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tv   The Beirut Spy  Al Jazeera  October 24, 2017 9:00am-10:00am AST

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and we when there were no fanfare kind of hanging on that spot at that time to this is some of the times the story it's the story and films that. i like to turn that i want the viewer in malaysia like al-jazeera english because the news is not fanfic and if any of the news or any of em you can watch on like. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. hello i'm don jordan in doha with a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera the u.s. military is blaming an isolated group for an ambush that killed four of its
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soldiers and earlier this month a senate investigation is looking into how the men died meanwhile the chairman of the joint chiefs says the u.s. will stay in the shed despite the deaths. it is an isis affiliated group and i think what you're bringing up is what we're dealing with in many places is isis and al qaeda isis in this case they try to leverage local insurgencies. and connect those local insurgencies globally this is the challenge that we're dealing with and so our initial assessment is these or local tribal fighters that are associated with isis earlier the widow of one of the men who died criticized president trump for being insensitive johnson says trump struggled to remember her husband's name during a condolence call trump denies the allegation. the political philosophy of china's president will be written into the constitution the edition was approved in the final day of the communist party's congress in beijing she's expected to be
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confirmed as leader for another five years as more from beijing. after their week long kong these are the members of the communist party pouring out of the great hall of the people behind me getting up. to go back and spread the message over china what is that message that's come out of this congress well first and foremost the president is an absolute role of his party not only is his name going to be enshrined into the communist party's constitution that was. his goal. he's also stamped his authority on the personnel in the hall there was a seventy percent in the membership of the central committee of the communist party with one hundred members that the overwhelming majority of the new appointees officially elected but appointees they are. on wednesday will find out membership of the all important. and the seven member standing committee again we can expect to see the supporters dominate. the next five years will be absolutely new
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era as he has specifics while this congress was very light on what that is but this will be. the us secretary of state has made an unannounced visit to iraq after a quick stop in afghanistan. met iraq's prime minister and president but he sparked a rift after calling for iranian backed militias in iraq to end their operations in afghanistan reaffirmed u.s. commitment to defeating the taliban. we have to continue the fight against the taliban and against others in order for them to understand they will never win a military victory and there are we believe moderate voices among the taleban voices that do not want to continue to fight forever they don't want their children to fight so we are looking to engage with those voices and have them again you know reconciliation process lady good peace process and therefore involvement in
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participation in the government the u.s. is considering sanctions against me in moffats treatment of range of muslims the state department says washington may use a human rights law to target leaders all groups involved in the violence in northern rakhine state more than six hundred thousand range have fled to bangladesh to escape the military crackdown. denies accusations of ethnic cleansing the suspects in the killing of the north korean leaders have rather have been brought back to the scene of his death for a reenactment the two women are accused of smearing a nerve agent on kim jong nam at kuala lumpur airport in february they say they were tricked into taking pot the pay could face the death penalty. i saw as being accused of a revenge attack in a syrian town witnesses say fighters killed more than one hundred people before government troops took back pain on saturday ice and accuse the civilians of collaborating with syrian forces the syrian observatory for human rights says the killings took place over
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a three week period. and the sentencing of two white farmers in south africa who forced a black man into custody has been delayed until friday the suspects threatened to burn victim shots while alive they were found guilty of attempted murder you know just. well those were the headlines that he's continues here on al-jazeera after al-jazeera world the bad spot.
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mine's shoreline it's going. i live in. beirut. and i want to have. a message sent from beirut by cohen in the one nine hundred forty s. to the intelligence section of the jewish agency. the agency played a major role in founding israel. and the new states intelligence service would later become mossad started. lasky well it's the gamble with kelly already a lot of mossad mossad. was actually saying. she can be false if he she is when we carry over the illness or the uncle india would again are the. only of the gunshot
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is that what's going to. be further up the lawyer who the men help. me. get is the lokpal bill bledel. ghar ghar a b o the arabic wonder campus minister with actual fasting she will leave. curry other the other the limo route if you can bear it. then even with that if my attorney what i saw they come. back again feed the career and cool car you for the skinny little dismisses. the first arab israeli war started when the un adopted their resolution to partition palestine nine hundred forty seven and continued when israel was founded in one nine hundred forty eight referred to now by palestinians as. the catastrophe. the intelligence service
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mossad started up on the thirteenth of december one thousand nine hundred forty nine. eleven is that it highlights the edges of. the law for the lesser scale and most said well as a. kind of love it a moment of luck and it felt. more set. idea to mention the weather very plainly on the fifth with the level of the lake. i'm with dana come see you know my comment was that bit of jewel door cinema for the car her. philistine believe is a little more sad come a bit of geo wellcome a big hunk. and yet all you came with. was created in faces in the the beginning of june one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. and this was during the war of independence the big david we
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assemble a special meeting in his office and created the israeli intelligence community he declared the creation of three different organizations first military intelligence second shin bet the internal secret service and he basically took the diplomatic department of the jewish agency there you verted that to the ministry of foreign affairs and gave the authority to be the international or the foreign intelligence service of israel in charge of espionage and special assignment out of the borders of israel. but until the. mossad home and mossad your car
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a little. more sat the mossad strategy to it is a mystery to you. well the tally. had the danny model of a lesser bill methyl chattily but he is a master at digital i'm no comal israeli lucky or dark little. devil been good learned sent that many to bring in a sale. we owed killa how long. they're over tell him another month i love the had the strategy let it the polar bear and apple and monica. mark at the at the not the on any list but what is the but what is the one a mere dig in was director general of mossad between two thousand and two and twenty eleven after diggins death and twenty sixteen prime minister benjamin netanyahu said that they can always kept
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a photograph in his office of his grandfather. it showed him being degraded by nazi officers shortly before he was murdered in one nine hundred forty two he said dig in had dedicated his life to ensuring the holocaust would never be repeated and if at the card they were in no. limit to call him an actor to do a bill i. let it on for men international what i mean i lack the betty card it in no lyman is there but it been this will israel i may have the full name of mossad is a mossad limb or dream of it could be me who are doing which means the institute for intelligence and special operations now by its name alone there is a hint to the responsibility of mossad of numerous tasks completely different from each other including one when the mossad is the the only one dealing with in the
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world and this is taking care of jews in rogue states and being involved in first the establishment of a framework. of helping the jews to protect themselves physically from pogroms. wherever they reside and second help them to emigrate to israel and this is where she comes to. the end weekends and fashionable calls and found herself and roundabout route argentina and jerusalem in the beaumont of one nine hundred forty s. the routes she had blue eyes was attractive and classy with a strong presence. she started high society salons frequented by government officials senior military figures and influential businessmen as well as women looking for that same advancement there were plenty of stories about sheila collins
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appealing to the opposite sex. and also. the one model find their way in my home and i could how. shall i met. a lot about. fear. here and not. go ahead. with it. was one thing you know what i feel i'm a wind i'm a beloved a lot of the other and it was a lot. when former. philistine and a lot the others i was about to have there's a washer well there's a car wash oh well it. there were kind of. you and i kind of. force missile who are not unless you had the market you.
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really have. in the early one nine hundred thirty s. konstam really had financial problems so her parents decided to marry the sixteen year old shoes off to a wealthy jewish lebanese businessman joseph from beirut. take his six lived in wadi aborigine and in the jewish quarter in beirut and had seven children. she was part of the years really the through says and she knew the israelis she was dying is and when she went to lebanon she feels herself not just as a zionist but as somebody who was sent not by the government by by herself because we are talking about buying nearing time when people think that they are doing something in the media to do something not what the country asked them to do but
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what they want to go forward to do for the country mossad the israeli. television a limit. allows. only already from the point of view from of mossad having very being very in huge shortage of assets in arab countries she was perfect and they had no one else. of course this was coming from from a lack of other resources because to recruit a jew living in his own city under its own identity it means huge risk for him and he suspected just by being a jew it's not entirely clear how call him became a spy one theory is she always wanted to be involved in building israel another but she was recruited in jerusalem and her marriage to kris was
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a front either way her husband's beirut shop gave her the chance to meet travelling merchants who talked about fighters training on lebanon southern border the story goes she sent a message with a traveling salesman to a jewish settlement in palestine what is the article you had. the cool how to feel young. and i who do you mean by a lot and was sorry the come in canada here meant approach a kind of home and second we have. because you know how to hack and at the road. feel i'm one of them at the yahoo d.f.e. that look at the can we have had one more almost routine fee that let americans fear. that event in kind here and i'm bad that all member that all know who a comment that i like on the weeks passed and soon i heard nothing in reply
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to her message to palestine. then a man knocked at the door saying he was delivering a message from her family. when she opened the letter it was from the jewish agency asking her to help hide a jewish man named vandar the beirut where the i was moved to the. why are they assert on the top what are the level of street beard in. the one nine hundred forty six to nine hundred forty eight where the times where israeli intelligence. planted the seeds. for its network in arab countries like lebanon and syria insure cohen the connection the relations the establishment relation between israeli intelligence where established at the time
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soon as first mission went well and established her credentials in assisting the secret passage of jews through lebanon into palestine. she was then contacted by a man from the south called luther and hopped along the west to become a key figure in her spy network. he told her that israeli security wanted to meet her in a small town on the lebanon palestine border it was the first time shooter had crossed the border since her marriage in her memoirs she later roads. i travel by jeep from beirut to the area i stayed in new says house until late at night his men were monitoring border patrols to secure my journey the call and. let me just. set the second had. always had a them and high idea. mara be is nick we feel are gonna this nigger
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musselshell are gonna yet lope be the moment that either he or. we are at. a law millennia and a thought menu that are there but. other than us had let alone many of them are just done more homely. let's go back to the fifty's what wars is really thinking about. the people who are coming after the border the people are coming to make some sabotage that i can think of that was important to the israeli intelligence but the most important thing was that she was there. that it was them that was the big success the big success they did not the information that she was she gave but that she was there and the people from here from the army could come to the prime minister to bangor yon and said we have spies in the heart of lebanon.
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among those who helped shoot was a french jew called george moved. she met him at a reception in one of beirut's palatial homes. and his wife supplied cohen with secret ink and transmission devices to help her communicate with her contacts over the border. so at the beginning they used very old methods including pigeons. with. very small papers with secret ink or coded ink that were. sent. from lebanon to israel and the answer from yes well to lebanon to shura or to the other people were through the israeli radio so it's when some kind of code words or songs for example even songs of of the hellene half as it was
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a some kind of fair a first sign to the other people yes we got your message. some of them were given most code machines at the beginning very very simple using very simple code and later on with burst transmitters that. narrowed down the time needed for the actual transmission of the message surely gradually enlarged her spy and support network arabs rejected the idea of jewish immigration into palestine and after the second world war the british continued to restrict entry. and played a key role in alya that the secret smuggling of jews through lebanon into palestine i remember the day i accompanied syrian jewish families across the border i was seven months pregnant and had to do the journey with them until i walked for hours
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when i met the agents they were surprised to see my big belly and didn't hide their admiration for. a. gun under. the law of the law or. i don't you already know where the me. is that even notice. i. am. known. when i come in new york of the woods yet. to have. a hood if i. wonder the whole of her dude the hose on. but said she was in touch with a lot of people from the lebanese bureaucracy in order to make this work she had
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people inside some of the lebanese department of custom and others that. use any sort of forged passports to make sure that if some of these convoys are being caught. then she. is called soft pillow it means that when something goes wrong you in advance you prepare some sort of mechanism that would enable you to get out of this without causing too much damage. in the early one nine hundred fifty s. lebanon tightened its border controls making it harder to smuggle jews of different nationalities into israel. and started moving them by sea through and mary support in beirut on a weekly journey aboard what was called the wednesday. meanwhile rumors grew about the goings on at cohan salons and their clientele he said mark
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o'mara and under. janet thomas alone or whether it was a minimalist. gun with either the men. in the bar owners we are able to assess see the most notable ballot. than most other health care it's called there are a lot of support. that if. the metadata family like in hell bennett child like it. did. ari folman monument. most of them are. going to it's a couple of. america not. the who are on what the far. away at that and the like mike and.
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him are here while been athletic at the labor. market in why the obama man. sort of kind of that silat was our my you had the id there every month the cry a lot of you who saw some feel of nine. stories abounded about sulaco hands beirut's lifestyle her salons and the services she offered some say she turned the rambo bar and hombre street into a brothel and the olympia casino into a high level rendezvous largely for rightwing party leaders. and if that guy in the. group you begin. are you holding up the world in rio we were there was real kerridge early new year you know how us nobody can meet him a father of the. roof or my enemy will get the short
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aquarian deep in. the middle they are mobster idea when michael is out of it gets a. couple justice i mean like in one nine hundred fifty eight the army commander for actually have was elected president of lebanon to help deal with israel he set up. the second office the lebanese security and intelligence service. you live out of woman with a layer how more i don't know but now all came free much more no meds but smoking free more dearie. a thorough iesus saw this but i learned how you can free how about my plan your lot or how the army will eat klara northern army lambie be a mile a minute or lot of arkansas far out my left are free so. i mean but the
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numbers are but knowledge is how law was unfair among the old people are known as the sar law the word sorry senior military figures were recruited to the dizzy. like and when side tiny nine for the hunt and family how to. go in. the herd. yeah. they. do israeli couldn't hear me they. know they even. if they're green so. well i felt like i do ok red light.
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and you get down to it but you are right there. then. with any. lady didn't an hour biskra be that what we'll do is a car with them we can mount gambier hoda zhang will see if the same ilk of people yeah hibs didn't jaish us sons about bigger bus muffy benzine surely our middle our side are full of words shared by the year and the that are bound mini act at a minimum of the read the g.'s seven are part of lear armies and needs are but just that in the air we are but the c.r. what are. music monday coming up in part two lebanese intelligence sets a trap for sure local hen contrived by the man with whom she had fallen in love.
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with. the nor how that i'm a kind of what about a militant god or behaves and nor man's in the full work while in the compound other i'm not sure i'll bad for the hot shot i was a little miller the daughter. in a country beset by poverty and lack of infrastructure. sometimes we risk our lives in taking these roads with care that saving lives is it dangerous jobs or vaccines talks on a good twenty four hours there are patients waiting for these mothers who must be paid lives worth risking a week ago one of the gang stops on because of the road attacking it with what for them risking it all guinea at this time on al jazeera.
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al jazeera has swept every us. al-jazeera recounts the shocking story of the assassination of count folke abene dot. the first u.n. envoy trying to bring peace to the middle east how is negotiations with him helped to save thousands of jews from nazi concentration camps and how these mediation skills put him at the vanguard in the quest for peace in the middle east. killing the count at this time on al-jazeera. with the headlines on al-jazeera the u.s. military believes an isolating to group was behind an ambush that killed four
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american soldiers in need share this month earlier the widow of one of the sergeants who died criticized president on all trumped for being insensitive to ring a condolence phone call the political philosophy of china's president xi jinping will be written into the constitution the addition was approved on the final day of the communist party's congress in beijing she is expected to be confirmed as leader for another five years and retirements has more now from beijing. i only chairman mao has his full name and in the constitution at the moment. i'm sleeping and other president will be named in the constitution they've only heard the or even mentioned thought is seen as a much higher. much higher level to have achieved in history do you think of it she did while president and while alive is totally unprecedented the u.s. secretary of state has made an unannounced visit to iraq after
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a quick stop in afghanistan rex tillerson met iraq's prime minister and president but he did spark a rift after calling for iranian backed militias in iraq to end their operations in afghanistan to listen reaffirmed u.s. commitment to defeating the taliban. we have to continue the fight against the taliban and against others in order for them to understand they will never win a military victory and there are we believe moderate voices among the taleban voices that do not want to continue to fight forever they don't want their children to fight so we are looking to engage with those voices and have them engage in a reconciliation process ladies good peace process and therefore involvement and participation in the government the u.s. is considering sanctions against me for its treatment of a range of muslims the state department says washington may use a human rights law to target leaders or groups involved in the violence in rakhine state the suspects in the killing of the north korean leader's half brother had
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been brought back to the scene of his death for a reenactment the two women are accused of smearing a nerve agent on kim jong nam at kuala lumpur airport in february they say they were tricked into taking part in the pack could face the death penalty those are your headlines the news continues on al-jazeera al-jazeera world the favorite spot but i. call him was born of jewish parents in argentina grew up in israel but at sixteen moved to beirut with her new husband joseph. she was recruited to israeli intelligence and was part of the huge operation called baths bringing jews from europe the middle east and north africa into palestine which could only be done through smuggling until israel was founded in one nine hundred forty eight. in the late one nine hundred fifty s. lebanon formed its own intelligence service of all which included senior army
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officers like sammy and then he. moved in and had a mill good value to me with about the vehicle you but i knew when they had a bit helps. i don't go on madama no i love bill or who looked like a model of. the day he thought it to you to be any who would resist but out. here to look away yeah i was at the la mugs i mean you are just being full of them in the little rays rush it got on me i met a new man and i. was i that were not in the yeah if you die the alley area how left. i learned well and was a blogger and left me yeah well plain as mud as mud
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that you wish to buy him him in while the view a lot of the man who got out of the well as a mahmoud our. mahmoud zahar what was a senior lebanese government official who found himself at the center of a huge financial scandal in lebanon in the late one nine hundred fifty s. . vast sums of money went missing from lebanese banks and the one nine hundred sixty one and inquiries by minister of finance rashid cut on me put the how of the under scrutiny. of the moroccan with money had the mood on. the run i'm a homebody i mean my mood i was a. lot of them as i. was i would. immoral have been had he how little of what we had who knew how they say there are these again my lawyer to us was a logger who live on. the highlight was who was lying
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but that doesn't. know you'll agree unless i say they are the image that i live with any well of who they are we weighed. well you know we're. in the limbo. easily yet the man view of the law. even though all of the had designs himself on shula cohon he introduced her to a man called simon he was an attractive young blue eyed man in his twenty's and would play a big part in swingers life. he started giving private lessons to call his children but unbeknown to her he was an undercover intelligence agent linked to the dizzy i'm below called me lad and i had a hack. yes this movie of. the. sea for mother.
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was out to be her camomile. when you read them how about for be my plastic d.n.a. it came to. be called on a. yearly door a c c b mode or call him. simon or me. reported to gavino who would in the disease. his brief was to get as close to cohan as possible. with me and you claim my luck and i are. going to feed bill for a silent low look at what i did. kind of a look. in her memoirs cohen later roads i facilitated simon's meetings with israeli intelligence officers in more than one country the meetings were particularly held in rome. i accompanied him on
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a number of trips through turkey and i accompanied him on a chip to tel aviv to. on that day the cost of officer stamped my passport and my return to beirut was not possible without sinus intervention he contacted a friend of hers issued a second passport for me very quickly. ten years her junior but she left fell in love with her. one hundred one her heart he got to work on dating her complete confidence has a body for a bit of me says me live. i live. i hate the thought water. leak and. yet it came in and i'm already i'm being no you had a ten minute call but the it took a d.
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it to feel active. unfortunately. died in twenty thirteen without divulging many of the details and secrets of his relationship with sulaco hand. or the undercover plot he carried out the who would and lebanese intelligence. sami was also involved. had read you who do not list them but. they say they are the only one so. far. that they haven't been up to me. when i. was there another measure other than me will be really really really. big lead that you loved as well the very deep and very little
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dish and how. good the bottle of good how will the. allure of the world of you. know anything about his body. the co-head surveillance operation was carried out with the support of lebanese president for archie had. sami how deep was there and other officers were disguised as market traders and newspaper sellers to keep a constant eye on cohan meanwhile she continued to use her cafes casinos salons and sexual services to pass on information to assad about the lebanese and syrian government says there's enough shelter headed and you have to stay late you
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know who really hate him. but then they'd lose two rows. in a cell as a. little way into a new good. with a good luck a lot of. live view and here we love you know. your name good to the bill our enemy. that is e.m.p. all officers analyze the information sheila collected and sent to israel as well as investigating members of her network and their roles. there was a lot of cross border correspondence about lebanese and other arab politicians as well as intelligence on military movements. call him brought all the information in secret in and sent it to massage the messengers using mountain tracks to get to
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israel. reza little e in the above a little there a limb with a little bit more of the up for sale so the word no but. when none of the other the green room and my room it looks really i scurry on for a good read and. one as the allegation one as well the booklet they. cared to sell was the. lead the lead if you know about the resiliency where they are the the game i'm going to got that it will and l. about it is a really. cold and never suspected sign and army lad then added and continued to involve him in her activities. but all the while
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the investigation was closing in on her. there cannot watch of. the uk under there and you know not have a good yes as he is really out there work really well. phil yet the actor. motherhood there after. they die. and let the. then. the learned to and then i think oh but. i'm in a hopeless thing with. after two months of surveillance it's easier to be a whore decided it had all the information on co he needed it planned the raid for the ninth of august one thousand nine hundred eighty one and. with play our vital
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role of a. little color martial a criminal a comet have to have if humans here for that i had to have come a larger. almost a month well. if and how that i'm a kind of with a but i'm a little carter behind no man's ill will to work while i'm compelled by that i'm not sure i'll bad for the hot shot i was at the school who. call and was obviously shocked to discover her lover simon was working for lebanese intelligence. but she seems to have responded to the situation once confronted by the. dozen all of. the remission everything and. i mean i bit him then i'm really. really.
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you know it helen million and to the american girl no good mother there were that little cupboard are lush or like wayne why and that one. oh well she added they are all are merely oh well i mean really being come out. of the living. cut off well our an army and persian. then the man oh man you lay out. one more me and him give me. a year and i learned that i don't get much more cash or free. power effects like wayne let me write that all my little ninny you know me time alone mom i know. the most they will come it's of me and you just to see.
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shine a little and suddenly the real arm a look many a key. member stark where the shock and. some are not logged in the. society was shocked by cohen's arrest and the revelations about her spine. at the same time. gained huge pristine from the operation and enhanced the repeat ancient of intelligence gathering in the region. of. the battlefield they're going to move here. among. your daughter. and governor and. it's. him again this is only her. love you yes love ninny and the little
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life and. they just use. that method to beat them with them earlier woody allen yelled or lead. car. had the mode of. what had you asked for one of the many and i am an. article. of mine arrest was clearly a shock for my side and israel sex have played a big part in cohen's fourteen years as an agent code name the pearl but she was undone by her love for a dashing young arab man we have to put this in context and this is to say that at the same period wallace of time there were other two prominent israeli warriors that were caught vulcan lots who were taking the role of the false
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identity of a former nazi working in egypt and elie call him. it who took the identity of famous syrian businessman residing in a posh apartment just across the street from the syrian chief of staff in the capturing of these people. and the execution of early call him in the middle of the central square in the mask has caused a lot of reactions very emotional very dramatic ones and on that context you can see the huge headlines in the israeli press again saying oh no the so-called war is. sad that a man was. in
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a car. so. it so. so. you can and you. go in and her associates appeared at a military court decided over by judge joseph three hundred. quickly caved in and admitted many lebanese and arab political figures. because of my position in the ministry of finance he said it was easy for me to communicate with politicians and entice them to disclose information. was interrogated in an office at the defense ministry.
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would you. mazda had them a bit when i was there with wow. good luck or i live in a more subtle as israeli love muscle and how to get the heart of kids are scary were seriously you would believe me well if any other. similarly. call in stride all began on the twenty seventh of october one nine hundred sixty one and received huge media attention. but interestingly nothing came out during the trial about the many lebanese and other arab politicians who'd been caught in her clan this time web every day this is
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a really. well a good imo and the girls were on the. level of it. level of. blood. on the twenty fifth of july nine hundred sixty two. and was sentenced to death. but you to international pressure including from israel her sentence was commuted to twenty years. can hell if americans email him. now i feel for those who had it hell if god were france or france or had a sense of our city in. the suburbs at the end that it was all with. wow my laughter strategy a kind of. violent no look at what kind of friends i hadn't allowed. them when i.
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look nearly vertical as the bad and that go on for. free never know how to clear for a moment i let them. but cohen only served six years of her sentence. the second the arab israeli war broke out in june one thousand nine hundred eighty seven israel took a large number of arab prisoners and cohan among others was exchanged for a number of syrian lebanese and egyptian soldiers. if an agent is caught. sometimes will do something and usually will do nothing to help if a warrior is caught this is considered to be a strategic catastrophe because he is an israeli citizen. and this is why
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when israel caught all these arab soldiers during the six day war it was brought up immediately to release. and the jews that were arrested in the fifty's one hundred fifty four in egypt and released them in exchange for the syrian lebanese and egyptian soldiers. the prisoner exchange deal including sulaco hand took place in the summer of one nine hundred sixty seven. she was taken to knock on the lebanese border where she was handed over to the international red cross who in turn handed her over to the israelis. from then. on a little brother. at laguna. where you call the no call it little general ham then and no. for that. matter the penny and no one has a key
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a new car be. moved back to israel where she lived for the next fifty years in twenty ten she was given an important israeli citizenship award. because we're looking for heroes when she became here she became them here and they gave her all the medals of their country she is the hero of jerusalem she is the hero of the state of israel. and because what she was doing it was something brave as a woman not just as a man it's all over the world the stories the women especially in the fifty's and specially when we are talking in a nation buildings when you need some heroes the story of. warrior pearl agent pro and she was as she was called name. was one of the first disclosure of or almost full disclosure of stories. that were
9:55 am
permitted for me to be published by israeli censorship ever as a kid. we read the book about age and pearl this was this is the main main thing at the time because she was dealing with this specific topic immigration of jews this is considered to be a central but less sensitive censorship and administration let her story to be published and this was you know one of the myths that we grew up on as kids. sooner cohen died in jerusalem on the twenty first of may twenty seventeen aged one hundred. on the twenty fifth of january twenty seventeen lebanese security forces were reported as having made five arrests in connection with passing information to mossad. on the seventh of october twenty seven thousand
9:56 am
their jerusalem post reported that three lebanese nationals had been arrested for allegedly cooperating with mossad. six years after the death of gadhafi. travels to me. to hear from some of his right. to his downfall. the battle of misrata at this
9:57 am
time on al jazeera. i know that there's rain on its way towards the middle east it's not with us just yet at the moment on the charts we're just seeing a little bit of cloud drifting around the northern parts of om up but now we're seeing a little bit more just work its way into the northwest and that's what's going to give us some pretty heavy rain over the next few days on choose day that rain will already be over the western parts of turkey strong winds associated with that as well and that gradually is edging its way eastwards as we head through wednesday where we see some very heavy downpours some blustery weather as well but ahead of it drawing for now beirut that twenty six degrees force in teheran will be at around twenty five now here in doha the temperature is on now easing so thirty five degrees will be our maximum on choose day and then if we head through into wednesday it'll be around thirty three or thirty four degrees at night we're dropping down to around twenty five but the south
9:58 am
a lot twenty nine degrees will be our maximum but here there will be more crowded around and there's a chance of seeing the thunderstorm as well particularly in a tone during the day down to was the some parts of africa the weather is quite quiet for many of us at the moment but they're all want to show is around particularly around parts of tons a day around the coast some of the show is to allow you to be rather heavy that's also want to showers around and go as well there's a drifting a little bit further towards the south and we could see one or two downpours in. oh is it when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on set i'm a member of the ku klux klan but we struck up a relationship basis is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global
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conversation at this time on al-jazeera. it is the inhabitants of a nation that given its unique identity. each culture maintained and developed by the endeavors of its people in a six part series. those and yes rich tapestry through the prism of six extraordinary individuals. coming soon on a jazzier. as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was he was started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to sing maybe this was really kind of a job and investigation reveals how even the smallest devices deadly environmental and health we think ok will send our us to china but we have to remember that therefore you should travel around the globe death by design at this time on
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al-jazeera. training starts lightly but the pace picks up quickly as these grannies work out a long lifetime of frustration. at eighty five years old in time be sold what trains as hard as anyone and. i feel so good i feel fresh i punch the side and the side like this and like that i really love this i don't like things like soccer because i bring these ladies are tough and i take that. very seriously. though it's full of more. energetic the food a life.


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