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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm AST

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on this u.s. president and the possibility of american intervention in the region conservative activists traditionally hawkish and pro-u.s. find themselves in the same camp as liberal outlets that favor diplomatic engagement and are often skeptical of u.s. involvement in mid april chosen enable published a newspaper headline articulating fears of trump quote going on north korea the increased tension since the term presidency have also pushed political discourse in south korea to the right with conservative media outlets opening a debate that was considered closed a long time ago the possibility of a nuclear ised south korea there's a lot of anxiety from the way the government which when you talk about weapons really scares a lot and who didn't serve as a conservator so many points for the president because they're more hawkish on north korea so overthrow your literate i don't know when you know it's been you know. it doesn't go to work in a regular training where trump is just so unpredictable me so erratic and some of
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the things he said about so and so sharp want to program right and that anything it's that you're going south korean president. sometimes. there is a crucial component to the story historically and in the one nine hundred fifty s. the u.s. played a lead role in intervening against a north korean invasion of the south. that war never actually ended there's been an armistice in place since one nine hundred fifty three some episodes of the us his role in the north south conflict through the cold war and since have been forgotten or lost in sensationalist coverage they want by wire or negotiations with the people that have never kept an agreement in their life and that also contributes to the matter to that north korea is soley responsible for the escalating tensions and that each crisis is a new one i do think there's a kind of historical myopia on media reporting on north korea the historical
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context is very important on north korea and partly that's because the north korean government and military remember the history of the korean war by contrast in america of course the korean war you know forgotten they came very quickly after the second world war when it was just a lot of war fatigue and so people weren't interested in it at the time and there's not been that much study of it since them either. months of news coverage of the verbal to and fro between washington and pyongyang have done little to clarify or improve what we know of the so-called hermit kingdom. north korea remains closed to most of the world and much of the u.s. media continue to push incomplete sometimes can be captured representations of the country and for the two leaders caught in a war of words there has been little effort to tone down the tension or the rhetoric. and finally to call the white house communications office a shakespearean tragedy would be at the very least premature but there is
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a line from macbeth the does seem to fit some of the dearly departed individuals names like spicer's gorka and bandit paraphrasing now nothing in his life became him quite like leaving before quitting his job press secretary sean spicer was criticized for constantly lying to the american people now that he's out spicer gets to do comic cameos at the american t.v. industry's annual love fest the emmy awards spicer did get some laughs at the event but plenty of hackles from the cheap seats on social media we'll see you next time here at the listening post made is there anyone who can say how big the audience is sean do you know. it was. i. was you with me period.
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the world's primary could change producing nation. is at the forefront of the war on drugs we're talking about serious organized crime as a country where reaching
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a critical point while some have made fortunes many others have suffered at the hands of this multi-billion dollar industry both of whom of this business will go on forever it will not change our lives global policies do who are the winners and losers of this illicit trade snow of the andes at this time. without knowledge would please be margaret. this reactor of damage. could this be operational cost. or this over the option. of jersey guarded by contrast. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world
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so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera i just want to make sure all of our audience is on the same page whether online and more to produce to us citizens here than what puts people of iraq by one and the same or if you join us on saturday i was never put a file been looked at differently because i'm dacogen all the people that i'm a watch this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of their pitches might make the not show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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where every. iran says it has successfully tested a new bill istic missile that can carry multiple warheads. or shall carry this is al jazeera but of doha also coming up china limits fuel exports to north korea increasing the pressure on later can follow. human rights group says fires are still burning in the hands of villages in myanmar's for kind states. and counting is underway and is a once a vote for the liberal opposition leaders in a close race with the conservative prime minister.
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state media and iran have released footage of what they say is a successful test launch of a new but will stick missile across our was launched just a few hours after it was unveiled at a military parade in tehran apollo's threats by u.s. president donald trump that washington may withdraw from the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal president also rouhani says tehran will not seek permission from any country to strengthen its defense capabilities in casella has more. on what these are iran's latest ballistic missile with a range of two thousand kilometers they can reach much of the middle east including israel during his speech president hassan rouhani defended his country's right to protect itself. no matter if you like it or not we will boost our
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defense and military power to the extent deemed necessary for deterrence we will not seek permission from anyone to defend our country and our land. that's likely to cause more anger at the white house president donald trump called iraq a rogue nation during his address at the u.n. this week and has threatened to withdraw from the two thousand and fifteen nuclear agreement frankly that deal is an embarrassment to the united states and i don't think you've heard the last of it believe me it is time for the entire world to join us in demanding that iran's government and its pursuit of death and destruction. a group of six world powers namely china france russia the united kingdom the u.s. and germany are part of the deal which included the lifting of sanctions for iran scurrying up its nuclear program about analysts say the trump administration isn't
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likely to back down on the agreement president i think there are two aspects that are problematic about this deal first is his overall perspective towards the muslim world which i would characterize as wide deep intactness and the second is basic business this deal doesn't make sense from an american business perspective it doesn't benefit the united states economically the core of arc and of the iran nuclear deal is that the broad made a series of concessions on its nuclear program in exchange for the united states essentially lifting sanctions on other countries. the international powers that brokered the deal are pressing the white house stick by it their grammont prevent iran from its nuclear activities for ten to fifteen years it also allows staff run to maintain some of its nuclear stockpiles for research and medical purposes although it's not clear what happens after that or if the united states withdraws
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from there freeman seen on the soul of al-jazeera by symbol ravishes a visiting research fellow at lunch university's center for middle eastern studies says iran believes the latest missile launch does not violate any international agreements. they are not a violation of. joint a comprehensive plan of action or year to year on date and then you create the torch a c.p.o. way and they are not a violation of un resolution two two three one in the sense that iran interprets it because like. resolution that you have. like iran has pledged not to. carry out ballistic me sided ok designed to carry warheads and like it did the argument on the ring side is that.
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these. iran basically because it's not seeking nuclear weapons and doesn't have or . basically you by default these me sizes are not designed to carry or it's so that's. basically you're in a side of story us. two are pretty as a violation of un resolution china has moved to limit oil exports and north korea in line with the latest round of un sanctions shipments of refined petroleum condensates and liquefied natural gas will be affected china will also ban textile and ports that's one of our three as last main sources of foreign revenue so this all falls an announcement by president ronald trump that beijing had ordered its banks to stop dealing with pyongyang but the chinese government has denied that our career responded on thursday with more threat saying it could conduct a hydrogen bomb test and the pacific ocean so as all of this continues to develop
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atrium brown follows it all for us from beijing so china limiting oil exports can you put that in some context for us adrian. yes china has said that it's going to cap the amount of oil that it sends pumps across the border to north korea it's going to cap those exports a two hundred million barrels a year what we don't know rachelle because there's no data on this is how much oil china sends to north korea i've seen one figure that suggests it could be as much as six million barrels a year but if it's going to cap those exports a two million barrels a year and that of course could have some impact but to be honest we're not going to know for months what the effect of these sanctions are going to be on north korea now a century what china has now done it's basically announced that it's begun implementing what it agreed to at the united nations security council on saturday
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a statement appeared on the website of china's commerce ministry saying that as of now saturday china was no longer importing textiles from north korea as you pointed out rightly textiles have been a very important source of hard currency for the regime also as of now china is no longer exploiting things like liquefied natural gas but it's the i think the fact that it's no longer going to be exporting oil in quite the quantities that it did that it's really the the sort of headline item me and of course no longer importing textiles from from north korea is going to hurt revenue as well now last month china agreed to other wide ranging sanctions against north korea it said they would no longer import things like coal iron ore and seafood so yes the onus is on china once more and of course as we've said many times before ninety percent of the north's trade is with china. so adrian president trump has said that
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china has cut off banking with north korea. it's seems that perhaps something he's not quite telling the truth on can you kind of clarify it for us yeah sure i mean on thursday president donald trump in another gesture of sort of provocative flattery to president xi jinping praised president xi jinping for saying that he told china's banks to basically no longer do business with north korea then on friday night china's official foreign ministry spokesman said actually that's not quite the case so he raised a serious question mark as to whether china really was now targeting north korea's financial system but once more on friday president trump insisted the president xi jinping was going along with his strategy on banks this is what he had to say. i
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made a friend in china president xi and yesterday he basically took the banking industry away from north korea never been done it was never been the big space the relationship relationship is very good but we're dealing with somebody that will figure out he may be smart he may be strategic and he may be totally crazy but you know what no matter what he is we're going to handle it folks believe me. i think that what we're seeing at the moment is clear evidence of the different strategies that the united states and china have when it comes to north korea president donald trump likes to shout very loudly about what he's doing against north korea china prefers a more quiet you know low key approach to dealing with a country that after all is
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a former ally and a former friend so yes i think it's possible that china is going along with what president trump is talking about but it just doesn't want to go particularly public about it and certainly not tweet about it that's for sure major brown live from beijing thank you. and most international says villages are still being burned in me and mark contradicting the government's statements that military operations have. the group says new satellite images and video shows smoke rising from her hand to villages around four hundred thirty thousand refugees have fled since the latest outbreak of violence began less than a month ago but he tells her. that borders told al jazeera that otherwise healthy adults in camps are on the brink of death because of dehydration so the hall has more from the me and mar bangladesh border. with no rare day without
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rain makeshift tents clinging to the muddied slopes and thousands of reinjure refugees go about the business of surviving. there is more food available now. and water pumped up from the ground in nearly dug wells bamboo sales a booming along with the black plastic sheeting that does little more than draw the soaring heat. but the resurgency still because of the spread of disease and brand new mobile clinic in this camp is inundated. almost every woman carries a child this one. with chest problems this one with diarrhea. what are the things that you are most worried about. doing. there. we need. to learn.
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at the front of the queue a young mother khaled a beggar ms her name breaks down with relief medicines are dispensed to treat her daughter's fever and stomach complaint and almost as an afterthought she explains the cheese eight months pregnant. agrees to let us see where she lives a mother of two with a third on the way her father killed in the escape from me and now barefoot in the filth of a refugee camp. i'm too scared to go back to me and now only if there is the issuance that the government will not punish us then we'll think about going back otherwise i'll stay and earn a living in bangladesh i ask if she's afraid to give birth in a place like this of course i'm afraid she says but there's nothing i can do every day and more people arrive in these camps and every day the camps get more and more
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organized and every day they say across the border in myanmar smoke billows into the air bangladesh doesn't want these people to stay on its side of the border and it's hard to believe me and will want them back the stateless route have become the world's problem now jonah how al-jazeera bangladesh. still ahead on al-jazeera picking up the pieces we're with people in sudan trying to rebuild their homes after flooding. i wrote my pride at the tokyo game show with something for everyone's reality be a virtual rented all mixed. welcome back we'll stop by look at the weather across southeastern parts of asia and what
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have you got this line of a big storm do raiding printing presses in newspapers any place that could print ballots or pro independence literature here or it could come to some kind of compromise the spanish government of marianna could agree say to talks that might lead to illegitimate an independent vote that spain would recognize later or they could simply give catalonia the same taxing authority that the neighboring basque country has where they keep their they collect their own money and they distribute it mostly in their own territory and here in catalonia it's a rich part of the country they send more to madrid then comes back and that does irk people here meanwhile what we have is a showdown to october first and nobody knows of that but will come off but if you listen to the catalonian president carlos put him on he wrote in the washington post sorry spain we're going to have an independence vote in catalonia whether you like it or not oh my john thank you very much for that john hendren joining us live from nine a thank you. and
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a few moments we'll have the weather weather but chad but still ahead on the news hour. the number of people killed in mexico's earthquake rises as rescuers refuse to give up hope of finding survivors. and unspoken some of the divisional championship as wanted and amazing tales one of a closer to the playoffs challenge has the details. from a fresh coast to breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. well i'm pleased to report that area is on its way out slowly but surely is weakening feature more importantly it's moving away from a habited islands it's still a category three it's still got winds there one hundred ninety five k.p.h. so it's still quite a beast and it is still have an impact across parts of the bahamas we've got some
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very heavy rain still falling and we've got a lot of surf a lot of swell and rip currents and that is going to be probably the biggest issues rip currents of bigger killer in many respects then strong winds and everything but the storm surges that we get so some of the bear in mind so there you see by the time we get through to sunday that whole system is away up towards the north florida heavy rain up through central america at this stage worth noting so let's move up to north america and we'll pick up on maria once again now maria is down there spawning way further north that's the remnants of jose in the jose lasted for seventeen and a half days as a tropical cyclone the seventh longest in the corded history well but some is where but it's still given a lot of surf along that eastern seaboard the u.s. and this is going to do a similar sort of thing also we've got this big storm system across parts of central u.s. through up into canada and that is going to give his own problems in the coming days. the weather sponsored by cat time release.
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the world's primary could change producing nation. is at the forefront of the war on drugs we're talking about serious organized crime as a country where reaching a critical point while some have made fortunes many others have suffered at the hands of this multi-billion dollar industry this business will go on forever it will not change almost global policies do who are the winners and losers of this illicit trade snow with the end days at this time one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be for which is you know it's very challenging live but it's got to be because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are with the people we live to tell the real story i'll just mend it is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't
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feel inferior to the audience across the globe. that have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories and u.s. backed coalition of kurdish fighters says the city of raka isis self declared capital and syria has been lying to the center retaken remaining isis fighters have reportedly concentrated in a small area within the city and they're expected to fight to the death. china suspects a magnitude three point four earthquake in north korea has killed your area was triggered by an explosion previous quakes there have indicated nuclear tests but
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south korea's the national assessment is that it was a natural occurrence and iranian state media have released photos of what they say is the successful test launch of a new ballistic missile. launch just a few drops on the veil at a military parade in the pedal. now rescuers in mexico fusing to give up hope of finding survivors three days after an earthquake killed at least two hundred eighty six people these are live pictures of the rescue efforts in the capital mexico city the search has been extended and foreign crews are helping sift through the rubble alan fischer reports now from mexico city. there is a new tool for each hour is a fresh agony each minute feel so much longer families of the missing can do little but hope and pray they stay close to the office block in the condesa neighborhood of mexico city which collapsed in choose these quick there may be spaces where people survive. for. those there's a lot of misinformation we are very upset by the authorities to do something and
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fast because a long time has passed and even if they are alive each day that goes by the chances get slim. psychologists and one hand to help the families. they don't even want to talk it's like at this point they just want to be left alone which is normally the more time passes the less hope they have. mexican rescue workers have toiled through the wreckage for days refusing to give up even when exhaustion makes that easy option but no american and japanese teams have arrived with fresh muscles . and better technology what we do we bring in highly skilled and searchers and rescuers we bring in. technical equipment and we bring in a lot of it and we were a good sort of a type one heavy team which means we can breach breaks concrete we have search dogs we have search cameras we have a variety of instruments that allow us to do highly technical skilled searching
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it's no more than seventy two hours in which struck a not for the fourth time scale because stories of rescue become much greater we tend to become stories of recovery but the people here looking at the building behind me and the what is going on there. this time it may be different. thank you may have ended its official three days of mourning for the victims of the quake many families still have their own personal tragedies to remember and more they find themselves facing that heartbreak in peace to come alan fischer mexico city. the rain and flash floods have destroyed thousands of homes and saddam in the past few weeks and while some areas is struggling still struggling to cope with the water levels people and other regions are trying to rebuild their lives have a morgue and reports from the town of. this is what is left of the walls of abdullah. after water from the nearby river flooded it bricks and rubble lying on
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the ground a reminder of what once stood here. and i think most to me that. this was my father's house and i lived here for ten years this year the water levels were high and the barrier was supposed to stop it but there was an opening and the government neglected it they haven't even provided compensation except for some flour and mosquito nets abdullah's house is one of hundreds of thousands destroyed by flash flood and rain this year in sudan the u.n. says more than sixty thousand houses have been destroyed countrywide and nearly a dozen people have been killed many of them live in rural areas where houses are built using mind making them more prone to collapse this barrier was supposed to protect homes from flooding but the levels of the nile river were extremely high in fact the highest in one hundred years resulting in an overflow that destroyed nearly one hundred homes here in st joe alone. so dan has been facing harsher rainy
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seasons over the past few years the state authorities see they had weren't both at the citizens of potential floods and the national government. this neighborhood has been flooded several times in the past we've built a barrier to keep the floods out delegation came to check the barrier and now we have to see how to fix it again because studies were done back in two thousand and ten and we asked them to review it and rehabilitate the barrier then the river levels have receded over the past few days but as flood victims complain of not being compensated lawmakers say they weren't supposed to be living there to begin with the precautions which are to be taken is to have in course of the nation that . the houses or the relatives of the farmers away from the river banks and unfortunately they don't do that because they want to be as close as possible to the river banks so that they can take some water abdullah says he has nowhere else to go and that he will work to rebuild his home even if one of the floods comes and
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destroys it again people morgan al-jazeera. more than seventy thousand people in puerto rico have been ordered to leave their homes of the fears of a dam collapsing in the wake of hurricane maria heavy rain brought by maria put stress on the gutter. and what the u.s. national weather service want to of it's imminent failure a flash flood emergency has been issued for nearby areas people are being warned of a life threatening situation if they don't move to higher ground at least six people were killed when the hurricane had the island on wednesday. now iraq's kurdish leader massoud barzani has promised monday's independence referendum will definitely go ahead despite international pressure to stop it he says whatever the outcome the kurds will fight alongside iraqi forces against. reports from northern iraq. on this she said the kurdish colors are flying high
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oil rich city is giving tours of historic preserving them and self-determination even though it's not part of the iraqi kurdish region. the governor who made the push to take part in the vote against. i have the support of my people we feel it's the right time and they tell us you should engage baghdad in negotiations i think that's a good idea we have been doing it since two thousand and three with different governments after the fall of saddam hussein. and we really haven't gotten anywhere . kirkuk is part of the so-called disputed territories it's also home to turkmen and arabs many of them say they will boycott the vote. there's increased ethnic polarization and it will be difficult to control once it spills onto the streets particularly because every house has
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a weapon who will control that. the question kurds will have to answer is do you want the kurdistan region and the kurdistan areas outside the regions of ministration to become an independent state and that includes places like by sheikha that used to be under the control of the central government it's now a border town this is the berm that the kurds built after kurdish forces took control of areas evacuated by the iraqi army back in two thousand and fourteen now many here call it the border of the future kurdistan state but you can see how close this she up our military forces under the command of the iraqi prime minister are stationed very have increased their presence ever since the referendum was announced. the fish were gay here say they are ready for any eventuality but this is a cause of concern for people like the human psyche. we had first met the couple
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shortly after the town was recaptured and generally they only returned home in july . and that the house was rigged we had to clear it the most important issue was security we will support whoever will protect us. the kurds have secured areas and that they control and they are vowing to never give up their gains but if people here are certain that the yes vote will prevail there are certain that the government in baghdad will reject the result but at the in the order in iraq. still ahead on the newshour wounded soldiers from around the world prepare to take part in prince harry's and that those games joe will have the details coming up and support. in the hash tag era when news coverage consists of a punchy headline
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a five second sound bite and an easy solution. dellums says challenge the status quo expose double standards and debate the contradictions join me. for a new season of the show the frank. as up front. this time on al-jazeera. when the news breaks more than a million people have already lost power here not now but will grow with conditions at work and the story builds vast fears and sometimes fatal mongolia's child jockeys are risking their young lives when people need to be heard in the b. i dream about gambling in numbers i don't feel comfortable without that i'll gamble until i die al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentary and live news on air and online.
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rights to japan now in virtual reality as the biggest attraction at this year's annual tokyo game show a quarter of a million and so expected to check out the latest in gaming and computer technology reporter vomit bride went along and became part of the experience. in. still all about the goggles but a whole lot more ever bigger hardware to enhance the virtual reality experience making it so real there seems to be very little that's virtual about it they're not but you know. it really felt like you were moving and you felt the wind in your face. but it won't get a normal day now but i think people will expect experiences like this well are
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going to go. on are so real you wonder if it wouldn't be better doing the real thing like cycling apparently not keeping healthy and boring realities boring i've got you yes with more than six hundred exhibitors covering multiple darkened holes the tokyo game show is bigger and better than ever one of the fastest growing areas is e-sports online gaming by teams in professional leagues attracting big online audiences. south korea and other countries in asia and europe have been developing and japan is the only country without a big east port industry but that's changing with the value with the market expected to double by twenty twenty and talk of e-sports becoming an olympic event the japanese government is now promoting its growth much as south korea has done we
1:38 pm
actually see similar things in japan now where the government is reeling seeing a way to push the sports such as new tech hip thing and then for those wanting the total immersive experience there's emma all mixed reality to turn you into an avatar putting you in the action thanks to three d. cameras a turntable i remember not to talk too much this is wrong you can use. your favorite game you're in the thing yeah. no matter how ridiculous that my bill. mcbride al-jazeera has an avatar at the tokyo game show. or i hate hate to take away from that when it's time for sports now joe how can i even follow that lives that day absolutely have those days us president donald
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trump has suggested that american football players who neil during the national anthem should be fired the gesture has been used as a sign of protest by n.f.l. players against racial injustice and he's home and has the story. would you love to see one of these n.f.l. owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a the field right out he's fired if if hurt. us president donald trump was at an alabama rally on friday to support republican senator luther strange but the platform was used to take an exceptional stance against and it felt players who neil during the national anthem to protest racial injustice in the united states because that's a total disrespect of our heritage that's a total disrespect of everything that we stand for some owner is going to do that he's going to say that guy that this respects our flag he's fired and that
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oh no they don't know or they don't know if they're friends of mine many of them they don't know they'll be the most popular person for a week. cullen cappa nick first started the gesture in twenty six days but the quarterback hasn't been signed by an n.f.l. team and leaving the san francisco forty nine ers in march still other league players have continued to follow his lead and trump had a message for fans there you see it even if it's one player leave the stadium i guarantee things will stop things will stop just pick up and leave us sports remains deeply in time gold in the national political issues the white house had suggested earlier this month that e.s.p.n. has jamil hill should be fired after the sports broadcaster cold donald trump a white supremacist on twitter i think that's one of the more outrageous comments that anyone could make and certainly something that i think is. trampled so
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off a different theory on why n.f.l. writing sit down saying that too many people will watch in him instead but also the big kids to have a late panelized. today if you hit too hard right they hit you hard fifteen yards throw him out of the game they're rolling the game. but. the n.f.l. has repeatedly tried to distance itself from politics it's unlikely that even these inflammatory comments from trump will prompt an official response homan al-jazeera where politics also at the forefront of fans minds in spain this saturday is legally does bassline a face your own or in a catalan dopy amidst a backdrop of unrest over the state's independence the city of euro is faced with pro castle and there could be strong anti spain sentiment at the game later this week police arrested officials as they try to hold a referendum on catalan sovereignty it's part mass protests bassline
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a football club has voiced its support for katmandu self determination going on as . each month responsible for what they say nowadays due to the social media there's a lot of repetition the club is really expressed its views regarding the issue and we subscribe to what the club said in the statement we already spoke about this last week question has been repeated and i guess this week we're going to hear it many times the club has already expressed their opinion. the head of the cattle twenty twenty two world cup says it's business as usual despite the country coming under blockade from some of its gulf neighbors has an alfa wadi was speaking at the united nations in new york about cattles preparations for the football tournament capital twenty twenty two will be the first world cup held in the middle east and al why he has reassured governing body pfieffer that the stadiums and the infrastructure will be delivered on time. initially when the problem first happened they just wanted to be made aware of what was going on we inform them. they saw the
1:43 pm
projects that are happening they saw the progress that is being made and it's business as usual and there's nothing of significance in terms of the preparations for the tournament when the blockade first happened we put in our contingency contingency plans in place we quickly very resourceful and very quickly found alternative materials so i am very proud to say that the that the blockade has not legal blockade has not had an impact on our projects in major league baseball the l.a. dodgers have clinched the national league west title for a faith straight season they beat the san francisco giants forty one friday. and nationally. thirty nine home run the dodgers haven't reached the world series since one thousand nine hundred eight they'll begin their division series at home on time but the six. last season's world series champions the chicago cubs are closing in on their division as well maybe you know looking through is going to form friday
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and hold a five game lead to nine days left in the regular season. now the new world number one in women's tennis has missed out on a place in the final of the w.t. event in japan the god when your mood i thought was beaten by caroline wozniak in in the semifinals of the pan pacific open in tokyo winning pretty easily two sixty six along with damon and does the public chunk over in sunday's final. now the world team have it all to do on day two of tennis as laver cup opponents team europe swept the singles on friday and hold a three one lead in the three day competition but the doubles was a much harder for a fair australia isn't it kerry also an american jack stock faced rafael nadal and thomas birdie set the checkpoint to a super tie break that's when the first. one that some see her cry at the end of the world to the what. do you want me. there's a three way tie at the top of the leaderboard at the stage of gold's told championship
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and in atlanta paul casey webb simpson and this man justin thompson thomas have one start thomas moved a step closer to a ten million dollar bonus prize on friday and he hit this shot on the eighteenth a.g.h. on magick when attempting for an eagle to share that top spot it's sixteen players within four strokes it's tight going into round three so. five hundred fifty catches from seventeen countries will take part in the invictus games beginning on saturday in toronto the sporting event is for wounded ill and injured soldiers it was founded by britain's prince harry three years ago to inspire and motivate them to recovery canada is hosting the event for the first time in combat like pots it's . not as easy as sport for now but thank you very much joe and that doesn't for the news hour but michelle kerry is here with another news bulletin in just a couple of minutes.
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oh. there's. a new level of
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a cage. that they too may get the very rich of the. day but the feel if you look at. the shit it. makes you doubt this girl it that she thought you'd. like but. i need. a name or feel that some people just get at least that i did. for a man has decided to break with tradition and train to sail competitively maybe not that he want to present a positive image and to use this to your typical expectation of women for them it's about more than just racing yes you can still be a good amani woman and also a very talented sailor going off around the world showing everybody how strong on money people are al jazeera world meets the first female singing crew in the gulf
1:48 pm
sailing stop at this time on al-jazeera. as russian government forces pound the last pockets of territory in syria yes what's next for the country.


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