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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2017 10:00am-10:33am AST

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it's much worse than the guy beach he does all of the smell is coming from the dead . so that's. all right. palestinian killed three israeli security personnel in the occupied west bank the gunman has also been shot dead.
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this is live from doha also coming up fears that north korea is boosting its defenses after a weekend fly over by a u.s. bomb as. refugees are moved from an australian run prison camp to the u.s. under a controversial resettlement plan. and the push to get rid of the plants the produced cocaine in colombia farmers there remain suspicious. three members of the israeli security forces have been killed and one injured in a shooting at israeli settlement in the occupied west bank the palestinian gunman was shot dead israeli media say that the gunman opened fire arriving with palestinian laborous the settlement of. the jerusalem party force that is on the line from that second little just outside it right now larry what more do we know about this incident. well as you say took place early this morning just before
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seven o'clock local time so that. the man is. a thirty seven year old father of four a resident of nearby bateson reprints here in the occupied west bank is queuing up with other palestinian workers he had. allowed him to work in israeli settlements along the green line the checkpoint to this illegal settlement. aroused suspicion according to police he was challenged by. drought. and opened fire israeli security forces were killed another injured and they returned fire the attacker himself was also killed right now there is a pretty large israeli military presence i'm looking at a group of about a dozen or more soldiers close to the checkpoint the the entrance to the settlement . past a good number of the treaty and they appear to be heading in the palestinian one
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of the policy which is near the village of beit sirica is very close where this man lived and. knocked blockades being set up in the roads by local palestinian men on the way through as well so there is the prospect of potential clashes between threads couldn't forces and palestinians in the area coming out as well and what about this settlement itself here it's pretty upscale it's about fifteen fifteen kilometers from jerusalem. that's right we're just northwest of jerusalem as you say it's pretty well it's. kind of on the line it was. in one hundred forty eight. it's in the area that it's been sort of straddles between the one hundred forty eight hundred was and the one hundred sixty . so part of it is on the western side of the israeli side as you may have it of
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the nine hundred sixty seven boundaries part of it is here in the occupied west bank so it is from that perspective is an illegal israeli settlement this is something that is only true in reaction is calling this evidence that jerusalem is that the heart of the palestinian resistance and they are hailing this act the israeli president has called it a cruel act of terror the deputy foreign minister called it a palestinian welcome for greenland the envoy to the middle east of donald trump who's here at the moment to engage in more talks with both sides in the conflict and he also said that this was evidence so there could be no peace at the moment reached with the palestinians because of attacks like this and because this is something that the israelis would be making a great play of in that folks will be that is the fact that israeli case.
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the prisoners and. the money from the college of course. simply because the occupation has taken them out of being able to earn money for their families and families so again that political decision has been raised again by the israeli side in the off the mark of this particular time right harry many thanks indeed harry force there reporting live from. in the occupied west bank. iraq is refusing to hold talks with the kurdish regional government about the results of monday's controversial independence the iraqi prime minister has called the referendum unconstitutional. hundreds celebrated the end of voting the poll is expected to produce a comfortable win for the pro secession campaign but the result is binding let's take you live now to the capital of iraq's kurdistan region. after yesterday's historic i suppose you could call it defiant today.
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many people say. that was a day. for a life. and. have been able to express. satisfaction. where there was a lot of warnings. at this point. there's been
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a similar reaction. this is going to be a very difficult moment but. maybe some weeks before. but we have to. this ongoing offensive to recapture the districts around it from. the kurds will have to pay quite an important role in. this expected that meet between a hundred and two hundred thousand people still will come out of there and. so to be expected to produce a comfortable win for the pro campaign as you said it question of what happens next
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is the government really going to press ahead with the with trying to to call for the go. i think it will. because that's what the president has been saying all along he's been saying that this was just an expression of the will of the iraq's kurds. kept on saying that they will not be a declaration of independence any time soon and that will come only after he will have to do that he will have to go through the motions of not only the regional government but also. community you know washington has made it very clearly clear that it was opposing this referendum at this date and despite all of that probably because. the public opinion here so much president
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refused to back to back down so now he's going to have to take it very slowly step by step and showing that he's actually willing to negotiate all these different difficult files. going between the two sides. i mean. now to size that north korea is preparing to carry out its value to shoot down any u.s. bomber that enters its airspace south korea's yonhap news agency says the north is boosting its defenses by deploying fighter jets along its east coast north korea's foreign minister has accused u.s. president donald trump of declaring war after days of escalating tension kathy novak reports from seoul. as he left his hotel heading out of new york north korea's foreign minister read young ho addressed reporters. last weekend trump claimed that leadership wouldn't be around much longer and hence at last he declared a war no country order given the fact this comes from someone who is currently
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holding the seat of the united states presidency this is clearly a declaration of war his latest comments go further than his address to the u.n. general assembly just two days earlier and he was clearly responding to president trump's tweet after that speech in which he referred to little rocket men and warned they may not be around much longer but the white house dismissed his suggestion it was a declaration of war. we've not declared war on north korea and frankly the suggestion of that is absurd real also referred to a u.s. show of force which took place just before he spoke on saturday u.s. fighter jets and b. one bombers flying close to north korea's eastern coast but still over international waters. since the u.s. declared war in our country we will have every right to make ken a measures including the right to shoot down the united states strategic even when they're not
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yet inside the airspace of a country that's never appropriate for a country to shoot down another country's aircraft when it's over international waters our goal is still the same we continue to seek the peaceful the nuclearization of the korean peninsula in a briefing to south korea's parliamentary intelligence committee the national intelligence service said north korea did not take any counter. in response to that flight of u.s. bombers but has since moved planes and beefed up defenses along the east coast it said the u.s. military disclosed the flight path because the north koreans apparently didn't detect the aircraft and what is the use of a show of force if the target doesn't realize it's happening south korea is putting a strong emphasis on a peaceful solution there come up be another war on the korean peninsula the consequences would be devastating not just for the current peninsula but for northeast asia and indeed the whole international community south korean intelligence reports that soldiers on the opposite side of the border have been
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ordered to report to higher commands before taking any action suggesting that despite its tough talk north korea would also prefer to avoid confrontation kathy novak al jazeera soul back to our top story this hour the breaking news the three members of the israeli security forces have been killed and one injured in a shooting near an israeli settlement in the occupied west bank we spoke earlier to across one of the harry forces by phone we can have see harry who's with us live from in the occupied west bank harry take us through once again what has happened there today. well we're here just about two hundred meters away from the side of this attack you can see the settlement in the background behind me a little bit closer than that is the guard guard post and entrance to the sort of the rear entrance to the illegal settlements here in the occupied west bank you can see the israeli flag there you can see
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a group of israeli military who are gathered there what happened we understand from israeli police is that this thirty seven year old man a palestinian from a nearby village who was a father of four had a work permit arrives with another group with a group of palestinian day laborers and once there he apparently arouse suspicions of those people manning the guard post and at that point he was challenged he drew out his weapon and fired three security forces were injured or killed rather a fourth person a resident of the settlement we understand was injured and the attacker himself was shot dead so what sort of settlement is this what we know about it. well it's a settlement that is a little bit northwest of jerusalem it's very much a well to do suburb in a way that's how a lot of the settlers use this dislocation of jerusalem and as you see here we are
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in the west bank it is in the occupied west bank so is classed as an illegal israeli settlement under international law however they do have palestinian workers who go in on these work permits to carry out we understood there were works being carried out and that the attacker himself went in as part or approached the settlement as part of that group there already has been some reaction as i was referring to earlier hamas has hailed this act saying that it's a showing of the fact that jerusalem is central to the palestinian resistance struggle jerusalem of course is just a very short drive away from here the israeli government reacted obviously in very different terms the president calling it a cruel act of terror the deputy foreign minister calling it a palestinian welcome to the u.s. envoy jason green but who is currently here you arrived yesterday and saying it's more evidence of the impossibility at the moment of trying to make any kind of
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a peace deal with the palestinians so two very different reactions already on that score all right harry many thanks indeed for that live in their jerusalem in the occupied west bank. a weather update next here on houses here and then a warning from aid agencies about the huge number of malnourished children among the hinge of refugees bangladesh. how the change from late summer to stormy autumn is fairly rapid in the southeast of europe with actually as far north as austria and still this cloud is circulating east of the age of the attic and there is still storm warnings up particularly for greece for you can see where the cloud is from slovenia and sioux across to remain u.s. storms in the last week were pretty vicious so you expect to have dropped and for
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the most part they have we're now below the thirty mark virtually everywhere roams at twenty four there's a bit of space in the bottom left and lucy that spoke still probably about thirty of the most part though is certainly cooled down a steady breeze coming in from the east is cooling things down across the black sea keeping book rest at twenty one the sunshine doesn't do much to alleviate these are about eighteen in lynn very pleasant in comparison to the time of the year twenty or twenty one seems likely in london or past this is true for the next day or so whereas the storms could lead to rumble in greece and probably across the hegelian into western turkey as well that those showers won't come much further south and we've got a fairly dry picture of the whole of north africa now from a thirty three degrees sunny skies cairo to rather cloudy twenty five in robot and that cloud is quite extensive and drifting further east every day.
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hello again let's just take a moment see what remains of the top stories this hour on al-jazeera three members of the israeli security forces have been killed and one injured in a shooting at
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a jewish settlement in the occupied west bank the palestinian gunman was shot dead . hundreds of kurds of celebrating the end of a controversial independence voted iraq approach secession campaign is expected to win comfortably and there are signs that north korea is preparing to carry out its vow to shoot down any u.s. bomb other enters its airspace south korea's yonhap news agency says that pyongyang is deploying fighter jets along its east coast the first refugees to be resettled under a controversial agreement between a strain and the u.s. a float out of papua new guinea on their way to the united states the group of more than twenty men has been in a stray and run prison camp on my island the resettlement deal was organized when barack obama was president it's been criticized though by u.s. president donald trump reports from canberra. this is the first group of refugees to leave papa new guinea is minus arland and i root for the u.s.
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under the refugee resettlement deal on tuesday morning about twenty five men left papa new guinea bound for the u.s. it's believed that on wednesday morning a similar number of people will leave nauru also for the u.s. now this is the refugee resettlement deal struck between the strain is prime minister malcolm turnbull and then president barack obama it was to say up to one thousand two hundred fifty refugees resettled from manison our route to the u.s. but it all came under question with president donald trump who called it a done deal and said it was the worst deal ever it became clear that there was no obligation to take that number of refugees u.s. authorities however said that they're reviewing other refugee cases but it's unclear exactly how many people will go leaving the fate and futures of the more than two thousand people on and mannus island still uncertain let's go if you are
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from nick mckim who is the immigration spokesman for the australian greens party he joins us now live from ho but thanks for being with us nic i'm right in thinking that while. you wish this group that are going to the united states the very best you believe that they should be going there in the first place. well we do wish them all the very best and it's not our place to stand in the why of f.l. a human being so you've suffered so poling only destroy his hands in most cases for over four years now but marv you in the view of the striving groans poddy and more colleagues in the senate from the striving groans is that those people actually should be an astrolabe because they stretched out a hand just like a solemn in a stride and they've just been kicked in the take by the australian government they've been imprisoned in prison camps on a the mannus all and in pop when you give me or. a small pacific garland nice one for over four years now had their liberties deprived they've been tortured
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according to amnesty international in the strict definition of international human rights law and even very pleased to say that some have gotten their freedom and will be settling in the us the question reminds what's going to happen to the well either one thousand men women and children who are still languishing on menace all and on the road as far as you're concerned then they are and they remain astray as responsibility. that's absolutely right i do remind astrologist responsibility astride is running these camps australia is paying for these camps. has directly contracted with the service providers that are providing those camps and the you know audit nice and high commission for refugees has made it very clear that these people f.l.y. human beings still astride this responsibility and we've harmed them so i
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graciously we've deprived them of so much over the last four years we've damaged them to an extent that some will never recover their mental health after what they've been through and absolutely that should be brought to australia so that we can look after them not only in line with their international legal obligations but in law and without moral obligations to them that this this personal madness island is set to close under orders from the government of new guinea what happens the people then they're going to be brought to australia or they would just move to. well this is the question and it's actually been closed under instructions from the astroland government it was this trial immigration minister who set a deadline of thirty first of october for this person to close and there are still i two hundred men on menace all and and four hundred men women and children. who really have no idea what is going to happen to them in the future and often to
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menace all and toss all of spark into a lot of a struggle as political prisoners and i do not hope for the future because they've had so many times in the past and had that hope completely destroyed and once you've done that a few times it becomes much more difficult. to engage in hope for the future so the question for the australian government entities a question for the australian government not the papa new guinea government not their own government but the astroland government is what is the future for these people because they cannot simply be left to weiss to y. and rot on man a saw and row which appears apart from the us steel to be the only future that i can expect they could see many thanks indeed for being with us that became their this trading greens party live in hope that agencies are warning that hundreds of thousands of children who fled violence in man risk of malnutrition four hundred and thirty thousand muslim or hindu refugees have crossed into bangladesh since the
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military crackdown began more than a month ago a quarter of them children. man attrition that's stored severe malnutrition can i think a child's brain and development for the next of his remaining part of his life so that's why the nutrition is something that we have to take extremely seriously and he goes along to vaccination and he goes along with protection he goes in on the one. well the united nations has called the exodus the most urgent refugee emergency in the world new video shows how quickly refugee camps in bangladesh spreading nicholas reports now from a bangladeshi border post where burning raw image of villages can be seen just across the border in myanmar this is as close as we can get to the right kind state where an ethnic cleansing is currently happening just moments ago we saw villages burn in the distance it's through this land border between me and my in bangladesh
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that a few weeks ago hundreds of thousands of ranges cross the border since the more security forces have put up barbed wire fencing and planted land mines on the border the general in charge of this clearing operation says that all its citizens are welcome back to me and more except ranges who are considered illegal immigrants by and gone . but for bangladesh these ranges that are in camps here belonging to me and more and they have to go back home bangladesh has deployed its military on its border its beefed up its presence with border guards increasing their patrol on the border area the relationship between young gone and hockey is at its lowest point yangon refuses to recognize ranges bangladesh wants the un to mediate the return of the in jazz to their homeland meanwhile this border is getting increasingly tense as
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there is more and more military presence being deployed here u.s. president donald trump says that puerto rico is in deep trouble after being hit by hurricane maria the governor of puerto rico is calling on washington to urgently address the needs of the u.s. territory poll chata g.m. reports. thousands of stranded tourists and puerto rican suffield international airport hoping for seat on a commercial airline to get off the island many of the passengers are frustrated because of the lack of food and water and the sweltering heat demanding him be is that. sleeping on the floor without air conditioning it's horrible and i have to sleep here again it's very frustrating. that frustration also extends to other goods and services such as fuel supplies puerto ricans have been queuing for hours for petrol to supply their vehicles and generators. doctors and nurses are also struggling as they try to treat thousands of patients lack of fresh water is
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expected to increase gastrointestinal diseases and fire infections i mean you know more you mean the number of patients is increasing and more people are getting injured as they try to clean up. there are also long lines at some grocery stores but there aren't enough supplies and with a fake id for that we hope to receive more emotion die soon so we can provide for our customers russian and our supplies so we can give something to everyone to extend what we have left meanwhile the u.s. government has started sending in relief supplies but it's estimated it will cost some thirty billion dollars to fix storm damage in a territory that was already coping with empty coffers and seventy billion dollars in debts. on al-jazeera. colombia says that it's confident its long term plan to cut cocaine production is working that's despite u.s. concern about an increasing amount of illegal drugs coming from colombia it's been
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threatening to withdraw tens of millions of dollars in funding. reports. this area. used to be covered with cock up lands but most are gone thanks to a program trying to persuade where we farmers to switch crops as part of the country's peace effort and. families signing up to receive subsidies of eight thousand u.s. dollars in the first year while switching to alternatives such as coke or coffee they also receive help with infrastructure government officials former rebels and farmers strike the deals if none are reached then the army may come into up three to play in spain hands. you are a gore says more farmers remain suspicious of the government's ability to deliver but are cautiously optimistic. that this is a very good opportunity the government is offering we have never seen anything like
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it before it's just starting now but the community is happy because we've been receiving payments so we help the rest of the deal. last year so i record five cocaine production that's angered the u.s. government which is accusing colombia of dropping the ball on fighting drugs. the colombian government sees things differently from the same third of all coca fields by the end of the year they might go from the old methods only contain the problem this going to achieve sustainable reductions but it will require patience we can't bring it down to zero that's impossible but we can make it a marginal phenomenon in colombia this is one of the fields that has been ridden of coca plants in the last couple of months you can see here on the ground what's left of some of those plants but colombia needs more and it's quick successes to build trust among the farmers and american fears. but it was the new the problem we
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always had here is that the subsidies a lot more do the trick the government needs to create the conditions for legal markets to flourish roads electricity aqua docks well we see in the past projects never materialize arrive too late so unless this infrastructure arrives farmers will go back to coca. colombia seems determined to get rid of the plant farm by farm finally gaining the trust of communities long neglected by the state but many also understand that as long as there will be customers for cocaine somebody will find a way to satisfy the demand alison that i'm just calling this. us president donald trump's role with the national football league has stretched into a fifth day ball players coaches and owners join protest against call for a boycott he says the players who refuse to stand for the national anthem should be sacked.
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to tell you with us adrian finnegan here in doha the top stories this hour three members of the israeli security forces have been killed one injured in a shooting at a jewish settlement in the occupied west bank the palestinian gunman was shot dead hundreds of kurds have celebrated the end of a controversial independence votes in iraq the pro secession campaign is expected to win comfortably but iraq is refusing to hold talks with the kurdish region. of signs that north korea is preparing to carry out its vow to shoot down any u.s. bomber that enters its airspace south korea's yonhap news agency says that pyongyang is deploying fighter jets on its east coast aid agencies are warning that hundreds of thousands of children who fled violence in myanmar are at risk of malnutrition four hundred and thirty thousand muslim or hindu refugees have crossed into bangladesh since the military crackdown began more than a month ago
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a quarter of them children. malnutrition that stored severe malnutrition can affect your child's brain and development for the next of his or the remaining part of his life so that's why the nutrition is something that we have to take extremely seriously and he goes along to vaccination and he goes along to protection he goes along to watch the first refugees to be resettled under a controversial agreement between australia and the us of flown out of papua new guinea on their way to the united states the group of more than twenty men has been straining and run prison camp on madison island the resettlement deal was organized when barack obama was president it's been criticized by current u.s. president donald trump. president trump says that puerto rico is in deep trouble after being hit by hurricane maria the response comes five days after the hurricane devastated the u.s. territory leaving more than three million people without basic necessities trump made the comments on twitter which some puerto ricans say is devoid of
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empathy there's the headlines i'll be back with more news for you here on al-jazeera right after inside story next. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current events that matter to. the resurgence of the rise and germany chancellor angela merkel when the fourth term bought her power is reduced for the first time since the not favor nationalist party have members of parliament and merkel's main rival is want to head to expect strong opposition how will the veteran leader govern this time this is.


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