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tv   Crude Harvest Selling Mexicos Oil  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2017 4:00am-5:00am AST

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hello again look at weather conditions across the americas this time. jose which is running very close to new england over the next few days and weather makes landfall or not so still a very slight possibility all along the coast is going to be very rough we're going to see a lot of surf and some dangerous rip currents of it all possible stay clear so there's the threat from jose there's that frontal system towards the mid atlantic region there's another area of low pressure across the northwest and areas with some snow really into the rockies so calgary the taste of autumn there twelve degrees no further towards the north and then as we head through into wednesday dry conditions for many parts of the eastern seaboard but maybe a threat of some cloud from that system for new york so we head down into the caribbean the main concern is going to be development of hurrican maria which is likely to be a category three system as it hits dominica and indeed the northern part of the
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leeward islands and it's going to run across puerto rico and on into wards the on of hispania there so at least a category three storm devastating winds are possible still looking dry we're hoping this storm system will curve away and maybe only interact slightly with the bahamas have a still a system which watching very closely. from the icy mountain steps of going out to the flooded lowlands of south america. the high stakes series returns. following the daring journey. from around the globe take extraordinary risks to werner living. risking it all coming soon on al-jazeera. the centenarians of italy one hundred years old and counting when you told me that people like these and you
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receive these youth feeling that you want to be singapore's over seventy five there's something about this area that is helping young generative life i mean organic here it's not a trend here is what you have they don't have to miss here and although they are eating and i pull smoking and so on there must be a secret techno. all knowledge is zero. with the egg and you watch al-jazeera the mind of our top stories this hour u.s. president little trump has made his debut at the united nations three voices in his criticism of the global organization addressing world leaders he said that the u.s.
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would help with performing the u.n. to make it stronger and more effective. the united states has also to me and mark to end its military operations in rakhine state and to allow access for humanitarian support violence has forced more than four hundred thousand one hundred muslims to feed their homes in the past three weeks. and one man has been killed when shots were fired during the pro quo this independence event and car cook kurdish leaders have vowed to hold an independence referendum on september twenty fifth despite a ruling by iraq's supreme court to suspend it. the u.s. president also met with latin american leaders on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly the u.s. has been critical of the venezuelan government for its crackdown on opposition protesters and south american country is currently suffering from a crippling and freshen and also widespread food and medicine shortages our
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economic bonds form a critical foundation for advancing peace and prosperity for all of our people and all of our neighbors i ask every country represented here to be prepared to do more to address this unbelievably serious crisis. we call for the full restoration of democracy and political freedoms in venezuela and we wanted to happen very very soon. now trump's united nations debut comes amid controversy about the u.s. president's activity on social media trying straight up previously port accusations of behavior not befitting a head of state and in many cases contradicting official policy can be held to reports. yet another tweet an apparent poor taste this time from an account with a vulgar handle donald trump hitting former first lady hillary clinton in the back
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with a golf ball not unusual for social media but what about when it's read tweeted from a sitting president many say trumps latest display of inappropriate behavior raises questions about whether the u.s. president is promoting violence on social media in july he retreated a wrestling video doctored to appear he was body slamming his arch nemesis news network c.n.n. . even though he's said to have reined in his behavior in recent months trump remains known for pushing boundaries and bullying adversaries from the moment his political aspirations surfaced laurie. trumped the little his rivals in the primaries and won the republican nomination many thought the release of this two thousand and five video of him making sexually aggressive remarks about women would mean the end of his presidential candidacy grandmother. instead he won the white
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house his former chief strategist steve benen said in a recent interview reaction to that tape showed a general acceptance of trump's behavior among political allies and a bulk of america's voting public it's a litmus test still such tolerance has outraged some in america's political and media circles twitter blew up when the former white house press secretary sean spicer was granted an appearance at hollywood's emmy awards. which. thank you and me. the facts spicer was for the most part embraced by hollywood's trump hating liberals has left many enraged and frustrated by the deterioration of political discourse it's inviting us to engage in sort of a reality show celebrity politics instead of engaging with real substantive issues and for a president promising results many argue there are few accomplishments to show
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fuelling accusations the acceptance of trump's brand of politics has come at a price kimberly how can al-jazeera washington now release twelve people have died and dozens more have been injured from a triple suicide bombing in nigeria's northeast borno state an emergency official says the attack is joined a gathering of farmers in the mushy mari village before detonating their devices the attacks are the latest in a series of bombings in the north east that have killed at least two hundred people since june first al jazeera says that snap chats decision to block its contents in saudi arabia is a direct attack on freedom of expression the social media platform says it was also . to remove the channel because it was accused of violating the local laws saudi arabia has about eight million snap chat uses one of the largest bases in the world al-jazeera says the move sends a message that regimes and countries can silence any voice they don't agree with by
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exerting pressure on social media platforms has been in broiled in a diplomatic dispute with saudi arabia and three other arab states since early june when they cut ties with doha. and earlier we spoke to and various craig his assistant professor and defense studies at king's college london and he explains the issue of censorship. the issue here is that we have departed from conflict over interest in a conflict over issues and going into a clash over narratives where which is a closure or a narrative that's been fought in the public sphere it's about you know freedom of expression on one side and on qatar side on the other side it's about the monopoly over controlling information controlling the news that you know in saudi arabia and the u.a.e. in particular have clamped down over the recent years anyway on many of the social media outlets because the social media are generally very difficult to control and snapchat is just you know it's it's an app that it's been used extensively for news
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as well i mean having al-jazeera implanted in the you know means that you know al-jazeera can circumvent the general blockade of al-jazeera in these countries and get information and news to people that might not be necessarily what the government wants to see so in this kind of clash of narratives and you know i think we the it's quite clear that the saudi government and particularly qatar he was running the government communications office is very nervous about your news that he doesn't approve being disseminated within a group of more than eight million people in saudi arabia that is something that could put could potentially spread dissidents and destabilize the country so they're very fearful of that. and the u.k. arms industry has made eight billion dollars from sales to saudi arabia this is since the beginning of the conflict in yemen two years ago now according to the charity water child the number is much higher than previous estimates has it includes off to cells and support for the weapons sold the report also claims the
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u.k. spends more on humanitarian aid in yemen that it makes it a tax profits from the weapons sales and the impact on children in yemen is also devastating let's take a look at the numbers. since saudi arabia first began bombing yemen in two thousand and fifteen one point one million children have been displaced by the fighting their homes and schools destroyed more than thirteen hundred have been killed mostly by weapons sold to saudi arabia by the united kingdom that's despite the u.k. arms sales rules which say that if there is clear risk that weapons might be used in violation of international humanitarian law well then they should not be supplied warchild says the sales are not only an ethical but also a false economy the argument for in favor of a trade with saudi arabia is that it's very important to the u.k. economy. but may be the case may generate huge amounts of profit for arms companies
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and terms what the british government of getting out of it are actually making a loss if you think that we're only making thirteen million pounds in corporation talk to year compared to spending one hundred thirty nine million pounds in aid trying to fix the damage that plants weapons of the kind that we're fighting for the regular doing that damage includes displacement and dwindling food supplies which mean that three million children are in urgent need of treatment for malnutrition while sixty thousand others a sick from the world's worst outbreak of cholera now the u.s. is sending another three thousand troops to afghanistan as the taliban continues to gain grounds in parts of the country american combat operations against the taliban officially ended in twenty fourteen but over eleven thousand special forces soldier made in the country supporting afghan troops in august u.s. president trying signaled that he would keep boots on the ground indefinitely. now a fourth day of protests is currently underway in the u.s.
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city of st louis and this is over the acquittal of a white former police officer for killing a black suspect. protesters as they marched through the city streets demanding justice more than eighty people were arrested on sunday evening after a demonstration in the city center that then turned violent protests have been taking place since friday when jason stokley was found not guilty in the twenty eleven shooting of anthony the mosman. now just over a week off of the caribbean was hit by hurricane devastating several islands we're now going to be seeing another storm approaching hurricane maria is currently in the eastern caribbean threatening a chain of islands including was a loop st kitts and nevis and the british virgin islands is expected to move further northwest later in the week and hurricane watches in effect for puerto rico as well as st martin and same vaults which were severely damaged by hurricane. now
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it's currently on course to reach the dominican republic and haiti by thursday and both countries will largely spread by the worst effects of. preparations for the arrival of more reality taking place across the caribbean as we said but this is san juan the capital of puerto rico where residents are stocking up on fuel feud full fuel and other essential supplies the island nation recovering from being impacted by hurricane emily less than two weeks ago with many people still sleeping in shelters and we're going to get this into the lawn it has already filled up our six hundred gallon tank of gas thank god we never used it if we need it this time we've got it we're looking for panels now to the last doors that remain on protected. if there are. a problem in private sorry the electricity and water go out the power system is precarious. and the clouds from hurricane harvey might be
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long gone but the millions of tons of day pre from the song created remain scattered across houston texas officials have worried now about the safety of the people in the area has been seeing how the cleanup has been going. but it's a beautiful day for an ugly job and the trash collectors are out in force in houston working to clear away the rotting smelly reminders of hurricane harvey regular visitor a very nice and they get it cleaned up. as we were doing johnny in haley say this load will be just the first to come out of their flood damaged home and they're delighted to see city crews at work be able to get their debris out here right now is a good sign it's a huge job of course trash haulers expect to move more than six point one million cubic meters of garbage or enough to fill one of the world's biggest football stadiums one and a half times and that is just for the city of houston. residents are being urged to
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separate their garbage to make recycling easier setting aside electronic components like television sets for instance but most of these piles include all kinds of. sort of material and the city says that's ok too the point now is to move the track if we can get himself or even give them a push toward their most likely. set up we will but right now if they're mixed in their trailers i'll do a piece of which you were going to pick it up use and residents just glad to see the debris that's been growing mold in the hot texas sun all the way we understand she's going to be big relief yeah just get it out now and then one but as the trash is removed outside it's clear there's still plenty of misery left behind city officials say this job could take three to four months alan shuffler al-jazeera houston. as far as police has seized more than one hundred thousand posters
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promoting a planned referendum on independence in catalonia the controversial vote is planned for next month but the spy central government has ruled it illegal call panel reports. in the shadow of church spires beneath clay tiled roofs a rebellion is brewing. in towns and villages across catalonia may as a preparing to hold a referendum to break away from spain but state prosecutors are threatening to arrest them after ruling the ballot unlawful jumma casals is married never asked for the leftist c.-u. peapod. as a left wing pro independent separatists i've always question the spanish state and the capitalist system now as mayor i'm just as rebellious independence we're not just be the work of one of two people but of everybody united. over the weekend spain's chief prosecutor said more than seven hundred mayors could face charges
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ranging from wasting public funds on the referendum to inciting rebellion it's very difficult to say right now whether there will be a meaningful referendum the top but if there is a resoundingly vote in favor of independence what happens next. a vote for independence will be a vote to change everything to a market new beginning and the opportunity to change the things our parents were unable to at the end of the franco dictatorship. nearby. in the hillside town of berga these pensioners still bear painful memories of general franco's military dictatorship even though it ended thirty years ago. when we used to talk last line language we had to talk in whispers that's why i was so angry now and they say they're ready to do their bit to protect the mayors they elected you for thora g.'s make good on threats to arrest them. we will take the
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streets and won't be armed but we will turn out the place and civil guard will come and we'll say whether they heaters first or we hit them for. their bones may creak a little these days but their desire for independence is a strong as ever call pennell al-jazeera berocca spain. now a nasa backed research team has emerged from isolation off to eight months of being cooped up in a malls like habitat on her moat volcano the crew of four men and two women that were living mostly off phrased a dried fruit and also vegetables which they grew all of their communications with the outside world was subject to twelve to twenty minute delay and nasa will use the data to study the individual's ability to cope with the stress and isolation all of
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a two year mission to mars the university of hawaii is going to be giving nasa essential information about how you pick individual astronaut and how you put them together in a crew but also how you support them over these long duration missions we need to send humans out because it's important for the future of the species i think is actually really important to get off if you look back at the geological record it is just full of mass extinction. coming up on al-jazeera three months off to the world taekwondo championships in seoul most korea is holding its own version of the event so have those details.
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i was born that hospital. thank you very much a new world record time to cycle around the world has been set by british cyclist mark berman to as completed his routing seventy nine days knocking forty four days off the previous mark al-jazeera as natasha butler was at the finish line in paris . it's been a remarkable journey and does mark beaumont cross the finish line in paris setting a new world record the look on his face said it all beaumont's a cycle twenty nine thousand kilometers in less than seventy nine days smashing the previous record of one hundred twenty three days was a variation. of a serial anymore. i guess seven days and have many hours in back in paris back where we started. the longest you know months of my life but.
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he also broke the record for the furthest distance so i called by a person in one month. you was just a bit amazing to listen to. on july second the british cyclists set off from the french capital in a bid to cycle around the world in eighty days inspired by the classic book published by french write to them in eight hundred seventy three first from three years russia. all the way to beijing and china then it's still asia after that across north america from anchorage to alan fox and the final stage will be lisbon through madrid. and all the way over the pier in the east it's a total of eighteen miles across the globe but naturally it wasn't a journey without hurdles.
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it's not just about distance this is been a remarkable test. has been cycling sixteen hours a day starting at four o'clock in the morning and so on as little as five hours sleep a night he's enjoyed. his tooth and his nose. he's like an absolute machine. after catching up with his children mark says the first thing he's looking forward to is a good night's sleep in a comfortable bed with al-jazeera paris turkmenistan. in its history as. the asian. basting the country's campaign to establish itself on the world sporting map. it's the sporting. the biggest ever event more than six thousand athletes are
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national. turkmenistan doesn't have a rich sporting reputation and see the games as a chance to change that. who's already want to gold medal in jujitsu for the hosts is optimistic about the impact they will have. the fact that the games take place in our motherland is very helpful for to come and stand to be known to the world twenty one sports are featured in the games there are a showcase of sports that pay homage to asian culture such as belt wrestling encourage olympic favorites also here including athletics and swimming but convincing everyone the country wants to develop its reputation as a sporting won't be easy human rights watch calls turkmenistan one of the world's most repressive countries it's wrong to hundred seventy eight out of one hundred
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eighty countries in terms of press freedom so these games will improve but that can have both relations with other countries government leaders are spared no expense to making sure things run smoothly and are brought in professionals from overseas with the aim of making the best possible impression we have to bring the international standards to the games in the events here which meant bringing forward top international professionals from around the world and also training locals operating at an international standard these games are already off to a positive start for the hosts hoping for more success before the games finish on september twenty seventh so hell malik al-jazeera asked about the cousin of former heavyweight champion tyson fury is about to challenge for a world title him self hughie fury will face new zealand's joseph parker this coming saturday in manchester and on monday the war of words were there for all to see both sides unleashed several obscenity is in the opposite direction there isn't
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happiness in the new zealanders camp over the choice of officials for the spelt he's promotion even threatened to cancel the fight. i don't care who the judge is i want to hear the reference and i'm here to do my job and i feel confident i can do it you know especially in new zealand but i think there's a world champion fighter in the world i want to fire so now it's a great opportunity for us to start fighting of it is inching closer finding someone who's on the field a young hungry fight like myself europe's new basketball champions league venia arrived home on monday following a ninety three eighty five euro basket final win over rival serbia in a stand bull tens of thousands of fans greeted the basketball heroes in the capital lujan are in so many and this is being seen as the country's greatest sporting success thousand celebrated in the city center as the team paraded they knew trophy amidst cheers and flag waving. just three months ago south korea hosted the world
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taekwondo championships now the northern neighbors are holding their own version of the event sunday saw an opening ceremony in pyongyang for the championships which are run by the international taekwondo federation the i.d.f. headquarters or in north korea and it's a separate organization to the world taekwondo federation which is based in seoul while the south korean events or one hundred seventeen countries take part this one was still a big event sixty nine countries from austria to uganda will compete over the coming days south korea's demonstration team had been considering a visit to the championships but that has not gone ahead and we'll leave it there for now more sport with me coming up again later. that's watching out of there on the back and on it with more nice to stay with us.
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it. was. it's the end of the breeding season as we take a ferry through the straits of magellan to mark the island today the island is a penguin colony sanctuary with access to tourists accompanied by foot nine percent
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penguin expert cloud lloyd we learned the penguin colonies in south america are under threat climate change is one reason it is well documented that changing rain patterns or spend was to abandon flooded nests warmer ocean temperatures have diminished the quantity and quality of fish for the penguins who were swim further and further away to feed their young overfishing and ocean contamination especially plastics are also killing penguins deep in southern india a secret construction project a small concerns about the country's growing nuclear capacity if you're saying that you're in luck you know. amid fears of an escalating race with its neighbors if there's a order to give up the beach the indians may claim they did is intended for join a union fall when did you see in the bush that was the so what lies behind india's nuclear. power investigates at this time on al-jazeera.
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the. us president donald trump calls for un reforms as he attends his fast general assembly and criticizes the global body for not living up to its potential. however i'm heading home and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the united states asks me and maher to end its military operation in rakhine state which is pushed hundreds of thousands of our heads of muslims from their homes. caribbean islands prepare for yet another hurricane as cats or a former. the state is in iraq to hold an independence referendum despite a supreme court order suspending the vote. u.s.
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president has made his debut at the united nations and over his asian he's slated in the past and he says the world body is not living up to its potential because a bureaucracy and mismanagement but this time he promised that the u.s. would help reform the united nations to make it stronger and more effective. reports now from new york. diplomats were wary about this trump's first trip to the united nations as president. trump has railed against the u.n. many times in the past suggesting it's inefficient and bloated at times this transactional america first president it seemed to question the entire international system this existence since the un was set up at the end of world war two ahead of the meeting
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there was some unease about what this unpredictable president might say but he seemed concerned about how the microphones worked as written with its own results. when trump finally spoke there would have been a big sigh of relief felt across the united nations he now seems to be a friend of the organization. mr secretary general of the united states and the member states president to support. this great reform vision we pledge to be partners in your work and i am confident that if we work together and champion truly bold reforms the united nations will emerge as a stronger more effective more just and greater force for peace and harmony in the world so instead of declaring war on the u.n. trump seems already to be declaring a victory this turnabout it seems the result of an unlikely partnership between the
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us ambassador nikki haley and the u.n. secretary general who like the president took up his post in january and tonio good terrorists is a canny political operator who knows how all this needs to be presented someone recently asked what keeps me up at night and my answer was simple bureaucracy fragmented structures byzantine procedures and endless red tape at the beginning of the year in washington d.c. i spoke with a senior white house official who said it was the administration's intent to gut the united nations that hasn't happened so for now the u.n. may feel it's dodged the bullet but this is an issue that will be revisited and it's possible down the line that president trump may feel that the changes that have been made are not bold enough the president will be staying in new york for most of the week he gives his longer formal address to the u.n. on choose day as well as holding meetings with other world leaders with north korea
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high on the agenda james spays al-jazeera of the united nations the us president donald trump did meet with latin american leaders on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly and he was critical of the venezuelan government for its crackdown on opposition protesters. our economic vans form a critical foundation for advancing peace and prosperity for all of our people and all of our neighbors i ask every country represented here to be prepared to do more to address this unbelievably serious crisis we call for the full restoration of democracy and political freedoms in venezuela and we wanted to happen very very soon. mike hanna joins us live now from u.n. headquarters so mike there's have some pretty strong words from president on venezuela how is it received there indeed yes very strong words indeed
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he's meeting with other latin american leaders the dinner continuing as we are talking the leaders of brazil colombia panama and peru conspicuous by its absence of course nicolas maduro the president of venezuela who has not come to the united nations at all he's being represented by the country's foreign minister now the issue of venezuela has been high on the u.s. foreign policy determinant and in recent days the trumpet ministration has labeled nicolas maduro as a dictator it said that the national assembly that he wants to rewrite the constitution is an illegitimate body so those strong words we're hearing from donald trump has had precedent from the trumpet ministration in recent days and weeks significant though that they coming at a meeting with other leaders of latin america showing that they are equally concerned about what is happening in venezuela and like there was also and meeting
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on me in mar held by many foreign dignitaries which was hosted by the u.k. what came out of that. well that was a very interesting meeting indeed hosted by the u.k. foreign secretary long with the u.s. ambassador to the united nations now they have hosted a meeting involving senior members of my arm of burma as government the president of burma ma'am are not here at all and seen the however an ultimatum virtually was issued to the leaders of myanmar they were told in no terms by the u.k. and the u.s. that the issue of refugees must be addressed that provision must be made for the influx of humanitarian assistance to the ringers who are fleeing the i am our military and to demand that by and more military stop its actions so what is seen here is a different shift in the position of the u.s. and the u.k. with regards to what is happening in my m.r.
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from dealing with that as a humanitarian crisis that's now being seen as a crisis that is resulting hello again look at weather conditions across the americas this time hurrican jose which is running very close to new england over the next few days and weather makes landfall or not still a very slight possibility all along the coast is going to be very rough for going to see a lot of surf and some dangerous rip currents of it all possible stay clear so there is the threat from jose there is that frontal system towards the some mid atlantic region there's not that area of low pressure across the north western areas with some snow really into the rockies so calgary really taste of autumn there twelve degrees snow further towards the north and then as we had a on through into wednesday dry conditions for many parts of the eastern seaboard but maybe a threat of some cloud from that system for new york so we head down into the caribbean the main concern is going to be development of hurrican maria which is likely to be a category three system as it hits dominica and indeed the northern part of the
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leeward islands and it's going to run across puerto rico and all. into wards. at least a category three storm devastating winds of possible cuba still looking driver hoping the storm system will curve away and maybe only slightly with the bahamas a bit still a system which watching very closely. a deadly attack destroyed her family and left her badly wounded. for a long time from gaza to california and little girls journey and love her advice was very timid when she came over time progress she became our family. that would touch the hearts of the people around her ever i was excited to come out when i saw the situation. on al-jazeera wild at this time.
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this is al jazeera. i'm a helen hunt this is the news hour life are coming up the next sixty minutes i mean are they dying.


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