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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 27, 2017 6:00am-6:33am AST

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in the aftermath of civil war peace and reconciliation i remember seeing in the absence of justice. people in power on earth chilling testimonies of atrocities suggesting the foreign teams have failed to conduct full and proper investigations that could help heal resentment inflicted by conflict. partial justice at this time on al jazeera. unofficial results show iraqi kurds have supported secession in a referendum but baghdad in one question their displeasure with more threats.
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hello i'm down in jordan this is our jazeera live from doha also coming up thailand's supreme court is expected to deliver corruption verdict against former prime minister yingluck shinawatra fled the country last month. changing gears saudi arabia would allow women to drive for the first time from next year. and donald trump says he'll go to puerto rico after being criticized for his lack of empathy in the u.s. territory hit by hurricane maria. iraq is over the kurdistan regional government to surrender control of its airports or face an embargo on international flights as part of mounting pressure on the kurdish leadership everett secession referendum on monday initial results show most people voted yes in the non-binding referendum but reports from. the rhetoric and threats continue and from both sides. iraq to me that at that
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i still is still occupying some parts of kirkuk and some parts of iraq i still is still a threat to the cities with some of our brothers in iraqi kurdistan a living we must not divide iraq according to or through all viral referendum that is completely rejected such language will go down well with the international community including the u.s. and the e.u. each sent the timing of the vote could weaken iraq's unity at a time when the fight against terrorism is paramount. ela bhatt he says the kurdish referendum on independence was unconstitutional and the federal government will ignore the expected yes result. only a few minutes after all about his speech the kayleigh g president appeared on kurdish television massoud barzani invited leaders of neighboring countries for dialogue but he remained defiant he said the wishes of iraq's kurds should be respected but. yes in the beginning we agreed on the constitution and partnership
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and the role of the kurdistan region in the establishment of iraq is very clear but you violated every agreement there is no need for anger and threats you have only yourself to blame the results of the referendum on not binding but the kurdish president wants a mandate to push the bank that government into negotiations towards independence for iraq's. neighboring countries such as turkey fearful of the effect such a drive towards independence by the iraqi kurds could have on their own large kurdish populations have threatened sanctions and even not ruled out military intervention against the kayleigh g. that seems unlikely at this stage but the referendum is certainly increased tensions across a region already struggling to deal with so many problems and when the battle against terrorism is far from won. the federal government says. it is must hand over control of their airports by friday or face
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a potential international air embargo the government also says that the k r g must hand over control of their international land borders by friday or neighboring countries will take control of them to the pressure on president barzani from both baghdad and the wider region continues to mount. erbil well iran has vowed to stand with iraq and turkey against the outcome of the referendum the government says it's installed new missile systems in its border with kurdish areas but turkey is threatening sanctions andrew symonds reports on how brewer on the turkey iraq border. to flacks now turkey and iraq on a battlefield that sends out a daily message it's addressed to iraqi kurds as they celebrated the referendum on the other side of this border these iraqi government troops were flown in to join the exercise. this exercise conveniently perhaps situated
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right beside the main border crossing road between turkey and iraq really hasn't got a great deal of military significance it carries yet another political message to the iraqi kurds. the reason is that alongside the tank charges the political attacks coming from turkey are in line with the iraqi government's sentiment the kurdish leadership is being accused of treason by turkish president. can alter their colors yes they'll be left in the lurch when we start imposing our sanctions will be over when we close the oil taps all the revenues will vanish and they will not be able to find food and clothes will our truck stop going into northern iraq these are the trucks he mentions hardball the only border crossing from turkey into northern iraq is one of the largest in the world for trade it's worth more than eight and a quarter billion dollars of business
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a year to turkey if it closes it will be catastrophic for iraqi kurds it's estimated turkey supplies nearly seventy percent of their imported goods. nihad billy schick is a businessman dealing in exports he's a turkish kurd and he's anxious he says the situation could hurt both kurds and turks shunda obvious now there is tension in northern iraq really needs turkey in my view turkey also needs northern iraq because of domestic and other regional issues it bridge of friendship and trade should be destroyed on the contrary it should be reinforced. irwin's other threat is blocking kurdish oil exports shutting off a pipeline in which up to six hundred thousand barrels worth of oil a day flows through turkey the threats are being repeated with no action so far apart from simulated combat on the border it's holding back is aimed at pressuring
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the iraqi kurds into some sort of u. turn it's hard to see that happening for now while armies make new alliances there is uncertainty and drew simmons al-jazeera war on the turkish iraqi border. at least thirty people have been killed in a u.s. led coalition air strike in the syrian city of raka the lions is trying to drive ice a lot of the city which fell to the group in twenty fourteen. thailand's supreme court is expected to announce its verdict in the corruption trial of former prime minister yingluck shinawatra government was toppled and the twenty four team who faces up to a decade in jail for negligence over a rice subsidy plan she's not expected to attend the court there's speculation she might have fled the country let's get more now from wayne hay he joins us live from bangkok wayne so what are you expecting to happen there today given the full start lost time. yes we just had word from
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inside the supreme court behind me that the verdicts will begin being read out in just under an hour from now so already that is. possibly a couple of hours really we're expecting it to start around two hours ago so they are expecting it will take some time to read the verdict it will be very very detailed verdict that will be read out by the supreme court judges into this case as you mention and there is no sign of course all the defendant herself the former prime minister yingluck shinawatra she was supposed to appear at the original court date the original verdict hearing which was shared you'll forgive the twenty fifth she didn't show up the lawyers at that stage said that initially it was for medical reasons that she failed to show at the supreme court on the twenty fifth of august but it soon emerged after that that she had apparently fled the country a couple of days before that was due to be handed down and really there's been nothing heard from her since then nothing seeing of her either but it is believed
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that she's in either london or in dubai where her brother another former thai prime minister taksin shinawatra lives in exile himself avoiding a jail to. an allegation a conviction of abusing his power and of course he was also removed in a coup in two thousand and six so i expect that we're going to find out within the next couple of hours whether or not his sister. will also be convicted of a crime i mean when what effect could a guilty verdict have on the wider political situation in thailand. but i think there is little doubt daryn that the chena wants and their party and their supporters believe that this is politically motivated certainly tax and you know what has maintained that his charges were politically motivated and and that is a similar scenario now they view that this is the latest step. in a very long line all the events attempts by the establishment and the military in
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bangkok to remove the chena wants from politics to good because they've always viewed them as a threat to their stability to their control over the country so certainly as i say that is being repeated now it's almost history repeating itself really with i compared with her brother but since that coup that you mentioned in two thousand and fourteen that removed government from office there's really being little room for any sort of political dissent any overt criticism of the military government because the really clamp down on those sorts of things fairly harshly since then and it's also a very sensitive time right now with the formation of the late king coming up next month and then the coronation of the new king in february next year so at the moment there seems to be very little room to move next year i once those official events are out of the way they could be some room to move for the political opposition in thailand particularly if the military government keeps pushing back
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the date for a return to democracy thank you. now women will be allowed to drive in saudi arabia for the first time from june next year can sound man's issued a decree ending the kingdom status as the only country where it's forbid and pull to the reports. activists like dr mcgee how a lot of jews have been lobbying for decades for the kingdom of saudi arabia to allow women to drive and instead again. i'm ready my daughter is ready and who says society is ready how much longer can we live in an oppressive society that prevents us from our full rights. by next summer dr mcgee how will be allowed to drive without risking arrest fines and punishment the new policy will allow women to obtain a driver's license without having to ask permission of the husband father's or male guardian the kingdom's representative to the united nations talked about the policy during a meeting at the un this is a historic day for saudi society for men and women and we can now
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say at last so you arabia is hoping the policy will help the economy and increased role of women in the workforce as part of the economic reform agenda and the efforts to streamline the amount of money that the state spends on its citizens with diminished oil revenue the idea of including more women into the labor force would definitely help and so driving is one mechanism to increase women's economic participation it was anybody could be other activists reacted on social media money shot if is a saudi women's rights advocate who was arrested for posting a video of herself driving in two thousand and eleven to protest the law in a tweet celebrating the decree she use the hashtag women to drive and daring to drive she also said the fight for equality in saudi arabia is far from over i grew up in ultra conservative society the united states also welcomed the move by the
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kingdom well they were happy we're happy we're certainly happy to hear that if saudi women are now. able to drive certainly here in the united states we would certainly welcome that and so i think it's a great step in the right direction for that country. another step that's been lauded by rights activist came over the weekend for the first time women were allowed to enter the king fahd stadium to celebrate the eighty seventh anniversary of the kingdom's foundation. the still the with the saudi women are going to do anything they respected and have proven themselves in every field they're not so weak as to be contained to one place. the right for women to drive may be a welcome step but some human rights organizations say the kingdom has a long way to go and guaranteeing equal rights for not only women but for minorities like those who are subjected to hate speech and violent attacks culture dirge on al-jazeera time for a short break here not just here when we come back it's one of the most tense spota
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areas in the world but that's not stopping film buffs traveling to the korean demilitarized zone and tens of thousands are leaving bali is in the knees at the pace for the eruption of a powerful volcano markets. how i was had some very high temperatures across eastern parts of north america recently that will change as we go through the next diode say still get out a little circulation that's what remains of can see the process of pulling away should see things improving along the east coast over the next eastern pass' you can see it is generally looking dry sunny looking on the warm side as well still getting up to thirty. twenty eight there for new york is still going to about twenty six in toronto should be about twenty twenty one of this time if you have
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this cloud and right that is in the process of breaking the hate so as we go on into thursday. record breaking heat through the weekend that. is the high on thursday but at least it should be fine and dry fun to try to across a good part of the western side of the u.s. but notice some cloud and drying just around the south western quarter. back into the caribbean not looking too bad here for many over the next day i would say to a fair amount of cloud there just around the great toronto as a child live from time to time i suspect you make some very heavy rain that rain pushing up into a good part of cuba nudging further north which is a go through thursday but i'm fine. for the nomadic just kind of trying survival it's about reaching their destination if we don't hurry never be able to get the time of the storm we follow the
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mongolian herdsmen on a treacherous migration. dangerous the ice is as they strive to preserve their traditional way of life living here sometimes luser. there with or because of the storm risking you don't go beyond this time on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick amount of the top stories this hour iraq has over the kurdistan regional government to surrender control of its airports will face an embargo on international flights as part of mounting pressure on the kurdish leadership everett's referendum on monday. voted yes and then on finding with random.
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women will be allowed to drive in saudi arabia for the first time next year king solomon issued a decree ending the kingdom status as the only country which forbids. supreme court is expected to announce its verdict in the corruption trial of former prime minister. yingluck his government was toppled in a twenty four thousand two faces up to a decade in jail for negligence of a right. just not expected to attend the court there's speculation she might have fled the country. now the u.n. says the number of ranger refugees escaping violence in me in miles rakhine state has now risen to four hundred eighty thousand more than forty thousand a fled to bangladesh in the past two days alone and that's put a strain on resources there extra shelters are needed for about six thousand children who cross the border without their parents when the range of crisis is affecting areas in may in mali the military crackdown in rakhine state is making
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international companies reconsider investment scott haida reports a million miles largest city and commercial center young gone. like this abandoned fun park in central europe gone much of the country is still waiting for the development and foreign investment many hoped would come. hopes were high when sanctions were lifted and the country was reconnected to the world after nearly five decades of military control the west has started to invest here but remains limited the main trading partners are still myanmar's neighbors. hoping to change that trade groups are working to encourage more businesses and investment from europe and the united states. but they have run into a problem political fallout from the ranger refugee crisis in myanmar's rakhine state after a recent six country tour in europe to drum up investment a member of one group said the treatment of revenge it was brought up everywhere they went and that was before the recent violence in rakhine that sent hundreds of
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thousands fleeing into bangladesh the crisis is having a knock on effect with small business managers some clients at this tour company have canceled or postpone their trips not only for my business for the sake of industry because we within over twenty one years into his industry we face a lot of you know the prizes and challenge us. laws and regulations of foreign investment are changing after years of being closed off. continued international condemnation and concern over the crisis could have an impact on foreign help on big infrastructure projects like the much needed upgrades on energy railways. china has been the longtime main trading partner with myanmar going back to the days of military rule myanmar's leaders are working to diversify and move away from heavy reliance on trade with china want to converse feels that if western nations
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start to slow investment because of the range of prices it could force me and mark to remain reliant on china. and the. agreement with. even this process. to go. so even in the best of conditions more time is needed to attract foreign investment myanmar hopes to land but right now with the world watching events in rakhine it might be pushed farther down the track it's got harder al-jazeera yangon kenyan police have used tear gas to disperse protesters in the capital nairobi opposition supporters were demanding the removal of the electoral commission members accused of vote rigging in organists president election the supreme court invalidated president to whom or
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kenya his victory citing irregularities but stephanie decker was at the protest when things turned violent. uh. uh uh uh. uh uh happening here. they've been coming toward us. just dumb enough to. let us think of. going on. we just have a hundred or two hundred hundred i'm not. such . mission is just
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a little further he. was one of her students in front of. the. horse certainly supports the teacher. before they cut. a major volcanic eruptions expected imminently on the indonesian island of bali they've been hundreds of earth quakes around the area of mt with magma bubbling in its crater tens of thousands of residents and tourists have been moved to temper shelters about ten kilometers from the volcano his base. well i first want to give you a good look on mt still looking very peaceful but inside there's a lot of stuff going on occasionally we can actually see some white films coming out of the volcano which means that this is. just coming from the pressure and he that's building up inside and also push now to the surface and that of course has
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to go through this layer of crust on the top and that will be the beginning of an eruption nobody knows exactly when the going to happen but as you were saying can a quake so you have to say because if it's a tremor it somehow means that it's already about to erupt but now these folks are not allowed to scald as. they are continuously being filed here a very large one was happening on one fell on tuesday it was like four point two on the richter scale which is really significant so a lot of people of course are very worried about what's going to happen president donald trump has announced that he will go to the u.s. territory of puerto rico next tuesday he also gave details of the government's increased assistance to the three and a half million people who remain stranded on the island which was devastated by hurricane maria jabatan see reports. widespread shortages and desperation now being reported across puerto rico six days after maria hit but at the white house donald
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trump was congratulatory about the relief efforts everybody has said it's amazing the job that we've done in puerto rico we're very proud of it and i'm going there on tuesday and i think we've done a really good job we're continuing to we are literally unloading on an hourly basis water food supplies the federal emergency management agency says it's provided millions of meals liters of water and shelter u.s. navy says it will dispatch a hospital ship to the territory yet amid criticism of the u.s. administration is not acting speedily to help on monday the governor of puerto rico felt he had to remind the mainland but his territories three point four million people were american citizens in fact a recent survey found that forty one percent of americans didn't think they were with a further fifteen percent unsure the speaker of the house of representatives attempted to change that perception this is our country and these are our fellow citizens they need our help and they're going to get our help on tuesday the governor said
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he'd spoken to president trump this was his response when asked whether he thought the president cared about his territory i am confident that he does and i fully expect his support. this effort he has. made that clear to me personally personally so you know and again i want to thank him for acting quickly some of these things over there also specials that the u.s. is priorities are not just humanitarian is massively in debt to wall street and don't trust monday night tweets appeared to reassure the bankers that no debts would be forgiven despite the disaster much of the island was destroyed with billions of dollars owed to wall street and the banks which sadly must be dealt with he tweeted in addition questions are being raised as to why the hundred year old jones act isn't being lifted under the u.s. ships and crews can dock in puerto rico with supplies which is long meant of the price of goods here. is far higher than on the mainland and this also means neighboring countries are unable to give direct help now the administration
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dismissed such concerns you hear you if you're in the me and you can serve as board space for. all types of. brain it's estimated to put a record will be without electricity for between four to six months the u.s. congress is expected to begin discussing long term relief efforts sometime next month she average hansie al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump says if a war breaks out between the united states and north korea it would be devastating for kim jong un is the latest statement in the ongoing exchange of tough words between the two countries here's our white house correspondent kimberly hocket the top administration is continuing to put pressure on north korea at a joint press conference here in the white house rose garden appearing alongside the spanish prime minister donald trump was asked about the statements by north korea's foreign minister that effectively the united states had declared war on north korea did not back down saying he will exercise the military option if
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necessary if we take that option it will be devastating i can tell you that devastating for north korea that's called the military option you have various administrations many administrations which left me a mess but i'll fix the mess the u.s. is also putting pressure on north korea financially the treasury department on tuesday and now a new round of economic sanctions against twenty six individuals with ties to north korea's financial industry as well as north korean banks the u.s. says that those banks are closely linked to north korea's nuclear weapons program well with escalating tensions along the north and south korean border the demilitarized zone is one of the last places you'd expect to see a film festival but film buffs have been flocking there recently kathy novak explains why. to access this film festival you need more than just
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a ticket civilians must get military permission to enter this area near the border with north korea high security reminding visitors of the tense situation in this part of the world we will overseas guests see more worried about this location and they think we're hosting this amid heightened tensions but our festival transcends political ideologies even with the ever increasing nuclear and missile tests from north korea the show must go on organizers trying to add a touch of glamour to opening night screened in the gym of an old u.s. base the feature film old marine boy tells the story of a former north korean soldier who defected across the sea border to south korea and his struggles to support his family. risking his life every day as a compression diver because he feels discrimination against people from north korea prevents him from finding other work some of the movies give viewers
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a look inside the country that is just a few kilometers away from here but out of reach for the south korean audience filmmakers have gone into north korea to tell people stories and even follow a foreign rock band. liberation day is the somewhat bizarre tale of the slovenian band live bach the first rock band to ever perform in north korea it's one of more than one hundred documentaries being screened with the theme of peace and reconciliation. bringing the kind of i hope there we saw koreans can get more open access to north korea information and that we can do more to foster more exchanges and bring peace to the korean peninsula in old marine boy the central character of the host says he'll never forget the night when he crossed the border and wonders if he'll live to see the day when the koreas become one country and he can return to his home town kathy novak al-jazeera camp grieves near the d.m.z.
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. the social media site twitter is to start limiting people's posts to just one hundred forty characters the site will now give people twice the space of full two hundred eighty characters to write their messages twitter says it decided to change the limit after analyzing how much space different languages used to say the same thing the change is currently an experiment but it's likely to be rolled out to all uses. all the news of course on our website the latest on that vote in iraqi kurdistan there is on your screen al-jazeera dot com that's al-jazeera. a quick recap of the top stories here this hour iraq has ordered the kurdistan regional government to surrender control of its airports or face an embargo on international flights as part of mounting pressure on the kurdish leadership over
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its secession referendum on monday initial results most people voted yes in the nonbinding hope. the president of kurdish autonomous region massoud barzani says baghdad should use dialogue instead of threats. we should all step out of our political shoes and i ask you all i also all the brothers in the result of the referendum is announced to behave in a civil manner and express their love and not to fire so that we don't affect that peace. people have been killed in a u.s. led coalition air strike in the syrian city of raka the alliance is trying to drive out of the city which fell to the group in twenty fourteen. thailand's supreme court is expected to announce its verdict in the corruption trial of former prime minister or what government was toppled in a twenty four teen who faces up to a decade in jail for negligence over a rice subsidy plan she's not expected to attend the court there speculation she
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might have fled the country. women will be allowed to drive in saudi arabia for the first time from june next year king solomon issued a decree ending the kingdom status as the only country where it's forbidden the movie seen as a victory for rights activists the un says the number of ranger refugees escaping violence in myanmar rakhine state has risen to four hundred eighty thousand more than forty thousand of fled to bangladesh in the past two days alone it's put a strain on resources there extra shelters are needed for about six thousand children across the border without their parents kenyan police have used tear gas to disperse protesters in the capital nairobi opposition supporters were demanding the removal of electoral commission stuff to vote rigging in presidential election the supreme court invalidated president kenyatta as victory citing irregularities in the vote opposition leader says he won't take part in next month's poll unless
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twelve electoral officials sacked. with a headline the news continues here on al-jazeera after risking it all thanks so much about it. it's not just phones contributing to samsung's bumper profits if we look at the u.s. economy the moment it does seem to be in pretty good shape up until around two thousand and five greek debt levels were basically stable we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera.


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