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tv   Circus of Hope  Al Jazeera  October 15, 2017 7:32pm-8:01pm AST

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member has denied any responsibility for the attack. the final assault is underway to root out eisel fight is still holed up in pockets of the northern syrian city of raka u.s. backed syrian forces say almost all civilians in about two hundred seventy five i still fighters of left rucka under a deal that was brokered by tribal leaders on saturday between two and three hundred mostly foreign fighters are still inside the city iraq's kurdish leadership has rejected baghdad's demand that it cancels the outcome of last month's session referendum as a precondition for talks to resolve the dispute iraqi president ford must soon and iraqi kurdish president massoud barzani have met in solomon mia to discuss the recent military standoff between their forces in the disputed city of kirkuk and in kyrgyzstan the pro-government candidate appears to have scored a majority in the presidential election by jim baker of defied predictions of a second round of voting taking fifty four percent of the vote against just over
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a third for his main rival more than three million characters residents were eligible to vote in the central asian state because he had lines i'll have more news for you in twenty five minutes time that's off the one i want to use which is coming up next a bit later i found out. the camaro rouge once ruled cambodia its oppressive policies by the nation's rich culture performance the band and most artists and musicians here. today a local circus is sparking an artistic revival by turning street kids into world
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class at the bands and at the same time pulling them out of poverty. this week and one on one east we go back stage into the lives of cambodian circus to. live on. their own like the lonely but i'm on our blog about mark on the author of. all the life on gnome go on but i love my family in the show and i played a part of the devil spirit that possesses the body of a despicable man the butt of the tongue mongolian five health plan that the man just wants to fit in and be a part of the community and people above the villages to be checked and appease him for the fact that. the gods on say his plans and turn him into a beautiful woman. look at. the beautiful woman and then take the
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bench in the village asylum. twenty five year old enough really is living out her childhood dream she's a star at far the kemba in circus in the city. young playboy i first saw a circus performance in school when i was a little girl it was amazing how they moved their bodies and their own but after that i knew i wanted to be like them. based on the shelf folk tale for tonight's performance is a story of rejection of friendship and reconciliation with a good dose of humor. truly is known for a contortionist skills and this move never feels the take the crowd's breath away. the circus is one of the biggest attractions in town but it doesn't just entertain
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people it's a lifeline for these performers who have one thing in common they were once hungry street kids who had to work to stay alive. and i do when i was seven. i spent half of my day in school and the other half said i would expect my mother having them then i am a member of the family my family was very poor and then in the early years i trained and performed just to feed myself and we had so many siblings living together one of the seven boys and four girls sat. straight out grew up in the province of butterball three hours drive away. grinding poverty here drives countless children to work on the streets picking through trash to be sold for recycling. many families rely on everyone working hard to scrape by
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. trillions father died of ill health when she was very young leaving her mother to raise eleven children. help came from a local school that provides free education and meals it became a second home. force really up in an older sister. i went to far so there will be fewer miles to feed at home. i studied and ate at school. funded by circus revenue and donations for the subjects you would find in the public school. but is best known for its circus training. inside the gym there is no selection process for it restriction for the kits. anyone dim enough to take a tumble and. combine them into
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a corner i. was the most difficult for me and i'm not a natural talent i'm a normal person but i loved it. and i trained long and hard to be a contortionist. and i often cried when my teacher bent i meant my back hurt my bones hurt whenever trying to bend my body to do splits. my training know how and where to bend me safely but it was so painful i was left in tears. when i got there. surely it's mother has been working in the school kitchen since the husband died ten years ago she was great for the school rescue the kids from a life on the streets can both run off the map back with me on the school has helped poor people like me and my neighbor is just one free meal
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a day for the kids eases the goodness in my long life and. songs of on the thousands of hungry children during our time here and watch them grow up she misses them when they leave none more than a daughter. i miss or a lot. we speak on the foreign but i hardly get to see her. i've never seen her show and see a marine. when she was here in a better mon i used to watch every single show she performed in school warning him that every performance made me happy when they were hunting around. now there is another generation of a family here the ten year old granddaughter. myname. she's very good with the trapeze and she banter with. everyone says she's very plain talk about. today children's teachers once the kids to get used to performing in front of an
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audience. take turns to perform for the class it's all pretty impressive but teacher him food that's high standards. i. put on my plate. i'm a good lesson. for your family. to have done because now we are. told that mom. my first i love what. you typed i don't know if you just. love them or. you don't take their supplements i. don't. jump on them i mean i eat well right now. so why not my love life was my mom. and i was.
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doing what is strictly for the kids love of god we're. going to have young. women look around get over it. and understand i love it when i tell. you. that. but. the fact that i'm all right oh i am going to tax us. five. zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero am sure how well that was she doing. it will take a few more years before the young ones can juggle like most teenagers the screening in the schools because. sixteen year old notes relying is a specific image of an older sister playing on the left but my sister it's really is a contortionist bang in ok i fell in love with this circus when she brought me here
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to watch her training. she's my room model. she's part of a new team hearing up for their first public performance in a few days time where they've been training together every day for several months now and conduit to show off what they can do. those who do well here eventually become professionals the foremost in syria will even get to travel overseas. i want to be a professional i hope to perform in samara and all over the world like my sister and i think at the storyline is a female lead for the student show it's reflected cambodia's changing society. in the story her characters love a returns home after working in the city. she doesn't like how he's turned from a humble farm boy to
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a flashy city slicker. and yes to try and win her heart again. the male lead this nineteen year old. his friends called him long long line grew up together their friends tease them about how realistic that stage romance is. well we. live our lives ok we don't really. care. less whether they will get back together in the future.
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is better known by his nickname brandy. he's one of the stars i'm sorry but he's taking a break. here in. britain . performing days are over. and no one trained. grandy discussed it at the teaches us to form a team for the show. guided us to the level we're at today. but he still takes time to care for.
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their first big performance for the first time it's a full rehearsal that lasts over an hour with hot and stuffy. because i don't have a. right not that time yet no one here at the. brandy gives a pep talk to lift their confidence and reminds them to focus on safety. what worries me was how they rushed when they became tired. i always tell them when you're tired not focus on your breathing. and how it helps their acting concentration and makes them ok. they need to understand the rhythm of breathing and how to follow it.
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let us know the next day they know the tricks one after another. for it's a hike and i'm looking forward to the evening dress rehearsal. like . the morning when you are. randy satisfied with technique the ones don't express themselves better plan. you're going to work on the right to live. here i heard. from him or her. i never hear.
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hear like the old. man how. we get to train as actors so we're a little static and not quite there when we perform. we have a quick bite after the practice that pumped up to such a good rehearsal. but streamline those they've got to get it right each and every time. i'm nervous and excited and even if you train every day you can still in a high stakes go to know that i feel. sure enough that evening the full dress rehearsal goes horribly wrong. they make one mistake after another the school staff in some villages i feel for a peace deal it's a smart libyan's but it isn't usually. they slip up again and again struggling with moves that if you don't so well in training. the tree line recovers as the show goes on but long is having
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a nightmare. that is awful part of our lives they saw the audience and became nervous and frustrated long and the worst possible they performed so stiffly how did you have time. i just went step by step from here today until they lost the feel for what. will be hot i don't want to go i was exhausted so i lost control try to tell you my so nervous on the microphone most of the crowd i was much better yesterday. last longer than your home i picked up morse what happens when a long time don't you love the look on my. back when i need to get up off the back of it to get there but oh man wait a bit to task by what you. were going to done came of the hockey game. but you're only human players and black men but you may come home and i will comment
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while you're on my job after they deliver. there's a lot of pressure riding along this family's pinning their hopes on the circus korea. there's a wooden hut in a rundown neighborhood near the school. long mother had fifteen children mine died from illnesses because they couldn't afford proper nutrition and medical treatment . from when they were very young every day now and his siblings collect the garbage for recycling just to make ends meet. and here. we are a perfect. very poor. the children fell sick often and although was had as garbage collectors to help look after the family. their own money to buy medicine and rice. went far start the school it off
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a course in the arts painting and circus. they let the kids choose a skill the oldest sister learned to paint and now has a job to help the family. father earns an irregular income as a drummer at weddings and funerals. if he does well he can't help and poor family refused. all especially who i don't know. if he makes it as a long starting salary working more than four hundred dollars a month four times the average wage in rural cambodia. that's why he stopped collecting trash two years ago to focus on training and when i turn professional in the future i will help my. build a new house and buy have all the good food and i just. as
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a biker luckily i will practice hard every day until our team is so good that everyone cheers. thank you carol. just the day of the teenager's first public performance that's a full house to impress as it take the first step to becoming a professional thanks for the cheers for the they grow in confidence and turn on the style. audience to love it. my parents are very proud. of. our part i haven't taught my son could be all day long that i'm excited that he has to show up. or come by yet but i'm happy to see my son perform i'm very happy.
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after the show the team has an important visitor. debt and his friends founded a school in one thousand nine hundred four after returning home from a refugee camp following the fall of the camaro. they believe in using the arts to heal the wounds of the war and to empower the rural poor. from fact while the far from our art scene flourished as far back as a twelve to thirteen century learned. many musicians writers and seen as blossomed here especially in the sixty's. but in the seventy's the civil war wiped out the arts and to perform their commander which destroyed everything and when it's still possible we want to use the arts as a recall for us to understand our national identity and the spirit we represents.
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that night straight line goes home to one of very few houses in the neighborhood with concrete walls and cable t.v. it was built thanks to the earnings of her two older sisters from performing at the circus in one of the electric cars we used to live in a rented. wooden heart that leaked when it rained water came in from above and below we couldn't even find a dry spot to have a meal. on the line i often pray for my children's happiness for my family to be safe and free from an illness. and she has a prayer of. one day i would like to see my daughter's straightly act before. i hear a show in c.m. replace amazing they have good music nice lighting and a big crowd. i was happy for her when i heard that.
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i used to hear old people say make a wish when you see a shooting star so i did. and i wished very hard that one day i'll be able to ride in a plane and perform for the circus all over the world. but my childhood wish has come true. enough truly has traveled to europe and across asia with a circus. but she knows this one last forever. injuries catch up with all circus performers in the end. an old injury on her. in two thousand and seven she broke her back during training and couldn't perform for a year. to thank him. every time i feel something there i worry and pray that it's ok because i want to keep performing. i'm not in pain the doctor
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gave me the all clear but it's always at the back of my mind. to prepare for life after the circus really started english classes in theory a few months ago today a classmate is helping her with lessons she missed due to tree. yesterday. miss saunders take. them down and i want to speak english because i want to communicate with for an honest. it will also help me find other jobs any job these days require you to speak english. runs a small unit most far from the big talk to the husband richard a reserve performer in the stage manager at a circus. one of my english is good enough i hope to work in communications at the
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school but the children perform. if not i want to be a circus trainer because i love the craft and the way. the couple are saving up to build a house and start a family in but somebody they've already bought a piece of land yeah mother. but i think a lot about my mother i told her one day i'll bring you to visit somebody but she said no. she's never been here i don't want to see the show but she says she's busy with work. so much reason for surprise we've arranged for special guest to visit from bottom ball. that's the team gets ready for the next show and mother and sister make their way in. for mom will finally get to see her perform at the same room to talk. backstage i asked whom she
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hopes to see most in the stands tonight number nine hundred round out of town you don't play. wrong but she might like to surprise better her sister and mom are excited the hurt so much about this before months. passed the light. and it's show time through that doesn't see them in the shadows. but one of her team mates spots her mother until three between scenes. of the secret's out so this time it's true that executes a signature move it is extra special. i don't. really know how the minister brave you want to say but i brought your mom was obviously a nice surprise. for
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you three. straight out mother has finally seen a performer with a big crowd and the some moisture and history of the car. one assist us realize that's how the place to get the action if you look. there is no sign of fiance it all adds up tonight but one can never say never in cambodia circles of hope was. in recent years the sawhill of north africa has witnessed the so-called war on
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terror. but is this official narrative. masking a larger battle. a battle for the earth's natural resources. shadow war in the sahara at this time. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current of bad that matter to you al-jazeera. is different whether someone telling someone it's very red but it's not a weeny tree thing it's how you approach an individual and if it is a certain way of doing it you can just buy
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a story and fly out. with us documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. somalia declares three days of mourning after saturday's bomb attacks which are reported to have killed more than two hundred people.


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