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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2017 12:00am-1:01am AST

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at this time tensions are high little has changed and new village officials are struggling to demonstrate goodwill. among morial is trying for a comrade who sacrificed his life the political change. but really a friend to unite all drive a wedge between the villagers fractures part three of a six part series filmed over five years to crank china's democracy experiment at this time on al-jazeera. zero. hello i'm maryanne demasi this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes. a new executive order will go to our sources of revenue that
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fund north korea's efforts to develop the deadliest weapons known to humankind targeting pyongyang donald trump signs a new order to widen sanctions on north korea. hope fades for survivors of mexico's devastating earthquake his rescue operations and today three. more protests in catalonia spain central government steps off attempts to stop an independence referendum. i'm tatiana in doha with the latest fourth new thing clearing from threatens to withdrawal from next year's winter olympics and if tensions with north korea increase. u.s. president donald trump has signed a new executive order ramping up sanctions on north korea the latest measure
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designed to stop young young pursuing its nuclear program the oldest specifically helps the u.s. to target people companies and banks financing and facilitating trade with pyongyang north korea's textiles fishing information technology and manufacturing industries are among those targeted also praise china for ordering banks to stop doing business with north korea meanwhile the european union has agreed on a draft sanctions package of its own against north korea including a ban on investments and exports of oil. a new executive order will cut off sources of revenue that fund north korea's efforts to develop the deadliest weapons known to human kind the order in hand says the treasury department's authorities to target any individual or entity that conduct significant trade in goods services or technology with north korea and i'm very proud to tell you that
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as you may have just heard moments ago china their central bank has told their other banks it's a massive banking system to immediately stop doing business with north korea. the presidents of japan and south korea reiterated their allegiance to the u.s. and thank the president for his action just hours earlier south korea's president made his speech to the u.n. general assembly lungi and said sanctions were needed to bring the north to the negotiating table and force it to give up its nuclear aspirations. we do not desire the collapse of north korea we will not seek relief occasionally by artificial means north korea after that knowledge all these facts are soon as possible it must immediately cease making reckless choices that could lead to its own isolation on the whole known and to the public dialogue to diplomatic editor
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james bays that united nations headquarters in new york following everything we're just hearing clip there from u.s. president donald trump the tough talk that we've become accustomed to but his secretary of state likes to listen striking quite a different tone almost one of persuasion at the u.n. . you know i think there are different tones in this administration sometimes they're very different messages coming from different centers in the administration but yes slightly different tone coming from rex tillerson i think also slightly different message coming from president trump today because remember it was all about the military option on tuesday and potentially totally destroying north korea militarily now the messages back to sanctions and the economic damage that they want to do to north korea in order to make north korea change its behavior nikki haley the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. has also been speaking in the last hour she's been trying to clarify i think
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a bit president trump's message on tuesday about destruction of north korea saying that there would have to be certain circumstances to trigger that action it's not something they would just do and it probably would be in response to provocation by north korea. and we're also hearing from rex tillerson there the security council meeting urging russia to examine how it can better support global nonproliferation efforts we heard president donald trump praising china urging for taking some sort of action. in terms of its economic relationship with north korea but now we see russia very much in being targeted here. well russia and china have very different views on north korea yes they supported the last sanctions that went through the security council ten days ago but only after they watered down what the u.s. plan to do they looked at the first draft which included stopping all oil and
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petroleum exports to north korea and said well veto that if you put it to a vote in the end the u.s. watered down the resolution and they got it through there is a difference of opinion both china and russia say dialogue is the answer they say that there need to be fresh talks and that the u.s. needs to soften its tone and possibly take some action by saying for example the russian chinese proposal to freeze for a freeze freeze the nuclear program but also freeze the military exercises that the u.s. and south korea carry out if you stop them then maybe you can get in return a freezing of the nuclear program and china are also very very keen that the u.s. removes that. this other phone system in south korea so they have very different views on this issue and i think those views coming out into the open as we have pretty fast moving developments with regard to north korea now will continue to.
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stay across everything that's happening james bay is in new york thank you want to move on now to some news from mexico because rescue teams are continuing their search for survivors following that devastating magnitude seven point one earthquake but hope is. fading because it's been three days since the quake struck killing two hundred seventy three people a toll that officials say will probably rise mexico's president says he believes that there could be. people still alive in ten collapsed buildings in the capital the fate of a person trapped in the rubble of a school has already captured the attention of the country rescuers know that they're still alive and of managed to get water and oxygen to them through a queue but they can't figure out a suitable rescue plan without risking collapse or let's go to heidi jo castro in mexico city she joins us live now and has there been any progress on sort of formulating an overall plan to help people who might still be trapped under the
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rubble. right so at this school maryam there was actually some confusion everyone here thought that there was a twelve year old girl trapped under the rubble there were reports that people saw her fingers wiggling a local media saying that she was perhaps with five other children now just moments ago the spokesperson for the mexican navy the secretary came out and clarify those facts saying that the navy no longer believes there is any child trapped at this school he says nineteen bodies of children were recovered here along with six adults and eleven children were pulled out alive now the rescue efforts though here continue because there are still signs of life inside the navy says that there are traces of blood perhaps a person who moved from one area inside the rubble to another also thermal imaging providing some glimpses of hope that perhaps there are still someone alive underneath all of the rubble and this is not to make
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a life that there are guys like this all over the city of mexico and back this morning i was at a collapsed office building six stories that can take you inside the suspected forty people who are either dead feared dead or are still pressing for a life. the relatives desperate for some answers have been camped overnight there now for two days one woman telling me that her husband had arrived at that building for an appointment just a half hour before the quake struck she lost contact with him but did find his car nearby and she is now one of the dozens of desperate family members who are just waiting for some answers as you said mariam the death toll there in mexico city continues to rise as well as elsewhere in the surrounding areas given the magnitude and spread of the seven point one quake and of course the difficulty in a situation like this is the priority has to be and trying to find more survivors and getting to those who still might be trapped but then also you have sort of
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a humanitarian crisis with so many people having lost their homes roads and buildings destroyed what can you what can you tell us about just what you've seen what you've witnessed since you arrived there. that's right there's no way to really overstate the gravity of this situation there are two thousand some people who are homeless and we haven't even had time to talk about that because so much of the focus has been on rescuing those who may still be staying but those who are displaced as in camping out at recreation centers or gyms that have been turned into shelters but then along with that is has been this outpouring of of civil of humanity that we've been seeing from all walks of life of mexicans here in the capital city and from elsewhere around the country mexico city is not a place where you see a lot of different races or economic groups mixed normally but here we've been seeing human chains of doctors or lawyers white hispanic range passing
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along rubble from one to the other because none of those differences matter in the long run here is everyone from young to old the streets full of cars with wheel barrows strapped to the top. more and more water in the back of the truck again. well out of help and effort to raise. that with mary and i thank you very much from mexico city where they can see rescue efforts are continuing among the ruins of the city that. protesters in barcelona have gathered outside the supreme court to demand the release of several catalan government officials arrested by spanish security forces ever planned in a pen is referendum for the region next month spain's prime minister mariano rajoy says the vote is illegal their wages government says it will go ahead anyway panel
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reports now from barcelona. synchronized in defiance. it's now or never it's impossible to delay this referendum and if the castle government negotiates we will occupy the streets the target of pro independence protesters on thursday with the supremes court in barcelona. the trigger will be arrested there you have more than a dozen cattle and government officials directly responsible for we're going to rising the referendum. that prompted some older demonstrators here to draw parallels to general franco's dictatorship decades ago. this franco dictatorial regime must explode and we must set up a republic spain's central government has vowed to shut down what it declares is an
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illegal referendum so protesters brought along their own cardboard ballot boxes. others printed their own voting slips with the kind of potato you know radio earlier spanish security forces confiscated more than ten million. papers that were . they were of don't. do this to me. but we went to. the spanish interior minister. now with. my niece the protester one i want to tell you. why. for now it's more music than muscle but nobody's forgetting that the stakes are high breaking away from the spanish
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government and its king. calls for independence but to the central government sound like a cry of rebellion. and all al-jazeera barcelona spain as much want to tell you about in this news hour kenya's president dismisses the election commission's decision to have another vote as an attempted coup. we have been attacked we. will tell you why hollywood royalty morgan freeman has found himself in a war of words with russia's kremlin. spanish tennis star rafael nadal weighs in on the issue of catalonian independence. facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg says he plans to share information about russian linked adverts with the u.s.
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congress according to facebook some three thousand political ads organized by operatives based in russia ran on the site before last year's presidential election . we are actively working with the u.s. government on its ongoing investigations into russian interference we've been investigating this for many months now and for a while we had found no evidence of fake accounts link to russian link to russia running ads and when we recently uncovered this activity we provided that information to the special counsel we also briefed congress and this morning i directed our team to provide the ads we've found to congress as well now as a general rule we're going to be limited in what we can discuss publicly about ongoing law enforcement best occasions so we may not always be able to share all of our findings publicly but we support congress in deciding how to best use this information to inform the public and we expect the government to publish its findings when their investigation is complete let's go straight to our white house
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correspondent kimberly hellcat since i can't really what what do we know about the information about his disclosing to congress and why he's doing it. but there is an awful lot in that announcement i think that facebook has really gone public with the fact that there is an awareness that well it may not have intended given the fact that there are more than two billion active monthly accounts on facebook being used on a monthly basis that in fact it became whether intended or not and in part of not just the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election old but it continues to be a key part of elections all around the world so there you have mark zuckerberg talking about the investigation that facebook is doing internally and also its cooperation with the u.s. government as it continues its probe into russian meddling in the twenty six thousand u.s. election the turning over of those facebook ads that amount to about one hundred thousand in the investigation so far but could be growing but the other steps that are also being taken by facebook are in fact significant because there is this awareness that it needs to do more in terms of the ads that are placed making sure
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they're transparent disclosing who in fact has paid for those ads what their intentions might be that's one step that he announced a couple of other things too is that there's going to be increased investment security and that that investment will be shared with other tech companies even potentially competitors because the view of zuckerberg is that in fact it's the desire of facebook to be what he called a force for good but the other thing that's interesting too is that it's going to be involved in working with election commissions around the world not just inside the united states and also actively work to get out the vote and so that it can ensure that if it's going to be to take will roll of elections that goes a lections iran the united states and around the world are free and fair thanks very much committee and washington d.c. . a kenyan president says a court ruling acknowledged his election victory last month is a coup which could throw the country into chaos or kenyatta says the supreme court
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has stolen democracy from the people and his election board says the presidential vote will be rerun on october twenty sixth the court has blamed the electoral commission for its decision to nala fire the result saying it ran a poll that was neither transparent nor verifiable. by admitting they've got to get out for a little what has really happened in our country is nothing short of what kenya has so successfully managed to avoid over the last fifty years or so of our independence that has happened to many other countries where we have seen military coups overthrowing civilian government but today we have broken our history with a coup in the republic of kenya that has been done by four people in the courts this is a coup and i must call it what it is and i will never be afraid to say it was speaking exclusively to al-jazeera the kenyan opposition leader says he's fully behind the court's decision. the good deeds words the right thing because as you know i know that i did not lose elections i know the one delusions
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and the results were just manipulated so this is what we call justice and god did the right thing. the evidence please before you and those allusions or remember him see the rest of our interview with ryder it dangle on friday at nine hundred thirty g.m.t. on up front right here on al-jazeera moving to yemen now the president has made his address and called for urgent humanitarian support for people suffering through the civil war president hadi called on the un to put more pressure on the who's the rebels to avoid more bloodshed and destruction. well. we are still in need of support and assistance because of our levels of poverty and insecurity and food insecurity we're still under blockade and war the situation is dire and all of the states under the control of the rebels. we want to preserve the
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life of every yemeni including those who fire bullets in our direction and target the yemeni people and i as a legitimate leader an elected leader i must save the yemenis from more bloodshed it is forbidden for one person to kill another and for one yemeni to kill another it's forbidden for britain for britain meanwhile inside yemen tens of thousands of his the supporters of hello rally in sana it's three years since he rebels marched into the capital and took plunging the country into conflict and since then east ten thousand people have been killed and the destruction and violence continues across the country. as show force by the houthi is in some. three years after they took over the capital that political and military influence continues to rise the shia rebels control of the area that's wretch's from some in
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the more along the border with saudi arabia to attack is in the song. despite a military campaign by saudi arabia and its allies the houthi is still hold ground . the shop we have achieved a lot since we took control we brought unity and we managed to confront aggression we improved our military capabilities and our neighbors are afraid of our missiles . the truth is are backed by iran and former president. who still controls elite units of the army but the alliance with remains for giant the two sides have fought each other recently the whole thing is accused of colluding. with the saudis accusations dismissed by the former president who blames the whole thing is for backtracking on an agreement to share power so the war in yemen shows no signs of letting it if i enter the american who is the told yemenis
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to rally behind his group against saudi arabia and the united arab emirates and. as we said the immoralities or the front for the americans and today they're stealing yemen's natural gas despite the suffering of the yemeni people and both santa and people are suffering from issues related to both natural gas and petrol either not being able to find it or not being able to benefit from its wealth in all of this the yemeni people are not the ones who benefit. these are fighters backed by saudi arabia near the capital they face tough resistance from pro who theater. as the fighting continues so does the humanitarian crisis. the u.n. says more than ten thousand people have been killed millions have no access to food medicine and water. and health agencies describe the country's
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cholera outbreak as the worst ever recorded. a situation many fear might even get worse as all parties with jacked international calls to seek a political settlement. now in france the leader of the far right national front has vowed to rebuild the party after its deputy quit a loss of florian phillipos a big blow to marine le pen whose party has suffered from bitter infighting for the pope quit over policy differences after being demoted by le pen on wednesday night it was responsible for drafting the manifesto for this year's presidential election was behind the proposal for france to leave the eurozone. has more on this from paris well it's not been a good year for marine le pen five months ago she had a good chance of winning the presidential election but she lost a melba cracks are really starting to show international friends party now there's
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always been a lot of infighting in the party but that's all become a lot more public since the resignation of le pen's right hand man laura filippo the flipper was something of a golden boy for the national front he was tasked to dragging the party into the mainstream making it seem more acceptable he tried to clean up its extreme image he tried to shift the focus away from issues like immigration and more on to things like so fancy and protectionism but one of the pen lost the election many in the party turned around and said it was his fault that he simply had the wrong strategy and that he had alienated the base supporters what will happen to the national front now remains to be seen by many though all wondering whether or not it will actually slide back to its more hollowed rights origins the kremlin says the us actor morgan freeman might be suffering from emotional strain after he appeared in a high profile video accusing russia of declaring war on the us the video was produced by a new group called the committee to investigate russia which aims to inform
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americans about alleged russian attacks on u.s. democracy but as our moscow correspondent roy chalons explains it's drawn criticism from outside the expected official official russian circles. we have been attacked we are. at war morgan freeman is in many ways an ideal fronts man for a campaign like this imagine this movie screen a former k.g.b. spy angry at the collapse of his motherland the sonorous tones of this elder statesman of hollywood give instance gravitas to an issue many americans feel is of national security importance and then he sets his sights on his sworn enemy the united states bled a mere two thousand is that spine and this is no movie script the committee to investigate russia launched in the u.s. on tuesday it describes itself as a nonprofit nonpartisan resource to help americans recognize and understand the
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gravity of russia's continuing attacks on u.s. democracy and surprisingly it's drawn a dismissive response from moscow morgan freeman was set up says the foreign ministry this is another case where the shortsighted goal justifies any means and the kremlin spokesman says many creative people full prey to emotional stress without real information about the real state of things but perhaps more surprising is the response from several experience russia analysts there was once thinking about russia or is being replaced in the united states by hysterical jingoism. one states russia experts no expertise required rightfully in it but should ski in bloomberg he says the committee to investigate russia's advisory board includes film directors conservative commentators and a former director of national intelligence but few if any obvious russia experts
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and some green from king's college london has similar misgivings we have to be able to see shades of grey and if we think if we. elevate everything to terms of war and and threat. and this will be a hyperbolic sort of categories then then we can see the fruits of. some green and other russia analysts take very seriously the accusations that russia meddled in the us democratic process but i fear campaign such as this don't help understand russia and its actions and you better join the committee to investigate russia join the fight will reach alan's al-jazeera moscow we have contacted the committee to investigate russia for a response to the kremlin's comments but have no response to stay with us on this news still ahead why the forty fifth anniversary of martial law in the philippines is seen thousands of people come out to rally against president
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a tear today also. pantani a page reporting from a south africa on a groundbreaking deal announced at the new when that will make a new h.i.v. medicine as valuable to poor countries at a fraction of its original price. and ice hockey officials try to get china to warm up to the sport as the country hosts and a child again for the first time. however we've still got some rather lively showers around the balkans they're making their way further east where it's across the hungary and plain so we'll see some wet weather making its way into rumania cool weather as well temperatures in bucharest around nineteen degrees celsius a few days ago we were getting up into the thirty's that nineteen actually matches up with the kind of temperatures we're looking at across western parts paris ninety
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degrees celsius to seventeen for london some cloud and rain coming in across scotland the north of england that will push its way further east was fizzling out in the process temperatures picking up to nineteen in london by the time we come to saturday not too bad at all that rain not to far away from ah and another belt of rain coming through and another belt of rain still there across central and eastern parts of europe over towards the black sea in between high pressure so it's five dry temper just getting up to twenty four celsius in rome in the fine weather the settled weather the sunny weather that's there across northern parts of africa thirty one celsius in tunisia thirty five for car a little more cloud over towards the northwest it'll just make its way across northern parts of algeria shots of one to two spots of rain but nothing much to speak of the majority of the rain will be across central parts ethiopia seeing more showers showers too into southern parts of gaza and much of west africa.
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a man has decided to break with tradition and train to sail competitively not that we want to present a positive image and is this typical expectation of women for them it's about more than just racing yes you can still be a good woman and also a very talented sailor going off around the world showing everybody how strong people are al jazeera world meets the first female sailing crew in the gulf sailing at this time on al-jazeera and when the news breaks more than a million people have already lost and not number will grow it's going to work and the story builds fast furious and sometimes fatal. are risking their lives when people need to be heard in my dream about gambling in numbers i don't feel comfortable with that i'll gamble until i die al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on air and online.
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you're watching the news out quick recap of the top stories president donald trump has announced a new executive order that helps the u.s. target people companies and banks financing and facilitating trade with north korea . rescues a searching for survivors in central mexico following tuesday's deadly earthquake which killed at least two hundred seventy three people in kenya's president says the court ruling in allen his election victory last month is a coup which could throw the country into chaos. well more now top story in the last hour the u.s. ambassador to the u.n.
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nikki haley has been speaking saying that president trump's new order on north korea will apply for the pressure on those trading with pyongyang when you look at the sentence that we have in place north korea is already feeling it you can already hear of the lines at the gas stations that they have and the fact that they are having a severe reduction in revenues is the sanctions are working what this does is take it a step further this says anyone that deals with north korea any financial institution that deals with north korea is going to be punished and so i think it's important and it's like secretary newton said if you're going to support north korea then you have to be prepared to be sanctioning just what. richard cohen is a nonresident fellow at new york's university center on international cooperation he joins me live now from new york and just listening to that clip from nicky hayes speaking about other countries companies doing business with north korea korea we all know that she's talking about one country specifically and that's china do you
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think we've seen any shift in the chinese position i think the chinese will find this irritating and beijing will respond by calling on the u.s. to open a dialogue with north korea the chinese argue that it is worth putting sanctions on pyongyang but that should be balanced by some effort at negotiation which the trumpet ministration has so far largely avoided now president trump did actually say this afternoon that he could be open to a dialogue but we haven't seen any progress on that yet and separately the pin reports about china's central bank and struck doing its main banks to stop doing business with north korea there's no fishel confirmation of that. no but i think the chinese have appeared more serious about implementing u.n.
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sanctions in recent months than they have historically been in the past with north korea the chinese and the russians are concerned that if they don't continue to stay on board with the u.s. at the u.n. in dealing with this problem then washington might slip the towards some sort of military action and nikki haley was once again insisting that the u.s. has real military options in north korea today now a lot of analysts think that's a bluff because almost any military action could escalate into a nuclear exchange but clearly the chinese are desperately keen to avoid that worst case scenario so that fear of potential military action nuclear war. you combine you know that concern has always been there particularly more recently but then you combine that with the speech that president trying gave at the u.n. general assembly would that have had a serious effect on chinese calculations. it certainly had
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a serious effect on a lot of the other world leaders and diplomats who were in the room trump threw out a statement in which he claimed that he could totally destroy the north korea and there was some pretty sharp intakes of diplomatic breath at that moment but it is worth noting that having sounded very hawkish trump then also actually thanked china and russia in particular for working with the u.s. on un sanctions against north korea to date and i think that the trumpet ministration is still looking for some sort of peaceful route out of this crisis i don't think anyone in washington really believes that a war is in american interests or the interests of japan and south korea but there is still a fear amongst many diplomats that there is no path out of this conflict and if
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this this fourth sort of. brinksmanship continues it may eventually lead to a clash that no one wants and how what is your overall assessment of what we've seen today additional u.s. sanctions against north korea tempered by u.n. representative nikki haley and rex tillerson saying and trump himself saying that negotiations as still possible how do you bring north korea to the negotiating table is that it's possible any time soon. well the american position is still that china has sufficient leverage over the north koreans to make them enter a negotiation but i don't see the chinese or indeed the russian the su have some leverage over pyongyang although less. forcing the north koreans to talk unless the americans make some sort of gesture the chinese and russians keep on talking about a freeze for freeze formula that means that the north koreans would cease their
12:37 am
nuclear tests and missile work in return for the u.s. ceasing military operations with the south korean army nikki haley has called that bargain insulting the question is is there some other form of initial confidence building measures that the u.s. could take to try and bring the north koreans into talks and it's not clear that anyone in washington actually has a plan for that but richard gallant thanks very much appreciate your thoughts and analysis on this story on resident fellow new york's you know new york university's center on international cooperation thank you well tensions in the korean peninsula have led japan to send an anti missile system to the northern island of hokkaido the move comes after two north korean rockets fell over the area this month but not brides in the city of hacker data on the island and sent this report. early morning
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about how could dieties port the squid boats are bringing back their catch from a night's work in troubled waters. the sea between japan and the korean peninsula is regularly targeted by north korea's missile tests some of the bigger boats are now getting insurance against an attack but there's only so much you can protect against with on board to get it one of them if the missiles nuclear you can't do anything about it you just finished. the two recent missile launches that passed overhead on their way to the pacific ocean have added to people's anxiety. i worry for my son because he works on ships in the waters all the parents are worried. daybreak is the preferred time for missile launches. but now with the local military base newly arrived patriot missiles point skywards they can't do much against missiles passing hundreds of kilometers overhead but are
12:39 am
meant as a defense against a direct attack on you here i feel safer but at the same time if they have to use missiles it means war has started. i'm afraid there will be another north korean missile test when the alarm is raise sirens go off in the street and people are alerted on their mobile phones in bigger cities there would be subways and underpasses to go to but in how people are supposed to get indoors and take shelter as best they can at city hall the man whose job it is to prepare for another alarm is hoping north korea will finally stop its tests run in order to get an idea we know we are not the target but no one knows what north korea thinking and that is the scary thing. as last night's catch is auctioned off the fisherman prepared to go out once more not knowing what they'll face next in north korea's missile
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lottery robert pride al-jazeera japan. a mob of buddhist protesters in myanmar hold petrol bombs at a boat carrying vital aid to rack and state the group was stopped after police fired warning shots to disperse them humanitarian efforts have also been hampered in bangladesh where a red cross truck carrying food supplies crashed nine people were killed and ten others wounded a military campaign in iraq and state has forced more than four hundred twenty thousand ranjit to flee to bangladesh. well now some more news from france where thousands of taken to the streets across the country for a second day to protest against president of manual labor reforms. police used tear gas to disperse crowds in paris after a handful of them started throwing projectiles the rallies were organized by the largest trade unions that called wants to make it easier for small and medium sized businesses to hire and fire employees but unions say the changes will erode
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workers' rights now more than ten thousand people have been rallying in manila against president audrey go to ted today the march coincided with the forty fifth anniversary of martial law being imposed any of those who were tortured in jail during the government of former president ford in an marcos have taken part in this rally they say the human rights are once again under threat as jamila island ogun reports. it's been more than thirty years since people power brought an end to the government of president for dinner marcos but protesters here say they are even more defiant and angry now the marshal know years were deeply oppressive they say more than three thousand people were killed and thousands more were jute and tortured but decades on they say they are now reliving it under president really good detectives government. according to rights groups more than thirteen thousand people have been killed since president to thirty launched his so-called war on
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drugs more than a year ago many of them killed by vigilante groups believed to be linked to police . say they are no longer intimidated by president. threats they call him a fascist and with the police killing army the thirty has also come under fire for a multimillion dollar drug smuggling case implicating members of his government and even his own son his refusal to sign waivers that will show his spank accounts has angered many here they demand transparency from his government. the says these are baseless accusations his government is focused on institutional reforms and the opposition is merely using commemorations like this one to the step allies his administration but public anger continues to grow. just like marcos has all the qualities of a dictator. there warns of nationwide martial law protests like this one turned
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violent activists say they are not afraid. and we. get a lot of pressure. despite this dictator to shows no sign of softening his policies he is a very valuable member so they're they're scared. and that is the downfall. with the people all. the majority of those who joined that rally here were born after the martial law years marcus's rule was brutal and abusive they say and he will never let history repeat itself again. duggan al-jazeera manila. i want to come for you this hour the world's fastest train is unveiled in china it speeds of up to three hundred fifty kilometers an hour. and sport just
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three weeks after breaking his leg a great valentino rossi contemplates a return to racing. business update brought to you by. going places together.
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taking united nations the continuing coverage of the united nations general assembly and now hearing from the crown prince of jordan i'm honored today to speak on behalf of his majesty king abdullah the second and the people of jordan president check our being jordan sincere congratulations on your election and our commitment to the work of this general assembly to secretary general gutierrez i extend my country's great appreciation for your partnership with our people distinguished members of the general assembly two years ago i had the chance to advocate on behalf of my generation and chair united nations security council meeting to adopt the first resolution on youth our joint efforts resulted in the
12:46 am
historic unanimous adoption a resolution two two five zero on youth peace and security and empowering young people to participate in peace processes and dispute resolution today i stand before you as a representative of my beloved jordan but also as a member of the largest generation of young people in history like every other generation we have inherited the collective wisdom and values of islanders like others before us we must often struggle to reconcile them with our reality today what the reality is is unprecedented. ours is a world at an epic intersection driven by the confluence of the globalization and disruptive technologies we're at the brink of a fourth industrial revolution which is redefining how we function as societies and
12:47 am
how we relate to one another as human beings are hyper connected world is at once bringing people closer together and widening the divisions between them. amid all of this the young people of my generation are asking what are the values that are anchored global citizenship today in which direction does our collective moral compass point and kind of guy the safely to justice prosperity and peace for all too often people of my generation are labeled as dreamers yet we all know that every great deed was born a dream. we are often dismissed so. idealism is not foolish it is fearless it invigorates us to lift our reality to the level of our higher ideas not compromise our ideas in the face of adversity
12:48 am
so i humbly ask you to indulge me as i try on behalf of my generation to sharpen the contours of our for you terrain to put forward some rudimentary questions unfettered by the political decorum that i know i will acquire with time i'll use my country jordan as a launching pad for these thoughts and questions as i believe it is a true embodiment of what is so right and yet so wrong with our world today throughout its history jordan has suffered external shock after external shock but the last couple of decades have been relentless. we are currently bordered by a number of conflicts over the years there have been wars in iraq iraq syria libya yemen and worsening prospects for peace in the palestinian israeli conflict jordan has also had to weather the global financial crisis and the energy crisis all of
12:49 am
this has affected us in very real and felt ways our largest export market iraq was completely shut off trade with syria came to a halt and we lost critical trade routes from europe and turkey despite our best efforts regional instability has undermined tourism and investment i don't know of any other country in recent history that has gone through such an onslaught of crises and found itself surrounded by so many conflicts through no fault of its own and it doesn't stop there my country a resource poor nation in a conflict rich rees region is host to one point three million syrian refugees add to that millions of palestinian refugees and hundreds of thousands of iraqis as well as others from libya and yemen jordan today is one of the largest host of
12:50 am
refugees in the world the direct cost of the syria crisis now consumes more than a quarter of our budget it's ripple effects are felt across local communities where ninety percent of syrian refugees live housing food energy health care education jobs all are under pressure. yet in the face of these daunting challenges we did not back down from our ideas or our values we did not turn our backs on people in need were weighed down by massive debt yet we stand tall and proud our soldiers dodged bullets for the refugees into our country not to keep them out. nor did we falter and our reform efforts difficult as some of them have been on our
12:51 am
people on the contrary the heavier our burden got the more forcefully we forged ahead don't get me wrong we are not perfect to bring down unemployment and create the jobs needed for youth and future generations we need to drastically improve our investment climate and has integrity and accountability advance our education system and support young entrepreneurs ordinarily assistance would be tied to our progress but these are extraordinary times and aid is a necessary runway if our political and economic reforms are to fully take off difficult circumstances did not stop jordan from being a net contributor to global good we have remained steadfast in our commitment to a just and peaceful resolution to the israeli palestinian conflict based on the two state solution despite prevailing skepticism we have staunchly opposed our duty as
12:52 am
hashemite custodians of muslim and christian holy sites in jerusalem preserving the historical and legal status quo on a lark some ask how i'm a sheriff is key to peace in our region and the world as jerusalem is the cradle of all three monotheistic religions. we have been unwavering in the international war against terrorism and our promotion of the true values of islam our peacekeeping troops have protected innocent civilians from haiti to darfur to east timor and our calls for inclusiveness and moderation ring loud in a region too often deafened by division and extremism we have done the right thing over and over again because that is what real integrity means but how is the world reacted no doubt jordan is regularly pretty praised for its humanitarian and moral stance and we are proud of our country's reputation but kind
12:53 am
words don't balance budgets build schools or both are employment for the people and youth of jordan important questions linger how can it be that a country as small as ours struggles in the face of such crushing adversity only to be told that its friends are suffering from donor fatigue financial institutions often remind us that on a per capita basis we are a top recipient of aid yet on a per capita basis few countries have endured as many external shocks or contributed to global peace and security as jordan has how can it be that a country like jordan. how can it be that a country like jordan offers a humble home to millions of desperate people while richer countries around the
12:54 am
world quibble over accepting thousands. what does it say about our common humanity well last year alone the world spent close to one point seven trillion dollars on arms but fell short by less than one point seven billion and fulfilling the u.n. appeal to support syrian refugees and host communities in countries like jordan. what does it say when trillions are spent waging wars in our region by little to take our region to safer shores there are no good answers the sad reality is that war economies are thriving to the benefit of a few while real economies are suffering to the detriment of all the message to the youth of jordan and our region is loud and clear there is no shortage of money for fighting evil but the appetite for rewarding virtue is nearly nonexistent that the
12:55 am
voice of those who defend and build is drowned out by those who attack and destroy . it just doesn't add up so what do we tell the people of jordan what does the international community tell our young majority do we tell them the values we live by are of no value that private ism beats principles that complacency trumps compassion or that we should play it safe turn our backs on people in need because we cannot count on others to have our back. the united nations is our global conscience but for too many in my country and others around the world trying to do good it sometimes feels like the world's conscience is on silent mode. it's time to break the silence and start finding answers and doing so we can
12:56 am
unleash a global current that carries our common humanity to say for sure. our commitment to peace moderation and international cooperation is uncompromising water thirsty food bring three or continue to add fuel to a raging fire the world has a choice to make. thank you very much. so we've been hearing now from the crown prince of jordan prince is saying addressing the united nations general assembly. just twenty three years old actually but speaking very eloquently and very passionately about the refugee crisis in the middle east and really drawing a very interesting contrast between the the hundreds of thousands of refugees being hosted in his country and then the sort of backlash against refugees and migrants
12:57 am
that we've seen elsewhere but particularly in the western world and joining me now for some analysis on this is baria alamuddin thank you very much for coming in to speak to us and so it's really a wide range of challenges facing the middle east today but one of them has for a long time has been the frustrated hopes of the youth what does this mean for a country like jordan i think it's very very interesting that we see the crown prince of jordan speaking today and not the mud just his message to the king of jordan and i think that what they're trying to do is send a clear message that the most pressing issue in the middle east besides the wars and on the refugees it's that or is the use of an employment or as runs extremely high i've been to jordan i was in jordan few months ago and i went to the saturday camp and i discovered to my huge amazement that what the sac that it can pass is only a very small portion of that
12:58 am
a few g.'s that are actually existing and jordan as the crown prince just said there were refugees from libya from yemen there were a few g.'s huge number of refugees from iraq that came after saddam hussein also keep on coming the sunnies of iraq that are running from the brutality of somebody like has to shall be all or the others so and of course. we have the city and. and and jordan is a very poor country anyway and the challenges they have are huge thus the count's prince now as you we have heard them is also appealing to the world and saying look we are doing all the right things please help us it's interesting the words he used he said it seems that the word conscious is on silent more so he used the a few like the language of the more while and one didn't talk knology while
12:59 am
actually pressing a very important thing because you and i would probably think the same that the conscious of the world is normal there when we look around us and see what's happening with the refugees around the world order what's happening with that i mean does was what's happening with the city and i mean i come from lebanon and we in my country lebanon have also millions of refugees between the palestinians and between the city and and and of course he's very used quite young and when you think about why was he only three years old and you look at the other world leaders that have been addressing the chamber her all very much of a different generation what was the jordanian government trying to do by putting this particular figure before the global stage how unusual is it to have you know someone of just twenty three years old who perhaps has hasn't had the experience in
1:00 am
government or and in leadership i mean i'm a wrestler and i didn't and now we have quite a few few young leaders i mean we've seen and cut that you have checked i mean you have the. man prince hamad bin send men and saudi you have. in the so you do have a combination of young leaders but as i said it's very clear that the jordanian government is trying to engage the. young prince he he has just said he how he was actually at the united nations. general assembly not the. security council talking about use and what he is trying to do today is mainly addressing the problems that they use face to face not only in jordan but in the whole area at large he did talk also about peace between the israelis and the palestinians and this is something that affects jordan directly and on a few not just but also you mentioned water water is a huge problem for for jordan.


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