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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 14, 2017 1:00am-1:34am AST

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from the bamboo harvest is navigating dangerous rapids from the time with the park to the time we finish we're scared to the fish and dicing with death. i'm afraid of falling i'm afraid of dying but if i don't go by coughing my family need the men who go to the extreme just to make a living. but you have to be a strong swimmer otherwise it's safe and risking it all vietnam at this time on al-jazeera. i am announcing today that we cannot and will not make this certification the us president slams iran as a move state and sets off
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a chain of events that could lead to the collapse of its landmark nuclear deal. the iranian reactions been swift president has some rouhani says the speech was full of false statements and baseless claims. of their julien macdonald this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. position protesters defy a ban on demonstrations in kenya two are shot dead by police. tensions escalate in northern iraq kurdish forces evacuate villages side of coca-cola over fears of an iraq it's high. a more problems for said africa's president jacob zuma as a key court ruling goes against him. all of their very warm welcome to the program u.s.
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president donald trump has laid out an aggressive new strategy on iran he did not pull the u.s. of the nuclear deal struck in july twenty fifteen but he's decided not to certify iran as being in compliance with the accord wants congress to toughen u.s. policy towards iran and if it can't reach an agreement trump says he'll terminate the deal he'll also ask congress to find a way to punish iran for its ballistic missile program the current deal only covers it so you clear activities and his administration will punish some members of iran's revolutionary guard but it will not be declared a so-called terror organization really how could reports from washington d.c. . he's often threatened to tear up the landmark deal with iran but in the end u.s. president donald trump stopped short of pulling out of the two thousand and fifteen agreement to limit its nuclear program for now and even though his own administration has twice certify that iran is complying with the deal he now says
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he won't do it again i am announcing today that we cannot and will not make this certification. we will not continue down a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence more terror and the very real threat of iran's nuclear breakout that is why i am directing my administration to work closely with congress for months trump has accused his predecessor barack obama of being myopic in negotiations with iran focusing only on iran's nuclear program but not the financing of groups trump says are causing instability in the region the president has directed the u.s. congress to potentially revamp u.s. law to set up tough new standards. if iran by a late arbitrary trigger point lifted sanctions could be put back in place senate
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republicans are already drafting legislation supported by top democrats who have always viewed the twenty fifteen deal as somewhat imperfect we're saying if they're not in compliance we're all with together on this where am the administration also has its sights on another ronnie and target the country's revolutionary guard new u.s. treasury sections are being imposed which donald trump says are long overdue critics say these actions put international relations at risk and could spell the end of the deal painstakingly negotiated over more than a decade this deal was working it was delivering the iranians were living up to it the i.a.e.a. certified eight times in iran was at hearing today a deal trump took a perfectly working deal and transformed it into a crisis with the decision that he made today donald trump has shifted u.s. iran policy and he's not entirely ruling out withdrawing from the agreement
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altogether i may do that the deal is terrible but for all his tough talk against iran donald trump has for now taken little action ceding that responsibility to the u.s. congress to take the next steps or none at all kimberly helped get al-jazeera washington . well iran's reaction to charm statement was swift same as robbie has more now from tehran a swift and strong response from the uranium president hassan rouhani saying of donald trump's speech that it seemed as though the american president needed a history lesson and then he proceeded to give him one he reminded people that it was the u.s. central intelligence agency that backed a coup that toppled the democratically elected government here in one nine hundred fifty three he also reminded people of the nine hundred eighty eight shooting down a civilian airliner by an american warship he also reminded people that it was the u.s. that backed saddam hussein in iraq against iran during the one nine hundred eighty
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s. iran iraq war and he said these were all examples of why iran had every right to pursue any reasonable defensive capability that it deems necessary chaumont. are you worried about it rainy a missile what about those weapons you give every day to aggressor countries i know targeting of the oppressed people of yemen with planes and bombs that you built yourself you don't have any protest about those weapons and that's aggression and you targeted all platforms you are always the aggressor in this region our weapons our missiles of defending ourselves we have always been determined and today we are more determined to defend ourselves president rouhani speech was unmistakably defiant in tone designed to match the aggressive tone and rhetoric coming out of the white house he also took an opportunity to defend the revolutionary guard a group in iran that he says enjoys a great deal of public support he also addressed trends criticism of anti-american
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slogans chanted by iranian demonstrators saying that those slogans were not meant to target american people but instead those slogans were meant to target the wrong policies of the american government. they use foreign policy federica more grainy a key figure in negotiating the agreement responded immediately with their all news conference she says the u.s. can't terminate the deal this clearly is not in the hands of any president of any country in the world to terminate an agreement of this sort because this is a un security council resolution this is a plan of action that sets things to be done commitments nuclear related commitments and only nuclear related commitments and that is been implemented so the presence of united states as many powers not this one.
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at least two protesters have been shot dead in kenya after more demonstrations against the electoral commission face use tear gas to disperse opposition protests in the country's three main cities the protests have been banned kenyans are due to vote in two weeks time in a rerun of all this presidential election which was a nod by the supreme court opposition leader raul adding the pulled out of the race this week he says the election board had failed to institute reforms to guarantee a free and fair vote for me the miller has more from the capital my will be small scale protests have continued in different parts of kenya and that's despite a ban on protests taking place in the central business district of the three main cities the opposition says banning these protests is unconstitutional and they want to continue demanding electoral changes from the electoral body now we understand that at least two people were killed in the bondo town in the western part of kenya
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when a group of demonstrators tried to storm a police station and that's when police opened fire now the concern is that there could be excessive force by the police in these demonstrations if we look back to demonstrations in the week immediately after the august eighth elections a human rights bodies released a report saying at least thirty seven people were killed at that time and it's only in all of these cases besides two that police report indicated police used excessive force we expect to see more demonstration in the coming days as the electoral commission prepares for a rerun of the presidential of vote on the twenty sixth of october. south africa's supreme court of appeal is upheld a high court ruling to reinstate seven hundred eighty three old corruption and fraud charges against president jacob zuma
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a date back to before he said office in two thousand and nine simmons says he is disappointed by the course decision and denies any wrongdoing on your page reports it took less than fifteen minutes for the supreme court of appeal to reject the president's latest attempt to avoid corruption charges. are dismissed because. the charges relate to allegations during a multi-million dollar deal from the one nine hundred ninety s. they were controversially dropped in two thousand and nine clearing the way for jacob zuma to become president the reason given by the prosecutor at the time was that secretly recorded phone conversations showed political interference last year the high court ruled the decision to drop the charges was irrational and they should be reinstated some legal experts say with the supreme court now dismissing his latest appeal the ruling must be enforced his action over the last decade smacker with this provoked him to avoid this event. these are actions of
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a man who has a lot to answer so in this light leaves a gentleman i'll be writing to the national prosecuting authority that there's not a public prosecutions are. insisting that in fact jacob zuma is served with an indictment and appears in court. at the soonest the available. but the n.p.a. the national prosecuting authority sees it differently it says that because the supreme court didn't explicitly say the charges are reinstated that means it's able to reconsider the investigation that judge lewis did not instruct the m.p.'s it is one of the girls that we are greeted them are telling the people that are the court has not instructed to reinstate the charges it was just a matter that with it and pay for equal to give a shit this is an important decision because it's being interpreted differently by
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the opposition democratic alliance which is doggedly pursued the president and the n.p.a. it's not as decisive as it might same ultimately there are still several options available to president zuma who has always strongly denied the allegations the national prosecuting authority says it will do the right thing and follow the law but some opposition parties say it's current here is an ally of president jacob zuma making the prosecution of a president who is facing mounting opposition seem unlikely tinier page al-jazeera bloemfontein south africa still to come on the program just two survivors from tens of thousands the freak weather that's why ted a whole generation of penguin. and the genre defying african film is breaking new ground in this year's london film festival all that and more when we come back.
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welcome back we have a trough of low pressure which is going to cause some problems across eastern parts of australia you see this line of facilitation extending down through towards brás been that's where we could see him pretty some pretty heavy and persistent rain over the next few days elsewhere fine for sydney and melbourne if not particularly warm some showers across parts of western australia though for perth it should be dry on saturday little bit cooler as we head on through to sunday but at stage you can still see that rain lingering in parts of the east let's head across into new zealand where we've got rather cloudy skies will be some brightness around but also some showers pushing in the same really goes for sunday as we head on through the day the maybe more the way of clothes building up across the western side of the south island but the north anna not faring too badly with a high of seventeen expected in or cleaned up into northeastern parts of asia and
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here we've got a lot of cloud across more southern parts of china and down through to the south and we're going to see an area of rain developing towards shanghai and pushing up across the south during the course of sunday so staged for sapporo it's looking dry and bright with highs of ten fine conditions expected across the korean peninsula the risk of some showers in beijing during the day heis here of seventeen. on counting the cost of scrabble made in japan kobe seal admits that it fakes data on the photos used by the world's biggest makers of planes trains and automobiles plus a bubble trouble why the i.m.f. is signaling danger ahead for the global economy even as growth ticks counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. with al-jazeera is our eyes and ears on the ground in southern africa identifying the crucially important stories for the audience that's incredibly.
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our minds and our top stories here now to see where u.s. president donald trump has laid out an aggressive new strategy on iran but he did not pull the u.s. of a nuclear deal struck in july twenty fifteen iran's president has some money has hit back saying the speech was full of false statements and baseless claims he says tehran will stick to the deal. at least to protest as in kenya has been shot dead in more demonstrations calling for reform of the electoral commission. the united states says it's working to ensure my mounting tensions between kurdish and iraq authorities iran could could do not escalate kurdish forces of evacuated
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a number of villages to the south of the city amid fears of an attack by iraqi government troops and militia fighters charles stratford has more from erbil in northern iraq the kurdish regional government took a.r.g. says iraqi government troops and shia militia forces have moved closer to the peshmerga positions. the peshmerga have controlled kirkuk and surrounding area since two thousand and fourteen after defending it against eisele when the iraqi army fled but kirkuk one of iraq's two main oil producing regions is disputed the peshmerga say they will not withdraw and will defend the city and its oil at any cost. how quickly they are now ready how large numbers of popular mobilization forces and other iraqi forces of arrived in this area south of cook this is dangerous and threatens war we did not come here to fight the iraqi army but if any forces try to overcome our front lines we will stand up to them. the
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iraqi prime minister hydrilla body denies his forces have moved into the area to take control of the oil fields from the peshmerga our armed forces cannot and will not attack our citizens whether arab or kurd he said it's been more than two weeks since the kurds celebrated the referendum on secession from iraq. since then turkey says it will gradually take control of its land border neighboring iran has made similar threats the federal government has banned international flights to and from the kurdish region of iraq and a federal court has issued arrest warrants for members of the kayla g.'s electoral commission and now the k r g says it is under straight from the same forces it worked with to defeat eisel in northern iraq. the peshmerga say they have voluntarily withdrawal from an area south of kirkuk in order to ease tension with
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nearby iraq each government forces but with thousands of pressure being deployed to kirkuk i needed the k r g all the baghdad government willing to talk face to face unconditionally about the results of the controversial referendum there are mounting phase of the sensual new conflict in northern iraq it's all stuff at al-jazeera the bill. a spokesman for man was there on the song city has told the reuters news agency she's appalled at the way enjoy a crisis but needs to tread carefully to not inflame the situation she's been on the pressure for not condemning the army's alleged abuses against the muslim minority most of the refugees who fled me and bangladesh are badly traumatized by what they've experienced in a camp a cox's behind our mohammed jiang june met one woman who lost most of her family
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for resume a big there is nothing but pain. and a good a little of this was my baby was in my lap and when the soldiers hit me and he fell out of my arms then they pulled me closer to the wall and i could hear that he was crying in after a few minutes i could hear that they were hitting him too she tells us soldiers for me and mars' army had set a fire outside the house they were in and then the unthinkable. my baby was thrown into the fire and then they raped me these are pictures of resume a son sadik he was one and a half years old and very playful a happy child she still can't believe is gone and i feel like i'm burning on the inside then she breaks down.
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as she wails in agony resume screams out for her mother. a mother who is also no longer alive when her village of tula tooley in the district of rakhine state was attacked resume says her parents two sisters and brother were killed as well having fled me and maher resume and her husband now live in the cooper long camp in bangladesh resume and story is similar to what we've heard from many other survivors are refugees who shared their terrifying accounts of having been brutalized by soldiers and me and mars army many described witnessing mass killings gang rapes beheadings and numerous other atrocities human rights investigators are accusing me and mars government of carrying out crimes against humanity a charge me and mars government denies with more than half a million rohinton refugees having fled me and more in the past six weeks medical
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aid and psychological support is in very short supply it's one reason rifi is so worried sometimes she says her head feels like it's twisting and that she can't to liberate it so sometimes she looks at the photos of our baby and she screams and cries every single day she cries says that until they have money resume i can't get any more treatment for the head and jaw wound she sustained when she was also beaten by the soldiers and so resume a sits alone and traumatized longing for a family that perished and a home that no longer exists. at the could to prolong camp in cox's bazar bangladesh. the new head of unesco's been announced as former french cultural secretary adri as she takes on the role of the time of uncertainty for the un's cultural agency after the united states and israel announced they would withdraw
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earlier this week natasha bottler reports. she didn't start out as the favorite but at the end of a tense week of voting for audrey as les emerged as the winner. unesco's executive board picked the french former culture minister as his new director general replacing bell guerin area. as a later takes over at a turbulent time for the organization the u.s. and israel say they're pulling out accusing it of anti israel bias. at this time of crisis i think it's more important than ever to invest in unesco supported seek to reinforce or reformers and not to lay her. at forty five as a way will be the youngest head of unesco she was a cultural advisor to former french president francois hollande before becoming culture minister her father as an advisor to the king of morocco she beat katter's hammered by only two votes her selection has disappointed those who said that after
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decades of european and north american heads it was the arab world's turn i think this is a disappointment for many many other citizens. for i mean the. but anyway. that the elected. she will be doing. for. action. begins her term in office she will face some tough challenges she takes are an organization the critics say is in desperate need of reform and you'll have to work hard to try and heal the divisions. image and not state is central funding the us stopped is eighty million dollar a year contributions in two thousand and eleven of the us gave palestinians full membership israel followed suit and japan also cut funds last year after a different. politicize. what it
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could do better than it has until now is ovoid divisions that lead to some countries abandoning its abandoning the ship and leaving it without funding and without a consensus you know sco was created in the off to mouth of world war two to promote peace through international co-operation in education science and culture some say as a late doesn't have enough experience to resolve its problems others say her use will bring a fresh approach and a much needed change in the taj al-jazeera paris. venezuelans will vote in the general elections on sunday twenty three governorships are up for grabs and the opposition is predicted to win most of them to raise a bow has more from the capital caracas. media like a part of the place where the opposition gathered to carry out the protests against
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the government for months this place used to be filled with protesters that marched toward the center of the city where now that they've had people it completely empty and one of the reasons is mostly because of sunday's election the opposition and the government are both focused on sunday's vote for the opposition it's a possibility of winning governorship and seeing where they stand and for the government it is a way of saving face in a way even though their collections are long over you they should have happened december last year they want to show that in benefits elections do happen and that there is not a dictatorship going through a deep political and economic crisis with shortages of food of medicine now shortages appassionata very common when you walk around the long line people that are lining up in a.t.m. for example to be able to get only thirty times up a dollar because there is not enough field on the street so far and they both go so
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far here the situation has been people. firefighters in the u.s. are continuing to battle wildfires that have killed thirty one people across the state of california dry windy conditions are making it hard to bring twenty separate blazes some of the control under subpoena have been injured and four hundred or so unaccounted for around three and a half thousand homes and businesses have also been destroyed. tens of thousands of penguin chicks are starved to death in antarctica in what conservationists are describing as a catastrophic breeding season it's the second bad season five years for the breed of adelie penguins with all but two of the chicks dying scientists say is caused by unusually high amounts of ice late in the season but that's all penguins having to travel further for food east antarctica is home to about thirty six times in the adelie penguins where danny is head of the world wildlife fund for nature's pole a program in the u.k. and he says this penguin colony can recover but it will need help. we can ensure
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that there are no krill fisheries. that overlap with the areas that the penguins go to to feed and indeed on monday next week there's a major international meeting happening in hobart in australia it's called camelot that's the commission for the conservation of antarctic marine living resources and camera considering a proposal that's been put down by strayer and the european union for a new marine protected area which would protect some of the amazing warlock in this area including a deli and emperor penguins the good news is that those same birds will return to the same colony next year and try all over again so whilst it was a catastrophic breeding attempt this year they will try again it only penguins are very hardy little birds. witchcraft in zambia masculinity in south africa and folk
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tales from swaziland are just some of the african themes at this year's london film festival reports on have filmmakers from the continent are challenging the way africa is depicted on screen. it looks like a western a familiar genre for audiences but five fingers from us a is set against the backdrop of south africa's eastern cape. director michael matthews who's dusted down the genre creating something thrilling and fresh. why don't we take a picture together. the camera. another african film with a unique style is i am not a witch based on a real witch camp in ghana it's a comment on women's place in society told with humor critics according directive on god and ione a new voice in cinema if i if have if i'd been trying out of probably been a different kind of filmmaker in the sense that because i don't know where and i
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was some things i tend to follow rules like literally sort of been very mature about filmmaking and i'd have been different the london film festival really stands out for its support of african cinema because they've got a dedicated programme advisor who seeks out new voices from the continent and the films that they find challenge cultural stereotypes and play with new styles of storytelling like an animation from swaziland but the festival's director says they may struggle to be seen by a wide audience i think we live in very difficult times for artists who are trying to tell stories that are outside the mainstream and or you have to do is look at the u.k. . overall box office results for example and only three to four percent of the on your box office is made by films in a language other than english even though they actually constitute about a third of the films that are released to do that you know to do drugs you know.
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defying the odds the wound has been selected for the oscars a gay love story set inside the traditional african practice of initiation is this sort of. you know the form speaks about things that are really relatable it speaks about not just masculinity but the notions of of i think toxic masculinity and the way in which men raised talk to behave. and that is something that is. not just doesn't just impact on men or on closer men or african men but that's not something that affects all of us new talent new styles that will hopefully reach a new audience charlie under al-jazeera in london. where you can find much more about the stories we're following on our website head to al-jazeera dot com. before we go let's take another quick look at the top stories u.s. president almost trump has laid out an aggressive new strategy on iran but he did
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not pull the u.s. of the nuclear deal struck in july twenty fifteen wants congress to find a way to punish iran for its ballistic missile program in addition to its nuclear activities he also says he will not certify iran is complying with the deal which he has to do every ninety days we cannot and will not make this certification we will not continue down a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence more terror and the very real threat of iran's nuclear breakout that is why i am directing my administration to work closely with congress and our allies to address the deal's many serious flaws so that the iranian regime can never threaten the world with nuclear weapons iran's president has and will hani was quick to hit back saying
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chump speech was full of false statements a baseless claims he says tehran will stick to the nuclear deal. the u.s. foreign policy chief who was a key figure in the go sheeting that agreement is also backing the deal federica more greeny says it is not a bilateral agreement and the u.s. can't terminate it. at least two protesters in kenya have been shot dead and more demonstrations against the electoral commission bases tear gas to disperse opposition protests in the country's three main cities kenyans are due to vote in two weeks time in a rerun of all this presidential election which was a novelty by the supreme court. united states says it's working to ensure minding tensions between kurdish and iraqi authorities around cook could do not to escalate kurdish forces of evacuating a number of villages to the side of the city amid fears of an attack by iraqi government troops a militia find this a spokesman for me and was lead to aung sang suu kyi has told the reuters news agency the de facto leader is a pole of the range
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a crisis that needs to tread carefully to not inflame the situation that she controls the government of the country but not the country's military. that's all for me for now and the team here in london counting the cost looks at still making a scandal in japan but by. the man who negotiated the dismantling of apartheid and scrapped south africa's nuclear program i don't think we needed the bomb but some of my prediction is that they want to use it as a deterrent south africa's former president declared al-jazeera i just. follow i'm adrian for the good this is the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week made in japan kobe steel japan.


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