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tv   Seeing Isnt Everything  Al Jazeera  September 28, 2017 4:00am-4:57am AST

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teaching the us kicking in door. she's a blogger adored around the globe and she's doing it oh oh anyway. life begins at one hundred eyewitness documentary at this time on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current events that matter to al-jazeera. rob matheson in doha the top stories on al jazeera hours after winning a landslide in the session referendum the government of iraq's kurdish region has rejected baghdad's demand to hand over control of airports ninety two percent of
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cards are posted a valid have voted yes strafford reports from erbil. celebrations on the streets of the bill up to ninety two percent of voters said yes to secession from the kurdish region of northern iraq. if. the referendum is very important it will form our future and i hope at least that baghdad will eventually to be independent. of the federal government in baghdad is called a referendum on constitutional and he's refusing to even recognize the result that alone start negotiations with the kurdish regional government ok allergy over future independence for iraq. events of the last few days here can only be described as some of the most momentous in the region's history but the political ramifications are massive the threats continue from the baghdad governments and neighboring countries and there's a sense here of great uncertainty as to what could happen next. the federal
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government has threatened to close the region's international airspace it could heal thor it is don't hand over control of their two main airports by friday deadline. turkey is threatening to cancel the kayleigh g.'s oil pipeline and close the land border turkey is the biggest supplier of goods and food to the k r g. we can't. we don't have. to use making of the same damn regime. don't have a life with me stay with me. maybe determination among the people who have wanted a country of their own for generations but the celebrations here may not last long . but al-jazeera has built the us congress has been briefed on president trump's plans to cut to refugee numbers trying to cap the numbers in twenty eighteen i
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don't all time low of forty five thousand that's far lower than the one hundred ten thousand limit set by president barack obama last year the u.s. government has sent a flotilla of ships to puerto rico to help with the growing humanitarian crisis caused by havoc in maria the ships are bringing thousands of extra military personnel to distribute aid six days after the storm hit the island is still without electricity food and clean water are scarce south africa's largest workers union has organized marches to protest against president jacob zuma he claims corruption has become endemic under his leadership tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets. says it will go ahead with an independence referendum on sunday despite spain declaring it illegal the spanish government is planning to deploy police at polling stations to prevent people from voting the regional government has warned of public disorder if that happens. people
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on sunday will go out and vote massively peacefully also for only one reason and one of the most important reasons regardless of what their votes will be there is a firm conviction that the state today is an inheritor of franco's spain that wasn't overcome in this transition stage today more than ever it is a problem that we need to fight democratically the u.s. is threatening to slap a two hundred twenty percent tariff on jets made by canadian aircraft maker bomb body it comes after a legal challenge by u.s. plane maker boeing boeing has accused the canadian government of unfairly subsidizing the. aircraft the canadian province of quebec has a one billion dollars stake in the company but it says it doesn't provide any subsidies the u.k. has also warned boeing the dispute could jeopardize its defense contracts with the company wings of the c. series aircraft are made out of body a plant in northern ireland where more than one thousand people work the indonesian
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island of bali remains on high alert because of all might erupt mt agang has been spouting smoke and ash for the past six days its tremors are becoming more intense those are the headlines the news continues after all jazeera world i'll see about half an hour.
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oh damn. this temple is a crowded city at the best time. with often impossible traffic busy street construction and road bikes. having to navigate it without being able to see is a challenge. it's one that the four people in the story have done every day of their inspiring blind. decided to this event to the president and so a full month. he did miss it it was from
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a study that took out the letter alluded to a month will not miss a is on learning a question which will contend that. president obama set aside of being one of the senate's lushness a little a lot of the on the to. her what. this is the almost the little bit about my is a little did they all need one john the minimum they almost and there's a ton since they are. through the me and. something the put it on the check. because. this isn't.
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some medicine be. basing your speech. on the myth of your. kid in the. us or you get. a. gun in the.
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long. run there are there. calls to go to. for the. senate if. only. the. i label close is worse and our name. was richard richard is the. band.
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shinto polynomial. all take to give me a little nature let. him about the knowledge rituxan. i want your. vows which are. beyond the spirit has. always done we just. talk of you before you. know about the. book you're not going to have to the bitter oracle of your.
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my work. nor my be this initial connection that why should. or that you. could do them all with you some of them be magoo. for more than. just an inch. or the common to open the bomb study david in the auto because that. means old jim is a star to put it on which is that you should. maybe move them. to third or not. your your studio could your. the other mon vieux i'm going to. have been named. big to do with the one i think. he's similar to abortion for more from all do. you think makes you think the cauldron on the. i want to be video.
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you. both you'll be good on the thought of it was good to. do so. much from rome why should. young or old i'm going to the my. membership. for one comp but it's all you can be competent or did not. mean you can just. take rich good men get rich go to shake than the unmemorable home or club the members of.
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the toughest. yarn or talk with logic at the station and they are what had occurred to me. and although. it was a member of the field with. barry start to talk. and. the little girl leaves the old mr. omar honey. give the terrorists a little sun a basket with all the. digging i get makes me then we're here now in the parliament again like starved and it is free this is serious as the national. and international soccer ball out of along with all the addition a ship will be theirs and she'll show up some are some gold medal hardware we took our sure the original the cradle of the messiah so girl nearly everything.
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we do is shake our clear and then me oakley detail ramos communicable it will all gone missing if you remain in will see your delusional bushnell's to give the raw of us in a mission chalkboard but as such was the post the last were allowed pinochet deal me. the name him they did then and some other. girl populars. bisan girl me and the bilchik bishan is york. on the edge of town on the way you can all be in china yeah me our job on how to tangle me are not rich by mobile killer money and our share poor are no me are the majority will catch a kurdish area model nearly a billion euro there will be little money needed to share the concern that makes them your need to name your outer band because you are the shadings to so many your
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identity they are yet on your side. she is too much longer in the bush although they don't wish to. i'm honest because the moment was a snag inch or. two to the song and as l'oreal going to the. beach here is a somber. because this is the ship. which missed the. sounds around. all. of the album besides which neither the just
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up the beach or. the never make it is. born the. fantastically years in the gloom only character on the shoulder which. makes. you give you the soundtrack. line standard and you can say this to me and i was signed on the council of god it was that. of the band which in the middle of it has been revealed a. very . very mission the commission itself and it's in the other and. he said listen it's. getting.
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discouraged it's a bit i want. all this if it's some kind of the city of atlanta cafferty file says . many young was missing some and embellish it in my balls it. was our bit a good deal some of the. biggest summer yet til the show a moment i know you all know this is the only of us and all that kind of downfall the here. are come monday to see and again see and hear me i send the following their maximum but it. they did. if the gets to enter a live dish for the government they are all that i said the. only.
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good. pizza. it in this unit. is a little twelve. dollars on the on the ball saying. on live video. and it always on are coming to ya go to yellow also don't want to. over your only. be added to the mind of. your if. they are not only. through the go i'm a little. boy apart from
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a go to. call them look. some of. your longer than estate in. numbers york. i'm a pick you say are all modern. didn't it him be out of his ticked off on other systems the old who moved. their mission. thought of a sister to some the others who are good. this is. the almost killed in the road on the edge. order to film along.
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with. others you silly to suit you is your thought but you get off but you don't delegate far. to the format in which one of i said the computer is a misfit door type on a city go on the hill you couple from the other side is it. morganton fittingly did you initially call that much thank you so much but didn't she was young i said yeah and if you're going to be on the call do much. but a little bit mystery circulation young guy that can go
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a. certain way or the killer. or somebody. respect for me don't much care. for your own home market call it up to this is going to. come up we have. to thank you physically and. you stumble on being in the jungle give it. a put out together like you. because you state how to just. walk. if you can if you know if you can move. with you me up move he did and it was a miss it's got your call diminished by your day you should call some day get through it all to a lot of fun called them old person i did a lot of are you going to get a form and give us your if you can be said with who john sloan
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a product but and you know you're doing some good it. took you a good job. on the storm last year and unusual season is from law school most cases looks a lot of thinking as. it was let me. ask you the. scottish names i know called i've been hoping to see the little kid a gold digger. and i have the kind of mood your law the marketed to children for most of the amount you become a big. job and i want. to get on the incentive to make time which it
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gets to make sure. i was pushing one hundred to the bottom i'll cut the budget. i think it's a new government although. i never obvious about calculus but maybe they. didn't realize all along for the sake of you both of you actually i'm going to be like the top bush should've been a big big elite. chicka chicka chicka chicka. have. no problems with the. candidacy macand including michonne has to be banned from another and all the some all or equal you. come. on. here you are you.
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do learn. to deal with. only the honey. in the mrs. you didn't miscible not been image problem all meals are to goldish them could you can i could you can. you make you. feel dumb get to the big can you make you did miss took a little bit bigger and bigger it will be into not the only kiss miss it took for you and the kids in the. bush admin and she get it get on to muslim there's. so much time. to. plan. your. power but still and i am proud that you can also. step one time at one
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time for my son to have my job so much. to. be sure to tune islam on it in and gives it to me on the to be a money part of all i get to meet them on the only report of them on it and i can punish. them for that have been a certain age are you in the middle too and the amish shop was among them and did it on your modem your view. of the movie and. i don't doubt very many people are much more upbeat it should. have been. young's will smith put up wants them in the latest and this and how do you go to
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a resort on the net but he has someone going out with someone and they get a call to give a shit on to banish a little one. they've been all season long loan of a guy that didn't limit them ya know and it gets in the world of them compared to the public they are socialist and. i'll cut it over some i.q. just not.
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all of them. all the. time. i just want to make sure all of our audience is on the same things where they're on line and what pollutes the u.s. citizens here and what puts people of iraq by one and the same or if you join
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a sunset i was never put a file been looked at differently because i'm doc and then all the people this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile into a stream and one of their pitches might make the actual join the global conversation this time on al-jazeera. turn on al-jazeera. as the state clamps down on catalans will the struggle payoff in the referendum. for the stories beyond the headlines faultlines examines the u.s. role in the world liberians are preparing for their third election since a bitter civil war observers are calling it a crucial test for democracy an investigation into the electronics industry revealing out even the smallest devices a deadly environmental and health costs. china's communist party is holding its annual congress what will it mean for the country and its people.
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on al-jazeera. ever since i was a little boy in india my dream was to make bollywood films so five years ago i decided i was finally going to do it one man's quest to realize a lifelong ambition the story i choose the laws of my one village and it's transformation going behind the lens that's going to sing brings his personal story to life. al-jazeera correspondent my own private bollywood at this time. i'm about this in in doha the top stories on al jazeera hours after winning a session referendum the government of iraq's kurdish region has rejected baghdad's demand to hand over control of the airports in the region several airlines say they
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will suspend flights to kurdish city despite threats from the government in baghdad there have been jubilant scenes in the build is there. the great. great. great. great. thing about. the u.s. congress has been briefed on president trump's plans to cut refugee numbers trying to cap the numbers in twenty eighteen at an all time low of forty five thousand not far lower than the one hundred ten thousand limit set by president barack obama
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last june the u.s. government has sent a flotilla of ships to puerto rico to help with the growing humanitarian crisis caused by hurricane maria the ships are bringing five thousand of extra military personnel to distribute aid six days after the storm hit the island is still without electricity food and clean water are scarce south africa's largest workers union has organized marches to protest against president jacob zuma it claims corruption has become endemic under his leadership tens of thousands of people took to the streets. catalonia says it will go ahead with an independence referendum on sunday despite spain declaring the vote in legal and spanish government is planning to deploy police at polling stations to prevent people from posting their ballots the regional government has warned of public disorder if that happens the indonesian island of bali remains in high alert because
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a volcano money to erupt has been spurred in the smoke and ash for the past six days it's tremors are becoming more intense those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera al-jazeera world by foot. they. tended to get some nice others are certainly free to lose i need your money people to see them but to try to find. people to. pay for their pushers comes i will never know what. a longer than i could be diminished will not sign digit increase and. if it's. just.
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something. called you know do they see you listen to this immediately refer. them to their step this is a public card a small this a good life series a window in her stomach i'm looking at it but if they move to be new to me i know we could or tommy said to them. he. took dogs are seldom do you not only. is it on the to be didn't. and it gets them on the to the truck all of the. youngest child will tell some other oh yeah. that's. just tell him he's from me tell you. all tongue.
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and a bird that you got to. look at such savant. put out the. truth or the king. got to. do good by. only if you tell your. wrestling team is the bison that is going to get some. go to your doctor or the good. or the set to be seen as old by some. strange.
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would andujar long the. early show. get real time on always. get it. done for the sake of the movie that. you can munch along with some cover because you don't know the song. well i guess it. took the focus. more you've never given me. you don't know you. and. your. division of. events affected it'll swallow your stuff.
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every time the crime. some a little more than that one can. put on because i'm new to. the snow and could admit i'm the one. who threw the do it when then bend them i could explain in the city up the system to those little old i'm sure look. it up like you know you know you know you can depend on the bullshit only. most of the callers like it are something a lot of home. can
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be made to do with from the issue through so much. bundanoon is an album let it. go around the city uganda says that he said if i do
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good and make john that on getting on the also says necessity to. lose it in. my feeling. is that all of. you could or. is on the other huge desisted if i did do the laws and all those i joined them on the tour and is minded on says. the laws should not in the senate on goes the. decision. and both go to my human mind because. time is the middle ages and i'm going to swallow. band-aids. band all my assertion that i can only ball and i give them hand. charge longer to.
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touch on. the eat. eat. or. to eat.
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and if.
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they are. all are not. needed to. you to mislay on them the whole those services. is there. for them and. a little. hard to live. on.
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doesn't want to sign the law. all.
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you know getting out of the door my bizarrely barbieri follow on that is a macand i took as i appearance. and the name in the dome of the other. five on the level national just. like talk liao dunnage water.
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bill and should not. be electable mark i bet it would make. children into. the only up mug it didn't until save the. mark and i mean to them and found. even. how much it was all. thanks. a lot about. all of them. in our lives. just because. they could.
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not love. you long did it. make.
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them. money all the. time. and money this. is a. what good is that minister on don't have six. old son and. look at the money. the looks of the car. but also in the city get out.
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of the mist them so a lot of those among the prison when it was washed the. shape of them someone averted the mist and all the care. minnesota that makes them miss them that. doesn't extend to the list although. talks of it i can learn them all the.
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i love you publish them up you. been it's been. fun they really. didn't. choose it is a choice or there's a chosen muscly object which you. will miss america can the pro learn to feel. think you can the problem is. to get all the big. under the shah so much they took on the children because of the jokes of the leaks that.
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i. was. going to go make. their it. all on the hog a good. weekend. long enough. to. tell me. became the took hold them down on that old young. woman
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on. the ear. to ear. to bangor say that she decided to go to japan museum near the school diploma goes there with. the e.u. and. egypt is now china's biggest trading partner in africa more than ten thousand chinese and living in cairo and wanted to see the pyramids in september one
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thousand nine hundred five i came with my friends to egypt many started a small trade is what i now successful in business shifting and i began to do business in two thousand and three or two thousand and four at a time it was small but then it began through experimentation al-jazeera well meets the growing chinese community in egypt egypt made in china at this time. how i think maybe i say the heat a biting across eastern parts of north america over the next couple of days what remains of hurricane maria tropical storm rita that's in the process of pulling
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away is why we got the warmer weather that's just called sadie suicidal for the u.s. as you can see maria still fairly close by that will start to not go away temps still getting up to around twenty five celsius for d.c. and also for new york further north just fifteen celsius and also a couple of days ago a week getting into the thirty so that really does represent something of a change meanwhile we got some west of weather into new mexico into colorado cold enough in denver at around fourteen degrees celsius it will up to about twenty celsius to friday but the the weather that's not too far away today was some right around the west coast here it's day dry that wetter weather that we have just around the disabled as i said pulling away then in the fall while. storm a rare find and try their little cold as you can say but generally saying a good deal of several weather all a few showers up towards the light scattering of showers across the caribbean over the next day or so the heaviest of which will be around cuba some really heavy downpours coming in here over the next day or two with the possibility of some
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localized flooding event with a high of thirty degrees. water scarcity is a serious problem when used more than probably you need to why is your research impact if their plans are demanding as much water you don't need to irrigate as much heinz me if i don't collect more to talk for i just came out of there and will compare that to some tap water which could provide a solution to the problem to global water for half a tank you know at this time on old is iraq.
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plus there was a sort of you know the weight of much of that over your mom and then your father was a. government which was you know. true. you can't really afford it in the nation which. overcommitted. if i spend like one hour without checking worry me or reading the blogs i like i feel. wrong in here.
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before the.


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