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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2017 12:00pm-12:34pm AST

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if we can serve him to the russian elite is that he's like a fake you who controls the cobra in such a putin's russia at this time on al-jazeera. water scarcity is a serious problem when used more than probably you need to why is your research impact if their plans aren't demanding as much water you don't need to irrigate as much as me if the age old head of collecting more to talk water just came out of the air and we'll compare that to some tap water which could provide a solution to the problem of global water that tag know at this time on the edges iraq. a palestinian gunman has killed three israeli security personnel in the occupied west bank and the gunman has also been shot dead.
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hello i'm adrian from again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up fears that north korea is boosting its defenses after a weekend flyover by u.s. bombers. refugees are moved from an australian run prison camp to the u.s. controversial resettlement plan. and the push to get rid of the plants that produce cocaine in colombia. remain suspicious. three members of the israeli security forces have been killed and one injured in a shooting in israeli settlement in the occupied west bank the palestinian gunman was shot dead israeli a media say that he opened fire after arriving with palestinian laborers at the settlement of. jerusalem let's take you live now to that settlement in the occupied west bank al-jazeera is harry force that is there what more can you tell us about
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this incident. just moved inside the area of the settlement itself the security gate which you can see behind me where the attack took place a little before seven a.m. local time so about five hours ago the attacker was with a group of palestinian day laborers who regularly come here here indeed we hear from residents here was a familiar face someone that people inside the settlement knew a thirty seven year old man from the nearby village of a father of four something about the way he was dressed or behaving according to police alerted the security guards here and they challenge him at which point he drew out his weapon three israeli security forces one police and two security guards were killed in that shootout a fourth person was injured another guard a resident of the settlement and the gunman himself was also killed speaking to
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a member of the council here she says that he worked in the house of another council member that he was a well liked person there are reports that he may have been encountering some family difficulties but there are also reports that he left a facebook message saying that this this act had nothing to do with those issues certainly has been greeted by hamas in gaza and has been celebrated by the the organization which runs gaza the palestinian authority has said that israel bears responsibility for the reactions of palestinians to the crimes that it carries out in the occupied west bank the israeli government saying about this. well we've had a statement from the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu within the last hour and he said that a lot has yet to be determined about the precise nature of what happened and indeed the fallout there of that he says that two things are very clear firstly that the man's house will be demolished indeed we're hearing from within the village that
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the israeli military is still in the house secondly that the village will be sealed off and his whole extended family will have their work permits removed from them and the other thing that benjamin netanyahu is saying is that this is the result of systematic incitement by the palestinian authority he says he expects a full condemnation from the palestinian president this is all happening at the time of another visit by the u.s. envoy to the region jason green blatt he's here talking to both sides trying to see if this so far stalled us peace effort can be revived the united states is calling on the palestinians to wait three or four more months. three more three more months from now before they come up with their own proposal but obviously these sorts of issues will further complicate that process all right harry many thanks al jazeera as harry's for very force at their reporting live from the occupied west bank iraq
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is refusing to hold talks with the kurdish regional government about the results of monday's controversial independence vote the iraqi prime minister has called the referendum unconstitutional. hundreds of kurds celebrated the end of voting the polls expected to produce a comfortable win for the pro secession campaign but the result is nonbinding let's take you live now to the capital of iraq's kurdish region of below zero. is there after yesterday's historic and some might say defiant votes in the eyes of all the criticism what's the mood there today. sense of pride on many levels that the vote actually went ahead and. went ahead peacefully there were concerns that there might be violence erupting in the mainly in the disputed territories and specifically in this city. but by and large it
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was a very peaceful day as a certainty is that satisfaction sense of achievement among many kurds also because there was a lot of political bickering before the vote between the various kurdish political factions and just a day before devoted even those who are against the referendum i dis time when i came out and said to their supporters everyone is allowed to go and vote choose what you want to choose so there was a little show of unity really at the last minute so all of that has satisfied the public opinion here but today the kurdish region is exactly the same as it was the day before the referendum the economical problems are still there the civil servants have been paid less than the salary ever since the war started and the problems of baghdad started so those are the realities that kurds back to
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and then there's also an apprehension and i desire on what will happen next everyone here taking seriously and monitoring closely everything the statement coming out of baghdad but also from the neighboring countries mainly iran and turkey ok so it was a non-binding vote all the neighbors were against it in and the u.s. to iraq says it's not going to negotiate about anything with the regional government there what was the point of it. when i think at this point they wait and see approach of the moment come. from the kurdish authorities yes iraq says that it won't negotiate anytime soon and i think this is something they expected because really one of the biggest bone of contention in the last days leading to the referendum was that iraq wanted to the shade first the kurds wanted to vote first but there is still cooperation going on and. specifically on the
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military and we spoke to the to the spokesman of the peshmerga the kurdish forces here in erbil and he said that that was continuing i did two sides working together with india on going offensive on how we just it is the last stronghold of eiseley here in the country and the u.s. envoy to the coalition against isis brett mcgurk had made sure that you do sides reach an agreement before the referendum so there is still a lot of dealings between the two sides now publicly both sides were very defiant both sides made their point clear and for them to actually sit at the table and negotiate this is session steps that will take a long time but i mean mustard bizarrely is very clear he said that time for the failed partnership in iraq is over meaning that there is no way out of this look at
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it in a way or in another you take a road of negotiations or not in the end there will be secession and after that they will be a declaration of independence how long that will take is something nobody knows how many thanks of zeros hoda abdel-hamid in abele. the u.s. russia and china have all weighed in after comments made by the north korean foreign minister on monday we on the whole accuse the president donald trump of having declared war on pyongyang russia says that using sanctions against north korea is a strategy that's almost exhausted and china for its part says they'll be no winners in any war on the korean peninsula and the u.s. dismissed the accusations from north korea's foreign minister as absurd but defense secretary james mattis has said that america wants to solve this crisis diplomatically kathy novak reports now from seoul. as he left his hotel heading out of new york north korea's foreign minister read young ho addressed reporters. last
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weekend trump claimed that at leadership wouldn't be around much longer and ends at last he declared a war no country or do you guys the more that given the fact this comes from someone who is currently holding the seat of the united states presidency this is clearly a declaration of war his latest comments go further than his address to the u.n. general assembly just two days earlier and he was clearly responding to president trump's tweet after that speech in which he referred to little rocket men and warned they may not be around much longer but the white house dismissed his suggestion it was a declaration of war. we've not declared war on north korea and frankly the suggestion of that is absurd real also referred to a u.s. show of force which took place just before he spoke on saturday u.s. fighter jets and b. one bombers flying close to north korea's eastern coast but still over international waters can be. since the u.s.
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declared war in our country we will have every right to make ken a measures including the right to shoot down the united states strategic even when they're not yet inside the airspace of our country right it's never appropriate for a country to shoot down another country's aircraft when it's over international waters our goal is still the same we continue to seek the peaceful the nuclearization of the korean peninsula in a briefing to south korea's parliamentary intelligence committee the national intelligence service said north korea did not take any countermeasures in response to that flight of u.s. bombers but has since moved planes and beefed up the fences along the east coast it said the u.s. military disclosed the flight path because the north koreans apparently didn't detect the aircraft and what is the use of a show of force if the target doesn't realize it's happening. south korea is coding a strong emphasis on a peaceful solution there cannot be another war on the korean peninsula. the consequences would be devastating not just for the korean peninsula but for
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northeast asia and indeed the whole international community south korean intelligence reports that soldiers on the opposite side of the border have been ordered to report to higher commands before taking any action suggesting that despite its tough talk north korea would also prefer to avoid confrontation kathy novak al jazeera seoul we're going to weather update thanks to you and i was here at then they've escaped violence in. iraq children are now putting their experiences into pictures. hell i was been writing it seems for months in thailand more recently it's been raining further south in thailand but if you take a discrete snapshot from space on this and most of the clouds over the water tween
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the philippines and vietnam some of thailand is covered in clouds stretches down toward singapore and they are under sumatra of course coming to the wet season i'd expect the rain here and it's still there but it goes a long way north and northern thailand is also getting its face share of wet weather. borneo and now more recently jobber including of course jakarta the scene you might expect this time of the year in australia of course we went to spring now it's turning quite warm in the east. cloud here the cloud which reveals rain still not far away from person is going to be west australia more where more rain falls but is pushed ahead of it a line a streak of green here which is actually a little frontal system maybe not that obvious. to the east we're in the low twenty's now this is relatively high for this time of the year but that streak is just revealed itself to be something of a cult from yes turned around behind it and adelaide dropped down to sixteen but
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ahead of it that could end up being record warmth considering the time of year. for the nomadic jock outright survival is about reaching their destination if we don't hurry never be able to. follow the mongolian herdsmen on a treacherous migration. dangerous the ice is as they strive to preserve their traditional way of life living here sometimes luser cattle there with cold or because of the storm risking you don't mongolia at this time on al-jazeera.
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again let's take a moment to remind you of our top stories this hour on al-jazeera three members of the israeli security forces have been killed and one injured in a shooting at a jewish settlement in the occupied west bank the palestinian gunman was shot dead . hundreds of kurds have celebrated the end of a controversial independence vote in iraq the pro secession campaign is expected to win comfortably. russia china and the u.s. appear to be reacting to word that north korea is ramping up its defenses russia says the u.s. needs a new approach to the crisis china says they can be no winners in such a conflict and u.s. defense secretary james mattis says america wants a diplomatic solution. the first refugees to be resettled under a controversial agreement between australia and the us of flowed out of papua new guinea on their way to the united states the group of more than twenty men has been
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in a stray and run prison camp on madison island the resettlement deal was organized when barack obama was president but it's been criticized by current u.s. president donald trump more refugees will be moved from a camp on nauru to the u.s. in coming days while the detention center on man asylum this you to close in a week but the immigration spokesman for the australian greens party says there's still uncertainty around what will happen to the remaining refugees that. there are still hundred men on menace all and and over four hundred men women and children on the road who really have no idea what is going to happen to them in the future and often to menace all and toss all of spark into a lot of a struggle as political prisoners are there and that i do not hope for the future because they've had so many times in the past and had that hope completely destroyed and once you've done that a few times it becomes much more difficult. to engage in hype for the future so the
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question for the australian government entities a question for the australian government not the popular new guinea government not that narrow in government but the astroland government is what is the future for these people because that cannot simply be left to weiss to y. and rot on man a saw and row which appears apart from the us steel to be the only future that i can expect back down to one of our top stories russia china and the us reacting to word that north korea is ramping up its defenses let's go live now to moscow al-jazeera story chalons is following developments from there rory russia's foreign minister has been speaking about this what's he said. well the foreign ministry i think someone who works for the what is the director of the of the foreign ministries department for nonproliferation and arms control has been giving a press conference in moscow this afternoon and he is basically saying that russia
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seems to be at the moment working behind the scenes to try to bring the escalation of tensions. around the north korean country in the peninsula to some sort of political resolution trying to deescalate the situation basically that is a new development as far as i'm able to tell the russians have been saying for quite some time that they're not very happy about to new asli. hitting north korea with more and more sanctions and they basically think that the americans are using the stick too much and some point they're going to have to start using the carrots as well now the russians basically saying you've got to talk bert's we don't know at the moment what they are suggesting what they might have to offer the north koreans dmitri trenin who is the head
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of the canid center here in moscow is writing in the new york times a week ago and he seemed to have some kind of thinking about what the russians might be offering the russians have basically you have to have fairly good economic ties with north korea and so perhaps russia moscow is offering north korea or beginning at the discussions at least in some kind of economic package that could include gas pipelines and rail links something that would actually go towards boosting the north korean economy rather than penalising it where the russians are very anti at the moment ok very many thanks indeed for a chance there live in moscow. a quarter of a million muslim children have fled me and since the latest outbreak of violence began a month ago many more crossed the border into bangladesh daily many of them alone many have nothing some refuse to speak about what they've seen instead they draw
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pictures reports there are moments children best describe using markers and pencils moments too difficult to put in words like when merriam saw men in uniform slashed the throat of her friends miriam's friend i will not talk about the moment they set her house on fire with their parents inside me more's and saying suchi may deny there's been an ethnic cleansing the ten year old john i draw is a different picture. i was in my home when they grabbed my mother she was screaming they hit her and force themselves on her then they shot her in front of me. these are satellite images of the children's home collected on september sixteenth now look at it we can later and this the international accuses me and more security forces of a scorched earth campaign on a mass scale no independent observers or journalist have been allowed into the range of villages this is as close as we can get to the right kind state where an ethnic cleansing is currently happening just moments ago we saw villages burned in
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the distance mean more security forces have put up barbed wire fencing and planted land mines on the border the general in charge of this clearing operation says that all its citizens are welcome back to me and more except. for considered illegal immigrants by young gone almost half a million people now live in sprawling villages made out of bamboo and plastic sheeting bangladesh hasn't seen such mass movement of people since its war of independence in one thousand seventy one. they too have beefed up patrols on the border and deployed the army. normally our orders are to not allow ro hinge in but given their suffering our government has told us to look after them bangladeshi soldiers patrol the camps without arms so as to not frighten the refugees they come here traumatized afraid unable to hide their pain nicholas hauke al jazeera could
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depend on count. the state of emergency has been declared on the van was to island of as a volcano's eruption is forcing thousands to flee their villages the volcano more narrow is located in the center of the island it's been rumbling now for weeks but it's actively increased over the weekend authorities are preparing for the eruption to get worse with the possibility of the entire island having to be evacuated cambodia's opposition leader cam saka has not been allowed to appear in court to fight treason charges police say that he's being kept in prison for his own safety the cambodian national rescue party leader was arrested earlier this month and charged with plotting to overthrow the government his lawyers are appealing his detention. angola's elected a new president and so is due to be sworn in the sixty three year old former general from the people's movement for the liberation of angola party all the m.p.l. a succeeds who say i am sorry eduardo de santos santos government the oil
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rich south west african nation for thirty eight years. u.s. president donald trump says that puerto rico is in deep trouble after being hit by hurricane maria the response comes five days after the hurricane devastated the u.s. territory leaving more than three million people without basic necessities trump made the comment on twitter that so angered some puerto rican soo say that the comments were devoid of sympathy or empathy ten thousand federal workers carrying out search and rescue missions and supplying food and water have been deployed to puerto rico. authorities in colombia say that their confidence their long term plan to cut cocaine production is working that's despite the u.s. concern about an increasing amount of illegal drugs coming from colombia it's been threatening to withdraw tens of millions of dollars in funding. reports.
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this area. used to be covered with cock up lands but most are gone thanks to a program trying to persuade where we farmers to switch graps this part of the country's peace effort. families signing up to receive subsidies of eight thousand u.s. dollars in the first year while switching to alternatives such as coke or coffee they also receive help with infrastructure government officials former rebels and farmers strike the deal. if nine are reached then the army may come into up three to play in spain hands. don't you would a go says most farmers remain suspicious of the government's ability to deliver but are cautiously optimistic. that this is a very good opportunity the government is offering we have never seen anything like it before it's just starting now but the community is happy because we've been receiving payments so we help the rest of the deal. last year so i record
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cocaine production that's angered the u.s. government which is accusing colombia of dropping the ball on fighting drugs. the colombian government sees things differently from you see third of all coca fields by the end of the year in my book from the old methods only contain that this is going to achieve sustainable reductions but it will require patience we can't bring it down to zero that's impossible but we can make it a marginal phenomenon in colombia this is one of the fields that has been ridden of coca plants in the last couple of months you can see here on the ground what's left of some of those plants but. it's more and it's quick successes to build trust among the farmers and american fears. but in most of the new the problem we always had here is that the subsidies a lot more do the trick the government needs to create the conditions for legal
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markets to flourish roads electricity aqua docks when we see in the past projects never materialize or arrived too late so unless this infrastructure arrives farmers will go back to cocoa. colombia seems determined to get rid of the plant farm by farm finally gaining the trust of communities long neglected by the state but many also understand that as long as there will be customers for cocaine somebody will find a way to satisfy the demand allison that i'm. donald trump's with the national football league shows no sign of ending n.f.l. players coaches and even some owners have joined in the protests against the president's attack on players who knelt during the national anthem rob reynolds reports. president donald trump's feud with professional american football players moved from stadiums on sunday to the u.s. capitol on monday to step what is it about these men. and
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what they are doing these mostly like men but also like. they use the term. as the beat. is beneath. should be the need the myths of the president of the united states of america the dispute began last year when san francisco quarterback collin capper nick initially refused to stand while the anthem was played capper nick said he was protesting police brutality and the killings of african-americans by police officers at that son of a. last week trump used a vulgar epithet to denounce players who also refused to stand during the song urged team owners to summarily fire them and then called on fans to boycott games of teams that refused to do so but on sunday hundreds of players either refused to stand linked arms in solidarity or declined to come on the field until the anthem
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was over people say it's encouraging patriotic but it's unpatriotic of the president not respecting our right players in other sports also knelt during the anthem several team owners voiced support for players exercising their right of free speech as did democrats in congress people are forgetting like colleen kaplan it did it from the beginning it was not to be disrespectful of the flag or of america it was about first amendment rights and also people being killed in the street black and brown the white house fired back it's always appropriate for the president of this country to promote our flag to promote our national anthem and ask people to respect that some football fans saw the coral as an unnecessary distraction we're here to see a game that's what we're trying to do just watch a sporting event you know from our everyday lives and just relax and have
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a good time. the anthem also known as the star-spangled banner was written in eighteen fourteen to celebrate a victory over invading british forces near baltimore it was made the official national anthem in one thousand nine hundred thirty one it celebrates the american flag which plays an outsized role in the u.s. compared with most other countries and as a patriotic symbol those symbols are meant to promote unity but they are now tokens of division further incited by a president who seems to revel in controversy robert oulds al-jazeera spain's prime minister mariano hall is due to meet the u.s. president in washington later it comes as his chief prosecutor has refused to rule out the arrest of catalonia is president ahead of next week's vote on independence the spanish central government says the referendum he has planned for october first is illegal and unconstitutional. post they months could face civil
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disobedience and abuse of office charges for pushing ahead with the polls. boss of the ride hailing app has apologized for past mistakes in the phone fights a decision by london not to renew its license chief executive. i'm sorry promised changes after the british capital regulator deemed unfit to operate writing in an open letter he said well has revolutionized the way that people move in cities around the world it's equally true that we've got things wrong along the way on behalf of everyone globally i apologize for the mistakes that we've made plenty of video and lots more news at the web site take a look at al-jazeera dot com.
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good to have you with us adrian finnegan here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera three members of the israeli security forces have been killed and one injured in a shooting at a jewish settlement in the occupied west bank that the palestinian gunman was shot dead sorry force it has more from. arda settlement the attacker was among a group of palestinian workers he is he was said to be a thirty seven year old man from the nearby village of beit syria and he had a work permit we understand and during the course of the lining up to get into the settlement here our suspicions according to israeli police he was challenged by which point he drew a. hand weapon a pistol from inside his clothing and opened fire china says they can be no winners in a war on the korean peninsula while russia says the u.s. needs a new approach to the crisis the u.s. defense secretary james mattis says that america wants a diplomatic solution the reactions followed the north korean foreign minister
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accusing donald trump of having declared war. hundreds of kurds are celebrating the end of a controversial independence votes in iraq the procession campaign is expected to win comfortably but iraq is refusing to hold talks with the kurdish regional. aid agencies are warning that hundreds of thousands of children who fled violence in myanmar are at risk of malnutrition four hundred thirty thousand refugees have crossed into bangladesh since a military crackdown began more than a month ago of course and often children. the first refugees to be resettled under a controversial agreement between australia and the us have flown out of papua new guinea on their way to the us the group of more than twenty men has been in a stray and run prison camp on matters island the resettlement deal was organized when barack obama was president however it's been criticized by current u.s.
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president donald trump more u.s. more refugees will be moved from a camp on now the island to the u.s. in the coming days. there's the headlines richelle is here with a little over twenty five minutes. after risking it all next. hour now they're deported to cambodia for life. one of the families fighting for their loved ones at this time.


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