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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 13, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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char master where they said they thought as high represents him a greenie just said that under the strict terms of the deal iran was in compliance president trump said they were not in compliance he said there were multiple violations by iran well higher ups of moreni doesn't think that and the international atomic energy authority that is produced now eight separate reports since this deal was done doesn't agree with that view of it it's clear behind the scenes that this was a reluctant acceptance of president trump's plan to decertify by some of those closest to him who'd encouraged him not to do this we think that includes the secretary of state we think it probably includes his national security adviser and other key administration members it's worth telling you i've also been on lots of conference calls another one with members of the obama administration who are
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actually central to doing the iran deal the comments of the former national security deputy national security adviser under president obama ben rhodes are worth perhaps bringing to you he said that this was people in the white house trying to come up with a rationalization for president trump's irrational decisions he said it was the trumpet ministration contorting itself to justify trump's earlier comments all right well thanks very much james bays now will and speaks in wired bet later on bet on that now speaking about earlier from the white house trying to describe iran is being a threat to the u.s. and the world the regime remains the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism. and provides assistance to al qaeda the taleban hezbollah mosques and other terrorist networks it develops deploys and proliferates
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missiles that threaten american troops and our allies it harasses american ships and threatens freedom of navigation in the arabian gulf and in the red sea it imprisons americans on false charges and it launches cyber attacks against our critical infrastructure financial system and military. when ringing some stories elsewhere in the region the turkish army is saying that it started setting up observation post in syria's province after sending troops to the area the deployment as part of a deescalation deal with iran and russia it was announced that the soldiers will advance south to central it lead to fight the. but several reports suggest they are actually moving east towards the town of baraka it is person in close proximity to areas controlled by kurdish forces in the north of the region seen there in red bar has more from the border with syria turkey's cross border operation is underway.
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these are soldiers from a special unit tasked with setting surveillance post in province. turkey aims to enforce a cease fire agreement that was signed last month. president. said the move was crucial for turkey's national security. is it our front here we have to take our precautions no one has the right to tell us why are you doing this we are the country with nine hundred eleven kilometer border with syria where there was that under harassment and threat no one has the right to tell us why did you do this. turkish soldiers are seen here in. a village on our border with. not far from areas controlled by the why p.g.
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is syrian kurdish faction turkey has repeatedly insisted it won't allow fighters to expand further to worse the lot of western provinces of and. this is a delicate operation for turkey. is those controlled by hate. or. if qaeda affiliate. rejects the deescalation agreement vowing to fight to the death it's not yet clear if the group will be turkey's next target. was all new. people but all the. referendum process. of the kurdish. border off to syria.
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on thursday egypt and opposition fighters a cease fire agreement. and rebel stronghold in the syrian capital damascus the deal would allow the rebels to get humanitarian aid in their areas but would also allow government troops to shift their focus to the east where they are on the again as i sailed the military campaign in syria poses many challenges for turkey as stated goal is to ensure a ceasefire agreement holds in but its real motive might be denying the kurds access to areas like the coastal province of la taqiyya. on turkish border with syria well the developments kurdish forces in iraq have evacuated a number of villages to the south of care kirk amid fears of an attack by iraqi government troops and militia fighters believe the iraqi forces have now moved into these areas which kurdish forces have control to two thousand and fourteen the
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kurds and accuse iraq of getting ready to launch an offensive to seize kurdish help oil fields around the city but baghdad has denied this tensions have been rising between the two governments since the kurdish secession referendum last month. we need to unsung suchi is used a red televised address to call for unity to resolve the range of crisis she put on the pressure for not condemning the army's alleged abuses against the muslim minority most of the refugees who fled myanmar from bangladesh a traumatized by what they experienced and i can. met one woman who lost most of her family for resume a big home there is nothing but pain. and. my baby was in my lap and when the soldiers hit me and he fell out of my arms then they pulled me closer to the wall and i could hear that he was crying then after
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a few minutes i could hear that they were hissing him too she tells us soldiers for me and mars' army had set a fire outside the house they were in and then the unthinkable. my baby was thrown into the fire and then they raped me these are pictures of resume a son sadik he was one and a half years old and very playful a happy child she still can't believe is gone. i feel like i'm turning on the inside. then she breaks down. as she wails in agony resume screams out for her mother. a mother who is also no longer alive when her village of tula tooley in the district of rakhine
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state was attacked resume says her parents two sisters and brother were killed as well. having fled me and more resume and her husband now live in the long camp in bangladesh resume on refeed story is similar to what we've heard from many other survivors are refugees who shared their terrifying accounts of having been brutalized by soldiers and mia mars' army many described witnessing mass killings gang rapes beheadings and numerous other atrocities human rights investigators are accusing me and mars government of carrying out crimes against humanity a charge me and mars government denies with more than a half a million rohinton refugees having fled me and more in the past six weeks medical aid and psychological support is in very short supply it's one reason rifi is so worried sometimes she says her head feels like it's twisting and that she can't tolerate it so sometimes she looks at the photos of our baby and she screams and
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cries every single day she. says that until they have money resume i can't get any more treatment for the head and jaw wounds she sustained when she was also beaten by the soldiers and so resume a sits alone and traumatised longing for a family that perished and a home that no longer exists. at the could to prolong camp in cox's bazar bangladesh at least to protest as have been shot dead in kenya after more demonstrations against the electoral commission but he's used tear gas to disperse opposition protests in the country's three main cities where protests have been banned kenyans and jews have motion two weeks time you know we want to hold this presidential election which was now by the supreme court position a terranova dammed up pulled out of the race this week he says the election board failed to end such a reform state guarantee a free and fair vote for me to men as well from the capital nairobi. scale protests
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have continued in different parts of kenya and that's despite a ban on protests taking place in the central business district of three main cities the opposition says banning these protests is unconstitutional and they want to continue demanding electoral changes from the electoral body now we understand that at least two people were killed in the bondo town in the western part of kenya when a group of demonstrators tried to storm a police station that's when police opened fire now the concern is that there could be excessive force by the police in these demonstrations if we look back to demonstrations in the week immediately after the august eighth elections a human rights bodies released a report saying at least thirty seven people were killed at that time and it's only in all of these cases besides to that police report indicates
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a police used excessive force we expect to see more demonstration in the coming days as the electoral commission prepares for a rerun of the presidential of vote on the twenty sixth of october now an update on the wildfires in california firefighters continuing to battle blazes that have already killed at least thirty one people across the state dry windy conditions are making it hard to bring twenty separate blazes under control hundreds of people have been injured and four hundred are still unaccounted for around three and a half thousand homes and businesses have been destroyed and what's been described as the most lethal fries in california's history. well that's it for now but i will be back in a moment with the news hour for you so do stay with us. in
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the hash tag era when news coverage consists of a punchy had line a five second sound bite not an easy solution. delve deep a thumb says challenge the status quo expose double standards and debate the contradictions join me mad the hot sun for a new season of the show the frank loves us up front. but this time i'll just hear a. bang i coated outside that blast and send checks fer of influence we're able to bring
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a different perspective to global that. when you peel away the list of cove a minute tree in the financial dog and you see the people in those words and his policies are affecting see the emotional face of the situation they're living in that's when all the us can identify with the story. on counting the cost a scandal made in japan kobe steel admits that it fakes data on components used by the world's biggest makers of planes trains and automobiles plus bubble trouble why the i.m.f. is signaling danger ahead for the global economy even as prostatic counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera the man who negotiated the dismantling of apartheid and scrapped south africa's nuclear program i don't think we needed the bomb but some of my pretty sure it's just that they want to do use it as a deterrent south africa's former president declared talks to al-jazeera at this
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time. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up. we cannot and will mark make this certification president is a tough new approach to iran keeping the nuclear deal in place for now but i'm growing the e.u. . is there is not a ballot for agreements this is not an international treaty so it is clearly not in the hands of any president of any country in the work for thirty minutes an agreement of this sort. also we hear from
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a range of other traumatized after losing her family and watching me and my soldiers throw her baby into a fire. and a bit later on in the program all but two penguin chicks starve to death off what scientists are calling a catastrophic breeding season in antarctica. in sport international cricket is set for a huge or the whole a new test cricket championship will be launched as the format fights to survive alongside the t twenty get. us president donald trump has laid out an aggressive new strategy on iran he didn't pull us out of the nuclear deal struck in july two thousand and fifteen but he has decided not to certify iran as being in compliance with the accord he wants congress to toughen u.s. policy towards iran and if it can't wait an agreement trump says he'll terminate the deal he'll also ask congress to find a way to punish iran for its ballistic missile program the current deal only covers
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its nuclear activities and his administration will punish some members of iran's revolutionary guard but it will not be declared a so-called terrorist organization we cannot and will not make this certification. we will not continue down a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence more terror and the very real threat of iran's nuclear breakout that is why i am directing my administration to work closely with congress and our allies to address the deal's many serious flaws so that the iranian regime can never threaten the world with nuclear weapons. when president began a speech by running against iran describing it as a threat to the u.s. and the while. the regime remains the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism
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and provides assistance to al qaeda the taliban hezbollah hamas and other terrorist networks it develops deploys and proliferates missiles that threaten american troops and our allies it harasses american ships and threatens freedom of navigation in the arabian gulf and in the red sea it imprisons americans on false charges and it launches attacks against our critical infrastructure financial system and military. israel's prime minister has congratulated trump on what he called his courageous decision not to certify the nuclear deal but the e.u.'s foreign policy chief and the greening was a key figure in negotiating need greenman so that it's not a bilateral tale and the u.s. can't tell mineta that this clearly is not in the hands of any president of any
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country in the world. to terminate an agreement of this sort because this is a u.n. security council resolution this is a plan of action that sets things to be done commitments nuclear related commitments and only nuclear related commitments and that is been implemented so the presence of united states as many powers not this one so that's the international reaction let's get back to the u.s. can really help out the white house for us and so kimberly the trouble ministration wants congress to move swiftly now on fixing the actor the legislation that was passed in relation to the iran deal what happens next. well certainly this has been as many of put it here in the united states punted to use a football term to the u.s. congress in terms of next steps what this means is congress could do nothing that's unlikely what it could do is sort of address some of the common flaws by both
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democrats and republicans that are viewed in terms of the agreement that is put in place by u.s. law this one that requires this research if occasion that we should point out the president says he cannot do this time because he feels iran is violating the spirit of the deal but which his own secretary of state has twice already certified iran is in compliance i think what's really important to note notice in all of this is the fact that. the presentation of this new strategy a much more aggressive tone is in stark contrast to the presentation of this new strategy that we heard from the secretary of state and the national security adviser has mcmaster less than a day ago when in fact they were briefing reporters on this there was very much a willingness to work with international partners to address what they felt were some of the common flaws but certainly we are seeing a very tough message from the president as he now directs the u.s.
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congress to take further action including but not limited to if it so chooses to enact further sanctions. yes that's right you say they spoke yes there are sanctions i suppose automatic they want to strengthen the sort of triggers for sanctions to get back in place that would be nuclear related sanctions in the future but i just want to ask you about where congress stands right now because of course when the iran deal was being negotiated there were people who were not happy about it it definitely had its fair share of detractors but i mean how united or divided all day on on this position from trump now. well the u.s. congress is very divided certainly there are democrats in congress who are very supportive of the obama administration's efforts in twenty fifteen to finally make some sort of deal that they acknowledge that the time was not perfect but certainly they felt slow to ron's path towards
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a nuclear weapon but there were conservatives mostly in the u.s. congress who were irate about that agreement felt that it had been negotiated mostly in secret even threaten us sovereignty and certainly did not address what the president really focused a lot of his speech on here at the white house and that was the totality of threats they feel are presented by what they call the iranian regime namely the financing for radicalism in other areas pacifically hezbollah syrian president bashar assad even in yemen so there is a feeling that there were some gaps that needed to be closed that the u.s. congress has the opportunity to do that we know that the secretary of state has been holding regular meetings with members of congress in advance of this announcement to try and start drafting and encouraging legislation that would allow for this so essentially what we see is the president not pulling out of the agreement although threatening that he could something that differs from the e.u.
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policy chief in terms of her response i should point out that there is under u.s. law a supreme sovereignty with regard to that and the president as well as many constitutional experts feel that his very much within his purview to do that having said all of that the bottom line is that there is this feeling stay in the green light for now but also try and through us legislation move forward to tighten some of what may be perceived as loopholes well at the same time we should point out using the power of the treasury to enact strict sanctions against the iranian revolutionary guard corps which the united states feels is really the underpinning of some of the instability in the region all right now can really help the white house thanks very much well in terms of. broader reaction to all of this the leaders of france germany and the united kingdom whole signatories to the iran nuclear deal say they are concerned by the possible implications of president trump's decision not to recess if by iran's compliance the deal not to give sign off give his endorsement as the president has to do every ninety days in
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a statement they said they're committed to the deal and it's full implementation by all sides but let's talk some more how this is being received by all the parties involved in the deal we have correspondents standing by in teheran and the united nations let's start with the in the iranian capital tehran on i want to speak about another announcement the president trying to made in his speech as sanctions against the iranian revolutionary guard an important branch of the armed forces though he did stop short of designating the terrorist organization which is an important distinction to make zain how might teheran now respond. well we've been getting an indication of what the response is expected to be the last several weeks there's been a public affairs campaign if you will from leaders both on the civilian side in the military to shore up support for the nuclear deal but for the revolutionary guard so president rouhani is expected to speak at some point this evening we're getting
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reports of that on local news channels and so we're expecting that he will echo what he said in the past which is that the revolutionary guard is a part of the fabric of the nation that is in the hearts of the people of other iran and i keep in mind it is it is a relatively popular group here. the president. did say that. the revolution. was the way to a dictatorship for the lot of the people who support the revolutionary guard full tell you that it pleased him but at the time it was a draconian or a shop around the king who ruled over over the over the days. and so the revolutionary guard is very popular and the iranian government will not tolerate any sort of sanctions or attack be a day where his words against him. and what about people there in teheran and elsewhere in the country how closely of a following the language the rhetoric that we're seeing now out of washington which
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is a something of a shift when you compare it to a machine a deal that was done on a brac a bomber and perhaps the direction we thought policy might go and. people in the country are very very engaged with with stuff what iran is doing on the global stage in a very very aware of the rhetoric that's been coming out of the truck white house and how it differs from your government or administration or the deal that was signed two years ago was very popular president rouhani his government. pledge that it would solve many of the country's problems within a second that could lead to economic that's listening two years is a short amount of time in the grand scheme of things so that kind of pledged economic benefit has not translated down to the urban population to the middle class to the rural population and so we've seen what was at the time a part of the nuclear deal become much more unpopular and it's not only because it
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has its problems related to the economy it also has to do with the fact that the language coming out of this white house is something that hits hard directly at the national pride of uranium that they don't see themselves in the way that the trumpet ministrations may see iran in may want americans to see iran and iranians see themselves as a nation with a rich history that dates back thousands of years and a country that is moving forward that is progressive that is modernizing and it has a great deal of potential for economic growth and so i think that is something that that is going to translate into the potential domestic political problem for the iranian government as big a deal that. popular as the patience of the iranian public grows then that many. people. in florida government to not take these words a little bit ministration lightly. thank you very much zain mr ravi in-town iran
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and of course russia played a major part in negotiations for the nuclear deal let's be toyed chalons in moscow on well perhaps what people are thinking and saying over there actually the russian foreign ministry has been speaking out saying that. president chavez position on iran is aggressive and that threatening rhetoric has no place in international diplomacy they're obviously not happy about this. yeah i think it's certainly not lost on the russians that the united states the country that is spent basically the best parts of the last half century could jolting and encouraging countries around the world to sign up to international agreements now seems to be backing away from international agreements after international agreements this one though particularly was one of the few areas in recent years where the united states and russia had been able to actually work constructively with each other and
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reach common greenland's and the russians as a been saying for the last few hours last few days are still committed to that deal so the foreign minister sergey lavrov was speaking to his counterpart mohammed job it's a reef in iran earlier on saying that russia is still fully fully committed to this deal its concerns that any action on the behalf of the united states to pull back from the deal will be met by the iranians with their with this similar action and they say that if the u.s. walks away this is what the kremlin was saying on iran suck track such actions will clearly harm the atmosphere of predictability security stability and nonproliferation throughout the world well since trump spoke earlier on we have
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heard from a variety of different russian political figures we haven't heard from the kremlin as yet both senators and the foreign ministry have been speaking basically saying that transactions are dangerous and what has we were hearing earlier on the warnings from the kremlin might provoke a similar response from iran and that would obviously spell bad news for the deal thank you very much roy chalons in moscow and mike hanna is. united nations forest and i are hearing from the e.u. foreign policy chief a little bit earlier making the point that it's an international agreement enshrined indorsed into law by the united nations security council and therefore trying a loan couldn't touch it but there must be concerns there that this will weaken the even international agreement well what a lot of people are thinking at the united nations but are not saying publicly yet out of diplomatic politenesses that either by design or by chance president trump
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is somewhat confused he has announced a slew of sanctions which is all put into one basket sanctions which the u.s. does have the right to unilaterally apply it for example through a statement by treasury with regard to particular iranian institutions or individuals but he's equated that along with the sanctions that have been frozen in terms of the joint comprehensive plan of action which as the e.u. foreign policy chief pointed out neither the president nor his congress actually have the power to change the j c.p.o. a is signed by a number of parties it is indorsed by the un security council there are ways in which a dispute can be approached and that is only through the security council if president trump wants to change those parts of the j c p a way with regard to the sanctions that have been frozen he has to go to the security council to argue that that is
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the way that the u.n. looks at it that is the way that every party to the deal looks at it but also in terms of the reaction we heard as well from the foreign policy chief that this is a deal that took more than a decade to draw up you cannot now start cherry picking at particular parts of it this is a view shared of course by the iranian president who had this to say a short while ago at the united nations general assembly. in colorful if you take off a single brick the entire building will collapse so this issue must be understood by the american fish rules and really raise these unrealistic thoughts from their minds either the j c p o a will remain as it is within its authority or it will no longer exist there will be absolutely no changes no alteration nothing done to the current framework of the j.c. . and not for the first time president trump has directly contradicted his secretary of state who a few hours ago made very clear that new sanctions could be introduced against iran
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in parallel to those sanctions that had been frozen in terms of the iran deal in other words he's saying yes that the u.s. does have a right to unilaterally impose sanctions but they would not be as part of that particular deal once again we've got president trump contradicting what his secretary of state said just a few hours after thank you very much mike hanna to nations. so let's get analysis on this now from al-jazeera senior political analyst ron bashara and wrong as speaking about international reaction to president trying speech and then there has been some reaction from israel and saudi arabia welcoming this shift in policy congratulating. the prime minister visited congratulated the american president said this is an opportunity to go back and to repair the flaws in the agree in the and the and the nuclear deal which as you know we've just heard earlier from the
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european representative saying you cannot break it you cannot change it you cannot tweak it because it's already been in shrine and the u.n. security council resolution that was voted unanimously including by the united states so be that as it may i think the probably the reaction will come more practically from from paris because the french president or the offer a bridging idea which says look let's keep the deal as it is but whatever you the american president have to say about the iranians in terms of their ballistic missiles and in the so-called sunset clause meaning how do you make sure how do you ensure that the iranians do not develop nuclear weapons after thirteen or fifteen years we reach new deals with the iranians but for the time being i think what we have here is an american president who instinctively wants to go after the iranians
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but his secretary of defense mattis told congress just a few days ago that we like this deal this serves american interests also joseph dunford the chief of staff of the of the american armed forces already said we are fine with this deal so on the one hand you have european allies you have the russians the chinese and you have the american owned security status says look this is good stuff but the american president can is to say it's not now and i suppose part of the rationale behind this is that it's to avoid president trump having to satisfy the deal every ninety days give his endorsement for the deal which is to do every time it comes around. how do you think this will play out. in the medium to long term future does it weaken the dail sound not actually by the way the head of the senate foreign relations committee just said that he is passing a new legislation that says twice a year not every ninety days so at least drum corps not have to do that every
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ninety days i think moving forward it's going to be really tricky for the trump and mr asian because as i said on the one hand they're escalating against iran and they do want to undo this whole deal because person trump wants to do the entire obama legacy but on the other hand there are restrictions i think having the european side with the russians of the chinese against washington that is a big deal having washington go on the defensive because it's going to do much about this is a big deal having the north koreans learned that you cannot trust the americans with any deal that is a big deal and last but not least there's more reporting from washington about why it is than thrum himself cannot be trusted with the nuclear button because now they're perhaps congress wants to pass a new legislation that says president wrong nice to have a declaration of war from congress before anything gets against north korea or iran
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because they're afraid that president trump himself might order a nuclear attack the third is not coming from to have iran at this point in time or the near future apparently it's coming from the white house thank you. well as much more to tell you about this hour turkish troops are leaving to syria's edler problems as part of a deescalation deal with iran and russia are. also dead in kenya as police dispersed people defying a ban on election protests and then later in the pilot program while number one rafael nadal is in action at the shanghai last as annual tell you how he did in sports. now myanmar's leader unsung suchi has used a red televised address to call for unity to resolve the revenger crisis she's been on the pressure for not condemning the army's alleged abuses against the muslim
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minority most of the refugees who fled myanmar for bangladesh a traumatized by what they experienced in account. jim that one woman who lost most of her family four resume a big there is nothing but pain. my baby was in my lap when the soldiers hit me and he fell out of my arms then they pulled me closer to the wall and i could hear that he was crying in after a few minutes i could hear that they were hitting him too she tells us soldiers for me a mars army had set a fire outside the house they were in and then the unthinkable. my baby was thrown into the fire and then they raped me these are pictures of resume a son sadik he was one and a half years old and very playful a happy child she still can't believe is gone. i feel like i'm burning on the
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inside then she breaks down. as she wails in agony resume screams out for her mother. a mother who is also no longer alive when her village of two literally in the district of rakhine state was attacked resume says her parents two sisters and brother were killed as well having fled me and mar resume and her husband are a feat now live in the cooper long camp in bangladesh resume on refeed story is similar to what we've heard from many other survivors are refugees who shared their terrifying accounts of having been brutalized by soldiers and me and mars army many described witnessing mass killings gang rapes beheadings and numerous other
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atrocities human rights and.


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