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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 13, 2017 8:00am-8:34am AST

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and debate the contradictions join me mad the hot sun for a new season of the show the frank blunt and upfront. but this time i'll just iraq . where ever you. took his military on the move into syria and a new operation across the border. hello
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i'm down jordan this is al jazeera lawyer from doha also coming up. a range of mothers hiring the story of how she watched me and my soul just throw had baby into a fire plus. who said maisie gets first my talk to me in five years relief as a son and his family afraid in pakistan nothing kidnapped by a group linked to afghanistan's town about. another one hundred police a fiat after the killing of farm workers in colombia where the drug trade still prevent. a convoy of turkish troops has entered northern syria in a new military operation more vehicles are waiting inside turkey on saturday turkey said it would. sent troops to syria as italy province to enforce
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a deescalation zone it's part of an agreement between turkey which backs rebel forces and iran and russia who support the government but turkish media is reporting the armored vehicles carrying troops crossed into syria's province late on thursday how bar has more now from antakya along turkey's border with syria. this is what we know so far dozens of military vehicles have crossed into syria we know from different sources that the turkish military tao is stationed in an area called man of the western outskirts of the province of idlib or however we know that their final destination is going to be this is part of a deal that was signed between russia iran and turkey to implement the deescalation zone in italy it remains to be seen what will happen to hey attempt to have fighters the formal after you have the other ones will control are they going to put up
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a resistance to this whole operation are they going to pull out are you going to hand over their weapons but we're getting. hearing from sources that he had to his shame is now he's courting the turkish military convoy as it was into syria there are many challenges here first of all turkey needs to implement the deescalation so they have to ensure that nobody engages any fighting in the near future of our second child is basically the kurdish factions operating at far from where the turkish military is the nation. in syria turkey said in the past that it considers all kurdish factions particularly as the and they wipe terrorist organization and that it won't allow them extend further to words of the western part of. to words the mediterranean so these are going to be the most important challenges facing the turkish military as it moves now deeper into syria twin car bombings in northeast syria have killed at least thirty five people the attacks reportedly happened at
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a checkpoint set up by the syrian democratic forces south of hassock a city syria's government news agency says the bombings targeted civilians fleeing arizona eisel control and dare resort i suppose being blamed for the attack. elsewhere in syria a cease fire deal has been reached that could end the siege of a rebel held area south of damascus the agreement brokered by cairo and moscow includes three opposition factions but it doesn't specifically mention the syrian government or eisel which holds an area just outside the capital the deal allows for humanitarian access but not the relocation of civilians or fight and. i mean must lead in i'm saying since he has called for national unity in an address to the nation on the range of refugee crisis she's under increasing international pressure from have failed to condemn the army's alleged abuses against the ranges many of them are traumatized by what they've experienced and are struggling to cope in makeshift camps across the border in bangladesh the homage on june met one woman called who lost almost an entire family for resume
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a big home there is nothing but pain. and. my baby was in my lap and when the soldiers hit me and he fell out of my arms then they pulled me closer to the wall and i could hear that he was crying in after a few minutes i could hear that they were hazing him too she tells us soldiers for me and mars army had set a fire outside the house they were in and then the unthinkable. my baby was thrown into the fire and then they raped me these are pictures of resume a son sadik he was one and a half years old and very playful a happy child she still can't believe is gone. i feel like and then on the inside. then she breaks down.
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as she wails in agony resume screams out for her mother. a mother who is also no longer alive when her village of tula too early in the bloody dong district of rakhine state was attacked resume says her parents two sisters and brother were killed as well. having fled me and mar regime and her husband now live in the long camp in bangladesh resume honorific story is similar to what we've heard from many other survivors refugees who shared their terrifying accounts of having been brutalized by soldiers and me on mars army many described witnessing mass killings gang rapes beheadings and numerous other atrocities human rights investigators are accusing me and mars government of carrying out crimes against humanity a charge me and mars government denies with more than a half
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a million will hinder refugees having fled me and more in the past six weeks medical aid and psychological support is in very short supply it's one reason rifi is so worried sometimes she says her head feels like it's twisting and that she can't tolerate it sometimes she looks at the photos of our baby and she screams and cries every single day she. says that until they have money resume i can't get any more treatment for the head and jaw wounds she sustained when she was also beaten by the soldiers and so resume a sits alone and traumatised longing for a family that perished and a home that no longer exists. at the could to prolong camp in cox's bazar bangladesh meanwhile i'm saying soon she says she is holding talks with bangladesh about returning summer again just to me in ma more than half a million of
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a skate to bangladesh since the crackdown began in late august. we are now negotiating with the government of bangladesh on the matter of accepting those who are now in bangladesh since our independence we have twice successfully negotiated with bangladesh on the issue based on the successful traditions we are now negotiating for the time. the trump ministration the scrapping subsidies to health insurance companies in the latest aggressive move against obamacare comes out of the us president took another step to undo his predecessor signature health kendall from sign an executive order that small businesses banding together to buy cheaper health plans giving fit benefits to employees well how a pollack is a professor at the university of chicago he says trump's latest move will lead to an increase in health insurance premiums particularly for the elderly if you are an older person and particularly if you're in a middle class person and you are too much to get the kind of generous financial help that that obamacare provides of low income people this is
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a big deal and it's also a big deal that president trump is is allowing more and more ways for young and healthy people to get out of the insurance pool with these older and less healthy people and there's just no question that he's just done a whole series of things some of which are so comically obvious you're during the enrollment period for next year's insurance the department of health and human services announced that the computers are going to be down twelve hours every sunday you know for maintenance and they've cut back at ninety percent the advertising and they've just done a whole series of things that are designed to you know to undermine the operation of the insurance market this is tonight's decisions were the latest step but it's part of a whole series of things that prison term is doing to try to damage this part of the health care law. the parents of a canadian man freed in pakistan after five years have spoken of their joy at his release joshua boyle and his american wife were held by the haqqani network that's
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a group linked to the taliban they were released with their three children after a tip off from u.s. intelligence official reports. caitlin coleman and her canadian husband joshua boil were seized by the taliban linked to canny network while hiking in afghanistan five years ago they have three children all born in captivity just last year they issued a video asking donald trump to negotiate their release donald trump and i guess you have no i mean yeah you know worship country is that those who speak high and you know if you're going to simply raise our family usually because because it is correct they want money power in france you must give them these things for progress can be. pakistan says acting on u.s. intelligence it launched a military operation to free the captives in the border area between afghanistan and pakistan the pakistani government's cooperation is
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a sign that it is america's wish that to do more to provide security in the region and i want to thank the pakistani government want to thank pakistan. they work very hard on this and i believe they're starting to respect the united states again it's very important. in canada joshua boyle's pins give a brief outline of the dramatic rescue mission just described about thirty five entirely pakistani army personnel. and at the end the five people in that car captors he described this morning as having been killed and the five survive so he was quite a few sort of in his praise for the pakistan military. caitlin coleman's parents home in pennsylvania a message has been tacked to the front door welcoming the release of their daughter her husband and the three grandchildren and requesting time to process the news
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alan fischer algis the. united nations says the number of civilian casualties in afghanistan a sought after the u.s. ramped up its air campaign four hundred sixty six civilians have been killed or injured by a strike since the start of the year that's up fifty two percent from the same period in twenty sixteen the u.n. says more than two thirds are women and children the u.s. is the only foreign force in the afghanistan carrying out airstrikes has dropped more than three thousand bombs and missiles on taliban and i saw fighters this year . north korea's nuclear program has dominated talks between australia's foreign and defense ministers and their south korean counterparts in seoul south korea has pledged tougher sanctions on pyongyang to force it to abandon development of chemical weapons and australia's defense minister like my other countries to work together. said this morning.
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we have strongly condemned. the republic of. korea. also to come here and al-jazeera including the u.s. is pulling out of the united nations cultural. bias against israel which is falling out the door. we will continue to work toward our shared goal of a win win win agreement to ensure that the new provisions mexican counterpart with uncertain future for their free trade agreement with the u.s. more on that. hello and welcome by now if you look at the weather across western parts of asia on
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the levant we're still at the risk going to two showers in the southern side of the caspian sea but otherwise for much of the region weather conditions are looking dry and fine not as hot as it has been temperatures coming down in many areas baghdad and kuwait city just into the mid thirty's fine conditions around the eastern side of the mediterranean with temperatures twenty seven degrees expected in beirut. we've got the ship. and the fact that northwest is going to continue for the next week or ten days uninterrupted so dry the. humidity done with time the temperatures will just begin to fall while bit. with low humidity very nice in this part of the world never saw that forty one in mecca on friday dropping from his head on through into saturday into southern portions of africa. pictured here seventeen degrees to be warm for durban but conditions. further towards the north
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fine across botswana and through into namibia we're seeing plenty of sunshine affected by the way and also for the temperature of twenty nine degrees expected in . the amazon believe me in families but that is imperiled. brazil not. risking it too. at this time.
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welcome back a quick recap our top stories this hour a convoy of turkish troops has entered northern syria new military operation more armored vehicles are waiting inside turkey on saturday ankara said it would be sending troops to syria's province to enforce a deescalation zone. says she's in talks with bangladesh about which ending summer but gave no further details on the repatriation process. made the comments during a rare televised address on the range of prices. and the trump administration scrapping subsidies to health insurance companies in the latest aggressive move against the health care law known as a bomb again it's likely to force insurers to withdraw from the market and see prices skyrocket. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has condemned the deal
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between the palestinian groups fatah and hamas saying it makes peace with his country harder to achieve. palestinians in gaza and the occupied west bank of in celebrating the agreement which ends the rival factions decade long rift in places gaza and the west bank under the one government for the first time since two thousand and seven the deal was signed in cairo after being brokered by egypt. the united states and israel are pulling out of unesco the united nations cultural agency washington says the move follows what it describes as the need for fundamental reform in the organization and continuing anti israel bias the head of unesco says it's a shame the u.s. is withdrawing because it's a founding member of the organization. i express my deep regrets. i remember what i said in two thousand and eleven already when the united states alone states voting rights and suspended payments that the united states
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met. for the united states in fact if you go back into history. only that. united states is a founding member of the whole idea that you can build peace through education science communication. is basically an american idea so what exactly is your desk oh well the united nations educational scientific and cultural organization was founded at the end of the second world war with the aim of promoting peace and security through international collaboration projects to achieve these aims unesco promotes education programs scientific and historical research and cultural diversity in an effort to preserve important ideas and architecture but it's probably most recognized for its famous branding of world heritage sites there are one thousand and seventy three of them around the world ali abunimah is the co-founder of the online palestinian news organization the
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electronic intifada he believes israel and the u.s. use united nations agencies to push their own agendas. israel and the united states have been impeding their work as you know just as that impede the work of other u.n. agency which they see soleus vehicles to push israel's of the u.s. agenda so it is of course symbolic. of israel's desire to push its agenda colored by sation an occupation but i think a lot of people in the world will say good riddance to the united states and good riddance to israel and would like to see israel withdraw from more u.n. agencies rather than using them as vehicles to try to push its illegal gender its occupation of colonization of palestinian land so i sigh well israel's announcement that it will pull out and encourage israel to go further and pull out
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of the united nations altogether on friday u.s. president donald trump's expected to finally announce whether he will uphold the iran nuclear deal under the landmark agreement sanctions against iran will ease next change for the islamic republic curbing its nuclear program michaela reports from the united nations. repudiation of the iran deal was a central promise of the trump electoral campaign and i'm disgusted i've never seen anything like it in my life and by the way be careful because we made a rare and a real power we gave one hundred and fifty billion dollars. now think of it think of the crowd booed almost certainly unaware that wasn't the case the sum of money released in terms of the deal was in fact iran's own funds that had been frozen by previous sanctions we didn't get anything we got nothing during his first months in office president trump had to acknowledge the fact that iran was complying with its
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side of the deal formally certifying so on two occasions but the us ambassador to the united nations has apparently been at the forefront of finding a way in which the president could fulfill his campaign promise coming up with the argument that iranian compliance was not the only thing that need be certified we owe it to ourselves to look at every aspect of this deal and understand that this was a flawed deal and understand that this flawed deal has negative consequences as well this argument that other factors such as u.s. national interest should be taken into account rejected by other signatories to the deal the new agreement is about nuclear nuclear is fulfilled the agreement is the living made clear to the fact that the u.s. cannot take unilateral action without security council consensus the deal being signed by the five permanent members along with germany known as the p five plus
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one how many you cannot join what he has so many you know not. all members of the p five plus one stand in line with iran except that one russia china three european countries the holy you and hundreds of countries they are all standing with iran. perhaps the real interest of president trump is not the deal itself but the perceived political and personal need to meet one of his campaign promises if so president tran could play a long term cost for the short term satisfaction of his right wing support base not least the dilution of trust in u.s. commitment to international agreements the fracturing of relationships with traditional allies and the possible if not probable repudiation of a security council whose authority would be disdainfully floated by a member mike hanna. at the united nations one of liberia's
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leading political parties is calling for the announcement of election results to be delayed claiming they've been irregularities the liberty party said it's considering legal action if the election commission doesn't act on its demand but foreign observers say they didn't notice any major problems with the poll former professional football player george ware has taken an early lead with twenty five percent of votes counted. more than one hundred police officers in colombia have been sacked in connection with the killing of at least six protesting farm workers the men were demonstrating over the removal of coca crops by the police they died during a confrontation in the rule southwest earlier this month alexandra petri reports now from tomorrow. i mean just passed by the remains unclear what prompts colombian police to open fire on these farmers protesting against the removal of coca crops in the southwest of the country. outdoor it is in students held
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a commemoration for the victims in the center of the town of. the state governor says he warned the central government of the growing tensions in the region. we cautioned that the forced eradication would have brought this tragedy we deeply mourn the death of these six farmers but also a policeman who died in a previous protest these are children of the same groups of people confronting each other people the war our country wants to overcome persists in our territory to marco is a sprawling municipality in colombia specific coast with the highest concentration of crops in the country drug traffickers in one time far have rapidly filled the void left by the good of the group which signed a peace deal a year ago. as part of the deal the government has started an ambitious crop substitution for many farmers have signed up but implementation so far has been extremely slow and at the same time increasing pressure by the united states to
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wipe away as many coca plants as possible to force eradication which has triggered the conflict. members of the african community council. who signed up for substitution are now in hiding in a safe house in. they say they are under threat by drug traffickers for resisting pressure to participate in the protests one person spoke to us but asked not to be named. believe me the government chose a firm commitment to avoid violence against the farmers and brings the real solution to all these issues this is the way she will keep going out of control we believe it's already exploded and it's showing that at least here the peace deal is feeling. the government suspended four officers for firing into the crowd and reassigned one hundred others an official report on what happened in two marco is
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expected next week whatever the findings underlines at least one fact the drug trade here remains one of the most significant challenges to peace alison that. the leaders of canada and mexico have valid to work on a trade deal that benefits both countries as well as the u.s. they've met in mexico city with the future of the three country nafta agreement still unclear is to home. canadian prime minister justin through though arrived in mexico straight from washington d.c. top of the agenda with president enrique pena nieto just as it happened with donald trump nafta the north american free trade agreement which binds the u.s. canada mexico is being renegotiated in the night with the u.s. is increasingly playing hardball with the other two president trump himself has said many times the deal is unfair does threaten to pull out both canada or
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mexico's leaders say if it's updated it can still work making mexico wants a good agreement but it has to be positive for the three countries you can't just be good for one or the other as we move forward with renegotiations we will continue to work toward our shared goal of a win win win agreement mexico and canada for the moment presenting a fairly united front but in reality they're into very different positions just last year the united states had a more than sixty billion dollars trade deficit with the mexico in comparison canada and the us have a much more balanced trade relationship. there are concerns in mexico that if negotiations through the two developed countries in the plot could forge their own deal. i think true do is playing his cards well presenting himself now as close to mexico in negotiating canada's interests but there's the danger that at some point the canadian prime minister sees that the best thing for his country is
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a bilateral deal with the us i've always thought as u.s. negotiators talk tough for the mexican government was at pains this week to say they too could walk away. if necessary we will leave the treaty mexico is bigger than nafta the country says it's looking to develop trade with other regions but about eighty percent of its exports head to the u.s. especially cars from the country's booming auto industry. that dependence not the relationship with canada that's mexico's biggest concern john home and. mexico city the california wildfires are now the deadliest in the state's history with at least thirty one people now confirmed dead thousands of firefighters are working around the clock but many of the largest fires are burning with little containment the flames have ravaged north california's wine country since sunday destroying at least thirty five hundred buildings and these four hundred people are still reported missing in sonoma county alone there are everywhere you know there's
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little pockets there's there's. there's parts that we just can't get to this part so we're waiting for it you know so yesterday all yesterday we were prepping houses and we thought we were going to be defending houses but now i think we were transitioning into that that defense mode now people in thailand are marking one yeah since the passing of king bhumibol and mourners gathered outside bangkok's grand palace where the late king is lying in state it comes ahead of his cremation ceremony later this month which will mark the end of the official mourning period. for my seventeen years when he has more from bangkok. for the past year since the king died people have been able to come here to the grand palace in bangkok to go inside the hall where the late king pointed to new day's body lies to pay their respects in front of the urn or the coffin and over the course of the past twelve months or so the palace says that around twelve
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million people have come to do that people are still coming to pay their respects but the opportunity to go inside that hall has now come to an end and really now it is about the final preparations for the funeral itself the ceremony will last for five days but of course the main day will be october the twenty sixth that is when the king's body will be cremated and it's all happening here just outside the gates of the grand palace and an area called some of the wiring in a year ago was an open public space a green space and now it is really unrecognizable a huge amount of work has gone into creating ornate structures on some of the one for that funeral ceremony the palace expects that at least two hundred fifty thousand people will fill the streets around some of the wiring for an opportunity to say a final farewell to king at the new day. a
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quick recap of the top stories now in algeria a convoy of turkish troops are sent to northern syria in a new military operation more armored vehicles are waiting inside turkey on saturday ankara said it will be sending troops to syria's problems to enforce a deescalation zone. twenty car bombings in northeast syria has killed at least thirty five people attacks happened at a checkpoint set up by the syrian democratic forces south of hassock a city syria's government news agency says the bombings targeted civilians fleeing areas and i saw control and. ourselves being blamed for the attack. says she's in talks with bangladesh about returning some ranger refugees but gave no further details on the repatriation she made the comments during a rare televised address on the range of prices. the trouble ministrations scrapping subsidies to health insurance companies and the latest aggressive move against the health care law known as a bomb to force insurers to withdraw from the market see prices skyrocket. a
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canadian american couple held captive for five years by a group linked to the taliban have been freed they were rescued with their three children by the pakistani army in the border with bangladesh are the parents of canadian joshua boiler spoken to their joy at his release he was amazing at first i talked to him five years so that was it just it sounded like you know he was typical josh reciting his letters. in his letters he was very articulate always and he always mange to talk to each of his siblings and personally so he kept a very personable but he did talk about some of the. for africa. recovery and it was pretty bad so i. think they were definitely traumatized a little. the california wildfires are now the deadliest in the state's history within these thirty one people now confirmed dead thousands of firefighters are
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working around the clock but many of the largest files are burning with little containment the flames of ravage northern california's wine country since sunday destroying at least thirty five hundred buildings but those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after risking it all so much and thanks so much in buffalo. and age old part of spanish culture no one i can stop thinking about you know the bullies in my life others are explored and assemble a central government by what we should and carry on something that goes against the morals of got along. is that from the catalan nationalist perspective the bullies were present banished culture in. catalonia to fight at this time on al-jazeera wild.


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