what's going to be nice a lawyer an activist from the n.-g. o.
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united for human rights. to advisable it yours about how best to defend themselves against threats posed by the energy industry. then. have been day goes. by sending. us all of. them a big. bad day which as corny as a lot of you is that in your years. that risk became a reality in some pattern on november twenty fourth in two thousand and fourteen. gasnier rachel control for more than seven days sending flames eighty meters high
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the private company and panics were alerted immediately treat a sleeper the villagers were still waiting for help and. it's been a hard lesson in corporate a difference for the village of supporter but a ballad one it's highlighted how powerless e r. under the energy reforms they may discover it that the law is not underside when it comes to negotiating with foreign oil companies for access to their land. because you know also when i call with. a lost cause then you then don't know me study unless embrace us. this is one of you that i would assume we. got there neither. one implicitly they are going around for the. guy who will end up the dial on this by. when he was here though it is my only was
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he had. he need to know is that the bell meant to pull lady sarah breast was a boy yes ok mass is that this scene for my last systematic i mean you don't say look i was i said that there will first have to make a nice most. middle says he would need that many as one place but a metre and a key without a book. could not stand it could he would alice but look at where they use there is . he could when they see the boards he needs most feel that him and they don't know . trilobites already made up his mind. he won't much no matter how much the companies offer him or how high the odds are stacked against him. in oil another. one of the know where your money will start even if they don't work because your nor your novel them or tell you when you look on most of it all disappeared and i mean they want just one another screen serve in them mostly young. people stole
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those who are only other humans for their money for love or for personal camp or no longer anonymous. you know this impulse and get there we are merely your only you are not here to lower. the end of the sword. down the road from some batter or inch grow. antonio sober and has come to a more pragmatic decision. is inevitable there's no future in farming. so here are. one of history's. most. don't go in the. years it will be as when the. while farmers in better groups are wrestling with tough choices there are communities in mexico where oil is their only hope.
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people in the northern state of ca we are in the mood to celebrate. in the farming town of guerrero u.s. company geo kinetics is winding up after year long survey of the region's rich shale gas research. the company has brought six hundred much needed jobs. the townsfolk hope it's a sign of better times ahead. and that's a whole new me as this is going to go away and don't you go see john is a cattle rancher and the mayor of guerrero who i like. your things are all ok what is it your look the most i use. your source it would be like if they had all the money we're going to school this is the break we went. and
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the payoff promises to be a big one. texas eagle ford from asian the u.s. richest natural gas field is just a stone's throw away over the rio grande. it's generated more than forty six billion dollars and created eighty six thousand jobs but until now the mexican side of eagle ford has been for bidding fruit to foreign oil. if you look at the eagle for mation along the texas border and you fly there any time of the day or night and you see the activity in just south of it. there's absolutely no activity whatsoever the subsurface of these areas didn't recognize borders didn't recognize a river didn't recognize and a line on the on the ground that was painted by people the subsurface geology i think very attractive they'd love to do business in mexico. that's good news for the people of color. they're sitting on
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a mother note the fourth largest shell reserve in the world. and influx of texas oilmen couldn't come at a better time. these communities are struggling to survive. we're going to die soon as i like and i. mean they're going to have so but we don't but at the end of that i am not into the i'm not going to look i meant that i live my life an idea i will not see him grab for darkness. nafta undermined the export market for mexican cattle ranchers. it made it easier for the u.s. to sell beef to mexico but introduced restrictions to mexican farmers selling to the u.s. . to smaller ranches went bankrupt. the effect combined with years of devastating drought was an exodus from ghetto let me only like and therefore i was god. that i when i sell the mills and i mean that i'm not but he's a mentor. today gary said ghost town.
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shops have closed houses abandoned. for this depressed region of mexico and with its promise of thousands of jobs seems almost too good to be true. and there is a catch. look at the numbers are two years. noir the people of the us union tools comments when i listen to this is the economic growth as you and i thought it was a little mentor in fracking. one well has already been dug in this area on land belonging to ranchers philippe feminine this was that was a new branch of the law from it's one branch of the mean those seem to think that yes. i was in for them to the bone so. i feel now a little below say i don't know if the bulls will be blaming that on fracking. but i'm also you. just course of my love the point i mean that's you on the list there
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must be a little bundles and we've heard those but one of those days when it was all this going to see you i was in but. i would be he said. this about only that one fact i think you don't think and believe as i mentioned last name you know. more plenty that i want to get on with and i just don't want to start in the middle of the what is it and then. when expanding into what it is that fracking fracking is a controversial method involving the high pressure injection of water and chemicals to fracture rocks and release natural gas. but it can poison water sources and trigger earthquakes. energy analyst i don't have enough wind to include i think the teaching of the local cattle ranchers association. with.
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fracking is new to mexico this ranchers have only heard rumors. despite their worries about fracking the ranchers have fallen in such hard times that they may be forced to make a devil's bargain. i think here they will. never even.
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think about it. but. she said i meant they. are going to look i want. people they can and i'm going to hear. see at the moment the noise i see look at the. i was at the point where i go. if they don't adapt there's only one other source of work organized crime the largest employer in the area. has had a very bright side but also has had a very dark side the dark side of globalization has been organized crime and i could not have bankrupted the small ranchers many of those who survived were forced off their land by the cartels cattle ranches became drug routes and organized crime recruited from the unemployed. lawlessness in. epidemic proportions
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simplemente revealed in. the. case that the. building or an infant going to sort of miles is complete and that's when i. have a. between two thousand and six and two thousand and twelve the number of people who were forcibly disappeared over eighteen kundry corporations were also the victims of extortion and. kidnappings. to state's response was to establish an elite security force. that was that. you know. again unless you are in the midst of. it is the ideal environment for organized crime to take over in the form of legal businesses and to propose joint
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ventures to foreigners who come here. very excitedly come expecting to do business with in the oil sector we have hundreds of organized crime groups wandering around mexico right now heavily armed heavy weapons and they would be pounding on this foreign oil companies left and right. to start lesson for oil is if you're going to do business and you're going to encounter organized crime. i feel have already chosen to work with them in june of two thousand and fourteen to texan companies pleaded guilty to buying oil stolen by the cartels. for companies with their eye on the price of six hundred trillion cubic feet of gas and it's a risk some will be willing to take. the only alternative is to fight the cartels by hiring protection like what we are security forces who insist they have the upper hand. at the meant the.
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deals. if you need them and visible and these are less. anybody. who's godly i believe this confidence is misplaced. you need to have a much more sustainable proposal in place than the one that we see here the truth is that any foreign oil company that comes here under the new framework will in her . the nightmares you have right now taking place. they will not go away. cumin security nightmare is literally out of control and we don't see an end in sight. farmers are powerless to resist either the companies or the cartels this land of cattle and cowboys could be transformed into a dystopia of oil and organized crime.
3:56 pm
right now by leasing mexico's spiraling out of control. forced disappearances have made headlines around the world. mexico's field her song with bodies since died of crops. that people are angry and the government stands accused to pursue over a failed state. they've thrown a match into this incendiary mix by introducing the most divisive economic reform in a hundred years. reform that many see as likely to widen the country's already enormous gulf between its rich and poor this is a highly unstable fargher people don't realize that aren't stable things for explode.
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there's blood. i didn't mean. anything new. hello there the rain is clearing away from south america now we look at the satellite picture we can see the clouds think of a symphony shot down port actually now that clouds edging its way to the east and breaking up as it does say that means for many of us in the southern part of our map it should be fine and dry over the next couple of days today twenty seven degrees the temperature in asuncion and with the clear whether those temperatures are going to
3:58 pm
rise as we head through to choose day this time around thirty four it's a bit different for us in santiago though here there's more cloud of rain edging its way towards us and the seventeen degrees will just be our maximum but for the towards the north and for the central americas we're watching the next system very very closely this is how and it's expected to strengthen very rapidly as it makes its way towards the northwest is going to cross some of the leeward islands and then work its way across puerto rico and by the time it makes its way to puerto rico is expected to be a very intense storms and could well do significant damage here away from that region we've got plenty of showers in the western part of our map stretching from mexico all the way down towards colombia and the showers set to stick about even as we had three tuesday again some very heavy ones here and further north we're watching another storm this is jose keeping away from land for now but there's the system edging east. the weather sponsored by cattle and race.
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north korea's nuclear program. humanitarian crises around the world. wars in yemen iraq and ferry are issues global leaders will grapple with in new york. as world leaders get ready to meet some new faces will be joining this year's biggest u.n. event. join al-jazeera for extensive coverage of the u.n. general assembly. germany's birth varian alps where stunning sceneries play host to europe's latest arrivals. separate in origin. share a common roof and together dream of a german future. welcome to germany cafe vald loft a witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera.
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discover a wealth of award winning programming from around the world the military and the government of blocking people because they have something really horrible to hockey challenge your perceptions of the point the relationship and their political project came to an end paul full documentary was debates and discussions that feeling of freedom and exploring that freedom was very exciting al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. i'm sam is a than this is the news hour live from coming up in the next sixty minutes iraq's supreme court orders the suspension of neg.


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