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tv   Democracy is Complicated  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2017 7:32pm-8:01pm AST

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enable people. never kill facilities you know to provide care to people francis made this one of the we'll make this one of the priorities of our chairmanship of the security council we must act for peace and security in syria and we must also act against islamic terrorism. but we must fight against terrorism in syria in iraq that is what we are doing we are acting for the for the benefit of all those who have perished over the past months because jihadist terrorism has hit our countries. across all continents regardless of religion and we must protect ourselves by joining forces security must become our first priority. and that this lies at the heart of the initiatives that france has come up with against the use of the
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internet for terrorist purposes and against the financing of terrorism in two thousand and eighteen it's for this reason that i will be organizing a conference on this specific topic i call for all of you to become involved in the good it's also the purpose of the military action that we are undertaking as part of the coalition in syria and iraq and our fight against terrorism is a military fight but it is also an educational fight a cultural fight and a moral fight you know and it takes the form of our action in the middle east and in africa but also in asia. and it must bring all of us together. i heard also the voice of. a school charging go if you will and i would like to bring to you the voice of was monkey are today. he grew up in mali and haunted by indiscriminate attacks on his only dream was to go to school to be able
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to go to school without risking his life inside held we are all committed to the united nations the countries within. the g five joint forces the union the european union its member states and i would like to pay tribute to all the stakeholders there and acknowledge that it is an extremely difficult challenge that we face our challenge is to once again eliminate terrorism and. to build national capacity so that states will take charge of their security themselves regardless of the resources we put in there we will fail in our collective mission if the countries most affected fail to shoulder their own responsibility in this matter and it's for this reason that since taking office i have supported the deployment of the g five the whole joint force and i call for your collective mobilization here too i would like to invest in strengthening our
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support through african peacekeeping missions because that is our future we must give you thought to the linkage between peacekeeping regional organizations and host countries people our capacity to respond to the aspirations for peace of our populations will depend on dot. military response can there not never be the only response i would like here and now to highlight the importance of a political response to that goal and of course i refer to the implementation of the other jurors agreement on the need for development policy i also heard the voice of cohen made. i wish to bring to you the voice of primate here today. we left on the roadside quite near crossed africa before placing his fate in the hands of smugglers in libya he crossed the mediterranean he reached the other side of the shore of the mediterranean whereas so many others perished in the refugee the just
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place person the person whom we sadly term the migrant is today sadly the symbol of our era the symbol of a world where there are no barriers to the onwards march of despair. yet we need we must change the road of lead in to the road of freedom. the reasons are climates that anything. ethnic conflict and it's always the road of necessity the root of meet the needs to the persecution the rohingya has more than four hundred thousand refugees the majority of them children. with the military operations there must cease if you manage access to money terry needs must be provided and the rule of law must be reestablished and yet because as we all know we are dealing with ethnic cleansing here france will be making
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a relevant new initiative within the security council to that effect the need also concerns the need to save your country when it war is raging and international humanitarian law is no longer respected but it's true mentalizing as it is and syria only you can exile only the need for exile when that they uphold as a freedom what you become the first targets you protection of reject of refugees is a moral duty a political duty and france has decided to uphold the treaty we will support the high commissioner for refugees everywhere where the high commission will intervene but i don't want you opening up. routes for escape for refugees in or ever and this is reported required. by defending and upholding the geneva convention on laos to the twenty eighth of april last we brought together african countries and european countries that were the most
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affected by migration along the central mediterranean route we adopted a road map and the priority is there to combat trafficking who's stuck in the straw figures whose stock in trade is despair we must put an end to your. unbearable violations of its fundamental human rights by putting in place humanitarian infrastructure with h r c and i.o.m. and by helping origin countries. transit countries to better control migration flows. faced with terrorism migration etc the short term responses are not enough we must address the profound causes of instability in our world. migration and terrorism our political. challenges first and foremost for all of us. you know. the
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causes here are of a civilizational order of a moral order. if we are to people overcome these trials it's only through development and it's for this reason that france will devote zero point five five percent of our national income for public development aid over the next five years . people has it but i thank you for the applause you don't behave yourself but i think if you can close it has to be tempered because i think that some were to me with waiting and more of that that it's not enough and that france is not stepping up to the table enough and i think it's not because it's a matter of money it's a matter of the efficiency of the use of that money it's how we spend the money it's how we take responsibility for the expenditure of the money that we are all contributing of course i wish france to step up to the table when it comes to
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overseas development aid but development aid must be more innovative we must be more intelligent we must use different methods we must. step up to our responsibilities and the. challenge that we face is to make sure that development aid is actually arrives in the countries where it's needed properly evaluated that it's used for the initial purposes that were. assigned. to. and so with the. european union event d.p. and the world bank we will be doing that we are setting clear priorities of the first priority that we have set ourselves is to invest in education because it's here where we can win the fight against obscurantism it is here that we can fight against this phenomenon that is. bringing down entire regions and entire countries i call here of calm the international community to step up to the table in february
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twenty eighth eighteen in dakar when we set up the world partnership for education and france will co-chair that with the senegal this is a key struggle for all of us we must give the opportunities to young girls and to young boys to obtain an education to choose their own future not the future that is imposed on them by need. but the future that they should choose for themselves and we should enable that here in this room our second priority is health to combat contacts to combat nutrition because you cannot vote no hope when. you are unable to educate yourself or to have access to health care we are advocate for development for the role of women for culture for freedom of expression wherever the role of women is undermined delicate development is undermined to its the
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ability of a country to develop to take its proper place in the world is undermined so this is a civilizational combat this is our combat this is our fight this is a universal fight and struggle that concerns all continents and all people were ever culture is undermined. yes it is our collective ability to rise to challenges that is undermined too and that is why you know asco is such an important organization today it has a key role to play to preserve a human face for the world at a time when. seeks to wipe out its human face. we must preserve progress on freedom of expression is one. of the most urgent and pressing topic we must protect the liberty of those
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who think who express themselves and we must preserve the freedom of the press and it's for this reason. i. call for the designation of a special representative of the s.g. for the protection of journalists across the world. because if we don't protect. the freedom of expression the freedom of the press well then we will all suffer and finally i would like to speak on behalf of my fellow frenchman lives on the audience of some uptown i am thinking of his house in ruins the fear that he harbors that this may happen again because climate change is leading to an increasing number of disasters and catastrophes the future of our world as the future of our planet and our planet is reaching revenge for the folly of my kind.
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we must shoulder our. responsibility. the planet will not negotiate with us the human kind must defend itself by protecting itself. extreme weather events will explode the traditional differences between the north and the south. we are all affected by the flailing of the climate in china in the caribbean in russia or in the horn of africa before this across assembly my country promised that we would achieve a universal agreement in powers that was achieved and it was signed in this very room that agreement is not up for renegotiation it binds us it rallies off together taking it apart would mean taking apart a pact that exists not just between the states but also between generations it can be improved we can have
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a new constitution contributions new input but we will not back try. and i fully respect the decision of the united states. and i think profound immunity i fully respect the decision of the united states but the door will always be open however we will continue with all governments alongside the local government cities enterprises n.g.o.s and citizens we look at him to implement the powers agreement on our side we have the strength of pioneers we have insurance really hard the certainty and energy of those who wish to build a better world. dot better world will lead to innovation to job creation however. this may not be pleasing to those who think that the future is about looking to the past. and of course we all saw that we will build it
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right now by making our contributions as nations as france did by adopting its climate plan which places us on the road to carbon neutrality. on the twelfth of december of this year we will be meeting in paris with those who wish to drive forward with a real solution by mobile and who wish to mobilize the public and private financing and i would like to confirm that france will be playing its full role here by allocating five billion euros to climate action between now and twenty twenty we are redoubling our ambitions and this afternoon this very afternoon we will be introducing a global pact for the environment and our vision here will be to forge international law for the coming century and we will do that with the support of the un agencies at a time when some want us to stop we must move forward we must continue financing because
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climate change is not stopping because extreme weather events are not stopping because our duty of solidarity under stress of humanity is not stopping either distinguished all of us behind all of our decisions there are the voices that i brought to you are the lives that are brought to you there are the invisible masses of those who for whom we must stand because back in the day like you people stood up for us and defended us. when those voices are brought to us why did we not heed them to a greater extent. why don't we do that which sixty years a spot inspires mankind with the strength to believe in itself planetary responsibility the desire for mutual assistance to progress i talk to you about. etc they are not our compatriots all of us the compatriots of all of us because their security is
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our security and five verse we are inextricably linked to each other in a community of destiny a community of fate today and in the future. yes the balance of our global balances have changed radically in recent years the world has become a multi-polar world and this means that we must learn and use the complexity of dialogue but also the riches that dollar can bring to us. our collective action is coming up against obstacles stemming from instability in states. in libya six years after a military intervention i can only judge before this assembly that particular response with the france told us we show that libya again the stability the meeting that was held in true on july twenty fifth enable us to make progress with the reconciliation that we need in order to ensure the success of the political process
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programme process under the auspices of the united nations alongside the sector general and his special representative in twenty eighteen we must succeed with organizing elections to mark the real restoration of the state and i will do my utmost to achieve thoughts he is the same goes for venezuela collective action. he must enable us to uphold democracy to ensure the upholding of democracy of yet we must give no grounds to dictatorial trends that we see underway today in ukraine too we must ensure the upholding of the commitments that are be made we must ensure a cease fire and a real cease fire and we must work together with our partners particularly germany . to get the parties to that conflict to uphold international law to respect international law and put an end to this conflict.
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multi-lateralism the multilateral approach is. it is facing a challenge in meeting the challenges of nuclear proliferation. and john young hearts across a major threshold in military escalation and i was to acknowledge that this is a threat that concerns all of us it's an existential threat a collective one. north korea has not made any not given any sign of wishing to negotiate to date the north korean government is determined to raise the stakes our responsibility together with all of our partners including china and russia is through the result of that to bring north korea to the negotiation table for a political settlement to this conflict france rejects escalation and will not close any door to dialogue. provided that the conditions are brought together for a dialogue in favor of peace and it is the same objective that is for the same
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objective that i would like to speak in favor of the nuclear agreement with iran like. we. brought the put together a solid robust and verifiable agreement with iran that will ensure that iran does not obtain into weapons renouncing it would be a grave error. because he really knew that it would be irresponsible for us to fail to uphold that agreement because this is a good agreement an agreement that's essential to peace at a time when a downward spiral cannot be discounted and that this is what i said yesterday to my u.s. and iranian partners. you wish for us to work on constraining the ballistic activity of iran we must work on the.
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solution we must increase our demands. but we must not. cost aside the achievements that we have made with previous agreements. you know thanks to dialogue we have managed to resolve the iranian situation. dialogue. multi-lateralism is the only way forward and that applies to north korea too. i don't see i cannot say whether my successor in the far future in seventy years time will have the privilege of speaking before you will in multilateralism survive this time of doubt and change. in truth. we ought to recall the state of our world seventy years ago a world that was broken by war that was stunned by genocide and we ought to try
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to regain the optimism. we held up in the face of so many reasons to doubt back then we must regain faith in what brings us together we must find trust again in and confidence in these founding values of the united nations' universal values that protect all individuals across the planet and guarantee their jigar dignity but how have we got to the current situation distinguished because the reason is that we have allowed the order to political race that multi-lateralism is a kind of game a game for a diplomat sitting around a table of the tool of the week thought is what has happened over the past few years. because we allowed the idea to gain currency that we were stronger if we took a little new lateral action. that multilateralism was not
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capable of. addressing all challenges so we have allowed this situation to you to drag on we have failed to address. climate change we have failed to address the challenges that have been. brought about by unregulated capitalism. you know if we continue along that road it's survival of the fittest that will prevail. well you know we have forgotten the history that has made us we have allowed the idea to gain currency. that it's the survival of the fittest but the challenge that we face as a generation is to regain our values. and to recognise that there is nothing more effective than multilateralism in our current world because all our challenges are multilateral war terrorism and. climate change.
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yes the digital economy etc we can only try to address the challenges through multilateralism we know through the law of the fittest the survival of the fittest because. our vision of the world if we are to achieve our vision of the world it's only through multilateralism that we will do that because our vision is universal not regional because any time that we have. conceded certain ideas on the inequality equality of women for example that. equality of women is the is the model for one civilization but other than we are abandoning the universal to university of our value is what we have allowed the survival of the fittest approach to prevail in certain countries because any time that the great powers sitting around the table at the security council they have they have.
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renounced multilateralism failed to. live up to the agreements that they have signed with and they have undermined you union multi-lateralism you beat on it. we must uphold multi-lateralism for a sustainable peace in the future. i don't we. i mean today more than ever before we need multilateralism not because. it's somehow. a refuge for. intellectuals it's because multilateralism is about the rule of law it's about exchanges between people it's in all of our interests it is through multilateralism that we will build peace and rise to the challenges that face us. for us to achieve that he well
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we have the united nations which has the full that intimacy to address the challenges faced by the world and it's for that reason that i wish our united nations to be more effective more responsible and more agile and i support the project of the secretary general and his ambition to. make this into an organization that is able to face up to the challenges we face and we must seek resources for that we must seek ways of the. them addressing the received notions that some of us may have and we need a security council that is in a position to make effective decision. that doesn't use its veto when atrocities are carried out so we need a better representation of all continents and we need. to be
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better coordination in crisis management with the european union the african union and the key regional organizations that we work with and it's for this reason that france will be standing shoulder to shoulder with the united nations in carrying out the reform. that's in the pipeline. to superdelegates i would like to say to you that these forgotten voices that i have conveyed to you today have their rightful place in this august hall where all of us have our rightful place where we must listen to those voices that are left aside if we were to fail to listen to the voices of the victims and be of the oppressed then we would enable the sick and. the challenges that they face to grow until such time as they involve all of us if. not security but the
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safety of all of us is also there are safety in their lives our lives depend on the sick and those in failing to. hear the voices of those who are calling for our help. is to believe that it's walls that protect us but it's not walls that protects us it's our desire to. it's our refusal to accept that history is written without our imports and that you know i think the. what protects us is the it's our sovereignty and our so over the use of force it's for. the victims. of our world failing to listen to those voices would be to believe that their despair is not ours. yes. but. you know our what we need to protect is peace freedom and
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justice it's not something that we can just enjoy in our own corner. and if we don't stand up for those values then all of us will be affected and today more than ever before our common. good is. our security our security is their security and. you know it could be that we cannot have on the one hand. the mult one the one conference multilateral not the comp that's unilateral in its approach is the wrong approach so together with all of you i wish for all of us to believe in a strong and responsible multi-lateralism it. is the responsibility of our generation as a whole what we need and distinguish delegates you don't want to see one must
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display courage the courage to hear those voices we must.


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