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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 18, 2017 8:00pm-8:34pm AST

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in the field of medicine. to be a good subject to bring different people from all over to work together. to such a magical that the more i learn about the more. i respect science in a golden age with professor jim at this time. we commend the secretary general and his call for the united nations to focus more on people and less on bureaucracy positive words from u.s. president donald trump ahead of his first united nations general assembly.
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and this is al jazeera live from london coming up kurdish leaders in iraq say they'll push ahead with an independent state despite a supreme court ruling suspending next week's. facing starvation and disease in bangladesh we report on the dark conditions because. of the floods. back behind the microphone a shock appearance by the former white house press secretary charles brings down the house at the. hello u.s. president donald trump has made his debut at the united nations in new york where he pushed for reforms that would quote focus more people and less on bureaucracy president trump said the u.n. has not rich yet reached its potential because of mismanagement within the
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organization but a sharp contrast to his position on first becoming president trump promised the u.s. would partner with it to help it become a stronger and more effective folks the peace around the world. in recent years the united nations has not reached its full potential because of bureaucracy and mismanagement while the united nations on a regular budget has increased by one hundred forty percent and its staff has more than doubled since two thousand we are not seeing the results in line with this investment but i know that under the secretary general that's changing and it's changing fast and we've seen it that's why we commend the secretary general and his call for the united nations to focus more on people and less on bureaucracy. let's join our u.n. correspondent. in new york so to what extent has the president really changed his
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chin about the u.n. do you think. well it was certainly a very complimentary ellis set of remarks from the u.s. president donald trump. efforts to try to reform the organization to. rightsize its various departments and agencies for the twenty first century that said what might be worth noting down the road will be whether there would be any change in the u.s. proposed budget for u.n. contributions because one thing that did touch on was the notion that all countries need to be contributing in a fair fashion and fact many people have suggested that he wants to drastically cut u.s. funding to the united nations the u.s. is of course the largest government contributor but it really does remain to see be seen whether or not the kinds of reforms that antoni
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a good tries to carry out during his tenure will meet with the u.s. is approval of course the u.s. could be seen as a first among equals here at the united nations but they were very complimentary comments coming from donald trump here on monday separately haring that president holding a bilateral meeting with israel's prime minister right now i think. that's right that meeting should have gotten underway in the past couple of minutes or so between the u.s. president and the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu obviously they will have many things to discuss the ongoing efforts to restart the peace talks between the israelis and the palestinians the matter of trying to deal with what israel has called terrorist attacks against its own people the issue of the civil war next door inside syria as well as questions of why. whether the u.s. should be providing more financial and military support to israel
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a full roster of issues to be discussed it's not clear that anything substantial will come out of the meeting because it's one of many which all of these leaders are holding here else on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly or i was in jordan live there at the u.n. in new york for us thank you as you can see donald trump binyamin netanyahu they're about to hold talks at the united nations is a bilateral set of talks on the side of the united nations more from us as we get it. well donald trump was speaking at a reform panel earlier ahead of making his debut at the annual u.n. general assembly tuesday from a wrong to north korea the u.s. president will have plenty to talk about as our diplomatic editor james face reports in a development of this every year when world leaders gather in new york in september they listen carefully to the words of the most powerful person on earth but for the first time since the u.n. was created at the end of the second world war the u.s.
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president will address them from this podium is someone who at times has appeared to question the multilateral order the united nations represents. diplomats are wary of what president trump will say in his nine months in office he's already attended nato g. seven and g. twenty summits on the global stage he's appeared at times uncertain his actions unpredictable donald trump does not perform well at big international summits when he attended a nato summit he actually managed to physically push another leader out of the way and his advisors must hope that he will be back here because this is his last chance to really convince other world leaders that he is someone they can do business with and that is not just a nativist who wants the u.n. over to china as usual global leaders face a whole host of challenges among them an ongoing humanitarian emergency with the
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exodus of the rohingya in myanmar then there's the wars in syria in iraq yemen and libya as well as the future of the iran nuclear deal but this year at the top of the agenda another nuclear state north korea it is a particularly pressing issue because of the provocative timing of the latest missile test which took place just days ago the number of launches the number of tests is much greater even in this year than it's been over the last decades so this is a very immediate very immediate question and yes i think it will be the top question here in this week at the u.n. this is not just the first general assembly week for the new u.s. president and tony terrorists became u.n. secretary general at the start of the year he plans a program of modernization and streamlining and james pays out at the united
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nations great right. now kurdish leaders in iraq say they'll go. ahead with an independence the next week despite a ruling by iraq's supreme court suspending the referendum the court ruled that the poll be persisted to questions about its legality have been addressed the referendum will be held on september twenty fifth in the three provinces that make up the rich kurdish region as well as disputed territories the government of baghdad regional neighbors iran and turkey and the us of all. to be to late spring it could create instability from which i so could benefit for the apple honeybees that have bailed us the capital of the kurdish region in northern iraq and center site. more pressure to postpone the referendum this time coming from the british government the u.k. defense secretary michael fallon is here in erbil where he is meeting with kurdish
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president masoud barzani he was earlier in baghdad and he said from there that he was coming here to try to convince the kurds to postpone the vote he also said that the u.k. was firmly against it at this point now this comes after earlier in the day the federal supreme court issued a state order cooling for the suspension of the referendum until it reaches a final ruling now this is actually an order that should be buying the forward to kurds even though shortly after the supreme court expressed itself a statement came out from the regional prime minister's office saying that the referendum was still going ahead but according to the do thousand and five constitution well the federal supreme court is the authority that rules in case of ethnic sectarian and regional political problems in this country and the kurds were
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fully part of the process of writing that constitution so they are at the moment at least publicly showing still that posture of the. whether there are some sort of negotiations going on between erbil and baghdad at the moment is something that one could fairly be confident about. aid workers say the range of crisis at the bangladesh me and more border is now one of the worst biggest humanitarian catastrophes in the world they say they're struggling to meet the needs of more than four hundred thousand refugees who fled the violence in may amassed and august the twenty fifth. as more from southeast bangladesh. a month after renewed violence began in myanmar's rakhine state of rohingya are making the journey to the border with bangladesh every day they're escaping ethnic cleansing by the myanmar military. we were six people in our family now there's
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just three of us left they killed my father one of the girls and my husband. this man is a volunteer with the regional cycling center. he's one of. the i guess. this is a disaster it's a manmade disaster what's happening in myanmar is inhumane and we are proud the bangladeshis are showing their humanity but the volunteers are being overwhelmed every time a food truck arrives desperate crowd russian these are some of the refugee behind the new ones by relief workers but residents here have been getting upset about this they say that the situation is out of control aid workers say they are struggling to scale up operations quickly enough they want more help to take care of health issues provide shelter and other basic needs i think international donors now have to step up to the plate and that is not just the traditional donors of the
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united states europe japan but also nontraditional donors in particular countries in the middle east and countries in the region in southeast asia and thank. those on the ground think this is now a global crisis and needs a sustained global response until that happens these refugees will have to make do with what little concert way meyer star al-jazeera bangladesh. more than one hundred thousand protesters in bangladesh is capital came out in support of the ranger refugee. they marched towards mammals embassy in dhaka to protest against the country's crackdown on the muslim minority group but the demonstrators were stopped by police before they reached their target. and india's government has told the supreme court that it has evidence the ranger pose a security threat to its country and have links with pakistan based fighters the
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home ministry wants to get clearance to deport around forty thousand settled in india the country's top course is hearing a petition filed on behalf of refugees challenging a government decision to force them to leave. or is still ahead so all of the program why general motors has recalled more than two and a half million vehicles in china. and obese nation i'll tell you why because it is going to solve our house one of the world's on the healthiest populations just going to be filled with fresh fruit and projects. i know that the weather is generally quite quiet across the middle east at the moment there's not a great deal of cloud showing up on our charts a toe to choose to there what you do notice is the winds are feeding down from the
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north so for amante there the temperatures are just easing now so around twenty four or twenty five with the maximum over the next couple of days meanwhile for kuwait the temperatures certainly are easing here in fact force on tuesday and wednesday looks like they'll be again so around forty five or forty six so still very very hot force here beirut though more bearable will be at around twenty eight which is eighty two in fahrenheit a bit further towards the south and here in doha the winds are still filtering in from the east still bringing in all humidity but the maximum now is around thirty nine or forty degrees and no major change as we head through the next few days you still see a fair amount of cloud around the coast of oman here that just by squeeze out one or two showers particularly around thirty one degrees will be the maximum here the further towards the south and we've had a fair amount of cloud a few outbreaks of rain there in the eastern parts of south africa that system has actually given a sufficiently shutdown post but now is trying to pull away and as it does so the temperatures will be recovering say for durban will get to around to twenty seven
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degrees during the day on tuesday that will come out for us on tuesday so a maximum will only be around ninety. to.
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welcome back our minds at the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has made his debut at the united nations where he pushed for forms to make the organization more effective and mismanagement. kurdish leaders in iraq say they'll push ahead with an independence referendum next week despite a ruling by iraq's supreme court to suspend the vote. hundreds of thousands of people have marched through the capital of bangladesh to support the injured refugees the country has received almost half a million people fleeing violence in neighboring me and ma. the wife of pakistan's former prime minister nawaz sharif has clinched his parliamentary seat. by election in lahore the seat became vacant when the supreme court removed a husband from office because of corruption allegations. syrian activists say
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government troops are close to inserting a pocket of ice or fighters india zor after crossing the euphrates the river serves as a demarcation line between government allied forces and u.s. backed rebels syrian government troops have been fighting eisel the west side of the river while u.s. backed rebels are battling the are on the east side. north korea has once again dismissing actions against it as a hostile acts on board that it will stir it to move faster towards completing its nuclear force u.s. bombers and fighter jets have taken part in joint military drills with south korea and japan in another show of force against pyongyang separately china and russia have carried out their own naval drills off the russian far east imports of lot of our stock which china has called on all parties to avoid threatening actions and to ease their rhetoric. the most pressing task for all parties in the international community is to strictly fully and accurately and force the latest u.n.
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resolutions and not deliberately complicate the issue in fact everyone can see that when it comes to development of the nuclear issues on the korean peninsula when various parties send threats through words or actions including military traits these have not promoted a resolution rather they have aggravated the tensions are not beneficial to a final resolution on the peninsula nuclear issue. or fears about a potential conflicts on the korean peninsula a damaging south korea's tourism industry the number of visitors from china has already fallen by seventy percent but not everyone is put off by talk of missile launches and military drills as andrew thomas reports. with tensions on the korean peninsula building south korea on monday hosted a conference of military leaders from across asia pacific giving the keynote address was a former south korean minister who's also head to the united nations i'd like to remind north korea that no single nation has
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a subway it is a fate against you now you are sitting united international community in the course of war history. in the south rising tensions are having an economic impact at an hour from seoul it's easy to see into the demilitarized zone the d.m.z. and beyond that the mountains of north korea the lookout has long been a tourist site people can even take a train from here just inside the d.m.z. and despite the tensions some visitors austin coming for me my tickets were booked when advanced so i had to make it and we kept checking the news just to make sure that everything's kind of ok my sister was very white said this is actually getting married next week and she was very worried that something was going to happen to me and i would be able to make it back so is a bit she was quite. a large military presence here and so many civilians that trust in the foreign of having to like take care of us citizens and let us know if
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something is about to go down but visitor numbers to south korea overrule the down forty percent fewer came in july compared with the same month a year ago on sunday most wrong eats at the funfair which strangely is part of the engine light when they are empty the latest heightened tension is only weak so when really it's too well yet to judge the impact of violence on tourism here so far the missing tourists are exploring more like politics and. chinese tourists are the ones almost entirely absent in march china angered by south korea's deployment of the fat anti missile system banned its citizens from taking package tours to south korea but. last year about half of the seventeen million tourists to south korea were from china but this year chinese tourists are down by seventy percent that spink felt here it's hurting my business sales are roughly
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a third down in the longer this concern about next year's winter olympics in pyongyang ticket sales so far are poor the international olympic committee said last week there is no plan b. . need to move the games if tensions escalate but they can't make spectators come south korea's defense ministry on monday said it believed the north was ready for a new nuclear test if it comes that will only heighten the tension and dissuade more tourists from visiting south korea andrew thomas al jazeera part you know south korea's border with the north. romania's prime minister has visited the western city which bore the brunt of a storm that killed eight people and injured one hundred forty others over the weekend most of those who died were killed by falling trees and flying objects as winds gusted at one hundred kilometers an hour half a million people were also left without electricity with more than two hundred towns and villages affected in western remain here but if your government is being criticized for not giving enough warning about the extreme weather more bad weather
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is forecast to remain yet serbia and croatia. a roman catholic priest has made his first public appearance of being rescued from isis fighters in the philippines father terrace eat a good old boys freedom are always city on saturday as the only north east an attack on the fighters at a mosque also known as father cheeto was taken hostage in may along with about thirteen parishioners on the first day of fighting between troops and fighters. dogan has more from manila. father was presented by the top leadership of the thin libyan military here at the headquarters in manila he was not allowed to take in questions from journalists but he issued a short statement he says that he is grateful to be alive and he is asking for everyone to pray for him he was taken on day one from a cathedral in malawi city in the southern philippines he's the most high profile
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hostage under the mao tse group according to the philippine military his rescue means that the siege is almost over. and even. more more than eighty people have been killed and more than two hundred thousand people now displaced the fear. libyan military admits it is one of the toughest battles iraq's ever fought in recent years made even more complicated by the situation of hostages still more than forty hostages now are still under mouth is controlled and it remains to be seen whether they will be as lucky as father cheetos are going to military operations closing and whether they will survive and be able to tell their stories too. general motors has announced it's recalling more
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than two and a half million vehicles in china because of concerns about faulty airbags the parts which are made by the japanese firm to casa have the potential to inflate with too much force firing shrapnel at the driver and passengers adrian brown has the latest from beijing. rush hour in beijing a reminder that this is the world's largest auto market with almost thirty million vehicles on the road but now some of these vehicles having to be recalled because of problems with their airbags specifically the airbag deployed has now according to some reports the air bags have been exploding when they come under too much pressure and they've been linked to sixteen deaths worldwide although no deaths so far here in china but general motors is worried and on monday it announced it was recalling two and a half million vehicles manufactured here that have been fitted with these airbags
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models including buick and chevrolet which are very popular here in china now this followed a similar recall by volkswagen last week affecting almost five million of their vehicles produced by their joint venture companies here in china so this is a serious setback for car manufacturers now manufacturing here in china. now the island nation of summer in the pacific ocean has one of the world's highest rates of obesity where imported fast food is favored by the natural local produce but a campaign is underway to try to change that as yet to be melon reports from. chef john is on his morning rounds at r.b.s. main fish market and the daily catch is plenty the twenty four year old advocate eating locally sourced food healthily the celebrity chef whips up samoan cuisine in new and inventive ways on television so i was miller about the food you know
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plantation and a fish so i'm trying to make having people like. to eat to eat like ok next up use of chemical ample cooking. oil from his arm or you know all of it is a calling up here in new views that you know. chef john is part of a growing movement battling against a fast food culture that prizes unhealthy imported meals over fresh local produce in remote areas and across the capital some zero is rich with edible vegetation and tropical fruits the inspiration for an education campaign encouraging samoans to search for healthy options it's more than what we need but we have to go out a little exercise as a family go out and collect them come and cook it together eat and your budget will be less you want to spend too much money buying this important stuff can process
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with a lot of high salt and we don't need that everywhere you go in samoa you can find fresh food is even here in the capital are here you can find it on the side of the streets and in front of people's houses that's why health experts say there's no excuse for half the population to be obese about ninety percent of people here to be overweight. the number of people with non-communicable chronic diseases feelings of always hospitals is on the rise they're being treated for problems like diabetes hypertension and cancer well i think this is one of the country with the highest permanence all for diabetes and obesity worldwide about eighty percent roughly eighty percent of all of these burden come from long to make what is in some all so abide by any account this is the biggest problem highlighting the work of young stars like shift john is not only critical to making locally sourced produce more appealing could be vital to saving lives with al-jazeera apia samoa.
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the emmy awards in the united states celebrate the best of the years television entertainment after one of the most incredible twelve months in u.s. political history well it's no surprise that political satire dominated this year's event and as kathy lopez reports the ceremony in los angeles was also notable for most on expected comeback oh yes. it's the best of the small screen with other big names. political satire most of it focusing on president donald trump took center stage i'm like the presidency emmys go to the winner of the popular vote. in an unexpected twist former white house press secretary sean spicer mocked himself and the president he referenced his first media conference where he defended the crowd size at trump's inauguration was over here if you're with us and emmys period both in person and
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around the world melissa mccarthy was just metres away she won an emmy for her in person nation of spice or at last week's creative arts ceremony i'd like to begin with the president's schedule political comedy mark the style of saturday night live this. season the most watched in twenty three years oh boy the media is saying nice things and no one is talking about rush alec baldwin who impersonates trump on the show jokingly shared his award for best supporting actor with the president i suppose i should say at long last mr president here is your and. on the same team kate mckinnon known for her resemblance to hillary clinton one supporting actress in a comedy series the thank you to hillary clinton for your grace politics is also at the heart of veep which won best comedy series but it was about more than just laughs the entertainment industry has used the political divide to address bigger
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issues like race and inequality for the third year in a row this is the most diverse group of nominees in emmy history. the handmaid's tale based on a religious dictatorship taking over america was named outstanding drama series. but political satire won the night whether it's life imitating art or the other way around. al-jazeera. and that's much more on our website made their dot com al-jazeera dot com. reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has made his debut at the united nations in new york where he pushed for reforms that would quote focus more people and less on the bureaucracy the president trying says mismanagement in the u.n.
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means it hasn't reached its potential but he promised the u.s. would partner with the organization to make it stronger and more effective. in recent years the united nations has not reached its full potential because of bureaucracy and mismanagement while the united nations on a regular budget has increased by one hundred forty percent and its staff has more than doubled since two thousand we are not seeing the results in line with those investment but i know that under the secretary general that's changing and it's changing fast kurdish leaders in iraq say they will go ahead with an independence vote next week cite a ruling by iraq's supreme court suspending the referendum because all of the poll be postponed until questions about its legality have been addressed a referendum is due to be held on september the twenty fifth in the three provinces that make up the oil which kurdish region as well as disputed territories. more
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than one hundred thousand protesters in bangladesh's capital have demonstrated in support of the hinder refugees a march towards me and miles embassy in dhaka to protest against the country's crackdown on the muslim minority. but the demonstrators were stopped by police before they reached their target. syrian activists say government troops are close to encircling a pocket of i saw fighters india as zoar after crossing the euphrates river serves as a demarcation line between government allied forces and u.s. backed rebels north korea has once again dismissed sanctions against it as a hostile act and warned that it will spare it to move faster towards completing its nuclear force in another show of force against pyongyang u.s. bombers and fighter jets have taken part in joint military drills with south korea and japan and those are the latest headlines here on al-jazeera join me for the
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news hour that's in about twenty five minutes time in the meantime stay with us inside stories coming next by. well leaders are at the united nations this week on the agenda north korea syria and the range of crisis but as they champion peace and security across the globe what can they actually achieve is the u.n. still a relevant organization this is inside story.


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