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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 1, 2017 8:00am-8:34am AST

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but that doesn't seem to calm tensions the man who leads the separatists has been torturing the us calling for a peaceful uprising we call for a violent revolution called for them by lead protests we call for the environment much this is what you and it was getting to the well and we have resisted. i mean you know i love it but this is a moment that we must continue it is time for. the u.n. secretary general has asked cameron's government to address the grievances of the english speakers but the u.n. is unlikely to answer mr top as press for a new country called on brazil but it's meant al-jazeera. turkey has set up a military academy and somalia about fifteen hundred somali soldiers can be trained there at a time making it the largest foreign run military training center and the country somalia's army has been backed by the african union but they will be withdrawn from
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next year the main threat to somalia comes from the line who still controls vast swaths of countryside kurdish president says kurdish authorities will pay the price for holding the referendum on suspect secession iraq's kurdish region overwhelmingly back splitting from iraq and monday's vote defying neighboring countries who fear it could fuel kurdish separatism within their borders and lead to conflict. then not forming an independent state in northern iraq on the contrary that opening a wound in the region and twisting the knife ignoring this fact will do no good neither to us nor to our kurdish brothers in iraq or of a party it's the city of kirkuk in northern iraq has some of the biggest oil reserves in the country for decades there has been disagreement about who should control it or kooks inclusion in monday secession vote has angered baghdad a stroll strafford report. the kurdish peshmerga to control the kirkuk after the
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iraqi army fled in islip pensive in two thousand and fourteen but there's never been agreement between the kurdish regional government ok argy and the federal government in baghdad about who should be in control here and benefit most from the areas vast oil wealth. kirkuk at an eighty percent turnout in the referendum on kurdish the session the day after the vote the iraqi parliament asked prime minister hydrilla party to send troops into kurdish controlled disputed areas like kirkuk and take back control of the oil fields and the kurdish governor of kirkuk hopes he doesn't heed to parliament's demand prime minister about he has made it clear that force is not. how you will approach this thing. and i agree with him and we don't expect a force to be used but of course there are people maybe not under his control who
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may try to do this parliament earlier this month voted to remove mr karim but he has refused to go and anything that's comes against me for my patriotic position it's it's an ominous for me many kurds call kirkuk their jerusalem but there are also turkomans arabs and christians here too there are also hundreds of thousands of arabs that have arrived here in recent years fleeing i saw and they feel very let down by the baghdad government there's also considerable opposition amongst the arabs and the turkmen about any idea with respect to kirkuk being part of a future independent kurdish state. the vast majority of turkmen and arabs who have lived in kirkuk for generations boycotted the referendum this imputed israel and the borders of k r g is not the clear and the specially cared. will be.
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space. between to be owned by god and may be. a war. the way to solve this a problem is not independency and. the way. the two thousand and five constitution stipulates that the federal government send seventeen percent of the federal budget to the kayla g. every year. it stops sending the money in two thousand and fifteen and baghdad has since accused the kayleigh ji of not sharing the oil wealth but any fighting here could jeopardize the battle against eisel in her around fifty kilometers southwest of kirkuk who controls kill cook. the referendum and kurdish independence the kurds say they will fight anyone who tries to take it
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from them strafford al jazeera. oil is also a big concern in nigeria and higher it's costing the government at least a billion dollars in lost revenue every month many reports from the. on the hunt for pirates in all fields in the creeks of nigeria's delta it's hard and dangerous way. as we approach a base we were being watched all the way but the military hardware is enough deterrent. that the oil field was set on fire strategy to stop us from getting close to the suspects however aren't lucky today and the reason we get on board. is. three months after their bases destroyed by the army it's being rebuilt while all is refined and the talk of pipes lead to a nearby oil well for a way crude is diverted this is what remains of an illegal refinery after
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a raid by the nigerian army hundreds like these have been destroyed in the past few months. after breaking in and suffering from oil pipelines and wells across the region and other bombed out refinery is trying to get back into business a few kilometers from here this company has been destroyed before. it was considered they are trying to revive it which means that we still have to conduct here to put it out of use completely again the biggest threat to nigeria's all supply and economy on to the us all think. it's a well connected orders of the buy just send ships or transport the crude in large quantities every ship was seized filled with petroleum products for years the pirates have made these waterways unsafe and blood the nigerian economy. now the army has new equipment and personnel. it's a show of force which commanders hope will deter criminals. it's planned in.
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the. protect. the government's new offensive isn't welcome with everyone and not just the pirates well i'm very very same this time. the region that. government leaders say the crackdown is necessary to stop criminal activities protect lives in nigeria's largest natural asset. al-jazeera in the niger delta. thousands have protested and one calling for changes to ireland's laws restricting abortion the so-called march for choice comes after the irish government announced that a referendum on the issue will be held in may or june ireland has some of the
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strictest laws limiting abortion terminations are only allowed is it risky for some women to travel abroad for abortions issue remains to beis of in a country with a large catholic population. twenty spectators have been injured after a barrier collapsed to the stadium in france as happened in the legal one football match between lille and ami on the lille supporters were celebrating the opening goal when the fence collapsed under their weight look at that three people were taken to the hospital in ami on with serious injuries the record has been set for a chinese art and an auction in hong kong the painting by the chinese american artist was sold for more than thirteen million dollars and so the base on saturday it was the first time it's been sold it's been owned by the artist family since it was painted eighty five years ago was originally commission for the opening of the museum of modern art in new york in one nine hundred thirty.
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i'm richelle carey with the headlines here on al-jazeera polls will open in a few hours and spain's catalonia region for a session vote police have sealed off more than half of the schools in the region designated as voting stations spain's constitutional court has declared this vote illegal material is called a mockery of democracy their puerto rico's capital is accusing the u.s. government of killing people through inefficiency president donald trump hit back via twitter he says his political rivals are behind the accusations he also accused the mayor of poor leadership and this was her response. i think we haven't been treated with the same sense of emergency that other disasters have been treated and again you know my. five hundred twenty pounds mayor of a city in the caribbean a three star general. said yesterday we don't have enough we need to get more
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in order to be able to take care of the situation so. to say that a general isn't saying the right thing and thousands of americans have joined a march for racial justice in washington d.c. relatives of people shot dead by police have been among protesters least fifty people have been arrested at a far right rally in the swedish city of gotham burg members of the nordic resistance movement had been fighting with counter demonstrators a group promotes anti-semitic ideas and says to a time the march to coincide with the jewish holiday of yom kapoor a police officer was among several people injured. yes state department says north korea has shown no signs of interest or readiness for talks about its nuclear program secretary of state rex tillerson has revealed washington has been in direct communication with jiang yang is in beijing for high level talks on that crisis the u.s. has been looking for china's help to tighten an economic squeeze on north korea the
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later of colombia's last rebel group has ordered its fighters to stand out ahead of a storage cease fire nicholas august posted a video online committing the national liberation army are honoring the deal the group began peace talks with the government in february after the disarmament of the much bigger fark rebel group those are the headlines news continues in al-jazeera after counting the cost thanks for a time keeper. facing realities the president said that there would be a complete audit a hundred percent ordered that audit hasn't happened to getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying then that the future of the g.c.c. will be in doubt. here the story. on how does it. this time.
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hello i'm has i'm sick of this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week a red light as legal challenges grow we'll look at whether its business model can survive in its present form also this week oil rebalancing as prices enter a bull market we'll look at the factors at play. plus how your guys' legal marijuana industry is facing a threat no one predicted. a lot of technology has changed how people all over the world hail a taxi just like google it's got its own verb. that means to change the market for a service by introducing a different way of using it you might say air b.n. b. arise the property rental market for example popularity has made it indispensable car rides service in cities all over the world the sixty eight billion dollar company is planning an i.p.o. next year and now the challenge will be to disrupt its own business model to adapt
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for survival but in twenty seventeen a series of scandals over its business practices and its treatment of workers has kept it in the headlines for all the wrong reasons and it's being stripped of its license to operate in london now one of the biggest markets for cabs in the world. looks at how that decision is going down. for the last year he's been driving for he works six days a week and says he makes enough money to support his family he enjoys being able to choose when he works he's one of forty thousand duba drivers in the british capital but now the regulators transport for london who run the city's buses and underground trains so they won't extend dupers license beyond the end of the month for many people who've got used to the service it's a shock so you can cross to go from one place to another say quickly so. when we came out as are ok this is obviously not she was going to train but i still
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feel like i'm i don't feel like i'm paying ridiculous amounts. to a lack of corporate responsibility in areas such as the reporting of serious criminal offenses it follows allegations that drivers suspected of sexual assaults were allowed to keep driving spent some time going through the regulations that parliament's given them in relation to decide in a private vehicle approaches for some proper. evidence and tearful have concluded today that on a proper vehicle operator the real concerns around safety and security has come out fighting suggesting t.f. else decision is motivated not by safety concerns but by politics and promising to fight the move in the courts by trying to ban in london there caving into the pressure exerted by a small minority that want to restrict consumer choice and competition this decision if it helps true will mean over forty thousand licensed drivers will be out of work traditionally after in london's west end. restaurant people
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with a hail a black taxi five years ago arrived and caused a sensation with just a few clicks on your mobile phone you can get to where you're going to at a cheaper price but of course it's caused controversy as well. last year dr james fire or took the firm to court arguing drivers should be treated as employees with rights to the minimum wage and sick pay what to have on the mayor a nuber should do is they should evolve regulations for attorney central twenty first century they should enforce and develop regulations effectively and they should protect worker rights of drivers who can carry on operating in london at least until appeals have been exhausted but this is one more setback for a firm that's been hit by legal challenges and protests around the world and also made life easier for millions of people well joining me now from london is called
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benedict frey karl is the co-director of the oxford martin program on technology and employment thanks very much for being with us now we're talking about a huge market in london are we how damaging is this for globally. well london and constitute roughly five percent of you bus driver space and the u.k. is its second largest market in europe so indeed this would be quite a significant blow to uber and while while it has been great for consumers it's often seen as being bad for the lame of market in form of less job security lower pay and all the rest of it but you did a study on the impact of sharing economy platforms like uber on jobs and what were some of the findings well what you're finding is that actually after the introduction of uber employment in texas services expands quiet significantly so overall that you create jobs rather than destroy
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a step to expand the labor market for texas services but what happens then obviously as the labor supply expands is that there is more competition and that tends to drive down wages for incumbent drivers which is a side effect of that success if you like but in addition to that there's also evidence to suggest that it would drive a section very happy with their lives stay value the flexibility that the platform office then they're quite content with their financial compensation so on balance i think that most of the evidence actually suggest that you have a driver's fear reasonable well now a lot of people are saying that this could be a game changer for the gig economy that other governments may feel emboldened now to more heavily regulate companies like you think that could happen . well it's possible i mean we will see what kind of a deal that is made if
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a deal is made i think this is quite actually a high risk game because the consequences of uber actually being bad would be very bad for london consumers a lot of people have actually structured their lives surrounding the every lability of uber quite of few people actually you can use it to commute to work it might constitute a risk to real estate prices in some. areas of london that doesn't have good access to public services so i think that the fellas actually playing a high risk game in this regard and this may really constitute a blow to the city of london as it does to you bet so we will see what happens i think what the outcome of this process. the outcome of this process will very much determine. the country's cities and regions proceed with this the over c.e.o. has said. obviously they're going to fight this decision and they say that it's
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based largely on what they say is a bad reputation. preceding it you think that's fair criticism i think what the sharing economy does is that it constitutes a tradeoff between flexibility and security and the labor market functions best when you have both so what legislators should do is to make sure that this gig economy this sharing economy can exist side by side with normal we the traditional labor market and that requires legislations to make sure that both function well imperiling car benefit for a thanks very much for being with us europe why is the first country in the world to make it legal to grow and sell marijuana but now the new industry is facing a threat no one predicted daniel schorr and the reports from the capital montevideo . this is nothing new it's just that mary won there is now after
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a long campaign totally legal in europe why the business has been booming we think that the risk is worth. the risk as the final result of that will be. respect their right to love. to have a plan. of their houses. if they want each registered user can buy up to forty grams a month from their local pharmacy but you know guys banks are now threatening to close the accounts of those pharmacies selling the drug stopping they use of plastic cards they say they're under pressure from u.s. banks which by u.s. law cannot trade with any company linked to the illegal drug industry. we see an absurd situation that your financial situation is being penalized with strong legislation which is not in place in canada or the u.s. but this has nothing to do with drug trafficking it's totally legal europe weiss's
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the us has got it wrong there marijuana industry is now legal a delegation has been to the u.s. to put their case where the industry is looking at selling outside the bank system . system is now strongly regulated very controlled the state is heavily involved so that's why we feel it will be easy to show that we have nothing to do with drug trafficking or money laundering business is being done illegal enterprises controlled by the state. he says pharmacies a queuing up to sell marijuana but the financial obstacles have been removed this is no more and this legal is growing tomatoes a backroom backstreet industry is emerging. and taking its place in mainstream europe one society is involved said.


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